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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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you can see the breezes already picking up as the big storm approaches. it's kind of quiet right now. but strongest storms are on the way and come in during the morning commute and possible power outages, i'll have a look at all the advisories. >> good morning, in for frances this morning, we have an issue going on in san leandro and update that and chains in the sierra, as well. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in the south bay where officials are very worried about the problems that this next storm will create. i'll have the issues coming up in a live report. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in san leandro where a downpour has
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forced the closure of one lane out here. we'll tell you what that means coming up in a live report. >> eric: we've made it this far but we also have more rain to contend with this morning. when you begin your commute you may encounter pouring rain. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. spotty showers, it depend when you get on the road and earlier is better than later this morning. >> right now would be a good time to get out there. the showers are moving into the east bay valleys and also into the sunol grade and into the diablo range. you see the wall of water that is lining up out to our coast that is ready to move on shore. most of this is the radar bouncing off the clouds. really reset and talk about the advisories, flooding will develop around 7:00 this morning and hang around through 3:00. we'll have very gusty winds
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outside of the santa clara valley, east bay valleys and north bay valleys. you saw amy hollyfield out there how breezy it was. high surf from 5:00 until 9:00 tomorrow evening. it will come out of the north-northwest at about 15-18 feet. how much rain you'll get but here is sue with the traffic. >> we have flooding in san leandro this morning from overnight rain and the two left lanes are blocked. southbound 880 between davis street and marina boulevard. there is a traffic sig alert in effect. i'm assuming that will be the story all the way around. we have an accident westbound highway 4 at n concord. off-ramp and lanes blocked there. check the walnut creek commute, heading towards north main street. it looks like it's moving well to the 24 junction. >> eric: this morning, super
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saturated ground and more rain on the way and mudslides and falling trees we've been experiencing. >> kristen: let's begin with amy hollyfield who is along a very windy highway 17. >> reporter: winds we are dealing with. rain isn't here yet. the concern here is going to be landslides. there have been two major ones in santa cruz county. the latest one happened in mt. hermon south of felton. it's blocking conference drive. as you imagine, people are used to it. this did not surprise people living in this area. >> it's been raining pretty hard. it's consistent. >> it keeps coming down and last night i thought something was going to go. pretty intense rain. it doesn't take much for the
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soil to go. >> reporter: five miles away is this one in scotts valley. about 30 homes are blocked by all of this debris. it turns out those homes will be blocked for a while. county officials announced yesterday that it's going to be weeks until they can clear this. the rain is definitely holding them up. they can't survey the slide because of the weather and, of course, the concern is we'll see more slides today. the other issue in the south bay is the reservoirs. they are full and officials are worried what is going to happen when more rain arrives. they are very worried about lexington reservoir. right now no rain but when it arrives they are concerned about what it will do to this area. east bay, terry mcsweeney is out there monitoring the situation. do you have any rain yet? >> we haven't had any rain but around 2:00 caused you problems
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to give you an idea how saturated the ground is. you can see some of the crews out here. caltrans, chp working to clear a drain that was clogged. that was enough to have the water come out. one lane and number two lanes, both lanes were closed for a while. good news, just one lane is closed out here. we'll have video of the crews working out here. caltrans came -- chp came out about 2:00 this morning after a reports that cars were hydroplaning. they started doing a traffic break and they found out a drain was clogged. they called caltrans and started getting the job done. >> we're doing it with cones and signs and flares.
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i think it will be a couple hours before they can open it up. >> reporter: what caltrans is doing is like a clogged drain in your house but how long and what is exactly is in there. chp says if it's a big rock, coming off a truck, this could take hours, but the positive side out here, just one lane closed and not two. live on 880 in san leandro near the marina boulevard exit. terry mcsweeney. >> kristen: a lot more storm coverage. let's turn to other news. puc could impose heaviest fines ever. they could charge pg&e up to $1 million for missing gas pipeline records. >> reporter: it's estimated that pg&e is still missing about 8% of necessary documents on the
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pipeline safety records including pressure tests done on the pipeline system. until those documents can be produced, the cpuc is considering fining them one million dollars a day. there are reports that they are calling san bruno a game changer and wants to take aggressive steps to improve safety. san bruno explosion and fire last december killed eight people and destroyed 38 holes. for the past few months, pg&e has been working around the clock to meet the deadline. pg&e says it's intentional focused on public safety and some members think they are trying to improve but they will consider to impose the hefty fine which would be the biggest fine ever issued against pg&e for a safety violation. the utility company will have a chance to respond next monday. whatever happens there it's
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prompted new pipeline regulations at the state and federal level. >> eric: smart meter opponents are expected to pack pg&e meeting. pg&e is expected to present the smart meter opt out proposal to the regulatory agency. many proponents say an opt out is not enough and calling for a moratorium. they claim the gas meters emit radiation and are a health rick. >> kristen: a federal appeals court is reject ago bid to resume same-sex marriages in california while the issue winds its way through the court. a judge recently ruled that voters approved proposition 8 banned same-sex marriages in california that violates the constitution. they appealed that decision but the california supreme court if
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the supporters have the right to appeal since. >> eric: 5:08. let's get a check on the weather forecast. i don't imagine the ground can take much more rain. >> it should be coming down 7:00 rather quickly for about two to three hours. we're going to get half an inch to an inch of rain and a lot of runoff and a lot of flooding and possibly more mudslides and we're going to have the wind that could cause more mudslides pushing shows trees down the hills or knocking over power lines. here is a look at the storm system coming in. big shield of white white clouds. this is just light rain. heavier rain is outside the radar's grasp and i think by 7:00, we'll start to see some of the rain move in. here are the showers that are causing the problems with the early morning commute.
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you can see the rain starting to move in in, very light right now. temperatures, we're going to be cooler than average. 44 degrees in clearlake, the rest of us in the low to mid-50s. when the initial heavy push of rain moves through from 7:00 to 1:00, we'll be dealing with scattered showers this afternoon through tomorrow and then heavier rain tomorrow night through saturday morning. that should be the last big storm. we have a chance in the north bay sunday and then dry and much warmer monday, tuesday and wednesday. we are bracing for a nasty commute this morning. first to the sierra where we have chains required both on highway 50 and 80 now. also we've got a situation which probably will be remaining most of the morning. flooding southbound 880, main trouble spot between davis and marina boulevard. we have a traffic alert for major slowdowns as your commute gets underway.
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an accident on highway 4, so far no major slowing. mass transit will be a great way to get past all the flooding and pooling water on the roads and everything is reported on time. to the bay bridge toll plaza, relatively light. no issues reported. >> kristen: thanks a lot. >> eric: the labor deal that could help san jose ease the budget crisis. >> one of the bay area's largest transit systems are facing a budget crunch. next, samtrans leaders will try to find a solution. >> eric: and push in sacramento to make sure that the next car you rent is not a dangerous lemon. >> kristen: and in yosemite, the concern about the damage yet to come.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> eric: taking you back to the lone star state. fort worth, texas. this tanker truck has broken three the retaining wall and is dangling over the ground. the cab right there completely off the roadway and dangling. the driver not hurt, but you can see also about halfway past the middle of the trailer. there is a car crushed and it is underneath the tanker truck.
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apparently nobody has been hurt in this accident. but firefighters have their work cut out trying to rescue the people from the car that is mashed underneath that truck. we'll let you know more as the emergency officials get further involved in this. >> city employee unions have reached a tentative contract agreement with the city. it calls for a 10% reduction of pay and benefits for to years. city engineers and architects. trade workers and mid-level managers. seven other unions including the san jose police officers association are still bargaining with the city which is facing a deficit and threatening layoffs. >> san mateo county transit district will talk about money problems. they operate sam trans that have been struggling and they have had to cut back contribution to caltrain and domino on cal
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trains finances. directors will be looking to solutions to the fiscal problems when they meet later today. >> there is move to stop car rental companies. consumer groups are plotting legislation by an assemblyman. it would require a wide range of defects be repaired before the car is sent out. the bill was sponsored of a crash, two sisters were killed that was under a federal recall because of a steering problem. the mother was at news conference. >> it's criminal negligence. >> kristen: the measure faces nau first hearing. kind of surprise a law preventing companies renting out cars that are under federal recall. >> eric: it is 5:16. new cars on road, you are going to run into the rain.
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>> kristen: and it was heavy around 3:00. >> you could see the water pool occupy the highway, no where else to go. take a look outside. hopefully by now, new tires on your car if you haven't bought any yet, you are definitely going to need them. we do have drier weather on the way. looking at the embarcadero this morning where it is quiet right now. you see the scattered showers over the east bay valleys and into the diablo range and wall of water that is starting to come ashore. that radar returns a little bit more impressive than the actual rain reaching the ground. let's talk about advisories. you can see the green which is all of our neighborhoods. solano is not included. begins 7:00 and lasts till 3:00.
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ponding on the roadways. anything can flood other than major rivers. let's take a look at wind advisory. it's getting breezy the higher elevations, it can push the trees over power lines and cause more mud and rock slides. right now, 10-13 feet. it will fit 15-18 feet until 9:00 tomorrow evening. heavy rain, windy and flooding today especially this morning through early afternoon. we have one more strong storm friday night into saturday morning -- then dry and warmer starting monday and lasting through next week. for now, last ten hours, see the storm driving down on 125 mile-an-hour jetstream. when the cold air starts to come down that is when the winds pick up at the surface lel. doctor level.
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here we are 7:00 in the morning, look at the stronger storm there. it blonks through by 1:00. scattered showers throughout the morning hours and evening hours, snow on hamilton. tomorrow morning a little bit of a break. scattered showers because of moisture westerly flow. by 7:00 in the evening, it looks quiet but if you are out late tomorrow evening, 11:00, midnight, the rain is going to come back in and be heavy through 8:00 saturday morning. it will push out and see sunshine late saturday afternoon. rainfall amounts, one to two inches around the bay. up to three inches in the north bay mountains and also the santa cruz mountains. >> seven-day forecast, temperatures today in the low to mid-50s. we'll be in the mid-50s to near 60 for friday, saturday. chance of rain in the north bay
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on sunday and then drier, temperatures in the upper 50s, mid to upper on a for the bay and inla and. we have flooding concerns this morning. here is sue with an update. >> as we get through the morning commute. standing water and flooding is going to be the story and that is what is happening due to overnight rains. terry mcsweeney has been reporting live. southbound 880 between davis and marina, left lane will remain closed so necessity can get the drain open. traffic alert is in effect until further notice. an accident in hercules, eastbound 80, off-ramp 80 is blocked with an accident. right lane is blocked and concord, still an accident westbound 4, pacheco boulevard. take a look at san rafael commute. out of san rafael, headed towards central san rafael and toll plaza, no meters lights and traffic is flowing well so far. before you leave this morning,
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check and click on bay area traffic for the latest. >> eric: thank you very much. >> kristen: next, produce recall that has caused costco to call thousands of customers. >> and a traffic controller falls asleep with two planes trying to land. >> kristen: and yosemite could be off-limits for quite some time.peggy bunker. ♪
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it's 5:24. del monte is recalling can't that loups because of possible salmonella contamination. there were 12 reports of cantaloupe poisoning. they were settled between march 10 and the 21st. it be cause for people with weakened immune systems. an air traffic controller that fell asleep in the tower is
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sparking a policy change. pilots of two planes landed without clearance early yesterday because they couldn't get in touch with the one controller in washington, d.c. an aviation official said the controller had dozed off. transportation secretary is directing the airport to have at least two controllers on duty. >> eric: back here on the west coast. yosemite could be closed until at least the weekend. the park has been without electric power when a rock slide knocked out power lines on a park leading to yosemite. no power and no tourists. this is the first time the park has been closed more than a day in 14 years. >> we've had closures for one day and last year we had a bad snowstorm. we did close it for a day. but an extended closure hasn't happen since 1987. >> the park will reopen when
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they get the power back up. >> kristen: yosemite is so pretty. up next, at five thirst. from the north to the east, communities are warned to watch for more landslides. >> i'm janelle wang. one million a day, the fine that pg&e could be facing if it doesn't produce the necessary records on its pipeline system. story is coming up. >> also next at 5:30, only on 7:00, amazing discovery that could one day could fuel your car and give you beautiful looking skin.
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good morning,. the concern here is landslides.
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the hills are saturated and more rain is coming. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see the rain to start to come ashore. rain is going to blow through the rest of the morning. we'll talk about wind, heavy rain, flooding and another storm on the way. >> we've got snow in the sierras and chains required on 80 and 50 this morning and lanes closed due to flooding in san leandro. >> eric: also this morning, state regulators meet in san francisco to consider fining pg&e up to a million dollars until they find missing pipeline safety records. >> kristen: and smoking gun in the barry bonds' perjury trial. former business manager bonds openly admitted to be injected with steroids.
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>> eric: 5:29. going to get wetter. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> eric: a little bit. we're expecting a lot more after 7:00. >> kind of tee time frame when the next system moves in from 7:00 to 2:00. that is when we'll have the most dangerous weather and rap rapidly changing weather. some of those showers from the overnight hours, causing some of the ponding on the roadways. the next system starting to come ashore with light rain developing along our coast. let's talk about all the advisories. urban and small stream flood advisory, streets, parking lots, underpasses, poor drain acknowledge areas could flood. winds are picking up. you saw amy hollyfield's shot.
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we'll have high winds and including the bay shoreline and high interview. it gets kick upped from 5:00 through 9:00 tomorrow evening. >> that is it from here. we have problems on the roadways. >> first, let's go to king vale 80, cars and trucks are getting through. there are chain requirements getting through donner summit. let's go closer to home, san leandro, we'll show you where roads are closed between davis and marina boulevard due to overnight flooding. traffic alert is in effect, there is a live shot. traffic is getting by. when the commute gets underway in earnest slow traffic. hercules, slow traffic to eastbound 4. that has been blocking a ramp and we'll follow it for you.
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>> kristen: more rain is threatening to intens my weather worries in santa cruz mountains where there has been two landslides. amy, it's looks pretty windy right. >> reporter: it's windy and cold. there is no rain yet but we know it's coming. we've been hearing about it all week. hills and mountains what makes this contemporary so beautiful but today with more rain coming is causing a lot of concern. we've had two major slides this week. concern is when the rain does come. the hills will slip some more. the latest is mt. hermon. it's blocking conference drive. they weren't surprised it happened. and other major one is scotts valley. that one is blocking the road. about 30 homes and those homeowners and blocked from driving in and out and they will be for several weeks.
5:33 am
>> this is such an iffy situation, it's very difficult to figure out what is suppose today happen because the mountain is so unstable. >> reporter: residents have created a food path so they can walk around the slide. county officials say it's going to take weeks the to clear this up. the other concerns down here in the south bay are focused on the reservoirs. they are full and they don't think they can handle much more rain. the concern is that will push the lexington reservoir may overflow next week. right now it's a waiting and watching and worrying mode. >> eric: today the california public utilities commission could impose the stiffest fine ever against pg&e, up to million dollars a day for failure to
5:34 am
produce records on pipeline safety. janelle has more. >> pg&e turned the majority of the records last week to meet the deadline but the cpuc says records are still missing on pressure tests. they say he is not satisfied with all the missing records. this morning, cpuc will consider fining the company up to one million dollars a day until all the necessary documents can be produced. this would be the biggest fine it has ever issued against pg&e for a safety violation. some call it too harsh while others agree that state regulators have been too lax at times. the fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. since then new regulations are under works at the state and federal level. for the past few months they have been working to recover all necessary documents going through millions of pages of
5:35 am
paperwork. the utility company will have a chance to respond at a hearing next monday. this will be facing one tough critic on the commission. for the past 30 years he has battled pg&e as a lawyer for utility for a consumer group. >> kristen: testimony continues in the perjury trial of barry bonds. his attorney will resume cross-examination of former business manager steve hoskins. yesterday he testified that he talked to him on several occasions about using steroids. hoskins played a secret recording that he made in the giants' clubhouse in which he said bonds' trainer described the steroids he allegedly provided to the home run king. prosecutors will call anti-doping expert larry bowers to testify to.
5:36 am
>> eric: governor brown appears to be losing support to extend temporary tax hikes and fees. two-thirds of voters supported the plan but a new poll finds support is down to 51% of likely voters. 38% of people asked said california should close a $26 billion deficit through a combination of budget cuts and tax increases. 37% prefer spending cuts alone. the% prefer tax increases. 7% say, why not just borrow the money. >> kristen: and borrow an umbrella or raincoat whatever it takes to get through the windy morning. >> eric: i would rather stay at home in your robe. >> whatever you use to stay dry, you'll need it in the early morning hours. i can see light rain breaking out around the coast and into santa rosa. one of the reporting stations,
5:37 am
yes, we're finally getting some of this rain. it is light right now. storms are still going to make it's presence, especially in the north bay. further to the west by 7:00 and rest of us from 7:00 to about 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. that is when you'll find the rapidly changing weather conditions. you can see some of the stronger storms move across the bay. temperatures holding to the mid to upper 40s. to low 50s by noon and notice already, fast moving system, some of stronger storms already moving out of the north bay and peninsula. then by 4:00, we're dealing with scattered showers and temperatures again very cool, upper 40s to low 50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, one more storm for all of us, friday night into saturday morning. sunday's storm looks to be north bay and along the coast and pattern shifts to drier and seasonally warmer temperatures monday, tuesday and wednesday.
5:38 am
it's going to be a rough one this morning. give yourself a little extra time due to flooding and high winds. we still have an issue in san leandro that is going to affect most of your morning commute. southbound 880. san leandro between davis and marina boulevard. left lane is still blocked. heck close, eastbound on 4, tow trucks are coming to the scene. the exit ramp will be just a bit before cleared. the good way to avoid the flooding, take mass transit this morning. everything is running on time. toll plaza, that is the san mateo bridge, that is moving well from hayward to san mateo and toll plaza this morning, metering lights remain off. >> eric: time is 5:38. >> still ahead, the startling sight greeting passengers as they arrived at miami airport and officials say there was no
5:39 am
danger to them. >> eric: do you want to avoid a traffic ticket? there is an app to for that and also a controversy.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> eric: a fire at miami international airport is under control this morning, a tank caught fire in an area at the
5:42 am
airport where fuel is kept and flaming and smoke in the air. more than 30 crews were called in. the fire did damage one fuel tank and impacted all six at the airport. fliaz was far from the runways and had a minor effect but airport officials there could be delays today. >> they are going app happy with an app for almost everything and now apt to avoid a speeding ticket. it alerts drivers to red light cameras and d.u.i. checkpoints, trapster, fuzz alert and phantom alert. many of the apps are free. some drivers and even police like the idea. officers think if it helps drivers be safer and have a better drive they are happy too but blackberry is removing apps that identify local d.u.i. checkpoints. some senators are pressuring
5:43 am
google and apple to do the same. >> eric: where does your favorite baseball team rank in value? >> kristen: radiation levels twice whatshould be in tokyo's drinking water. what the government is doing to help protect the most vulnerable citizens. >> eric: also bringing city hall to the people. proposal that could turn san francisco's board of supervisors into youtube stars. >> kristen: and update on britney spears special san francisco concert this weekend, when tickets will be available and why it's not exactly free. all the details coming up.
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welcome back. look at everybody getting wet except for los angeles and san diego and palm springs should be a little sunnier. sacramento, fresno, low 50s, upper 40s big sur and take you up to the sierra, 33 in tahoe and look at all the snow through 11:00 tomorrow morning. winter storm warning continues.
5:47 am
snow levels down to 3500 feet. more than five feet of snow is possible at higher elevations. >> kristen: more news right now at 5:47. coalition airstrikes continue the n libya. rebels say talks between moammar gadhafi forces and tribal leaders over a possible withdrawal have stalled over demand that troops leave their heavy weaponry behind. french hit an air base in an effort to stop percent nears in the counties. airstrikes continue over tripoli. president obama meets with national security team. the u.s. will reduce the involvement to a supporting role within days. >> eric: to japan where police report the death toll following the earthquake and tsunami now stands at 9700, another 16,000 people are still missing.
5:48 am
nuclear officials say three workers at the fukushima daiichi power plant have been exposed to radioactive elements. two have been sent to the hospital. the plant continues to leak radiation. today government workers will hand out 240,000 bottles of water to house hold with infants after the radiation level in tap water was found to be two times higher than what is recommended for babies. back here in the bay area, a company that is using a living organism in hopes of reducing our reliance on foreign oil. >> once you've determined that you can take algae, klir it, give it a good shake and process it into this -- then the next logical strategic move for a
5:49 am
biofuels company is cost met igs >> doesn't seem to connect. >> the stuff is hyaluronic acid. they weren't looking for it at first but they were looking for other products they could squeeze out of continuing research into algae. a consultant told them to think outside the box and consider anti-aging creams and lotions. >> algae has been surviving, sunlight, they get washed up on the shore. these can survive those environmental insults. >> eric: scientists screened thousands of types of algae looking for the right properties. this is the result. >> the recent techniques, removing deep wrinkles and
5:50 am
making the skin better. >> that is what a project sales manager will be telling a audience on qvc. prices will vary but most will be under a hundred dollars. we'll see if a company to produce an alternative fuel for the road has the delicate touch needed to make it as beauty counter. i would put the most important question to the chief scientist. >> would you buy this for your mom? >> i have. >> you have? >> i have. >> eric: why has he bought it for his mom? free samples and he is the chief scientist. they go on sale at stores today and other markets later this month, and they'll be selling it on qvc. >> kristen: i'm sure it won't be cheap. >> eric: hundred bucks, thereabouts. >> kristen: all right. interesting. let's talk about the weather.
5:51 am
we've got showers, pretty heavy but more steady stuff coming. >> right now just a few light is is can a look what is going on. light rain being reported in santa rosa. you see some of it moving in either along the coast and into san francisco. that will be the trend, it will keep building through the morning commute. you can see the tower bouncing around, those are the winds starting to come in ahead of the storm system. take a look the live doppler. blues and greens, very light colors. no yellows, oranges or reds yet but those are on the way. let's go over those warnings and advisories. everybody in green and that means we're going to see responding on the highway, streets, underpasses, areas of poor drainage from 7:00 to 3:00 this afternoon. we could have flooding, in fact the 880 thing is a perfect example, get those storm drains clean so water has somewhere to run to.
5:52 am
wind advisory, south winds gusting up to 45 miles an hour that could cause more trees to topple. these power lines could come down and more mudslides. in our last advisory, is for the surf, kick up at 5:00. it will last through can the tomorrow evening. those large breaking waves will come out of the north-northwest about 15-18 feet. first highlights, heavy rain, windy and flooding. one more storm friday night through saturday. for all of us, it will be dry and much warmer. we can all collect our breath starting monday. here is a look at the last ten hours, one system pulling through the scattered showers developing with the moist westerly flow. bright clouds deeper moisture lurking offshore with the system and upstream, we've got one more that will dive down and into saturday. one more storm and mainly in the north bay and along the coast
5:53 am
for sunday. here we are at 7:00 tomorrow morning, that is when the yellow an oranges develop in the north bay and sweep across the rest of us by 1:00. scattered showers during the afternoon, evening, overnight hours. snow levels down to around i'd say 3800 feet. that means hamilton and st. helena could wake up with snow on them tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, you see the scattering of showers. we've got a little bit of a break tomorrow evening. by midnight the rain starts to become steady and heaviest by saturday morning. if you have plans to be outside you should be okay. everything will still be wet, won't be raining. rainfall totals, one to two inches saturday evening and three inches in the mountains. seven-day forecast, temperatures today in the low to mid 50s. coldest day of the forecast.
5:54 am
friday and saturday and sunday we'll start to hit the upper 50s to near 60. coast will remain in the 50s all seven days and even when we warm around the bay and inland to upper 60s by tuesday and wednesday. be careful. here is sue. a lot of activity. waive got chain requirements in the sierras this morning. both on highway 50 and highway 80. mike was telling you about all the snow that will be falling. roads are open now but you have to have the chains. flooding in southbound 880 in san leandro. left lane will remain closed due a flooding. so far so good getting by there but once the commute gets underway, it's going to be pretty nasty. ramp to eastbound 4, right lane blocked with an accident continuing to block the roadway. tow trucks are trying to get that out of the way. walnut creek, southbound 680,
5:55 am
heading towards the 24 interchange, a little bit of bunching but shouldn't be too bad. we don't have any reports of accidents. before you get on out there,, click on bay area traffic to get the latest. >> eric: it's 5:55. >> even more bad news for air travelers. >> here is jane king with this morning's money scope report. >> airline fares going up. delta and u.s. airways and hiking round trip prices ten bucks. >> here is the u.s., fire prevention safety issues surrounding spent fuel rods could cost the nuclear industry $8 billion. toyota gearing up to resale of the prius in japan and lexus models but they are warning yesterday it's still expects assembly interruptions because
5:56 am
of the march 11th quake. new home sales plunge go to a record le but bad weather hurt sales. new york yankees hold on to the top spot as baseball's richest team. l.a. dodgers came in third and san francisco giants number seven and angels number 9. i'm jane king. >> eric: here is news britney spears fans have been waiting to hear. 5,000 tickets for almost flee concert in san francisco will be available starting at 9:00 this morning. the show is being moved from the castro district to the bill graham civic auditorium. her performance for "good morning america" coincides with the release of the new album. portions already broadcast on gma.
5:57 am
tickets for the show are free but there is service fee. we will alert you by twitter, facebook page the second those tickets become available. >> kristen: get ready. just ahead, the 150,000 customers are warned about tainted produce and you may want to check for cantaloupe in the house. >> and officials are waiting and watching and worrying. the storm is coming and what is coming up......................ñ
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