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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in capitola where machines of damage after water goes pouring down capitola avenue and getting into the police station. more coming up in a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san pablo where the rain is coming down and hillside is slipping. residents don't know what to do. >> good morning, we are in between systems, heavier downpours but two more weather systems to go before we see a change. >> i'm sue hall in for frances the this morning. we have 80 closed in the sierra. we have high winds, it will be a rough commute. more details coming up. thanks for joining us, i'm janelle wang. >> kristen: and i'm kristen sze. don't be fooled by that. it's very heavy.
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let's get right to the storm watch taking a look what people saw in capitola where river water ran into homes. these are one of the communities hit hard by the storms. >> janelle: terry mcsweeney is following it in capitola but let's begin with lisa argen. >> it came down pretty good in the east bay. notice the yellows here. moderate downpours from brentwood to oakley, walnut and watch out alamo and orinda, heavier cells moving through san ramon. right around here, we are looking at 24, 680, definitely dangerous conditions out there. towards dublin, looking at more rain headed your way. daly city brisbane, santa cruz mountains and morgan hill the
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south bay we'll see it continue. more organized system is coming our way tomorrow. that promises maybe another inch of rain and more rain for sunday. i'll have all the details when to expect come up. we've got the weather obstacles going to be in the way for your friday commute. approaching redwood city at 84 woodside road. and debuted will you please pi parkway blocking lanes. let's go up to tahoe where roads remain closed. both directions, truckee, you see probably just an emergency crew there. we'll had let you know if you planning on going there, we'll be watching that to see when it will reopen. bay bridge toll plaza, wet roads but a minor back-up into san francisco. >> mudslides, flooding, power outages, bay area suffering from it all. in the east bay, a rain soaked
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hillside is collapsing threatening to take homes with it. >> reporter: homeowners here have a tough decision, shoring up a hillside can be very expensive. yet they don't want to lose their home. backyard of one of the homes started sliding, really collapsed yesterday under all the pressure from all the rain. next door, neighbor's property is slipping, too, and the homes below those houses, they have already seen dirt come down. whole area appears to be unstable. homeowners are just shocked. >> i look out the window i saw all this gone. this side completely collapsed and we have a big huge crack that goes down all the way to the neighbors. >> reporter: the city of san
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pablo came out to survey and employee towed them it's private party and there is nothing he could do. the owners also found out that insurance, homeowners insurance won't cover this if it comes under a section and they are on their own. in martinez, the storm has done serious damage to the home of most famous resident. this was posted on the martinez beavers weathering the storm but they say the beavers dam has washed away. they have become a big attraction for the small town. >> kristen: it hit santa cruz county very hard. in capitola a flood of water came flooding through town forced evacuations. terry mcsweeney is there to show
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us live what is happening. >> reporter: here in capitola it's not difficult to find businesses that were damaged but these behind me a very popular eatery. you probably have been here if you've been here. right on the water, not touched by a drop. it should be open for business. other businesses not so lucky. take a look at the bought as it came down the street around 4:30 in the afternoon. we're talking about millions of dollars in damage. about two to three feet of water came pouring down the avenue after a drainage pipe broke. it connected the noble gulch creek and went right outnumbered the mobile home park. 30 homes damaged. at least two destroy the. everybody at that park was evacuated. good news is nobody was injured. the water rushed down the avenue as i mentioned getting into stores.
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got into the police station. dozens of businesses affected to one degree or not. sometimes as i went along this morning, it looked like water got in couple feet. other stores everything was up on tables and one to two feet inside some of the storms. crews are putting up signs. city crew is trying to deal with the mud left behind and there is lots of it. another problem, glenwood drive, scotts valley, a hillside gave way. a mother lives at the top at that slide. >> i was, i don't know how far this slide is coming down. it could be coming down from all the way from the top of the driveway. >> reporter: it's so dangerous rescue crews didn't want to take approach going straight up and they had to make a trail to the top of that house.
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everyone up there is okay. also trees down, power out and that type of thing. right now, we've been here for a couple of hours now and not a drop of rain has fallen in capitola. exactly what the doctor ordered and possibly with more showers on the way. this place has seen enough damage and water and mud and destruction for an entire season at least. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: a tree falls on a house, picture usually tells us the story but in scotts valley, in this case a camera can barely capture the scope of the damage done. >> the tree is probably 100, 125 feet tall, at least four feet across at the base. >> kristen: the tree snapped at about 10:30 yesterday morning. the roots ripped the saturated
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soil and tree sliced a home right down the middle. >> i heard the neighbor across the way yell. she was yelling help. that a tree had fallen on her house. i just told her, i yelled across the way. i was going to call 911 and that's what i did. >> kristen: the homeowner was inside the kitchen and managed to escape. they found her truck, dog safe but very scared. >> janelle: there is light at the rainy tunnel. not before we get through this weekend. is it coming down. you saw amy up in san pablo. hercules along 80. take a look at the east bay, concord, pleasant hill and walnut creek, pretty good cell moving out of orinda through oakley, san ramon valley, dublin tiburon, bay bridge, daly city
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got a good cell down through colma. 280, wet weather and showers become more widely scattered here. more wet weather heading into morgan hill, as well. we have a more organized front that will be bringing rain to everyone later on tonight through the first portion of saturday. high surf warning until 3:00 this afternoon and still the snow piling up in the sierra nevada until 11:00. remember 80 is closed. good morning, sue. >> good morning. with all the rain, standing water loan for solo spinouts and we've got quite a few. a stall blocking the lane approaching redwood city. highway 84, woodside road an accident at san jose. highway 17 and there is "h" train is out of commission. no service due to a rock side. and they are confirming no bus
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bridge. san mateo bridge is moving well. let's take a look. taillights are headed westbound and wind advisory has been lifted. bay bridge is light so far this morning, no delays into san francisco. >> just ahead one northern california community is preparing for flooding. >> plus, pg&e unveils a new plan that would allow you to opt out of the smartmeter program but when you hear what it costs, you . not together, anyway. i'm in t.j.maxx every week. i used to think it was old school, but it's not. i get this season's designer clothes that i absolutely need... and i still get to eat. fashion direct from designers.
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following breaking news out of indiana where two people are in custody after a school shooting this monday. one student was shot twice in the stomach. no word on the age or condition of that student. one of the two suspects may be a 15-year-old student who was recently expelled from school. we'll bring you more as we get it. >> kristen: back here more storm coverage. heavy rains led to sewer back up that led to 5,000 gallons of untreated waste water. also in san anselmo a tree fell into a parked car. it snagged pg&e lines and damaged a power pole leaving two homes without electricity. service is not expected to be restored until 3 11:30 tonight or 11:30. >> a mother and daughter were second away were second away
6:15 am
from getting crushed by the tree. >> my wife and daughter heard a crash, a lot like a thunderbolt, a lightning bolt. looked outside, and tree had fallen, hit the car and demolished it. >> a broken water pipe triggered a slide but no damage. power is expected to be restored at 11:30 this morning. >> sandbags are out in lake county town of clearlake. this was 48 hours ago. officials are warning they speculate it to flood for the first time in 13 years. rain and runoff has brought the water up to the decks of homes at the shoreline. >> and northstar, they got 32 inches in the last 24 hours. >> people trying to get there and speaking of clearlake, winter storm warning about 2500
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feet. one to three of snow possible mr. there. colder air in place. live look. not everyone looking at the rain but where you do, it's coming down pretty good. first in the north bay, notice the pink around lake port. that is where we have rain-snow mix. takes a look at some of the downpours, east of richmond, south of hercules and into walnut creek, you see the rain. from concord to pleasant hill down through alamo. up to pittsburgh and antioch, be careful out there. we haven't seen much of a break, down 280 a little wet. san mateo saw a shower but further south, belmont and mountain view, a few light showers. we've got more rain headed towards morgan hill and ben lomond this morning, rain-snow mix around mount hamilton. temperatures are cooler. 45 in fairfield as well as antioch. 47 in mountain view.
6:17 am
we are looking at cold showers in between systems. another wet weathermaker comes our way tonight. this cold front will bring some pretty good rain come saturday morning. high surf warnings, 15-18 feet for large breaking waves until 3:00 this afternoon. here is the next system the it'sening on move in the northern portion of the north bay late tonight. it's going to stay with us through much of morning on saturday and a little bit of a break and lighter showers with emphasis further north. those are indications of things changing and storm track pushing north. by 3:00, more scattered showers. even commute not too bad. by 1:00, here is the next system. you are going to hear the rain overnight, 6:00 tomorrow morning looking very wet. scattered showers throughout the rest of saturday afternoon. a weaker system will bring showers on sunday but much, much weaker.
6:18 am
that is good news. we're still looking at snow piling up in the sierra nevada. winter storm warning continues until 11:00 today. road closures and some very gusty winds. showers today, a little break for the evening commute. more rain tonight overnight. lighter showers on sunday and then it will feel like spring. >> we've got heavy overnight rain has caused flooding in areas. northbound 17, what you are looking at san jose approaching 101, doesn't look too bad there. an accident is reported. 85 northbound in san jose an accident on 17. approaching redwood city on highway 84 woodside road. no service onisms train and no bus bridge.
6:19 am
-- no delays as far as mass transit. might be a good way. walnut creek southbound 680 toward north main. looks like we're getting a bunching up as you approach highway 24 and in the sierra, we've got closed roads. this is 80, not a single one going through. we will follow that for you. if you are trying to get up there for the weekend skiing. go to is your website to check all your information. >> kristen: pg&e has unveiled to allow consumers to opt out of the smartmeter program but it's already being criticized. many are concerned about health problems with radio frequencies. they came up with opt out plan. it will involve turning off those radios and reading it manually but the cost is about
6:20 am
$600 over two years and the utility says the cost would be passed on to consumers that would choose to opt out. >> it's outlined to be fair to customers and it's fair to customers who would opt out of the smartmeter technology. >> please don't allow pg&e to put more smoke and mirrors in front of the public. please don't add further harm to the negligence that already surrounds this program. >> janelle: coming up girl scout high-tech solution for people wondering where those cookies are. >> kristen: yc
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it gives a whole new meaning to cookies on your mobile device. >> kristen: and president obama could have used an app to help him. he appeared to be locked out of the house. take a look as he cot back from his trip trouble opening his doors to the office. nobody knew he was coming home early. he finally got through another set of doors. >> it wouldn't be smart to keep keys under a doormat. >> wait until you hear how a bomb planted at a federal building ended up in the lost and found. >> new problem that showed up on one of busiest roads. >> reporter: live in capitola where the first order of business is going to be cleaning up after muddy waters surged down the avenue yesterday
6:26 am
getting into dozens of businesses causing millions of dollars of damage. >> mr. showers all across the state. heaviest rain will be here in northern. snow piling up in the northern sierra. scattered showers and dry day if you are headed toward vegas with a high of 65.>ñ#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#tt
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[ bell ringing ] >> u.s. commerce numbers show the u.s. economy grew a little faster at the end of 2010 than previously estimated boosted by more inventory building and more business investment in plants and equipment. >> janelle: let's go to the storm watch and damage done. this is what people saw in capitola. no matter where you were in bay area, the storm if that you and will continue through today. live team coverage. terry mcsweeney is falling the fallout in capitola and contra costa county but let's begin with lisa argen tracking more rain. where is the rain now. >> most of it is in the east bay. we're looking at heavier showers moving into the concord area and down through pleasant hill. 680, walnut creek, oakley and brentwood. further to the west, if you are headed over to the richmond-san rafael bridge, getting wet
6:31 am
there. few lighter showers around the dumbarton bridge and san mateo bridge, light showers in belmont and more rain showers through gilroy and ben lomond with a rain-snow mix here. we've got a high surf advisory through 3:00 today and then we have another storm system coming in late tonight. weaker one to talk about on sunday. >> a bit of challenging commute for you this morning. all the way around the bay. we've got heavy rains and puddles and sanding water that really will make for some interesting weather and driving. daly city. accident at 280 at geneva. no train service this morning. toll plaza, that is relatively light as you headed westbound san francisco. no delays as you drive on the upper deck.
6:32 am
a wall of water game gushing through the town of capitola forced evacuations. terry mcsweeney has the latest for us. >> reporter: walking around down here. water came through, two to three feet high down capitola around 4:30. it seemed to pick its target the one store would be hit, even though sandbags and next store, not touched at all. other stores down the avenue damaged to different degrees. take a look at the water as it came down the streets yesterday here in capitola, about 4:30 between two to three feet high surging down the avenue from a broken drainage pipe running from the creek to the mobile home park. they were hit hard. 30 mobile homes damaged and two
6:33 am
were destroyed. good news nobody was injured. water came down the avenue, gutted a police station. it got into dozens of businesses yuiz this morning getting ready to start cleaning the mud off the street on capitola avenue and to where i am on san jose avenue. take a look at another problem down here. this is what the situation looked like scotts valley. hillsides coming down but in that particular case, no one was injured. there were evacuations over in sultan but they were voluntary. not everyone took the advice but pete logan did. >> you know it's time to go. it was still raining when i left. >> reporter: trees came down all over the place. even on highway 9, the rain is beginning to fall, very light
6:34 am
right now. the last thing this place needs is any more water. they've got major cleaning up on capitola avenue and people without homes in that mobile home park. >> kristen: in the north bay there was a very close call for one man. he was home when a tree crashed into his ceiling in monte rio. at first he thought it was a branch but it came through this his ceiling along with the tree. this was the scene on sir francis drake in fairfax where heavy machinery was needed to clear a mudslide. the road was impassable for most of the night but has been cleared enough for drivers to get by this morning but drivers should keep both hands on the wheel and be aware of loose rocks on nearby hills. >> janelle: they are working to restore electricity to customers
6:35 am
this morning whose lights for some have been out for 12 hours. there are about 345 outages in the south bay. 80 in the east bay and another 255 in the north bay. rescuers in san jose had to pull a man out of the rain swollen river. he somehow fell in and floated downstream cling go on to a piece of wood. that is where he waited for firefighters who ultimately reached him and brought him to safety just after 5:00 last night. issues in officials say he was cold but he is okay. >> kristen: hail is kind of unusual in bay area but not this week. >> massive storms and winds in sonoma county, they shot this video to us. and just look at this neighborhood in burlingame. how would you like to trek through that to get to your
6:36 am
front door? not easy. they took this photo on coloma avenue. upload your videos to us or e-mail photos to ureport at >> we've got more rain coming down. lisa argen is tracking the storm. let's check in with her. >> it's moving quickly through the east bay. here a loop. you can see a lot of activity pushing through 680 north of 580. so right now, west of brentwood, heavier down pour around walnut creek, 24, pleasant hill, back through berkeley, alameda and even san leandro some shower activity. a break on the peninsula but more rain headed. lighter showers, san mateo through 280 and down by mountain view a few wet areas but heavier rain north of scotts valley. boulder creek. santa cruz getting wet.
6:37 am
temperatures are cooler this morning, we are looking at rain-snow mix around lake county. winter storm warning until 11:00 about 2500 feet. keep that in mind throughout the day today. look at the rain, a little bit of a break in the afternoon through the evening commute but here is the next storm, couple more to go over the weekend. >> good morning. it's going to be a challenging commute. we've got debris in lanes, water from overnight heavy rains and solo spinouts. daly city 280 approaching geneva an accident is blocking the two right lanes, 24 eastbound, right lane is blocked with an accident there. no "h" train due to a rock slide out of miles canyon. ace is confirming no bus bridge either so you need to make ultimate national plans. so far no delays for mass transit, bart, muni and caltrain
6:38 am
if you are planning to go to tahoe just be forewarned 80, both directions over donner summit is closed. you can see clearing. look at all that snow. just a complete whiteout. toll plaza, westbound bay bridge remains light. no metering lights so far. time is 6:38. >> trading is underway in on wall street. a live report straight ahead. a live look at the big board. dow is up 36 points. >> and unusual agreement that could help pg&e pay more than $6 million in fines depending on its may have. >> plus, developing news we've been following in indiana where there has been a shooting at a middle school and what the police are saying about the very young suspect. >> new cause for concern, new radioactive problem, officials
6:39 am
are revealing at japan's damaged nuclear power plant. >> a hillside is slipping here in san pablo and residents are trying to figure out what to do. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have the story for you coming up.
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good morning, more scattered showers remain over the entire state today, concentrating mainly here around the north and central part the state. snow will be falling through 11:00. winter storm warning, southern sierra not too bad, low 40s but still problems getting there.
6:43 am
in southern california, this is scattered showers and we'll see 70 degrees in palm springs. >> janelle: overseas, authorities in japan say they now believe there has been a new breach in the nuclear reactor core of the fukushima daiichi plant. that means the radiation may be far worse than previously thought. work to bring the plant back in control have been suspended after two workers suffered burns. radiation levels of the water were 10,000 times above normal indicating possible damage some where inside the reactor itself. radiation zone around the plant has been extended from 12 miles to 18 miles. >> much of focus is radiation worries but there is rescue stories. latest involve a japanese man that saved two family members. he was at work when the tsunami flooded his town.
6:44 am
his wife was at home. he put on a wet suit and scuba gear, dove into the debris filled water and found his wife alive in their destroyed house. he told the los angeles times felt cold, dark and scary. it was difficult to see with all the floating wreckage. several days later when the man could not find his mother, he went back into the water and found her trapped on the second floor of the flooded house. >> janelle: what a brave man. pg&e has agreed to sign an unusual deal to have the puc, will fine pg&e $3 million. they want to verify pressure levels for 1800 miles of gas transmission lines. the deal means pg&e to case another $3 million in fine if
6:45 am
the company does not stick to a compliance timetable for turning over more safety records. a hearing will take place on monday for vote on final approval and outline a plan to jumpstart its testing of transmission lines. >> kristen: oracle, problems with japan are hurting the california tourism industry. >> janelle: jane king has this morning's money scope report. >> new concerns over radiation leaks in japan, the government says it discovered excessive level. they were not close to the plants but in the meantime, problems with tourism in california, los angeles times says dozen of tour groups are cancelling reservation in the
6:46 am
southern california. stocks so far this morning we are higher out of today. report of stronger than expected fourth quarter growth in the u.s. and also weaker than expected inflation. redwood city based oracle did better on last quarter profits. here is how the markets. we are higher and markets are pretty quiet. we continue to tack on the gains. and bloomberg index is up, as well. and group asking mcdonald's to cut healthcare costs by encouraging employees to go, whole foods encouraging to eating animal products. police will tell you that suspicious packages have become a frequent occurrence and unfortunately they most often
6:47 am
turn out to be nothing. in detroit there was an actual bomb in a suspicious package outside the federal building. instead of calling the bomb squad a security guard, figured was lost and found and stored it in the building for three weeks. finally someone thought it was a good idea to x-ray the package and that is when they discovered a bomb inside. >> kristen: snow is falling in the high sierra and most people have seen there in 40 years. 28 inches of snow was reported. it's closed down right now. there is so much snow that those that run snowplows have nowhere to put the snow. here is how things look over the pass right now in king vale. you can't get through. i-80 is closed for your safety because its whiteout and from
6:48 am
the sound of things it could be several hours before things get better? >> winter storm warning until 11:00 then we'll see a winter weather advisory through the weekend because we have two more systems to go. that will bring more wet weather over the text couple of days. take a look outside. you see the towering cumulus clouds out there, an indication of unstable atmosphere. that is providing for some pretty good downpours. live doppler 7 hd showing the east bay around brentwood and also, further here to the east. you are looking at concord, pleasant hill and walnut creek, around 680. very wet weather, orinda, back through oakland. showers become more scattered through hayward. watch out union city, also fremont looking at wet weather. and scattered showers through belmont. heavier showers in the south bay towards the santa cruz mountains. look at this cell.
6:49 am
maybe embedded hail and down by santa cruz, not only downpours and perhaps a rain-snow mix. colder morning, we have a winter storm warning above 2800 feet. another one to three inches there. colder air is in place and few peeks of sun that will continue to destabilize the atmosphere and allow for more showers today. first system coming through by late tonight in tomorrow. second system, a weaker one on sunday, dry and mild next week. high surf warnings until 3:00. very large breaking waves here. look at already, 19 feet at half moon bay. monterey bay, 15 feet. we're in between systems. showers right now and next system late tonight. by 8:00, 9:00, in the far north bay, you'll begin to see the rain. everyone sees it overnight through saturday morning. we'll see still see showers, last bit of showers on sunday. rest of your day today,
6:50 am
scattered rain by the afternoon, still looking at wet from napa to the peninsula, few areas around the south bay. a little break before this system overnight tonight brings more moderate rain, maybe half an inch or so, scattered showers behind it. then the weaker system heads our way with many more breaks by sunday. so we are looking at conditions to stay saturated for the next couple of days. maybe ponding, localized flooding and more snow through the weekend. hold on, numbers not only to warm up but forecast goes light through next week. >> sunshine, i forgot what it feels like. looking forward to it. public defenderology the roads. debris in lanes. daly city an accident, 280, north of geneva blocking two right lanes. highway 24, an accident still in the right lane there.
6:51 am
towards the coliseum, oakland, approaching 66 we've got an accident blocking thereto on "h" train service and no bus bridge from ace so you have to make other plans. no other delays on mass transit. good way to go to avoid some of the wet roads. southbound san rafael, let's take a look, terra linda as you heading in san rafael. golden gate bridge is clear. metering lights are on at the bay bridge but it doesn't seem to be slowing you. before you leave this morning, go to our website and click on bay area traffic for all the updates. >> janelle: marin county sheriff's department are on the lookout for gun thieves. somebody broke into a station on tuesday and stole two
6:52 am
semi-automatic rifles. deputies say the thieves had to forcibly disable or destroy the lock mount holding the weapons. the thieves also took some ammunition. >> right now indiana state police are investigating a shooting at a middle school 30 miles southeast of indianapolis. a male student was rushed to the hospital by air ambulance. all schools were locked down as a result. 15-year-old may be a former student of the school has been arrested and police have detained a possible accomplice. >> kristen: no testimony in the barry bonds trial today. when they resume next week. his ex-mistress is expected to take the stand. they heard from an anti-doping expert that explained how steroids affect behavior. kimberly bell has indicated that bonds suffered from mood swings.
6:53 am
questioned what they call the vague nature of research into the side effects of steroid use. organizers of the bay to breakers race have opened up 5,000 more spots. for the first time, city officials are requiring participants to register in advance of the race. race organizers expect to add the 5,000 tickets to semi out just as quickly. it's scheduled for may 17th at 7:00 a.m. >> janelle: is this your lucky day. many people hope the answer is yes as they snap up lotto ticket. heavy ticket sales are being reported in 42 states and district of columbia. because of that selling spree, tonight's jackpot is up to $312 million. so good luck. i got my ticket already.
6:54 am
>> we need the luck. aren't the odds being hit by lightning. >> janelle: i don't have a shot. >> kristen: that is kind of optimism that goes on here. >> janelle: you can't win if you don't play but the rain will be stopping but we have problems. >> several neighbors in a contra costa are wrestling with whether to leave their home after a hillside collapsed yesterday and it may be worse had by today's rain. >> amy? >> reporter: can you imagine telling your kids to go outside and play and they come back and say, mommy, the backyard is gone. that is what happened. the backyard dropped about four feet. the homeowner says she couldn't believer it. she later learned that her next-door neighbor's property is sliding, too.
6:55 am
a crack has grown significantly larger. and homes down below says dirt is falling. they plan on bringing in engineers but shoring up a hillside can be very expensive. insurance does not cover this. this is considered flood damage which they are not covered for. and to top it off, residents had a city employee from san pablo who said they are on their own. this is private property. we can't help you. tough decisions have to be made and possibly not a lot of time to make those decisions. storm coverage continues in capitola where terry mcsweeney is. >> reporter: good morning. the rains came down here yesterday and the runoff proved too much for a drainage pipe. take a look what happened next. take a look at capitola avenue,
6:56 am
two to three feet of water pouring down the street. dots of businesses damaged at pacifica cove mobile home park it damaged 30 mobile homes and destroyed two. everyone at the mobile home park got out okay. the job on the avenue getting the mud off the streets, getting the mud and the damaged materials out of the businesses. at the mobile home park, more of a repair and for a couple finding a new place to live. elsewhere in santa cruz county, downed trees, mudslides and just a moment ago we had a bit of shower. we'll have more from you on midday at 11:00 this morning. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: thanks a lot. >> janelle: let's check in the forecast. >> around piedmont, we're looking at pretty heavy showers, also up towards lafayette and in
6:57 am
to moraga and san ramon valley, very heavy rain around walnut creek. we are looking at the rain, more scattered and cells east of los gatos, we'll continue to see rain throughout the day today. then the first cold front moves through overnight. weaker one on sunday and then big pattern change, drier and sunnier. >> still have an accident daly city, 280 at geneva. and let's take you up to tahoe, roads remain closed. crews are trying to get the road open but for now, both directions of 80 closed over donner summit. 50 is open but chains are required. >> i don't want to sit in my car for hours. thanks for joining us.
6:58 am
>> have a great weekend. we'll see you bababababababababa
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