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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  March 25, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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this morning the bay area is beginning to clean up from yesterday's storm as residents brace for more problems. in marin 9,000 gallons of rain water and raw sewage gushed out of manhole covers. crews are working to clean it up and testing the local water. >> janelle: rain caused serious damage to the liquor store. water poured through the store on sir fran boulevard. >> "h" train was cancelled after
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a mudslide seeped on to train tracks. this is video this morning where mud runoff covered part of tracks. >> janelle: take a look what they are cleaning up in capitola after a river of flood water came through town. >> reporter: imagine being right where i am yesterday afternoon about 4:30, two, three feet of water, for no reason comes pouring down capitola avenue. you take the damage down here and add it to the damage where it all began and we're talking millions of dollars in damage. >> the water seemed to come out of the no one and it was everywhere on capitola avenue. it was enough for this two to three foot wall of water. two stores were damaged and the for rent left behind in a mobile
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home park. >> i saw the pavement split open. i knew it was the creek. >> larry drove to city hall and reported the surge and they said no worries. >> i left my daughter and grand daughters in the place. i called her up and told her what was going on. got three phone calls in the next 15 minute and the last one was a 911. that she had to be rescued. >> he owns the home over the pipe that failed. javon's son was in seattle taking a firefighter's exam. he found out that his mobile home cannot be saved. >> a lot of folks in the lower part of mobile home park are displaced. >> city officials say this part of town received six inches of rain in ten hours. overwhelming the aging culvert. they say a section of the same
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pipe collapsed a few years ago and repair included a liner that restricted the water through peipt. >> it makes a lot of sense, when you make the hole smaller and it turns into a nozzle and in my opinion it tore up the asphalt on the opposite side of the street. >> we want to get people back in their homes. >> back here live in live downtown capitola and some of the carpets that had to be thrown out. they got soaked in one of shops down here. a few doors down, another shop not even touched. many of the shoplifts had sandbags but the water seemed to pick and choose which one it was able to get by. much more at 5:00 and 6:00. live in capitola. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: big worry in contra
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costa county centers on a collapsing hillside. several homes may be a risk including this one. you can see the patio collapsed as the hillside behind the home just slid. they are trying to keep damage to a minimum. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: it was a sleepless night here in san pablo. residents say they heard popping and cracking all night long, just outside yesterday afternoon when the homeowner told them to go out and play and they said, mommy, the backyard is gone. the hill is still moving. >> this was level yet. >> le oven says his backyard shifted even more. his wife's reaction when she woke up confirmed the suspicion. >> it's getting worse. it still continues to move. i'm going to have a new address.
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>> last night all of this, from here all the way over to this section here. >> reporter: down below on hillcrest street, peter's mother home is in the line of fire. they listened to thing sliding and breaking all night. he feels certain this hillside is soon going to completely give in. >> retaining wall has been almost completely breached. there is nothing to stop this, nothing to stop this mud from overtaking how itself. >> it shows the complete picture of how much has slipped away. residents hope the city can help them prevent more sliding. >> we've been here since '69. this is pretty much my family's castle. >> walkers feel overwhelmed by all of this. the insurance company refused to help and the city told me yesterday, this is private
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property so the city would not than able to help. but the mayor himself stopped by to survey the damage and comfort the family. >> if it was me, i would be extremely upset too. >> reporter: here is another shot of the backyard. it looks obvious that more is going to go. they think about six feet of the backyard has dropped off since yesterday. the mayor has scheduled a meeting for this afternoon with other city officials. going to try to come up with a plan in how to handle this, looking for money from fema or other grants that can help the homeowners with this burden. >> thanks so much. how much more rain are we are going to see. let's check in with lisa argen. >> most of the rain has been in the east bay and south bay. once again we continue to notice the east bay north of 580 around dublin, san ramon valley, heavy
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downpours headed your way. further south around hayward, light rain. in the south bay from sunnyvale right through san jose more rain will be moving in, but we've got a rain-snow mix around mount hamilton. in the north bay, notice more rain here around ben lomond and santa cruz mountains. we will see the showers become more isolated so a little bit of a lull before the next system. it looks like the last significant system coming in tonight. >> pg&e crews are working to restore electricity this morning to more than 1,000 bay area customers who still don't have power back. on the peninsula, 565 customers remain in the dark. 345 outages in the south bay, 80 customers without power in the east bay and another 255 in the north bay. >> clearlake and look county is expected to reach flood stage in the next hour. the lake's water level has been
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steadily rising. many homeowners are stocking up on sandbags as officials warn the lake my flood for the first time in 13 years. >> road crews spent the night clearing a mudslide in fairfax where heavy machinery was needed to clear the site. the road was largely impassable but has been cleared to get by this morning. police warned that both drivers should keep both hands on the wheel and look for rocks on the road. >> the most snow? sierra in the sierra. live in colfax, pretty low snow levels there. >> reporter: that is right. this is actually the end of the line. interstate 80 we're showing you this is where caltrans is stopping traffic. they turning folks around.
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we have an update. there was hope to get this road open back by noon. they tell me they are shooting for 3:00 this afternoon. here is what it looks like lower at applegate. this is where the trucks are being stopped. you can see they are lined up along the freeway. folks that have been out for hours, mostly since last night. they are wanting to in position as soon as the road does open. now it looks like 3:00 perhaps at the earliest. here is what some of the folks had to say, they are staying the night in auburn. >> we spent the night in our truck here. >> how was that? >> cold. >> what kind of winter, constant delays? >> it's been a long winter. >> it's been terrible, miserable cold, dealing with the chains, but by the same token it's been
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exciting. >> and folks here it's been exciting. these are all the cars that are lined up here off the underway waiting to get back on. one said he wanted to do a run over the summit he put chains on and off 40 times this winter. interstate 80 closed, zero visibility. high winds and heavy snow. it may be 3:00 this afternoon until the road opens. we asked for your pictures of the storm. take a look at this scene sent to us by molly in pleasanton. that is her car under a fallen tree. in san carlos another viewer sent us this shot of a newly fallen tree resting in a pool. speaking of pools of water, another viewer sent this pool of water in santa cruz last night. if you have weather videos,
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upload them to ureport at or e-mail them to us. >> we have other news ahead. nato takes control of operations in libya as the country says they are ready to negotiate. >> in japan the situation as
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you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. libyan prime minister says
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his country is ready to talk with opposition rebels and accept political reforms possibly including elections as nato gets ready to take control of the no-fly zone in libya. the u.s. general in charge of the operation will hand the job over to a canadian and today france declared libya's air space under control. >> japan's prime minister is calling the nuclear theft as biggest yet. experts suspect there has been damage to the nuclear reactor core. workers had to be returned to the hospital with radiation burns 10,000 times worse than normal. >> plutonium is the most toxic known to science. a speck of plutonium could cause
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cancer if ingested. >> sailors have washed down the deck to remove any trace of radioactive contamination. it's been off the coast of japan helping for two eastbound weeks now. >> nissan is considering moving some of the engine production from japan to the u.s. because of damaged done to the japanese plant by the magnitude 9.0 earthquake. there could be a serious shortage of japanese parts unless the country finds a way to restart production. toyota warned that it also expects to halt some of its production but it doesn't know when or for how long. >> a brighter employment picture the state's unemployment dipped lower for the second consecutive month to 12% in february as the state added 100,000 jobs. jobless rate fell in january to 10.6% last month.
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that is dramatic improve from the time a year ago. >> lisa argen is here with her forecast. >> a little bit of an improvement out. not everyone is seeing the rain but where you are seeing the rain in the east bay, south bay, it's coming down pretty good. a little bit of a break. yes, you guessed it another storm heads your way, forecast is next. >> a drug resistant super bug sweeps through los angeles. people most us is set up i believe to the virus.
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it's something we've known for a while but it's official. san jose is the tenth largest city in the u.s. according to the result of 2010 u.s. census, the south bay city's population grew enough to make the top ten list. mercury news points out several estimates have ranked the city tenth but the census is the gold standard. >> let's check in with lisa argen. >> lake tahoe the winter storm warning has expired but still
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more snow coming. you see the folks, about 30 degrees at lake level. cloudy skies but more snow on the way the overnight hours into wee hours in the morning. southeast camera, mixed in with clouds a little bit of sunshine. rain continues in the east bay. the south bay, we've got cold unstable air behind the front that moved through yesterday. much of the east bay and south bay has been hit with heavy downpours. san ramon valley, castro valley, hayward and union city and dublin, 580 and 680, take a look at this. 101 into the south bay around sunnyvale. it's going to be move to the east. watch out milpitas, you've got a lot of rain from ben lomond, morgan hill and gilroy continue to see more shower activity. overall we'll see the rain begin to dial back. light showers from american canyon to napa, much of marin
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county is looking at a break. that will be the trend throughout the rest of the day and evening before the next system comes in overnight with gusty winds. low 50s in mountain view. 51 in san jose. showers being more isolated. tonight, rain, overnight into saturday morning. chance of showers on sunday, a much weaker system on sunday. a surf warning until 3:00 all along the coast. large breaking waves will be definitely dangerous out there. keep that in mind. this system, an area of low pressure in the gulf of alaska, this will be dropping down bringing a pretty strong cold front. gusty winds certainly not as strong as yesterday and the next system behind it is going to be weaker and see most of the rain into the north bay. we're going to see showers on sunday. let's take you through the next several hours into the next couple of days. 8:00 tonight, we don't have any rain. we don't have any rain for the evening commute a switch from
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yesterday. take a look, here is the front. it's going to push on through the overnight hours, 6:00 tomorrow morning, it's going to be raining pretty good and right through the 8:00 or 9:00, pretty good shower activity. we have a break saturday afternoon and by sunday, noticed in the afternoon more showers, these showers will be on the light side. after that big pattern change. we're talking sunnier and warmer conditions. rainfall estimates, half inch to an inch. peninsula one to two inches. and we have a winter weather advisory until 5:00 tomorrow. high possibility of more in sierra nevada. mid to upper 50s and rain becomes more widely scattered. stronger system tonight, and look at 60s and 70s next week. >> janelle: a drug resistant bacteria, it's frequently showing up in nursing homes and
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long term care facilities. the department of public health has found 350 cases in the last seven months. so-called super bug is being linked to the death of several patients at harvard ucla medical center in torrance. it develops a quick resistance to most antibiotics. it's spread through person to person contact and has pneumonia like systems. >> and it's mail made an imprint. the dictionary released new words and they are, omg, oh, my god and laugh out loud, muffin top a reminder that you gave birth to wonderful kids. and when you google yourself and the versatile, an explanation can mean whatever you want to me. meep! >> and couch surface. >> i've been doing a lot of that. >> how about couch surfing.
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today at 4:00, part two of oprah's ultimate adventure.
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then we're staying on top of the mudslide hot spots and new ones popping up after two weeks of rain. food items missing in a woman's diet putting women more at risk for anemia. >> janelle: heavy rains impacted a martinez family. this was posted on youtube showing the beavers struggling with the rising creek level. they say the beavers' dam has washed away in alhambra creek. they are big attraction in the small contra costa town. >> stay dry. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. bye.
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