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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  March 26, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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in the news this saturday morning, engineers will be back out in san pablo over a landslide and 30 families cut off by a rock slide in santa cruz mountains. >> it is 8:00. i'm janelle wang. it is wet outside and lisa argen is tracking the storm. good morning. look at the north half of the north bay beginning to clear here but still a lot of rain across san francisco into the east bay. we're going to take you in pinole and hercules right now, tiburon and berkeley looking at moderate rain. further south, across the east bay into union city and also woodside, 280 looking very wet.
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this rain will continue to push to the south and the east and heaviest rain, anywhere from inch and a half when it's all said and done around the santa cruz mountains. we are looking heavier amounts around gilroy. we are looking a little more rain tomorrow but the front is pushing through quickly this morning and pattern change coming up. >> janelle: this soggy weather is impacting residents in san pablo. engineers have red-tagged one home and second is in danger of collapsing as the slope gives way. a soil engineer is due to perform more tests to see how saturated the slope has become. as you can see there is significant property damage to backyards decks, walkways and retaining walls. homeowners are coming to grips there is not much they can do to stop it so they are packing up
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and moving out. tomas ramon has updates. >> she has lived in the home since 1972. rain damage started last sunday but today she fears she might lose her home. >> worried. this is our home. you look around and it's a possibility i can actually lose my home. >> reporter: she is afraid if the deck goes, so goes the home. a structural engineer examined the damage to the homes and red-tagged barbara's home. she is leaving to stay with a twin sister in hercules. below the home, city suggested sandra put a tarp over the hillside but one says it's useless. >> the damage is already done. >> reporter: so far the city hasn't been able to do anything. the houses are not on city
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property and sandra's husband says the hillside has slid ten feet downhill. she fierce the mud or the trees will destroy her home. it's already crushed her shed. >> it's terrible. can't mislead at night how close it's getting to the house. >> reporter: six affected homeowners met with city council. the mayor paul morris isn't optimistic. >> if it was me looking at it personally and it was my house, i would say no. >> reporter: you'd walk away. >> i would walk away. >> reporter: the mayor says the city is looking into emergency funds for the residents but the homeowners tell us the insurance companies told them since they don't have flood insurance they are not covered for any of this damage. a soils engineer is expected to test the soils and tell these homeowners whether or not their homes have any future at all. >> janelle: several days of rain
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triggered a mudslide that interrupted the supply of cool drinking water to 160 homes in pleasanton. a water main crashed yesterday evening. crews expect to work through the weekend to repair the damaged rain. they recommend drink bottled water until service is restored. >> a brief break in the rain was badly needed but far from putting folks at ease. it left a muddy makeshift road the only access to their homes. lisa amin gulezian reports that road crews took advantage of that break in the weather to start repairing some of the damage. >> reporter: the people found that normally sound nelson road, they are replaced by these. the sound of recovery, four days after a rockslide shut down nelson road and cut off more than 30 families from the rest
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of the city. this partially dry day allowed construction crews to build a new road. >> we a place where we could get started and where the banks are low and up the other side to join the road we've been using. >> reporter: that task is now a muddy mess. residents carved it out tuesday, professional crews are trying to stabilize it by laying down gravel. >> it's like yesterday when you are walking through the rain and mud and it's up to your ankles. >> we wanted to give back to the community. >> coastal express transportation is a local company trying to help by offering free rides. >> they'll tell us they are up here behind the slide area and we'll come up and get them and take them to the grocery store or doctor. >> reporter: this isn't the only troubled spot. the rain has caused several hills to slide. public works cleared these two
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on glenwood drive but emergency crews are bracing themselves for more. >> we're always going to be concerned about the mountainous roads where there is steep cuts in the access areas. those are going to be potential for slide. >> reporter: the fire department in scotts valley is trying to be pro-active rather than react i have to slides. extra firefighters will work patrolling the mountain looking for areas known to slide. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news". >> janelle: water regulators are trying to prevent more flooding but its delicate balance and huge challenge. department of water resources are s releasing water to prevent overflows, especially ahead of the snow melt later this spring. water must be released otherwise serious damage could occur. >> definitely there is no decision-making. the reservoir is out of control. the reservoir may fail engineering wise.
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so it's an enormous risk. we don't want a reservoir to fail or over the top because there is no control at that point. >> janelle: last week, water officials increased the water allocation to 70% of the requested amount. some say the water shortage it isn't sufficient enough to serve all of california's water needs. >> the same snow brought plenty of snow to the sierra. drivers must use chains. highway 50 is also open but chains are required from four miles east of placerville to myers. caltrans has spent hours plowing and clearing snow from the interstate 80 in the sierra. zero visibility forced the chp and caltrans to shut the highway down and some parts stayed closed until late yesterday afternoon. many skiers and snowboarders
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waited for them to reopen is on they could resume their journey. >> i've been here since 2:30 yesterday. >> why? >> the skiing is awesome. i'm going to wait as long as i can, it's going to be incredible tomorrow. >> janelle: resort workers spent yesterday trying to get the slopes ready. at borreal they cleared the parking lot and removed tons of snow from the ski lodge. >> coming up next, preparing for a handover. changing level of the u.s. involvement in libya and a deadly super bug that is hitting california hospitals hard.
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>> janelle: president obama addresses the nation monday night. his weekly address is a few of the highlights of his message to america. >> we're not putting any ground forces into libya. our military has provided unique capabilities at the beginning but this is a broad international effort. our allies and partners are enforcing the no-fly zone over libya and the arms embargo at sea. qatar and the united arab i am
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rats have agreed the responsibility is transferred from the united states to our partners. >> the president has been getting criticism for members of congress for not consulting with them. >> libyan rebels have regained control of the eastern city. a gateway to libya's oil fields. the rebels were on verge of defeat until coalition air support turned things around. it was the fall of the city that spurred the u.n. resolution authorizing international intervention which begin a week ago. a 12-year-old boy, you can see here, hides his tears, while his father describes the situation when the city was under siege by government troops. >> we were driving and the rounds were landing around us. rockets were hitting our roof. we saw bodies in the streets but no one can bury them, not even
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the blanlsz were getting shot at. >> janelle: some families spent the nights in homes of strangers and others are at campsites in rugged, harsh terrain. >> one day after four protestors were killed in damascus, demonstrators have set fire to the ruling party in the coastal town. according to a prominent syrian activist. the head of the national organization for human rights says the protests begin after yesterday's bloodshed. >> in other news, a new super bug in southern california, hospitals and first go homes and it's spreading. it's called crqp and it's made 50 people sick. 40% of the patients diagnosed with the bug have died within a month of infection and it's very resistant to antibiotics.
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>> there are not many treatment options available. the one that we have available to us is an older antibiotic that is not all that effective. >> it's spread by person to person contact. good way is simply washing your hands and asking the doctors and nurses to do the same thing. >> the rain has been coming steadily down all morning long. >> it looks better because the front has cleared parts of north bay. take a look at tahoe. one to two feet above 7,000 feet. for the rest of the day today and the rest of the bay area not as wet as we are right now. >> janelle: also next, if you head to ohio state -- i'm sorry. buckeyes go home. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports.
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>> janelle: beavers in martinez will have to work like beavers to repair their homes. all four dams were affected.
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so far three of the beavers have been spotted. this is video of one of them posted on youtube. despite the damage they don't expect them to move out. i know they are probably sick and tired of the rain just like all of us. >> this is the last pretty moderate one. we have a weak one coming in tomorrow. we do have lots of sunshine. as you head outside, snowy in the sierra nevada where winter storm warning for the west slope to the sierra is under effect. we will be looking at one to two feet of snow and travel has been impacted on 80. so do be careful out there. back home it has been a wet morning and really started overnight. we are looking at this front to push steadily to the south and east. live doppler 7 hd shows the rain
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line is really bie sexting parts of the north bay and we -- bisecting but you notice how wet it is. moderate cells back to richmond and tiburon and back to the east bay despite light to moderate showers here but the heaviest rain is south of san jose down through santa cruz mountains. gilroy, mostly list ster. it's going to take good two to three hours for the front to clear the south bay. notice the peninsula, there is drier air working to the south and east. finally and ending to this soggy mess where we haven't seen one day in 70 degrees. 48 in san francisco. winds have been picking up as the winds are picking up. out of the southeast at 30 miles an hour at oakland, hayward 21
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mile-an-hour gusts and still very breezy down through mountain view. it's a messy morning out there but we will be looking at most of the rain through the next two to three hours. then throughout the afternoon. light rain returns tomorrow but not everyone is going to see it. drier and warmer weather headed our way all of next week. so here is the satellite and radar composite. much of the state impacted by this frontal band. it's not as strong as the one obviously that we saw on thursday. it is beginning to move taking much of the rain with it. noontime, notice that scattered showers will linger behind the front. that will take us through the rest of the afternoon and rainfall amounts highest in the north bay and also the santa cruz mountains. next system on the heels, much weaker but then high pressure is going to build in behind it that is going to set the stage for a big pattern change. inch and a half is about as much as you'll see.
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santa cruz mountains, three-quarters of an inch to quarter an inch in the south bay. by monday morning, maybe hundredth to a tenth in the east bay, less than that in the south bay. so the snow will continue throughout the day today and winter storm warning through 7:00. highs upper 50s to near 60. despite all the soggy weather we do have a silver lining, really tomorrow afternoon, drier weather late in the evening and that is the trend. >> janelle: thanks, lisa. >> we're going to talk about sports, and march madness. tonight stanford women play in the third round. last need more brackets were busted as the overall one seed fell. here is larry beil with this morning's supports. >> two blowouts and two nailbiters.
8:22 am
ohio state gone. knocked off by the fourth seed, kentucky. josh harrelson slams it off his chest. harrelson, 30-29. and inside, 21 points for the freshman sensation. 40 seconds left. make it 3. buckeyes need a 3 for the tie and pure. here is the pull-up is money. kentucky by 2. ohio state with five seconds left. they get a good look and that is for the win -- no. kentucky busting brackets everywhere ousting ohio state 62-60. >> john henson taking control. long arms, barnes had 20. all unc and big man can run.
8:23 am
up by 25 at the half and coasted home. carolina rolls 81-63. >> richmond reached the top but they got squished. pre-game, exchange words, kansas players should have had one of richmond players and they proceeded to shove them around the court. dreog down 31-9 and morning star led kansas. eight minutes left. kevin smith -- wow! bigger and better inside, robinson again, kansas go on 77-57. >> nightcap in san antonio, seminoles and here is a block. game tied. didn't go any way. it goes to overtime. tied at 65.
8:24 am
burgess gets the run and time expired. he had a layup and passed on it and rams move on. virginia commonwealth 72-71. santa clara makes the tournament. kevin foster, 35 points. broncos will face iona for the title or another team. >> stanford women will be going back another shot at the national championship. standing in the way, the women of north carolina. now, the cardinals have won 25 straight games. much of their success comes from the top player of the year and peterson. stanford is a consummate team. >> i think for us. they are down scoring and we have experienced players.
8:25 am
i think they'll recognize what north carolina does and we have to really be aggressive. >> warriors in oracle arena 16 game losing streak but they came out scorching. trying to keep up with the highlights. ellis to wright for a 3. warriors by 9. curry and munta to end the quarter and, curry for more. this is out of control. they had 84 points at the half and the final, warriors cruise to a win. >> high school defense title game, in sacramento, karen gordon, slap on the backboard, 18 seconds and up one and throws
8:26 am
away the inbound pass resulting in layup. they go up 3 and the final shot for the tie by summit is no good. midi captures it 53-50. that is a wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will have highlights including stanford and women's round in that tournament game today. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, new reports of high radiation again being found offshore from the japanese nuclear plant that maybe from a leak directly into the ocean. also how the earthquake in japan is putting the squeeze on the but not on your face. juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling, bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc.
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japan's top government spokesman the best news they can offer is that workers seem to be keeping the situation from getting worse. radiation levels surrounding the plant have fallen back some since peaking on wednesday and tap water in tokyo is safe enough for babies to drink. but there is concern about using sea water to keep the reactor from melting down. >> reporter: with one reactor suffering a possible core breach and three workers suffering severe radiation burns, an
8:30 am
official from the power company overseeing the catastrophe apologized and said the injuries could have been easily prevented. if we had given the heads up early we would have been able to avoid the radiation. >> the workers suffered radiation burns on their legs and feet. a doctor who examined the men remarkably, i do not think it will be related to cancer. only wounds he says even though they were exposed to water with radiation 10,000 times normal. we learned that some workers are showing signs of heavy exposure, twice what they should normally be exposed to in an entire year. and new reports of high radiation being found offshore from the plant. one expert says the levels may be from a leak directly into the ocean. more traces are being found in the food supply as well leading
8:31 am
to increased testing in spinach and milk. >> a farmer told us... he is worried. yes, he says we are very concerned about it and we hope things will settle down as soon as possible. >> janelle: the earthquake and tsunami has slowed down production shipping to japanese goods so much so this tanker from japan was the first to arrive in the port of oakland since the disaster two weeks ago. >> reporter: japan is the third largest exporter to containerized goods. things like car parts and computer products. these are the people that move those goods from the port of oakland. >> i've seen a lot of auto parts
8:32 am
and machinery. >> electricity shortages at manufacturing plants in japan have slowed down pronunciation. then there are the damaged roads and bridges that make getting goods from point "a" to "b" difficult. truck drivers at the port of oakland know they will start feeling the impact in a few weeks. >> right now, like in march or april it's slow but it's going to be more slow like this. so we have to wait. >> reporter: some major companies in silicon valley like apple are already being affected. >> apple does is design and most of the assembly is done in china but many of the components that the chinese are putting together are japanese components. >> he doesn't think the impact will be long lasting.
8:33 am
toyota acknowledged they have stopped overtime at 13 north america plants knowing there will be shortages. a spokesperson for the port of oakland. >> there will be delays from shipping from japan and then in the longer time we have to see what will happen in the rebuilding process. >> reporter: but he doesn't see the amount of u.s. exports to japan rising. in 2010 we exported $3.4 billion worth of goods to japan, meat, fruit and vegetables. >> we buy much more from them than they buy from us. i don't think you'll see much of a dent in terms of u.s. exports. >> janelle: that was lyanne melendez reporting. toyota says it will reassume production at prius hybrid. >> gas prices around california are beginning to top $4 a gallon and aaa expects to see that
8:34 am
trend continues over the next several months. right now san francisco posted at average price of 4.05, and oakland averages $4 per gallon. a spokesperson says combination of factors, global and local are pushing up prices on uncertainty about middle east gas production are the driving forces. >> lisa argen is here with our forecast. >> we are looking at an end to the rain in parts of the bay area. we have a couple more days including the weekend with chances of rain and pattern change. you are looking at 80. heavier rain in the south bay. >> janelle: also ahead. a new therapy that could zap away skin cancer. find out if it measures up to the gold standard of treaeaeaeaa
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>> janelle: welcome back. you are looking at a live picture from emeryville. you can see drops on the camera lens but the worst appears to be over. lisa argen, our meteorologist will have our full forecast in a couple of minutes. most americans over the age of 12 are now on facebook. i took a lot longer for the telephone and other things to accomplish that. >> he took his picture in 1962.
8:38 am
he didn't see it again until last year when he joined facebook. >> when i saw this particular picture here, that made me smile from ear to ear. it brings out the good feeling and joy when i could see certain pictures if it wasn't old trust at this facebook. >> he is part of the 50 and older group that is fastest growing among internet users. >> you thought it was just for teenagers? >> in the beginning yes. go to facebook. >> the facebook frenzy has outpaced hottest technology. it took a quarter century to place a call from home. about eight years for as popular and nine years for vcrs that same milestone. facebook that was created in
8:39 am
2004 has friended more than half the american population is n just seven years. >> facebook has reached out and touched me and has warmed my heart. now i have a family reunion coming up and that was through facebook. >> 57% that the entire female population, more people are on facebook than watched the superbowl this year. >> janelle: now, you are the other 49%. one of persons not on facebook. >> right. >> you are one of lucky ones. >> we are looking at the rain getting enhance order the coastal hills and it's beginning to increase in the sierra, nevada. this is at northstar and many of the resorts have picked up four to six inches of snow in the overnight hours and more is to come. this storm system not as strong as the one we had earlier in the
8:40 am
week. it's fine with most people i would think in san francisco. still pretty wet out there. live doppler 7 hd. marin and sonoma beginning to clear out the rain but the rain is further south and east. it will be there for the next couple of hours. it's wet along 37 in vallejo and through walnut creek, light rain. berkeley, heavier rain here pushing in parts of 280 over hayward and union city. look at the coast here. coastal hills is where waking getting the heavier rain. morgan hill and down by the monterey bay. definitely a wet day there. more rain is offshore and peninsula drier air and mid levels working in behind the system. it will exit the area in the next couple of hours, 50 in mountain view. 48 in san francisco. with the front the winds have been gusting to over 30 miles an hour in parts of east bay, oakland and hayward.
8:41 am
lighter winds to the north so the bulk has moved on through parts of the north bay. that is the good news but we will still be looking at not only the rest of the day with showers, light rain returns tomorrow from yet another system, but then we are looking at drier, warmer weather with 70s by next week. here is the front pushing to the south and east. all the central valley looking very wet. flooding problems up to the north around lake port throughout the rest of the day. as we go through saturday afternoon, showers become more widely scattered. late in the day, sti will is a chance of showers in the evening hours. next system is quickly on its heels, providing light rain in a san francisco to about 4:00 tomorrow. rain totals, three-quarters of an inch. north bay, santa cruz mountains, about quarter an inch in the south bay. east bay, maybe a third of an n
8:42 am
to half an inch. next system, only about a tenth in our east bay valleys. a little more in the north bay. you saw the picture of the sierra nevada. winds are going to pick up so we will have whiteout conditions. snow will be sub sizing by tonight. upper 50s to about 60s for fremont and san jose today. light rain for the next couple hours, moderate rain rain and south bay, weaker system. by monday we're looking at mid-60s and upper 60s and mid-70s. reality of spring definitely coming back. >> janelle: thanks, lisa. >> technical developed in the bay area is being used, did tech nothing being developed in the bay area is treating skin cancer. here is carolyn johnson with the details. >> was right in right ear.
8:43 am
four little spots. >> reporter: when he was described with carcinoma the first option was surgery. >> it involved a skin graft. that would take a long time to heal. >> reporter: instead his doctors turned to an alternative. it's a form of precisely targeted radiation that involves the placement of radioactive pellets but this system works differently. >> instead of used a radio isotope it constantly emits radiation, this is an x-ray tube that will give off the x-rays by a push of a button. >> he says the lower energy radiation can be delivered directly on to the skin with minimal chance of spillover in adjacent tissue. >> it's very important that i
8:44 am
put up the applicator for the cancer so we can treat it. >> the procedure is typically limited to non-melanoma such as squamous and basal cell cancer and it's most effective on lesions close to the skin. the technique tests tissue sample as the surgery progresses ensuring no cancer cells are left behind. >> two patients in a hundred will have a recurrence of the cancer. >> she is a trained surgeon and they have a cure rate up to 90% and believes it's the best option for many skin cancers. >> when a patient is deciding what kind of treatment to pursue they should talk to the doctor about the specific type they have. the potential for that cancer recurring could be more significant in a high risk
8:45 am
squamous carcinoma than with a smaller basal cell carcinoma. >> but it produces similar results no deeper than five millimeters and offers advantages. >> it's a good option or good alternative. >> the procedure itself takes about five minutes with patients like l.j. running for sessions twice a week for two to three weeks. >> they said there would be no pain involved. it wouldn't take long. all those sounded good. >> janelle: the system is manufactured by sunnyvale based company and it's covered by most insurance plans. don't go away, 7 on your side is on next. >> a dealer says, ahead on 7 on your side, we show why that is highly unlikely.
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>> janelle: welcome back. there is a winter storm warning in the sierra right now. look at all that snow. this is picture of soda springs area near interstate 80 where chains are required. chains are also required fremont east of placerville on 50. be careful getting up there. it was a frightening experience for a san jose woman when her sun roof shattered above her head. what caused it to shatter was a
8:49 am
point of contention between her and dealership. that is when michael finney got involved. >> michelle park remembers what happened early that saturday morning. she says she was driving northbound on 101 and not under an overpass and she heard a loud bang. >> it was going overhead. >> the explosion left a huge hole in the sun roof. >> i looked around. i looked in my rearview mirror, nothing had shattered. so i pulled back the cover of my sun roof and glass started falling on me. >> she brought her 2010, 328-i for an inspection. they wrote into bmw corporate and they found no signs of impact damage. client is requesting this to be repaired under warranty.
8:50 am
bmw replied, i picked up more rocks in last three months and this is not. she will need to contact her insurance company. >> send somebody out to inspect it. how would they know? >> she searched the internet and found car owners reported their sun roof also suddenly shattered. we talked to stevens creek bmw. officials declined to go on camera but told us a rock like that hit the window and bounced back on the road. we discussed the incident with a doctor, a professor of mechanical engineering at u.c. berkeley. >> we take the mass times ve loss. >> it a rock by a vehicle tire would reach a height of 10 or 15 feet. it would have to come down 70 miles an hour to break the sun roof. >> there is not a chance in the world that an unintentional rock
8:51 am
that is lofted up by a vehicle would break a sun roof. >> it would have to be 25 miles an hour, well short of the needed 70 miles an hour. >> he said it's more likely the sun glass was broke due to changes in temperatures or from fatigue. >> in both cases, in my opinion, the car manufacturer has the problem. basically its manufacturer's defense. >> we called bmw corporate. it agreed to replace the sun roof free of charge before we informed them of the professor's findings. michelle is happy and so is bmw. and everything has been resolved with michelle and that she is happy with the way things went with her car. professor tells us it is possible rock could break a windshield with a direct hit but the same scenario is not true for a sun roof since the rock would have to be lofted in the air.
8:52 am
>> coming up next, revival of circus de soleil classic. find out what makes this one different from the original. [ alarm blares ]
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8:55 am
millions draw. mega number 4. somebody actually won. one sold in albany. maybe you got a piece of it. i got none of it. oh, well. new production from the creative folks at circus de soleil has hit the bay area, kadam hits the bay area and it redefines the circus. ♪ >> reporter: by their flashy and glittering costumes since circus de soleil first visited san francisco in 1988. >> it's a show created in 1996 now revisited. out of big top and arenas like hp pavilion and it bodies the
8:56 am
uniqueness. >> it's not just about technical skills but in the character and being able to perform on stage. so on circus de soleil we learn all kinds of crazy stuff. >> reporter: olga knew she wanted to be circus following in her father's footsteps. ♪ >> it's dedication. you really have to be focused. you have to train. you have to train everyday. >> she married one of the company's staffers. they had a baby recently but she is right back in to it. >> it's very competitive. great way to extend careers beyond competing which obviously ends quite young these days if
8:57 am
you watch the olympics. you take them to the next level and make them into characters. >> it plays in the cow palace in april. >> from circus de soleil to bay area soleil. >> we will have sunshine in the future. >> we are watching a cold front. emeryville light rain and radar shows we have drier air moving in behind the front. heavier rain, peninsula and south bay so be careful out there. moderate rain heading into the hills of los altos. gilroy and into hollister and light showers by midday tomorrow. then we're going to see more sunshine and warmer condition. >> its beautiful forecast. thanks so much for joining us. for everyone here. have a great weekend.
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