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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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capitola deva-vu. a flash flood sweeps through the village rushing into shops and homes for a second time in three days. one home no longer fit to live in in a neighborhood............ [ male announcer ] it's aule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze em fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant soft! hard! [ male announcer ] how do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? why don't we have both? [ male announcer ] old el paso. hard and soft tacos. ♪ feed your fiesta.
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>> caught by surprise, a wall of water races through capitola village before crews can clean up before thursday's flooding. it filled capitola streets with two to three feet of water damaging homes and shops. lisa amin gulezian reports. >> this is what rushed into downtown capitola this morning, two to three feet of muddy, dirty likely contaminated water.
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>> damage has been done. >> the damage is everywhere. it spread from pacific cove mobile home park to capitola village. heavy rain and flash flooding are to blame for the wall of water. crews were repairing a massive storm drain. as of yesterday, it and the sinkhole it caused were drying out. >> it's a step backwards. we were pretty surprised. national weather service give the possibility of heavy rain. with the soil being so saturated it didn't take much. >> and straight into businesses like this one. >> standing water. >> so it's pretty sad. >> the disappointment is now on display. people came from all over just to see what happened to downtown capitola.
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police finally forced people off of capitola avenue so the cleanup could begin. more information about the cleanup efforts should be available tomorrow. they are meeting with fema and public works. from capitola to sonoma, flooding and mudslides were epidemic in. scotts valley, part of the road washed away. this was sent in by a viewer. the neighbors there are already trying to dig themselves out of a 200 foot landslide from earlier this week. >> quite an impact. one county in the bay area that hasn't suffered damage from these storms. police, pg&e and especially slide affected residents are hoping for dry weather especially after what the lane
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left us today. >> this is a sight seldom seen. two huge boulders. the white lincoln avoided being crushed but suffered damage on the front and side. the street around 12th avenue was closed by police. in mill valley around noon, a large hung of dirt slipped away and threatened a home. it and two on others below were evacuated. >> they asked us for us to leave. >> one home was red-tagged. >> it's been relentless. it's been scary. the wind, especially here with the redwood trees. power outages, it's been relentless. >> if one place, it's here at the junction of 12 and 121 in
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sonoma county, the water was a foot deep. in oakland, a small slide started a rock slide and closed one lane. a flagpole caused a pole to snap cause go pg&e to close a road. >> this portion of the road fell away. that road sign is six feet below where it once stood. >> no damage to private property no injuries. as long as it doesn't rain we'll be in pretty good shape. >> reporter: as long as it doesn't rain, it's a good bet everybody will be in better shape. floodwaters at sea levels turned into massive snow drifts in the sierra. let's check in with leigh glaser. >> here is live doppler 7 hd. most of the activity has moved on out.
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even in the sierra, still reporting light snow here and there but this system is pushing off to the east. we will say goodbye to that system. 24-hour rainfall totals, close to inch and a half in st. helena. ben lomond, over two inches of rainfall. over an inch in oakland. lesser amounts as you head out in livermore valley area. 24-hour snow totals, kirkwood, 18 inches. foot at sugar bowl. squaw valley picked up almost a foot. more storm systems coming in tomorrow. tonight the city of san pablo is planning on declaring an emergency because of a landslide that is threatening half a dozen homes. all of them have been declared unsafe to live in that is because the hillside is slipping
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from nearsighted the homes. at least one family is packing up. john alston reports from san pablo. >> the clock was ticking for leon walker that had to get his belongings out of his home. friends gave him a hand as a landslide slowly ate away the back yard of his home that he and his wife bought seven years ago. >> it's going down the hill and no way for me to stop it. >> the view from sky 7 shows the hillside sagging from the top of wyman street down to hillcrest road. three homes are in jeopardy along with another three on the bottom. mud and trees are creeping toward the house.
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the family is moving out. >> our biggest concerns are those trees right there. it would be a direct hit. >> landslides are nothing new around hillcrest. a photo of a home that was next to the backer's home which collapsed back in the mid '70s. >> i think the houses shouldn't have been put there. if they slide down once and you don't take measures it's going to slide down again. >> they have hired engineers to inspect the land. >> we are looking at records. >> they are promising to inspect the homes on regular intervals and pursue an emergency declaration that could lead to disaster money for the neighborhood. >> if you are heading to the sierra you will need chains tonight. earlier today, drivers got stuck in traffic on highway 80 for
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more than two hours. they are reporting another four feet of snow this weekend on top of the 50-foot snowfall they received this season. national forest service says have a slawlg likely. chains are required on 80 and chain controls also in place highway 50 in bridges to myers. >> heavy rain may be over but it left a lot behind. check out the rushing waters of san loenzo river. it brought the river to flood stage. lake county, these photos were sent to us. it caused clearlake to rise above flood stage and more than a foot of water in the streets of lake port. in fremont, rain and slick roads caused a driver to run into a
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hydrant creating a hydrant. upload weather and photos to us. it all made for rough seas in the bay that capsized a sailboat. sky 7 was over west point where the sailboat overturned. the water was too shallow for the coastguard to access so emergency services checked out the boat. student managed to safely swim to bear island. >> some of the signs that martinez beavers survived. the organization says they found the footprints. floodwaters ripped through the creek on thursday and so far the group has only spotted the father and two of his three kids. mother died last summer. the group says in the past,
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beavers have come back to rebuild after similar floods washed out their dams. >> libyan rebels on the move. and surprisingly high radiation levels at fukushima daiichi power plant. remember a real trailblazer, first woman to run for vice president. and san francisco prepares to wewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewe
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. libyan rebels are hoping to retake a city after airstrikes forced gadhafi forces to retreat.
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today there was a vivid reminder of the brutality of the gadhafi regime. a woman claimed to have been arrested and gang raped by gadhafi forces. libyan authorities forced back reporters and quickly overpowered the woman. >> president obama will speak to the nation about our involvement in libya. abc news will carry his remarks live here. >> in japan workers at the deteriorate nuclear power are trying to figure out what to do with radioactive pooling. at one place it's much higher than normal. the death toll stands at 10,400 with nearly 17,000 people missing. first woman to be nominated for vice president passed away earlier today. back in 1984, walter mondale
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chose geraldine ferraro to be his running mate. it happened right here in san francisco at the democratic national convinces. they lost the election but ferraro showed how a mother can balance her life at home and be a powerful political force. >> i stand before you to proclaim tonight america is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> opponent paid tribute to ferraro says his daughters will grow up in a more equal america. she was dogged about her personal finances. mondale later said it cost him in the polls. >> an outage forced a cancel of alaskan air flights. 12% were scrapped before the problem was fixed.
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one flight out of oakland was cancelled and three others were delayed by as much as two hours. president of both airlines posted a video on youtube apologizing for the glitch saying it was caused by a blown transformer. >> all this rain is forcing britney spears indoors. the big performance are already up at bill graham auditorium. she was originally going to perform outdoor castro. it will start at noon tomorrow and air on "good morning america." there are tickets to the free concert listed on craigslist, priced from 25 to 100 each. >> we will see a little bit of sun tomorrow morning before another system brings us light rain. i can tell you that napa is
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report go clear skies and clear skies in concord. a few clouds hanging over the city by the bay this evening. temperature-wise, 46. 46 in antioch. livermore, 48. san francisco 50. 50 in san jose. here is a look at highlights. partly cloudy conditions and watch out for patchy fog overnight. take the rain out tonight but put it back in sunday afternoon and beyond that, get ready for a dry and warmer weather pattern for next week. live doppler 7 hd, if you are seeing anything at all it will be mist and drizzle near the coast. napa reporting clear skies, down to 42 degrees. oakland, 46, 42 for livermore. this is the cold and showers
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that have exited the state. this will be next weather maker, a very weak, i want to stress weak cold front. it will deliver light rain, mainly around the golden gate bridge sunday afternoon. sunday 9:00 a.m., this is going to move in and deposit light rain tomorrow afternoon. filter through the north bay and then 8:00 will press on to the south bay and by 1:00 a.m. it is pretty much out of here. rain wise, quarter of an inch in north bay, santa cruz mountains, trace, maybe nothing at all. it will start to weaken and fall apart. rain beginning in the north bay first. 56 for san rafael. 57 for san francisco.
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60 for palo alto. 61 for san jose. santa cruz, 60 degrees. 62 for a high. that take a look by monday afternoon, temperatures running to the mid-60s. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, warming trend begins. plenty of sunshine for us. temperatures above where we should be, in the 70s. we're all going to enjoy that. few more clouds in. i am so ready. >> light rain but we hope it's not the straw that break the camel's back. shu is here. >> we're down to sweet 16 with stanford cardinals. top seed in the west and they got all they could handle.
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we tip off women's basketball. stanford has been in three years and they lost last season. they would love to win their third national title. first half. cardinals led by four. second half. offensive rebound while falling down. she had 19 and cardinals up by five. carolina up by 1. game tied at 65. and under a minute to play. same score, to she had 16 and that seals it.
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stanford moves on to meet gonzaga with a 72-65 victory. >> i was really soar i couldn't make that shot. i should have used my left hand. i wasn't surprised at all. but that is what it is. >> and arizona and uconn in the west. for the first final four appearance since 2001 you but walker show was on. 3 ball and uconn led by 7. derek williams networks hand jam. kyle to perry, he throws it down 53-52. huskies up by 3 and walker with a setback. uconn up by 5 but arizona had a chance. first williams with a miss and
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here is a 3 -- no good. huskies are heading to houston. they hold on 65-63. southeast final, butler in florida, second half, game tied at 39. gators are up by 11 but exploding to the rim. this game would go to ot. bulldogs down by one. three of his 27. butler up by two. gators down by 3 and irving walker, no good. butler headed to houston after a win over florida. >> high school, de la sale, third quarter. spartans in control. with a trey. david brown, and 43-36 is the
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final. berkeley taking on monterday. and they battled back. for a three. and top ranked team was too much. a future uconn husky. they win the state title 59-47. >> let's take a break and move over to the ice.
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only seven games left in the regularly season, sharks and coyotes face off in phoenix. this takes it to a new level. first period, closed shot. with a rebound, 1-0 sharks. to thorton and there to bury
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it2. 1 and now3. 1 and here a second goal. 30th of the season and he is good. san jose has won five of six with a 4-1 victory. >> soccer, earthquakes on the road to face dallas. showing off his magic a sixth goal. first of the two on the night. quakes get the first win of the season 2-0 the final. golf, martin layer going into sunday's final round. >> more basketball tomorrow. >> of course. >> all right. thanks a lot. that is it for "abc 7 news." thanks for watching. good night everyone. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover.
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