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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  March 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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expected to meet today to make a emergency flood declaration after the city is hit by a flash flood after three days. japanese officials say they have found radiation levels 10 million times higher than normal inside a nuclear reactor were a mistake. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm caroline tyler. san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting that took place in a parking lot near a nightclub early this morning. it was just about closing time when a man was shot near club 6, that's on 6th street between mission and market streets. police say a friend tried to drive the man to a hospital but
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got lost a few blocks away. an ambulance took the victim to a san francisco hospital. police say he later died. no information has been released yet on a suspect or a motive. >> you know, we've had quite a spell of wet, windy weather, but it's looking dry this morning, anyway. our meteorologist lisa is here with the accuweather forecast. >> good morning, caroline. i've been adding up the rain totals so far this season. we are well above normal. santa rosa with over 126 inches. san francisco 122% of normal, over 22 inches and oakland over 19 inches, 123% of normal, and even san jose 101% of normal. live doppler 7hd shows rain well to the north. look further south, cloverdale, santa rosa, we are beginning to pick up some light returns. we will see the system swing down to the south and bring us light rain in the north bay. the rest of the bay area, well, doesn't look likely in the south
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bay but the east bay by 2:00 in the afternoon and san francisco by 2:00, 3:00, the chance of showers. system will continue to weaken as it slides to the south. then pretty much dissipate. we will see strong high pressure come in in its wake. more about the spring weather coming up a little later. >> sounds good. thank you. capitola leaders called a meeting for 1:30 this afternoon. they will consult with federal local and statehood authorities as they deal with two issues of flash flooding during last week's storms. here's the report. >> this is what rushed into downtown capitola, two to three feet of muddy, dirty, likely contaminated water. >> the damage has been done. >> the damage is everywhere.
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it spreads from pacific cove mobile home park to capitola village. heavy rain and flash flooding are to blame for the wall of water. it happened as crews were repairing a massive storm drain that burst in the same area thursday. it, and the sinkhole it caused, were drying out. >> and straight into businesses like this one. >> this is standing water. >> there was a river running through my building. so it's pretty -- it's pretty sad. >> the disappointment is now on display. people came from all over just to see what happened to downtown capitola. police finally forced people off capitola avenue so the cleanup could begin. the city is meeting with representatives from fema,
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sanitation and public works. in capitola, lisa, abc7 news. >> and capitola to sonoma, mudslides were present this weekend. >> this is a site seldom seen in san francisco. a wet hill side freed two huge boulders today. the white lincoln avoided being crush but suffered damage to its front and side. the car behind narrowly escaped being severely dumped by the rock. the street around quintara was closed. in mill valley around noon a large hunk of dirt slid underneath. waterline is threatened a home. it and two others below were evacuated. >> some geological person came to see how stable the hill side was and asked for us to leave while they did that. >> one home was red tagged and the other residents were allowed back in. in mill valley they summed up the week's weather. >> it's been relentless. it's been scary.
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the wind, especially with the redwood trees, power outages, it's been relentless. >> if there's one place that suffers flooding during heavy rains it's here at the junction of 12 and 121 in sonoma county. the water was about a foot deep and caused a huge traffic jam when the section was closed. in oakland a small slide dropped an oak tree and rocks on pinehurst and canyon road in the east canyon hills, closing one lane. on hay way 84 a slide caused a power pole to snap, causing the road to be closed a few hours. this portion of 100 block of hillsboro, that road ion is below where it once stood. >> there has been no loss of private property and no injuries. as long as it doesn't rain we will be in good shape. >> as long as it doesn't rain or rain too much for the next couple days, everybody will be in better shape n the newsroom, abc7 news. >> the city of san pablo is planning to declare an emergency
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because of a landslide there. all of them declared unsafe to live in. that's because the hillside is slipping out from under the holmes and into the back yards of their neighbors. you see in this picture from sky 7 hd, at least one family is busy packing it in, packing it up and getting out. johnal strom reports from san pablo. >> the clock was tick being for leon walker, who had to get his belongs out of his home on wyman street. people from his church gave him a hand as a landslide eight way way the pack of his home that he and his wife bought seven years ago. >> i'm just sad that my house, our only house we ever had is just going down the hill and there's no way to stop it, save it, nothing. you lose a house in one day. >> the view from sky seven shows
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the heliside sagging from the top of wyman street down to hillcrest road. three holmes on the top are in jeopardy, along with another three on the bottom. the mud and trees are creeping toward their house. the family that lived there for 43 years is moving out. >> our biggest concern is those trees right there. you know, they are in line with our house and it will be a direct hit. helping my aunt and uncle move and that's what we are doing right now. >> landslides are nothing new around hillcrest. a former neighbor showed us this photo of a home next to the walker's house which collapsed back in the mid-'70s. >> i think the house probably shouldn't have been put there. if they slide down once and you don't take remedial measures, it's going to slide down again. >> san pablo hired engineers to inspect the land as well as the threatened property. >> we are looking at all the records for this area and all the work that's been done in this area. >> city is promising to inspect the moments on regular intervals through the weekend and to pursue an emergency declaration
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which could lead to disaster money for the neighborhood. in san pablo, john alston, abc7 news. if you are heading for the sierra you need chains. yesterday people got stuck in traffic on highway 80 for more than two hours. ski areas are reporting another 4 feet of snow on top of the 50-foot snowfall they have received this season. the national forest service said the avalanche danger is likely. chains are required from plaster county east of baxter to the downer lake interchange. cheaney controls are also in place on 50 from the twin bridges. coming up next, japanese officials said radiation levels soared as a damaged japanese nuclear power plant to 1 million times higher than normal. now they say, no, it was all a mistake. and get ready for today's
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. be. >> libya rebels caused moment
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march gadhafi's soldiers to retreat. a woman burst into a media hotel in tripoli claiming to be arrested and gang raped by gadhafi's forces. libyan officials pushed back people trying to help her and quickly overpowered the woman. a hood was thrown over her head and she was dragged off. president obama will speak to the nation tomorrow night about u.s. military involvement in libya. we will carry his remarks here live. that will be at 4:30 p.m. our time. in japan operates to of a troubled nuclear power plant reported a huge spike in radiation levels was a mistake. a radiation level 1 million times before normal was said to be recorded by the plant worker. the report said the man was so alarmed he took off before taking a second read to go confirm. power play officials just announced the number is not
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credible. they say they are sorry for the mistake. officials say they are taking another sample to get accurate levels, but they don't know when the results are going to be announced. high levels of radiation in the levels of another reactor were tested on thursday, leading plant officials to believe there may be a breach in that reactor score. the first woman to be nominated for vice president passed away yesterday. back in 1984 walter mondale chose geraldine ferrero, a little-known member of congress from queens, new york to be his running mate. it happened here in san francisco at the democratic national convention. they lost by a landslide but ferrero showed how a mother and grandmother could balance her life at home and be a powerful political voice. >> i stand before you to proclaim tonight america is the land where dreams can come true
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for all of us. >> president obama paid tribute to ferrero sag his daughters will grow newspaper a more equal america because of her. ferrero was dogged by allegations about her personal finances and those of her husband. mondale later said that cost them in the polls. two airlines are hoping for smoother flying today. an outage in the central computer system yesterday forced the cancellation of 140 alaska and flights. one alaska flight out of oakland international was cancelled and three others delayed by as much as two hours. you can see the lines there. the presses of both airlines post add video on youtube apologizeing for the glitch explaining it was cause bit a blown transformer. >> san francisco is coming in to see a free conset by britney
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spears. the pop print sis will perform at the specific auditorium. she was originally scheduled to sing outdoors in the castro neighborhood but the threat of rain caused a change in her plans. the hour long performance starts at noon and it will air on tuesday's good morning america, all to coincide with the release of her new album. 5,000 tickets were offered last week. they were gone within minutes and lisa, you said it's a good thing they moved it. i know some of the neighborhood were concerned about the crowds overrunning the neighborhood but her people were concerned about the weather. >> right. the rain will move in by early afternoon in san francisco. we will be looking at one more weak system headed our way. not everyone will see the rain. outside we have dry conditions in san francisco. radar lighting up a bit in the north bay. i will explain next. >> also next the stanford women just one win away from a return trip to the final four, after being tested by north carolina.
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mike shumann has your highlights coming up in this morning's
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lisa, i think it's still dry outside right now. >> a nice switch driving to
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work. but you will need an embree in the north bay, san francisco possibly and the east bay. another weak weather system on the way. partly cloudy this morning and we are looking at 33 at the tahoe valley airport. no winter storm watches, warnings or advisories, although chains are required on 50 and 80. later on today 40 in the southern sierra. northern sierra, i should say. mid-40s in the southern part. and 47 in downtown oakland. temperatures around the bay area this morning much colder. partly cloudy skies. downtown 49. 41 in san jose. look at livermore. dropped another degree. yesterday with all the cloud cover and the rain, we were much warmer. so definitely feeling the chill. san jose 9 degrees colder. on average everyone else, anywhere from 3 to 10 degrees colder. as we start out basically fair skies this morning, increasing clouds in the north bay.
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light rain returning in the morning in the north bay. everywhere else this afternoon. we will look for sun my and warmer days ahead this week with the return to very spring-like weather. here's the next system. it's dropping down from the north. it will bring light rain likely this afternoon in the north bay. but even in this morning's time frame, we are looking at some radar returns beginning to increase in the north. so as you head further south around cloverdale and an two rosa, highway 1, we are looking at some light precipitation. probably not reaching the ground, but the atmosphere is still pretty moist. it's not going to take much. we could see light rain here in the morning but i think it will take toward the afternoon further south to see the rain. the state really divided in half with the next incoming system bringing rain from you're reek reek -- sacramento and the southern half.
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72 palm springs with 59 partly cloudy. monterey and los angeles i think you will stay dry today with increasing clouds late tonight. we will look for the next system to really fall apart as it continues to spread into the peninsula and the south bay. by 1:00, 2:00, light rain from napa, santa rosa kau, down through san francisco. 2:00, 3:00 heading into the east bay and perhaps a shower on the peninsula. i don't think it looks too likely through san jose and morgan hill. you can see the shading. this is the chance of rain. through the overnight hours partly cloudy skies and rainfall amounts anywhere from one-100th in the east bay to tenth of an inch in the peninsula. more than that it becomes likely in the north bay mountains and also the santa cruz bay. half moon bay today chance of a shower there by the early afternoon. dry weather here, 62 in gilroy. the accuweather 7 day forecast, so the chance of light rain throughout the bay area today, and tomorrow we are going to be
6:22 am
dry tuesday, wednesday an offshore flow. mid-70s maybe around the monterey bay and parts of the north bay we could see upper 70s and cooler next week. still debatable if we will see any more showers. >> all right. the oakland marathon gets underway at 7:30 this morning in about an hour. it will be okay? >> it will be cool, in the 40s, and rain not in the east bay until this afternoon. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. opening day for the world series champions san francisco giants. that sounds so good to say. it's just four days away. today they may the team's final contact puts league game before come home to start the games series against the a's. last night the stanford women earned a spot in the elite 8 with a win over north carolina. here's the highlights. >> the stanford women have been to the final four the last three years and lost in the finals
6:23 am
last season. they would love to take it a step further and win their third national title. stanford and north carolina with a combined twelve final four appearances between them. first half off the bench with a bum ankle and a spark. 7 first-half points. cardinals led by 4 at the half. and then the second half. the offensive rebound and the put back while falling down. necka 19, up five. the tar heels, later in the half, italy and lucas drops in the jump pass. carolina goes up by 1. game tied at 65. then the beautiful jump hook. cardinals back up. under two minutes to play. following her sister's footsteps, she is 16 and a foul. the put-back and the foul. she had 16 and that seals the deal. stanford moves on to meet gonzaga in the elite 8 monday with the 72-65 victory. >> that was an awesome play we were in. i was sorry i couldn't make the shot. i was thinking to myself i should have used my left hand but when i turned around and saw she got the rebounds, i wasn't surprised but that's just kind of her characteristic. she's aggressive and relentless. for the men a trip to the
6:24 am
final four on the line. we tipoff with uconn in the west against azubuike. they are looking for their first final four appearance since 2001 but the kemba walker show was on. uconn led by 7 at the break. cats make a big run in the second half, williams, a beast! williams had 20. the wildcats down 1. then kyle fog. and jesse perry. he throws it down. zona up 53-52. just over a minute to play, huskies up 3 and walk we're the set back j. he had 20. uconn up five. but azubuike had a chance. down 2 and time running out. first williams with the miss and horn for the three and the win! not going to happen. the huskies are headed to huston in the final four. 65-63, that final. >> in the southeast final butler and florida for a berth in the final four. second half game tied. tied at 39. one hand thunder. sparks a 12-1 run. gators up 11. but the bulldogs always rallied.
6:25 am
sheldon mac exploding to the rim. we go to overtime. in o. t. bulldogs down 1. mac 3 of his 27. butler up 2. final moments gator down 3 and irvin walker for the tie! no good. 8 seeded butler headed to huston. to the final four after the 74-71 win over florida. high school boys division. the third quarter here spartans in control over matter day. matter day roars back. david brown denies him. matter day wins the state title, mater dei wins. >> and yellowjackets trailed by as many as 16. in the fourth they battle abc news. davis for three. berkely within 5. the nation's top-ranked team was too much. lewis. the future uconn husky. the dagger from deep. mater dei wins the women's state title 59-47.
6:26 am
only stephen games left in the regular season. the sharks and coyotes trying to improve their spots in the west. a face-off in phoenix. this guy taking coyote fan itdom to a new level. nice has. off the shot and the rebound. his fourth goal in the last seven games. 1-0, sharks. second, game tied at 1. pavelski to thornton, his shot off the post. pavelski is there to bury it. 2 hitch 1, san jose. then in the third now 3-1 and more. he goes top shelf with the wicked wrister. second goal and 30th this season, the most ever by a sharks rookie. the 4-1 strictry. soccer, earthquakes on the road to meet dallas. showing magic. the sit goal. first of two on the night. quakes get their first one of the season. 2-0, that final. back in the bay area, mexico meeting in a friendly oakland
6:27 am
coliseum and this was all mexico. the 34th minute he centers and hernandez comes up with his second goal of the game and mexico goes on to a 3-1 victory. and martin laird has a two stroke lead at the arnold palmer invitational. we will have all of that for you ton at 5. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> next at 6:30 you drive on them every day. what a new report says about the safety of the bay areas bridges and overpasses. >> they harass their victims and order murders through their cell phones. i'm in sacramento where lawmakers are trying
6:28 am
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barry bonds former mistress is scheduled to take the stand tomorrow. she is expected to testify about physical changes to bonds' body during the time they were dating between 1994 and 2003. last thursday a doctor told the jury about the potential effects of steroids. her testimony is expected to back that up. experts say bell may also tell jurors that bonds admitted to her that he used steroids. he's accused of lying to a federal grand jury six years ago when he testified that he did not knowingly use steroids. california lawmakers are wrestling once again with a
6:31 am
growing problem, how to keep cell phones out of the hands of prison inmates who use those phones for all sorts ever illegal purposes. now you might think cracking down on them would be a no-brainer. but as abc7's capital correspondent reports, it's not as easy as you might think. >> here are some of the more than 2,000 cell phones the california corrections department confiscated from inmates in the first two months of this year alone. over the years the problem has gotten so bad even notorious mass murder charles manson was caught twice with a cellphone. >> i'm hoping this year had be different. >> the state senator is trying for a third time to pass a law that cracks down on illegal cell phones in prison by going after both the smuggler and the inmates with misdemeanor charges that involve jail and stiff fines. in fact, inmates could get up to another five years. >> no where in the nation is the problem bigger than it is right here in the state of california.
6:32 am
yet since 2006 we have failed to act. >> even the corrections department is begging for help because they know what inmates can do with a cellphone. >> the ability to terrorize victims in the community, the ability to call for murders in the community. >> but because of california's prison overcrowding problem, bills calling for enhanced sentences are tough to pass. the senate public safety committee has a ban on anything that adds to the overcrowding. the committee chairwoman asked to remove the added five year sentence. >> i would rather not take that amendment. >> do you want a vote today or should i hold the bill? >> the end a watered down proposal passed with an inmate losing up to six months of good time credit for possessing a cellphone. karen said it's better than nothing. her husband's killer was recently caught with a smartphone updating his facebook page. >> it's like a kick in the face. okay, he took my husband, he shouldn't have those liesures of a phone --
6:33 am
>> they are trying new technology to block calls from prison. in one day in one yard they detected nearly 500 devices and more than 4,000 attempts to text, make calls or get on the internet. in sacramento, annette miranda, abc7 news. >> a new report reveals many of our bridges and overpasses are in bad shape. california ranks near the bottom of the country, 18th. it's even worse here in the bay area. one out of every five of our local bridges is likely to be deteriorating and that's compared to one out of ten nationwide, according to this study. >> it's an unsettling thought. one in every 8 bridges drivers cross in california is said to be deteriorating to some degree. one in five in the bay area. a nonprofit agency identified many as deficient.
6:34 am
identified as high priority by the federal government. >> san francisco happens to be at the top of the lis wiehl. >> steward cohen is part of the group transportation for america. they released a report any elevated roadway is considered a bridge. more than 24,000 in california were examined. san francisco and alameda counties are in the top five in terms of the worse with wear and tear. here's a san francisco example. highway 101 at the central viaduct. in almeda county 880 at fifth where work is being done. in santa clara county the 101 overpass at telly road. >> all right. that makes me feel safer. >> we don't really want people to be scared about getting out there, whether you are walking, hiking, taking transit or driving over a bridge. if one is deemed extremely unsafe, cal transaggressive will
6:35 am
close it off just like they did the bay bridge in 2009. >> that's when they discovered a crack in an i-bar in a routine inspection. in a statement red by a spokesman, the transportation agency called his bridge management program robust and said more federal resources are needed. california needs a continued, stable and reliable long-term investment strategy from the federal government that can support the state's highways and bridges. >> the experts say bridges are designed to last 50 years. the average age of those in california is 44.4. transportation for america believes federal funding should shift from a focus on new projects and concentrate on shoring up bridges that are showing their age. >> we've got to put more moen into maintenance or in the future it's really going to bite us. >> senator barbara boxer is the chair of the in the committee on the environment and public works. we asked her her thoughts about
6:36 am
this. she says she working with colleagues in both the senate and the house trying to move forward a long-term transportation bill which would provide needed funding. lisa is here now to tell us about, oh, i'm looking forward to this week. >> i know. today we still have a cold front to contend with. clouds on the increase already from the next system. live look outside. this is emeryville. temperatures in the mid-to upper 40s. we are looking at a few sprinkles in the north day already. i'll explained to's rain and tomorrow's sun shine coming up. >> also coming up the aging military weaponry that stands guard over san francisco bay. there's a new campaign now underway to protect and preserve [ male announcer ] big news for allergy sufferers. prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription.
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it's a dream come true for students at a san jose elementary school. three are going on an exchange trip to china and it's all thanks to donations from civic groups and generosity of an abc7 news viewer. we have the story from san jose. >> i'm super excited. >> it's no longer just a dream for washington elementary china's club. they are busy writing gift books and notes as three students and their principal prepare to fly to china on april 8th. the big hurdle has been raising money for travel donations major donations came from club advisors and from the san jose rotary club. after seeing an earlier story on abc7 a viewer from oakland also wrote a check. >> i don't know who she is, but i want to thank her because she is doing something that is really good for these children. >> the fund is still $1,500.00
6:40 am
short but the airline tickets have been purchased and the three students, erica and the others have their passports. when they arrive in the pearl river delta in china, they will be true ambassadors. we have to be nice and polite and don't make fun of their culture, and if they have something different don't start making rumors about it. >> a small delegation from the chinese schools will visit san jose when they return. she shows she's quite a diplomat already when she said what they will like about her school. >> i think the china club and the wonderful principal. >> she is a very special principal. >> yes, she is. >> the chinese will learn that these names are very american indeed. it was possible because so many people stepped up to help. to make this a reality for the children. >> here in the central courtyard at washington elementary there's
6:41 am
a world map and china, starting april 8th, is going to have a special meaning to the students here. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> lisa is talking about the weather and change on the way. finally something nice. >> we even so glimpses of sunshine yesterday. a teaser of what's to come. today we will tees you more because we aren't quite there yet. look at clear to partly cloudy skies. it's a cold start. temperatures in the 20s. no watches, warnings, advisories for the mountains although cheaney controls in effect on 50 and 80. we will look for temperatures in the northern sierra, and 40 later on today. back home you see partly cloudy skies. temperatures are much, much colder this morning. you may have noticed that with numbers dropping into the low 40s, the upper 30s, the livermore valley, good morning, oakland, 4*6 for you. one of the warmer locations. although everyone is down around five to ten degrees this
6:42 am
morning. 45 on the coast at half moon bay and 40 in loskatas. yesterday the rain and wind allowed for numbers to be warmer. i'll take the trade-off a cooler start but we are looking at increasing clouds today, leading to the chance of rain in some parts of the bay area. mainly north. east bay a slight chance. moistening up in the north bay already. summer and warmer days ahead the rest of the week. area of low pressure to the north of us. it continues to slide south today, bringing rain throughout the bay area. once again looking at lots of shower activity, but it's far away, way far away. as we head further south the atmosphere beginning to moisturen up but no rain yet. notice napa you see returns here and down toward american canyon. it should be a little later we see the rain in the north bay. 52 in monterey today. the northern half of the state
6:43 am
clouding up, moistening up for the next incoming system. look at the southern sierra. 52 in yosemite. definitely feeling like spring there. southern california 60s and 70s with sunshine from san diego to palm springs. we will be looking at a pattern page as high pressure begins to build in tomorrow. today, though, take a look. by 11:00, 1:00, sonoma county and mirin county a chance of rain. even san francisco will see rain later on in the afternoon. the peninsula the chance of rain by 2:00, 3:00. even for the evening hours we keep the chance of rain from the peninsula half moon bay. and town to the south bay. it's really not until after midnight we see the skies begin to clear and our pattern finally beginning to shift. rainfall amounts very light but looks like the north bay and santa cruz mountains will see rain up to a quarter inch but elsewhere only about a tenth
6:44 am
inch. the east bay and peninsula doesn't look too likely. north bay, east bay, mid-and upper 50s. elsewhere look for lower 60s today and light rain. but around the monterey coast, 62 in gilroy with partly cloudy skies. so the rain becoming likely this afternoon throughout the latter evening hours. temperatures tomorrow climbing up, mid-60s with sunshine, upper 60s. yes, it gets warmer and warmer with an offshore flow. but we are looking at increasing clouds, cooler condition next week. but a chance to dry out and enjoy that sun! >> yeah, we need it. we -- it! >> yeah, we do. >> thanks, lisa. well, for more than half a century ground troops had guns protect being the golden gates. they were perched on hill tops and hills look for enemies that never arrived. now they are preserving these pieces of military history. here's the assignment 7 report.
6:45 am
>> it may be hard to imagine now, but the entrance to san francisco bay was once one of the most heavily fortified straits in the country. huge guns, each manned by soldiers 24 hours a day. they prepared to shoot any hostile vessel that attempted to make its way into the water. the soldiers are gone, but not their history. >> we are looking at the interior lying defenses of the system. >> matthew wants people to were these old batteries. he's written a field guide highlighting the harbor defenses of san francisco. the series of bunk he have-like buildings stretch all the way to half moon bay in the south. >> what is interesting is they were built prior to 1900 and you are looking at structures that are still in the city pre1906 they are still standing. >> most of the sites were used through world war ii and then turned over to the national park
6:46 am
service in the early 70s. >> going back as far as when the spanish got here there was one series of fortifications of a another all built not because a war was going on and we had to fight back, but built in anticipation some day war might come. retired park ranger, john, now leads tours through one of the largest batteries on the first sunday of each month. >> this was constructed on the evil world war ii and mounted two battleship size guns that could fire shells weighing over a ton 25 miles out to see. >> many of the batteries are accessible to hikers on the outside. but sealed off from visitors inside. he gave as you tour here. >> the thickest areas, it's just about 25, 30 feet of earth above us and the concrete averages about 4 to 6 feet thick all over. it was built to be literally bombproof. >> despite all the effort to build these massive batteries, the guns were only fired in practice maneuvers.
6:47 am
up to 100 soldiers would call this place home. >> it was crowded, stuffy and cold. when it closed, battery townsly was used for explosive testing and a training ground. since 2005 golden gate national recreation area, the golden gate national park conservecy and many volunteer groups have been working hard to preserve it. it was in bad shape from volunteers first started working on its restoration. >> the floor was covered with garbage and debris, graffiti on the vertical and overhead surfaces. >> after two and a half years and $150,000, battery townsly opened to the public in 2007. the park service is now work on restoring other battery sites. >> it's important to save these because they are part of our national heritage, our national story. >> dan ashley, abc7 news.
6:48 am
urban legend said they are linked by secret tunnels. john tells us that is not true. for details on his field guide and the batteries you can go to abc7 we have posted links under "see it on tv." don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> how you measure luggage is not how the airlines measure luggage. i'm michael finney. i'll show you the gotcha coming i'll show you the gotcha coming up on 7 on your side. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the fees airlines charge for early check-in or extra legroom are annoying, but the luggage fees can really hurt. here's michael finney with important advice for anyone who travels.
6:51 am
>> travel attorney and expert, al, is giving me a lesson in luggage economics. >> people are trying to get rid of the charge for the second bag so they have got it figured out. they will take one of these rather than two of these. >> the bigger bag, rather than two of the smaller. to take the bag on the right it will cost you 25 bucks. the one on the left, way more. >> it can be 25 for the bag, plus 150 for the size, plus 50 for the weight. that's each way. >> a few inches or a few pounds can really cost you. consumers who are struggling with weight issues can reshuffle their luggage or clothes. but if you pick a bag that's too big, there's not much to be done once you are at the airport. >> but they don't tell what you they measure. that's the key. >> most airlines allow bag with a combined height, width and thickness of 62 inches. but your 62 and their 62 can be different.
6:52 am
>> in the store they measure from here to here. that is no good. >> airlines don't measure just clothing compartment. they measure everything. >> so you are measuring another maybe three inches there on the top. you can squash the handle down, they don't pull it up. but that's another half or three quarters inch. so it's from here to there. >> many bags will put you over the limit. >> it used to be you could kind of get on and not pay for baggage. >> not anymore. ted even got dinged twice. he thought as long as he would be paying after oversize fee to bring a surfboard he would bring a couple other items. >> i brought a couple other bags for wet suits. $210 one way. >> next time he will bring a carry on avoiding the overweight charge. here's another gotcha. luggage stores are deeply discounting the bigger pieces
6:53 am
because they know how expensive they are to own. consumers not paying attention end up investing in a bag that will cost them more over time. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. up next, win-win is a comedy drama about choices and chances. find out if you should take a chance on "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> in bay area theaters this weekend the film "win-win." it's a sports comedy drama that looks at some of the issues facing everyday americans. is it any good? here's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez on the isle. you are breathing funny. you could be having a heart attack. >> paul is an attorney who is not in great shape, and his law practice is having a tough time, too. he has that lived-in look that he does so well. >> the doctor says it's stress. >> did he prescribe anything for you? >> yeah, jogging. >> and he is also the high school wrestling coach. >> the team is hopeless. >> his new client has early signs of dementia. paul becomes his guardian for $1,500.00 a month. then his grandson shows up with a chip on his shoulder, but he has hidden talent. >> have you ever wrestled before? >> a little. >> i don't think we can teach him anything. >> in real life he's a real live school wrestling champ, but he yells his lines at times,
6:57 am
somewhat offsetting. the family takes him in. it's strained at first, but life's traumas aren't going away. his mom is in rehab. his character hasn't been honest with everyone. this film is about choices and chances. >> the kid has a chance to do something special. maybe it would change his life. >> this is a sweet, small comedy drama that is more than a typical sports movie. shot in a small town in new jersey, it feels like a small-town film. we are faced with real life emotions most boys go through. it isn't exactly a bright, happy ending, maybe just a hopeful future. "win-win", i'll give it a three-quarters of a bucket. see you on the isle. donaldson an chess, abc7 news. >> let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> it's not bad but we aren't there yet. still a cold front on the way. the north bay, radar shows rain not reaching the ground.
6:58 am
looks like rain is coming later on this morning for santa rosa and then this afternoon. palo alto, doesn't look like much rain. north is the best chance of showers. look at this, tomorrow and early next week a much warmer forecast. sunny, an offshore flow. just delightful. >> the crowd is clapping. that is going to do it for us. i'm caroline tyler are lisa. i'm caroline tyler are lisa. we will see you again at 9:00. homeowners -- rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lending tree at... today.
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