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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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investigation. and inside britney spears' free san francisco concert.
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we smelled the smoke, and it looked like the newspaper flutterings in the air. >> a vacaville man is seriously hurt when a bomb goes off on hidden inside a newspaper. good evening, everyone. the explosion set off a massive law enforcement investigation with federal agents searching for clues and more explosives. he is outside the scene where neighbors were finally allowed back into their homes a few hours ago john? >> the man is in stable condition. at this point there are no suspects and authorities believe this attack was random. and they picked up the
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newspaper on this grass. it was made slightly larger by authoritys who were digging around it trying to gather evidence in this case. >> my daughter was upstairs and she heard a -- she said the house shook. >> she lives right across the street from the blast site. she is back home after being evacuated for more than nine hours while local police and federal agents hunted for parts of the bomb. it injured her elderly neighbor who picked up a newspaper in the grass next to the driveway. >> my daughter heard him screaming, help, help. his wife came running out and he told her to run back into the house. >> the explosion happened around 10:20 in the morning. within moments it was swarming with police, atf agents and bomb-sniffing dogs. one of the first people to reach the victim was kristina reid who tried to keep him calm. >> he asked, who would do this, why somebody would do this. he asked us to call his son. >> the man was taken to uc davis medical center in
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sacramento with serious injuries to his hand, arm and legs. >> the doctor that called me said they had metal fragments in his shoulder, i believe. >> they were being taken out? >> yeah. >> police cleared people out of dozens of homes, unsure if there were more devices planted in newspapers or hidden in other spots in the neighborhood located at vaca valley parkway. no other bombs were discovered. >> we got a phone call though. emergency, what is it, reverse 9-1-1 call. and they said not to touch your newspaper or suspicious packages. >> neighbors describe the victim as active and friendly, a man who they often saw traveling the neighborhood. >> he drives around -- he rides his bike around the neighborhood. you say hi to him. >> this is a big scare. my husband is a veteran. he has been over to iraq, and this bomb was not something he wanted to hear in his own neighborhood. >> authorities are not sure exactly what type of bomb
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caused this. they say it was not an acid bomb or pipe bomb per say, but authorities are urging people to exercise caution picking up the newspapers if something looks ut on of kilter or something looks suspicious there are still a lot of newspapers in the driveway. john alston, abc news. >> i'm sure there is more to come on this. thank you. >> investigators are trying to figure out how a snowboarder from san jose died in the sierra. a search team found the body of philip walker covered in several inches of snow at the sierra atta hoe resort this morning. -- at tahoe resort this morning. he disappeared while snowboarding. it appears he may have collided with a tree while snowboarding. a messy clean up is underway in cap paw toe law after two floods in three days saturated homes and businesses there. the city declared a local state of emergency today, and business owners say they are going to need all of the help they can get. here is abc7's cecilia vega.
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>> as if two dwais of flooding was not bad enough, the clean up is so overwhelming, many don't know where to begin. >> i do most of the work myself. it is going to take at least two or three weeks. i can't make a living doing that. >> the city council chambers were packed for an emergency meeting to declare a local disaster. that starts the process for residents and merchants to receive government assistance. many say they won't survive without it. >> we are essentially out of business. we are moving our stuff out day. -- today. i can tell you with 100% certainty we will not return to the city of capitola. >> this is what is left of their family business. >> everything was destroyed. what could be salvaged now sits drying on the sidewalk outside. >> the water came in and the boxes from the warehouse all floated in here. it was like a lake in here.
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>> austin thinks his losses could be in the millions and he is not alone. thursday's rain flooded the drainage pipe. two days later following saturday's storm, most of the village was underwater. it was a one-two punch and now the clean up begins. >> i think somebody should be liable. they have been flooded two days in a row and the damage could have been preventable. >> they are used to living with floods, but they have never seen anything like this. it still remains to be seen whether what happened to capitola will be classified a flood or casualty caused by an over burdened, aging pipe. >> it could be days before they have an official estimate how much damage this water in downtown capitola cost. it could reach $1 million. city crews are working around the clock to get that fixed before it starts raining again.
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cecilia vega, abc7 news. and inspectors were in san pablo monitoring six homes threatened by a sland slide since -- by a land slide since thursday. the soil may be shifting, but so far the homes are sound. three homes on hillcrest road have been yellow taged, meaning they can only be accessed on a limited basis during the day, but the deck of one house has been red taged which means it is off limits. many of you are are sending in your pictures from the storms. rueben sent this one in from san pablo. the trees were upright on thursday, but now they are leaning to the homes below. another sign of how deep this snow is at south lake tahoe, this one was sent to us by the heavenly ski resort. the total snowfall for the season is now at more than 40 feet. you can up load your photos and videos to you report at or e-mail them to us the at you report at kgo-tv
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.com. a magnitude 6.5 earthquake rocked eastern japan this afternoon, briefly prompting a tsunami alert. there were no injuries, but it added a sense of unease in a nation on edge. officials say highly radioactive iodine is making its way into the seawater farther north than previously thought. workers are trying to pump out hundreds of tons of radioactive water so they can restart the plant's cooling system. the contaminated water is emitting radiation that is 100,000 times above normal levels. in the weeks ahead, car buyers are expected to have difficulty finding the model they want in certain colors. analysts say plant shut downs in japan are costing automakers $200 million a day. toyota and honda say they expect shut downs at their north american plants that could result in layoffs, but toyota hillary start -- will restart production on the
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prius and lexus models on monday. coalition forces go after muammar qaddafi's hometown as president obama prepares to update the american people on the mission. also, the man who served as the face of the obama administration may become the face of facebook. and then this -- >> britney spears thrilled the fans in san francisco inside her san francisco concert. >> and hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. hopefully the forecast will thrill you. we have a little drizzle out there right now, but get ready for warmer temperatures this upcoming workweek. we are talking temperatures in the 70s.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to robert gates admits he cannot offer a timetable for nato to replace the request for military operations in libya. nato agreed to air strikes like this one carried out by britain. the national coalition targeted their -- his hometown for the first time in weeks. forces also unleashed a series of major bombings on libya's capital, tripolli. they will speak of it tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 and we will bring it to you live here on abc7. one of california's most notorious serial killers died today in. 19903 a jury convicted him on three murders. it came after nine bodies were found under a boarding house
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she ran. she is accused of druging and stealing from her elderly and disabled tenants before killing them. the 82-year-old was sick for several months before she died this morning at a hospital. she was serving a life sentence at the women's facility. palo alto-based facebook wants to hire president obama's press secretary to help oversee communications. robert gibbs left the white house in february after serving mr. obama's administration for two years. "new york times" shows they received a report worth millions including shares in facebook before the company's ipo next year. facebook wants to build its communications team before stock goes public. they say facebook's ipo could be worth $60 billion or the largest in history. the how better is back -- the power is back on for 165,000 customers from marin to monterey county. the lights went out around
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1:30 causing huge problems for public safety and businesses all over. sky 7hd found these pictures of a traffic signal in fairfax. pg&e says a large transmitter went out affecting sub stitions along the coast, but they still don't know what caused the massive outage. well, there is no shortage of energy at the civic auditorium in san francisco today. britney spears performed a free concert to kick off her new cd. you will see more of the concert on good morning america this tuesday, but lyanne has a preview for us right now. >> reporter: from down below or high above sky 7hd, you felt the excitement of the fans waiting anxiously for britney to arrive. >> ♪ i'm so excited >> reporter: some were here since midnight. honestly, what do you talk about while standing in line? >> talked about britney, her
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goods and bands and what she has been through and all of her videos and our favorite songs. >> people came from as far as brazil to hear the pop star's new song "hold it against me." >> i can come here to visit her. >> the mini concert was free. tickets sold in less than 15 minutes. it took much longer to fill the civic auditorium. and "good morning america" hosted the event. >> the music is good. i feel like i am on american bandstand. it has a beat. i think she is someone people pull for. >> i am a classic guy. >> he says "i am" and dr. sues would be proud. and many would be proud to be called a britney fan. >> are you really a big fan? >> you know what, i am.
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i am so excited i cry when i say it. >> we can only show britney singing one song. we can't give it all away. if you want to watch the entire concert you have to watch on tuesday. >> just her music and personality and she is so big and over the top. >> three songs later and she was gone. no one is going to hold it against her. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc news. >> and don't forget you can watch britney spears' concert this tuesday on "good morning america" from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. on abc7. and we are seeing a few rain showers around the bay. in chinatown, people opened up
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the umbrellas while others found more creative ways to stay dry. leigh leigh glaser is here and are we going to dry out? >> we are. the cold front and weak system is making its way across the bay area. it is still bringing a few rain drops here and there. we are not sitting some of the drizzle near the coast and near san francisco. and rainfall totals from the system has been very, very low. less than a 10th of an inch. 48 in san rafael. san francisco, still a little mist and drizzle. 50 in redwood city. 50 right now in san jose. it is a chance of old drizzle. we will move out of here and get ready for partly sunny conditions on your monday. sunny and much warmer as we head through the workweek. it just came through and just fell apart. we will keep a little bit of drizzle out there.
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we will look at the time line. it has dissipated and 1, 2, 3:00 we may run into patchy fog. it looks like the 6:00 a.m. commute time will be a dry one. that will be the key for our drying stability for the next four or five days. the high will build in and dry us out. the only caveat is this system. the tail end is expected to be over extreme north bay communities on tuesday. maybe a drop or two expected in northern sonoma county. the rest of us will remain drie. 45 for san rafael. fremont is 47. 47 for antioch as well as san jose and here are our highs. we have to break out some sunshine late in the afternoon. 64 for san jose. sunnyvale 63.
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the coast may see a few low clouds happening tough throughout the day. half moon bay 61. redwood city 63. san francisco warms to 60 degrees with more sunshine for you. the north bay, look for temperatures in the mid60s. sonoma 64. 64 for santa rosa. san rave fie -- san rafael, 63. mixture of sun and chads with mid60s for brentwood, con -- concord 64 and even around watsonville 64 in gilroy 66. there is a chance of drops in north bay communities. the rest of us will be dry and get ready for a nice warming trend weapons and thursday. -- wednesday and thursday. 70s around the bay and even mid60s at the coast. and then we will bring the clouds back in next weekend and maybe a chance of showers then. as we get into the dry pattern, enjoy it. >> and the dams are full and the snowpacks are full.
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>> we have seen warmer temperatures, but with all the snowpack there could be some quick melting so watch out for that. >> thank you, leigh. let's talk to shu. after two weeks we are finally down to the final four and the golf courses are all dry. >> butler has owned the cinderella tag in the ncaa tournament. we will call virginia commonwealth cinder-fella. how the rams koed
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well, from -- there is a new cinderella in town. they were one of the final four teams to get into the ncaa tournament and it is going to the final 4. vcu facing kansas and the rams came out smoking. he rattles home the three. he had 26 1k3* vcu up 10. he is also money from deep. the rams hit 9 three's in the first half and lead by as many
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as 18. the jayhawks rally in the second half. a nice reverse. he had 20. then off the steel and taylor goes flying to the jam. they would cut the lead to two. vcu answers. joey rodriguez to burr jess. and the rams shock the world moving to the final 4 to meet butler knocking off the final seed 71-61 the final. >> nobody thought we could win going into the game, but these guys knew we could win. they talked about how nobody thought it mattered. >> great story. in the east final, kentucky and carolina into the first half and brandon knight buries the three. kentucky up 8. the reverse and he had 18. tar heels within four and under three to play. game tied at 67.
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the freshman, the clutch 3. he had 22 wild cats go up three. the put back and he is coming up large. the three ball from the corner and kentucky wins it. they will meat uconn in the final 4. there will be no number one or number two seed. tampa will face gonzaga in spokane. gonzaga is in spokane, so it is like a home game for the zags. the 11th seeded zags have van der sloot and she is averaging better than 30 points and 10 assists during a game in the tournament. >> she sed head of their horse. if we can contain her and her scoring and penetration that's a real keeper. >> we will take a break before we move from the college to the pros. warriors are winding down their season and trying to impress their new owners.
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monta ellis was a winner against washington.
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warriors hosting washington. monta ellis was the wizard in this contest. they won only one road game all season. the warriors up two and watch the magic. they are spinning and using the left hand. he could have slowed to the rim. the one hand jam and he had 25 in the first half. wizards had a little magic too. mcgee had a career high of 28. washington up three at the half. a magical assist to david leigh and 13 assists and warriors up and a 360 lay in. watch this. are you kidding me? ellis had 37 and then in the fourth two of his 33. >> you know, we already have six games ahead of the number of wins we had last year. i would like to see that
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number at 10 plus. we can look back and say we made a 10-plus game improvement. >> final round and he ended with a two-stroke lead. a double bogey on 11 and it was approached and it winds up in the water. that opens the door for steve moreno. he built a two-stroke lead. it drops him to 6 under. he takes advantage on 16. a slippery downhill birdie putt. it drops him to eight under. he needed a three-footer for the win. that's the longest three feet of his life. nascar was in fontana. the a's and giants tomorrow night at at&t and they are back from spring training and maybe a preview of the world series. >> thank you very much. that's it for abc7 news.
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thanks for joining us. good
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