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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, it might not be a good morning for barry bonds, a former mistress will be talking about the man had trouble performing in the bedroom and shrinking body parts. i'm terry mcsweeney. story is on the way. >> eric: federal agents are looking for a bomber after an explosion injured a vacaville man. i'm amy hollyfield live in san pablo where officials are hoping they can stop a hill from sliding. the story is coming up. >> we have some good news from the weather front.
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good weather on the way and 80 degree temperatures. >> i'm sue hall in for frances. so far the monday commute is off to a good start. if you are heading over to tahoe chains are required but roads are open. we'll have all details coming up. >> eric: on monday morning, all back to work and back to school. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. as early this morning, barry bonds could be facing embarrassing testimony. terry mcsweeney has the latest. >> reporter: kimberly bell is bonds' former mistress, at least one of them. she talked with bonds about steroids use and she saw the changes including testicles getting smaller. it could prove to be an embarrassing witness and she noticed a drop-off in his sexual
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performance and giants clubhouse manager talking about how bonds needed a larger baseball cap. following last week's testimony, lear bowers strid the side effects. take a look at the list of these side effects introduced into court. notable items pertinent to today's testimony, smaller testicles and enlargement of extremities and increased aggressiveness and enlarged breasts. >> i wish i could say more about the case. again, from the beginning, we've tried not to comment on what takes place inside the court. >> reporter: back to the testimony. former mistress, bonds' legal team is on record the only accurate measurement can be taken with an instrument known as an orcidometer.
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another mistress, a model that lived in new york also expected to testify later this week with similar testimony. >> eric: in oakland a key witness in the chauncey bailey murder trial is expected to resume testimony today. broussard has admitted gunning down the journalist but she testifying against the leader yousef bey who prosecutors say ordered the hit. broussard will serve 25 years in prison in exchange for his testimony. bailey's assassination was ordered by bey prosecutors say because of a pending article on the bakery. >> kristen: after a landslide endangered their homes, the san pablo declared a state of emergency yesterday. amy hollyfield is there live with what is going to happen today. >> reporter: they are going to
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try to clear trees off this hillside but just in case something goes wrong or the hillside continues to move, they have decided to evacuate residents. meaning they can't sleep here. authorities did declare an emergency over the weekend. it guess them power to move more quickly and can use money set side for emergencies. people who live here on wyman and down below on hillcrest say it isn't a big surprise this hill has been slipping. they say it has a history of moving. >> the houses shouldn't have been put there. if they slide down once and you don't take remedial measures it's going to slide down again. >> we're looking at all the work that has been done in this area. >> the trees out here are leaning and they are making people nervous. city crews are going to try to
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get a train crane and start removing them before they fall on their own. so if trees start slipping people won't be hurt. residents have tough decisions as they watch this hillside slowly crumble away to decide the homes are worth to return to. >> eric: residents and businesses in capitola are facing what could be weeks of cleanup after two days of flooding. can capitola city council held an emergency meeting to declare a local disaster and start the process to receive government assistance. the rain last week overwhelmed a drainage pipe that runs through a mobile home park. wall of water damaged several homes, businesses and even the police station. just replacing the pipe could cost a million dollars. >> kristen: starting this morning the chp will use
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helicopter to shuttle monterey ray residents around big sur. a two-mile section of highway 1 between carmel and big sur is completely closed and you can see why. crews say it will take at least one month to fix. in an update on a second mudslide about 30 miles south caltrans reopened that section of highway 1 yesterday but only to traffic under escort. >> agents from the bureau of alcohol and firearms are among those searching for a suspect after a bomb exploded outside a vacaville home. a man was severely injured when he went outside to pick up his sunday newspaper. they think the bomb was inside the paper. neighbors say it sounded like a shotgun blast as it went off the man is being treated at a sacramento area trauma center
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for what police are calling serious injuries. residents were evacuated for about nine hours while authorities searched for no explosives. investigators are trying to figure out if the victim was the specific target of the bombing. >> kristen: san francisco police are looking for a suspect in a shooting in a south of market nightclub. two men why shot near club six. one of the men was killed. the other man described in his 20s is in the hospital. his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. so far police have no suspects or motive for the shooting. >> eric: it is 6:07 now and rain is gone. >> kristen: we're zeroing on 80 degree temperatures? >> and on thursday, if you look at inland neighbors in north bay. 24-hour temperature change. just about all of us on the positive side.
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one agree cooler in san francisco and we're three to five degrees cooler in north bay. watch out in napa, visibility down to quarter of a mile because of the fog. temperatures here in the upper possible. we have low to mid 40s for the north and east bay valleys. mid 40s around redwood city, otherwise up to the bay shore and out to the coast. upper 60s to near 50 degrees. this sunshine, mix of high clouds and low to mid 50s. coolest weather half moon bay and clearlake, low 50s and rest of us in the mid 50s. now that the rain is over, there are other side effects. enormous amounts of tree pollen, grass will be moderate and weed will remain low. seven-day forecast, every day through thursday is warmer. we could be 10-15 degrees warmer by thursday. clouds on the increase on friday.
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temperatures will cool back at the temperatures we are at right now. >> westbound 80 out of cordelia junction at red top, an accident left lane, westbound 80. this is belmont, a very busy intersection we have a than accident there. slow on 4 out of antioch, lone tree to 242, 20 minutes and 24 commute is about 4 minutes. that is not too bad and to 285, six minutes. and more traffic out of antioch, slow traffic for you off of the altamont pass as well. >> kristen: it is now 6:09. >> eric: facebook how to pay big to get a former white house staffer. >> and east bay county that could hire thousands of new workers.
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good morning, it's 6:13 on back to work morning. take a look at san francisco and across the bay. clear. we've got a warmer, much warmer week ahead. you won't believe the temperatures that mike is picking up right now. check out the monday morning commute. there is a problem and more in a minute. >> eric: speaking of jobs and work, contra costa county may soon need to do some serious hiring after wednesday's deadline to apply expires.
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that is because the county workers are retiring at twice the normal rate. county is being inundated with paperwork because many workers need to take their pensions leading to pay cuts next year. right now pensions are based on how much they earn in the last year of work. so employees that wait could see their pensions shrink. >> kristen: community colleges are unable to meet the demands of students. a national survey says nearly half of the community college students surveyed say they couldn't get into at least one required course last fall making them twice as likely to be shutout. the reason of easy access and tough budget cuts. california has the largest community college system in the country.
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>> eric: meteorologists like mike, rotation of earth around the sun we call it spring when baseball comes to the bay area. san francisco giants host the a's for the annual bay bridge series. two games and one tomorrow night will mark the end of spring training before the major season opens on thursday. the a's beat the giants in scottsdale last week and both of teams, brian wilson and andrew bailey are nursing injuries. they will likely start on the disabled list. >> we have tweets asking you, are you for the a's and giants? >> go, go. [ laughter ] >> it was blue because high hands are as unusual. >> reflect the blue skies we're finally seeing.
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>> that is what it was. >> green, orange and black. yes, i think we're all happy the weight has been lifting because no rain and it will be spring like with warmer than average temperatures and lots of things blooming. watch out for the pollen. tonight's game probably upper 50s with a light breeze and clear sky but you'll need a coat. looking down on san francisco wait wai on in the distance, hayward as we look to the south from mount tamalpais this morning. let's talk about what is going on temperature-wise. upper 30s and mog is migrating that has moved into napa valley than around santa rosa. look at those upper 30s for napa and santa rosa. 41 in fairfield and mid to upper 40s until you get to mountain view at 50.
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monterey bay, temperatures in the low 50s for watsonville and salinas and mid to upper 40s around gilroy. dry and warmer weather and above average afternoon temperatures for wednesday, thursday and friday. then a slight chance of some weekend showers and cooler weather for sure. for today, temperature change on the positive side. san jose 2 degrees warmer. concord 5 and santa rosa jumping 14 degrees up to 64. santa clara right around 64 degrees. we'll have low to mid 50s on the senz with upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. downtown san francisco around 50 degrees. north bay, low to mid-50s. low to mid-50s all throughout the on east bay shore. with 54 in oakland and mid-60s throughout the east bay valleys.
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mid-50s for the monterey bay and your inland neighborhoods. take a look what is happening. few sprinkles around the monterey bay with a tail front of the cold front. watch the jetstream over the next 24-48 hours, storm track going well to north by tuesday and high pressure builds in on wednesday and thursday. we get the offshore warming flow. that is why temperatures will spike near 80 on thursday inland. mid-70s around the bay. mid-50s at the coast and then we'll see a slight cooling trend for friday and temperatures back saturday and sunday, closer to today's average is which is upper 50s along the coast. have a great day. here is sue. >> things are getting a little busy as the commute rolls on. accident reported eastbound 80 near the cordelia junction. not affecting our immediate bay area commute. stall reporting the left lane,
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this is in oakland, southbound 880 just past hyde street. our sensors are not showing any slowing. north bay, san rafael, southbound 101, freitas parkway, traffic is beginning to bunch a little bit as you head up the hill toward the 580 junction. as last check, metering lights may be turned on. a little slowing as you head into san francisco, no problems on the upper deck and into downtown. we are your source on our website and click on bay area traffic and get all the latest updates. drivers may not see the beauty in the s-curve on the bay bridge but engineers say it's one of top projects in the last year. it was installed in 2009. caltrans had to put warning
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lights to keep speeds down following numerous accidents. drivers may have ambivalent feelings but the associated contractors of america gave the project it's build america merit award for the way the contractor split out the old section and put in the new portion 150 feet in the air. >> kristen: facebook is trying to make a friend out of the former press secretary. the company wants to hire robert gibbs to oversee communication. "new york times" reports that gibbs has received an offer from facebook worth millions including shares in facebook ahead of the company's expected ipo next year. experts say they are trying to build communications team before the stock goes public. analysts predict the ipo could be worth $60 billion making it the largest in history.
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>> eric: coming up, has anyone seen a snake, a cobra, the questions being asked by one zoo >> we're going to work out and get you fit to fly. >> check it out. a safety lecture, disco style. the airline that is try
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missing snake. take a look. that is a cobra, an egyptian cobra, especially deadly. officials immediately closed the building to disappointed zoo goers, workers are pretty sure the cobra is still in the building but they are warning the public just in case. it will likely come out of hiding place when it gets hungry. >> new zealand has come up with a unique way to pay attention. >> we're going to get you fit to fly. let's go! >> the new in-flight video stars richard simmons which shows passengers how to stow away their bags all with a disco twist.
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>> and still ahead, the hearing today that could have pg&e cutting a $3 million check tomorrow. >> kristen: also the steps that santa clara is taking to bring 49ers to town. >> and an explosion with a person picking up a morning newspaper. the latest what is now a federal investigation into a pipe bomb. >> officials in san pablo are going to try to save memos on a slipping hillside but are they worth saving? i'm amy hollyfield and i'll have a live report coming up. >> good news if you are traveling by plane. all of our major airports running on time right now. moving to atlanta and d.c. and snow around baltimore and new york. maybe delays, too. checkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, commerce department consumer spending rose in february at the fastest pace in four months but there is still higher gas prices. >> eric: we have a story for you. federal a little and local law enforcement are searching for a bomber after an explosive bomb went off outside a vacaville home. it happened yesterday morning a residential neighborhood west of interstate 505. an elderly man was injured when he went to pick up the sunday paper and it blew up.
6:31 am
he was taken to trauma very center. neighborhood was evacuated for about nine hours while police and atf agents searched for more explosives. no other bombs were found. >> this is very big scare. my husband is a veteran so he has been over to iraq. this bomb was not something he wanted to hear in his own neighborhood. >> eric: experts are collecting evidence to see what kind of explosive was used. they are trying to determine if the victim was the intended target. >> kristen: city of san pablo is bringing in heavy equipment to remove trees. that landslide has affected half dozen homes. amy hollyfield has the latest. >> reporter: there is evidence in this there evidence this just isn't happening behind the homes but also shifting this way. look at this huge crack in the driveway. residents say this is new. it has happened since thursday. so officials don't think it's safe out here. they have yellow-tagged this
6:32 am
home. meaning the people that own this home can't even sleep here. the hill is still moving and authorities declared an emergency. that will give them more power when making decisions on how to handle the situation. it can also tap into money that was set aside for emergencies. they are going to try to get a similar declaration from the county and state. the hill started sliding on thursday afternoon. one home on wyman street lost a huge chunk of the backyard. >> it was going down the hill. there is no way for me to stop it. nothing to save it. lose the house in one bay dai. >> the walkers moved out last weekend with a help of church friends. they have limited access to
6:33 am
their homes during the day and they can't sleep in them. now it's getting to the point where the homes are worth trying to save or if this issue is so expensive that the hillside is going to be so problematic, is it time to walk away. >> tough call ahead. >> it's 6:33, residents and business owners in capitola are pressing ahead with cleanup efforts after two days of flooding. the city council had an emergency meeting to declare a local disaster and is start the process to get government assistance. some business people are already counting losses in the millions. the rain last week overwhelmed the drainage pipes that run through a mobile home park. >> i think somebody should be liable. all these people have been flooded two days in a row. >> replacing the pipe alone could cost a million dollars. crews are working to replace it
6:34 am
hoping it doesn't rain again. members of the state puc are going to decide whether to approve pg&e's agreement to pay at least $3 million in fines over missing pipeline documents. pg&e has agreed to pay $3 million immediately and possibly pay another $3 million depending on their ability to produce more documents in the future. the puc has demanded the records after san bruno pipeline explosion. they want to verify the safety of pressure levels for 1800 miles of gas transmission lines. pg&e only came up with records of 455 miles of pipeline. >> kristen: berkeley high school administrators will meet with parents tonight to outline new plans to help keep guns off the campus. meeting comes after three boys were arrested last wednesday for bringing guns to school. one of those guns went off on
6:35 am
campus firing through a wall. there have been two other incidents involving guns at the school this year. berkeley is considered one of the top high schools in the country. today santa clara is going to start preliminary construction work on a future 49er stadium. construction workers will install fire hydrants and moving high voltage posts. even though the $939 million hasn't been given a final go ahead. city council rushed through a $4 million spending measure last week before state lawmakers vote on a proposal to disband redevelopment agencies. new bart delay that sue is getting more details on. >> kristen: you want to hear about this. 80, is that possible. >> it is possible on thursday. inland, no more delay in the dry weather. it is here today.
6:36 am
high pressure building over the eastern pacific bringing us back closer to average this afternoon with sunshine. we will see clouds from time to time, but temperatures at 8:00 this morning, upper 30s to low 40s around santa rosa and napa, fairfield and mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. we'll see sunshine and feel warmer, upper 50s by noon and mixture of high clouds in the afternoon hours. check out the temperatures in low to mid 50s. half moon bay at 59. now without delay, look what is going to happen to our pollen. very high amounts of tree and moderate. as grass. seven-day forecast, we are 6-15 degrees warmer when the heat climaxes mid-70s around the coast. and then temperatures will fall back to today with increasing clouds and slight chance of a
6:37 am
shower saturday and sunday. we have a bart delay, ten minutes bart delay if you are traveling out of pittsburg bay point direction or dublin pleasanton direction, ten minute delays due to equipment problems on the train. be forewarned, otherwise slow traffic out of antioch. westbound highway 4. you'll find it slow and go bunching up to 6 miles an hour. from 205 to 680, pockets are slow and go as you head through livermore and on in to dublin. we had a stalled big rig right over here. it looks like it's moved out of lane 15. just moved out of the lane. metering lights remain off but they may have turned those on relatively quickly within the last few minutes as you head westbound into san francisco on the upper deck. >> eric: it's 6:37.
6:38 am
>> kristen: trading is underway on wall street. live report. live look at the big board, dow is up 20 minorities points. >> fear about facebook, doctors are asking parents to keep a closer eye on children's social networking habits. >> was a britney boom or bust? taking a look at the concert and why you still have a chance to see it even if you didn't make it to the show. >> barry bonds perjury trial takes a turn as a former mistress is expected to take to the stand to talk about smaller body parts. i'm terry mcsweeney, the story is coming up.
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check out live doppler as we look at your california forecast. all the radar returns shrink go this morning. let's look at the forecast for the afternoon. we have increasing sunshine and warmer weather, low to mid-50s around eureka. san diego, 59 in l.a. and palm springs 80. just the beginning of the warmth that will spread to all our neighborhoods. >> kristen: for years soccer's popularity has been booming and now it's easier to be more socially conscious. amy hollyfield explains. >> reporter: the last thing a kid thinks about when picking a soccer ball is who made the ball. but that is all he can think about. >> making a giving.
6:43 am
>> he wrote an article about sweat shops and tried to purchase fair trade items ever since. when he had trouble finding soccer equipment he decided to question create his own company. >> i was proud because we make fair trade soccer balls. the people that make the soccer balls receive a fair wage. >> reporter: his company is the only one in the bay area to make fair trade soccer balls. he hired an oakland company, fair tried u.s.a. to travel to pakistan and make sure that people making the balls are being treated fairly. >> santiago soccer balls are being made by a number of sewers in desperate factories. sometimes they are actually in homes. >> reporter: so he started selling them on line but he did find one store to carry them. the store isn't going to put them on the shelves with all the other soccer balls.
6:44 am
>> they said we want to have a fair trade section in the store. >> reporter: he maimed his company send off but his path to the point. he says getting funding and stabilizing the company has been so tough he almost quit. but his supporters are still confident he will be able to make a living. we are so excited because he has so committed to making his company successful. coaches and players are ready. i think they are ready to start getting soccer balls they can feel proud of and giving back to the community. >> eric: 6:44. officials in japan say it appears now that growing amounts of radiation are seeping from a crippled nuclear power complex into sea water and soil.
6:45 am
workers at the damaged plant are racing to pump out the contaminated water. that water is now emitting radiation levels that is hundred thousand times above normal. the water must be removed and safely store before work can continue to restart the plant's regular cooling system. one expert says it could take weeks. new readings show that contamination in the ocean has spread mile north of the site than previously expected. >> kristen: president obama will make his case of the u.s. role in libya. nato is ready to take the helm and libyan rebels are on the offensive. the president is expected to say that the u.s. acted quickly. rebels advanced more than 350 miles over the weekend winning back territory they had lost to gadhafi including two key oil
6:46 am
installations. president obama will outline the military plan during an address tonight at 4:30 our time. we'll bring it to you live here on abc7. >> eric: there is something that is growing in popularity in movie theaters and it's not the films. >> jane king joins us with this morning money scope report. >> if you are one of these people that is late for everything. this is working in your fair. when you go see a movie. it takes long because of all the ads. so they are saying ads were up 13% last year. they are going to run more movies in facebook. films include, unaccepting, harry potter. you can post comments while you are watching the movie.
6:47 am
more willingness to borrow more than they earn. consumer spending rose twice. >> right now, we are positive on wall street. pretty quiet and dow gaining about 41. s&p 500 and nasdaq up about 4 each. bloomberg silicon valley is treigd a little higher. apple getting ready to cut ties with google. so an apple posting asking for a app developer and announcing a worldwide developer conference. live at the new york stock exchange, jane king. >> kristen: thanks a lot. >> eric: and snow that fell on the sierra last week, they are starting to take toll on mountain businesses, a roof on a
6:48 am
bowling alley collapsed and they blamed the weight of snow. in other parts of the sierra people are shoveling snow off their roofs. as much as 150 inches of new snow fell in some places. higher elevations just within the last week. >> kristen: and higher elevations people are having to shovel snow off their roofs. >> eric: that is a nightmare. >> kristen: all that is in the past. this week is a whole new weather game. >> it's going to get warm in the sierra and also have a little melting and freezing at the bases. sooner you get up there the better you will be. a beautiful sunregulation as we look back towards the east. not quite sunrise. it comes up around 7:01 so 12
6:49 am
minutes away. let's talk temperatures and fog. we have some around napa. quarter mile visibility and upper 30s for napa and santa rosa. low to mid 40s for the rest of the inland areas. even redwood city and upper 40s to near 50 for the bay shore and out to the coast. around the monterey bay, santa cruz, still in the upper 40s. let's take about those highlights, dry and warmer this afternoon. above average afternoon temperatures wednesday, thursday and friday. a slight chance of weakened showers, slight chance right now. temperatures, they are going up today. still below average, one degree cooler in oakland. san francisco 4. san jose, 4 and 8. >> you'll be able to enjoy it this afternoon. mid-50s throughout the east bay valleys with low to mid 50s along the east bay shore.
6:50 am
south bay, mid-50s. san jose, santa clara at 54. rest of peninsula and coast in the upper 50s. downtown south san francisco around 50 degrees. inlands low to mid-60s and low to mid-60s around the monterey bay and inland. cold front swept through the south bay and monterey bay. a few sprinkles but clearing trend is beginning already. here is the jetstream this morning. notice how close it is and the storms are. now that is pushing to the north tomorrow. then it just stays up there and high pressure starts to build in along the great basin. that means an offshore breeze. mid-70s around the bay, mid-60s around the coast and 10-15 degrees cooler by the weekend. >> pretty morning however bart is still experiencing some delays.
6:51 am
ten minute delays, pittsburg, bay point and dublin, pleasanton directions. problem in belmont, at ralston, accident slowing a little bit as you head toward the 280. walnut creek, reports of an accident at 24. southbound 680 is just jammed as you approach 24. an accident blocking the right lane. toll plaza stall, big rig lane number 15. that is right on this direction so you will find the metering lights on and traffic is backed up a bit. southbound 101, if you traveling out of novato. this is just passed the civic center as you head toward the 580 junction. no problems. but it is getting a bit slow by the civic center. is the -- is the
6:52 am
website to go. >> it's 6:51 an influential doctors group is warning about facebook and teen depression. facebook depression can mean unhealthy depression about with how many facebook friends they have. researchers disagree on whether it's an extension of depression from teens already feel or specific in the social networking site but they warn parents to talk to their kids. there was no shortage of energy in the bill graham civic auditorium yesterday when 6,000 britney spears' fans came to see her perform. it was a brief and free show presented by "good morning america" to promote her new cd. free tickets for the mini concert were snapped up in less than 15 minutes online.
6:53 am
fans say it was worth the wait. ♪ ♪ >> music and personality a she is so big and over the top. >> eric: some fans criticized the show noting she only sang three songs and there were big breaks between each one. she didn't appear all that energetic. all in all, just about everyone they were glad to see her. watch the performance on "good morning america" from 7:00 to 9:00 right here. >> looks like good fun. each claiming they went to other out of love. >> eric: that is nice. >> kristen: they were loving it. >> kristen: you can decide when you watch tomorrow's gma. >> recapping top stories, barry
6:54 am
bonds former mistress is expected to take the stand to what many people think will be embarrassing testimony in the perjury trial. >> former mistress, kimberly bell expected to testify that bonds testicles shrank and sexual performance declined. that was bonds girlfriend nor years and she says she saw her body change over time and she says it was not for the better. and mike murphy saying that needing a large capsize. also this week, bonds' personal shopper saying she saw bonds being injected. defense will say kimberly bell and another former mistress are all testifying because they lost out on huge money when bonds ended his relationship with each of them. another top story, amy hollyfield in san pablo.
6:55 am
>> good morning. city officials are trying to get this hillside to quit moving. they are going to move in a crane today and try to get some trees off this hillside to protect the homes that could vied down the hill. there is evidence that the problem isn't just behind the holes. look what is happening in front. look at the crack in the driveway on wyman road. this crack is new and big. officials are worried they have yellow-tagged six homes, meaning the people that own the homes can't sleep inside of them. and they have declared an emergency. they can now tap in money set aside for emergencies. they are hoping to get a similar declaration from the county and state, as well. but the people that live here say it's not a big surprise. hill has a history of sliding and people are questioning whether the homes should have been built here in the first place and if they are worth saving now or is it time to walk
6:56 am
away. city officials are going to fight and have a crane to remove some of the trees leaning back there. final check on weather and traffic. >> let's take a look at the fog outside. especially up in the north bay valleys. extended around santa rosa and quarter mile visibility there. you can see what the clear sky did earlier, 39 in santa rosa and rest of us in the 40s mountain view around 50. today is the day we've been talking about two weeks, drying trend, warmer weather, low to mid-60s. the last of a threat of any type of raindrops today. now, tonight we're going to have mainly clear conditions and temperatures back in the 40s, maybe even a few 50s in north bay vls. it's going to feel warm thursday
6:57 am
and friday temperatures are well above average. you may want to throw a party and have a good time because of that warm weather. temperatures will be back to today's level because increase of clouds and small chance of shower. >> we still have bart delays, ten minutes now. due to equipment problems around bay point and dublin and walnut creek. from highway 242 to the 24 and just cleared out of lanes there. metering lights on the bay bridge. heavy stalled big rig blocking lane 15. blocking on the left side of your screen. once you get on the upper deck in san francisco, no problems heading westbound into the city. its beautiful morning today. >> eric: it's a beautiful day in >> eric: it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
6:58 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support.
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i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.


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