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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  March 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> and released after more than 20 years in prison. why not everyone is convinced an innocent man is now free. 7 news begins in 60 second innocent man is now free. 7 news begins in 60 second
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>> this east bay hill is on the move again. family were his forced to leave home tonight and they say it is time for the city to do something. >> allen wong is live in hercules where it is too dangerous for people to sleep in their open beds tonight. >> yes. this hillside is big enough to kill someone if it collapses. and right now it is like a giant wet swong with rain water rushing out of. >> during the weekend storm resident of the heights subdivision in hercules say a chunk of earth broke away from the hillside and slipped about 10 feet. >> parts of it were breaking off mud sliding down towards the back of my yard. back yard was flooded. >>reporter: muddy water poured
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out of the saturated hill and damaged the homes along carson street. 4 were red tagged and people moved out last week. 4 more were yellow tagged this afternoon giving these families limited time. >> when the hill comes down the folks are obviously going to have a lot of mud in their homes. >>reporter: fear is that it could all come down any minute. >> it is difficult to say because there are actually would slide upped there. one is a surface slide and the other one is very, very deep in the earth and according to the engineering department with the city it is a slow slide. >> this is like a decade old problem already man. >>reporter: this drama has been going on since 2006 when 2 homes were condemned. since then neighbors say they have been watching the force of nature swallow up the back yards. >> we have all noticed that the mud is against the wall of the homes. windows broken in the back. >> we want the city to do something bit. >>reporter: now the neighbors of this 2 90 home subdivision are petitioning the city to
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step in and shore up the hillside. because they think they are running out of time. l yes. city officials are also concerned about the homes across the street from the red and yellow tag homes. they will address this emergency situation at tomorrow city council meeting at 6:00 o'cloc o'clock. reporting live in hercules, abc 7 news. >> thanks allen. >> just few miles away in san pablo tonight a hillside there is still sliding and frustration is building for owners of 3 yellow tag homes who believe the city should be doing more to help them. despite inspections and removal of some trees resident have no more hope than they did last week when the problems began. city is looking into securing state federal emergency funds and promising to meet with resident on wednesday nye. >> crews are working to replace the broken pipe that flooded the city twice in three days last week. now the debate under way of who will have to pay the estimated 10 million dollars it will cost for clean
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up and repairs. the mobile homeowner on top of the broken pipe is already filed 6 figure claim with cap toll though is not ready to accept the blame. it is investigating whether santa cruz county played a role in the failure of the drainage pipe. >> county did a project on the north side of the road and some question whether or not that changed the dynamic and how the facility was able to drain water. >>reporter: in san mateo county small stretch of bluff is falling to the beach below. it's one00 feet long and 50 feet wide. recent weather and erosion caused it to dip more than 2 feet. quite precarious. bluff beach beneath it has been closed since friday. >> convicted murderer is out of prison tonight but not because he served his time. judge ruled maurice caldwell was wrongfully convicted. his attorney secured his release late last week and tonight he's a free man. lillian is in the newsroom with more for us. lillian. >>reporter: maurice caldwell
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says this is a case of justice finally prevailing but the d a office says knoll way does the release mean he's innocent. about 43-year-old maurice caldwell emerge from the san francisco jail a free man. he was in prison for 21 years. serving a murder sentence. last week that conviction was overturned. >> i feel in good being home. being able to touch my sister like this i feel in blessed. >>reporter: caldwell was convicted for the 1990 drug related murder of woman in san francisco but always maintained his innocence. while serving his time at folsom state prison he sought help. attorneys with the california indigent project responded to the call and past few years argued on his behalf in court. >> he was identified by a witness in the projects who looked out her wonder 0and claims to have seen him. it's a case of mistaken eyewitness identification which is a single largest cause of wrongful conviction in our
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country. and so it was a, her mistake. >>reporter: it was enough for the june in this case to order a new trial. but since much of the evidence was destroyed over the years the june ruled there was no way caldwell could 7 a fair trial. he then ordered his release. >> after all these years they thought they had justice but it wasn't. it was unserved justice still unserved justice. >> i think it need to be clear that there was no find that go this defendant was innocent. >>reporter: assistant da eric fleming prosecutor in the case and says his thoughts are with the murder victim's family. >> we had gone to court 20 years later whole thing ripped open and this wound is a new raw wound again and it's not fair. so now there's no justice for our family loss. >>reporter: caldwell says although he's innocent he does feel bad for the victim's family. but his focus now is to live his life. >> being productive. i'm not in prison no more so i have opportunities. >>reporter: for now caldwell plans to live with his sister
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in antioch. she rawns cleaning company and says caldwell will likely work for her. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. all right thanks very much. president obama talked directly to the american people about libya tonight. he said the u.s. had to get involved to prevent a certain massacre. the president address came as rebel forces in libya inch closer to gadhafi hometown and reclaimed 2 critical oil citie cities. >> wherever people long to be free they will find a friend in the united states. >>reporter: failing to intervene in libya president obama says would have left the world watching in epic humanitarian disaster unfold. >> lybian people have been ruled bay tyrant. gadhafi. pl he has denied his people freedom. exploited their wealth. murdered opponent at home and abroad. terrorize innocent people around the world. >>reporter: kind of humanitarian disaster that went on for a year in bosnia before
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the world responded. >> tonight i can report that we have stopped gadhafi deadly advance. >>reporter: hours earlier rebel recapture crucial territory from gadhafi troops with coalition planes clearing the way. president says he fulfilled his promises no ground troops and quick transfer of power to international partners. nato takes over on wednesday. >> for those who doubted our capacity to carry out this operation i want to be clear. the united states of america has done what we said we would do. >>reporter: he pushed back at the conservative critic who argue the goal should go beyond the mandate of protecting civilian to taking out gadhafi all together. house minority leader pelosi stands by the president action. she says the president had to act quickly. >> to do nothing until a case when a man is on a path of show no mercy is no the to remain neutral. if we had done nothing tens of thousands more
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people would have been killed. >>reporter: but hillsboro congresswoman spears says the president should have told congress what the game plan was before the u.s. got involved. >> i want to know precisely how long we will be engaged what is the end game. this has the finger print of an afghanistan all over again. >> diane sawyer will address the lingering concerns about u.s. involvement in libya tomorrow in the one-on-one interview with president obama. see that on world news tomorrow evening at 5:30 here on abc 7. >> in japan crews detected blue tone um outside the fukushima power plant for the first time. finding further complicates efforts by tokyo electric power to stabilize the facility where dangerous water is leaking from damage fuel rod. these pictures show smoke billowing from the plant where the fuel rods may be partially melting down. physicist vl offered
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this worst case scenario. >> 3 reactor with no cooling water will then melt down. steam explosion. hydrogen gas ex completion could blow the vessel apart and shoot the radioactive waste into people back yard like chernobyl. >>reporter: best case scenario workers trying now putting water on the rod for week and month and then years klingt up. >> call it the x factor. next. barry bonds former mistress delivers intimate testimony on the witness stand. >> also damming statement from the star witness in the trial of men killing journalist bailey. >> why critic say 3 million dollars isn't enough for pg&e to pay for losing track of its pipeline records. all that is coming up then on "nightline". >> if come up next on "nightline". president obama makes his case for the war in libya. but does it really make sense for us to be there? >> plus we sit down with the
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>> closed captioning brought to
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is. >> bonds perjury trial got personal for the former giants slugger today. his former mysteries kimberly bell took the stand. she told the jury that bond became increasingly aggressive irritable and agitated. bell said he threatened to cut off her head and leave her in a ditch. and once when she asked him what caused an elbow injury she said he blamed it on steroids use. >> this is the first time we have heard direct testimony about barry's state of mind. that he knew he was using steroids. >>reporter: open cross examination bonds attorney tried to paint bell as angry vindictive scorned former girlfriend tout humiliate him. bonds is on trial for telling a 2,000 3 grand jury that he never knowingly took steroids. >> and the star witness in the bailey murder trial testified today that he learned who the oakland journalist was only days before the august 2,000 7
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murder. andre testified that black muslim bakery leader bay the fourth ordered him to kill bailey. he told the jury today quote he wanted us to take him out before he had completed the article to kill him. bailey was working on a story about the bakery impending bankruptcy when gunned down in oakland. in a plea deal andre will serve 25 years in exchange for his testimony. contra costa county sheriff's keep ty shot an killed antioch man this mornin morning. shooting happened when 24-year-old john ciao tried to speed away from a traffic stop. one deputy tried to grab the key from the ignition and other hit by the car. the injured deputy then opened fire hitting the driver in the stomach. he later died in the hospital he was wanted on childen dang pt and vandalism charges. >> san jose police are still looking for the driver involved in crash that sent an officer to the hospital this afternoon. officer cray suffered injuries
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when thrown off his motorcycle at the intersection of south first street at 1:30 today. he struck a vehicle that pulled in front of him as he patrolled the area. that driver kept going. police say the car is a late blue honda accord model year somewhere between 2004 to 2006 with rear end damage. >> three days would be cut from the school year under contract being considered by the teacher in mountain diablo unified school district in the east bay. teachers vote on proposed contract tomorrow and wednesday including 3 furlough days. help the district balance the budget and avoid more job cuts. if it passes students could lose school day on may 6th, 27th and the 31st. >> and agreement negotiated between pg&e and state public utilities commission stirred opposition today at meeting at the p uc in san francisco. pg&e has agreed to pay a 3 million dollar fine for failing to provide pipeline records. records ordered to submit as a result of the san bruno
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explosion. the attorney general office doesn't think the penalty is stiff enough to change thefá utility company's mind set when it comes to public safety. california assemblyman hill agrees. >> i am pa back room deal and have pg&e, p uc sitting in a ramp without public comment without tran parent situation and without anybody to input in the discussion. >>reporter: under proposed agreement pg&e would have self more months to come up with pipeline documents. the company would face another 3 million dollar fine if it failed to meet that new deadline. truck driver says his brake failed moments before his big rig plunged into richardson bay in tiburon. look at this. linda e mailed us this photo of the truck to us at you report at kge dash dump truck rolled down tiburon boulevard before ending up in the water at then:30 this morning. paramedic took him to the
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hospital with head injury. nobody else was hurt. firefighters did put containment boom in the water to contain any spilled fuel as a result. not a rain drop in sight today just plenty of sunshine. >> not in sight today and for awhile. sandy is here with great looking forecast. >>reporter: yes absolutely. we have a stretch of spring days coming with warmer temperatures. want to show you how nice it looked today in the presidio. this was blue sky just about everywhere you looked. we thought we would take you rate down to sunset. high definition sutro camera setting later and later hopefully had a chance to enjoy the beautiful sun at 7:29 the upset and we'll be seeing more sunny days ahead. temperatures in the 40's and 50's and just about everyone reporting clear skies. partly cloudy tomorrow. much warmer wednesday and thursday. and cooling begins on friday. but i thought would i take you back in time a little bit just to show you how much rain we have received and
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how we are doing. santa rosa has received close to 37 inches of rain. at 131 percent of normal. san francisco oakland 125 percent of normal and look at san oh, say. at 101 percent of normal. remember san jose was really lagging but all the rain we have received in the month of march has really helped our percentages there. snow packed state wide is at 165 percent of normal. but you can count on dry conditions for the sierra and for the bay i can't remember with one exception. tomorrow. we have the system that is passing by although the stormtrack stays north of us. there is a slight risk that we may see few sprinkle around mendocino county, sonoma county tomorrow and you will see on our computer animation majority of the system stays well to the north of us just a little bit could make it down far enough south tomorrow where we may see few sprinkle in the far northern end of the viewing area. but after that higher pressure build ins and as this ridge builds in it build in strongly to bring us
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temperatures into the 80's as we head into wednesday afternoon and thursday afternoon. inland that is. see my accu-weather 7 day in just a moment. temperatures tonight upper 30's to the upper 40's and tomorrow afternoon it is near 70 degree weather in the south bay. 68 in san jose. 69 for campbell. los gatos. on the peninsula mid 60's for millbrae, san mateo upper 60's down around palo alto and mountain view. cool afternoon in pacifica. 56 degrees in partly cloudy downtown san francisco. 62. and in the north bay you see a little bit of green there around ukiah. could see few sprinkle there. 64 degrees. 67 in santa rosa. san rafael 63 degrees. nice day in the east bay. 65 for oakland. castro valley. head inland and temperatures are going to be close to where you should be for this time of year. 68 in livermore and concord. monterey bay 67 in santa cruz up to 70 degrees for you in gilroy. check out this accu-weather 7 day forecast. it is going to get warm wednesday and thursday vl 70's
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and 80's here in the bay area. 60's along the coast line. cooling friday slight chance of few showers on saturday. really mild conditions for sunday and monday. >> we have not seen a forecast like that in more than a month. >> this is the warmest of the season so really. >> get used to this. >> yes. >> the coming up next. video of britney spears surprise visit to the castro district. >> word spread fast we'll be visit to the castro district. >> word spread fast we'll be right
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>> after a week of hype tomorrow is your chance to get look at britney miniconcert in san francisco. ♪ . >> she performed 3 songs from new album yesterday and despite the short set, her fans were thrilled. immediately after the show spears took a limo over to castro. [ screaming]. >> pop star made a quick stop at the glb historical society
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but after second stop the crowds got so big so fast britney stepped out of her car waved and jumped back in. >> you can watch britney spears san francisco concert tomorrow on good morning america from 7 to 9 am right here on abc 7. >> larry gets up early. >> yes he is. >> tivo. >> stanford women heading back to the final 4. show you how they got there. the giants back in the bay area. game one of the bay bridge series but where is brian wilson? of the bay bridge series but where is brian wilson? sports
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you can see versus toyota. which is better? [ male announcer ] why do so many car companies compare themselves to toyota? maybe it's because toyota has more hybrids on the road than all other automakers combined. like the 50-mpg-rated prius, the best selling hybrid in america. and prius was also named a best overall value of the year. plus, every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a complimentary maintenance plan with roadside assistance. we're #1 for a reason. come see for yourself. hurry in for the best selection. ♪
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hurry in for the best selection. >> good evening. giants back home at the park for first time since winning world series back in november. open the bay bridge series tonight with the a's. we have a brian wilson impersonator. george lopez appearance. the captain hat and beard and everything. matt final start for the game really count. on the swing. allowed 3 runs. anderson. gives up
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this double to pat burl in the third. 2 run score. 2 on. flash as hit to right. and we are tied at 3. bottom 5 her it comes. there it goes. a lazer off the bat of huff almost reaches the could he have. he dumps the beer right about there. anderson 7 innings gave up 4 earned. inform brian wilson. still in arizona reha rehabing that oblique injury. sergio closes look at pablo sandoval. run it down off the bat for the final out. giants win 4-3. game 2 tomorrow night in oakland. next stop for the stanford women the final 4 in indianapolis. they wrapped up the west regional tonight. gonzaga l courtney this young lady is unbelievable at point guard for the gonzaga. too big inside. 2 of the team high and
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lobbing who beats younger sister. cardinal by 10. single hand keeping it within 3. nice show and go. and hits the drive. john stockton wondering, i wonder if i was ever this good. cross-over finish with the left hand. top of the key. scored 18 straight for the bull dog at one point. 19 a row. stanford still up 9 at the half. go back in. off the dribble then lindy for 3 and the pac-10 player of the year another 3. she hit 5 from downtown. stanford wins it reaching the final 4 for the fourth straight year. they have won 27 consecutive games this season. face the whipper of the baylor texas a&m game in the national semifinal on sunday night. >> we are having a lot of fun. obviously first half she was killing us as point girt. at half time we situated let's just own up and try to be as
11:31 pm
aggressive as we can. got really exciting. >> unbelievable in the losing cause. jose conseco. not much of a boxer but what he lack ins punching power he makes up for in craft iness. jose ducked out of a scheduled bout on the celebrity boxing circuit which i'm sure you are all familiar with. and sent his twin brother oz to take his place for the fight. spectator at ring side realize the wrong con sake was in the ring because oz has can i have tattoo than jos jose. promoter wouldn't allow him to fight and said he's not even sure he ever met the real jose. >> tattoo thing needs to be worked out. >> huge mistake there but pl who has the tattoos memorized. jose has these and oz. you probably need to get a hobby if you have that. >> every detail must be considered. >> maybe jose didn't like ought
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point. didn't think he could take him. >> might have been dan. >> that's enough thanks larry. >> "nightline"up next. >> for all of us here, have a good night. >> we appreciate your time see good night. >> we appreciate your time see you
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