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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  March 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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meant fish and game would have had to point a rifle and the dart would have had to have gone through this very narrow space. that is what the mountain lion going back and forth. nearly impossible. at 8:30 morning, redwood city police knocked on wally and sheri's door looking for, of all things a mountain lion. >> they asked to go into the backyard. they found it between two fences in the back about two feet of room between them. they'd gotten in there. >> the mountain lion was trapped between these two fences after jumping from one house to the next. and they can see the animal from 20 feet away. >> all i can see is this bill face coming between slats in the fence. and rawr. >> according to fish and game, it was impossible to get a clear shot.
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>> if you don't have an accurate shot, koit get out, angry. it was hissing at homeowners. >> redwood city police did not want to risk the safety of the people in this community. >> there is a hospital and alameda which is a thoroughfare. >> so at 11:00 a.m. fish and game decided there was no option but to shoot the animal. then it was taken away. >> this weighed over 100 pounds. a big fat. >> and the fish and game says it weighed 120 pounds, a female, again, a big cat. >> thank you very much n 2004, palo alto police shot a
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mountain lion. a dog chased it into a tree, where police shot it. the city received hundreds of complaints. neighbors in the berkeley hills expressed concerns about mountain lions biologists encouraged residents to live and let live with the animals. >> a hill slid sliding five years is causing new problems. eight homes in the neighborhood known as the heights have been severely damaged. tonight the city council is expected to declare a state of emergency. wayne freedman is live for us. >> despite clear skies there is an uncertain future. the reason is that hillside. that is only superficial damage. there are four red-tagged homes, another receive aid yellow tag today. all from a massive mudslide last week.
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this seemed innocent but if you study geology, you know what water can do long term. it creates mudslides and this one is ruining greens. >> this is last minute unexpected. >> this is a house i was planning to live in for my life. >> now, they cannot be sure. the yellow tag appeared yesterday and not since the hillside in the backyard began bubbling closer to their house. >> for the neighborhood, it's safe. and i think they're in jeopardy. >> that is the assessment in describing a rotating slide 150 feet deep, 300 feet across. in other words a monster in the mountain. >> is there an emergency measure the city can take? >> it now appears homes are serving as retaining walls.
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>> the city says homes need to come out. and crews installed protective barriers in the streets to keep the homes back. but that is all it can do. the homeowner association owns this hill, making every person in this neighborhood phone shallly liable. >> that empty lot up the street? we paid an assessment, a few years ago, paying $1700 to deal with the fallout from that. >> so it's not a pretty picture, a neighborhood on the move and another family in a yellow tagged house on the brink of loss. >> i slipped in the house, i'm not going to leave the house, i'm going to stay to fight this. >> and just an indicator, again, what you can see there is superficial. the problem with the hill extends down 150 feet.
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the hill rotates around. this is what they call the toe of the hill. there was a plan when they first discovered the problem to be able to solve this that would have involved digging pilings into the hill. they tried to funnel water but that as not worked. >> and san pablo city officials are promising to meet with frustrated homeowners there. the ground damaged six homes in hill crest road. and three homes are yellow tagged. the city has issued an emergency declaration. >> there is a smud mud slide creating a safety issue, it had tilted a trance former power pole, snapping wire skptz homeowner says wiring is
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now smoking. and says pg&e has been called out to deal with gas leaks. the house supposed to be put up for sale on thursday. and about 20 residents are stranded tonight. and it covers both roads of the park. county crews have had their hands full, because it put a dozen redwoods in the roadway. those trees had to be cut and removed first before front loaders could begin to scrape up the mud. the hill continues to slide, posing a threat to crews so they're able only to work in day late. >> we can't get enough staff to observe the side of the hill and what is going on in the morning.
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and we start again, today. >> and crews hope to have one lane open by tomorrow and the city of newark and saying equipment failure and residents awoke to a blairing in the plant. the fire melted a containing acid. teams came in to clean it up. this is the second fire in less than a year. >> i'm scared. i don't know. because one day we can be sleeping and our house is going to explode! >> there is operators say the equipment is stable. >> the first athlete called to testify in the barry bonds trial took the stand today. former a's slugger was asked about steroids and bonds' personal trainer.
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and. >> we moved on today from testimony about shumpken sexual organs to details about how major league baseball urine spence minute collector had to watch the sample being produced to avoid substitutions, then this, afternoon on to former baseball player who's have admitted to using illegal steroids. >> and jason giambe and former giant marvin bernard were on the stand today telling the jury with they received annabolic steroids from greg anderson. the giambes saying anderson told them the designer steroids had only steroid-like
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properties and bernard testified they were undetectable steroids. and this is supposed to be an anonymous drug-testing survey. bonds is accused of lying to a 2003. bernard is expected to finish testimony tomorrow, back on the stand and also randy valarde. >> oakland police have concerns about low morale in his department saying officers aren't happy because they're losing their jobs and officers have to do more with less. he says future cuts will come through attrition as officers retire. it's a problem for police
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departments throughout california. >> we're taking cuts. and i mean that is the reality. and in the main stay of policing the day and in everyone of those there are police officers unhappy that are losing their jobs like any others. >> the chief says he's making up for the loss by using technology, and responding more efficiently. >> and there is a relieve for one family. their 15-year-old son was found after getting lost overnight in spring lake park. the boy turned up this morning miles from where he was last seen 15 hours earlier, disappearing last night and his mother lost sight of him. crews say he is tired but okay. >> and there is developing news out of sacramento.
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>> and the fines for hands free law are about to climb higher. >> near record warmth next few days, temperatures getting up into the 80s, coming up. >> and actor george clooney called to testify in the sex called to testify in the sex scandal rocking italy.
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mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate bonalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san pran bomb squad detonated a suspicious package today. main stopped in front of a store and told an employee there was a bomb in the backpack. he placed it on the sidewalk and walked away. the bomb squad detonated the package, determining there was no bomb inside. police arrested a 45-year-old garfield smith on three felony
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counts. >> overseas a major offensive helped troops gain ground today against rebel forces. tanks and rockets pounded rebels into a full retreat after a back and forth battle lasting hours. in london, secretary of state clinton and international leaders met to device a plan for post-gaddafi government, but they did not discuss arming rebel force autos we must continue to persue the broader goal of a libya that belongs to the libyan people. >> today on good morning america, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations refuted reports gaddafi is about to step down but did not rule out he can go into exile. gaddafi vowed to stay in power until the end. >> actor george clooney's name appeared on a list of witnesses for italian prime minister at his upcoming prostitution trial accused for
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paying for sex with a 17-year-old girl, then using his influence to try to cover it up. the accuser claims she saw cloony and his girlfriend at a party attended villa. no comment tonight from clooney. >> and one step forward, two steps back in sacramento. governor brown and leader as announced they've pulled a plug on budget negotiations with republicans. the governor hoped to put a measure on the june ballot to let voters decide whether they want to extend several temporary tax increases for five years to go along with billions in cuts. and governor brown saying in part each and every republican legislature believes voters should not have a right to vote unless a fwree to ever
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change an ever-changing list of demands. there is no responds from the republican autos the cost of texting while you drive is likely to go up soon. lawmakers are taking up a bill to more than double the fine for a first offense. and check out the final bill f you're caught again, the fine doubles once more. there is no organized opposition to increasing the fine at this time. >> the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today in the largest imemployment discrimination lawsuit in history. dozens rallied in support. the lawsuit accuses the retailer of gender bias. and an employee filed a suit on behalf of every woman who worked for the company since
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1998. the supreme court heard arguments. >> this may be a big company, but not big enough to where they can't be challenged in a court of law. >> and the supreme court is expected to hand down its decision by late june. >> on to weather. these are days we thought might never come. sunshine and warmth. >> it's remarkable. >> absolutely. we're going to see warm weather here. there is is a live picture now from san jose. it's beautiful. blue skies and wispy clouds there. and there are mid-60s at san
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jose airport. clouds going through, it's dry outside. breezy, winds gusting 20-30 miles per hour. take a look at the view. there is clouds just is 50s and 60s except this in antioch. numbers have gotten into 70s range. and a couple degrees warmer in san francisco and redwood city. and there is a record highs possible, goitsing to get cooler friday. but still going to be pleasant friday. there is a satellite and radar i want to show you here, we're in the dry slot here. there is locational clouds
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going through. do look for some changes up to 10 degrees warmer in locations. there is some down sloping winds. getting into 80s wednesday, thursday time period. and there is is a tomorrow for theable night. low 50s for san francisco and oakland down towards south bay. and in concord. highs for wednesday, san jose into 60s today. close to 80 tomorrow. and cupertino 77 degrees. there is mid-70s for palo alto. mid-60s along the coast. you can see where you need to go. there is 66 in the sunset
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district. downtown up to 71 degrees, north bay, you'll likely see a record if santa rosa gets up to 82 degrees tomorrow. there is east bay you need sun screen. inland areas getting up to 80 in concord. and there is 70 in monterey. 80 degrees for new hol lifter, here is the accu-weather forecast. go ahead, wash cars, temperatures into 70s and 80s, 60s at beaches, friday, cooling begin buzz it's pleasant. and showers saturday. you'll notice windy over the weekend, temperatures bouncing up next week.
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the san francisco board decided to postpone a decision on whether to district the distribution of the yellow pages. the proposal could wo have forced residents and businesses to opt out of receiving a phone book unless applying for one. saying the aim was to cut down on waste and costs. those opposing this idea said
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would it eliminate jobs and hurt businesses. san jose city council today approved an ordinance requiring dog owners to keep pets on shorter leashes in city parks, prohibiting any leash longer than six feet. the current length is a.loued is 20 feet. the second violation koz result in a $100 citation. this is in response to a 2009 accident when a woman died after tripping over a long leash. >> and a health item tonight. we've heard the expression love hurts. now, it turns out it does. a study headed by university of michigan found break ups activates the reej yinz of the brain involved in physical pain. so researchers found social rejection and physical pain have a common psychological basis. love hurts. >> it does indeed up next, you won't have to travel far to
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see a new art exhibit. >> it's taking off at san francisco international airport.
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coming up at 6:00, why critics aren't convinced they're a good thing. >> beating high tax ndz san francisco. a look at one option that could keep some firms from skipping town. >> the danger following heavy snowfall. you'll see how tahoe ski resorts are guarding against avalanches. >> and finally for the moment as you know there are art exhibits in san francisco international airport. so it's no surprise there is a new exhibit being installed in the soon to be reopened
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terminal two. >> there is a preview as artists debutted pieces. the art paid for by san francisco art enrichment ordinance, setting aside 2% from projects to commission art. terminal 2 reopens in april. >> and oprah winfrey show is signing off may 25th but lights won't be going out in the studio in chicago. >> rosie o'donnell is moving in, produced at harpo studio autos she co-hosted "the view" and she will return to daytime television with a one-hour show on own, oprah winfrey network. >> she's back. >> will not stay back. >> and world news is coming up. >> and thanks for joining us. >> appreciate your time. we'll see you in half an hour for the news at 6:00.


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