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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield live in hercules where emotions and track catholic is. >> live at the federal courthouse in san francisco where the prosecution in the barry bonds perjury trial put a home run hitter on the witness stand. some will tell you he did little more than hit a sacrifice fly. >> and it looks as though the governor is ready to give up on his plan to call a special election in the hopes of getting voters to balance the budget. >> and look at the embarcadero from downtown san francisco. it's clear and calm and a little mild this morning. record highs is possible today
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and tomorrow and small chance of rain on tuesday. >> and off to a great start for wednesday morning commute. no major slow spots. we'll keep you poirtd updated throughout the morning. >> its wednesday morning. halfway through a dry week. thanks for joining us. >> kristen: topping our news, residents of eight homes in the east bay city of hercules are in dire straits. the city that is declared a state of emergency last night with eight homes on the verge of destruction due to collapsing hillside that may be impossible to save. amy hollyfield is live in hercules with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, because of that emergency, the city can not now speak state funds to help the homeowners but the question is how far should they go to save these homes. question to be a matter of if, but not when that hill is going to completely give in and come down. experts say it could take a series of pilings to drive into
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hit in the cost of $4 million. homeowners took the fight to the city council that this is personal and they want and need city officials to help them. >> i want to be in that house until i pass away. i want to retire. >> he really shouldn't be in there. my concern is the hill will shift. >> i'm not going leave my house. i'm going stay and fight this. >> reporter: four homes have been red tacked and two of them seem to be serving an important role. it appears they are helping hold up the hill. a total of eight homes have been severely damaged. no one has been hurt but people are emotional. some have lost their homes, others still could yet the city may have to approach this practically but not emotionally. that is still to be determined. live in hercules, amy hollyfield "abc 7 news".
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>> eric: thank you very much. santa cruz county has approved an emergency proclamation due to storm damage with officials asking the governor to declare the county a disaster area. flash flooding hit capitola twice causing $10 million in damage and cleanup from the scotts valley mudslide was a quarter million dollars, the county estimates the storms did more than $17 million in damage. a local disaster delegate count kliags can clear wait to for federal disaster aid. >> kristen: parade of baseball players continues at barry bonds perjury trial. terry mcsweeney is live at the federal court in san francisco with the latest. what do you think? >> reporter: barry bonds may have scored runs yesterday. based on his testimony of jason giambir. he said he never knowingly take
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steroids. giambi said when he was getting steroids from greg anderson they were marketed as alternative, undetectible steroids. it's possible that bonds thought they were alternatives to steroids. take a look at jason giambi. the former oakland a, mvp for the american league. he is playing for the colorado coch arise this year. prosecution brought him in to say that he bought steroids from greg anderson to show that bonds had to know his close friend was selling steroids or did he think they were alternative to steroids? former san francisco chronicle reporter lance williams who co-authored a book, game of shadows a very unflattering portrayal of bonds and steroids was talking about testimony from former giant trainer sam conti that bonds talked about anderson
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steroids. >> never heard that bonds acknowledged that greg anderson was selling steroids. that is interesting. the case doesn't rights or fall on it. it was a little detail. >> reporter: also conti said in that conversation with bonds, bonds said he didn't know anything about steroids and that anderson was only selling them to help out his kid. marvin bernard, he admitted as giambi did, and his brother jeremy they all took steroids and they all bought them from greg anderson. this morning, oakland police are looking for three men suspected of kidnapping and assaulting a teenager near east mall. 14-year-old girl says men picked
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her up in a blue lexus. she says they then drove her to another location and sexually assaulted her. police department says solving this case is among the department's highest priorities. >> kristen: new questions being raised about the safety record of a new washing oil refinery. officials are blaming an equipment failure of evergreen refinery that we told you about yesterday morning. the fire melted a firer glass tank containing acid which then spilled. this is the second fire at the refinery in less than a year. the owners have been cited by the city ten times since october for odor releases associated with leak ajs. cal osha is investigating. >> a ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place in san bruno for a new center created by the red cross to help victims of last september's gas pipeline fire. disaster killed eight people, destroyed 38 homes and caused
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major damage to a neighborhood. san francisco examiner reports that the new place where affected residents and support groups can gather. they will offer classes in first aid, cpr and health education. >> it appears governor brown is abandoning plans to hold a june special election after republicans released a long list of demands in exchange for their support. last night the governor ironed this youtube statement. >> there are issues that i think are impossible to resolve at this time. one of the most glaring is a billion dollar tax break to giant companies that keep jobs out of california. >> kristen: brown wanted the special election to ask voters to extend temporary tax increases to reduce the state's $26 billion deficit. they say republicans demands are start zbllg only thing missing
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from this list is a pony and we would give them one. >> the cost of putting putting it on the ballot. feinberg says he'll move forward with the power of the democratic majority. >> eric: now 6:08. can't promise you that but we can promise you sunshine. >> kristen: we got it. >> eric: i vote for that. we have warmth this morning. check out 24-hour temperature change. along with fairfield to 11 degrees warmer than yesterday morning in antioch. so as you stipulate outside, temperatures are running in the upper 40s around los gatos, redwood city, fremont, livermore santa rosa and everybody else in the low 50s until you get to antioch, 60 degrees.
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designation this afternoon, record highs are possible. concord at 80. napa at 78 and santa rosa at 82. low to mid-70s throughout the bay shore. i would say low to mid-50s along the coast. mid to upper 70s through most of the valleys with 80s around concord and santa rosa. monterey bay, 70 and mid to upper 70s, santa cruz and only draw back, high amounts of pollen. it will be tree and low amounts of weed. seven-day forecast, tomorrow is looking to be the warmest day with more records threatened. six degrees cooler as sea breeze returns on friday. windy with temperatures back to average saturday and sunday. slight chance of a shower. monday and tuesday, calmer and warmer than average with a whole lot of sunshine. good morning. starting off in the south bay we do have a couple problems. live look, 101 at 880 overcrossing, heading northbound
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right at great america parkway. reports of metal debris slowing down the commute there. southbound 85 the ramp to highway 82 is closed right now. this is due to a construction big rig getting stuck in the dirt. only temporary closure. and in mass transit, "h" train number 3 is about 11 minutes late this morning. >> eric: it's 6:00 10. >> just ahead, i know you are wondering the bay area county that is being called the healthiest in all of california. >> eric: and new criticism about the board that runs the budget battered caltrain. some saying they are not even paying attention. >> kristen: and officers said they had to shoot and kill, tranquilizers were not an option looking for deals, i'm looking for the hottest fashion.
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[ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup 6:14 on the abc morning news. on this wednesday morning, a live look from the sutro cam from the golden gate bridge. we will see the sun later on. mike's promise. it's going to come. >> kristen: more news right now. state officials say they have no choice but to shoot and kill a mountain lion found in in a redwood city backyard home. the 120 pound female was spotted by neighbor early in morning.
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officers turned out in force going door to door. once they found the animal they decided it was impossible to get a clear shot using a tranquilizer gun. because of the threat to the public they had no choice to kill it. >> all i could see was a little big face coming between a couple slots in the fence. >> it ran a few feet after it was shot and it expired. >> they took the animal for further examination. >> eric: for the second year in a row, marin county is being called the health yest in the state. the bay area did well all the way around, santa clara coming in fourth and san mateo rounding out the top five. solano had the lowest ranking at 31. in general, coastal counties did better than others.
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lowest ranked counties showing significant lower graduation rates. unhealthiest counties were dell norte and trinity. for complete rankings and factors considered in the studying to our website at and click on see it on tv. >> kristen: finally, the sun is coming out today. put you on the spot. >> hot spot. i'll think of something. you were walking on sunshine. a hair band did it in the '80s. show you what is going on. >> hold on loosely. that is not a weather song. >> good song. >> doing research last time we
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hit 80 in santa rosa was february 5th and 6th. last time we hit 80 was last year a long time ago. we're going into areas we haven't been in for weeks or not months. few high clouds as we look to the southeast towards the port of oakland from downtown san francisco. let's roll the numbers out and show you. antioch, upper 40s, santa rosa napa, redwood city, livermore and los gatos, everybody in lotto to mid 50s. around the monterey bay inland, upper 40s. gilroy, the warm spot. 51 degrees. sunshine, that dominates our highlights. record high temperatures possible today and tomorrow. it will be cooler at the coast on friday as the fog returns and cooler weather will spread inland over the weekend bringing us temperatures a little bit clear to average and slight chance of a shower on saturday. compared to 24 hours ago, oakland 6 degrees warmer and santa rosa nine, concord, san
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francisco fremont and san jose 10-12 degrees warmer. upper 70s in the south bay. maybe get to 80 in los gatos. mid-70s in the southern section. mid-60s along the coast. warmer around downtown, 70 degrees there. mid to upper 70s for san rafael and petaluma and vallejo and look at low 70s around santa rosa. they are back. record highs possible in santa rosa, napa. low to mid-50s at your beaches. low to mid 70s along the east bay shore. 80 degrees concord getting close to a record high. 70 in monterey. everybody else is upper 70s to near 80 degrees. a beautiful day to be at at&t park.
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sunny and warm with temperatures in the lower 70s as we continue the bay bridge series. tonight a breeze will develop in inland valleys keeping you in the low to mid-50s just like the bay shore and out to the coast. sea breeze is non-existent. we made a land breeze and temperatures will threaten records. tomorrow, 6 degrees of cooling on friday and another 6-10 degrees on saturday. that will be coolest day along with sunday. quite breezy and monday and tuesday, calmer, temperatures warming back above average. good morning. we do have a mass transit delay, train number 3 is delayed 11 minutes. also in the south bay, southbound 85 the ramp to highway 82 is closed due to construction big rig getting stuck in the dirt. chp hopes to have that reopen shortly. track of wednesday morning drive times. westbound 4 making your way out of antioch, 21 minute commute time.
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westbound 580 through altamont pass, about half an hour to make your way to 680. outside for a live look at san mateo bridge, traffic moving nicely here in both directions, headlights into hayward and metering lights are not on and no delays heading into san francisco. go to and click on the traffic link. >> kristen: new report is rating questions about the board that oversees caltrain. they have unanimously approved 200 items straight despite a $30 million deficit. caltrain's board has approved all the items that 4 put in front of them for three straight years on cutting service, raising fares and increasing salaries and changing policy. the report also finds board members usually don't ask questions or debate prior to making a vote. critics wonder if they are even
6:21 am
paying attention. board is made up of nine politicians from san francisco to san jose. >> eric: coming up, what is in a name? a suggestion that one animal rights group could be the key to revitalizing one of san francisco's toughest neighborhoods. ts
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>> eric: peta has an a suggestion for revitalize go a neighborhood. >> kristen: animal rights group has sent the mayor a letter to change the name of tenderloin. to temheh.
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they proposed the name. the letter reads, by discarding an outdated moniker you will be sending a strong message and help conscious residents. the city has no response. >> eric: still ahead, a shorter leash. new rules coming for thousands of dog walkers. >> and changing the cause, why cal berkeley baseball team may not be out after all. >> and hillside is making the gas quit. >> another neighborhood is facing red tags and added safety concerns. >> today's dry weather may hitter the landslide situation in hercules. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll explain coming up. >> good news out of charlotte. bad news in the busiest airport.
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flight arrival delays in atlanta and more in the eastern seaboard near miami. flight tracker is at ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ña@t"t"t"t"
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> eric: good morning, going to wall street and stocks are ready for a higher opening. new york stock exchange on your right and the bem is about to ring.
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economic news japanese nuclear plant and the battle control for the libya and national unemployment rate that says 200,000 private sector jobs were added. we will go live to the new york stock exchange coming up in about 15 minutes and she how the dow is opening. >> officials in hercules are saying that the only thing holding up a sliding hillside is a couple of threatened homes and not be holding up much longer. amy hollyfield joins us from hercules where the city has declared a state of emergency. >> reporter: believe it or not even though the weather is going to be dry that actually might create more problems. four homes have been red-tagged. four have been yellow-tagged. it appears two homes are holding up the hillside.
6:31 am
some homeowners pleaded with city officials to declare a local emergency and help them save their homes. officials agreed to declare the emergency but they are worried that hill can't be stopped. >> there is some concern as the water drys out that the floodplain will worsen and could let go at one time. >> reporter: experts say it could take a series of pilings drilled into the hill to shore it up a at a cost of $4 million, the homes aren't worth anywhere near that. one estimate that put these plots at $100. so the question is, are the homes worth saving. the homeowners say yes, and many plan to live out their lives in these homes and they don't want to be thinking about plan "b". >> storms caused major problems with residents in san jose. a sliding hillside there is affecting all five homeowners on
6:32 am
this private road off almaden road. so much water accumulating and running down the hillside that the pavement is now breaking up. it is also damaging under ground utility lines and that is causing frequent outages forwas, power and water for homes along the roads. >> hillside is making the break, making the gas lines break. i talked to pg&e and they said, we'll just keep fixing them. >> eric: since they're homes or a private road the residents say the county can't do anything to help them. but the emergency management will intervene to access the saying. >> anthony batts is responding to growing reports about low morale. officers are unhappy because they are losing their jobs and as the department downsizes the remaining officers are having to do more with less. he says his department will
6:33 am
continue to shrink but most future cuts will come through attrition as officers retire. >> we are taking cuts, that is the reality and mainstay of municipal policing and every one of those you have police officers are unhappy. >> kristen: the chief says he is making up the loss of officers by using technology to help the agency respond to crime more efficiently. >> eric: bart safety investigators say the slow speed derail of two cars outside concord this station last month was caused by two problems, there was that flaed flawed maintenance as well as uneven track wear that made traction more difficult for the trains. three of trains of 65 passengers were taken to the hospital complaining of neck and back pain. bart says the cost of derailment will likely exceed million dollars. bart is bringing in experts to
6:34 am
perform an independent accident investigation. >> kristen: san jose city council has approved an ordinance requiring dog owners to keep their pets on shorter leashes in city parks. new law would prohibit any leash longer than six feet. current length allows for a 20-foot on city trails and parks. first time violate worries get a warning, second violation could result in $100 sigh ig nation. it comes to a 2009 accident when a woman tripped over a long leach. >> eric: california's baseball program may be reinstated by the end of the week. when a decision was made to cut the program for budget reasons, they say the program would need $10 million to keep running for the next seven to ten years. the fund-raising group has raised more than $9 million in private donations and cal has had a baseball team for the last
6:35 am
119 years. meantime, california's men's gymnastics program has raised money. >> state scientists will make fourth snow survey to check on california's water supply. they found the sierra snow pact at 124% of normal april 1st is normally when it's at its peak. most of the state reservoirs are above normal storage levels for this time of the year. >> eric: one of these days we need to get mike up in the park and check them out and tell them how much water we have to look forward to. how much sun we have to look forward. >> almost unlimited amounts. good morning to you. three degrees warmer in san francisco and fremont and 11 degrees in antioch. temperatures in the 40s and 50s
6:36 am
already. we'll have high clouds mixed with sunshine throughout the afternoon hours as the warm air takes over. in fact you can see it right here. winds are actually changing. look at it blowing off the shore. because of that, we'll get rid of that cool sea breeze. by 8:00, upper 40s to low 50s in most neighborhoods. by noon, what a great day to be outside or take in a baseball game. 12:45 at at&t park, low 70s with a lot of sunshine. mid to upper 50s around the bay shore. low 50s at the coast at noon. upper 50s to low 70s in inland valleys. inland valleys where we could see record highs in concord, napa and santa rosa. you see the mid to upper 70s. low to mid-70s around the bay shore and into morgan hill and santa cruz and about 55 at half moon bay. draw back is pollen, very high amounts of tree pollen. seven-day forecast, even more
6:37 am
warmth and record threatens tomorrow and temperatures will be cooler friday and cool breeze will bring in saturday and sunday and bring us back to average. once the breeze leaves us, temperatures running above average. let's find out if traffic is the same. >> we are following transit delays, train number three delayed about 11 minutes. in solano county, the ferry is out of service for emergency repair work. sig alert in the south bay, highway 85. ramp to highway 82 is closed right now due to a trailer getting stuck in construction dirt. let's go outside for a live look at the east bay. heading flew the berkeley area, it's getting crowded, heading off the carquinez bridge toward the maze, drive time about 22 minutes. once you do reach the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights have
6:38 am
been turned on and slight delay heading into san francisco. but check out the sunrise as you make your way into work this morning. >> eric: it's now 6:38. >> trading is under way in wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. live look dow is up 45 minutes. >> eric: imagine two airplanes so close that they could see how many people were in the other plane. >> and caught on his own camera. a snowboarder's near death a snowboarder's near death experience.
6:39 am
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welcome back. 6:they and looking at live doppler 7 hd. look how empty it is across the entire state. high pressure taking over. breezy around big sur and breezy around l.a. and 78. mid to upper 70s in the central valley. coolest weather around eureka at 59. yosemite at 75 degrees. >> kristen: this morning, multiple agencies are investigating another air controller mishap. it involved 140 passengers the on board that was supposed to land in orlando. a supervisor asked the southwest crew if they would check on a
6:43 am
private plane that had been out of radio contact about ten miles away. crew agreed and got close enough to see two people in small plane's cockpit. that means the two aircraft were way too close to each other. the head of the faa that compromised everyone involved. the supervisor was suspended. >> eric: internet access is spreading like a virus in one of the toughest neighborhoods. they are handing out computers to some families to improve education and health and reduce violence. >> quietly over the past year, these little electronic devices have been popping up on richmond rooftops. its wi-fi antenna to provide internet access in the notorious iron triangle. >> in order for this to work well, we have to have about three antennas in close proximity so that we can give
6:44 am
residents a good usable signal. >> he works for the local nonprofit building blocks for kids. using a grant the organization is giving internet capable refurbished computers to select families. the wi-fi is to provide internet access to those that can't afford it. the iron triangle was selected because of the challenges that that community faces. we're talking low academic test scores, we're talking challenges in health. we're also talking about issues like generational violence. >> generational violence made the richmond most ninth dangerous city. 20% of residents live below the poverty line. building blocks for kids figures that showing people the world online can help break the cycle.
6:45 am
>> it's educational resources and outreach into the community and broadband will be helpful to them in supporting the children's education. >> good resource to look for jobs, even for raising my daughter right now. it's good for look up parenting advice. >> the program comes withton hours training on the computer and the internet. not just mechanics but where to go and where not to and how to protect children from malicious websites. they have helped hundreds of families so far and they plan to help hundreds more. >> our goal is to provide training to thousand families. we've done about 500. we're halfway there. >> eric: they are asking for donations of wi-fi ready computers and monitors, find a link to their program on our website at 2. >> kristen: good unemployment
6:46 am
news. >> bloomberg reporter jane king is live at new york stock exchange with the money scope report. >> good morning to you. jobs is the focus on wall street. and it will be the rest of the week. there are a couple new reports out this morning. showing an improvement in jobs. first one comes from a research firm they say bad news for government workers about half of those have government jobs and adp the private payroll processing company that 200,000 jobs added in the u.s. last month hiring frenzy in silicon valley and hiring at google and facebook and twitter. they say it's the strongest hiring period since the internet bubble ten years ago. happy workers at levi strauss they are putting together a settlement agreeing to pay $1 million in back wages to hundreds of employees.
6:47 am
they say they are guilty of overtime and record keeping violations, specifically it misclassified several groups of workers as exempt from overtime. >> also adp is helping stocks as they prepare for the jobs report coming up this friday and bloomberg sill already li con index is trading up also. the national parks will be free from april 16th to the 24th. you can celebrate with a quiet walk through one of best monuments in all of places in the world. >> thanks a lot. some incredible video on the
6:48 am
snowboarder who fell into a deep tree well on mt. shasta. his helmet camera captured the entire thing. james drummond was recording his run on mt. shasta when he tumbled landing upside-down under six feet of snow. he knew where he was but it took him 20 minutes to reach his cell phone and tell his wife to call the ski patrol. >> i'm stuck in a tree well. give them my phone number. i'm going die if they don't find me. call them! give them my number. >> eric: snow patrol got there within half an hour and he then snowboarded down the mountain. >> kristen: the unpacked snow so it's like bottomless powder he fell in to. >> i would stay away from the trees. >> if you are going that way you
6:49 am
ought to go with a buddy. let's talk about sunshine. >> we have a lot of it. get your vitamin "d". unlimited supply, if you are going to the game today, you will get sun burned this afternoon. 6:49. beautiful, look at the purples and yellows and hint of oranges. sunrise will happen in about nine minutes as we look from sutro tower this morning. how about upper 40s santa rosa, napa, fremont, redwood city. low 50s elsewhere. until you get to antioch at 60 degrees right now. around the monterey bay, upper 40s. gilroy the warm spot, 51 degrees record highs is possible not only today but tomorrow. it will be cooler at the coast on friday and sfog fog develop there. that will all spread inland and temperatures will drop back to average. today well above average, 6
6:50 am
degrees in redwood city. san francisco about 8. oakland and san jose ten degrees above average. let's start the east bay valleys look what is back, an asterisk so a record high is possible in concord. 80 and you will share that with brentwood. richmond at 72, oakland to tae7. castro valley at 76. may get near 80 in los gatos. san mateo around 73. ten degrees cooler along the coast. downtown san francisco, around 70 degrees. beaches in the low to mid-60s. santa rosa, 82. 57 in carmel. gilroy near 80 degrees. what a gorgeous day to be out at at&t park.
6:51 am
not only the giants playing but place the a's as we continue the bay bridge series. sunny and warm. low 70s. tonight mild night, even a breeze developing in the inland valleys keeping us in the low to mid-50s. breeze will be developing in the offshore flow. see the change in the wind direction as the high clouds are moving from northeast to southwest. that will continue not only today but tomorrow. that, our warmest spots, especially inland will hit the 80s. upper 70s around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. about six degrees cool other friday. about another 6-10 cooler on saturday. stray chance of a shower still possible. sunday we'll be cooler but monday and tuesday, calmer and much warmer. in fact you'll see more since a like this. springtime in benicia. trees are budding and pear trees same thing with the other picture of the town square.
6:52 am
thank you very much brian for sending those pictures in to us. we would love to see your video, too. here is a look at the morning commute. >> so far it's been a pretty quiet wednesday morning commute. contra costa county with a live look at walnut creek 680 no delays. southbound into san ramon valley. also on 24 westbound drive time between 680 and the tunnel about ten minutes. south bay live look in san jose 101 at 880 overcrossing, everything okay. morgan hill and heading up the peninsula. 280 at 17 overcrossing, no problems right now on 280 through downtown san jose. we have a sig laert in the south bay, highway 85 on the ramp to highway 82 is closed for a big rig that got stuck in the dirt. wednesday morning drive times,
6:53 am
slow on westbound 4, making your way out of antioch, 24 minute commute time and about half an hour to make your way through altamont pass. and train number 3 is delayed about 11 minutes. latest traffic updates go to and click on the traffic link. >> kristen: it's official, the beard will on be on the disable list when the giants open the season tomorrow in los angeles. brian wilson is still recovering from a strained oblique. last night they played the a's in the bay bridge series. giants won 4-1 and took the first two games of the series. this final is this afternoon at at&t park. >> eric: a former teammate of barry bonds takes the stand
6:54 am
today in the perjury trial. >> kristen: terry mcsweeney has the details. >> reporter: starting off at 8:30, marvin bernard played for the giants about ten seasons, he will be talking about not so much he did steroids but where he got those steroids. take a look at pictures of jason giambi, he was on the witness stand yesterday and he along with his brother all testified they bought them from the same guy, greg anderson. bonds's long time friend. but he described the drugs as alternative to steroids. bonds said he never knowingly took steroids. another person, sam conti while he acknowledged anderson was selling steroids, bonds said he didn't know anything about steroids and they didn't deliver
6:55 am
on a promise during opening statements that conti would testify about bonds suggesting that he planned to lie to the grand jury. considering these were all prosecution witnesses, not a bad day yesterday for the defense. we'll see what happens today. for another top story, let's go to amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. there is concern here in hercules that today's beautiful dry weather could actually create problems for a sliding hillside. it could worsen and all let go at once. city officials did declare a state of emergency last night that will allow them to seek state money to help homeowners. but are the homes worth saving? eight of them have been severely damaged. four have been red-tagged and two appear to be holding up the entire hill. some of the residents are saying they love their home. they planned to retire there.
6:56 am
they are hoping they can be saved but the experts predict the fix could cost as much as four million dollars. live in hercules, amy hollyfield "abc 7 news". >> eric: final check on weather and traffic. >> warmer weather this afternoon temperatures right now, not too bad, in the upper 40s to near 60 in antioch. north bay you haven't seen temperatures like this ins early february. east bay, you haven't seen temperatures like november 15th. we'll have upper 70s to low 80s there. low 70s around the bay shore. mid-50s along the coast. tomorrow, we'll be the warmest day in our forecast. 84 inland, 78 around the bay and 68 at the coast. look for a cooling trend as the sea breeze returns on friday. windy saturday and sunday with a slight chance of a shower. that will move through the central valley and into the
6:57 am
sierra. then warmer than average afternoons monday and tuesday. good morning. chp has issued a sig alert in south bay, highway 895, the ramp to highway 82 is closed. this is due to a tractor-trailer getting stuck in dirt. and live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have been turned on and about 15 minute wait time to make your way through the tolls and heading into san francisco. live look at walnut creek, on 680. no delays heading into san ramon valley. and train number three delayed eleven minutes and also in solano county, the ferry is out of service due to emergency repair work. >> eric: thank you for joining us on the morning news. >> kristen: we'll be back at 11:00. have a great day.
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