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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 31, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield. live in san pablo where an emergency meeting has been set up for today to deal with the emergency of a sliding hillside. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in at&t park in san francisco. giants are making news left, right and center. opening day against the dodgers, showing shown on big screen out at&t and they have a brand-new first baseman and barry zito in a car crash. >> here is a live look from downtown san francisco.
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clear, calm this morning. record high temperatures, that is big story again today. mother nature throws us a curveball. >> good morning. we've got "h" train delays, number one delays and got a downed power pole. details in the update coming up. >> eric: we're going to stay away from the baseball metaphors >> kristen: a lot of news coming your way. >> eric: san pablo will meet emergency session to officially ask for state help in dealing with a mudslide that threatens to destroy half dozen homes. amy hollyfield is live at san pablo. amy, this hill is very unstable? >> it is, eric. this is so hard for the homeowners.
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this family's basketball hoop has been replaced by than an enormous crane. check out the backyards. they have literally disappeared. large chunks have landed in the backyards of homes on hillcrest. three homes have been yellow-tagged. this all started last thursday when the rainstorm hit. last night the city held a private meeting with affected homeowners to talk about what is next. >> the slide repair we're estimating about $5 million. the cost of repair so that is beyond the capability of the city of san pablo. so we're reaching out for state and federal assistance. >> i understand that, bureaucracy and it's government and people have to do and things move slowly, when you are dealing with lives and people's homes, it's devastating to the point we can't get more answers more quickly.
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>> reporter: the city has spent the last couple of days having trees removed from the hillside. they have been leaning and making people nervous. another emergency meeting is scheduled for today at noon with the city counsel. they are going to work on asking the state to help to get the hillside fixed. they are also working to get an account set up for the homeowners. if you would like to donate money to help these people, they have set up an account at mechanics bank here in san pablo. >> kristen: they are teaming up with nearby hercules to ask for state help. it's not if but when a hillside will collapse. it's been slipping for years. all of the recent rain has caused a rotational slide. it's moving in several directions. geologists say things should get worse even though it stopped
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raining. >> eric: prosecutors in the barry bonds perjury trial is about to rest their case. randy velarde testified that he bought steroids from bonds' personal trainer greg anderson but has no firsthand knowledge of bonds and steroid use. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury when he testified that he never knowingly took banned drugs. >> this is it. the day giant fans have been waiting for. the season opener, the start of the defense of the world series title. a rookie is making news and also a car crash. terry mcsweeney. eric wants to know who's on first? >> reporter: who's on first. that is one of the highs. we'll have a load to talk about. the high is the guy at first, brandon bell.
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more from him and let's talk about pre-season low. barry zito in a car crash. take look at the former cy young winner. a two-car crash, barry zito involved, not seriously injured but he did have to be helped by a firefighter taken to the hospital, treated and released. not seriously injured, he is supposed to pitch sunday. back to the pre-season high, that would be brandon belt. giants' brand-new first baseman, he was more concerned about graduating from the university of texas two years ago. take a look at one of those cool moments in sports when on player finds out he has found his field of dreams. >> you know, like you said, i've been dreaming about this my entire life. it's finally come true.
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i feel like i'm going to have a heart attack and cry at the same time. >> reporter: there is also that bay bridge series. usually we would be talking about that first but so much else happening, giants sweeping against the a's. they won yesterday 2-1. let's get bag to opening day, giants and dodgers, in l.a. at 5:00. going to be shown on the big screen out in at&t. for $45 you can help a good cause. guardsmen, they help at risk young people. you want to get a picture taken you can. basically a big party out here for a darn good cause as the giants take on the dodgers. the world champion giants take on the dodgers. >> eric: who's on first.
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who is on second and who is on third? >> in the sierra, businesses and homeowners are digging out today that has caused roofs to collapse. the snow literally buried houses and reached as high as power lines in some places. >> barring unforeseen catastrophes we should have a decent water supply at least for this year. >> businesses and ski resorts are looking forward to an extended season. squaw valley is planning on staying open until memorial. so for those that plan to ski year round. >> i can't imagine, 4th of july
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of skiing. let's check in with my with the clear skies and sun we're getting. >> a lot of it. high amounts. fairfield, let's talk temperatures, one degree cooler than yesterday. half moon bay four, 3-10 degrees warmer. we're starting at a higher base which means more records will fall. 49 in napa. 46 in half moon bay, look at san francisco, mountain view, los gatos and antioch, low to mid-50s and rest of us in the 50s. our destination, look there is more asterisks on the map today. we'll have 70 half moon bay and then upper 70s around richmond and clearlake and low to mid-80s for the rest of us. we could see records an the monterey bay and inland, exception would be monterey at 74. watch out for the pollen, it will be high today. very high amounts of tree pollen. accu width seven-day forecast, cooler breeze starts tomorrow but notice how windy it gets
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saturday and sunday. we'll have winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour. best day to be at the beach probably today and tomorrow. >> good morning. "h" train commuters crying foul because we have a big delay, 30-40 minutes. signal problem between lake trip and tracy. a downed power pole is closed between geary and california. truck fire eastbound 580 past north flynn. mountain view, we've got a stall southbound 101 blocking a lane of traffic there. >> eric: officially has made a baseball metaphor statement. >> budget talks break down between lawmakers in sacramento. find out how it could affect schools and local governments. >> eric: husband and wife duo of ashford and simpson are in the
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have developing news out of the pleasanton where police are trying to identify a child found wandering alone on the parking lot of a walmart store. this is the photo of young boy released by police. good news, we're just hearing this now, is that police have contacted the parents and they are on the way to the police station to identify him. he was found about 3:00 a.m. at walmart on rosewood drive. he is about two to three years old. parents or the way.
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hopefully the right parents will identify them and bring more information on that. >> kristen: in sacramento, governor brown concedes defeat in his efforts to get tax extension measure on the june ballot. dozens of disabled people and caregivers turned out at the state capital yesterday. teachers across california are nervous to. public schools are expected to take the brunt of the budget ax making it unlike that thousands of pink slips will be cancelled. >> we'll lose librarians and counselors, athletic programs will be cut further. >> kristen: democrats say they will try to avoid an all cuts budget. >> eric: time to take a look forecast. if you like sunshine and blue skies.
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this is your day. >> kristen: and baseball. >> and all that, too. more this weekend. it will come with wind and rough surf so today if you like the heat today today is the day to get outside. here is the picture of the bay as we look southbound from mount tamalpais this morning. let's talk temperatures. 47 in napa. 48 in half moon bay. low 50s, san francisco and los gatos. monterey bay, temperatures in the mid-50s. as we set the table today, we'll talk about sunshine this afternoon. cooling trend starts tomorrow and really hits hard saturday and sunday with the winds gusting to 45 miles an hour and surf hitting around 20 feet. as far as what is happening today. look that the non-existent
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clouds, there is a few high once but nothing in the lower levels. not even any fog being reported. this is warmest day of the seven-day forecast. 70s and 80s around the bay inland and my 50s popping up at the coast. down in the south bay, mid to upper 80s. ally in san jose. upper 70s to low 80s on the peninsula with mid-70s around daly city to 83 in downtown san francisco. mid-80s to the north bay valleys 78 at stinson beach. upper 70s to low 80s on the east bay shore. 74 in monterey. 72 in carmel. for tonight, mild night, even with the clouds we're talking about temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. here is a look at tomorrow, clouds will be returning. sea breeze develops but saturday most of the rain is going to stay in the central valley are up in the sierras. if you do have outdoor plans,
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scattered chance of a shower but it really looks dry. it's the wind and cooler tenancy. 10-15 degrees cooler that you'll really notice saturday and sunday. when the winds leave us, sunshine and warming trend for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> spring breakers will appreciate the forecast. power pole, park presidio between geary and california. that is going to affect your golden gate bridge commute. "h" train delays, problems with the signal. train number one, 30-40 minute delays. 580 commute is affected, truck fire both directions, both ease and westbound very slow traffic approaching the scene. let's go to the toll plaza, we have minor delays and looks like metering lights and sun is
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coming up in the east. before you leave the houses, good idea to get your update at click on bay area traffic and tell you everything you need to know. >> eric: rain is taking a break and spring is finally in the air. have you made plans yet for the weekend? here is don sanchez with what's hot. ♪ >> ashford and simpson make motown magic with classic songs. in the rrazz room. >> high stakes comedy, three actors without a net. an evening of improv at yerba
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buena theater. >> one of premiere dance companies in the world. native american dance theater and berkeley campus in zellerbach hall. >> i did a lot of work -- oh, blah-blah. >> a one woman show. at the marsh in san francisco. >> films made bay biowomen about women making a difference. annual women's film festival at the roxy theater. and balenciaga and spain. fashion is art. now at the de young museum. now on blue raid, natalie
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portman in the black swan. coming up, new google search designed to allow users to make searches. >> and return to show biz in a role that
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google is making search more social. unveiled a plus one button a spin on facebook's button. to recommend search results to friends with a goal of making more relevant results.
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>> skype has launched a social network for teachers. it let's teachers connect all over the world. it could potentially help kids learn about different cultures or enhance lessons about a certain area. opening day in baseball, the season got started a day earlier. they released a first official baseball game on the network. they challenge players to compete against friends. it's free to play. those are the tech bytes. i'm rob nelson. >> eric: san francisco restaurant is honoring elizabeth taylor. it's displaying a dress from her private wardrobe. lavender dress on sutter street yesterday. taylor was known for her lavender eyes. marketing director is also a hollywood historian and loaning
6:25 am
the dress from his personal collection. arnold schwarzenegger is heading back to show business after politics. he plans to voice the role of a title character comedy. it's about a person that lives a double life as a family man. staying business. >> eric: he said he will be back. >> a new smartmeter controversy in santa cruz county after pg&e installs dozens of smart meters in capitola despite a city ban on them. >> kristen: government gets ready to wrap-up the perjury case against barry bonds. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at at&t park where the giants have a dugout full of news for you. barry zito injured in a car crash, a fund-raiser out here, opening day against the dodgers.
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even more than that. i'll tell you all about it coming up after the break. >> here you are looking at lower 48. the airports are reporting delays in new york and also around miami. that is about it. pretty quiet other than florida. >> we've got a downed power pole park presidio between geary and california. both directions closed. we'll get you an update in a few minutes.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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opening bell is going to ring right now to start the trading day at 6:29 and celebration of opening day for baseball. pring ringing the bell and representatives from anheuser-busch. labor department says the number of people that applied for benefits fell last week. and clydesdale, that is a lot of excitement and it's a sign that layoffs of dropping and companies may be stepping up hiring. later today, commerce department will release a report on how much businesses ordered last month. opening day. >> those are huge horses. one of those games is opening game between the world series giants, world series giants on the road again against the
6:31 am
dodgers. catch the game at at&t park. terry mcsweeney is live at the ballpark. >> reporter: barry zito is out of the hospital this morning after that two-car crash in southern california yesterday. take a look at the $126 million man in action. he was in a car shall crash yesterday in west hollywood. zito not at fault. chronicle has a source saying his injuries are not serious but also finding out extensive damage to his car. he is supposed to play sunday in l.a. other side, brandon belt is going to be the giants' everyday first baseman. here he is, and let's hear from the rookie and the guy that was a rookie last year. >> it feels great right now.
6:32 am
it's a dream come true. i have a lot of emotions going through me right now. i'm excited. >> i mean it's got to be a dream come true. as a kid -- i don't know what it's like as a kid but a dream to play major league baseball and he is going to do it opening day. >> reporter: here at at&t, the giants completing their three-game sweep against the a's winning 2-1 in the bottom of ninth. this evening, we're going to have a fund-raiser for a group call the guardsmen. it will be a world series trophy and raffle out, as well. you are looking at silhouette of
6:33 am
mccovey. >> some people are pretty excited already. and prosecution of barry bonds perjury trial is expected to wrap up. former oakland a's player randy velarde. he testified that he bought steroids from greg anderson. he said he had no firsthand knowledge of bonds and steroid use. he is accused of lying to a grand jury when he testified that he never knowingly took banned drugs. closing arguments could begin next week. >> eric: sheriff's deputies of investigating a shooting that left one person dead. it happened outside richmond in a residential area. deputies were called after shots were fired around 9:30 last night. they found one man dead in the front yard of a house. another man was airlifted to a hospital. no word yet on the identities of
6:34 am
the men or a motive for the shooting. >> santa clara inspectors still have not said whether they are going to do anything for people that have lost water service because of moving ground. residents are in danger of losing their homes. a dispute over private versus public property is complicating things. the landslides have damaged under ground lines. residents have called pg&e four times in ten days to fix gas leaks. pg&e spokesperson says if the pressure changes in the lines now, they will automatically shut off. >> eric: capitola city leaders are not happy about the 70 brand-new pg&e smart meters installed in local homes despite a law banning them. the old meters were damaged by flooding in capitola last weekend when pg&e crews came to make racer they replaced the damaged meters with their
6:35 am
controversial smart meters. city officials say they were not notified despite the fact that they passed a moratorium last month banning the devices through 2011. critics say their electric bills ballooned after they were installed. >> teachers in mount diablo have voted to approve a tentative contract agreement that calls for three furlough days. teachers will take three days off this may, no school for the kids on those days because of the district's budget deficit. union officials it was the largest voting turnout in their memorandum with 90% in favor of support of the furloughs. agreement will not be ratified unless the brd approves it next month. >> eric: a pleasanton soldier has been killed while serving in
6:36 am
afghanistan. he was on his way to a military airport on tuesday when an apparent roadside bomb exploded. they say he was a licensed massage therapist before enlisting in the army when he became a medical technician. >> kristen: san francisco mayor is expected to make an announcement as they are getting ready to host the yacht races next year. they envision a new street car line to fisherman's wharf. street closures and modified muni bus routes. san francisco is hoping to offset costs from millions of dollars of private donors. >> if they were running the yacht race, they would have smooth as glass waters. >> it would be so beautiful. >> but not for baseball, that sbiong to happen right now
6:37 am
today. >> and tomorrow. a's open tomorrow? >> yes. 5:00 at at&t park, temperatures in the upper 70s with a lot of sunshine. i know the opener is in l.a. absolutely. that's what i said. okay. appreciate it. nothing but love. see you in a little bit. that is great. a little curl that may keep the coast cool. right now, one degree cooler in napa and four degrees in half moon bay. starting warmer, sunshine we'll end up warmer. mid-50s around palo alto. upper 50s to near 60 for the rest of us at 8:00. by noontime, temperatures mid to
6:38 am
upper 60s into san francisco. low to mid-70s for the rest of us and by 4:00 this afternoon, we'll hit highs for the day in the 80s but some of us will still be in there. low to mid-80s. upper 70s and about 70 at the coast. accu-weather seven-day forecast, on friday, temperatures will cool but you'll notice the windy conditions saturday and sunday and stray shower on saturday. >> "h" train number one reporting delays, signal problems between tracy and lake trip. tractor-trailer fire still blocking the right lane 80 eastbound. slow traffic in both directions. fire department is there on the scene but east and west through livermore. an accident around sum hill. find some bunching as you head toward the 24 junction. take a look the toll plaza,
6:39 am
metering lights have been turned out and traffic is backed up past the west grand overcrossing. >> let's make it 6:29. >> trading is under way on wall street. a live report from new york stock exchange. dov is up 11 points. >> also testing bay area water and air for radiation. what scientists say about the levels they are find go. >> and the major push to protect our water supply. >> president obama has signed a secret order to send c.i.a. operatives to libya. the order may include arming the rebels trying to overthrow moammar gadhafi. meanwhile, gadhafi's senior meanwhile, gadhafi's senior advisor has fled as a buyer for t.j.maxx, i'm not just looking for deals, i'm looking for the hottest fashion. hot -- hot, hot. i get a lot of ideas just walking around the city,
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6:43, live doppler 7 hd. nothing, so let's move in o and show you the sunshine is going to do with the temperatures. low to mid-80s through the central valley. los angeles 89 and palm springs, 95 degrees today. big sur, mid to upper 70s. tahoe, lake level 54 degrees today. >> kristen: we have developing news in union city where police are searching for a missing 14-year-old boy. they say kenneth stephenson left home after an argument with his mother. he was last seen on regents boulevard. police are concerned because he
6:44 am
suffers from as perfectinger's incident drop. he is 5'10" and weighs 145 pounds. nato officially takes control of the no-fly zone and publicly that allows the obama administration to take a step back but privately say the c.i.a. is on the ground in libya helping rebels. >> reporter: president obama has signed a secret order to authorize covert operations in libya. sending a small group of operatives on the ground to support the rebels seeking to overthrow moammar gadhafi. in recent days. rebels have lost control of key cities. president obama has reportedly approved giving them arms but right now the weapons have not been shipped. white house is still debating the consequences because little
6:45 am
is known about these fighters. some allegedly with ties to militant groups like al-qaeda and hezbollah. >> if you ask who are those guys do you really want to arm them? our history of arming groups we don't know hasn't been a terribly good one. >> we don't know as much as we would like to know and as much as we would expect we will know. >> today's congressional hearings will be held to discuss u.s. involvement in libya. nato officially took over operations. there has been new reports of civilian casualties as a result of allied air strikes. robert gates says political and economic pressures will drive him from power. there is a sign that he may be crumbling under pressure. a foreign minister defected to britain. >> kristen: more radiation from
6:46 am
the japan disaster is being detected in this country. scientists have found trace amounts of bay area rivers and even milk but experts make it clear it's not dangerous. at u.c. berkeley, the presence of iodine that have made their way through the jetstream to these shores. good news is that iodine has a half-life of eight days. levels are so small that they are inconsequential. >> the radiation we do see is extremely small, thousand times less than what we normally see every day in the environment. >> they say they are not concerned and the radiation will be below detectable limits in less than a month. a $320 million construction project is getting underway on the peninsula that will protect the water supply for millions of bay area residents. 19 miles of new pipeline from water from hetch-hetchy will go up to san francisco replacing
6:47 am
one built in the 1930s. there will be improvements to a water treatment plant west of millbrae. without the improvements a major earthquake could put large portions of the bay area out of the water service for up to two months, two-thirds of water customers live i outside of san francisco and they will pay 2/3 of construction costs with higher water bills. >> baseball opening day, fed's and good news for bacon lovers. >> kristen: jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. we've got bacon and a federal reserve and a horse. i don't know. if you like bacon, denny's unveiling seven new bacon dishes including classic bacon meatloaf and a maple bacon sundae.
6:48 am
parent company enterprise announcing yanking brands from the site. enterprise says its dispute which brands could be listed. with the recent surge of electric cars, many are wondering where are the charging stations? so-called range anxiety. easy charging stations like san francisco and san jose. opening bell very, quiet day here today. it is, of course, opening day for major league baseball. world series and clydesdale horses walking around the floor of new york stock exchange. there it is. we're all distracted because they're not doing a lot.
6:49 am
and feds released from the federal reserve on how much money it lent to which bank through the financial crisis. this is tons of data just released about two minutes ago. we haven't been able to sift but something we're going to be watching. the numbers on silicon valley index, it's up slightly. official major league baseball interactive game on facebook. like a lot of games, it starts for free. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> thank you very much. >> kristen: here we are watching the game, even being played in l.a. but meantime, we're enjoying baseball weather. >> the weather was pretty nice yesterday, wasn't it? >> it was fantastic. it was under the overhang
6:50 am
because we needed that protection from the sun. >> very smart move. u.v. index is high and temperatures will still be in the upper 70s at at&t park. you can watch it on jumbotron. we opened up in l.a. since they wouldn't switch with us even though we are the world series champions. look from sutro tower, mount diablo, east bay valleys. let's move on. talking about temperatures outside and records yesterday, look at that napa, oakland san francisco, san rafael. low to mid-80s and set records in concord and hayward. 47 in napa and 48 in half moon bay. low to mid-50s, rest of us in the 50s. mid-50s, gilroy at 47.
6:51 am
another highlight, more record high temperatures under sunshine this afternoon. cooling trend friday, saturday and sunday and that will come on the heels of some windy conditions and rough surf, 45 miles per hour miles per hour wind and 20 foot waves at our beaches. best warm calm day, 7:00 in the morning and lack of clouds that will be pushed away by the land breeze and bringing us the warmest day this week. show you some temperatures around the bay, in the east bay, mid to upper, low to mid-80s and look for the asterisk. low 80s and some 70s on the east bay shore. south bay, mid to upper 80s. on peninsula, upper 70s to low 80s. 73 in half moon bay. even warmer in daly city. 83 in downtown san francisco. low to mid-80s in north bay valleys. stinson beach, am degrees.
6:52 am
monterey and carmel, low to mid-70s. mid-80s for rest of the monterey bay. you can see the winds coming back tomorrow. that is the sea breeze that brings us the cooling trend but notice as we head into saturday. not too much of a chance of rain. big story this weekend, windy conditions and temperatures 10-20 degrees cooler today. warming trend starts monday. good morning, first reports of a stall in the santa cruz mountains blocking the right lane. in san francisco, power pole down, both directions of park presidio is closed between geary and california. traffic is being diverted off and also may be affecting traffic coming off of the golden gate bridge. trains number one and three, delays up to 30 and 40 minutes because of signal problems. san mateo bridge, take a look
6:53 am
there, so far is on good, no problems in both directions. macarthur maze, here is what you'll find, very light traffic and a little bit approaching the toll plaza and then you'll find no delays. metering lights are on and minor delays to caltrans parking lot. always a good idea before you leave this morning, at, click on bay area traffic. thanks a lot. it wasn't on the menu, so imagine the surprise when diners found a snake slithering in a redwood city restaurant. they found it in the men's room. the reptile was probably sick and took it to the humane society. after a one night stay, they gave eight clean bill of health and released it away from homes,
6:54 am
schools and restaurants. >> maybe it's a cobra seeking warmer weather. >> recapping top stories. san pablo city council meets in emergency session trying to figure out what to do to a neighborhood threatened by a landslide. >> reporter: they are also trying to get donations for the homeowners to help them out. check out this family's home. it's no longer a home. basketball hoop s has now been replaced by a crane. they are staying in a hotel. check out what happened here. landslide took out the backyards three homes have been yellow-tagged. this all started slipping on thursday when all the rain storms hit. residents are getting frustrated. insurance companies have told them they don't cover this. the city doesn't have the $6 million it's going to take to fix the hillside. there was a meeting between city officials and homeowners. another meeting is on tap today
6:55 am
with the full city council. that is scheduled for noon. the plan is to ask the governor for help. today they are going to work on that request. and they are asking for people to come forward and donate money. there is an act set up mechanics bank. other top story, opening day. very exciting. terry mcsweeney is covering all the excitement for us in san francisco. go giants! >> reporter: go giants, up against the dodgers in l.a. but you can see it on the big screen. let's start out with news in l.a., barry zito in a car crash. take a look. he crashed yesterday in west hollywood. two-car crash. zito not at fault. injuries are not serious but we're also told major damage done to zito's car.
6:56 am
other side of the spectrum, brandon belt is going to be the first baseman. here is a kid drafted in 2009 out of the university of texas and he is starting for the world champion giants today in l.a. giants won 2-1 but tonight it will be a fund-raiser for the group called the guardians, helping at risk people. there is going to be a raffle, it will be a blast and giants-dodgers game on jumbotron out in center field. >> kristen: thanks a lot. >> eric: final check on weather and traffic. >> record highs, thought i would try it again. shut-off brought in lefty.
6:57 am
47 in napa and 48 in half moon bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, it's very mild this morning. that will springboard us to records, even more than yesterday. they will be hottest day in the forecast. look at all the asterisks. upper 70s in richmond. low to mid-80s for the rest of us. winds of change drop our temperatures tomorrow and cooler weekend on tap also. >> we've got "h" train delays this morning, trains one and three, 30-40 minute delays. san francisco park presidio between geary and california, they have the road closed there. let's check the maze, headed tour the toll plaza, metering lights are on at the bay bridge but no delays. >> eric: that is it for this edition of the morning news.
6:58 am
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