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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  April 4, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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sky% is over oakland international where southwest has cancelled more flights today the inspections coming after one of boeing landed with a hole in the fuselage. >> amy hollyfield is live at the oakland airport with the latest. >> reporter: it's tapered off. four flights have been cancelled today. three in san jose and one in san francisco. southwest is inspecting the fleet and found cracks in three
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more jets. but that is not creating any panic we're finding. passengers are more interested in getting back to business as usual. >> it didn't seem to raise big concerns at the airport this morning. >> i think i would taking my chances. >> think are taking care of it. >> flights were cancelled about 70 nationwide. the cancellations generated more of a response than potential problems with the planes. >> my only concern at the time was it going to be on time. >> southwest decided to ground 79-737's after a hole ripped open on a flight. they believe metal fatigue caused the plane to crack open and they want to look for cracks
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in the rest of the fleet. his father was on the flight and he says the experience was scary. >> he said it sounded really loud and eardrums were messed up but besides that he was fine. >> despite the scare, he decided to fly today anyway. his airline of choice, southwest. >> i wasn't too worried bit. >> travelers are resilient. they have inspected 57 jets and put them back into service. they hope to complete all their inspections by tomorrow. they are looking to see if faa insists that other airlines inspect their jets. >> meantime, the southwest flight that originated in oakland had to make an emergency landing for a different issue late last night. this flight landed safely at lax after passengers reported an
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electrical burning smell in the cabin. passengers got on another plane and went on to their destination. they wrchbltd sure if the plane was among the ones that were pulled for inspections. and united flight from new orleans to san francisco. moments after takeoff had to return to the louisiana airport after the pilot reported smoke coming from the engine. the copilot landed the plane on back-up systems after the plane loss all electronics. during the landing the plane ran off the runway and bliw a tire. all the passengers had to leave the aircraft leaving the emergency chutes. authorities today released
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the name of a pilot killed in yesterday's small plane crash in alameda. he died when his single engine plane went down in a marina. he had taken off from oakland international. he was the only person on board. witnesses say they heard the engine cut out and saw the pilot try to make a crash landing. he appeared to avoid a family sitting near the shoreline. as you can see from the video federal investigators are on the scene investigating the crash. the department of transportation is proposing new regulations meant to make natural gas pipelines safer. transportation secretary says the september explosion in san bruno is one of the events triggering his call for more participation from the federal and state government and utility. >> transportation secretary ray la hood tour add neighborhood that was devastated by this explosion in january.
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one person was killed. the san bruno pipeline explosion of last fall that killed 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes is a big factor in a series of reforms and new regulations he is pushing. they would not have helped in the case of san bruno where state controls safety but states will have to beef up their regulations. >> i know that california takes this very seriously. i know they have looked at. this i know the investigation pointed out distinguishes i believe based on what we have heard they are trying to correct these deficiencies. >> they want a comprehensive review to identify high risk areas and get them fix. he wants more federal oversight and he is calling for a pipeline summit on safety with leaders and the feds and he wants more enforcement power. >> to have the penalty to pen analyze companies that don't meet the standards in terms of
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fines and other opportunities. >> speaking of fines, la hood says he wants permission to increase violations from $100,000 to $250,000 a day. in a related story, the california puc will hold a public hearing in san bruno tomorrow to discuss gas line rule changes designed to prevent deadly explosions. >> no testimony today in barry bonds trial but a long lost audio recording has reportedly been found that could hurt the defense team. terry mcsweeney joins us. >> steve hoskins, barry bonds' former friend and personal assistant. he had a conversation with dr. arthur king and he has found the go to prove it. it's a big deal. take a look at sketches of dr. king and steve hoskins testifying last week at this
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trial. the tape was subpoenaed in 2005 for use in a federal grand jury investigation. hoskins says he couldn't find it. this past weekend he found it. defense attorneys say they only found about this discovery at 11:00 last night via e-mail throwing the proceedings upside-down. he says he talked to hoskins 50 times on steroids. now on the "b" side they have evidence they did discuss it and that would discredit dr. king whose testimony held barry bonds. barry bonds arriving in a black suv. another wildcard introduced today, a conversation took place between dr. king and prosecutors before king's grand jury testimony and what he said was very helpful to barry bonds but notes the conversation was never turned over to the defense. exactly what he said, we don't know.
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the judge had defense attorneys write it down on piece of paper and pass to it prosecutors so everybody would know. court convenes at 11:30. there is also as you mentioned one of the jurors is ill the jury has been sent home for the day. what that is going to do for the length of the case week don't know. more witnesses are going to be called to substantiate everything being discussed. when this case going to wrap up, nobody knows. until today the guess was closing arguments on thursday, now it's looking maybe next week. >> eric: a santa cruz man remains in a medically induced coma following a virns beating at dodgers stadium. police say two men wearing dodger gear attacked him as he was leaving the game last thursday. they released sketches of the
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suspects. a $10,000 reward is being offered leading to an arrest of those men. >> this week, cal baseball fans will get -- they are hoping to get the confirmation the team will play ball next fall. a spokesperson for the chancellor no announcement will come at least until tomorrow. a group announced they have raised $9 million in private funds, close to the $10 million the chancellor had said would be needed to save the sport from the budget ax. >> eric: california could face a teacher shortage in the near future. according to today's los angeles times the number training to become credentialed teachers fell 25% as colleges around the state lay off existing teachers. they warn the number of existing teachers will drop sharply in the next few years as
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babyboomers begin to retire. cal state university system is one of the biggest providers of new teachers. it has fewer than half of the teaching students it had eight years ago. >> kristen: a chain that is serving a golden opportunity for tens of thousands of unemployed americans. >> eric: let the campaigning begin! one of the worst kept secrets in the nation's capital. >> happy reunion in japan after a dog is rescued from a floating
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. today it's official, president obama is running for a second term in 2012. he announced his reelection campaign with a video and e-mail to supporters. >> i don't agree with obama on anything but i respect him and i trust him. >> there are so many things that are on the table that need to be addressed. he want them to be addressed by president obama. >> he doesn't appear in the video at all. instead supporters touted his accomplishments. he sent an e-mail to supporters. in it he calls on grassroots supporters to mobilize again. president has already started fund-raising but he will stay focused on his day job. republicans reacted quickly to reelection announcement with the gop national committee sending
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out a document accusing the president of failing to lead on the budget. >> kristen: afghanistan's president says two americans were shot to death. karzai condemned the killing. an afghan man shot the two servicemen in the northern part of the country. the pentagon says they are pulling warplanes out the libyan conflict today. others will take the lead into enforcing the no-fly zone. secretary of state clinton spoke out in favor of the effort. >> the fact that we have the greater capacity with missiles to take out airfield and air defense systems and all the things we did earlier in this action. >> are we arming the rebels now? since we don't know who these people are? >> it would depend.
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i might need to know more but i would be inclined to do it. i sure wouldn't shut the door to it. >> president obama has clearly stated that the u.s. has no plans to arm rebel forces or send ground troops in libya. >> a dog rescued from the tsunami wreckage was reunited with the owner. she could hardly contain her joy when she saw her owner. her owner saw the rescue on tv. the family was impacted by the tsunami but not significantly. how the dog survived on that rooftop is a big question. >> kristen: let's check in with lisa argen next. sunshine today. >> plenty of 60s out there. the winds are light. temperatures will be above normal today the rest of the week, not as nice.
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i'll have details coming up. >> do you shop here? new security breach that could have consumers in some of the biggest stores and banks paying close attention to the e-mail. >> and a tv anchor is walking away from her desk. what next for katie couric. óa
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several large companies are warning companies about fraudulent e-mails that will try to coax information from them. a dozen companies including several big retailers and banks and hackers may have gotten their hands on hundreds of thousands of e-mail addresses. the banks affected include, capital one, bashing clay's bashing, citigroup, j.p. morgan chase. best buy, tivo, walgreen's and krogers.
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the college board that runs the s.a.t. test say they may have gotten student e-mail addresses. mcdonald's is in a serious hiring spree. they are hiring 50,000 employees. company will try to fill a variety of crew and management positions. >> eric: wow. that is a lot of ambition there. >> step outside if you can today. it is gorgeous right now. temperatures above normal. yesterday we were right around where we should be. you are taking a live look this morning at the emeryville marina. look at all that blue sky. gorgeous day with numbers continuing to climb. we have very light winds out there. look at the south bay, 67 in mountain view. san jose, 68 in los gatos and
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san rafael 57. but everyone will see numbers six to eight degrees above yesterday's readings. things will change rather quickly. from yesterday we're already much, much warmer. 8 degrees warmer in san jose. cooler air mass. we're making up for it. the warming continues throughout the day today. still more sunshine. we will need it. it will be cooler as a weak frontal system comes through bringing down the temperatures and then another system bringing down the numbers again. a chance of showers looking like thursday, opening day looks good but it looks cold. pacific satellite. you'll notice california high and dry here. high pressure building over the eastern pacific. with that, getting a very light offshore flow. you know what that means, warmer temperatures, warming very quickly today. things will change awfully convincing.
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change to wednesday when it's ten degrees cold are. by overnight wednesday into thursday morning. we do have a few light showers. not a lot of moisture with the system but the trajectory of the low moving over that colder weather. that could bring us showers on thursday. 74 santa clara as well as milpitas. the warming continues to the 70s on the peninsula. 60s at the beaches as well as daly city. 70 downtown in the north bay. some of the warmer numbers 76 santa rosa. 72 vallejo and 75 in oakland. newark low 70s and out over the hills, mid-70s. 77 in brentwood, down to the monterey bay, upper 60s for monterey. look ahead, tomorrow will be as much as 6-7 degrees cooler. then colder on wednesday night into thursday.
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looks like another opportunity for rain next sunday. it appears that katie couric is leaving her anchor post. her contract expires in early june and several media reports say she is expected to step down and launch a syndicated talk show. neither couric nor cbs has made a comment. she would leave in five years after being the first woman to solo an evening newscast. >> there is a fewer lost bags from airlines but travelers were sill dissatisfied. complaints went up 28% last year. the author of the report says mostly due to changes in the way airlines are doing business. there are fewer flights and fewer seats available. so flights are more overcrowded and tougher to rebook when a
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flight is cancelled. delta had the most complaints followed by united and u.s. airways. southwest had the fewest complaints. alaska airlines had the second lowest and mesa air was third. >> starting today chp and more than 2300 agencies will do a month long crackdown on distracted drivers. they are looking for drivers that are doing hand-held phone calls and text messaging. 6,000 more have been cited for the texting ban that took effect six months later. >> we'll be right back. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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today on oprah at 4:00, donald trump and his five children. then at 5:00, are you working hardener this economy. it can be hard on your health, too. and another day of inspections for southwest airlines and the flying public. >> enjoy the sun today and rest of the week. >> it's going to get much colder and return of some rain. five to seven degrees cooler but the middle of the week is when we'll be shivering. >> a tv first! oprah: the whole trump family! the billionaire dad of a family empire -- donald trump, his wife melania, and his five children --all together! then --
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