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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  April 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a bold criminal. whether or not he is shooting at someone that takes a special type of criminal at large in the public. >> the initial reports indicate that the robber fled on foot. they panned the neighborhoods. they searched the bank yards. >> they told me what they were doing and appeared to be concerned. >> police are reveing the surveillance video . the general policy is not to disclose how much is missing. >> depending on the teller and the demands would depend on the take. we don't know what the amount was at this time. >> it is branch behind me was also held up in november. but the person responsible for that robbery and six other south bay bank robberies was
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arrested earlier this month. in san jose abc 7 news. >> it in oakland two men were shot to death and four men wounded early this morning. police are investigating whether the killer opened fire with a assault rifle on broadway. that is accord toth chronicle. another man was shot in the league in another night club a few blocks away. >> this is the safest neighborhood in town and an anomly. >> we closed a couple of clubs in the past five years because there was violence at them. >> police stepped up patrols in the area. two male shooting victims suffered life threateping injuries. the drove a white dodge avinger similar to this one. >> a twist over the battle of same-sex marriage.
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the federal judge who ruled against them should have recused himself from the case because he is gay and has a long-term partner. he confirmed he is gay and supporters of prop 8 said he has been with the same man 10 years and walker declared proposition 8 a violation of california gay rights . a hearing on today's motion is set for july. >> highway 92 is closed in both directions in half moon bay and between main street and sky line. we'll have more on this as more information becomes available. >> the department of homeland security janet napolitano came to uc berkeley. she was there to talk about the government's approach to cyber security. >> they are in berkeley with the story for us. >> napolitano's speech was part homeland security and part recruiting session and
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saying graduates with the skills are needed right now and many more in years to come. she did not take questions from the reporter and we could not ask her about the most recent wikileaksrelease. >> secretary of department of homeland security janet napolitano spoke to a packed auditorium. >> if these were ordinary times what we were doing in the homeland security area might be good enough to say we are safe enough. they are not ordinary times. >> napolitano said for the first time the u.s. government is looking at cyber space as its own security domation. >> the dot mill, the department of the defense would have the league . for the civilian side of the government and intersection with the private sector, department of the homeland security would have the lead. >> she made no mention of wike
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wikileaks related to the guantanamo facility. it is the latest installment obtained by wikileaks founder julian assange. he got the materials from private bradly manning and downloaded the while on the job. he was arrested in iraq in may of last year and incarcerated every since. >> mayomi wants him released. they appealed to the president for manning's release. >> the obama administration said the disclosure of the guantanamo documents could damage national security and we strongly condemn the leaking of the sensitive information. >> nothing about the information thus far have been proven and that begs the question why no trial and why
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no plans for a trial and why is this man in solitary confinement for a year. >> mannings' supporters said there is a war crime showing a apache news crew killing the driver in iraq in 200divide . manning is scheduled to be moved to a prison in forth levonworth any day now. >> a new poll on cyber security 71 believe that the safety of the our cities are a issue of national security. 66% of americans think new laws need to be writ tone keep information condition. the penalties for cyber crimes are not tough enough. >> demonstration is part of the world labratory liberation
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week. demonstrators say it is imperative end the testing in labs. >> they are torturing and testing the animals. there are alternatives out there. >> in a statement today research conducted in the lab is. they them always under the highest care and treatment. >> three suspects broke in a jewelry store earlier this month. >> it comes from a surveillance they broke in the store april 12th a. once inside they displayed cases and driving off in a white four door nissan maxima.
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they are not saying how much that is worth. >> early morning fire in north beach is blamed on an electric problem. there is 13 people including five children. they estimate the damage at one and half million dollars. and the red cross is helping those who lost their homes find places to live. >> two days after a fire in a mosque firefighters haven't found out if it was essentially set. they returned to stockton today. huge cranes have been brought in to stabilize the building so investigators can get inside safely. a nearby christian center was damaged in the fire. >> a second urn reported stolen from an almeda church.
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police say the urn containing a 74 year old man's remains was stolen while his wife was at the church preparing for the service. the second urn was stolen from inside of the church. that urn was found four days later. >> millions of video game players are finding that the on line world is shut down for a sixth day. hackers broke in . that means cent millionn owners cannot go on line to compete with each other and other gamers. sony is not saying how long it will be to restore service. they will protect themselves from future attack. >> and on line. everybody likes to play on line. >> you can't say the network is bullet-proof. they are looking close and the security that is necessary for a service like >> and a sony
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spokesman in japan don't know if a credit card or recollect personal information was tollen. >> pg&e shareholders will pay for the retirement package rather than imposing a rate hike on customers. peter darby will retire and the decision will be made to renew customer faith in futility . mr. darby's decision to retire. the board is committed to taking steps to demonstrate the coming is move nothing a different direction. >> there is jobs looking for work. 16 companies will be on hand with 300 approximations to fill. that is welcome news with employment in double digits. >> it is a great time to bring the resume. they do have hiring employers
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and people should come prepared to be hired. >> according to the state development. east bay lost job in manufacturing and government and gained statistic and scientific and government. >> if you are looking for work. >> attend the yob fair in the hilton garden inn from 99 to 4:00 p.m. bart riders will get a chance to tell the transit agency about what they think of the next generation of seats and cars. >> they plan to bring the lab. there is a variety of the car concepts and seat designs it is a chance to weigh in on the idea height and width and leg room . >> big is not always better. we are seeing as our ridership
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is growing. the wider seats means that there is narrower aisles. >> they hope to have them in place in five years. >> and a lott more to come this monday. a decision on the soda tax on sugary soft drirchings. >> serious defects in a popular brand of a baby stroller that consumer reporter is calling a don't buy safety risk . and i am meteorologist sandy pateleand i will show you the temperatures coming up. and how weight lifting pays off for me
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> damaging testimony in the chauncey murder trial.
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bay is accused of ordering the murder . the former oakland police officer that bay's car drove past the scene 45 minutes after this murder in august 200divide -- 2007. that is based on a tracking device. it put the car outside of the apartment building the night before the murder. >> california's sode tax bill is shelved for now but not forever. it is in pence. it can be brought back. and the tax revenue would robbery gone to school and enhance physical education program. and it turns out that sugary
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beverages are the leading contractor to obesity. it is up to parent to monitor the soda drinking and not the government. >> the vallejo high school is celebrating a art project. there will be a dedication and ribbon cutting. the crown jewel is the theater built from funds from measure b. the bond passed by city voters in 2006. it includes a sound stage and digital photography center . computer lab. >> a new study in the journal american of college shows men with greater muscle strength were at a lower percentage of death than those with weaker
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muscles. they followed them 18 years. men with hypertension to do yard work and light weight lifting to build up beyond arobic exercise. >> if you take care of young children. >> consumer reports issued a safety alert. >> this is breaking news actually upon. this alert was issued this evening regarding a stroller. the problem is with the brakes. consumer report said found a problem on the v-tech umprella solder. set the parking brake, step on the brake pedal until the wheels locks. when testers stepped on either pedal. the brake sometimes failed to enengage. you step on the pedal and you hear a click.
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>> the wheels may not be locked. they have not received consumer complaints and be nimble passed voluntarily safety standards. none theless. the brakes are a safety concern. >> if you leave the strollen and it could roll in harm's way and being lead to a serious injury. >> we don't believe that the results of consumer reports testing are indictative of the safety issue. it is not ind-- intended that it is to lock. harried parents may think they are locking when they are not. >> consumer report found a braking problem with all of the strollers and aditizing people not to buy it and stop using one if you own it. >> consumer reports found that
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they have not found the one they tested. they have notified the consumer product safety commission of these finds . >> we have an update on the major road closure affecting the child's commute. >> it is closed right now . main street and sky line because of a gas main brake and leak. it is a three and half mile treach we are talking about. there are no reports of injuries. >> we'll move on to the weather forecast. >> meteorologist sandy patel is here now. we could be nearing the end of the rainy season. no drops accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> we'll get you outside . we'll show you a live picture from the camera. just a few clouds out there
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and plenty of sun to show you and we'll show you another live shot from the high definition. it is breezy outside and the trees swaying there in the wind. wind gifts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour an hour. definitely on the breezy side behind the front that came through and brought us rain. in the 50s on the coast and 60s in the inland areas. clearing and cooler to dry weather this week and looking at windy afternoons on thursday and friday. this afternoon, we saw the cold front moving on out of the here and behind the front we are seeing clearing conditions and breezy conditions out there. it is on the gusty side and making it feel cooler out there. and cold front pushes out of there . we'll see the storm track to the north and cooler on wednesday and by thursday wind
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kicks up. the storm track continues to shift northward. there will not be a chance of rain . cooler than last night. and skies are clearing out . 41 for you in santa rosa and fairfield and livermore and mid-40s and palo alto and half moon bay. temperatures in the the few degrees of today. degrees . 68 in san jose and 68 for you in cooper tino . on the peninsula. temperatures in the 60s tomorrow, and 66 redwood city. it will be cool and breezy near the coast and pacifica 56 degrees. and downtown san francisco 62 and right around daily city. cool and breezy as well and north bay, lows for california, and nasa, mid-to
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upper 50s near the beaches. 66 in oakland and castor valley and freemont. 70 for you in concerd and getting up to 68 in livermore . 68 in santa cruise and morgan hill and gillroy. >> upper 60s and 70s enland . the wind kicks up thursday, and friday. we'll draw your attention to the weekend. near 80 degrees weather coming up upper 60s and the coast on the cool size and upper 50s on the beaches and finally could see spring-like weather here. >> we want to believe it. thank you very much. and just ahead. the bay area company that is cashing in on the royal
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>> the countdown to the royal wedding. a royal wag is in high demand. >> british-american imports sold out of the collectible mugs and plates. demand is high for anything featuring prince william and kate middleton. >> he is bigger than his mom as to when charles and diana were married. it seeps to have appealed to so many people. >> alexander has a wedding wish and hoping to get a few more pieces before the event. >> that's from 1:00 a.m. to
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7:00 . we'll have a special edition of 20-20. a modern ferry tale. >> tune in here on friday. >> highway 92 has been opened. three and half miles should be. it is a job well done.
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we need to solve the problem. the state budget crisis threatens our economy... and our schools. loans to small businesses on hold. job creation at a standstill. 30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts? $13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety, and the california we know.
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it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait. >> coming up in a half an hour. one county's trash is another's treasure. they are putting it on a trash train out of the town. >> a german tourist returns with no hard feelings to the city where his wife was
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murdered. >> michael fenny is back with how to save water and prevent your bill from going up. >> there is a big party today for a woman celebrating 65 years on the job. >> it is an energiic elenar . known for wearing three inch hills. >> the founder told her to top wearing them and she might fall and might sue the hospital. she hasn't had a six day in more than 60 years. it was yen in 1962 when dwightizen hour was sworn in. they made me go home and i was furous. she would like to work five more years or so and slow down. >> slow down in the 90s. world


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