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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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profit company. >> peeping tom. somebody sneaking around the campus looking in windows and showers. sneaking around the campus looking in windows and showers. 7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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>> good evening. controversial plan to privatize the fire department in one peninsula city is being met with protest tonightism it's standing room only in san carlos where the meeting is now extended until midnight. lillian joins us with more on the proposal and protest. lillian? >>reporter: carolyn the san carlos city council took a vote and the vos was unanimous. they decided against out sourc sourceing despite potential for bigger savings. it has become the hot top the ick of san carlos. who gets to run the fire department. fact that city council is considering out sources led to a packed house. excess crowd spilled out into the hallway. >> i think it's important to keep our public agency public.
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what is next, black water service or police. >>reporter: but out sourceing to private company has the potential to save 3 million dollars. other viable option teaming up with redwood city savings 1.7 million dollars. the private company considered says it offers more because the scheduling and retirement system is more efficient and lets expensive. the plan involves hiring as many san carlos firefighters as possible. >> when you are a contract provider you audition every da day. for your continued job. so quality of service is job no. 1. so very, very important to the community. very important to us. >>reporter: in addition to bigger savings, city staff say out sourceing will also lead to more services. >> help senior put up smoke detector. educate the kids. do things that really aren't, you
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know, common in this county. >>reporter: they provide fire service to the federal government including nasa and department of energy. but it has little experience with municipality which the union that represents san carlos firefighters opposes out sourceing. >> they are a for profit company and accountable to shareholders not necessarily accountable to the city of san carlos. >>reporter: the citizen say it's a gamble not ready to take. >> what naps they fail. will you guarantee they can save my news a fire? >>reporter: so the votes tonight is to team one redd with city but if those negotiations fail, then out sourceing could be brought back to the table. live in san carlos, abc 7 news. >> thank you lillian. >> uc berkeley police say a spike in the number of peeping incidents reported in campus dorms this semester. 6 reports of peeping tom since january. most recent happened last week while a woman was showering in a restroom of one of the
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residence hall and saw a head peeking over the partition. suspect is only black smooibing spike hair but that fits the description in another incident as well. >> oakland police are investigating a shooting that left 2 people dead and 4 others injured in an area of town considered safe. 2 men were killed just after 1 this morning near jack london square when gunman randomly sprayed sweet jimmy night club with bullet. 4 people wounded. police say the killer may have been denied entry not club but whatever the motive, jack london square merchant are worried. >> would help down here if we had yawn form police officers down here around the club late at night and making the clubs pay for this. >> that wasn't the only overnight shooting in the square. few block away from sweet yim ya man shot in the leg outside kimball night club. shootings are unrelated. >> oakland city attorney planning to ask a judge for yet another gang injunction in east
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oakland. injunction in north oakland has been in effect for almost a year and fruitvale one is being challenged in court. they ban them from happening out together and impose as curfew. critic said amounts to legalized racial profiling and violates civil rights. >> robber who fired a warning shot inside a san jose bank is still on the loose tonight. happened just before 11 this morning at chase branch on camden avenue. police escorted employee and customers out of the bank. some with hands raised. suspect escaped on foot and with undetermined amount of cash. police searched the near by neighborhood without any luck again bandit still on the loose. >> more sticker shock at the gas pump tonight. the weekly report from the u.s. energy department shows the national average price of georgias lean now 3.88 a gallon. for california 4.23 and san francisco it's 4.38. keep in mind every dollar increase cost
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the typical family about 1,000 dollars a year. new poll shows 58 percent of us are driving less as a result of these high prices. 71 percent say it has become a hardship. and as allen reports, starting to have an impact in other areas of our economy as well. >> we didn't get tomatoes. tomatoes are 79 cents a piece. >>reporter: tomatoes at the highest price in 4 years. cindy has 5 mouths to feed on single income. >> baking at home is expensive now. >>reporter: she may have to tighten her belt even more because the u.s. department of agriculture is projecting higher food prices by the end of the year. beef prices are expected to rise 8%. pork up 7.5 percent. and produce as much as 4.5 percent. >> means we don't go out that much. don't go to movies. thinking of turning off cable. >>reporter: she still has her job but higher food price could have a huge impact on the unemployed. >> keep from eating fill lay
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and lobster. >>reporter: and now i'm down to chicken wing and canned signs inflation projection are being driven by higher energy and have had commodity prices along with growing global demand for food. >> income in delevoping country are increasing. for people in china and india and other country want to eat meat rather than to eat vegetable. >>reporter: professor david silverman is an agricultural economist at uc berkeley and says if americans are suffering in the global food shortage, the situation will be much worse in other parts of the world. >> when the praise of food is very high some people die. this is the scene that is problematic so we really need to make sure that that we increase supply otherwise we have a problem. >>reporter: the shortage means we'll see more price fluctuation in the future and says the world may have to turn to genetically modified food to increase supplies. in the east bay, allen wong 7 news.
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>> pg&e says natural gas leak that closed busy highway 92 at the height of rush hour was caused by the failure of regulator that helped maintain proper pipeline pruvrment the leak near main street and a half map bay reported just before 5 this afternoon. highway 92 reopened half hour later after utility craw contained the leak. traffic was already backed up for miles. fbi issued nationwide be on the look out alert for suspect wanted in a mall fire last week in littleton, colorado. 65-year-old earl albert moore but has a number of aliases listed on the right of the screen. he's considered armed and dangerous. you might also recognize him by at that time too on his arms. moore is wanted in a connection with not only the fire but also the discovery of a paper bomb in propane tank last week on the anniversary of the columbine high school shootings 2 miles from the mall. fbi spokesman said today investigators have uncovered a motive for the fire
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but would only say that it was probably not related to the columbine anniversary. >> supporters of proposition 8 today filed a motion to nullify the verdict that could legalize same sex marriage in californi california. judge walker declared proposition 8 unconstitutional last summer but now supporters claim walker public acknowledgement that he's gay and long-term partner is grounds for over turning his decision. they say walker should have removed himself from the case because of conflict of interest. u.s. issues warning to all americans in syria tonight. that's just ahead. >> also play station frustration. sony shuts down the popular gaming network and players may have a reason to be worried. that story. >> and also. the phone app angering both humane society and michael vick. then this. >> i love to come to work. i really truly do. this woman has been on the same job since gas was 21 cents a gallon and
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hasn't missed a day of work for being sichblingt her remarkable story. >> coming up later on "nightline". >> bill coming up next on "nightline". gold all time record high but you might be surprised by which investment are to go even better. plus she's about to become a princess but where does she come from tattoo uncle to the chaty hairdresser cousin we
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>> closed captioning brought to stionz are. >> with violence escalateing in syria americans and embassy staff are urgeed to leave the country as soon as possible. recommendation came as thousands office syrian soldiers backed by tank and snipers opened fire on anti-government demonstrators in the city of dara killing at least 11 people. that brings the death toll to more than 350 since the protest began last month. pg&e promised today that stockholders not customers not you will pay the entire cost of outgoing ceo darby retime. he's leaving with retirement package worth 35 million dollars in total. his pension
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benefits are valued around 10 million dollars. the decision is part of pg&e effort to renew customers faith in utility just 8 most after the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion that killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. >> for the sixth day millions of play station users can not get on line. sony shut down the play station network after hackers broke in. that means 75 million play station owner can't compete against other on line gamers and question about security as well. sony isn't saying how long it will take to restore service but working to prevent future attack by hacke hacker. >> they should do whenever it takes to get them back up on line and everybody likes to play on line. >> never can say the network is bullet proof but hopefully looking coastally at what kind of security is necessary for service like this with extra dovs. >>reporter: sony spokesman in japan says the attack may have compromised user information but says the company doesn't know if credit card information
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has been stolen. >> michael vick is leading the charge against cell phone app being sold for google android software that says glorifies dog fighting. app called dog war and players feed water train then fight the virtual dog against others. vick released a statement on the humane society web site criticizing the app claiming it sends the wrong message. creator cage game emphasizes that it is only a video game. >> state announced today it's finding a san francisco nursing home 100,000 dollars after patient was murdered at the facility. police say a resident was some of the erred with a pillow by a staff member at the mission district convalescent center last year. center was cited for inadequate care that led to the death of 87-year-old woman on march 22. nursing assistant was arrested and is now awaiting trial on murder charges. bill that would require skiers and snowboarders under the able of 18 to wear helmet on the slope approved by the
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state senate today. now heads to the assembly. bill which was written by san francisco state senator yee would fine violators $25. several republicans called the measure an example of nanny government and argue it would cost too much to enforce. many people change jobs like they change cars. that is what makes 85-year-old helena griffin so remarkable. she celebrated 65 year at same job today. she hasn't 10 a sick day since dwight eisenhower was inaugurated president. here's don sanchez. [applause]. >>reporter: this is into the retirement party. energetic 85-year-old helena griffin has been working for this company for 65 years. >> i love to kilometer to work. i really truly do. >>reporter: she started in 1 1946. harry true map presiden president. minimum wage was 40 cents an hour. she's never stopped wearing 3 inch high heels even after hospital founder told her to stop
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wearing them she could fall and sue. >> can't not smile when you see her walking down the hall i mean running down the the hall. >>reporter: she was hired when she came in for will be test and phone ringing non-stoychlt one of the doctors hollered and what are you doing she said i'm a secretary he said well answer the darn telephone. l she answered the telephone and she and they hired her. >>reporter: and helena has not had a sick day in 60 years. >> i wouldn't have gone home then because i wasn't sick. they made me go home. i was furious. >>reporter: when she had her appendix out she was back on the job the next day typing with an i.v. in her arm. back then she had one of the first electric type writers but she succumb to the computer. >> i'm still learning because i got one, 15 minute lesson. >> relevant virginia haven't. modern. refreshing. attitude is just amazing. >>reporter: she's shoe still a member of the sinatra fan club and how does she get to work. >> i drive now. i didn't learn how to drive until i was 67.
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>>reporter: 65 years. and a mraichbility i want to go from my desk to the morgue with nothing in between. the ceo says how could you refuse an offer like that. in berkeley, 7 news. >> awfully zero news the background. >> she's remarkable. >> great lady. >> talk about the weather forecast. nice week. >> sandy is here with flt war. on the way. >> close to 80 degrees by the time we hit the weekend. for a change i have a dry accu-weather 7 day forecast. certainly not dry this morning. we had rain then this afternoon still some residual clouds from our high definition camera you can see as the sun was setting at 7:54 clouds started to clear out and tonight pl mostly clear out there. temperatures are running a little bit cooler as a result. 49 degrees in los gatos. santa rosa and most of
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the rest of the bay area in the 50's. it's still breezy out there. mainly clear cool tonight. dry rest of the week. with windy afternoon for your thursday and your friday. so we have a dry week ahead for a change. show where you we stand. to date. santa rosa 123 percent of normal. san francisco 120 percent of normal. you can see oakland 117. san jose lagging a little bit behind at 95 percent. sacramento and ukiah above normal as well. so you can enjoy this weather without feeling guilty. here's satellite picture. higher pressure. pushing the stormtrack to the north and it will continue to lift the jet stream to the north of sows we are not expecting any rain over the next 7 days f.8 or financial days as a matter of fact. so it is expected to remain a dry forecast with temperatures fluctuating within a few degrees. tonight look for cooler readings. 39 degrees in napa under mainly clear skies. low 40's for santa rosa. fairfield.
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livermore. down to the mid 40's range for palo alto, san jose, half machine bay, really it is going to be a cooler night tonight which means a cooler start tomorrow. but the temperatures will really bounce back up as we see a lot more sun than we did today. 68 degrees in san jose. 67 for sunnyvale santa clara up in the 60's on the peninsula. 66 for redd with city. upper 60's pal a.mountain view. still another cool breezy afternoon in pacifica wind off the ocean. 56 degrees there. 62 in downtown san francisco you. 57 sunset district. mostly sunny and mild day in the north bay for santa rosa, napa 70 degree range. going to be a cool day at bodega bay. 55 there. 57 at stinson beach. east bay 60's. 66 oakland. castro valley, fremont inland areas bouncing back up to average. 70 degrees in concord and pittsburgh. 78 for you in livermore and around the monterey bay another breezy
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afternoon 59 in monterey. 58 for new carmel. low 70's inland for morgan hill and gilroy. that's going to be the upper end of our range here over the next 2 days. 50 at the pweechlts temperatures drop just a little bit thursday but not for long. friday the warming begins and over the weekend some of the warmest daisy of the next 7. mid upper 70's inland. low 70's around the bay. upper 50's to low 60's coast sichltd enjoy the spring warmth. >> good timing on that too thanks. >> all right. if et nuts a call that may not be anyone around to pick it up. >> scientist about to pull the plug on the search for intelligent life in outer space. >>.
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>> hunt for life in outer space on hold tonight in california budget crisis partially to blame. shrinking state federal funding forced the california
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base search for extra trees yell intelligence institute to suspend operations. along with uc berkeley radio astronomy lab it operates the allen telescope array the field of dish like tell scopes 300 miles north of san francisco. they hope the fire up the array again by 2 2013. move over mavericks. ocean beach in san francisco host the first major surf contest in more than a deck aichltd surf company rip curl holds a different he snrent different location and the next contest held here in san francisco in november. organizers say san francisco ocean beach offers new dimension namely colder water, good waves and offshore winds. >> not sure colder water is thrilling. >> yes. >> if thornton. biggest goal as shavrjt sports tonight. bi biggest moment over time game 6. and finishes the kings.
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biggest moment over time game 6. and finishes the kings. sports next.
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8/hçtçtçtçtdd = = =%%%%%%%%%s;sñ >> good evening. last year slowing app giants baseball torture. sharks providing the same kind of torture this year. bottom line is though the sharks win game 6 in overtime in la and advance in the play offs. wayne on the glass tonight. second period game tied at 1. joe gather the puck along the board. perfect pass to jason. who beats quick and 2-1. third period 18 seconds in. ryan smith on the rebound and suddenly we are tied again at 2. la had momentum. danny heatley here he is off the post to beat quick. the sharks 3-two 8 minutes left. on the power play. lewis in front tied yet again 3-3. closing seconds. kings on the power play. under siege. 3 king shots later the sharks kill off a 5 minute power play on to over time. randy with the cal
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call. >> the sharks win the series in overtime. >> wow! thornton biggest goal of the shark followed by the pyer shroud celebration. shar sharks win advancing 4 games-2 to face it's chicago or detroi detroit. >> i think there was if getting gel twice.xd fichlt nf l look ot for the moment. federal judge nelson sided with the player yawn but not clear when we see the next kick off in the nfl. owner back to court to appeal the ruling to get a stay that put the lock out back in effect. some players are expected to return to their team facility tomorrow. they won't practice and won't be allowed to lift weight risk injury on either side. the florida is with the ruling get leverage on their side if and
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when the 2 side return to negotiate. a's look at weaver of the angels tonight. not that they could see much of the fast ball because that is a blur. ellis hitting 210 coming that the game. o for 4 tonigh tonight. average going down. can't catch up with the fast ball. gonzalez in trouble in the second. kendrick here with the base hit to right center. scores a pair. angel take a lead. that was really all that weaver needed. smoke for peping ton here as weaver goes the distance. l 6 and o. angels blank the a's. giants night off. play offs. in the spurs. early vacation. look behind the back then behind the back pass to parker. spurs up. but memphis out scored san antonio 20 in the second half. oj for 3 and then arthur here. memphis on the verge of the top seed. 104-86 the final and
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grizzly in shocking fashion here now lead the series 3 games to 1. speaking of shocking. sudden end to the shark tonight. they win 4 games to 2. 3 of the sick try in the series come in overtime. you want to talk about drama and thriller. that is great. >> thanks larry. >> "nightline"up next. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> appreciate your time hope to see you again here tomorrow. >> appreciate your time hope to see you again here tomorrow. good night.
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