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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 12, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- >> inside osama bin laden's private journals. targeting other u.s. cities for future attack, withdesire to d top september 11th. toxic tests. we find out what is in that deadly and dangerous soup. the floodwaters that will not disappear for weeks. and it is the stuff of legend. the donald's famous mane. he now reveals what is up with his hair. good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us. even while he was deep in hiding, osama bin laden kept urging his followers to find new targets in the u.s. >> this information is revealed in journals that bin laden kept.
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this is no dear diary, however, with the cia now poring over every word. emily schmidt joins us with details from washington. good morning, emily. >> reporter: rob and peggy, you are exactly right. u.s. officials are getting a better idea of osama bin laden's plots, by seeing them in his own words. it's all thanks to a handwritten journal they are now combing through. officials say osama bin laden's writings say he wanted the next attack in the u.s. to be bigger than 9/11. spread across the country, in los angeles and smaller cities that may not expect as a target. >> makes it more difficult to track. it makes it more symbolic low xapgs. >> reporter: the information comes from computer files and handwritten journals, seized when navy s.e.a.l.s raided bin laden's compound last week. it showed while bin laden stayed inside his compound for years, he was still in command of al qaeda, relying on a courier to send the plans worldwide. >> the fact that bin laden
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wanted to kill thousands of americans does not surprise me at all. >> i think the reality is, we do have a real threat. and we need to pay attention. >> reporter: officials say the notes describe plots like attacking the u.s. rail system. some lawmakers say it is good reason not to cut back on funding the u.s. intelligence community. >> this is our chance to break the back of al qaeda. it's no chance -- no opportunity for us to retreat. >> reporter: we're getting new insight into public reaction on all of this. a new associated/gfk poll shows that 87% of americans thought that the killing of bin laden in the raid on that compound was justified. interestingly, though, just 64%, think the white house made the right decision not to release the photos of bin laden's body. >> what else do the journals show us about bin laden? >> reporter: officials say look at it more as a professional planning document, as opposed to a personal diary. they say it does give some indication that bin laden was a
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meticulous note-taker. it gives us an idea of his doctrine and aspirations for al qaeda. one very important thing, though, they say at this point, that any of the plots he was writing about is now active. rob and peggy? >> emily schmidt, thank you. this morning, thousands of people in the mississippi delta are packing up to leave ahead of historic floods. some homes are already under water. the mississippi river is expected to crest in vicksburg, a week from today, a foot and a half above the 1927 record. if the levees hold, vicksburg could lose $2 million in drops. the next crest will be in louisiana. a major concern up and down that river. water contamination. steve osunsami tested the water in memphis. >> reporter: we're outside a memphis school because this is one of the locations where we tested the water. health officials have been encouraging residents to stay away from the water, saying it's too dangerous. and we found out why. we tested the water here and in
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south memphis. while we found no evidence of pesticides or met talls. we found that the levels of e. coli, and bacteria, is 2,000 times above any acceptable limits. residents we talked with who we shared this with were obviously very upset. we're being told that any homeowners coming in contact with this should shower immediately. and that homes will have to be decontaminated because of this water exposure. steve osunsami, abc news, memphis. and yet another consideration, all that standing water could stick around for weeks and also turn into a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. overseas, now, where nato air strikes have rocked libya's capital this morning. the attacks appear to be targeting gadhafi's compound in central libya. hours before that, gadhafi himself appeared briefly on tv for the first time since his son was killed in a nato air strike last month.
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also, at least ten people have been killed after two earthquakes struck southeast spain. dozens of people were hurt there. and there was severe damage to buildings. it was the highest quake-related death toll in that country in many years. many people spent the night in emergency shelters because of continued aftershocks. on capitol hill, an emotional hearing as peace corps volunteers described how they were raped while overseas. they also said that the corps reacted insensitivity in the aftermath of those crimes. >> i was then sent to speak with the peace corps staff investigator, who said, i'm so sick of you girls going over there, drinking, dancing, flirting. and if a guy comes on to you, you say you were raped. >> a counselor had me write down everything i had done wrong. >> the head of the piece corps has apologized and has admitted
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that the corps has not always been responsive or compassionate to the victims or their families. billy graham is in a hospital this morning recovering from a bout of pneumonia. doctors are treating him with antibiotics. but they say he is fully alert, in good spirits and signed his own hospital admission papers. they have an update on the latest runaway from the bronx zoo, the peacock, which is actually a pea hen because she is a girl. she was corralled and brought back to the zoo, where the vet says she seems to be fine. but this guy working at an auto glass business. he looked out and saw the peacock in traffic. let's take a look at your weather from around the country this morning. another stormy day from texas to iowa. hail, gusty winds and rain in des moines, st. louis, little rock, dallas and houston. thunderstorms from minneapolis to memphis. afternoon showers from the
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carolinas to miami. mountain snow in the northern rockies and cascades and rain in the pacific northwest. >> another 57-degree day in seattle. 75 in boise. 91 in phoenix. mostly 80s from dallas to detroit. 71 here in new york. 90 in atlanta. and 87 in new orleans. coming up after the break, is site safe? new tests from the seafood from the gulf of mexico. and the rapper at the white house, with prototy last night. drawing extreme criticism this morning. the first lady under fire. and we now know what will happen to that world-famous hat. >> oh, dear. >> oh, man.
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the government says that we are not driving as much because of high gasoline prices. gas consumption fell 2.5% last week. and that caused gas futures to fall 8%. although, there's not much change yet at the pump. oil prices are up this morning overseas, where tokyo's nikkei average lost 1.5% today. hong kong's hang seng is about down the same. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, a tough day. the dow lost 130 points yesterday, because of less demand for commodities such as gasoline. the nasdaq index also lost ground. this morning, ben bernanke will update congress on new rules. the new regulations are intended to prevent another financial meltdown of banks and financial companies. the new rules will go into
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effect next year. also, there were fewer f ee foreclosures last month than the month before. that could drag out any recovery in the housing market because foreclosures keep home prices low. researchers say it is okay to eat seafood from the gulf of mexico. it's been a full year since the massive oil spill in the gulf. but studies find there's not enough contamination in the fish to cause concern. agencies should keep testing that gulf seafood. it is, perhaps, the most infamous of all the royal wedding hats. now, you can own it, for the right price. we are talking about the beige fascinator worn by princess beatrice. it has its own facebook page. the hat is up for auction on ebay, with proceeds going to charity. we've heard different amounts that it could bring in. but in the thousands, they're saying. >> i'll give it a nickel. >> a lot of people really didn't like it.
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>> yeah. it is taste. >> very distracting. somebody who maybe should wear a hat more often. we're going to talk to donald trump who reveals his hair styling secrets. >> you won't believe it. plus, the new worry. not just bedbugs now. but guess what? the bacteria they carry. also, a navy s.e.a.l. on trial for this attack, randoming beating people at a las vegas hotel with a pipe.
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between memphis and little rock on the westbound sound. wet on i-20, from shreveport. rain on i-80, from cheyenne to chicago. slick on i-5, 90 and 84 in washington state. >> and speaking of flying, if you're headed to the airport, there are possible delays in houston, dallas, kansas city, chicago, and minneapolis. newt gingrich did not waste any time taking shots at president obama just hours after announcing his run for the white house, with a tweet. >> via twitter. the former white house speaker told fox news, the president will say whatever he needs to to win. jonathan karl takes a look at gingrich and the likely gop field. >> reporter: and now, tossing his tweet in the ring, newt gingrich. >> i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> reporter: gingrich joins a republican field that seems tailor-made for "saturday night live." >> this is a great time for this nation's greatest man, me. >> reporter: potential candidates include a billionaire developer with a reality show
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and hair that seems to deny gravity. the guy that ran godfather's pizza. two candidates to support decriminalizing drugs and prostitution. obama's former ambassador to china. and the former governor the president credits for inspiring his health care plan. no wonder speaker of the house john boehner told us 450ez hoping for more candidates. >> i'm not sure we've seen all of the candidates we're going to see. i'm as anxious as anybody else to see all of the candidates come out. >> reporter: as for gingrich? on paper, he looks like a top contender. a former speaker of the house, who actually produced balanced budgets. a conservative known to all republicans. for all the republican problems, if gas stays near $4 a gallon, unemployment anywhere near 9%, they still believe that barack obama is eminently beatable. in fact, in the latest abc news
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poll, 45% said they would definitely not vote for obama. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. well, the president and mrs. obama hosted a controversial event last night, celebrating poetry and the spoken word. the inclusion of grammy award winning rapper, common, was blasted by conservative critics like sarah palin. also former white house aide, karl rove. they labeled the performer a thug. in his presentation, common celebrated the rise of president obama and mourned for young people who find it, quote, hard to see blessings in a violent culture. a nevada courthouse has released video of a navy s.e.a.l. on a bloody rampage on the las vegas strip. luke shawly is accused of randomly attacking people with a pipe in march of last year. all of it caught on surveillance tape. shawley's attorney says someone put drugs in his drink. toxicology reports show a high alcohol level but no drugs. >> bizarre.
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we could soon learn more details about the mysterious crash of an air france jet off of brazil two years ago. officials are set to reveal what was recovered from the black box recorders. all the people on the flight were killed. the cause of the crash has long puzzled aviation experts. the news about bedbugs just got worse. doctors in canada found that the insects can carry a superbug. a drug-resistant staph ak tier ya. bedbug bites lead to crashing, that can break the skin and leave the body more vulnerable to germs. the season is over for one more nba team. let's get the high rights from espn news. >> for lebron james came the decision. plenty of dissension. a little retribution. and time for redemption. looking to knock doc rivers and
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company out of the playoffs. check out dwyane wade. the first half was his personal playground. that crazy and one. to the third quarter, celtics down one. ray allen, five of ten from three. he had 18 points to lead the cs. fourth quarter, game tied at 87-87. good from outside the por rob la, as well. james, another triple. 5 of those and 33 points. 40 seconds to go. the pilfer and punctuation. heat win 97-87. next up, either chicago or atlanta. meanwhile, kevin durant and the thunder hosting the grizzlies. first quarter, durant attacking. straight to the rim. take another look. marc gasol can't get over. oklahoma city down four.
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durant, to westbrook, to hardin. apologize to chris hemsworth. he had 11 points. then, it's durant for three. 19 points. thunder go on to win 99-72. they're up 3-2, in the series. i'm steve weissman with your espn news update. for more highlight, check out "the highlight express" on espn news. it has been the speculation of many, many conversations. we're talking, now, about donald trump, his hair. he's finally coming forward to tell you how he does it. if you've always wanted hair like this, this is what you have to do. the presidential candidate tells "rolling stone," he washes his air with shed and shoulders and then, he lets it air dry. >> e oh, the secret comes out. he says he combs it forward and then back. he denies trying to cover a bald
4:21 am
spot. it was never the hairline in question. it was the hair style. >> that answers a lot of questions. he goes forward and then, the flip back. and i'm sure a lot of spray is involved. >> it's certainly presidential. come up next, the stories we will be following today, including a grilling for big oil ceos on capitol hill. stay with us for those stories. thank you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot.
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stories we'll be watching this thursday. president obama meets, today, with senate republicans to discuss upcoming legislation, in particular, the budget deficit. he met yesterday with democrats on the same issue. the heads of the five biggest oil companies, shell, common mobil, conoco phillips, bp and chevron will be on capitol hill today. senate democrats want to repeal $2 billion a year in tax breaks for the oil industry. floodwaters are swoll lowing up more homes and farmland in the mississippi delta today. 16 casinos in the state were forced to shut down, putting thousands of people out of work. the mississippi river is expected to crest next week, topping a record set back in 1927. and the embattled "spider-man" musical returns to broadway today. "spider-man: turn off the dark" follows a three-week hiatus and overhaul. the show is now set to officially open in a month. for some of you, now, your local news is next. >> and for everybody else, which
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next on abc7 at 4:30. cops running a brothel? new accusations that they were running a house of prostitution. why the man that took this picture of a maybe baby says he is fine. >> it's a bit warmer but the cooling trend is on the way for the weekend. >> and frarn ces has the traffic. well, it is part of life here in new york. movie sets that take over entire city blocks. >> and all the parking spaces.
4:28 am
yes, movie sets are one thing. movie star trailers are a complete other. will smith's supersized home away from home has made news this week. his neighbors said get it out of here. kimberly richardson reports. >> this has just taken over the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: but he didn't seem to have a care in the world. will smith flashed his million-dollar smile, but refused to talk with me. come on. one question. about this, his double-decker luxury trailer that was supposed to be parked on broome street until friday. but now, must move. the city gave the actor his marching orders. is it excess? >> this is what will needs to be comfortable to make the movies he's been making through the years. >> reporter: it's top-the line, stretches some 50 feet across, can expand up. this second trailer is smith's gym. he ducks in and out between takes. he's filming "men in black iii." but kathy dillon is seeing red.
4:29 am
i found her on greene street. >> i think it's a problem for the neighborhood's air quality, peace of mind. i think it's over the top. >> we will get the truck. and we will get access to the shot. >> reporter: despite its size, the multimillion-dollar motor home doesn't violate any regulations. the proper permits are in place. still, complaints pored into the film's production company. who reached out to the city and thought it was in everybody's best interest to relocate. but some say they welcome the trailers, extras and crew. >> it means dollars for our city. >> reporter: does it disrupt your life at all? >> no. it makes life interesting. >> reporter: this time, the trailer will drop anchor in a nearby private lot for the next three day, as smith keeps on his game face. will? really. >> yes. a private lot probably where that belongs, i would imagine. >> yeah. come on, man. there's ot g


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