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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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this cart, off the route. >> you can't have good music. sorry. >> reporter: with 55,000 registered runners and thousands more along the way for the party, the police were outnumbered. >> if ale looking for something that -- still figuring out a way. >> as long as we're using a plastic cup, it looks family friendly. >> reporter: others didn't even try to hide it. neighbors who complain of the necessary left behind after the race, say they did notice one difference. >> not as much urinating this year from what i've seen so far. it's awesome. we run it, and we come back, and just watch the chaos happen. >> that chaos included multiple arrests, and a 30-year-old man dancing on the roof of this home fell 30 feet to the ground. >> it's a party house, bay to
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breakers, people get out of control. we try to regulate it, but people climb the fire escape. >> i live here in the city. it's a celebration of san francisco history and culture. >> how much have you had to drink? >> two beers. >> reporter: organize ares say all the changes they put in place made at it success. police have released preliminary arrest records. 25 people in custody. most of them for public drunkenness. abc-7 news. >> alan: that storm that passed through northern california left hail in parts of the bay area, and snow in the sierra. an abc viewer sent in this picture of hail in napa. the you report powder by youtube. you can see the small white ice pellets. and our luz -- our producer sent in this picture of a week
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funnel. >> leigh: it has been a wild spring, especially towards the sacramento valley area. you can see the lying lightning. most activity is winding down. and one to the north of nap pavment towards the east bay, you can get a sense. altamont, a brief shower, the other one heads towards the byron highway. looking clear from san jose toward gilroy. how much rain from the system? these are preliminary totals. we have more for you tonight at 11:00. close to half an inch for st. helena, lesser amounts toward san jose and the levermore valley area. more rain is in the seven-day forecast. we get a little break tonight, get ready for the showers tomorrow. >> alan: we invite you to send us your weather pictures. you can upload them to you
6:03 pm or e-mail them to us at kgo -- >> this cold and snowy weather forced the cancellation of the first stage of the tour of california. this is what it looks like at leanly valley in south lake lake tahoe where the race was supposed to start. the resort is closed but there's a pretty good coating of snow at the top of the tram. oakland police are on the scene of a triple shooting. this happened about two hours ago in the 6600 block of mcarthur boulevard, across from the evergreen cemetery. police are not saying anything about a motive or suspects. the mother of giants fan brian stow says she has no resentment for dodger fans or the city of los angeles. stow's family held a press conference today in los angeles, tomorrow he will be moved to san francisco general. his mother thanked the city of
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los angeles for its support. >> this press con for instance very bittersweet because we're taking brian home. so on behalf of our family, we would like to say thank you to the community that has embraced brian and supported him. >> alan: stow is being transferred to san francisco general because of its trauma center. he'll be treated by the chief of neurosurgery who specializes in brain and spinal spinal cord in. >> the united states is poised to hit its debt ceiling tomorrow. it will no longer be able to borrow money from the public to pay its bills. tomorrow, treasury secretary thyme geithner will start borrowing from the retirees pensions.
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the federal government will likely default on obligations if the congress does not increase the debt ceiling. >> california is beginning to see a welcome resurgence in tax revenue. it should be good news but will likely make it more difficult for the governor to win a five-year renewal some of taxes. all though the state's unemployment rate is 12%, the state received 2.5 billion more in tasks than projected. governor brown releases his new revised budget tomorrow. pot clubs are bringing in big bucks for the city of san jose. the finance department released figures showing that medical marijuana disspend riz paid $290,000 in taxes during march, the first month of the tax on pot dispensaries was implemented. this is good news for the city which is facing a
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$115 million deficit. the windfall could be short-lived. last month the council voted to limit more than 100 pot clubs to just ten. a plan to cut down a 300-year-old valley oak tree is creating conflict in men low -- menlo park. they plan to cut down this tree tomorrow to make room for a pipeline which could transport water to the bay area. neighbors are planning to gather in front of the tree tomorrow morning to prevent crews from cutting it down. they say there are alternatives to installing the pipe without killing the tree. federal authorities opened three more flood gates in louisiana's morganza spillway, they're trying to divert water from the mississippi river to save new orleans and baton rouge from flooding. the river hascrested in new orleans seven feet before not gate. >> four glad threats are now open at the morganza spillway,
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in the mississippi river is rushing through, rolling across the basin. formlands transformed from a dry field to a lake. houses and road being submerged. animals are being forced to deal with the rising water. opening the spillway diverted the water from the cities of baton rouge and new orleans. >> we keep coming back, and nothing is going to push us out of louisiana. >> people in the path of the flood waters are urged to evacuate. some in this community, just 50 miles from the spillway, are racing to get their valuables to higher ground. >> i'm going to watch it daily. if i see it coming up, you know, if i feel threatened by it, i'm going. >> reporter: ronald per perry has lived in morgan city. >> a nice retirement life, and seems like everything is turning upside-down on us now. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations are now issue ud for parted of the parish, including
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the three-mile lake area. voluntary evacuations are also in effect. if the residents refuse to leave, they will not be forced out of their homes but they will not be checked on again. abc news, louisiana. >> alan: one of the most powerful men in the world is facing serious charges tonight. up next, the head of the international monetary fund responds to accusations of sexual sexual -- sexual
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>> all new. the biggest controversy in "oprah show" history. now, five years after "a million little pieces," they meet again. oprah, james frey. the interview.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: senator dianne fine tine says she has seen the death photos of osama bin laden and still believes they should not be made public. she saw the photos on friday at cia headquarters in virginia. chev says viewing them has not changed her mine about releasing them to the public. the cia briefed her five months ago that bin laden had been tracked to a compound in pakistan. they also told her about the navy seal raid a day before it happened. fine tine -- feinstein says she viewed the death photos reluctantly after others pressed her to do so. >> the chief of the international monetary fund is denying charges he sexually assaulted a hotel maid in new york city. dominic strauss-kahn is one of
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the most powerful men in the world and a potential candidate for president of france. tonight he is under arrest in crew,. >> the arrest went down like a scene from a movie, a high powered international banker yanked from his plane seat moments before his flight took off for paris, now charged with three crimes. >> attempted rape, and unlawful imprintment. >> his lawyer says strauss-kahn denies them all. his trouble started when the housekeeper came to clean his suite. the wyoming thought it was empty. strauss khan emerged naked from the bathroom and attacked her. she fought him off before he dragged her into the bathroom again. by the time ploiption arrived straws was gone, detectives found his cell phone in the room. this is not the first time straws kahn has been in trouble.
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in 2008 this, married father of father had an affair, later admitting an error of judgment. his rumors of sexual a paid,es ask escapades have been rumored in for instance. >> he already had a sexual problem with another lady. >> these latest accusations have touched off a political tsunami in france,y strauss-kahn was seen as having a real shot to be the country's next president, and the international monetary fund has named his second in command the acting director. >> alan: danville pilot sully sullenberger shares some advice to purdue university graduates. leigh glaser tells us if we will see enemy rain in the week ahead. >> mike: defense wins games unless you're the oakland as.
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'. >> alan: congresswoman gabrielle giffords has arrived in florida for the launch of the space
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shuttle endeavour. this is a live picture of the shuttle on the launch pad. giffords flew in this afternoon. she shuttle is said to be fueled tonight and the weather looks good for the launch at 5:56. a.m. our time. the crew includes a san jose native, greg chamatov. this is giffords' second trip to florida to see the launch. giffords was shot in the face in january and has been making a remarkable recovery. retired airline pilot chelsly sul help berger spoke at purdue's commencement ceremonies. he safely landed a plane on he hudson river. the danville resident told great grad whats he felt he had been preparing his whole life for that moment. >> me message tonight is simple and that's for you to do what i tried to do in my life.
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to never stop investing in yourselves. to never stop learning. never stop growing, either professionally or personally. to choose to show up for your life and not to be a bystander. >> alan: this is video provided by purr -- purdue university where he got his masters degree in 1973. hope you're enjoying this little break. we're going to have more rain. >> leigh: we had one system move through this morning. we're kind of in between cold fronts, and this is a live shot from santa cruz. folks enjoying the last pit of sunshine out there for the weekend. a lot of sunshine now being reported across most of the bay area. the storm system moved through this morning. it's already started to pass through stability -- sacramento, check out the lightning. and south lake tahoe, snow. around san francisco, we're seeing some clear skies at this
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point. temperature-wise, we're in the 50s. 57 in san francisco and oakland and napa. 56 in liver missouri, -- liver missouri, and 59 in san jose. near a bit of a break. the cloud will be with us overnight. more showers monday afternoon, in through tuesday, and then after that we start to warm up a bit. dry us out and bring in a little more sunshine by wednesday and thursday. this is the first impulse that moved through this morning. it's since started to push towards the east. this is a little break we'll get early evening tonight. check out what is developing upstream. another stronger system and this will bring showers, increasing showers through the day on monday. monday night, off and on showers, lingering into tuesday. here's a look at how the forecast model its looking. at 6:00, we get a nice break. we may see a stray shower here and there, but really it looks like tomorrow morning's morning commute you should be dry. watch out for a little fog that
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will develop in those protected valley areas overnight. after lunchtime, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, you can see the first swath of heavy rain showers moving in. by 5:00, this is how our commute is going to be tomorrow evening. wet. allow extra dive time. and then waves of moisture across the bay area overnight monday, and this will linger on tuesday. if you're traveling to tahoe, winter weather advisory already posted, beginning 5:00 monday through 10:00 a.m. tuesday. five inches of know expect -- snow expected at lake level. close to eight inches about 7,000 feet. lows tonight with a little bit of clearing, a little cooler, mid-to-upper 40s across most of the bay area. 50 degrees, antioch. the highs for monday, maybe a little bit of sunshine, and also clouds, and they'll start to
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thinking -- thicken up in the afternoon. san francisco, increasing clouds, the north bay, the rain will begin first. 68 vallejo. oakland, 60. 62 for fremont. interior east bay, low 60s as well with thickening clouds, and santa us cruz, 60 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, little break tonight and then more showers developing monday night and tuesday. after that, high pressure will build in to warm things up, bringing in more sunshine. >> alan: let's talk to shu. sharks are in game one of the conference final. >> mike: sharks and canucks drop the puck in vancouver winter a berth in the stanley cup on the line. a faction atmosphere in vancouver. anti neimi, comes up with the quick save to keep the game
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scoreless. end of nerd, vancouver mistake. luongo gives the puck away. 1 or sharks. right now it's tied at 1 in the second period. we have complete highlights at 11:00. >> knock like a seven game series in the play off of any support. the pressure, winner win or go home. that's what we had with the thunder and the grizzlies. the winner faces the mavericks. rest brooke kicks it out to durant. one of his 14 assists. thunder up eight. memphis battles back. the deep three. he had 18. grizzlies within three in the fourth, durant takes over. gives zach randolph a facial. then in transition, durant, the two-handed flush. oklahoma advances to the western conference finals with a 105-0 victory. >> giants and cubs rained out. played -- made up on june 28th
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the a's hosting the white sox. coco crisp that liftoff. high and deep to left. it's gone. a slow low blast. tied at one. top seven. now 2-1. sox. cahill not helping his own cause. it's 3-1. bottom of the frame. a's down 4-1. barton coming up with the single to center. got a 4-3-ball game. now bottom nine, tying run 7890 feet away. but willingham grounds out toned it cahill loses the first of the season. anytime your team loses, it's a disappointment. battled back pretty good and gave it a good shot. turned out that i threw the ball in front of the -- made the difference in the game. >> evident he didn't have his best stuff but out there
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battling, giving it his all, and still a pitched a good game. good enough to get a win. just couldn't get that extra run across. >> mike: the players championship, considered the fifth major on tour. the biggest field of quality players. the rain-soaked saturday at tpc saw grass. the sun was out. thoms with the one-stroke lead and got greedy. finds the water. tropesdrops to 12-under. on the par-3 17th. choi for birdie. takes the lead at 13-under. but toms has been around. the putt to force the playoff. on the first playoff hole, toms putter fails him. a three-put bogey. the family can't believe it. choi has this par putt for the win. k.j. choi, his first win since
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2008. in tennis, nadal and djokovic in the finals of the italian open djokovic was rolling. takes the first set. second, match point. djokovic, the wicked forehand, 37th straight win to start the season, and four times he has beaten nadal in a final this year. >> bay to breaker winners, for the men, from morocco, and for the women, three-peat for the winner. and suzuki's tommy hayden upset josh hays for the title. and sharks are up 2-1. >> alan: coming up, a couple of brides maids failed to no, thor out of the number one spot on at the box office. fñfñ
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>> alan: authorize was number -- thor was number one at the box office, earned $34 million. debuting in second place is the comedy bridesmaid.
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it earned $4 million, and rounding out the top three, fast five, which earned nearly $20 million in its third weekend in theaters. that's it for abc-7 news at 6:00. thank you for joining us. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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