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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  June 6, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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east palo alto police have made an arrest that took the life of a three-month-old baby boy. tomas ramon has developing news. >> reporter: east palo alto police say they have now custody two juveniles in connection with the sunday morning shooting that left a three-month-old child dead and two parents with serious gunshot wounds. they say they have arrested one juvenile on weapons charges and the other they charged with the triple shooting. >> sunday east palo alto police
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released two sketches wanted in the triple shooting. they arrested two juveniles on weapons charges. we have confirmed that the sketches match the suspects the police have in custody. one is arrested for shooting and the other is arrested on weapons charges. sunday morning a still unidentified redwood city couple was shot by two young men. the shots hit and fatally hit and wounded a three-month-old child. the three-year-old son was unhurt. the shooting sparked outrage in the east palo alto community and they have vowed to put every resource at their disposal to find those guilty. we have confirmed that east palo alto police are holding two joules one they have arrested in the triple shooting. the other they say they have holding that individual on weapons charges. they won't say they took part in
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the shooting. they will hold a news conference at noon at police headquarters to clear up some of the facts and give us more information. the attorneys for the only suspect so far in the brutal beating of bryan stow claims there is new evidence to proves his innocent. the attacker was bald as seen in this search but his attorney says he had a full head of hair on the day of the attack. they plan to file a motion in court video a day after the beat weigh a full head of hair. prosecutors have not yet charged in the beating case. ramirez has maintained his innocent saying he was baby-sitting his daughter at the time of the attack. in hayward the family of a missing nursing student is
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asking the f.b.i. to take over the lead role in the search. michelle le's family does not believe the hayward police department has enough staff to work the case. they didn't search le's apartment until four days after she disappeared. >> the thing we have gotten on the case has been due to the public and community. what is frustrating the local authorities, they haven't done anything to give us an update. >> she was last seen may 27th at kaiser hospital in hayward. they are following several leads and have an update on the investigation sometime today. >> an autopsy will be done today in hopes of identifying a hispanic woman dumped in a sunnyvale neighborhood. a neighbor called police after finding a large garage bag lying in some bushes.
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they noticed blood dripping from the bag and found a body inside. rather than wait for results of the autopsy they are looking through every missing person's report in the bay area. >> the community pays tribute to two san francisco firefighters that died in a blaze in the diamond heights neighborhood. they are leaving cards of condolences for the two firefighters. their helmets boots and other equipment has been placed in a memorial by station 26. co-workers of the fallen firefighters say they are numb from the loss. >> we loved them tremendously. the city loves them. the families love them. it's just stuff it's a numbering effect but we're going to get through it together. >> a joint funeral will be held on fry afternoon at st. mary's cathedral. the investigation into what
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caused the deadly flash fire is still under way. >> in the next hour oakland city officials will launch a new communication system. it's aimed at i will proving communications within the city and other jurisdictions around the bay. there has been several recent problems with oakland's previous radio system including an incident in february when officers couldn't communicate with their dispatcher during a high-speed chase. plus there were communication problems during an undercover drug bust and burglary investigation. >> the race for the republican nomination is getting more crowded. latest person to jump in the race. the video sparking new concerns about the safety of one of the most popular children's play structures. later, she is ready to talk. big announcement from katie couric about her next career move.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor apple fans are on cloud nine after seeing steve jobs coming out of a medical leave to unveil the new iphone service. it's taking place at moscone center where amy hollyfield is now live. >> there are more than 5200 people and they gave steve jobs a standing ovation when he came on stage. he looks about the same as his
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appearance in march. he is currently on medical leave as he is battling cancer. his appearance today is especially exciting to his customers. he did turn the presentation over to the senior vice president of marketing and he is starting with lion 250 brand-new features. the audience was loving it. and then later this morning they are expected to introduce i-cloud that will allow you to store a library online. the announcement to apple fans are in a state of bliss. >> the chance to hear about i-cloud from jobs himself motivated people to spend the night outside. >> i really want to see steve jobs live on stage. >> you have to make the trip to mecca to hear from the uppers.
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you have be here. >> by 7:00 a.m. the line stretched all the way than one side of moscone west on fourth street street. curled around to the back side stretching past the intercontinental hotel. the caffeine intake was high. >> i'm very excited. i see the comments online. it excites me. >> some that are experienced at this being in the same room with jobs isn't all cracked up it is to be. >> last year i did so i could be in the front. and you are watching on a screen anyway. >> yet max got here at 4:00 p.m. to be the first in line again this year. >> the line it's fun to be talk to all the different people. it's really cool. >> they are wondering how steve
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jobs is feeling. right before he appeared on stage they were playing james brown "i feel good." david louie is blogging right now go to or catch his report later. on >> amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." overseas five u.s. troops were killed today in iraq. it's the single largest loss of life for the u.s. military in the last two years. a barrage of three rockets hit an iraqi base in eastern baghdad. the troops were serving as advisors to security police. they ended the combat operations in last august and currently has an estimated 46,000 troops in the country. >> robert gates says the number of troops in afghanistan will be based on strategic need. he is in afghanistan for the final time as defense secretary. he retires at the end of this month. he told diane sawyer commanders
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should leave combat in power intact. >> it is important to have a strategy behind the numbers not just to pluck a single number out and say okay, that's the number. >> the u.s. has been fighting wart in afghanistan for ten years. gates and the obama administration are under pressure from some members of congress to end the war that is costing the u.s. ten billion a month. he understands the concern but the u.s. can't just pack up and leave either. you can watch more of the interview. she reports tonight on world that airs at 5:30. >> rick santorum is the latest republican to announce he is running for president. he says he is ready to lead and do what is necessary for the next generation. he told supporters western pennsylvania that president obama has worked to undermine
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american freedom and pursue a healthcare plan that reduces individual choices. she hopefully going to capture the support of the tea party. in new york a woman is reported n critical condition in the hospital following a weekend accident where several inflated houses took flight. 13 people had to be taken to the hospital. a new york newspaper says the woman suffered head and spinal injuries. the video showed horrified parents tried to stop the inflatable. a girl was hurt when a rope caught her neck. it's not know if inflatable houses were securely fastened. district attorney is investigating. there is some kind of wind out there. >> it's just like an airplane and lifts it right up.
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the breezes are tapering as is the rain chance. you can see we have flight arrival delays of 52 minutes. check out flight tracker at talk about dry and warmer conditions in your forecast. new mothers cash in on selling their breast milk. the risk may outweigh the reward for your baby. ♪ >> and tickets for u-2 tomorrow in oakland? who doesn't. how shoes and a lot of patience can get you a pair.
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abc made an announcement this morning to end weeks of rumor. katie couric has signed a deal to do a new talk show. it will premiere in september. she is excited to be joining the abc family.
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katie will contribute stories to the news division. sources say it could bring the network $300 million a year. >> finally a little weather for getting outside. >> still showering and you could see something like this. also take a look at snow. that is still going in the sierra. we are looking at i-80 where winter weather advisory remains in effect until -- are you laughing? once 5:00 rolls around the snow should stop. let's move on and show you what sells happening. not much around the bay area this shot from emeryville is mainly cloudy conditions. i want to show you a picture, if we may this picture comes from the east bay where we had record rainfall saturday. once the sun came out check the steam that developed on the turf
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field there. how quickly it went from cold and rainy to kind of warm. we want to show you another picture of a rainbow. kind of smiling -- hey the rain is just about over. if you have weather footage you would like to share upload them to us or e-mail us the ureport. take a look at live doppler 7-hd. few sprinkles this morning but even the one down here in san francisco didn't even measure in our rain bucket. it rained and people had umbrellas out but it was enough to be nuisance. let's move on and talk about the temperatures. most of us in the upper 50s to low 60s. mid-60s around san francisco and 60 around san jose. low to mid-50s monterey bay and
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inland and 56 in santa cruz. mostly cloudy and isolated showers still possible. no chance of rain after today. warming trend tomorrow all the way through friday. temperatures today in the east bay will be in the valleys upper 60s to near 70 degrees. mid-50s around the bay shore. 67 in fremont. upper 60s most of south and mid to upper 50s around the peninsula. upper 50s along the coast. mid-60s in downtown and south san francisco and mid-60s in the north bay valleys. santa rosa upper 60s there. mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay and we have low 70s inland. things should be partly cloudy for the game tonight. nationals are in town 7:15 about 60 degrees dropping down to 55. tonight a stray shower possible especially along the coast. rest of us will see clearing in the 40s and 50s. cooler than this morning. check out the temperatures jumping once we finally get some
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sunshine and get rid of this rain. by thursday and friday we're in the low 80s inland which is where we should be. low to mid-70s and the bay and mid-50s around the coast. >> thanks, mike. >> a growing number of moms with breast mill tock spare are turning baby's nourishment into liquid gold. breast milk is sold on open market. doctors warn that there is a little screening and there is contamination risks. women who sell their milk parents that purchase someone else's milk need to be cautious. >> n if it was someone from the family but doing over the internet with a perfect stranger
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seems strange to me. >> i have good intentions and doing it the proper way but you never know. >> the food and drug administration does not recommend buying breast mill okay the open market but through approved milk banks. california is one of states that do have certified breast milk banks. >> bidding for a lunch with warren buffett the price went up to $1.5 million. the money raised will go to the glide foundation here in san francisco. the auction runs until friday night. last year's $2.6 million record bid was the most expensive item ebay ever sold. here an investment of different kind. do you have shoes you don't wear
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any more? they may be tickets to u-2 concert. they are teaming up with a nonprofit for soles for souls. you can get a tickets by won being one of the first hundred people to show up. hard rock cafe by 8:00 p.m. today if you want a shot. >> her wedding gown was the best kept secrets and how you can get a look at katherine middleton's dreth dress.
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today at 3:00 local man baking up then at 4:00 and 5:00 can you really get away without sorting laundry? michael finney tests products that bleeding colors. another woman comes forward that she claims are pictures from anthony wiener. more at 5:00. >> finally this morning the royal newlyweds will be moving into their new home. they will be living in a three bedroom apartment inside the
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kensington palace. royal officials say the memorable wedding gown will be on display at buckingham palace from july 23rd to october 3rd. it will be part of a popular tour of the palace. i'm sure that is going to drive up traffic. >> it's cloudy out there sprinkles are still possible and isolated showers but by tomorrow afternoon through the weekend it is dry. >> popularity is about to go way up mike. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. have a great day. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't
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