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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  June 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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isaiah and three month old isaac. >> i protected the four year old and i thought i protected my baby in the car seat. but one of the bullets went in his head. i didn't realize i saw him crying and i saw him bleeding from his head. >> the 17 year old depicted in the sketch. it was a case of mistaken identitet stemming from a case in redwood city. believing that two individuals were the ones fired on the car. >> police booked a 16 year old on weapon's charges but did not charge him in baby isaac's death. she said that the tragedy goes beyond her family. >> i don't know why they picked on us. they should be in school learning. getting their self prepared to be somebody in life and not
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killers. >> and police as well as the family are thanking the community for coming forward with information. they are hoping that additional community tips and physical evidence will allow them to make an arrest of the second suspect for murder. in east palo alto karina risk abc 7 news. >> the american representing the man who attacked brian show is seeking videotapes in hopes of clearing his client. the hotels that giovanni visited will show him with's full head of hair. ramirez was not charged and held for an unrelated parole violation. >> sunnyvale police hope an occupancy will tell them more about a woman's body found in a plastic bag . the neighbors discovered the
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body. police have not released her identity but say she was hispanic a. >> when they got there, they looked in the bag and saw what they thought was a human leg and blood coming out of the bag. >> the santa clara county coroner conducted the autopsy. the woman suffered from trauma to her head. hayward police are expected to meet with the family of the nursing student that was missing. michelle le hasn't been seen. the family doesn't feel the hayward pd has enough staff to effectively work the case. detectives are working around the clock and rewards leading to le's safe return was increased to $50,000. oakland first responders were aware of the radio dead zones
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and signals can drop out. today it is less likely to happen thanks to a digital system that is now in place. >> highland hospital trauma center is what oakland police and firefighters call a dead zone. their radio communication dark without fail. >> not long ago, this was the impossible but not anymore. >> read you loud and clear. >> open switch from the ancient an log radio system and a new digital frequency and eliminates silences that left them without ways to talk to dispatchers. >> it will make our emergency workerce fire and police safer. >> in january there was a high speed chase in east oakland and forcing officer to call each other on the cell phones. there will be dead zones in
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the new system but far fewer than before. >> we'll build a solid platform and we will not have blackouts. >> this was another dead spot area . they couldn't communicate with each other and using their radios. >> in a area of history of the natural disaster, the new grant will allow first responder to communicate with outside agencies. >> this gets us one step closer to be able to talk between police and fire and other jurisdictions. one day most of the bay area is not expected to adopt the radio system until 2013. in oakland abc sevennews. >> tonight outpouring of support continues for familis and co-work ares of the two san francisco firefighters who died after battling a house
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fire last thursday. a group of firefighters arrived in station 26 to show solidarity by cooking the crew a barbecue and providing emotional support. >> you know, this is something that anybody would do and important to be here to give something back. and a memorial has been set up in the station for vin cent perez and anthony valerio . take a look at the live picture starting tomorrow night it will be lit up in red for the fallen firefighters. a fitting tribute since it was built in 1933 as a monument in honor of san francisco firefighters. have released the details on the memorials. a vigil held at 7:00 p.m. on st. mary's cathedral in san francisco.
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the funeral is friday at st. mary's. interment in holy cross cemetery. >> and right now, san jose public union and officials are in the process of scheduling meetings to discuss pension reform. the city proposed a new round after the union display showed up outside of city hall. they have been in the rv since 4:00 this morning and will stay there until city officials agree to discuss the ballot measure. >> we want to know what pension reform is all about . we are ready to talk about it. >> just a few hours ago, the city's manager office sent letters stating that the city remains committed and available to meet with the unions. one union agreed to threeing sessions later this month. >> five u.s. troops were
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killed in iraq and making the single largest loss of life for the u.s. military there in the past two years. a barrage of three recollects hit an iraqi base in eastern baghdad. the u.s. troops were serving as advisors to iraqi security police. they ended combat mission in august and currently an estimated 40,000 troops there. >> defense secretary robetter gates said the number of troops with drawn from afghanistan will be based on need and ash contrary number. it is his final visit as defense secretary. he told abc diane sawyer commanders should leave combat power intact as long as possible to press down the taliban finance fencive >> it is important to have a strategy behind the numbers
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and not just pluck a single number out and say okay, that is the number. >> the u.s. has been fighting the war in afghanistan for 10 years at a cost of 10 billion dollars a month . gates briefed the president today from afghanistan. mr. obama is expected to announce the draw down plant. you can watch the interview with gates tonight. >> and coming up. a trade off for a chance to see u 2 to perform in the bay area. >> also, i haven't told the truth. congressman weiner holds a tearful news conference to explain the sex-ting indescretion. >> steve jobs has the benefits of taking apple to the cloud. >>im meteorologist sandhya patel. get ready to say farewell to
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the winter storm and holoto
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the miracle on the hudson plane is on the move but without captain suli sullenberger in the cockpit. it is truck to north carolina and put on display in the aviation musume. it was bound for charlotte in 2010 when it hit a flock of canadian geese and forced sullenberger to put the jet down in the hudson river. >> congressman anthony weiner admits he lied when someone hacked in the twitter account and sent out an expolitit photo. he afosed and he meant to send
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it in a private message and posted it publicly by mistake. he admits to having telephone conversations and on line with six women some of them after getting married last year. >> i apologize to my wife and our family. and to our friend and supporters. i am dopely ashamed of my judgment and action. >> weiner's tearful confession came after the conservative website big, posted new shirtless photos of him today supposedly sent to one of the women. house minority leader called for an ethic's investigation to look into whether weiner broke house rules. >> closes to john edwards said there is a smoking gun that could send the former presidential canidate to jail. there is former e-mails
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between edward and speech writer that prove he knew about the money spent to hide his mistress. he failed to report them on the campaign. he is maintaining his innocence. >> the supreme court uphill the lower court decision giving stanford university and rosch co-ownership of the patent. stanford said they owned the technology of the test kits because it was a work of a researchers. but the researchers signed to give rosch a pattern. >> and apple unveiled the new operating system and several new apps today. it was the icloud music service that got the attention. the line formed to get inside of the center where steve jobs unveiled the icloud it will
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allow user to act as digital files. items and books and apps can be accessed on different computers and mobile service. >> all of the new devices have communication built in them and they can talk to the cloud whenever they want. >> jobs said the icloud will save customers from constantly sinking all of the products. there is feature to indiate user's device twitter. >> and the safety of bouncy houses. who is looking out for your kids? >> michael finney investigates and gets quick answers to the bouncy houses. >> did you see that video. >> they are flying away. >> back in new york is where it was happening. it is blown in the air by high winds is video from the event taken this past saturday in
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ocean side new york. that is not the regulation here in california. we found that the lead content is regulated by the state but the insulation and safety of the bounce houses is not regulated by the state and there is no local communities that passed law. like most businesses. they are only required to have a business license. rentals out of jan jose never saw this in the bay area. bounce houses should not be used . renters should avoid fly by night operators who is lesser experience . an report we aired a month ago. yosemite hiking permits were scooped up by scalpers. they had to pay $40 on craig's list and the permits only cost
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$1.50. >> they are working on a plan to stop the scalping. >> the place is magical and a fabric of american society and people using the national parks and yosemite to make money is infuriating. >> our viewers taking action right now. many of the permits offered for sale on craig's list are flagged and removed. good going to the viewers and we'll let you know when the anti-scalping plan is in effect. >> the kids were in the bouncy house. >> len kids got hurt. none of them serious low. >> can fly away with that much weight. >> incredible. >> a large and unusual concentration of sturgion in
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san palo bay as scientist asking question. fisher men who generally spend hours trying to catch one single fish, say this is arguably the best year for white sturgion in history. heavy rainfall may be the reason. sturgion usually moves up river during the wet years. they do say active rivers can trigger sturgion spawning. >> and a storm in the sieria put the brakes on a historical wagon trains. they traded the wagons for a warm fire. they got stuck on highway 50 near echo's summit. >> and here is another look at echo summit in el dorado cone. it looks like december. carla sent in this picture.
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you know, after the rain, there is usually a rainbow . but this is inverted and taken in pleasant hill. if you have weather video or photos, we would love to so them and upload them to you report . >> that was pretty. >> uh-huh. >> this is a smiley face and a sign of things to come. snowing and raining in june and sandhya patel is here to explain. >> unusual. we had record breaking rainfall . after tomorrow morning hang up the umbrellas and we'll go back to normal weather. >> i don't believe it. >> believe it, you will see 80s . this is closer to average and spring-like weather we are used to in june. we'll show you the high picture in the roof cam rampt
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you can see the bay bridge the cloudy skies . another high picture from emeryville . it is misty in spots and you may run into a fow sprinkles . looking at the satellite picture here. this afternoon, you will see cloud cover in the bay area. it is cloudy and in the areas where the sun broke through and in the east bay and we have seen the temperatures run warmer. they are in the cents and the sun is shining and upper 60s. you can see mid-70s in toke toke . santa - antioch and santa rosa . drizzle is possible and clearing expected by midday tomorrow and clouds return wednesday morning. the only thing we are concerned about is the upper
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level low, spinning off of the northern california coast. it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. what we may see out of this is a possibility of squeezing out drizzle. here is a community animation and still plenty of cloud cover in the bay area . clouds will come in and out and a spotty drizzle and you may need your windshield wipers . then quick clearing by midday. sun will be out and temperatures coming up in a few degrees. it is 10 degrees of warming tomorrow. temperatures are in the upper 40s along the coastline . low 50s around san francisco and oakland . plenty of the locations as well. tomorrow afternoon. low 70s for the south bay . san jose and campbell and
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cupertino . santa clara. nice day on the peninsula. mid-to upper 60s . 65 in san mateo . downtown san francisco. 63 degrees and you will come out of the 50s. 58 in daly city . 73 in santa rosa and in the east bay. mid-60s for oakland and hayward and newark. head inland and the temperatures are on the mild side. 73 for livermore . 68 degrees in santa cruz . mid60 in the morgan hill. and no raindrops on the accu-weather forecast for a change. upper 50s and temperatures continue to head up on wednesday. and warmer days expected thursday and friday and low
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80s inland . although it will be a slight downward trend on saturday. really nice looking spring weather ahead for a change. >> sounds good. >> and just ahead. palo alto teen who is soon to be a college graduate after bypassing high school. >> the middle of the night wake-up call that happened night after night. the man whose phone kept ringing and no one would answer his call for help.
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like many 18 years old.
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palo alfograduate from school. but this teen is different. morgan will graduate from santa clara university. >> she took college classes as an eighth grader and major in latin and greek and studied french, german and japanese. she returned to the middle school to teach latin. morgan thinks skippingly high school was a good idea. >> i didn't missed out on much. college is easier it than high school. but you also don't have to worry about getting in a good college. i have had more free time than any of the people going to high school. >> wow, she is not stopping there. she would attend grad school in uc berkeley next fall. makes you feel like a slacker. >> up next, a hundred good
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>> up next, a hundred good souls, traded their soles
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>> in the news room coming up at 6:00, a bay area city putting cameras on the crime beat and a new twist for the neighborhood watch program. >> setting a stage for than life event. u2 concert in oakland and why massive is an understatement. all coming up tonight at 6:00. >> thank you, and speaking of -- >> it is not often you can trade old shoes for concert tickets. stuff hub gave away 116 pairs of tickets to the concert in oakland. all you had to do is it donate shoes for soles for souls. >> people lined up for


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