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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  June 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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was certified. they are not talking . another unanswered question. it appeared that the almedia fire department waited an hour before reaching out to another agency. almedia cancelled two minutes later. a woman and civilian was bringing the body back to the beach. they could have been fired but the department chief of operation there was no request for assistance. they put out the statement to reassure the public they were not called. organization wide incompetent. many here are saying that a third join in part of the.
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tonight's meeting starts at 7:00. this is abc sevennews. >> i will be at that meeting tonight. friends and family are mourning the death of david henderson who died in san francisco general hospital. he was shot several times in the district. he later played in san francisco and recently played for the pacific islanders . family of missing nursing student michelle le is refusing and wanting police to keep searching. investigators say they found bloodd evidence in le's car and believe that more than one person may be involved in her
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murder. we have to find michelle and doing everything possible to cover her. and they have given up on finding michelle alive our family and friends are hope praying for her return. she was latestt seen in the medical center in hayward . her family which criticized the investigation we have a link on see it on tv. >> there is an identity of a dead woman found in a trash bag. they found 46 year old residents sunnyvale police were called after a residents found the bag in between
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bushes. she suffered from head dralm a. so far no arrest. >> a family left shattered in east palo alto is asking for yourr help in funeral expenses. garcia was shot in the head and his parents were wounded in a shooting early sunday morning. they are calling it a case of mistaken identity. donations can be directed to isaac jesus garcia account. >> federal order to relief overcrowding in california is coming down to the wire. cindecision could put prisoners back on the street. >> governor brown does have a plan to move state prisoners
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down to the locall levell but the problem is there is no mon tow do that. >> we are oust time and room and we have to get it down . it is an overcrowded . 10,000. in response the state outlined the plan. paying on it. and it is a move that republicans refused to use. if it is not implemented we are in trouble. the critics say they had decades to fix the overcrowding problem.
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with another plan that said we are hopeful for the funding they will say get real denied. and is the court order to order? >> it will ship them to jail. the plan is dangerous. many county jails are overcrounded and they will have to release their own inmates early. they rely heavly on dumping inmates in your communities and putting our citizens at risk. >> they talked about supporting prisoners and illegal immigrants. the brown administration is not willing to go yet. thank you and paychecks of
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leaders are lighter. they approved a recommendation to cut the salary and benefits for themselves. the mayor's salary is down to $114,000 . council members pay 90,000 to 81,000. they vote to cut pay and benefits for four city unions. a recall election is taking place in herculles and ward from office. they supporters of the recall said they believe doing no bid contracts. different troubles for gerald if he is recalled. he embellished his resume he admits and doesn't hold a
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college degree or mba. >> city sales tax increased to 10.25 percent. richmond would join others with the highest sales tax in the east bay. it would give six million in projected revenue to schools and services for the poor. c>> a bottling plant is getting ready to close its doors. it will be a huge blow to 150 people who work there. this facility off highway 101 is bottling and deliberating liquor since 19scen. it is owned by a company with premium brans. >> they decided to close the plant in the end of july. pam clay is one of 150 people out of a job.
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union jobs that pay 21-twen dollars an hour. i can't believe how many years. i expected to retire and i can't. >> the closure is not welcome news as it makes impressive gains. facebook is going to shift the operations to the city starting next month. we lose jobs in the face of that growth our net is lower and that is not good for any of us. >> many of the employees worked in the plantt their entire life. the union said more than 50 employees have been here 20 years . the company issued a statement recognizing the transition will be difficult. they are fully engaged with employee representatives to discuss support.
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36 years at the plant are not enough to receive a pension. >> i am nine months short of retiring out of here and doesn't look like they are going to give it to me and so i have to leaf and go do something else. >> city leaders are meeting with the management in the next couple of weeks. the bottling plant will seize operations on july 29th. more people on the hunt for jobs got help jump starting their careers today. congresswoman jackie spears spontsored a boot camp. there was recruiters and job seekers and offered seminaries on career building skills. >> sometimes mature workers are feeling like age biased.
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they're presenting that better to the employer. >> spears started to host job boot camps shy she everthey are invited to the attend the job journal eventt . it is free. it is always crowded. >> and coming up next. locall rank robbery suspect. >> and pointing to a bigger health problem in women. >> it farmed up today. we'll have a look at the temperatures coming up. and getting congresswoman weiner to
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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> a note left behind help police find a suspected brank robbery. he was traced to the address. they called the police when someone left a threattening note on the printer. the note said a bomb would go off if the bank didn't turn over 50,000. >> house democrat leader nancy pelosi requested an investigation on congressman weiner. he admitted yesterday to confessed to having on line relationships with six woman. so far weiner is refusing to resign. the act vistt who broke the
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scandal received another lewd photo of weiner. >> if they start releasing stuff about the girls and the images that were sent to him as a way to tell girls not to come forward. i have a photoand i have no intention and i can't fathom he would be stupid enough to go after the girls and releasing the photos, let it right. >> reid said he will not defend weiner. he will tell him to call someone else for advice. >> california largest health insurers is ready to return millions of dollars. they will cap their earnings at two percent of revenue and return amounts over that to customers. they plan to start with lastt year's profits. that will give each customers
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$55 a piece. they have been under fire for paying outrageous executive salaries . study out of yale why not found severe facial wrinkems indicate lower bone density. skin and bones relie on coledgen to stay healthy and estrogen therapy is one aspect being stored to slow down bone loss. for a change we are enjoying the weather. it is right through the weekend . a live picture from the sky 17
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hd. clouds out there . a beautiful afternoon and expecting more sunshine and temperatures continuing to rise. we had low clouds out there this morn patches on the san mateo coast. we saw a clearring trend. temperatures responded. they are running a good five-15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. and sunny skies and hold for the weekend. there is a quite pattern. and here in the bay area and coastline.
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we do have a first tropical depression in the pacific. and tracked at three miles per hour . it would be tropical storm adrian and expected to entensify in a category two hurricane. remaining off of the coast . overnight look for loww clouds to develop . temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 73 for san jose and up to 75 degrees . 67 in mila . ghostal areas about the same as today.
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south san francisco in the mid-60s and in the north bay low eights around clover dale. in the east bay nice looking day with temperatures closer to average. 68 in oak landd and cent in caster valley and fremont. 77 for livermore and walnut creek and around the monterey bay. linggers cloud and 59 degrees in carmel. here is your acweatherr 7-day forecast. it is a warmer forecast. low 60s in the beaches you will notice the temperatures are in the range. really right through the weekend and early next week. by tuesday, we are talking about 80 degrees . it is two weeks away from summer. >> what a nice change.
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>> down side to drinking too much coffee. it goes beyond losing a good night's sleep. >> game four of the nba finals begin immediately after the
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>> here is something to think about before you pour the next cup of coffee. five or more cups of coffee can cause people to hear sound and voices that don't exist. they played a fuzzy sound. those who had five cups was coffee reported hearing music
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in the sound even though there were no music. researchers said caffeine is the most chonly used psycheco active drug. >> palo alto is undergoing a revitalization. three pam fams have a new place to call home. one of those families is carmela and her daughters who received the keys to the new home today part of habitat san francisco revitalization program. the group has been acquiring bank opened homes and they are renovating. locall working families received no interest loanns to receive those homes. the family takes homeownership training. >> larry beil is next with sports. warriors introduce the new head coach. >> tiger woods
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>> larry beil here with warriors news. >> explain the choices. >> they are a tough crowd and grillling me in the break. the warriors are moving quickly to build a coaching staff and they had mike malone as assistant coach . he spent the last season on the bench in new orleans. jackson spent a few minutes talking about the new job with the warriors and had a long listt of reasons why golden state was a great fit for him. >> great ownership and inspired and intent and enthused and best in basketball . talking about the commitment and great highs. outstanding jobb it is a jobb that is awfully attractive and we'll be attractive to the free agents . we will win. >> espn.comand philadelphia
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enquirers reported that there is a elis dollar trade. no deal is close. mark jackson said he's looking forward to coaching monte. it could turn out being nothing. tip off is half an hour. tune in to after the game. care - car lin maybe you would like to grilll them. >> carolyn and i will pick up the conversation up later. tiger woods will miss the open first time since '94. woods has waited for knee and tendon to heal. he's listening to the doctors and in case you missed it last night. a thrilling within and two out it is and bottom of the 13th.
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freddie sanchez delivers . right for stewarts and giants with a walk off win. eighth of the season. they meet again tonight and just a reminder. pat rile yedoc rivers had no prevous coaching experience and they both champ chatches. >> you told me. thank you, larry. what is hailed as the bay area biggest concert about to get underway in oakland. fans are streamming in to the concert by rock ledge end u2. the band is in a middle of a tour that crossed 550 millionn and expected to top 700,million before it wraps up. u2 was forced chancel with bono injured his back. sold out show gets underway and lenny kravitz is the
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opening act. see you tomorrow. >> game four coming up.


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