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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  June 8, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a major development out of san bruno this morning, chairman of n.t.s.b. reveals the same gas line that exploded last year had a prior leak that pg&e never reported recently. she is visiting with new safety investigation. >> that a few other revelations and she is making a few recommendations, one of those is that pg&e require its
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technicians to immediately alert 911 when there is possibly investigating a pipeline rupture. at the time 911 operators didn't know until about 16 minutes in that it could possibly be a pipeline and that pg&e was looking into it. also the recommendations and she is here to listen. she met with some survivors. some of them say they are little frustrated and losing a little patience because it is taking so long. >> taking a while to hatch it, so to speak. hopefully they'll come out with something. in the meantime, we're moving on trying on rebuild. >> they are really trying to do everything they can to get all of this settled. >> n.t.s.b. chairwoman met with survivors met with survivors
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since the pipeline explosion nine months ago. she is here to gather information and express frustration with pg&e officials who just recently told her staff about 1988 leak on the same line. she says it shows pg&e's record keeping is inadequate. expect to see changes in regulations. >> i had the opportunity to talk with an administrative person that regulates pipelines and pg&e about some of the changes they are making. we had a conversation this morning about things they are doing now. we want to see the changes. that is what should be happening. >> north-northeast sb is the watchdog of the -- n.t.s.b. is the watchdog and the recommendations they make and they do 80% of the recommendations made. >> other recommendations were involved. more communication between pg&e
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about its pipelines and local communities. they will be detailing these in a press conference at 11:15 this morning. we'll be streaming it live at reporting live in san bruno, amy hollyfield. billboards around the area are urging people not to give up for missing nursing student michelle le even police are investigating the case as a homicide. donations are paying for billboard evidence. they found evidence in the car. she was last seen on may 27th in kaiser hospital. >> they are updating the public on the search. we have a link on our website under see it on tv. >> and san mateo district attorney just announced that a 17-year-old will be charged in
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the shooting death of a three-month-old boy in east palo alto as an adult with murder with special circumstances. that means he is eligible for the death penalty. he is one of two young men who opened fire on a car seller sunday morning. a bullet hit the baby in the head. infant's parents were wounded in the attack. berkeley firefighters are investigating two possible arson fires this morning, crews arrived at the first one around 1:00 a.m. in the 500 block of claremont avenue. residents were trying to extinguish a car fire that had spread to the garage. they spotted another fire at a home just down the street in the 400 block of street. those fires were extinguished and no injuries were reported. >> the city of cupertino is holding a news conference to respond to steve jobs to build a
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huge new apple campus. here is a rendering of the building that jobs unveiled last night at council meeting. it has a space age look to it and jobs admits it's a bit unusual. >> we came up with a design that puts 12,000 people in one building. when you think about that, that is rather odd, 12,000 people in a building. >> jobs hopes to break ground next year at the corner of wovl road that apple bought from hp. he says they have out grown it's current building and renting other office space. this was his second public appearance this week. on monday he showed up the developers conference in san francisco. >> president obama was talking about growth today, job growth. during a speech at community college outside washington, d.c. the president highlighted the
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importance of training new workers for manufacturing jobs. >> i see a future where we train workers who make things here in the united states and continue an important and honorable tradition of folks working with their hands. >> he also outlined a plan for industry led initiative for a training program. skills for america's future effort links efforts with community colleges to provide students with training programs. the initiative could help prepare 500,000 students for careers in manufacturing. >> back here, we have special election results. residents in richmond voted against the measure that would have raised the sales tax. it would have increased the sales tax to 10.25% but 57% of voters passed measure "c". it advises the city to spend new
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revenues on schools and social services but since measure "d" failed there will be no extra money to spend in those areas. in hercules, voters support the recall of two elected officials. results show a vast majority of voters are in favor of us on tinge the mayor and city councilman. recall supporters blame them for the city's current financial crisis and for them supporting questionable developer deals. the mayor of alameda is calling for an independent investigation to look into the actions of police officers and firefighters who watched a suicidal man drown at a beach on memorial day. the mayor the external probe at a meeting last night.
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nearly two dozen residents accuse the safety agencies of incompetence. firefighters say they have not been recertified to conduct land-based water just. >> public's confidence in the fire department and police department has been shattered. >> there was no communication with the am, no am terrify set. >> the independent investigation should be conducted by law enforcement, not by you. >> city officials did not indicate who would conduct the independent review or when it might occur. many of the residents say it leaves them wondering if the city's firefighters would be effective in a major disaster. >> sexting live and video, as congressman wiener tries to save his career and marriage. we'll find out what his wife knew and believed. >> and later, smile you are on camera, new plan for i-680.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. for the first time, jaycee dugard has agreed to a television interview. it's announced that diane sawyer will conduct the sbusmt she was abducted from her south lake tahoe area in 1991 and held captive and sexually assaulted in a bay area home.
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the two have been sentenced to life in prison. the interview can be seen here in the month of july shortly before her book is published. >> anthony wiener has called former bill clinton to apologize for his growing sexting scandal. he officiated to the personal aide last summer. they take a look whether the marriage could survive. >> abc7 has learned that she made one thing clear, she remains committed to her marriage. >> we're now learning from friends just how trying that marriage has been in the past few days. she initially believed his story that his twitter account was hacked and when the congressman finally came clean she was devastated, say friends, it was her decision not to stand by his
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side but she watched it on tv from new york. >> people that know her that she has been leaning on her sister a new york fashion designer but getting advice from hillary clinton who fails the painful sense of devadeja-vu. >> i can say what i feel and my opinion counts. >> she has long sense been about glamour. >> she is one of the most intriguing high profile women who we really don't know. >> though anguished she is professional of the state department not missing a beat. for over decade she has been hillary clinton powerful personal aide. her husband told her about past proclivity with sexting for strangers but he assured her it was over. >> we have seen the calm, cool,
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correct huma. but we don't know where her breaking point. >> now another apology but from a black jail deal they are las vegas, one of the woman her husband has sect had. she offers her sincere apologies she didn't realize the congressman was married. >> i don't even know what that is anymore. >> that it's quickly dissipating. >> here at sfo flights are back on time. we'll talk about how long this summer pattern will last. >> also coming up. >> this was a poor idea just gone crazy. >> 170 days of humiliation, how one father may have taken it to
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a stay at home father has won the title. for 170 days, he got every morning during the school year and waved goodbye to his teenage son as he rode a school bus, he wore a different costume every day, rock star and clown. even put a wedding dress on. the father says the tradition started last august after he and his wife said goodbye to his son when the bus came by. >> he said please, don't let dad go back out there. so once i overheard it, it's on. [ laughter ] here we go. >> they have spent only $50, but
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he borrowed money from friends and neighbors. his son says a little her made outfit -- that was actually kind of cool. there is the wedding dress. >> he did disney and marvel comic stuff. wonder what he did for fathers day. >> take go ahead. it is jumped yesterday and they will jump a little bit today as summer pattern has settled in the bay area. just the question, how long will it last. as you know no weather pattern has been able to grab ahold of our weather for very long. this time of year, let's talk about what is going on whether here or down at the beach at
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santa cruz. where the guy that walks across, he is not there. he must have taken his lunch somewhere else. but you see the sunny beaches. north bay, having a little bit of trouble getting rid of the clouds. you can see why, see this curl, small area of low pressure that is keeping the winds out of the south and north bay. in the next hour or so you'll get your sunshine. check out temperatures, really responding where we have seen the sunshine the longest. antioch and los gatos, a lot of low to mid-50s and where the clouds are right along 101 into half moon bay, temperatures in the upper 50s. low to mid-50s watsonville, sls and gilroy. it will be warmer inland. cloudy again tonight but patchy drizzle just like it was this morning in the north bay -- i should say the east bay hills and high elevations.
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this pattern luke it's going to hold through the seven-day forecast. because the clouds around the bay and coast, oakland and san jose, about the same. inland where we see the most warming today. concord and santa rosa, 12-5 degrees warmer. here is a look at the clouds. you can see it's holding on to the 50s, 70s and 80s. areas you get the most sunshine. antioch and brentwood on their way to 80. mid to upper 50s along the east bay shore, fremont about 70. low to mid-70s are in the south bay with upper 50s to low 70s on the peninsula. few lingering clouds along the coast. mid-50s downtown and upper 50s in sausalito. mid to upper 70s in the north bay valleys. cloverdale around 80. you can see the cloud cover around monterey and carmel. 78 in gilroy. the sunshine will be out by
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12:45. high sunburn factor, 60 warming up to 64 degrees. tonight i think the drizzle is over with the green but it gives you an idea where it will fall. it will be mild tomorrow with low to mid-50s in the morning. tropical storm adrian knocking on the door becoming a hurricane. right now it looks like it's going out to see and not be a problem other an pretty strong rip current maker along the mexican coast. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine, low to mid-80s around the bay and low to mid-80s inland. no rain in this seven-day forecast. crear toll authority will soon be installing cameras to catch cheaters on interstate 680 through between pleasanton and milpitas. more toll cheaters than expected
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is using the lane without paying. it's free to carpoolers but open to single drivers that have to pay a fee. officials say it's too time-consuming for officers to ticket violators. cameras will be used to identify drivers who enter the lanes in illegal entry spots. >> they are baffled about a western pond turtle discovered near point reyes station. they marked the same turtle in the 18 miles away. he made an impressive trek and scaled a mile long incline to get to point reyes station. they are submitting their find toss a scientific journal. >> up next, one giant burger that could set añ/ñ/ñ/ñ/ñ/ñ/ñ/ñw
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today at 4:00, pay enough for fancy kitchen countertops but does it mean they can handle stains and burns.
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these stories at 5:00. >> the alameda county fair is ceerg up for one really gigantic grilling. 625 pound hamburger. it will contain 1,375,000 calories and break it up in 99 cent bites. officials from the guiness world records will be there to verify a possible record. the current record for largest burger held by canadian chefs. that weighed in at 590 pounds. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day.pspspspspspspsa
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