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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  June 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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francisco 2 fallen firefighters. >> first time a team of experts announces the likely cause of the san bruno pipeline explosion. the san bruno pipeline explosion. 7 news begins in 60 sesesese
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>> somber night san francisco st. mary's cathedral where hundreds of people came together to remember 2 firefighters. they died last week battling a house fire in the city diamond heights neighborhood. they are firefighters paramedic anthony and lieutenant vincent perez. lillian joins us now from st. mary's cathedral. lillian? >>reporter: hundreds showed up here at st. mary's a cathedral for tonight's vigil. a joint service which will also be the case for tomorrow's funeral. it was a somber moment in front of st. mary's cathedral. bodies of lieutenant perez and firefighters paramedic anthony arrived late this afternoon. and standing in tribute were the fellow firefighters of the
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san francisco fire department. ♪ by evening hundreds gather than the cathedral for vigil in their honest. they died of injuries suffered while battling a house fire in diamond heights last thursday. becoming the city first firefighters to die in the line of duties in 16 years. >> we mourn them. we celebrate them. we our hearts are heavy and we are going to get through this. >>reporter: anthony was 53 years old. perez was 48. mayor lee says dealing with their death has so far been the hardest part of his job. >> it's nothing compared to the need to understand what these folk goes through and what they do every single day. being there at the hospital twice with each one was most hardest thing i had to do. >>reporter: as for tomorrow funeral as many as 6000 people expected to attend. many will be firefighters from all over the country. including taylor of the la fire department. he
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says he remembers when san francisco firefighters attended his colleague funeral few months back. >> i was like wow! they came down here to support us when glen allen died. so it's important for me to do the same. >>reporter: and to make sure every san francisco firefighters will be able to attend, crews throughout the bay area will be filling in for those who are scheduled to work. >> that is huge. never done that in the city before where we have other agencies coming in and so that in and of itself required a lot of planning but i feel in good that anyone on duty that really wanted to be here can be here tomorrow. that's important. >>reporter: news of perez and anthony death have spread beyond u.s. borders. we have been told even firefighters from canada will be attending tomorrow's funeral. live in san francisco, lillian kim abc 7 news? all right thank you. huge turn out is expected for the funeral as lieutenant perez and anthony. it takes place tomorrow at 12:30 at st. mary's cathedral. service carried live in its entirety starting
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at noon here on channel 7 and at abc 7 we posted tomorrow funeral program as well on 7 find it under see it on tv. there will be number of road closures starting at 9 in the morning near the cathedral including government geary and webster. after funeral procession heads from the ka teed rall to the holy cross cemetery and 280 closed from approximately 4 in the afternoon to 6:00 p.m. from the 1 0one split in san francisco to the sir mont exit. bart reserve last car of each trainxgn for firefighters attending the memorial. the transit agency is asking the public to ride in the other cars. well for the first time state experts are revealing the likely cause of the san bruno pipeline explosion. independent review panel appointed by the state p cuchl concluded construction work to replace sewer pipe 16 month before the blast put stress on the gas line already weaken by faulty well. contractor that
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did the work denied any wrong doing today. national transportation safety board safety board is responsible for determining the cause. the report not expected until this fall. blast killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. vigil tonight in hayward for missing nursing student michelle lee. lee disappeared two weeks ago. tomorrow from kaiser hospital in hayward. the case is called a homicide but as david reports, family and friends still believe she's alive. >> nearly 100 people stood in silence in hayward park to show support for lee family and friends. her cousin from san diego spoke directly to her. >> we are fighting really hard for you. we are staying optimistic and we know you are out there and we are going to find you and bring you home. >>reporter: even though police say evidence from lee's car leads them to call this a homicide, friends are distributing t.shirts with michelle's photo and asking volunteers to post fliers across the bay area.
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michelle's brother michael understands that investigators may not be able to disclose every detail they know. >> we thought they have information and better than just a missing person case because they believe that homicide case now they don't want to change the investigation. >>reporter: it remains a mystery what happened when she left to get something from the car. car later found short distance await a minute her disappearance bothers people who live or work in hayward. they may not know michelle lee but feel a need to help find her. miss chapman will distribute fliers at work and around the neighborhood. >> i think because it happened here in hayward it is all of our responsibility to make sure we do our part. we need to accepted a message we won't tolerate this. so i think it is really important everybody gets involved so i'll do my part. >> we contacted hayward police for update on the case butt call not returned. >> another vigil held tomorrow night in the san diego area interwhere lee went to high school. keep the spirit of hope alive there as well as
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here. in hayward, david lou abc 7 news. jurors in oakland today found the former leader of black muslim bakery and associate guilty of murdering oakland post editor bailey. flt 2 men showed no emotion when the verdict was read today. alameda county prosecutors argued bay wanted to kill bailey to keep the journalist from publishing the the bakery financial trouble. >> wanted the truth to get out and he would be here, you know, if it wasn't, you know this didn't happen. >> ultimately god has the final decision. and i believe in my son's innocence. i doyshtion the case hinged on the testimony of former bakery handy man andre who admitted to pulling the trigger as part of the plea deal. he told jurors that bay ordered him to call bailey in august of 2007. next step in the process of criminal justice and justice
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for my client is the appeal process. >> our jury system is not going to stand for murder of journal nightcast this country. >>reporter: bay was also found guilty in two other murders. macky found guilty in another killing but the jury deadlocked on third murder charge against him. both men could get life without the possibility of parole when they are sentenced. >> major clean up under way at saint philip lutheran church in dublin after vandalize early this morning. neighbors call police at 2:00 a.m. when they saw someone smashing out the window of the church with bric brick. police arrested a suspect not a member of the congregation but pastor says the man had visited the church several times and seemed to be mentally unstable. >> he had been hear a couple times in the past to pray. could tell that he wasn't all there kind of mentally. had some issues going on but didn't seem like avenues danger then suddenly something like this happen. >>reporter: the church has begun patching some of the 36 smashed window and expects to
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have the the building repaired in time for sunday mass. >> community group in san francisco castro district voted tonight not to get involved in a dispute over the gay pride flag at castro and market stheet. local merchant association owner the giant flag that sores over milk plaza. also pay forth up keep and insurance. controversy erupted in march when the association refused to lower the flag to half staff when elizabeth taylor died. tonight the castro benefit district urged them to take the complaint to the board of supervisor. new evidence tonight that the cell phone really can scramble the controls on some airplanes. >> bomb shell development for presidential hopeful gingrich. entire inner circle walked out on him today. >> scientist think they know why smokers gain weight when they kick the habit. then later on "nightline". >> about coming up next on "nightline". bizarre addictio addiction. people hooked on sleeping with blow dryers or eating glass. where do strange
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addictions come from? >> the power of touch. why top touchers tend to be top athletes. and how touch may
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>> closed captioning brought to "nightline". s.
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>> family friends mourn the loss of three-month old boy who police say was the victim of gang violence. isaac garcia died after someone opened fire on his family early sunday morning inside their car in east palo alto. his parents were also wounded but they are expected to recover. family friends gather for the memorial service in redwood city tonigh tonight. >> it's for the family. the parents. this is their son. >>reporter: police have arrested 17-year-old boy for isaac murder. detectives believe he and another young man shot at the family after miss taking them for rival gang members. prosecutors are trying him as an adult. >> using cell phone during take off could cause a crash. secret air line industry report shows for the first time that individual electronic devices can interfere with plane instruments. brian ross has the results of some
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confidential testing raising serious safety questions. passengers long skeptical that the cell phone could actually lead to a problem on a huge airliner. >> do i obey, no. >>reporter: now a confidential industry study obtained by abc news reveals on 75 incidence instances over the last 6 years in which airline pilots and engineers connected cell phone to serious safety issue. on 747 at 4500 feet when the auto pilot disengaged by itself. flight attendant sent through the cabin and discovered 4 passengers still using their electronic devices. after passengers were told to turn them off aircraft proceeded without further incident. >> wireless devices installed in here and equipment overhead. >>reporter: dave carson of boeing says even just one cell phone emission can throw off sensors located throughout the passenger contain.
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>> it is that powerful in the right place at the right time. >>reporter: boeing engineers are especially concerned about planes landing in low visibility conditions and losing their instrument landing system or getting false readings on them. >> it could tell you that you are to the right of the runway when in fact were you left of the runway or just completely wipe out the signal so that you didn't get any indication of where you are coming in. >> at boeing electronic testing lab in seattle engineers showed abc news how certain devices send off signals greater than what boeing says is an acceptable limit indicated by the green line. black berry. i-phone. even an i-pad whose clock circuit emitted several spikes over the limit. at airport today some passengers were paying much closer attention following the abc news report. >> i think what is one cell phone going to do really but after seeing the report it has given me that the phone goes off from here on. >>reporter: this is abc news
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new york. >> republican presidential hopeful gingrich senior staff quit his campaign today that includes his spokesman, his campaign manager, senior strategist and more than a dozen aide. beginning rich given the news thursday in washington. group is cited difference over the direction of the campaign including his lack of campaigning and his wife's lead role in decision-making. former house speaker says he's still in the race and will start his campaign anew sunday in los angeles. to other republican hopeful make stop in the bay area later this month. former massachusetts governor romney will be here june l 21 for fundraiser in portola valley. former minnesota governor tim will host a fund raiser in san francisco one week from tonigh tonight. >> medical news now. group of scientist have discovered why smokers gain weight when they kick the habit. researchers known that nicotine play as role in suppressing appetite but didn't know y.nibbling teen
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activates newer on in the brain that regulate hunger. signal is september to the gut telling it it need fewer calorie than usual which explains why some people gain a few pounds when they quit. study is in friday edition of the journal of science. remarkable pictures to share with you. first ever under water images of the devastation left by the tsunami in japan. japanese scuba divers took these video off the coast of japan and show the twisted metal furniture resting on the ocean floor and cars and even photographs. dive team is part of the japanese non-profit that hopes to find missing victims among the wreck achblingt officials estimate the number of dead and missing at more than 24,000 people. >> time now for check of the forecast and things are lack to go warm-up even more. >> they are. we start with close-up satellite image from this even showing low cloud and marine layer we call it pressed up against the coast line.
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cool along the coast. high of only 59 degrees at half moon bay. nice warm it was inland. high of 85 in santa i don't care. 83 at livermore 82 at concorde right now pretty much yawn form readings every location reporting temperatures right now in the 50's and antioch still pretty warm at 71 degrees. if highlights green layer continues to push inland tonight. similar temperature range prevail tomorrow and what we saw today. it's much warmer next week with high pressure closing in on the 90 degree mark inland. overnight tonight see the low clouds having pushed across the bay. low locked in low to mid 50's. pretty mild overnight period but things start to warm-up a little bit tomorrow. here's specific satellite image. pacific satellite image high pressure the controlling factor in the weather but sharp dip in the jet stream will reinforce the sea breeze and eights gets stronger the cooling influence felt so keep temperatures from rising dramatically over the next couple days. we are still mild couple days before it
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turns really warm. okay. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. low clouds pushed inland overnight. start to burn back rather quickly and again same pattern today. low clouds near the coast. high pressure right around 60 but milder inland by far with high in the upper 70's to right around 80. so let's mav around different areas of the bay area. see how mild it is tomorrow. south bay. sunny sky high pressure mainly in the low 70's. 71 at santa clara. 72 san jose. peninsula high of 68 at san mateo o. 70 redwood city palo alto. mid upper 50's at the coast pacifica and a half moon bay. do you want san francisco will pl north bay high of 73 at petaluma. 78 at clover dale. nearest bay high will be mainly in the mid to upper 60's. 67 at san leandro and oakland. 68 at union city. skux at hayward. inland we see mid to upper 70's to right around 80. 78 at pittsburgh. sphinx at pleasanton. 80 at
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antioch and 88 at brentwood. high of 68 at santa cruz. 65 watsonville. milder inland. 78 gilroy. 74 at hotel stevrment here's 7 day forecas forecast. next three days we see high pressure pretty much consistent range but start to warm-up a bit on monday and then tuesday wednesday inland high will be in the upper 80's to near 90. we see high the bay 80 degrees in mid 60's on the coast then temperatures just start to moderate a little bit on thursday. nice warm summer like weather coming your way next week in advance of the official arrival of summer. >> yes. terrific graduation weather is that absolutely. thanks experience. >> coming up next. what mountain view does to help the bay area biggest tech company mountain view does to help the bay area biggest tech company get even bigger
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the. >> the coverage of tomorrow memorial service for the 2 fallen firefighters will preempt all abc soap opera tomorrow but friday episodes of all my children, one life to live and general hospital will air early saturday morning from 2 until 5:00 a.m. >> small group of illegal squatter armed with camera spent days and night aboard the fleet of military ships in
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suisun bay. look at the pictures. rare glimpse in the so-called moth ball fleet. money rowed out at night past security and climbed on to the ship sometimes sleeping aboard. photo release today in the daily mail in the uk were taken over the course of two years. 70 ships make up the moth ball fleet. many rusting and mruingt the water n.2010 the federal government settled a lawsuit brought by the environmental group and will clean up the fleet and is to be gone by 20 sfaechbility. >> mountain view wants to speed up approval process for tech company that want to -- want to expand there. city hopes to shave a year off the zoning process for the north bayshore area. they all have plans to grow. google generates 9 and half million dollars tax revenue for the city. >> safeway center breathing new life into a spot in campbell. several new tenant into the
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site left vacant in 2009. sunflower farmer market chain planning to operate first bay area store in mountain view next year. organic food chain has 34 stores and 8 states. we have much more on this in tomorrow's print edition of the silicon valley business journa journal. right now larry here with sports and what was another fantastic game. >> these 2 peoples the mavs and heat are so evenly matched. every game goes down to the wire. mavericks just shot the lights in and out game 5 of the finals. what happened to lebron james? in the fourth quarter. we have lebron james? in the fourth quarter. we have that story sports next.
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>> lebron james was probably the worst my off game of his career. he was better tonight in game 5 but triple double still was not good enough. to stop dallas of mavericks take a 3-2 series lead back to miami. first quarter and heat play here. wade driving crashing that the ex warrior cardinal. custodian big contact. wade would leave in major pain. out
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with a bruised left hip. third quarter. lebron working on dirk. hits the fade await a minute triple double 17 points 10 board 10 assist but just one basket in the fourth quarter. wade back. gutsy 34 minutes. caps a run. 23. late fourth. dirk with authority. 29 for dirk. mavs up 2. 30 second left. terri from way out. dallas shoots 68 percent from deep. 13 of naechbility about mavs win 112-103 and take a 3-2 series lead to south beach. >> fv throughout 3 quarters of the game and fourth quarter i know i'm dependent on to come through and thank god i was able to do that again tonight. >> we have nothing to say about our offense tonight. shot 32 percent from the floor. this east guys shot 57 shots almost 70% from the 3 point line. offensively had nothing to do with why we lost the game. couldn't get enough down the
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stretch. >> game 6 sunday night here on abc 7. >> baseball. a's have to do something to save the season. today they fired manager bob gaivrnlt he's one of gm best friend. may have kept him on the job longer than warranted but in the mid of long losing streak they need new voice, new energy so he's out after 4 and a half years. he was manager in 07. working as advisor in the d-backs organization. he will be in charm for the rest of the year. would would melvin arrival spark a turn around. in chicago no. bottom third. up 3. dunn deep on kay hill. shortest outing of the year. 6 runs on 8 hits. there it goes. paul takes brian downtown. paul 15th of the season. same old same old a's lose the tenth straight. final 9-4. giant hosting cincinnati
11:31 pm
reds. world series edgar returning to san francisco. championship ring and bunch of hug. pitcher dual gets him. goes 7. fans 7. not know support. johnny dealing 7 scoreless. torrez there. scoreless in the fourth. johnny gomez. petaluma a single up the middle. all need entered this game and win 3 nothing. giants were held to only 4 base hits. >> back to the nb you think miami will win the next one. >> well i said originally dallas would win in 6. >> you stwibing that. i look intelligent right now so i'll stay with. that they better win in 6. don't want to play 7 in miami. crowd crazy and lebron might do something in the fourth. only 2 points in the fourth. >> that was remarkable. >> "nightline"up next. next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. for all of us have a newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. for all of us have a good night everyone.
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