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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  June 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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- mark, it was a powerful seen. >> the procession just went by a few minutes ago. i think we may have pictures of the caskets as they roll by. they led the possession. engine 26 carried the casket of the lieutenant vincent perez and followed by engine 18 carrying the casket of anthony valerio. crowds of people are standing and watching as the imagines went by and they were fol would by o i saw them coming from los angeles. we are talking to tim from half moon bay. >> i wanted to recognize the
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unfortunate and brotherhood of fire services and so widespread today. what do you do in half moon. >> i am retired volunteer firefighter. >> it is particularly heart felt for you. >> yes, it was. any time there is an incident or injury or a fatality. affects the fire community at large. >> thank you, and it is a pleasure to talk with you. >> we heard that the reason they wanted to be here. they felt firefighters are the vokes who put their lives on the line every day . particularly people like tim want to show upon ares
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thousands of firefighters paying tribute to tony and vinnie, men who worked together and fell together after a house fire in san francisco. abc's wane fred man has more. >> wayne? >> st. mary's is clearing out now. but we haven't seen a funeral this big since 1978 after the shootings of george and harvey in the civic center. what we saw was the biggest funeral in decades. estimated fave or six thousand people converging from new york and boston and chicago and canada and great britain. they understand the daily risk and uncertainity. the solemn show of support .
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its was filled with family and coworkers and periz coon show how much he cared because of a command position . anthony valerio loved people and loved his job. they were opposite and yet quite the same. >> vince was a fire man's fire man. big and strong and ark gressive and he was one of the best. will always the first to grab the nozzle and put the fire out. tony was a free spirited medic with the department of public health and became a firefighter. he was a pony tailed hippy that called himself the people's paramedic . he had a big heart and loved the help the sick and drown trodden and even the unwashed.
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he was like mother theresa with a siren. that was tom oconner. he had another antidote. he was a good paramedic and had a canned response for elderly women who might have fainted or passed out. hug him as hard as they could and hard as they would hug their husband and then he would say you must have not hugged your husband very well . he was looking for signs of life. they received firefighters line much duty today. they went to the families and the fire men helmets. wayne fredman, abc sevennews. >> a large number of san francisco firefighters were able to attend the funeral service thanks to compassion and cooperation from nearby
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city counties. they were trained on properly attaching their horse to san francisco -- hoses rather, to the san francisco hydrants and unique challenges to responding to emergencies in the city. it was needed to come bat a blaze in the baptist church. >> this is unusual for them. there is zero lot lines and one building end and begin and you could lose the buildings . crews responded to this emergency . a lot of cooperation today to make sure things moved smoothly and give the firefighters a chance to attend the service. bart asked rider to leave the
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last cars on the train for fair fights. >> wee know that there is congestion on the freeways. we'll check now with the commute with sue who is monitoring the closures. >> we monitoring it all day. many closures in the bay area and now as the procession proceeds out of san francisco. there are at least 200 fire engines and motorcycles in this procession and left st. maries and eastbound gearg benefited is remaining closed and heading to market and westbound and southbound on saulencia and delorez and southbound 280. wale get a live shot of the procession. they will head to daly city with sierramonte. one way out of the san
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francisco remains closed. there was an earlier accident in 101 . we have a giant's game at at&t park. traffic coming in to san francisco take mass transit if you are headed to san francisco. muni has a few closures. pernacious line and balboa and 48 and all of those are closed as the procession goes through san francisco. bart is on time. remember the last car for the firefighters. and abc7 don sanchez is covering it is road closures from the ground. how does it look at 101? >> this is i snap is usually busy and backed up for blocks. but right now, on-ramp . two lanes and merge and hit south on 101 .
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280 intersection is two and half miles from there. but this is friday night. people are taking the advice. maybe the west side of the town has a problem but not here f. you are encountering delays on the west side of the town. come to 10th street and get on the freeway. i see two cars coming right now. it is amazing on a friday. >> be careful out there. >> we have a programming note for you. live coverage of the today's memorial service preempted the abc soap operas. we'll air all my children and one life to live and general hospital from 2:05 to 5:00 a.m. on saturday morning. be sure to set your dvr's tonight. soap opera block of programs runs from 2:05 to 5:00 a.m.. we posted our coverage for you . we'll find a slide show and a
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link to our facebook page where you can leave expressions of condollences. >> thanks for being here today. >> we'll move on to news. happy ending for a toddler in a car but the mother is in hot water. >> internal memo for a man who stood by and watched a man die in the surf. >> stretch of sunny days continue in the weekend. >> we'll see minor changes. we'll be back with those comingip. >> and lost for words. lead singer of black eye pea uses a smart phone
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld >> sleeping three year old boy caused panic in pittsburgment
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they spotted a child who passed out. the mother ran in the dollar store and witnesses say she was gone longer. she could space charges. diagram and saying goodbye one week after he was the victim of gang violence. isaac jimenez garcia after someone opened fire. they continued to cover from gunshot wounds . i have the bullet in my body and my husbands .
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>> police arrested a 15 year old sargoza who shot the family after mistaking them for rival gang members. he is being tried as an adult. >> police are investigating a teen brawl in a san jose restaurant . outside of the mcdonalds restaurant on san carlos street. five were hurt. two of them stab wounds. some of them may have had a gang connection. that broke out after a city sponsored outdoor jazz concert concluded. >> contradicting the claims by firefighters that they made no attempt to save a man who committed suicide because was cuts to the city's water rescue program. watched raymond zack die on memorial day in the icy waters. officials said they were not allorized to attempt water
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rescues because of budget cuts. funds was approved in march 2009 according to a memo. >> the fact they left that lapse 24 months is right there in writing they are funding it and move forward. >> for now city and fire officials are saying nothing pending an external review. >> california political landscape is changing. newly created commission to redrew the -- redraw the districts gave voters a look at how they will be drawn. new maps are released . lawmakers drew party lines on taxs and spending. if you call them, they are concerned. >> new citizen commission charged with redrawing california's political lines and unveiled a draft map. it showed republican districts
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of the state senators and becoming more democratic leaning. >> adopt the governor's tax rate or make billions was dollars in additional cuts. >> this is what the democrats were hoping for as the state senate debated whether to extend the license fees until a special election was held. the new maps could change their minds. >> it is a time when people can least afford your tax increase. in the end. temporarily extending higher tax rate failed. >> no, canela, no. and the draft maps made no difference. >> why should they. voting for the tax thing may not be popular in anybody's district. >> the stale mate are finally
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taking a toll employ. they nade it take care of the people. it is frustrating for me in the past . budgetary immass and goroing money from the bank. and lawmakers pay will be adopted and first time this year. they will not get back pay. in sacramento abc sevennews. and had house minority speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco for the funerals . advocating groundbreaking work for it is san francisco general hospital. the director kathleen seebous.
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toured the facility. it said a lot about follow up care and transition and going home and making sure a patient is well equipped and has a support system to carry out whatever effort it is at home. >> the approach is expected to reduce the expenses by keeping readmissions to the hospital down. secretary - sebelius said it will save money in the decade. >> what would you do if you are a front man for the band and forget the lyrics. if you are will i am from the black eye pea. reach for the smart phone. this is youtube video and he used it as a personal
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telepromper of don't stop the property. >> i may keep that in mind. >> next phase of the 80 million widening project will not begin as expected. alameda county judge issued a temporary restraining order . they filed use suit claiming it would damage the creek and destroy the habitat. they say the project is needed to increase the highway's safety. a temporary restraining order will remain in place. more to come on that. >> sandhya patel has the weather. it was nice and warm. >> mild inland and wind is really strong right now in parts of the bay area. remaining strong for the weekend and we'll feel the affects. inland areas will come down a coup elf degrees tomorrow.
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we'll show you a live picture from our high definition -- emeryville camera, we have clear skies. but it is not clear everywhere. live picture from high definition camera. see that camera bouncing around. winds are gusty right now. satellite picture, you will notice that we have had low cloudiness, lingering on the coastline from san francisco to the half moon bay area. it has been a breezy afternoon . strong on shore floww and continuing to make its presence known. inland areas came down and a sunny afternoon . cooler. we'll continue with that trend heading into saturday. 70 degrees mark and sphen in - 77 in antioch . 57 in half moon bay . here are the current wind speeds.
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sp-- sfo 40 miles per hour . 25 in oakland and breezy in the south bay. san jose northwest winds 22 . warmer for your sunday and bigger warm up coming next week. temperatures will come up above normal for this time of year. low cloudiness except in the north bay. santa rosa and clover dale in the uppers and this is how the monching will start out. gray skies in the bay area and clouds will clear as the breeze picks up . sun out in the bay area and temperatures in the cents inland and 50 in the beachs and a breezy afternoon is expected. wind coming off of the ocean and bringing cooler air with it. cent in san jose and cupertino . 73 in los gatos . a mix of sun and high clouds
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in the afternoon . upper 50s for redwood city and palo alto . not much change on the coast. you bottomed out with the breeze there . 62 degrees and 59 in the sunset district and north bay 50s on the coastline and mid-50s for calastoga . 66 in oakland and inland areas not where you should be . pleasant and 71 in livermore and 74 for concord and monterey bay . 73 inland and morgan hill . accu-weather forecast and look for the cents inland and upper 50s to low 60s on the coastline and warmer monday as the wind relaxes and warm conditions are expected. mid-60s on the beaches and we have a wider range as we go closer to summer. >> we'll get a preview of it. >> now we are talking. >> coming up next.
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>> coming up. a comprehensive recap of the firefighters funeral service . a lingering impact on the traffic. >> and why a bay area man had to wait weeks for a refund from jetblue. and an advance look at the picaso show. it is his early and later work. that is more at 6:00. >> any kind of critter that makes you. >> taranthuala. and we'll show you something here. >> check it out. get over the fear or if your family is adventurous. a new expect is -- i love looking at them. >> tarantulas live and close up. they are call age caged up. and the one in the video allowed to walk around for the camera . starinat


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