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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this saturday morning, june 11th, thousands of firefighters and police as san francisco residents turned out to say their final fair as well as to firefighter vincent perez and anthony valerio. michelle lee has now not been seen in 15 days. >> good morning. sun coming up at 5:47. it's 51, partly cloudy in san francisco, 53 in oakland and san jose. >> good morning. some 5,000 firefighters from as far away as mexico and canada will be returning home today after gathering yesterday for the funeral of two san francisco firefighters killed in the line of duty. an emotional service brought the
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families and friends together for for the firefighters antonio perez and -- vincent perez and anthony valerio. >> it was the celebration of two san francisco firefighters lives at st. mary's cathedral. >> there are no words to describe the pain we feel. there is no words to do justice to the sacrifice made. >> that sacrifice was made by the firefighters lute vincent perez and anthony valerio. they died as a result of fighting a fire on diamond heights last week. cathedral was filled with hundreds of men and women in uniform and fire chiefs from all over the country. they were described at men dedicated to their jobs. >> on the outside vin and tony were different.
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but they both shared an unwillingness to give up on things in which they believed. >> oakland police sergeant alex perez praised the camaraderie of his brothers engine 26 after visiting there last week. >> the lover felt by my brother vince in that firehouse was overwhelming. i knew right then, no question, my brother went to battle with the best of the best. i wouldn't have had him with anyone else. >> brian, a fellow pair med ag with valerio years ago, shared fond memories of the times he traveled with him. >> we gathered at the on the division and on the overdose team so we could get in concerts for free. [laughter] >> he shared his thoughts. >> we love you and though our lives will never be quite as fun, you will live together in
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allful our hearts. >> when all was said and gone, the last bell sounded for the fallen men. their casket were draped in flags. hundreds ever firefighters lined up to accompany them to the fire trucks that would carry them to the cemetery b200 fire trucks and engine formed a mile-long procession through the city. >> 120 firefighters have died in the line of duty over the past ten years, half of those in northern california and most of those in the greater bay area. >> abc7 news. >> every fran firefighters who wanted to attend the service was able to because of the kindness and compassion of their colleagues all over the bay area. crews from as far way way from napa, vallejo and san jose volunteered to fill the gaps and provide fire protection. they learned about our unique layout. >> san francisco the buildings are on top of each other, they are like tender boxes, they have the wooden, the wind, the
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streaks the and if we don't attack the fire immediately on the inside of the building, we might not only lose that building, but we might lose the whole block. >> they got their first test when a fire erupted inside a church in the association view district. they responded quickly and extinguished the flames. no problem. if you missed the service we have had posted on our website and you can also leave your comments on our facebook page. a search continued yesterday for missing nursing student michelle le. police said they chose the area based on evidence overruled during the investigation. a 35 member team used search dogs and forrens rick investigators, but no body was found. le was last seen 15 days ago. investigators say they will continue to work on leads and analyze evidence over this weekend. former bart police officer is due to be released from jail mon, mehserle will.
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community groups plan to protest in oakland this weekend. judge robert perry ruled that monday will be the midpoint of mehserle's two year sentence for involuntary manslaughter in the twine shooting beth of bart passenger oscar. he is entitled to one day credit for each day served, including the time served before posting bail, effectively completing a two year sentence monday. the family wanted to see him convicted of murder for what happened. an e-mail was sent out saying they do not expect protests to turn violent. >> we aren't expecting the kind of crowds we had in the past, but in the past there have been people from outside of town mostly that used this occasion for vandalism. we aren't expecting that again, but should there be, we are prepared, we have police on call and overtime.
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>> looting and vandalism erupted during one of the protests in downtown oakland following the verdict in mehserle's trial. that was last july. an internal memo contradicted claims made by the firefighters who said they didn't save a man who committed suicide in the bay. the man drown as firefighters stood by on memorial day. the firefighters said they couldn't go in because they had not been certified for water rescue as a result of of funding cuts by the city. but the contra costa times found a memo saying funding had been approved in march, twine. >> not that they let that lapse for 26 months is in conceivable, especially when it's in writing it is funded and they are to move forward to it. >> bogey the city and the fire department ever refusing to comment while an external review is underway. a large piece of satisfy folding -- of scaffolding fell on to a car.
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take a look at this. nobody was hurt. but as you can see, police had to rope the area off and keep people far away from that scaffolding. firefighters joined construction workers to clean up the mess. an east bay mom who left her toddler in a car while she went shopping could face serious charges. the woman said she left a window cracked to open and just ran into the store for a couple minutes but a woman saw the boy in the car, couldn't get his attention, so show called 9/11. >> we were talking on the window and the baby didn't respond so i ran into the store and got the man so somebody could get the baby. the security guard was driving by and we stopped him and he was able to pull the window down. >> turned out the toddler was just sleeping. he's okay though he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. police questioned the mom but did not arrest her. it will be up to the district attorney to decide whether to charge her with child endangerment. >> san jose police say up to 50 people were involved in a brawl outside a mcdonald's restaurant near city hall friday
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night. investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. >> now that the weather is heated up, so has the violence in san jose. >> some words were exchanged. it escalated into basically an all-out melee where bottles were thrown and knives produced and a number of people were stabbed and hit. >> the melee he is describing took place thursday evening in this mcdonald's parking lot after the concert in the park event. >> i think we had a lot of young people downtown, more than likely alcohol was involved that touched off an altercation. >> police are not saying whether the brawl was gang related but did say there was gaining association. the fight was mostly between hispanic and african-american teens. several were injured, including two teens who suffered serious stab wounds. some today were oblivious to the events.
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>> usually there's nothing but college kids in the area. there's the courthouse right there. that's kind of shocking. i never heard of that in the area before. >> employees at restaurants surrounding the mcdonald's did not want to go on camera but told us large groups often gather at that parking lot but said that event was unusual. >> so far the murder rate has exceeded last year's totals and with the police department facing cutbacks and the summer upon us, the police chief said he will keep his fingers crossed and continue good police work. so far in this case no arrests have been made. katie hammer, abc7 news. coming up next, an emergency landing at san francisco international last night. scare that forced this plane down. also a chemical used to make these styrofoam cups is added to a list of possible cancer causing substances.
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>> a united airline made a emergency landing last night. night was coming in from los angeles. they smelled fumes. firefighters respond as a precaution and the plane landed and taxied to a gate after :00. all of the is 119 passengers are fine. this morning there's unsettling news about a product many people use all the time. the government has announced that a chemical used to make stay phone coffee cups and takeout containers and other products could cause cancer. we have the story. >> they are everywhere and last forever. the infamous styrofoam cups with a garbage dump half life of nearly 5 hundred years and now is linked to cancer.
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the doctor of mount sinai school of medicine in new york said he would advise pregnant women and small children to switch to glass and ceramic. >> as a pediatrician, i'm in the business of urging caution and i think this is a case where it's reasonable to urge caution even while the data is in complete. >> what does this mean for my coffee cup. should i stop drinking from styrofoam? the makers of styrofoam said the announcement is completely not justified by science. when new studies are complete, the government believes styrene will be listed as a human carcinogen. could hot drinks be more dangerous than cold in styrofoam? it is possible because the study has shown heat can cause more leaving of the chemicals in a drink. are there building materials i should change? the highest risk is for workers who manufacture the products. risk is much lower for people
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who live around them. so why is the government telling me this? the doctor again. >> it makes sense for people in their personal lives to minimize their exposure, even though we can't precisely quantify the risk that is associated with something like drinking a cup of coffee out of a styrofoam cup. >> eric: so for now it's coffee with care. abc news, new york. >> we were talking about the rain. when is it going to stop in i'm glad lisa cut it off when she did. >> you're welcome. we are looking at some pretty nice weather. subtle changes today. a little bit after cool down. breezy along the coast. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. look at the clear sky here. we have fog entering the bay and that's going to play in our forecasted to a pretty big impact. i'll have your forecast next. >> another costly victory. the giants win another game in the bottom of the ninth but lose another starter, freddy sanchez. the latest to go down with an
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injury. larry beil has an update on his condition coming up in sports.
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or you could just try this. [ chuckles ] yeah. ocean spray blueberry juice drinks -- real blueberries, real good. >> yesterday marked the end of apple he is cold wide conference in downtown san francisco. this year the apple is really blasting off into the final frontier. >> two, one and liftoff of space
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shuttle atlantis! >> an eye phone in space? you better believe it. >> it's going on the orbit atlantis on its last flight. kind of historic. >> the ceo says he hopes to prove the i-phone can replace some of the ballky equipment carried on space missions. >> it's it's commercial and meas it's relatively cheap and it can do more than one thing. >> and he's not the only one reaching for the stars. alena came from russia with her astronomy app which uses the gyroscope to find its place. >> it's a window into the stars? >> exactly. >> and then the app designed to make you a star. >> the mixer, the volume. >> he says his djapp is more than a toy. >> the vision is the dj having
5:19 am
only one ipad on the stage with all the music. >> small, slick devices replacing big, expensive machines. just four years ago this conference was all about computers. today it's all about the apps. >> developers say their love affair with the i-phone is a simple one. unlike a computer an i-phone is small and relatively inexpensive. these days they say it's just about everybody has one or two. >> everybody has an i-phone and you can reach so many people with them. >> and develop efforts say it doesn't hurt that apple's conference teaches you how to do to. >> because if you develop cool software, they get to sell more phones. >> of course they do, and that's great for us because then we get to sell more software. >> in san francisco jonathan boom, abc7 news. i am going to be very upset if they get the apple i-phone into space and they have service up there and you want get it some places down here. what's going on in weather, lisa? >> things are panning out, pretty typical for june.
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>> that sounds better than last week. >> doesn't it? you see the fog here from our roof camera. so it's pretty gusty, the winds out of the west. gusting to 30 miles an hour. at the coast some winds are up to 21. southwesterly winds in fairfield. but here it's going to get as deep as it gets into the southern sacramento valley. we will look for it to mix out. as a result sunshine today but cooler around the bay. i will explain why in a minute. 48 and from livermore and free mont. 47 in santa rosa. as you head out a couple degrees cooler, partly cloudy and breezy today, especially along the coast. warmer tomorrow. there's a trough that will exit tomorrow and behind it we will see surface high pressure build in. next week we are looking at one of the biggest heat waves we've seen since last summer. just a couple day event but it
5:21 am
will be a change from what we are used to. here's the cloud cover. you notice it dissipates quickly throughout the afternoon. but northwestly winds and some winds up to 20 and 30 miles an hour along our coasts will keep it cool only in the upper 50s here and breezy winds around the bay. notice the temperature gradients, just 60s and 70s. here's the system. it's an upper level trough and it will be working to thicken the marine layer early in the morning. then it mixes out and then we will be left with the stronger sea breeze. as a result temperatures will be held down a bit and we will look for highs to be below the average. so normal highs here, you know, mid-and upper 70s. below that today but look for sunshine, 71 in campbell, 72 in saratoga. closer to the water the upper 60s for santa clara and milpitas. and along the peninsula, well, we didn't get the rest of the temperatures. we will be look at the mid-60s. san francisco only 62. south city about the name.
5:22 am
north bay numbers with the breezy winds, looking at highs in the mid-70s. near east bay we are talking 66 and oakland and the inland valleys talking low and mid-70s. you notice we will stay in the same general area come sunday, maybe three or four degrees warmer than today. then that's the warmth i was talking about. see, that's tuesday, wednesday and thursday. just some very shallow, patchy fog in the early morning hours and then a taste of summer there with 60s at the coast. we will look at the other temperatures coming up but today cooler than yesterday with the stronger sea breeze. >> but it's still nice. lisa, thanks a lot. a settlement may number the works in the barry bonds personalry case. "the recorder" said prosecutors have approached bonds defense team about maybe striking a deal. the jury convicted him of one count of obstructing injure but deadlocked on three perjury
5:23 am
counts. the settlement would eliminate the need foran -- for a second trial. they are expected back in court next week. super regional at dallas baptist, needing two wins to advance to the college world series. defending world champions giants last night had another last at-bat win but suffered an injury to one of the team's star players. here's larry beil with the highlights. >> good morning. this is turning into a real season of pain for the giants. now add freddy sanchez to what reams like an ever growing list of injuries. sanchez hurt last night against the reds. bundled up at the park. brian vogelsong gets him in the first. ryan hanigan ties is up. kerry moment, freddy sanchez, the diving stop. appears to injure his right
5:24 am
shoulder. in all kinds. pain. they call it a dislocated shoulder. he will be out for a while. miguel tejada, second double of the night. chris steward many scores and tied at 2. here crawford phillips to second. that's an amazing play. it's hard to do that if you are trying. and the single to left here, nate the great does it again. game over, drive home safely. giants with their ninth walk off win of the season, 3-2. he's and white sox. godfrey in his major league debut. two-run homer, 16th of the year, 2-1, sox. the ninth. a's down 5-3. down to last out. later bases loaded and scott sizemore, deep to left, off the wall, clears the bases. 7-5, athletics.
5:25 am
after ten straight losses, the a's comeback in dramatic fashion to win it, 7-5. college baseball, stanford and north carolina, best of three in the seventh. unc up 1-0 and add to go the lead. seth baldwin a two - run blast. baldwin 3 rbis on the day as carolina takes game one of this series, 5-2. marc jackson insists the warriors will make the playoffs next season and says he wants to keep monta ellis, not trade him. jackson was introduced as the warriors new head coach. he has absolutely no coaching experience but the owner believes he learned more than enough at 17 years as a point guard, he's clearly the best man for the job. >> we aren't going to accept mediocrity. we will hold this team to a different standard. we will be professionals and it will be a lot of fun. things be changing here in the bay area. >> we will find out, starting right now, who really wants to
5:26 am
win and who was just acting because the acttors will be exposed. this is going to take a full-time commitment across the board. >> to the ice, vancouver hosting boston in the finals. canucks goalie roberto luongo was she would in two games in boston. terrific in this game. 31 saves for luongo. third period still scoreless. kevin shoots wide but the bounce off goes to lapierre, who puts it in. right place, right time. canucks win, 1-0 and take the 3-2 series lead back to boston. mike shumann will be here with all the day's highlights at 5:00 p.m., six and eleven. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next at 5:30, a political earthquake for california. a panel posed to abolish the state's long congressional map. and a problem for gps. ♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪
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>> california's political landscape may change dramatically a streeter mandated panel created to level the election playing field released its first proposed changes yesterday. as abc7 caroline tyler reports, the bay area doesn't escape their plans to redraw the maps. >> okay, we are going to the east san francisco district. >> in sacramento the panel charged with changing the state's election borders released its first maps detailing how to change the state's political landscape. back in 2008 voters created the california citizens redistricting commission. the independent 14-member panel has the task of rearranging the state's assembly, senate and congressional district with the hope of reducing political gridlock and putting an end to favoring one party over the other. the new districts tend to be along geographic lines but take
5:30 am
race into account, as well. >> i think if what the voters wanted was to completely change the landscape, in certain areas of the state it really changes the landscape, but not everywhere. >> political analyst, bruce cain. >> you get to orange county, eastern los angeles county and san bernardino county there's a lot of changes that a lot of incumbents don't have any recognizable district anymore and they will run to completely new places. >> he said overall the political leanings won't change much because the boarders of districts in the bay area may shift only slightly. in congress the impact may be more dramatic. republicans stand to lose as many as four seats in congress, mostly from the changes this southern california. the maps set up a potential battle in napa and miran
5:31 am
counties. changes in the district borders could put them against each other in an election. he said it could make the tipcally liberal leaning counties bend more moderate. don't expect that to happen without a fight. a congresswoman released a statement criticizing the proposal. she said the commission has dismissed its man date and vialed its own guidelines. she said her suggestions are more in line with sonoma county from north coast communities. final maps are due august sag. caroline tyler, abc7 news. on monday president obama will travel to north carolina to meet with his jobs council. he said he will work with them on steps the government can take to boost hiring in the private sector. >> one thing government can do is partner with the private sector to make sure every worker has thes in skills for the jobs they are applying for. on wednesday i announced commitments by the private
5:32 am
sector, colleges and the national organization of manufacturing that will make it possible for 500,000 community college students to get a manufacturing credentials that has the industry's stamp of approval. >> mr. obama also said the government is investing in the clean energy sector so new companies can create new job opportunities. oakland mayor gene kwan and a rock and roll legend opened up a new restaurant. >> he's the owner of the cafe. it's located next to oakland's fox theatre. an anonymous bidder will pay $2.6 million to have lunch with investor william buffet. yesterday the bidder actually snagged the ebay deal for 2.3 million but opted to pay more so he could top last year's record. all proceeds go to the san francisco's glide foundation that serves the city's poor and homeless. buffet will spend a couple hours
5:33 am
talking about whatever the winner wants over at a new york steakhouse. when is the last time you looked at a map to get to where you are going. we are dependent on gps but the old-fashioned road maps may come in handy again because of an emerging problem with their high-tech replacement. we explain what's going on. >> satellite based navigation or gps has become a big tool for drivers and pilots who can chart their location on ipads. but an interference problem has surfaced as a new network is being built. >> that's around ten miles or so they see jamming of the satellite signals and at around the three or four miles a complete loss. so you don't know where you are anymore. >> a letter documenting the problems have been submitted to government regulators. private pilot, kevin morris, said a jammed or lost signal could have serious consequences. >> that can be a matter of
5:34 am
seconds before you are into a dangerous situation where you may end up hitting terrain or some type of obstruction. >> engineers say the interference may be due to the gps and the cell networks operating on adjacent frequencies. san jose based company is part of a group studying the problem. it can't be solved quickly by losing them to a new frequency. >> the radio frequency is actually the most expensive, the most limited commodity, so to say. it's not easy to find other location for the new systems to pretty in. >> they said interference can lead to dropped cell calls because gps is used to switch a conversation from one tower to the next. solutions will surface because better cell networks and reliable gps devices are both needed. >> the working committee's report will be submitted to the federal communications
5:35 am
commission on wednesday. pilots and others who rely on gps devices will be watching closely. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. the next phase of an $80 million widening project of the road through the canyon will not begin as expected next week. there's a temporary restraining order stopping the project for now. an environmental group filed suit this week saying the project would dallas mavericks the alameda creek and dallas mavericks the environment. the temporary restraining order will remain in place until a court hearing on june 23rd. warm weather now, coupled with a huge winter snowpack, means many communities in radio broadcast are bracing for possible flooding. a closed sign greets campers here. it is threatened by the rushing waters of nearby dinky creek. the campground remains open but you you may see the snow on the
5:36 am
ground almost through mid-june. >> we had friends in a tent area and they closed theirs down so we made sure this was still only. >> yosemite, many people will gaze at raging water falls, but downstream they worry about the river overflowing its banks. dinky creek isn't kinky anymore. >> you wouldn't let that go by. >> can't have a big creek named dinky. >> in about four or five days we will see a bigger heat wave around here, some warmth. that may accelerate some of the snowmelt with the sierra nevada. but today we are going in the other direction. breezy winds and a little cooler on the bay. i'll explain next. >> and the bay area veterans who found a save haven at this east bay winery. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one. >> welcome back. the sometime is 5:48. you are looking at the golden gate bridge.
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you see the overcast. a little bit of a cool down, says lisa. but you know what? it's dry out there. what an improvement from last week. let's be grateful for what we've got. arrival of warmer weather and lots of fuel from wet winner and spring equals higher fire danger. fire crews will be performing space inspectionings. they will be making recommendations so homeowners can better protect themselves against wildfires. east dublin residents may see and smell smoke monday and tuesday. fire training exercises take place at thal pleada county training center at matigan road each day. last year's exercises the crews got one expected training when one burn jumped a containment line. people may get a knock on the door from firefighters. they will be reminding people to close doors and win gross monday morning to wednesday morning because of that smoke. so watch out for that. it's a real fire but not an out
5:40 am
of control fire, we hope. >> and monday through wednesday it will be warmer around here. by tuesday, wednesday, significant warming. but right now we've got the marine layer in place with a moderate on shore flow. here's a look at emeryville. the persistent marine layer allowing ceilings to be anywhere from 2500 feet and then we will see them mix out for more sunshine around the bay. but first temperatures are a little cooler, anywhere from, oh, about 2 degrees cooler. 46 in red wood city. it's 51 in oakland and san francisco. 50s free mont and mount view. breezy around hayward with the southwesterly winds. partly cloudy skies and we will see the winds out of the west, 10 to 20 miles an hour today. then with this little trough moving across the bay area it slides to the east of us tomorrow. that will bring the warmer weather and then a bigger warmup next week. so here's what to expect later
5:41 am
on today. the clouds will clear pretty much everywhere, maybe a couple patches along the san mateo coast, southern monterey county, and then we will be left with widespread 60s, 70 he is, but the upper 50s firmly entrenched from half moon bay, pacifica. it's all because of this weak little trough to the north and west of us. with this bearing down on the pacific northwest we are looking for a stronger sea breeze today. that will allow for temperatures to stay, once again, below the average, anywhere from 5 to 8 degrees below average highs. statewide that translates into comfortable weather. but notice no real heat across the bay area. upper 70s. nice day in sacramento with mid-80s in fresno. 77 in yosemite. 95 here in the desert and 96 in vegas. closer to home we will see numbers once again, a couple 60s, but upper 60s for santa
5:42 am
clara and some low 70s. peninsula numbers. ranking from the 50s at the coast, upper 60s redwood center, 69 in palo alto and san francisco 62. south city about the same. these winds will kick up throughout the afternoon. so as a result, it's going to be cool in the sunset district and at our coast only in the upper 50s. in the north bay you will notice mid-70s. some warmer numbers here as you head to interior santa rose you, calistoga 75. near east bay a narrow range with mid-60s for berkeley and san leandro. you head to castro valley and freemont. winds will keep it on the cooler side but a nice day in liver mohr and the monterey bay. looking at 60 here with 67 in santa crews. today one of the cooler days of the next seven. you will notice a couple degrees warmer tomorrow and the winds should back off.
5:43 am
less fog. that's the trend as we head toward the work week. you will notice the numbers warming anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees. the 60s, 70s and 80s, the spread you want and are least expecting in the summer is coming your way for a couple days next week. >> a week ago, the furthest thing from my mind was fire danger. >> yeah. >> and now in the same newscast we have fire danger and flooding as well. >> yeah. a lot of brush out there. >> a small winery is providing a save haven or veterans. lavish lanes is helping men making the transition to civilian life. vic lee has the assignment 7 report. >> a hand-painted sign on the side of this dusty road in livermore directs you to the winery. lavish lanes is anything but lavish. the tasting room is a conconverted barn on ten acres of bear land which will some day
5:44 am
become a vineyard. >> it produces about 3,000 cases of wine a year. not bad for a start-up winery. it's scarlet red and gold-color label gives you a clue about its origins. they are the colors of the marines. >> and i've been shot, blown up and stabbed. i've had it all. you know what? i'm still here. [laughter] >> i'm still alive. >> 25-year-old josh lane is a farmer marine who has done two tours of duty in iraq and was on the front lines ever the fallujah invasion. he started his wine making business out of this old, rusty bus. that was in the summer of '07 when he just got out of the marines. >> i was very small. we were only doing like 25 cases and then we slowly upgraded to a shipping container. >> from this shipping container, lane saved enough money working as a plummer to move into the barn. he and his partners didn't know
5:45 am
the first thing about wine make but his girlfriend, who worked for a winery, convinced him to open his own business. >> we basically learned from our own mistakes. we learn a lot from youtube. >> to cut costs, lane manages other wineries, vineyards, and in return they give him grapes to make his wine. for lane this is a family business, a business he can take care of his military brothers and sisters. >> this is their safe haven, and they are welcome here and i want them here because we are all on the same page. >> the walls of his tasting room are decorated with service flags, medals and photographs. lane's vision is to create jobs for veterans here where they can find the same kind of camaraderie that they had in the military. so far he's hired about 30 vets. >> i was a former drug addict and homeless vet. >> tim chapman was a humvee gunner in the army. he was treated for ptsd in a rehab program. working here is a new chapter in
5:46 am
his life. >> i deliver more, start working for josh and going to college using by gi bill. >> chad, an unemployed navy veteran, became the production manager. >> it got me motivated to get off my butt and not be so -- i don't want to say depressed. i would just come in here, it was a very uplifting experience. >> jeff is the operations manager. he served in the air force. emanual suffers from gulf war syndrome because of his exposure to chemicals in the burning oil fields. he said the vineyards are like a psychiatrist's couch. a place veterans can talk openly about their issues. >> a lot of them need to talk about things but they don't talk to family, spouses or moms and dads because they don't want them to worry. >> they can be having war issues or family issues. either way, they come here and they feel free. all their problems go away.
5:47 am
>> lavish lanes is, of course, a business. it's also a place where veterans can get a second chance at life. vic lee, abc7 news. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> you pay in cash but can't get a refund until the company cuts a check? i'm michael finney, 7 on your side is coming up. ♪ the rich aroma gets you up ♪ looking forward to your first cup ♪ morning! big day, huh? thank you.
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5:50 am
back. be. >> this good guy here was in new jersey ready to fly jet blue to oakland and visit his dad, roosevelt senior. the bad weather hit and the flight was cancelled. here's the ticket showing that. >> i couldn't reschedule because the time he was coming it would have been up. he had to return to school so it would have made no sense to come for two days and go back. >> the visit was moved to july. so roosevelt senior figured he would go back and get a refund. he paid in cash but was told he would have to wait for the refund while a check was prepared and sent to his home. >> to me this is ridiculous. i went in and i paid cash and i have to wait over two months for a refund? >> it was only supposed to take two weeks. but things did not go smoothly. the check was sent, but to the wrong street address. it was sent to stone hinge rather than stone gate. roosevelt asked for a new check but it never arrived. roosevelt eventually contacted 7
5:51 am
on your side and we got a hold of jet blue. the mistake was fixed and a new check was sent right out, all for $436.70. >> i stayed on them, but to no avail. i didn't get my money. >> until he contacted 7 on your side. >> clearly jet blue was trying to refund the money, it just couldn't seem to get the job done and we helped cut through the red tape. and now the roosevelts, junior and senior, will be getting together next month. now if you have a consumer problem, let me know about it. go to and click 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the ultimate look at the career of pablo picasso and one thread that ties his work together from beginning to end.
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here are the winning numbers from last night. nobody got them all. the jackpot will grow to at least $42 million for tuesday's drawing. >> few things create more fear in people than being by taranula. the exhibit is called tarantulas all live and caged up. there no biting as far as we know. besides staring at the legs of the species, you will learn they are genital giants who are not deadly to humans. but they are big on the copy factor. >> an exhibition of definitive works by the painter pablo
5:55 am
picasso opens today. he's probably the best known artist of the 20th century. as you see from arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez, this exhibition is a significant collection. >> one look at gallery and you understand why picasso was the most influential artist of the 20th century. his art covered an incredibly wide range of ideas. >> you are seeing the eye and hand and thoughts of a great living old master in his lifetime, sort of reinventing the definition of art. >> he was constantly reinventing his concept, his philosophy, his style, right down into the 19 70s. >> you see the work that provided influence to generation after generation of other art its. >> you could embrace it or reject it, but you had to deal with if. he was such a force in the art world. the history of his work is almost evolution itself. >> there are 150 on display here.
5:56 am
eats all from paris. we get it here because the museum is closed for renovation. the exhibition covers every phase of his career over eight decades. and what is unique are these works picasso kept for himself. works he believed that would establish his legacy. even with these than styles there's a common thread. his image is in there somewhere. picasso always had to be center stage. >> the sense of self is what drove him to create and it also gave him the ability and power to see himself as a magician, a trickster. >> because he is, picasso is someone who alters the real world to create a new world of his own. the picasso masterpieces are shown through midnight, october 9th. >> and a special presentation. spencer christian reports from paris, the city that inspired picasso. the special airs right after
5:57 am
abc7 news at 6:00 tonight. next at six, honoring the fallen. thousands pay fitting tribute to two san francisco firefighters lost in the line. duty. and it's not what is in the cup, but the cup itself that has health officials concerned.
5:58 am
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>> in the news, thousand of firefighters, police and family turned out to say farewell to the former firefighters vincent perez and anthony valerio. and police conduct a large search for missing nursing student michelle le, who has now not been seen in 15 days. >> good morning. plenty of fog is moving on into the city. temperatures in the 50s." we will see slow clearing today. >> good


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