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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  June 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> alan: the fourth fire in less than a week burns nearly an acre of land in antioch. contra costa county firefighters are investigating what they say are suspicious circumstances surrounding four fires that broke out in antioch over the course of a week. tomas roman is life in antioch. what's the connection here? >> reporter: the connection is these fires have been starting like clockwork. the people who lives -- live in this community because someone has been set setting fires in the park behind their homes, four in the past week, and one
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yesterday. >> yesterday, it burned that, and today it came over here. >> reporter: william king is talking about the grass fire that came chris -- this close to his home. firefighters put the fire out but not before it damaged an outbuilding. >> all three of these fires are suspicious in nature. they're long a walking path with easy access. so we're concerned about fires starting, one, this early in the season, and, two, we do have somebody starting fires,. >> reporter: william king is concerned for his two young children. for -- they have lived here eight years. >> this is three years in a row this has happened, and this time, it's like three day friday a row. >> reporter: today's fire came up to his pool. >> i went out there with the hose and i went out there with a bucket, to dip the water in the pool and put as much out as we
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can until the fire department came. >> reporter: the blackened and charred grass spots in the park are where the four fires have been set, much too close to the more than dozen homes that surround the park. for keith, these fires are getting common. >> seems lick it happens every year for some reason. >> reporter: king says he saw someone running from a larger fire last year but investigators do not have any suspects. because the fires have been a regular occurrence, their two children have their own fire duties. >> when there's a fire close, we tell -- we alarm our parents, then go over to my friend's house and at it -- wait until it's safe. >> ring the door bell and tell them a fire. >> reporter: now, with fire season already on as investigators say whoever is starting these fires is a
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priority. abc-7 news. >> alan: meanwhile, firefighters all over northern california are bracing for the start of wildfire season. starting monday, calfire will be opening up most of its same fire stations, and despite the heavy rains we have had, calfire is asking homeowners to take extra precaution because there's an an acone dance of vegetation. >> the second largest fire in arizona history has burned 672 square miles them flames have spread into new mexico and that fire has destroyed more than 30 homes since it broke out on may 29th. also threatens two major powerlines that deliver electricity from arizona to texas. the former b.a.r.t. officer convicted of killing oscar grant during a scuffle on a b.a.r.t. train plant form is expected to be released from prison in little more than 24 hours.
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leigh glaser spoke with grant's family in los angeles tonight. >> criminal justice system -- >> reporter: anger and outrage from oscar grant's from after learning the b.a.r.t. officer is set to be released from jail. the judge ruled johannes mehserle has served enough time and enough credits to be release. >> because of the judge, mehserle getting out in less than 11 months. so it's pain tofl us as a family. there was no accountability. there was no justice in that courtroom. >> reporter: at an emergency town hall meeting, members for the emergency coalition are saying mehserle is receiving preferential treatment. >> sentenced to state prison and never stepped a foot outside los angeles county jail. he did a country club jail. a be version of justice.
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>> the deadly shooting happened new year's day. he said he thought he was grabbing his taser to subdue grant, and instead grabbed his gun. the trial was moved to l.a. because of pretrial publicity. >> going to live with what he did and he's going to suffer from that. our ultimate goal is to contact the department of justice and insist on them bringing criminal charges for civil rights violations. >> alan: that was leigh glaser reporting. in downtown oakland two businesses covered their windows we plywood to deter vanity limp and -- vandalism and looting, police plan for extra officers to be working that night. >> he radio preacher who predicted the end of the world last month has suffered a stroke. our media partner learn that
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harold camping has been in the hospital since thursday night. the 89-year-old radio station opener suffered the stroke at his home in alameda. his neighbor told the times the stroke has affected his right side and caused his speech to be slurred. camping's followers have donated millions to his nonprofit, and he spent a lot of it on a media blitz telling everyone the world would end on may 21st. thousands or drivers were delayed while highway patrol officers talked a man out of jumping from the bay bilge. as -- bay bridge. as you can see from this video in my car, the man climbed over the rail. the chp closed down the two right lanes on the upper deck. the backup stretched as for as richmond. the man climbed back on the roadway around 4:30 and the chp
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took him into custody but traction -- traffic con jest lasted past 6:00. ahead police are looking for man who struck a girl and then drove off. the girl was hit by a white car. she was taken to eden hospital and is in stable condition. the car i described as a possible toyota corrolla or volkswagen jetta. anyone with information is asked to call the hayward police. >> another deadly shooting in san jose, and she shooting victim called the police. when they arrived, the 24-year-old hector garcia was dead with multiple gunshot wounds. police say they still don't know what led to that shooting. this mark's san jose's 4th 4th homicide of the year. los angeles police have a blood-stained dodgers jersey that reportedly contains the dna
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of beaten giants fan bryan stow, but an l.a. area tv station says that jersey does not contain the dna of the prime suspect, jovan in the ramirez. a dry cleaner gave the jersey to the l.a.p.d. of someone brought it to his shop shortly after stow was beating outside dodger stadium. ram res is still in jailing, and police are still looking for two other suspects in the case. graduation ceremonies are still being held around -- at colleges around the bay area, including some at cal state east bay today. john alston spoke with new graduates about tober a recession-plagued job market. >> fresh from commencement, graduates are full of excitement. now comes the hard part. >> getting a job is going to be really tough but i know the business market, and the faculty
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helps, too. so i have to look forward to starting with internship. >> reporter: nothing but smiles for this new college graduate. with a dollar bill ornament draped over her gown. >> going to make some money. >> reporter: now she is making money as a receptionist, but eger eager to put her speech pathology degree to use. >> have you found something that compliments your degree? >> not yet. >> how has the search been. >> it's tough. >> she has a lot of company among fellow grad whats who are -- marching into one of the worst job marks in years. nationwide, 90% of students who graduated in 2006 and 2007 had found a job by this spring. but among graduates last year, only 56% had found work. >> it was tough, but you always have to keep a look out for things. that's the best way to do it. nothing is going fall in your
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lap. >> continues to be a really challenging year. i don't see it changing. you have to be able to differentiate yourself from others in the marketplace. >> reporter: many of these young men and women will go on to graduate school, which could increase their student loan debts by tens of thousands of dollars. they're hoping this would be an invictim that would pay off in the long run. >> alan: as if the victims of the joplin tornado temperaturese enough to worry about. doctors say there is a fungus in some survivors. >> leigh: i know the wind was up today, temperatures ceeld off considerably, but we are definitely going to start that warming trend tomorrow. we'll take a look at the accuweather
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yeah ! all right ! it's america's fastest and largest high-speed wireless network-- verizon. built so you can rule the air. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: congressman anthony weiner announced he will take a temporary leave of absence from congress while he seeks treatment. nancy pelosi joined the democratic national chairwoman in calling for weiner to resign. this comes after revelations weeper had been sending mess dwroodges a 17-year-old girl on twitter. police visited her home to look at her text mess expwradges concluded there was no criminal or inappropriate contact by the congressman. >> nothing explicit, indecent, nothing inappropriate. >> alan: a spokesman for the new york congressman says in a statement that weiner left this morning to seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier
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person. weiner admitted to sending lewd photos and engaging in inappropriate online conversation with six women. >> wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords could leave a rehabilitation hospital sometime this month. giffords continues to recover in houston after surviving a gunshot wound to her head in january. her chief of staff tells the "associated press," giffords may leave the hospital in houston by the end of this month or in early july. that hospital specializes in caring for people with head injuries. more than 150 people died in the joplin tornado disaster and now the victims are dealing with a different challenge. more than nine people have developed what is a rare and sometimes deadly fungal infection. authorities say the fungus was growing in the wood frames of the homes that were destroyed,
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and doctors believe people who suffered lacerations from flying wood might be infected. the symptoms include pain, swelling, and skin discoloringation but did not emerge until a week after the tornado. tonight in the east bay, former and current students honored a man they considered a second father. superintendent hank clocking retired from the california school for the deaf in fremont. he has served as the school superintendent since 1975. students at the school learn american sign language, take stanford high school courses. the school is more than 150 years old. >> let's talk to leigh glaser and look at the forecast. >> leigh: we had the strong onshore component, so temperatures dropped a few more degrees, but from the rooftop cam you can see the sky is a
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little fuzzy as the low clouds starting to move back in. the good news is the strong sea breeze has started to abate, which means it will be stang -- strong tomorrow and translate into warmer temperatures. right now, 62 in antioch. livermore, 55 degrees. north bay, napa, still a southwesterly wind there 17 miles-per-hour. so that's one of the windiestplaces. napa, 53. san francisco, 54. mountain view, 55. san jose, a little overcast, 58 degrees. here's a look at the highlights. coastal cloud overnight, right on in through the bay. breezy overnight. mainly near the coast, and we will have a warmer day today, especially inland, temperatures are going to come up, and the warming trend that starts tomorrow will stay in through the middle part of the work week. you can get a sense of what i'm talking about. the strong onshore winds pushing
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the low clouds further inland. we have a tip in the jet stream, trough right here, and anything out over open water, that onshore wind is going to push it over the bay area. so we'll continue to see that overnight. we look for overnight lows in the north bay. upper 40s in some locations or 50s. 54 for antioch. this is what i'm talking about. the jet stream just dipping down. this is a trough here. tomorrow, high pressure is going to start to build in. and watch what happens. everything pushes towards the east. high pressure builds in. the trough will push up towards the north. that's where the jet stream is. and as this high gets closer to us as we head into monday and tuesday, get ready for temperatures, especially inland, rebounding into the mid-to-upper 80s. tomorrow morning, cloudy conditions, and then quickly those clouds will burn back to just the coast.
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by 10:00 a.m. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll continue with the sea breeze near the coast. 50s there. the coolest locations, and then 70s and 80s none a little bit more towards the west as the high builds in. here's the high for sunday. 70, san jose. keep the sea breeze at the coast. 50s there. 59, half moon bay. 69, palo alto. san francisco, 62. north bay, nice numbers for you. santa rosa, afternoon sunshine, 74. 74 for napa. east bay, oakland, 66. san leandro, 66. interior east bay, 78 for brentwood. concord, 75. check out the aku -- accuweather forecast. tuesday, the high press over us, 70s around the bay, even a nice beach day on tuesday with
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mid-60s there, and then start to cool down thursday, friday, saturday. >> alan: thank you, league. let's good over to shu here. interestingly, six pac-10 teams still in the running. >> mike: a tale of two cities. stanford gets bounced, and cal hits two home runs and they're a win away from the college world series.
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>> mike: the cal baseball team has been throw it all this season. first they were eliminated in cost-saving cuts, then raised $10 million to keep the team alive, and now they're one win away from the come world -- college world series. williams, got all that one. deep to left and gone. bears up 3-0. cal pitcher, jones was solid. strikes out anderson. jones went six innings, allowing one hit and three ks. cal in control.
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bears take game one and can clinch a world series berth with a win on sunday. north carolina hosting stanford, an elimination game for the cardinals. tar heels control. bases loaded for williams. doubles to the gap. all runners score, cardinal down 6-5. then the rain began to fall. more than a three hour rain delay. then the groundout, and the tar heels moving on to the college world series, ending stanford's season. final score 7-5. >> a's in chicago with a new manager and a new attitude under bob melvin. looking to extend their winning streak to two. castro takes imlez -- degrees deep to left. it's gone. a's tied it up in the sixth. the throw to second is off the mark.
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lillibridge scores. in the eight, coco crisp goes deep off danks. great snag over the wall. a's are now 1-2 under melvin's guidance. >> timmy lincecum got lit up we the reds. control issues early on. wild pitch scores a run. and it gets uglier. gave up two rbi doubles, matching a career worst. seven runs. left in the fourth,. the d-men go down fighting. bottom nine, down 10-0. pat buehrle with a man on. see ya. but the giants go down swinging to the tune of 10-2. >> don't feel like anything is boring me. just need to get back to being me. >> mike: we knew we would not have a trim crown winner but bragging rights were on the line for the derby and preakness
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>> mike: the 143rd running of the belmont stakes had no triple crown ramifications but animal kingdom and shackleford wanted bragging rights. animal kingdom jockey almost fell off. shackle ford takes the lead, but animal king kingdom was last. shackleford has the lead, and here's the call. >> ruler on ice, coming on. animal kingdom won't get there shackleford is fourth. ruler on ice, on the inside. down the wire. ruler on ice has won the bell month -- belmont stakes. >> mike: 24-1 odds, huge upset.
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stay thirsty was second, and brilliant speed third. the fun part of opening a horse is naming him. animal kingdom was sixth. >> how about your san jose earthquake. their unbeaten streak is now six. quakes down 1-nil when steven finds himself on a break year, game tied. a few minutes later, the keeper, the safe, but hart gets the rebound and puts it in. who are you going to call? lenhart. completes the hat trick. earthquake improve to 5-4-4 with the victory. >> the nba on abc, game six tomorrow from miami. a dallas win, they're the champions. right here on abc-7. i pick dallas in seven, sticking with it. i think miami will get tomorrow's game.
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>> alan: good night everyone. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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