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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  June 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> havav in the news this tuesday morning, arson investigators are called to the scene of an overnight house fire. >> in san leandro flames ripped through five apartments displacing more than a dozen people. some of them were left homeless by a fire at another complex just three weeks ago. >> this president is declining >> and they hammered president obama and preached against big government. they face off in a gop debate. >> and you are looking live few clouds, look how thin they are. whole lot of sunshine and temperatures will jump nearly 15
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degrees. >> and major road work still going on. i'll tell you about some of the freeway intersections that are still blocked. >> eric: thanks for joining us i'm carolyn tyler. >> i'm carolyn tyler. >> arson investigators are looking into the cause of an early morning fire that damaged two western addition homes. eight people are looking for a place to stay. fire begin around 1:00 behind a home on golden gate avenue near scott street. it also burned a second home in the rear it started in the outdoor area between the two homes. investigators are calling it suspicious. >> right now we should be waiting for the arson squad and rule out the areas to start overhauling and determine the cause. >> no one was injured and firefighters were able to put the flames out quickly.
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they are working with the displaced residents to try to find temporary shelter. >> in san leandro fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of an apartment fire that forced 14 people out of their homes. some of those neighbors were the victims of another fire just three weeks ago. flames erupted from a unit at belmont apartments on hayes street at about 6:30 last night. the fire spread to four other apartments before they could get it under control. some of the victims from last night's fire had been relocated after being burned out of another complex on may 24. >> some of my stuff was damaged again. >> it happened again. >> you are pretty good spirits? >> you know, what can you do. things happen. >> the red cross is helping the
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14 residents including four children find temporary housing. michelle michelle obama. she appeared just appeared before the midterm elections rallying to get out the vote. she will be speaking at a democratic national dpeet breakfast at claremont hotel in the berkeley-oakland area this morning and then a luncheon at merchants exchange building in san francisco. >> it's 4:33. >> 7 republican hopefuls gathered for their first debate in new hampshire. it was the first debate of the season for mitt romney and newly declared candidate michele bachmann. president obama was hundreds of miles away, but his record was front and center. >> 78 republicans faced each other but the fire was aimed squarely at one candidate who
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wasn't in the room. >> anybody on this stage would be a better president than president obama. >> this president has failed. >> making stops in miami and north carolina defended his record. >> we stabilized the economy, we prevented a financial meltdown an economy that was shrinking is now growing. >> tea party favorite michele bachmann made the first headline. >> i filed the paperwork to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. >> tim pawlenty who coined the phrase obamney care of the weekend. >> obamney care was a reflex that he designed obamacare on the massachusetts healthcare lan zblan he attacked the plan? >> if i am elected president i
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are repeal on obamacare and on my first day in office i will grant a waiver to all 50 states for obamacare. >> the difference is one he'll likely to be explained as the campaign goes on. >> one candidate wasn't there was john huntsman, utah governor and briefly the ambassador to china. >> time right now, 4:35. we should know by the end of today if a federal judge will allow a decision to overturn the ban on gay marriage to stand. the judge says he will rule quickly on the issue after hearing two hours on the issue. opponents say judge vaughn walker should have removed himself from the case because he was in at same sex relationship and could benefit from the outcome. a lawyer who tried to block proposition 8, walker is being
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challenged because he is gay and we assume all federal judges will decide cases based on the law. former bart police officer johannes mehserle is in northern california spending time with his family. he was released after serving one year of a two-year prison term for involuntary manslaughter. he was convicted in the shooting death of unarmed bart passenger. he will on parole for at least a year without restrictions. police can search him without cause but he can't be sent back to jail unless he commits a new crime. oscar grant's family is vowed to pursue a federal civil price lawsuit against him. >> he knows his life will not be back to normal. >> i think he ziovs an opportunity right now to be with
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his family and live his life. >> mehserle's attorney says he has few job offers but he is concerned about his safety. >> the budget deadline is tomorrow and for the first time if there is no budget, no paychecks for legislators. governor brown appears to be backing off his pledge of a gimmick free budget. he is now suggesting he would look hard on proposals on one type will fixes to close the deficit. but he is putting most of his efforts at temporary tax highs. he needs a couple of republicans to support a special election on the issue. >> the legislature has in its hands to do right by california. we cannot do it with just the majority party. we need four republican votes. >> republicans now say they are willing to place the tax extensions on a ballot if there are reforms on pensions and a
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spending tax. >> and things are getting hot they are sacramento and outside things will be getting hotter. >> our political climate is getting interesting and so is the weather. normal clouds and most of them are moving away from us. we have a few around the coast and bay but for most parts, high pressure is in control and temperatures already this morning away from the coast running 2-11 degrees warmer in antioch. some of that warmer weather is hanging around antioch and just ready to spread across the rest of our neighborhoods. 1 degree cooler in san rafael and san francisco and 2 in half moon bay. 70 in antioch right now. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. until you get to san francisco at about 52 degrees. this afternoon, temperatures jump about 6-15 degrees.
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56 at half moon bay. 72 in san francisco and upper 70s richmond. low to mid-80s around the bay shore. you can see the 90s in the north bay and east bay valleys. gilroy should make it to 90s. upper 70s around the monterey bay until you get to monterey at 68. accu-weather seven-day forecast, this is a 2-day heat wave and then cooler weather is in the forecast. good morning, frances. >> looking forward to the heat wave just a major connection ramp closed. one in hayward, southbound 880, eastbound to jackson is about until 5:00 this morning. you may want to concern lincoln. also as you make your way through the incident lynn interchange northbound 680 to eastbound 580 is blocked until about 6:00. so a lot of these are kind of
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reverse commute directions as well as eastbound 4 as you make your way towards antioch. full freeway closure at leverage is scheduled until 5:30. muni operators said no to it once now they have no choice. a deal that has workers talking strikes. >> also itself america's cup organizers are lobbying in their fund-raising goal. what could happen if they can't come up with the crash carb. >> and the push about sneaking alcohol through checkout lines.
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welcome back. time now is 4:42. you are looking at traffic from our emeryville cam showing you the incline at the bay bridge.
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looks good to me. i'm not usually up at this time of the morning. it looks like it's moving along fine. thanks for joining us this morning that is not your commute direction? >> no, not at all. >> and 4:43. muni transit operators are weighing their next step now that an arbitrator has forced them, they have roofld that an agreement will become binding july 1st. it calls for a three-year wage freeze. it gives managers more say on grievance issues. some workers had suggested that the imposition of a contract might lead to a work slow down or even a strike. after meeting yesterday no job action is planned. >> assemblywoman will join a coalition of supporters
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promoting her bill to make it harder for teenagers to buy alcohol at the supermarket. the bill would require stores to sell alcohol in a face to face transaction. he says the scanner is supposed to call a making m to go approve alcohol sales but a lot of teenagers know how to get around the system. a study showed that out of 97 purchases of alcohol, store managers failed to to ask for an i.d. one out of five times. >> america's cup competition may be a couple years away but there is concern at city hall that san francisco may get stuck for with a bill for millions of dollars. organizing committee has raised only 2 of the $12 million it promised the city for planning costs. 'the donations don't come knom soon the money would have to come out the general fund. members of the organizing committee they are confident
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they will be raise the money. mayor says he is not worried. >> this is part of the excitement and the organizing committee is just getting started. i have every faith they will raise the money and recover our contributions for all the things we're doing. >> meantime, one of training boats being used by the oracle team finally did, in practice in san francisco bay yesterday, some of the crew members ended up in the water. one crew member went to the hospital after falling through. >> they almost capsized. yesterday they did, wow. you may want to take another look at that boat. >> try figure out something there. >> it's 4:49. a football star, joe montana is recovering from an accident.
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coming up, why he is being called a hero. >> the annoying baggage fees, the billions they are regulating in from passengers at a ticket counter. >> the latest developments in the anthony eern can go scandal. congress launches an investigation and president obama gives him some advice. >> and cure for insososososososo
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welcome back. here is a look at high temperatures. most of east coast, remember all that heat we had last week. 56 in boston. 56 in new york, possibly 79 in d.c. heat is still holding on in the south, portland up to 71 degrees. all the airports are running on time except for philadelphia.
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check out flight tracker at >> eric: airline passengers are paying higher fees for baggage. last year they charged nearly $6 billion for baggage and reservation fees, 24% increase over the previous year. here is a report the airlines fees are here to stay. >> for the airlines those annoying extra fees has clearly paid off. one analyst if it weren't for the fees the airlines would be losing big. >> the airlines are already losing money as a whole they would be deeper in the whole and probably requiring a bailout. >> of the nearly $6 billion in fees collected last year, $3.4 billion came from baggage fees and $3.3 billion came from passengers changing their reservations and they are all u.s. carriers. delta collected $952 million in
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baggage fees. continental $655 billion. u.s. airways, $513 million. >> if you are about to travel this summer. here is the lay of land. delta, united, u.s. airways, first checked bag $25. second, $35, the third more than a hundred dollars. just ordering a ticket over the phone will run you $20 and changing a non-refundable ticket $150. on some airlines you pay more for your choice of seat. >> all the add ons is kind of annoying. >> fuel prices are high, up 37% from a rear ago and customers more than willing to pay for a bag than paying the same amount
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for another ticket. they are considering charging more for a bag on longer flights >> he says the new rules take effect in august requiring the airlines to post the fees on their website before you buy your ticket. just going to get more and more expensive, but i can see somebody using that a marketing tool. >> why would anybody want to fly anywhere when we have such beautiful weather. >> why would you? and good to see you again. clouds already over san francisco and you can see some around the east bay shoreline. those will fade quickly today and warmer than average weather is finally here. let's talk temperatures we have
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70 in antioch right now. rest of us in the mid to upper 50s and san francisco and half moon bay, 52 degrees. mid-50s around the monterey bay to salinas and cooler in gilroy at 52. sunshine and the warmest afternoons to today and tomorrow. the warmth tapes so it will be pretty comfortable with the lows in the 50s and 60s. >> it will be cooler thursday and steady through the weekend. minor fluctuations but no dips and valleys, not like we're seeing today, concord and santa rosa, 6-8 grandson warmer. san francisco, 10-11 degrees warmer and fremont 15 degrees warmer. >> you see how quickly the clouds erased. we are off to the races 50s at the coast. 70 and 80s around the bay and
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90s in the inland valleys. we'll start in the east bay valleys. dublin, 89. everybody else in the low 90s in the east bay valleys. upper 70s to low 80s across the board with mid on 80s down in the south bay. we'll have mid-70s in millbrae but end up in the low 80s southbound through the peninsula. mid-60s along the coast today. low 70s in downtown and south san francisco. sausalito, 75. a lot of low to mid-80s as you head up to petaluma. and then santa rosa, 90. mid-60s at your sunny beaches in the north bay, upper 50s around monterey, upper 70s to santa cruz. around the state, some of the warmest weather through the central valley, mid 90s to 108 in palm springs. vegas, 102. tahoe will be a comfortable 75 degrees with sunshine. here is what we're watching.
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that area of high pressure we talked about, look how much farther to the north and how much closer it's to our neighborhoods. that why we're getting warmer today and tomorrow. the heat peaks tomorrow and we'll drop, i would say about 8-10 degrees on thursday and couple more degrees on friday but those temperatures are closer to average. through the weekend, low to mid-80s inland and low to mid-70s around baited and hug 50 along the coast. -- around the bay. >> here is a live shot bay bridge toll plaza, no delays looking good westbound. eric and carolyn were telling michelle obama having breck testimony at claremont hotel. -- having breakfast at claremont hotel. >> and eastbound 580, it's scheduled to be blocked until 6:00 this morning.
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keep that in find. mass transit systems reporting no delays right now. you can get the latest by going to our website at carolyn it's nice to have you all week here. >> by the way, mrs. obama's fund-raiser is at 7:45 this morning. >> the president says the new york democrat embarrassed himself and his family. he has resisted pressure to step down. house ethics committee is launching a preliminary inquiry into the congressman's reaction. they have granted him a two week leave of absence to seek treatment for an undisclosed disorder. >> 49er joe montana is
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recovering from an accident near calistoga. he and his kids were riding atvs. he says he needed stismsz over one eye. he is postponing an appearance before the santa clara city council. he wants to build a hotel and bar near the proposed 49er stadium. >> here is a fact about insomnia. experts say cooling your brain can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and keep you asleep longer. they discovered by testing with tubes of circulating water at various temperatures. it turns out that cooler water slows metabolism. >> you can use, since you have a hard time getting to sleep.
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>> stick my head in a bucket of ice water. that would do it. put me right to sleep. >> it is 4:57. up next, the big decision facing san jose police today that will determine how many officers will lose their jobs. >> in berkeley they are getting a visit from a vich. a live report coming up. >> and add a doubles of bad luck. a family burned out of their home three weeks ago is burned out again.
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