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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  June 17, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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class kit search operation . a fair number of le's family members who hope she is alive. the police said it is likely they're searching for a body. >> they believe it is a homicide. but it is more like, you know, we have to prepare for the worse. >> i hope that the family realizes that they have a lot of support in the community and god willing will bring resolution to the case. the search areas were identified in information gathered through forensic analysis and where her cell phone pinged before it went dead. there are dozen was persons of interest in this case since michelle le disappeared from the hospital on may twenth. there are no arrest and at last search, it will go for an
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hour and it will be back out here tomorrow and sunday. in fremont abc sevennew,. >> a convicted violent sexual predator can be released without any consideration at all. >> he eventually settled in bay point and required to wear a gps tracking device and chemicalally cas trasted. he was currently in the state hospital. >> concord police arrested a man they believe poisoned his neighbor's dogs. warning signs went up after two dogs died earlier this month. a woman received several threatening letters
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complaining about her dog barking before they died. she found meat balls in her back yard. police arrested a 72 year old neighbor after searching his home. >> a san francisco worker is recovering after being shot in an apparent road rage incident. he was shot at 8:30 on the 1800 block of polal street. he was driving a city truck and they got into a altercation. the other driver fired several shots and hit the city painter in the shoulder. the wound was not serious. the man who fired the shots drove off. >> the man in a center of controversy is speaking out only to abc7 news. shawn marman was arrested
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after having sagging pants. he spoke to vick lee. >> i want to apologize to the passengers of flight 488. i never had intentions of disrupting the flight or making passengers leave the flight. my intentions were to get on the plane and go back to university of mexico and pursue my football and education you can see more of the interview tomorrow at five. >> the number of available jobs is falling. it is still one of the highest in the country. the development shows that
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california lost 75,000 jobs. here in the bay area unemployment is high. nationally the unemployment rate increased to 9.1 percent. >> and though the job picture is improving, one sign of the housing crisis is not. california led the nation with foreclosure with 52,000. they are lining up in san jose for mortgage help. david louie is live at that event. >> how is it going in >> the cavern is filled with troubled homeowners and some of them may have lost one or both incomes and unable to make house payments. their home loan amount is greater than the value of the home. here they may get the relief they seek. others came after others came.
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they am sit down with a lender and negotiate a reduction in interest. will clayton was behind and owed $3000. >> they got that reduced to $2000 a month and my interest rate went to two percent and the term of my loan was extended. >> you must be happy? >> i am esstatic. >> napa takes the event on the road and hopes to help homeowners in a six-day stop in san jose. napa gets federal funding and charges fees to lenders. most people will get help.
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there are investors covering the mortages. >> each person arrives with a story of frustration multiple turn downs . kevin volunteers after he got help. the difference is sitting down with the lender. >> now, instead of being a number or a loan package that they sent, now you are a person. that stands for neighborhoodacious cystance corporation of america. >> they will be here every weekend day through next wednesday. we'll have details on when they will be operating and the paperwork you need to bring. abc sevennews. >> a fire burning inside of a
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railroad tunnel could burn for a week it is threatening grass and brush . located north of clover dale on highway 101. the smoke is seen from the highway. fire crews said the tunnel partially collapse it runs through the side of the hill and lined with old timbers that are burning. they are trying to seal off both ends to smother the flames. snork state may be on the verge of passing a law to legalized same-sex marriage. here's more on how the two arguments are clashing. >> the clock is ticking down on the new york marriage equality act. governor cuomo is lobbying for undecided republican senators. the measure needs one more vote to pass. >> we are sitting down and
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want to get it right. >> the stakes are too high. >> new york would be the sixth state to allow same-sex marriage. why would you not let those parents get married. why does anybody get hurt? i don't understand. >> the exemption for religious organization. under the bill the clergy has the right to decide whether they would perform same-sex ceremonies. judges that be bible believers, if they refuse to officiate of a same gender couple for religious reasons, they would lose their jobs basod this bill. >> also the human right's counsel condemns discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
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>> given the amount of opposition and different ideas that there are in the world it is unfortunate step. father's day is coming up on sunday. a time to watch golf or play golf. >> for that, you need good weather. spencer christian is up now. >> you can play and watch later. >> watch yourself play golf. this evening, we'll see a deepening marine lawyer and they will be pushing inland and temperatures 54 to 72 degrees. mostly cloudy and little breaks of sun . temperatures are 48 to 58 in the early morning hours. by afternoon skies will be mostly sunny and high temperatures on the cost and 84 degrees .
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nice day tomorrow and milder and sunnier. i will have all of the details coming up later. >> thank you, spencer. >> just ahead. an unusual protest by women in saudi arabia. why they are defying their government by getting behind the wheel. >> a bomb square - scare in the pentagon. and a protest in san francisco on the 40th anniversary on the war on drugs. >> 4:10 on get away friday and as you might expect, traffic is brutal. checking out the skyway. 101 south on your right and that is a crawl and those on the east bay about to cross the bay bridge, it is slow going all the way around this friday afternoon. stay with us, the news at four continues .
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>> a group in saudi arabia called attention to ultraconservative kingdom law that allows men only to drive. 40 women took part in the show of defiance including this woman who posted on youtube. she hopes that today at the wheel protest will change public opinion in saudi arabia. >> you need people even if they don't want to drive support this. they don't want it support it. they want it. >> and indeed today's demonstration could bring difficulties for the saudi arabia as it tries to ride out
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the arab world wave of change. it could cause anger among the clerics and conservative groups. one woman was ticketed for driving without a license. >> there are dropping charges of terrorism against osama bin laden. bin laden was under indictment for supporting an ambush of soldier in somalia and bombings in east africa . none of the charges involved the 9/11 terrorist attacks. navy seals killed bin laden in may in a raid in pakistan. >> amidst heightened terrorist claims. police founded a suspicious car and took a man in custody early this morning. karen travers has the latest. >> a man was behaving
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suspiciously in the arlington national cemetery in the early hours on friday. >> he caught the attention of local law enforcement and authorities here. he had a backpack on his person and he was detained. >> he was identified as 22 year old and a naturalized u.s. citizen and corporal living in northern virginia. >> it is forth coming with information. there may be a difficulty involved . it is unknown material that requires ongoing investigation. i can tell you that it was not a device and that the product in the back part are inert. >> they found one page with al-qaida, taliban rules.
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defeat coalition forces written on it so far law enforcement officials have not found direct ties to terrorist organization. >> the results are we believe he acted alone. >> the f.b.i. sent a bomb team to his home. >> it is unclear just what he was up to. no charges were filed. karen travers, abc news in the pentagon. >> hundreds of people marched around the san francisco civic center to mark the anniversary on the war on drugs . similar rallies took place all over california and denounced the drug wars as a failed policy and resulted in the incarceration of millions of people. they said that drug ofeppeders should not go to jail but be given treatment.
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and president nixon poparized the war on drugs 40 years ago today. >> illicit drug use is what it was in the cents and the obama administration committed 10 billion for drug treatment and prevention. >> former tv talk show montel william is in trouble with the marijuana community. vendors say they were not paid in six months. one dispensary owes him 20,000. it is unclear whether the former owner or williams is responsible for the debts. >> warm and sunny and looks like a pattern. >> it is a gorgeous pattern. >> that is going to hold up get warmer on father's day. but today, it is near the coast cooled down a bit. look at the high definition
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camera. it is low cloud and fog. it is clear that it is cloudy in that location. it shows the marine layer on the coast. and so it did cool down the coast. larry pointed out it is nice and mild. we'll have a look at our temperature readings . 79 in livermore and 73 up north . 63 in san rafael . you can see where the cool air is along the coast and part was marin and napa . mild 80 degrees. these are the highlights and low cloud exercise becoming sunny by tomorrow afternoon and warming begins on father's day and continues in next week . pushing rather forcefully inland and temperatures in the low to mid-50s and mild and cooler in some spots than they were overnight last night .
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the satellite image shows it is producing a strong forceful sea breeze and that has a cooling affect. so far only near the coast and parts of the bay and hasn't hit inland. warming begins on sunday and that will be a trend that continues on to next week. early tomorrow morning and clouds are still hanging around and burning back at the coastline and continue to hang on, on the coast south of the golden gate. it is sunny skies inland . high temperatures range from 50s to coast and 80s inland. so it is close to the south bay. sunny skis and high temperatures in the midcents and just like today's range . on the peninsula upper 60 to low 70s mid-to upper 50s on the coast and downtown san
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francisco 62 degrees . north bay highs. 72 in navado and 81 in clover dale . upper 60s to around cent . inland east bay. upper cents to low 80s monterey bay. 60s near the bay . low to midcents inland. here's the accu-weather seven day forecast. >> looking great and med week next week. 80 degrees around the bay and up to cent on the coastline . a lovely summer-like week coming up. >> as we move to summer. >> yeah. weather for the season. and hollywood superstar is turning heads on the other side of the globe for a new mission for the united nations. >> on the red carpet chris explains. >> it is in the midge east where angelina jolie is on a
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mission for the united nations. the actress and good will ambassador caused aster in turkey. she's meeting with thousands of refugees who fled from syria into turkey. back here in hollywood. get ready for more wipe out. vanilla miller is asked to cohost the fifth season. her brother wants it to be a family affair. >> i would do well on the show and put me on . for some reason they haven't done that. i guess they don't want me to beat their course. >> sneak peek of wipe out airs on abc. >> victoria jackson is pening a personal memior and includes more about michael's day and her hospital confrontation with dr. conrad martin.
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i am chris balesh. >> and animals in unusual places and ened species that bay area scientist found in a fleet of military ships . and a kitten rescued from inside of a metal pipe and what they had to go through to get him out. >> finally friday free stuff. slipping the waist without hurting the wallet. and look at the traffic backing up near san jose. you want to be in the car pool lane tonight on friday at
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>> it appears a collection of abandoned warships are home to unlikely inhabitants. they boarded the moth ball fleet to capture the barn owl. they found nests of other bird and believe that raccoons and a possum may have found their way on board. the owl is treated in the hospital in walnut creek. >> an unusual rescue operation to free a small kitten found stuck in a rusty pipe. it got itself wedged in a sevenfoot leng of pipe.
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it is barely bigger than the kitten's head. after three month're - minutes, the kitten was freed. >> several times we have done rescues out of a tree. i did a pipe with a dog's head. but this is first. >> it is fine. fittingly the firefighters named her piper. >> that is perfect. another happy ending and a story this week about a missing religious relic . the unusual place where they found the priceless item. >> first senator barbara boxer takes on the president over the war in afghanistan. what had is she calling for. >> looking in the golden gate. we see the marine layer
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cooling things down the coast. i am spencer christian and i will have your forecast coming
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senator barbara boxer is calling on the troop to bring the troops home. >> the senator said the president should cut troop strength and shift the
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mission. they join us live in the news room with the numbers . he is what senator barbara wants a substantial redeployment. never supported the president's surge for afghanistan and time to bring them home. >> and continued deployment for american troop in afghanistan. >> it could bereduced. and significant draw down the u.s. should shift to a different mission. >> target counter terrorism operation. we know it is a dangerous part of the world and protection of american and coalition personnel and continue training of afghan security forces. she knows they are asking them
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to hold off. president obama went forward with the second surge. and that would allow the united states to begin the transfer. he said june or july. >> they are talking with general david petraeus about how many are with drawing next month. we'll find if they are listening to barbara boxer and other voices calling for an end to the war. >> on that point we have seen lay makers weighing in. there is a peace gathering and same day barbara lee is with
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drawing 50,000 troops. there were letters signed and a mayor's conference issued a resolution on afghanistan. they are looking at the polls. >> why is the pentagon wanting the president to hold off. >> they want him to hald. and give a political advantage for going in the 2012 election. he could say we will bring the troops home. they are against the nato air strikes . and sound of gunfire being shot in the air is heard in tropily's main square.
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they say anyone who helps the west is destined to go to hell. the pro government rally is hours after nato intensified. >> climate smart environmental campaign paying extra to be green. our media partner and part of the nonprofit center for investigative reporting looked in the program. dan ashley explains that customers may not be getting what they pay for. it is a way of allowing the customers to off set the carbon foot prent. they can protect the environment and projects like the garcia forest. >> we can use carbon to slow down. >> taxpayers already have paid
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to protect and selectively logg the 24,000 acres forest. they provided it with loans and grants through taxpayer funded money it is created in 1985 to invest in environmental projects. susanun uncovered the story. >> that angered rate paying advocates. why are concerned that it sounds like double counting. >> and they had long questioned the program. he worries that they are taken advantage of. >> all pg&e has done is paid for the project that is protected. they can be assured they are
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investing in things that make a difference to the environment. >> the commission requires us to only invest in projects where the benefit and metigation measures are in the future going forward. it is important that they have not been already implemented. >> the utility allows them to protect the foreof the. they would manage the cost. >> and talk about the control. and fire prevention measures. we have created a dozen jobs. >> the fund would lose four and half million. without that money they would have to cut down more trees. >> it is through climate smart that we have reduced the
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harvest even below what we have contemplated. we think it is makes a lot of sense and be smart for them to take the initiative and do the right thing without being forced to. >> dan ashley abc 7 news. >> watch the report on abc 7.comand the story is also in today's san francisco chronicle. >> good police work and divine intervention is credited for the return of a stolen church relic in southern california. this is surveillance tape of the suspect. maria soliz of long beach was arrested for stealing 800 year old bone frag if are saint anthony's church. tips led them to the home. they found the relic displayed in her living rom. st. anthony is the saint of
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lost things. >> it is somebody when we lose something or perhaps know that we need help finding something and he wanted to come home. they are keeping the relic in a secret. they don't know why they took it. >> showing off the artistic skills. >> robert explains the entire u.s. economy in two monts're minute in a cartoon. >> looking at track on the golden gate toll bridge. thunderstorms are causing flight delayies . in the west it is denver experiencing 15-30 minute delays. moderate delays there . in atlanta 30 or 45 minutes .
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longer delays and reporting one hour to hour and 15 minute delyes in new york. jfk is reporting delays of 35 or 45 minutes. newark and la guardia delays because of thunderstorms . heavy traffic. we'll have more when we return.
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>> in business news sears lays off workers and best buy takes on apple and ama zon. here is bloomburg's debra. >> sears in the process of renergizing the alliance business and lay off divide 00 workers in the k-mart stores . sears will no longer have dedicated staff that focus on big ticket merchandise. they are changing the business model in how k-mart sells apliiance and pepsi is the latest company signaling that it will raise prices of the soft drinks as the economy improves and look at our closing stock market action. higher while the nasdaq is lower. and cloud music service to the u.s. for catch media. best buy cloud will be available on blackberry and android smart phones.
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that's business in the new york stock exchange. this is after the bell report. >> former labor secretary and us berkeley professor has a video on youtube. he explains his take and does it in two machines including his own doodles. since 1980, the american economy doubled in size. but adjusting for inflation most people's wages barely increased. >> man he writes fast. rice said things are getting worse for the middle class since 1980. you probably knew that. it was posted by move you can find a link to it from our site. >> it has 368,000 hits. it is on . now is your chance to own part of a palo alto house and why it is going up for sale on
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craigy list. >> and why half of the police department went out for a stroll on
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>> the old adobe home of the
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one of the first land owners is being demolished. the owner is offering wall sections for sale on line. museums or collectors or old growth redwood would be a buyer. for anybody interested. 565 dollars per square foot. >> the torch run in the bay area. one week before the start of the olympic's competition . law enforcement officers carried it from the park to daly city. they handed the torch over to officers from the next city's police department. this is the 34th year they raised money so the athletes can compete in special olympics. that is ham of our police department . earlier this week we raised
4:47 pm
3200 as a fundraiser for special lim lips. >> and the torch run will end in davis just in time for the opening ceremony for the northern california special lim lips. >> a lot of people are thinking about outdoor exercise and look at high tech tools and the apps that helps you to get most out of the work out . electric chairs are a popular gift. which one gives you the most bang for the buck. >> arnold schwarzenegger's new image problem and how californians feel about him now ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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>> father's day is on sunday and with it comes coleague and
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electric racers and shavers, yes. 30 percent of the american go electric that is an opening for you guys. >> i believe she means personality . sevenon your side michael fenny with gift ideas. >> was it easy for you? there you go. it isn't easy and if you go with an electric shaver, you still have a lot to think about. you can also get good results at home with the right electric raiser. >> consumer reports tested a variety. 13 in all . two costs little as 10 and one 150. >> they didn't do so well our testers said they wouldn't buy either one.
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rotary have circular reads with cutters . they assessed battery life and how easy it is to clean the shaver all of the stubble was washed away. the top one was braun for $240. has the longgest battery life and gives a close shave and wash it under running water it comes with a cleaning station but that can take up valuable space. >> rotary guy. norello .
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it can be cleaned and ranked highest with the rotary shavers. >> it is a not as good as top rated braun but delivered a good shave and bat arey life. and looking at our weather . maybe senseless . we have a very strong sea breeze and jet stream dipped down and forcefully in the bay area.
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that will take us in sizzling weather. look for the highs in chico and sacramento and fres no. and still 98 in palm springs and 68 in tahoe . locally here in the bay area. we have a nice coming up. coastal cloudiness and high temperatures in the coast and mainly in the mid-to upper 50s . we'll see 60os the bay .
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tomorrow night. a's take on the giants in game two . game time seven:05 . partly cloudy and breezy at game time and temperatures 61 or so in the beginning of the game and dropping in the upper 50s as the game progresses . the accu-weather sevenday forecast. mild inland with highs in the mid-80s and around cent in the bay and upper 50s on the coast and gets warmer on sunday and lovely day for father's day and low 60s in the coast . look at warming progression next week. tuesday and wednesday. we'll see mid-90s inland . up to cents on the coast . and then we get more significant cool down and low cents around the bay . all in all, a great week ahead and father's day is looking
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superb. >> yes, it is. happy father's day. haven't seen the 90s in a while. >> losing weight takes more than a click of a button. new apps and gadgets can help you take the first few steps. high tech way to get in shape and stay in shape. >> whether it is running or walking or yoga or biking your work out buddy may be closer than you think. adding a accident tact can push a work out to the next level. >> all of those things help to track your progress and you can see what your heart rate is doing and they are important for keeping progress. >> in addition to the gadgets populating the aisles, it can turk your smart phone in a trainer. it keeps track of your weight and exercise goals and what
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you are eating and has a collection of videos, too. cardio trainer app counts the number of steps and lets you see your map and race against previous tracks and compare yourself to other users. all key components of a successful work out routine. >> in college you get a report card. i am getting closer to my degree. if you are not keeping track of your progress you don't know where you are. >> there is a app for a nine week plan to get you up and running. yes, if you haven't stuck to the new year's resolution. >> four scientist include a botonist and fizzist. melton was the first scientist to trace the process of
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photosensethesis. it is the third in the postal service in the american science series. >> thank you for joining us for abc7 news at four. i am karina rusk. >> and i the news continues with dan and cheryl. >> i really didn't want to get off of the plane. i felt like i didn't do anything wrong. >> right now at five, a man arrested for wearing saggy pants talks about the incident in an interview only seen here. and new numbers rates are down and that is not good news for those looking for work. >> a group threatens to sue the state if lawmakers gets paid while they work on a budget that the governor will approve. first, the young man kicked off of the flight in san
4:59 pm
francisco international is embarrassed by the negative attention. >> he was bailed out of jail and talked with vick lee. >> he apologized but felt he was treated badly. >> that's right, cheryl. he feels sorry for all of those inconvenienced by the disruption that the incident cause trying hard to be a role model in the bay view where he grew up and he want to get his side of the story out there. >> i really want to apologize to the passengers was flight 488. you know, i never had any intentions of interrupting the flight. >> the crew on his flight he believes overreacted to comfortable traveling attire. wind breaker and pajama builts. the airline told abc7 his pants were below his kneese and exposing his underwear. >> my pants were not


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