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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 18, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, terror at the pentagon. the latest on that lone wolf behind the bomb scare that brought washington to a standstill. and new revelations about a jihadi hit list. al qaeda's new target for terror. firestorm, scorching temperatures and devastating droughts fueled wildfires from arizona to florida. hundreds are evacuated as flames jump state lines and put more homes in danger. fighting for a front-row seat. the biggest battle in the casey anthony trial is taking place outside of the courtroom. spectators actually trading punches to get in to watch the proceedings. the new plan to keep the crowd in line this morning. and news that will make you flip your wig, or throw it away completely.
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a new discovery that could make going gray and going bald things of the past. we get to the root of the issue. well, if that tease does not get people out of bed and waking up this morning, i don't know what it takes. that is pretty amazing news. they've discovered potentially the cure to baldness and gray hair. they've identified the protein that causes gray hair and could eventually prevent baldness. >> i'm looking forward that cure. >> i'm excited. >> i could use it. also this morning, chaos at the airports across the country as united airlines computer system goes down. flights cancelled. passengers stranded overnight. we'll have the latest. i feel the pain. >> a huge, huge headache there. also, this morning, a mother's resilient determination to help solve a medical mystery. she spent years searching for the true cause of her twins' strange symptoms and it finally
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pays off. the disabled disorder that caused involuntary spasm and left one twin unable to walk is now all but gone. we'll tell you about the next high-tech generation medicine cure that helped her children. >> she's an incredible woman. this is a great story. we'll have that coming up. plus, we're covering a high-stakes hearing in an italian courtroom this morning as amanda knox is trying to get her conviction overturned. she's counting on a rogue's gallery of witnesses, all prisoners, to helper. there's been a lot of action this morning. one got sick and prosecutors objected to another one. we'll get a life report coming up. but we are going to start with that terror scare near the pentagon. it was all touched off by a marine reservist who had a suspicious item in his backpack. he apparently acted alone but the fbi is trying to figure out what his plan was. our pierre thomas has been on the story since it broke. he is in washington with the latest. pierre, good morning. >> dan, this morning, there's an international investigation
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under way to try to figure out if this was simply an unstable, misguided young man or a cold-blooded lone wolf terrorist. the suspect, yonathan melaku, a 22-year-old ethiopian-american. who served as a lance corporal in the marine reserves. he's recently charged with breaking into 27 cars. in suburban washington. it's unclear what he was doing at the pentagon in the middle of the night, but his actions set off alarm bells. police ran him down. and find something that leaves them deeply concerned. a backpack with four ziploc bags with a substance that looked like ammonium nitrate, a key bombmaking material. also inside, spent 9 millimeter ammunition, and a notebook containing the words taliban rules, mujahidin defeated coalition forces. >> we were able to locate a vehicle nearby which i was describe as a red 2011 nissan. >> reporter: but that nissan was found hidden in the bushes off the pentagon parking lot. police fear the worst.
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they worry that the suspect has planted bombs at the cemetery and the iwo jima memorial located just a mile from the pentagon. >> the question is is there multiple devices or devices at various sites around here? >> reporter: they shut down all traffic around the pentagon. authorities later raced to melaku's virginia home to search for bombmaking materials, as the fbi launches an international investigation to dissect his life. as the morning wore on, a picture emerged. the fbi could find no links to terrorist organizations. >> we do believe, at this time, that this individual acted alone. >> reporter: as for the material in the backpack, it was not an explosive. and searches of his home and car turned up no bombmaking material. the fbi wanted to know if this man was radicalized on the internet or in contact overseas. bianna. >> all right, pierre. thank you. joining me to talk to me about this is special agent jack
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cling. how alarmed are investigators in regards to the lone wolf attacks? >> they're very alarmed. if you look at the threat matrix, they'll say that the lone wolf is something that the law enforcement tells us to be very concerned about because the simple fact, you don't know what the lone wolf or al qaeda inside operative spy looks like. we won't know where they hang out or what motivates them. so we don't know that. we've got a pool of people that are so huge, it stresses law enforcement. we just don't know know what they look like or what they want to do. >> we were lucky in this incident. but the odds of finding every single lone wolf potentially out there is just not on our side. with that in mind, what is law enforcement to do? >> we don't want to say as law enforcement we're going to look at every arab male, 21 to 25.
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we don't want to do that, profiling is not effective in this regard. when al qaeda makes a statement as recently and put a hit list out, they know that they're going to react to it. they know law enforcement is going to react to it. i think what they're trying to do is issue an open-end religious order for people to act on their own. the person sitting out there, the lone wolf, as we said, we just don't know. that's what stresses law enforcement. that's what causes all the problems because we just don't know. >> and as the 9/11 anniversary approaches, can we expect more of these potential attacks? >> with al zawahiri now as the head of the al qaeda succeeding osama bin laden, al zawahiri is the person that want to strike our homeland. he's going to be vengeful with incidents that have ignited over the years. what better way to do that than
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inspire a single operative to operate under the radar. >> and this the new m.o. we're expecting to see, instead of a big coordinated one from al qaeda? do we expect to this type all over the world? not just in new york. >> al qaeda and other like-minded groups are daft into what we've done. we've degraded their leadership, their capability. they will take what we give them. the lone wolf, the single operative, is probably the modus operandi. >> it's scary to hear the headlines. jack, appreciate you coming in. thank you. dan? >> thanks. now to the massive wildfires fueled by the combination of hot weather and dry ground. these fires are raging from arizona all the way to florida. so far, they've burned more than 1 million acres and forced thousands out of their homes, jackie meretsky is here. jackie, good morning. >> and, dan, in florida, thunderstorms are actually helping with the fires but in the southwest, strong winds and dry conditions mean firefighters are in are for a long weekend. >> reporter: from the southwest
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to the east, hot winds and high heat fueling massive wildfires in seven states. in texas, skies thing with smoke, 25 miles from houston, where 60-foot flames forced 200 homes to be briefly evacuated. in arizona, a state of emergency declared by governor jan brewer, as two wildfires there scorched more than 1,000 square miles. >> we are paying very close attention to what's happening down here to your beautiful terrain. >> reporter: the wall of fire in eastern arizona is the largest in the state's history, charring nearly 500,000 acres. >> i fear for my animals. for the air quality. >> reporter: it's just a third contained as it spread into new mexico. >> it looks like a war zone it really does. >> reporter: the burn is even visible from space in this satellite image from nasa. the red marks show the char left behind by the raging fires. another fire along the new
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mexico/colorado border has burned more than 27,000 acres, torching eight homes there. even the east coast has not been spared. in florida, abc's matt gutman found that conditions are no better. >> reporter: over 400 separate wildfires in florida, scorching 300,000 acres of forest here. now, this moonscape is created partly by natural causes. a lot of it lightning. >> reporter: in all, the 4.3 million acres that burned this year is already 2.5 times the natural average for the last ten years. and let's take a look at the seven states that are dealing with fire stretching from florida, west wards towards arizona. the forecast for the desert southwest not looking good. we've got 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts expected. and very low humidity for today. meanwhile, thunderstorms as i mentioned earlier, are helping the situation in the southeast. scattered storms as well, that
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rain is going to help clear out the atmosphere which will improve the air quality. unfortunately, however, dan, about 25% of the country is dealing with exceptional drought conditions and that could have widespread implications on the agricultural industry. back to you. >> jackie, thank you. to italy in a courtroom where amanda knox is appealing her murder conviction. her defense is calling prison inmates to testify that knox did not kill her roommate back in 2007. but this potentially crucial testimony has already been interrupted twice. jeffrey kofman has details from our london bureau this morning. can you walk us through what is happened in court this morning? >> reporter: i'll try, i actually need a chalkboard but it's really confusing but also really significant for amanda knox who has served 18 months of a 26-year sentence for murder. she appeared in court this morning, looking quite calm. you get the sense she's used to this by now and understandably so.
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the key this morning was, five witnesses called as part of her defense and ex-boyfriend's defense. all of them, though, very shady characters. all of them serving time in prison. what happened was, one of them, luciano mario alessi, a convicted child murderer appeared. he then said he was feeling sick. he came back, he said he was told by a drifter charged in connection with the murders that, in fact, the two, amanda and her ex-boyfriend were not involved. that it was the drifter's friend who did. with a knife, he forced the victim, meredith kercher to have sex before he killed her. that is potentially going to be challenged, though, by another convict, matia turncoat who says his brother who's still on the run killed meredith on a break and enter. that brother cannot be found. so very, very confusing but simple casts some doubts. >> jeffrey, is amanda relying solely on the testimony of these five prisoners or is there
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something else to use to appeal her conviction? >> reporter: for her sake, you got to hope not because these guys really do not have much credibility. no. there's something much more important that we're waiting for, and that's the dna. she and her ex-boyfriend were convicted based on dna samples found on a knife and the bra clasp. they were very small samples. the bra was found a long time after the murder. now, they're being re-examened. what we're waiting for, and what amanda is waiting for, are the results of the dna evaluation. is it credible? does it hold up in court? because if it falls apart, the case goodness her could fall apart, and that should be known in the next couple of weeks. >> jeffrey, thank you. well, the golf world may be focused on the course in maryland where the u.s. open is being played today, but the political world will be focused on a course farther south where the president and house speaker will hit the links. david kerley has more on the big golf summit in washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. finally, in the middle of the discussions about the debt and
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the deficit, the war powers act, the president and the most powerful people on capitol hill are going to take off their suits and put on their golf shirts and hit the links today. golf seems to have captured the president's passion. his handicap is now in the high teens. it's double that of the speaker john boehner who belongs to two golf clubs and already has 20 rounds understand his belt this year. so what are they expecting from this golf summit? dressed in democratic blue -- the president knows that bohn boehner is a better golfer, but he is competitive. he will most likely remind the speak, even though he bests the commander in chief on the golf course, republicans have to give more on the big debate. boehner in republican red probably doesn't want to lose to the president, but he wants them to know while he doesn't slice the ball, he has the tea party. abc news political director amy
7:14 am
walter and golf pro ed join me on the course to what they expect on the golf summit. >> oh, gotcha! >> reporter: this is competition but it's much more. >> the president sees golf as a way to escape washington, and speaker boehner sees golf as part of the politics of washington. that's how you raise money. that's how you get business done. and the president doesn't see it that way. >> reporter: but today, it's a social game, lots of time to talk between shots. >> four hour of playing time, you get to know a lot about somebody. it's a camaraderie, you build a relationship. >> does anything really come out of that round of golf? >> i doubt that anything is going to come out of it. at best, though, it will be an opportunity for two people from washington to prove that washington can actually get along. you win games on your short game, not on this, right? >> amy! >> i almost made it. she almost made it, too.
7:15 am
you know, we were told we were able to take a few pictures. boehner and president obama on the golf course. we're not sure if we'll see them play. and no word whether we'll actually get their scores at the end of the round, dan. >> i have to say, ron claiborne who is a very serious golfer was watching your swing, he said you know what you're doing. congratulations, that means something. >> tell him to bring his clubs. >> speaking of ron claiborne, here he is. >> good morning, everyone. >> dan and bianna, good morning, everyone. gabby giffords is back home in arizona this morning just days after being released from a houston rehab hospital. the wounded congresswoman returned to tucson. five months ago. she will spend father's day with family but continue outpatient therapy in houston. united airlines say passengers could expect delays the rest of the weekend. after a computer glitch grounded planes nationwide. flights were delayed for hours or even canceled stranding thousands of passengers. united blamed a network connectivity issue. for knocking down its computers for five hours on friday.
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and the obama administration is considering new sanctions on syria with the violent crackdown on anti-government protesters. at least 19 people were reportedly killed on friday when security forces opened fire on thousand of demonstrators. meanwhile actress angelina jolie was in neighboring turkey on friday, visiting syrian refugees being displaced by the bombing. and in saudi arabia, women staged a protest friday by getting behind the wheel of cars. dozens of women took to the road in defiance of the ban against driving. saudi arabia is the only country where it is illegal for females to drive. and finally, a performance that caught our eye at the u.s. open. it didn't happen on the golf course. check out this kid behind a golf errorry mcilroy who leads the tournament. doing his eye dance. isn't that wild? >> wow. >> it's a little creepy, too. >> it is.
7:17 am
>> that's talent. >> i could not do that. >> i could not. >> jackie, can you do that? >> cannot, bianna. i'm not going to try. i'm going to get right into the weather. you guys try it over there. 260 reports of severe weather yesterday in colorado and kansas. and it looked actually like a snowstorm in portions of colorado, just to the east of the denver. but actually, folks, this is hail, ping-pong size hail at that. take a look at this impressive squall line pushing towards the st. louis area. the danger with the squall line is sometimes you get tornadoes that are rain-wrapped, meaning you can't see them with all the heavy rain. we do have the threat of severe weather which we'll talk about. very hot weather in the south. that is a look at
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>> bianna and dan. >> jackie, thank you. dan -- i tried. >> pretty good. there is nothing like a mother's love for her children. and a california mother has proven that once again. >> when her twins developed medical problems and doctors simply couldn't figure out what was wrong, this mother went in search of answers. it was not easy, but she found them. sharyn alfonsi has the story. >> reporter: the beery family today. beautiful, athletic, full of life. but these were the beery twins when they were little. >> are you having a seizure? >> reporter: sick, debilitated. >> yea. >> reporter: both plagued with mysterious illness after
7:19 am
illness. >> one or the two of us was awake every moment of the day or night. rocking the kids to sleep. or dealing with them throwing up or something. so it was a household under chaos. >> reporter: at age 2, noah and alexis were finally diagnosed with cerebral palsy. the family learned all they could about it. but mom retta noticed something strange with alexis. >> alexis would wake up in the morning, and she was able to function but by 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning, she could no longer sit up. she could not swallow. she couldn't walk. >> reporter: so retta started digging. >> i came up with an article titled "deft diagnosis." >> reporter: the symptoms matched the twins, they were diagnosed with the disorder, given medications and soon -- ♪ >> reporter: then about 16 months ago, a setback, alexis began to have breathing
7:20 am
problems. >> we ended up almost losing her a couple times. we had the paramedics in the house. >> reporter: so retta became a medical detective again, taking the twins to baylor college of medicine where a team of doctors started to search for and found the exact gene mutations that made the twins sick. by identifying them, they could give the twins the exact medicine and supplements they needed. >> there was a point in time where i wasn't sure who was going to take care of my kids when i was gone. but to see them now, it's been a satisfying experience. >> reporter: the illustration of the power of cutting-edge medicine and one mother's persistence. for "good morning america," sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> that's a terrific story. coming up here, the battle outside the courtroom at the casey anthony murder trial. court officials have a new plan to stop spectators from actually fighting to get a seat to watch the trial. look at this. incredible.
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you don't want to miss this, coming up on "good morning america," could scientists have
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. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna wash that gray right out of my hair i'm gonna wash that gray right out of my hair ♪ remember that commercial for clairol loving care? scientists have found a solution for gray hair and baldness. good morning, america, i'm dan harris. >> i can remember as a kid watching that commercial, gonna wash that gray right out of high hair. >> i remember watching that as a kid. do you? >> i do. >> i would love if they solve that baldness problem. i'd be able to solve this creative combing i've been doing for years. >> well, you've done it well. because i don't think you have anything to worry about, dan harris. good morning, i'm bianna golodryga. saturday, june 18th.
7:31 am
also ahead, the kiss seen round the world. this is amazing picture. the photo of a couple caught in a passionate embrace in the middle of a riot. it's been buzzing around the internet. everyone wants to know who were they and what were they thinking? we've got the answers. >> not a romantic location normally. we're going to start with the latest in the casey anthony trial. today is day three of the defense's case. yesterday, a surprise witness the defense team wanted to add to their list ended up surprising them. and now there's this new deal with the spectators creating chaos just trying to get inside the courtroom. our yunji de nies is there. in orlando this morning. hey, yunji, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it is another big day for casey anthony's defense team. as you noted, it's the drama outside the courtroom that's getting so much attention. fists flew outside the courthouse with tension mounting over tickets to see orlando's legal spectacle. this man apparently tried to cut in line. with this and the growing number of people camping outside overnight, the orange county court has changed its policy.
7:32 am
it will now issue tickets for 50 spectators the day before court opens and there will be no waiting in line. inside, the trial focused solely on one witness. bug expert, dr. tim huntington. defense tried to knock down the defense theory that caylee's body was left in the trunk of her mother's car. because there were almost no insect remains found inside. >> in my opinion, one leg of a blow fly doesn't mean anything. if we assume that there's a body in a car trunk, you'd expect to find hundreds if not thousands of these adult blow flies. >> reporter: but the prosecution fired back, trying to discredit dr. huntington's research and expertise. and getting the doctor to admit that he did smell something unusual in casey's trunk. >> when you viewed the trunk, july 2010, it still smelled,
7:33 am
didn't it? >> there was a smell in the trunk, yes. >> reporter: behind the scenes, there is a battle over a controversial addition to the witness list. the defense added vasco thompson, a convicted kidnapper. phone records show george anthony called thompson's cell phone number days before casey admitted her daughter was missing. vasco, his attorneys say, has nothing to do with the case. and that the number was not even his where most calls were made. >> i have no dealings with this man. i never heard of casey anthony, caylee anthony, cindy anthony or lee anthony. none of them. >> reporter: george anthony denies any connection to vasco thompson. although thompson is on that witness list, it's not clear whether he'll actually take the stand. no word on who the defense will call today, but, dan and bianna, we will be here for every riveting moment. >> yunji, thank you, this case continues to fascinate.
7:34 am
let's go back to ron claiborne with another look at the headlines. >> you know, dan, i really hope that the researchers find a solution to the scourge of gray hair, you know. you wear it well. >> you have the salt and pepper look nailed to a tee. >> yeah, turning salter. good morning, everyone, peace talks in afghanistan. afghan president hamdi karzai says his government and the u.s. are negotiating with the taliban. and he said the talks are going well. it was the first official acknowledgement of talks trying to end the decade-long war. the so-called barefoot bandit has pleaded guilty. and faces up to 6 1/2 years in prison. colton harris-moore went on a two-year run from the law in stolen cars, boats and planes. committing many crimes without his shoes. and argentina has been transformed by a volcano that's been erupting in neighboring chile for two weeks. the blanket of volcanic ash is so thick, you can't even see the water there. and finally, golfer rory mcilroy is putting up big numbers in golf. 11 under in two rounds.
7:35 am
the best score after two rounds in the tournament's 111-year history. it's time for the weather and jackie. >> thanks, ron. i was going to attempt to sing somewhere "over the rainbow" but i'll spare you. this was actually taken in new york city yesterday, a double rainbow. this was in and around brooklyn. and this means that the sunlight was being reflected twice. heavy rain today stretching across the ohio valley, as well as portions of the midwest. let's take a look at all the heavy rainfall that's going to fall, particularly in st. louis where we have an impressive squall line that's rolling through right now. about 2 to 3 inches is expected in that region. the other big weather story is, of course, the heat. we've got triple-digit heat in southwest texas. loredo, texas, 107 degrees. 250,000 people living in that area. that heat is going to take you all the way from texas to eastern florida. orlando, it's going t
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by advil. bianna. >> jackie, thank you. well, dan, i've seen some amazing photos of you and your beautiful wife. romantic, loving photos. i don't think any of photos quite look like the photo we're about to talk about right now. one of the last places you'd expect to find romance is in the middle of a riot. but that's exactly what was going on with this couple. the photographer caught the love after vancouver was burning after the home team lost the stanley cup finals. the photo quickly went viral and raised all kinds of questions. ron, you are here with the answers. >> that is right. who are they? and why were they locked in an embrace, laying in the streets, smooching during the riot? that is what people want to know.
7:37 am
this morning, we have the answers, bianna and dan. >> reporter: vancouver on fire. angry canucks fans erupting on the streets after their team lost the stanley cup finals to the boston bruins. >> for the first time in 39 year, the boston bruins have won the stanley cup. >> reporter: and amid the broken glass and tear-gas filled streets, this image. that captured worldwide attention. the photo of the couple kissing in the middle of the chaos went viral. who were they? and why were they kissing in the middle of a riot? with riot police clashing with rioters, nearly 100 people arrested and dozens injured, it seemed an unlikely place for the liplock. we now know who they are, steve jones, an australian, and his canadian girl friend alex thomas. why they say they were locked in an embrace. >> charged at us, alex fell over. i went back to her. there were police with their shields. i was trying to calm her down. kissing helps calm.
7:38 am
>> reporter: the image of scott and alex made its way all the way back to his hometown of perth, australia, his sister recognized them. >> i got closer, i said, that guy looks really familiar. >> reporter: they'd only been dating six months, but the kissing couples already thinking about how they might explain this to their kids. >> it's definitely a good story to tell. >> i'm going to hang on to him. >> and jones' father back in australia posted the image on his facebook saying, "this is my son, how's that for making love, not war." vancouver, of course, lost that final match, 4-zip, to the bruins. prompting one canucks fan to comment to "the vancouver sun" newspaper online, "at least someone scored." >> i think the question to ask is, mom and dad, why were you rioting? >> they got caught up. >> smooching. >> all right, ron, thank you. coming up here on "good morning america," bald people rejoice, science may have finally come through. and gray hair is going to be a thing of the past, too.
7:39 am
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now, to segment we've been waiting for all morning. thankfully, gray hair isn't something i have to worry about quite yet. i've found just a few gray hairs. dan, that bald spot is hidden very well. >> there's a reason we don't take camera shots from behind here at "gma." >> but gray hair and balding are things that most of the population has to deal with at some point in their lives. >> or had to. perhaps it's past tense. science may make those things a thing of the past. rob nelson is here with good news. >> good morning, good news early in the day here. okay. well, of course, let's face it, most of us do not like the idea of getting older and the gray hairs and the thinning that sometimes comes along with it. thanks to medical work right here in new york, the gray days
7:43 am
could be fading to black. >> hey. >> reporter: whether it's "seinfeld's" george costanza. >> have you noticed people staring at your head? >> i notice people staring at my head because they like to know what they see. or even marge from the simpsons -- >> you've been grayer than cinco de mayo for years now. >> reporter: all of us in some way eventually trying to wage war against time. trying our best to hide the gray or just like poor george, to try to restore what age sometimes taking away. >> women want to feel beautiful. and men, they want to feel good, they want to feel young. >> reporter: well, thanks to scientists at new york's university there could finally be a cure for those dreaded gray hairs and even for baldness. >> we are working with an adult stem cell system. these are the reservoirs that supply the color for our hair and skin. >> reporter: in a new study, researchers have isolated a protein called wnt.
7:44 am
it basically coordinates wean two types of stem cells that helps to determine early pigmentation. earlier results turned gray-haired mice back to their original dark color. this means that one day, the wnt protein can be added to hair-coloring product, restoring your hair back to its natural color. researchers believe that wnt could also help repair hair regrowth. folks we spoke to at this salon in the soho neighborhood in new york city, welcome the news but weren't exactly holding their breath. and they don't intend to change their colorful ways anytime soon. >> i would stick to good old, highlights and hair color. i don't think i'd go that far for my vanity. >> i have the best hair colorist in the world. >> that helps, right? >> yeah. >> your hair colorist and you have a special relationship. >> yeah. >> reporter: george will have to keep that toupee at least for now. >> look, i guarantee, she won't know. >> that, that's it. >> got to love george. there's no telling just yet, how
7:45 am
long it will actually take for the wnt protein to hit store shelves, if it ever does at all. there's no doubt there's a lucrative market out there. hair color products, dan and bianna, actually a $2 billion a year industry. >> i believe it. you know, it's kind of unfair for women. men have that distinguished ron claiborne look these days. not the same for women. >> well, i think it looks good on women. you don't think so? >> yeah. >> thanks for coming in. and coming up on "good morning america," your week "in three words." ♪ morning america," your week "in three words." ♪ [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
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this is always one of our favorite parts of the week "your week in three words." this week the music is from a band called mazes. the song is called "cenetaph." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ going to the place from where we came ♪ ♪ slip and slide across the windowpane ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ going to the place from where we came ♪ ♪
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♪ slip and slide across the windowpane ♪ ♪ ♪ >> not a bad one to have. >> i was impressed by the teachers. way to go, teachers. if you'd like to be part of "your three words" we're looking for more submissions, just visit our website, and upload your video that. >> we'll be right back. working with today's va i can use my license
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7:56 am
a big future. and in what, i do not know. thanks for watching abc news this morning. we're always online at don't forget, "world news" with david muir later this evening. anything else, guys? >> try it. it's really hard. >> can you do it? >> no. >> can you do it for a second? >> have a good day. >> we're going to end there. see you guys later. see you tomorrow. good morning, the weekend is here. let's check the weather, here is lease lease. >> it was quite extensive this morning. temperatures in emeryville, upper 50s. things will be brightening up
7:57 am
throughout the day but temperatures are staying well below normal and in the mid-50s. 55 in mountain view. sea breeze will stay with us. the 50s will be at the coast. daly city and high pressure builds on in and we're going to see some of the warmest numbers we've seen in a long time coming the middle of the week. get set for hot temperatures by wednesday. upper 60s, 70s in san mateo. low 70s in napa. upper 70s santa rosa and topping around 80 and livermore and concord. with numbers trending below average, father's day we're talking anywhere from 5 degrees warmer around the bay and then by monday, that begins the 90s in inland valleys. summer begins on tuesday.
7:58 am
really feeling like it and the 90s stick around by the end of the week. >> and next at 8:00, computer chaos, the problems on united flights and who was poisoning hispñpñpñfxfxfxcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcr@
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