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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  June 19, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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mod morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. some controversial billboards have been put up by oakland by an anti-abortion group. the controversy is not just about the abortion issue itself. some community leaders are calling the billboards offensive and racist because of a slogan that is used. tomas ramon has more. >> it's funded by issues of life foundation. they are placed in high african-american population. it uses the phrase black is beautiful. >> the fact this has been co-opt ed that is only meant to divide us. i think our community can see right through it. >> the foundation has launched this too man aborted and abortion awareness claims.
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it claims that black women have more abortions. they deny children their right to life. >> i had an appointment with death. my mother's name was in this book. unless god had bron that appointment i wouldn't be here today. >> planned parenthood denies the charges of racism and the reason that black women are dispositive portion nationally represented is because of lack of healthcare. >> the reason why is because this community's lack of healthcare services. >> the foundation has picked june because it was in june of 1967 that they volunteered to legalize abortion in state. pro-choice advocates they wish the foundation would have spent ail the millions of dollars in this campaign in providing health services to black families. congresswoman barbara lee
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says i am deeply offended by the race based billboard that are in our community. they perpetuate myth about these parenting skills and the types of women who seek and use abortion services. fairfield police have arrested a man wand in connection with a after a standoff last night. you can see him with his hands on his head gave himself up after three hours. fairfield police, the highway patrol and the f.b.i. all responded. police say they were worried he had bombs in the home. >> they are on the scene and taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our officers. in addition everybody that is around hot sclus they named
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garcia in a suspect in a pipe bomb explosion that damaged a car back in may. the car's owner was not hurt. they are not saying whether garcia was connected to a pipe bomb attack last march. >> united airlines is still recovering from friday night's system wide computer meltdown. it prevented flights taking off for more than five hours stranding passengers around country. lisa amin gulezian follows up at san francisco international airport where she found plenty of frustrated travelers caught up in the backlog. >> there was a renewed sense of urgency at the united airlines terminal. the goal is to get as many passengers out and into the air and as quickly as possible. the computers went down 5:15 friday afternoon.
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leaving thousands of travelers stranded. >> but the computers came back on five hours later, but passenger sentiment isn't much better. >> i'm feeling pretty bad light now. >> there is a six or more hour delay. >> the catch-up is painful since the system wide departure, process reservations a total of 31 flights were cancelled. that doesn't take into account all the delays. passengers are finding rebooking isn't easy. >> to go from here to north carolina to huntsville but now we're going to char shot -- charlotte to chicago and then from charlotte to huntsville. >> according to a travel expert, how they recover from this will be just as important as the outage itself. united must come up with better
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back-up plans. >> whether that is using text messages, reverting to old fashion paper check in systems, they need to have a fallback plans. >> it's not clear what caused the computer failure but they are offering a one time change for free and refund if you cancel your trip altogether. >> this is just horrible. you have trust in the company. >> they hope to have flights back on schedule here and all the nation's airports by the end of the weekend. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." police have arrested a san francisco woman for trying to stop the installation of smarted meters. this is annie oh happy in her glen park, sitting on the hood of service truck refusing to have the meter installed. she was later arrested when she
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refused to get off that truck. they apologized when another customer recorded a utility worker threatened to cut off his power. by the way, pg&e says customers can get on a delay list and can hold off on smartmeter installation until the cpuc makes a decision on a radio off option but a meter reader would still have to come out to those homes. >> police are investigating the shooting of death of a man in west oakland last night. environment was found around 10:00 on 19th street near market street. he had been shot several times and died about 40 minutes later at local hospital. police have not identified any suspects and the victim's name has not been released. >> volunteers hit the streets of owning to make a statement against violence and help track down a killer.
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think handed out flyers and t-shirts to help gather information about the shooting. two people died a third person was critically injured. it happened across the street from a block party near international boulevard. that is where this rally and flyer drive were held. >> trying to get the message out and let people know that her family wants justice here. they have two little girls at home. they need justice for their mother. >> investigators have not made any arrests in that case. police and crime stoppers of oakland are offering up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest. >> the family of missing nursing student michelle le will spend a third day searching for her coordinated by homicide investigators. community volunteers will gather again this morning, they started at 8:00.
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they searched several remote areas where the cellphone signal was last detected. family members are holding out hope they will find her alive. >> we are searching the area as to any evidence or to eliminate any areas. we'll have to look further. it's in collaboration with the foundation. >> police have identified dozens of persons of interest since le disappeared on may 27th. so far no one has been arrested. >> it is father's day and children bryan stow senior talking publicly about their dad. they live in scots valley with their home. they usually attend a giants game with their dad on father's day. >> it kind of feels weird not having him by your side.
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>> it's completely different now >> this father's day, they say they'll make a photo collage and hang it in their father's hospital room. he still remains in a coma. they have arrested one suspect in the ago but on unrelated charges. >> coming up next, just days after playing a round the golf together, president obama and join boehner square off over libya. specifically whether we're at war and whether the president is breaking the law by keeping u.s. breaking the law by keeping u.s. forces there. ♪ ♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star
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overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more.
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>> one day after the so-called golf summit where president obama and john boehner played a game of golf together. is the president breaking the law by keeping u.s. forces engaged without congress's approval. some of his own legal advisors think so. >> for the first time the president and speaker hit the links together. they may agree they like golf they disagree on most issues including the military action in libya. today is the 90th day of fighting and the u.s. war powers act if the u.s. is involved in
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hostilities after 90 days, congress must approve. but the president says with no ground forces in libya and being in a supporting role this is not hostility. >> the kind of engagement we have right now does not meet, in our legal analysis, does not meet the threshold. >> that is what the president says. but he had to override the advice of two legal advise rs who according to the "new york times" says the u.s., indeed, is involved in hostilities and the speaker of house echoes that. >> in my view, we're not in the midst of hostilities. >> this president is facing a bipartisan assault on continuing support of nato mission against khadafy. fueled by republicans and democrats in congress. this really is a political battle over power and depending on whether a democrat or
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republican has been in the white house, they have taken completely different positions. >> it's completely political. there are very few people who can claim to be consistent over time among the political leadership. >> news out of libya this morning is that a nato air strike has killed civilians in a residential neighborhood. they claim that four people were killed including two children. nato is investigating they were conducting air strikes against a legitimate target in tripoli. john mccain is warning that talk of pulling oust libya during last week's debated sends the wrong message. >> khadafy has the blood of on the homeowners his hands. he is person who has been involved in acts of terror against the united states of america. bombing of our embassies.
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so and pan am 103, the bombing of disco in germany, so if khadafy remains in power, it's clear that you see him engaged in escalated effort to harm the united states of america obviously. mccain and democratic senior john kerry have a bipartisan resolution ready to go. the congress would approve the war powers act for u.s. involvement in libya. >> there is a new report describing early chaos after the tsunami slammed into nuclear plant. plant workers were unprepared to deal with the emergency. they had to bring protective gear and emergency manuals from distant buildings and they had to borrow equipment from a contractor. the plant operator describes a
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desperate and heroic effort by the employees to keep the facility from meltdown but precious time was lost because they were struggling with unfamiliar equipment and fear of radiation exposure. >> it's getting war out there. >> 77 by the delta already. 72 in santa rosa. north wind pushing that fog away from parts of the coast but take a look, about 500 feet deep here. it's being squashed by a high high pressure ridge. >> oakland's surging and the giants are reeling. highlights coming up in this morning's sports. beth!
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tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a couple of hours ago when we looked at the live picture of the bridge it was all socked in. >> that is because high pressure is doing the thing, throughout most of bay area except at our coast. you can see from mount tam only a hundred feet deep and pretty soon the layer of fog, it will evaporate from the warm sun so finally feeling like summer. getting quite hot around here. be prepared for the next couple
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of days. 53 in redwood city. 73 in antioch, 72 in santa rosa and would you believe already 66 in livermore. so we still have those cool temperatures at our coast. 56 in half moon bay. that is 14-15 degrees warmer than yesterday in our warm locations. everyone starting out warmer. 5 degrees warmer in fremont and redwood city. a patch of fog that will linger down by santa cruz in the salinas valley, see it around 11:00, 12:00 and we'll see the warming trend start out today. by tomorrow, we're talking mid 90s and even upper 90s. current visible picture, pointed reyes it is gone but hugging parts of the marin coast by stinson beach. we've got a little bit of clearing there. ocean beach and further south you'll notice lots of fog along the central coast. it's going to take time to clear
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there. sea breeze and northwesterly winds that will allow for a quick warmup instead of strong westerlies. 70 around the bay and upper 70s and 90s in inland valleys. 69 san francisco, 90 in livermore. everyone anywhere from a degree to about 7 degrees warmer than average. oakland, 7 degrees warmer than average and livermore up to 95 degrees warmer. san jose, 3 degrees warmer than we are for mid-june. here is the reason why. we've got a big ridge of high pressure that is building in the eastern pacific. the trough that brought us the cool air, morning clouds and as high continues to sink and bring the down sloping winds. we are starting out the warming possibly wednesday because the inland spots take a little bit longer to cool. so we will be looking at the
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cool numbers at the coast. very moderate sea breeze here. we'll look for 71 at big sur. cool in southern california but warm in the south bay, 85 in campbell. 80 in redwood city, 66 in half moon bay with that sea breeze. 70 in south city. in the north bay, here are some of the warmest numbers, 87 in santa rosa. near east bay, how about 76 in san leandro. 80 in castro valley with 90s in danville and 87 in dublin. big warming for father's day. another 5-6 degrees warmer tomorrow and getting uncomfortable on tuesday and wednesday inland and cool again for the weekend. >> we have had a lot of below average temperatures so now above average. it balances out. >> let's check out sports this
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morning. cal baseball team play the virginia cavaliers in the opening day of the college world series. a's and giants played the second game at the coliseum. they got another game today. >> good morning, after 13 losses and 14 games. they fell 12 games under .500 the a's have turned this things around. throwing the first pitch out on 100th birthday. top five, scoreless game. burris is on first and throw is outside. a's able to get to sanchez on the bottom of the frame. big hit and gap in wide center, it's 2-1. pennington, big hit and still two outs. h sue sue with a base hit and
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two come home. it's 4-2 oakland. a pair of strikeouts and then in the ninth, sandoval grounds into a double play. andrew bailey to save the bulls pen, 4-2 is the final. a's have won four straight. giants have lost three in a row. in april, macelroy took a four-shot lead in the final round of the masters and shot a 80. today he has an opportunity the misery of that meltdown but not blow an 8-shot lead. he has been so good he even he was amazed on the practice range yesterday. the field trying to cut into a 6 stroke lead legged into the third round. lee westwood runs into it finished at my must 5.
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sergio garcia a punch shot and moving. this is his friend, knocks it down. he is knocking a putt for birdie. top american in contention, he sinks a putt. he is five under a 68 the story is rory and he is rolling. a big bender for a birdie. then on par 4, 14, he will stick it within five feet. he would birdie to go 14 under par. that is where he finished. 14 under, the lowest ever in an open through hai holes playing yang and jays day all nine strokes back. as for macelroy, it's about staying aggressive. >> i have an attitude and things i've seen on the golf course. the position i find myself in.
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>> be sure and tune tonight, final round highlights and reaction of the u.s. open and a's go for a sweep of the giants. rick kwan will have it all. have a great father's day. >> up next big loss for the music industry and bruce springsteen fans. clarence clemens have died. the world's oldest light bulb,
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welcome back. legendary saxophoneist known as the big man has passed away. he played for bruce springsteen and was a major influence in his
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life. he performed with grateful dead, ringo star's band and you see him with former president bill clinton. he suffered a stroke at his home last week. he died of complications from the stroke last night. he was 69 years old. u.c. berkeley sarah shourd who spent more than a year in an iranian prison speaks as part of a campus lecture series. her fiance and another person remain in a prison there charged with spying. after all three mistakenly cross the border in 2009. according to the iranian news agency a court ruling on the charges is expected between june 22 and august 22. the date mark the beginning and end of the summer session. the families say they hope the decision comes soon because the pair's mental welfare is in grave danger. >> almost ten years after the
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9/11 terror attacks. a hero has hit the big screen. mark bingham was one of the passengers that stormed the cockpit and crashed the plane ultimately preventing terrorists from striking a fourth target. it debuted during a film festival at castro theater. bingham movie explores his relationship with his mother who became a activist after his death. >> it shows that anyone can be a hero. >> he was a high school friend of bing hasm. it opens with a shot of the mother where the flight went down. the latest edition to the swan family at palace of fine arts apparently has been killed.
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a caretaker the three week old baby swan was last seen thursday. a huablg or maybe a racoon may have grabbed marta but no one knows for sure. we have been following her progress since we first told you about the birth. last november someone killed a swan by breaking its neck and earlier in the year, another swan was stolen from the palace of fine arts. the world east longest burning light bulb, it's called the centennial light bulb that was first used in 1901. wayne freedman takes a look at this piece of technology. >> it seems unbelievable that behind the veneer of fire station 6 in livermore a miracle burns kind of brightly. >> what is the difference between the burning bush and burning bulb.
9:33 am
>> one is flame and this one is filament. >> if we are to believe the rest of them, this bulb has burned continuously for 110 years as of tomorrow. >> i get offended when people don't believe the authenticity of this bulb. >> to say it's real? >> it is real, it's really old. >> it's very old. >> it's not a hoax. >> technically the it's city property and given the department's first station. in all of those years, it's been off for only 23 minutes it took to drive to this new station. if you look closely, fire department personnel swear it reads on. >> what will happen when it goes off? >> i will be out. >> it draws visitors from around the world. >> can you believe it? >> this light has been all the
9:34 am
time, absolutely. >> do you know how to set up to perpetrate a myth? >> no, not at all. >> those guests even signed books. >> those people in the book, are they real? >> yes, they are. >> still don't believe it, they put up a ladder and allowed a closer look, a rare honor and privilege, one of life's great memorable moments. >> union rules and company safety policy would not allow us to come up here. here it is up close. in all its glory. light bulb like you've never seen it before. >> from the fire station in livermore, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." >> governor jerry brown has issued a proclamation declaring june 19th as juneteenth. it was june 19, 1865 two years
9:35 am
after abe lincoln emancipation proclamation that the last slaves were finally freed by the union army in galveston, texas. for six decades the festival has educated people and celebrated. this year, the festival is taking place on fillmore street between geary and folsom and it starts at 11:00 this morning and runs until 7:00 at night. this that might be a nice stop for dads on father's day. >> yeah, if you don't like it too hot. right now 59 outside our studios but how about 77 by the delta. upper elevations, the winds are gusty, they are warming us up today. >> also ahead, it's being called the best white water seasons in years but great conditions can make it the most dangerous.
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i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitami, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. welcome back. happy father's day. it is 9:38. this is a live look at tahoe, lisa argen says it's about 57 degrees there now. 68 later today for a high but tuesday and wednesday up near or at least reaching 80 degrees. that will start melting some of that snow. >> with this winter's heavy snow you can expect one of the best white water seasons in decades but they can expect danger. laura anthony and randy davis took us for the wild ride on the untamed merced river.
9:39 am
>> this is the best rafting season in decades. >> rafting the merced river has been doing it for ten years and he has never seen it like in this early in the season. >> thanks to near record snow pack in the high sierra the merced and all of northern california rivers are running high this spring and the season has just beginning. >> and on this day, 11-mile on white river rafting. they pay $115 for the half day trip. riders should be good swimmers. >> dump truck is when they call it the guide has everybody fall out but himself. >> but it includes a good mix. it's the kind of water that
9:40 am
tosses a rafter or two from the boat. >> flying out was fun but scary at the same time but i'm glad i'm back in the boat now. >> dig it in nice and hard. >> the water is running high and fast and summer snow from the sierra it will get better. >> keep it going! >> with the excitement the season brings there is additional safety precautions. until the water calms a bit, young children can go along for the ride, because it's cold, extra layers are the way to go. >> it's kind of amazing the scenary but it's cold.
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>> nice wave coming up. >> it's a joy ride on california's rivers. laura anthony, "abc 7 news." an inner tube on a lake is my speed but good day to do anything like that. >> we're talking 90 in the inland valleys. if you head outside. >> emeryville, just a little bit of fog there left. we still have a couple hundred feet of the marine layer to contend with. slow clearing around salinas and monterey. 63 in redwood city, 73 in antioch. 77 in fairfield, 72 in santa rosa. talk about those gusty northerly
9:42 am
winds. mount diablo, wind gusts over 50 miles an hour. if you have a gusty northerly wind bringing the warmer air down to the surface. san francisco is 59 degrees. weak sea breeze but winds out of northwest. it will be cool here but in the days ahead the numbers will warm at our coast. it's 5-7 degrees warmer than yesterday in livermore and fremont, about 15 degrees warmer in santa rosa. that is the down sloping winds you get with the strong ridge of high pressure that comeporosis the air. that is what is happening for the next several days. warming trend beginning today. the clouds will dissipate. we'll have a clear, warmer night tonight and warm to hot tomorrow right through the middle of the week. here is the visible picture, fog pulling away from san francisco and back along the san mateo coast into monterey but you, too will see a sunny afternoon. with the fog clearing the coast.
9:43 am
we're looking at 70s around the bay and talking 90s inland. 87 today in santa rosa. usually 82 for mid-july. oakland will be 77. san francisco around average as well as redwood city. livermore, 5 degrees warmer than your average, and mid-80s for san jose. so we're looking at this big ridge. you psych it here in the visible picture. it's pushing into california. as it does it's going to take hold of our weather and allow for just a few more clouds. suicidal see a few clouds head in tomorrow but as it moves closer to the coast it's going to get stronger that will allow warmer weather, we're talking about five degrees warming. couple more on wednesday and things will begin going in the other direction with cooler fog returning probably wednesday night. highs in the south bay, we're
9:44 am
talking 83 santa clara. 79 in menlo park, 64 in pacifica south city, lots have sunshine in the north bay. kind of warm, 87 in santa rosa. hell in napa. near least bay, 76 in san leandro. out over the hills we're looking at 88 in walnut creek, 89 in concord. down by the monterey bay, up to 87 in gilroy. it wouldn't be such a big deal about f we had warming over springtime but we haven't. this is pretty good wave coming the next few days, summer begins tuesday morning and then we'll get cooler temperatures by the end of the week. >> kind of took us by surprise. >> in the past few years, 3-d movies are a huge draw in theaters and digital television but there is a significant percentage of audience that isn't experiencing the effect.
9:45 am
that is an eye condition that is often treatable. carolyn johnson has the details. is. >> many. >> she has something in common with the star, johnny depp neither one of them can enjoy the movie in 3-d. >> it's the ability to focus together. >> it's also known at a vernacular disorder. depp told interviewers he can't see in 3-d. he did not give details but they say is a it's common. >> one in five people watching a 3-d movie will experience no 3-d related to a binocular vision
9:46 am
disorder. >> it results from a lack of coordination of the muscles that control the eyes. it can also affects reading and general depth perception can be treated in several ways including with collective lenses. >> it's to get the proper prescription, you want to make sure both eyes have proper focus to see what is projected on the screen. >> vision therapy can help retrain the eyes. >> very close together and move it further and further apart. >> when these images shift back and forth, it forces the patient to engage and relax. it has helped her focus and she can see in 3-d she still finds it uncomfortable to watch. >> if you ask me to tell you what happened, i probably couldn't tell the difference half the time it was there.
9:47 am
symptoms for binocular disorder, is nausea and headaches and difficulty keeping focus on page while reading. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a fire puts a woman on out of her house and a store
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9:49 am
if you have had a house fire you know it can turn your house
9:50 am
upside-down. months of rebuilding ended with more frustration. michael finney stepped in to help. >> this shows back to normal but they won't soon forget the night a fire broke out here in the basement. >> it was eerie, i was really scared i was afraid to get out of the house in time. >> she was in a wheelchair following a surgery. when fire started in a water heater, it spread fast destroying her washer, drier, refrigerator and freezer. >> everything burned. >> i was bringing her food and coming by to talk to her. >> it was really horrible, to do without a washer and dryer. >> so she went to sears to get all new appliances and they can deliver them promptly but, they didn't. >> they said the 3rd and then to the 4th and 5th.
9:51 am
5th came and they never brought it. >> sears said the appliances were out of stock. she asked for her money back but there was a delay. >> i waited almost two months. then finally i went to 7 on your side. >> we contacted sears and the retailer apologized saying it was an issue with the products being out of stock or on back order. we regret not being able to fulfill the order. however, after, that sears promptly refunded her money, $2,679 and gave her a $100 gift card as a bonus. now she has all new appliances and it's new ri restored. >> it feels like a house again and a little more peaceful. >> there was communication problem between the warehouse and sales force. it appears that items were in stock when they were not. that issue should now be
9:52 am
resolved. if you have an issue, go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> up next, does the green lantern shine or fade away? our review the biggest summertime movie.
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you wanted them, you got them. the winning numbers for last
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night's super lotto. mega number is 20. no one correctly picked all 6 numbers. so wednesday's drawing will be worth at least $36 million. in theaters, the green lantern based on comic book series, the super hero has to save the world. don sanchez has a review on the aisle. >> meet the green lantern. their power comes from will, weakness is fear. on earth, brian ren 80 dz is following in his father's footsteps. a funny guy and clashes on the earth. >> but they shift in a hurry.
9:56 am
>> he is the first human to join the corps and they don't think much. he looks so weird. he is wearing this costume with a digital mask. he has to confront the enemy who wants to destroy the world. it feeds on fear. he plays a creepy scientist that gets caught up in it and winds up like the elephant man. the battle is on but scenes are right out of green before it's finished. it doesn't bode well for a sequel. >> this is the latest and summer offerings of, he is clover and funny. there are great special effects to begin with and 3-d is pretty good but then it goes a little flat and becomes like a 2-d script that even my special ring can't save. this is for 12-year-old boy,
9:57 am
i'll give it half a bucket but we'll see you on the aisle. >> it debuted number one at the box office. so there is an audience out there for it. maybe they'll be trying to escape the heat. >> if you are inland, the rains, 30-degree spread. 61 later today at the coast. 90s inland. we're looking at very warm weather today. 77 in oakland. it starts the warming trend for father's day. 5 to 6 degrees warmer and then hot temperatures. do what you need to do to stay cool but it cools off at the end of the week. >> thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler with lisa argen. ♪
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