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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  June 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in antioch. the cool down will reach the inland i'll show how soon, late yir. >> thank you. >> and this hot weather has people in the oakland hills frustrated tonight. we are live for us now. >> this original idea was for residents to have some tools to help them fight fires in an emergency. in this neighborhood smrk residents have hoses they've learned to hook up, but the city and fire department dropped support of the program. >> for more than 10 years, oakland hills residents steve matthews stored these hoses in the garage. the idea grew out of the helplessness and he his neighbors felt during the fire
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storm, when their homes burned to the ground. >> people know how to hook these hoses up can just do it and at least contain the fire. >> now, with the fire starting near his home, he and his neighbors are not supposed to use their hoses despite being trained by the oakland fire department. >> if they hook them up are they breaking the law? >> there is an ordinance. >> for years, residents trained with and without officials guiding their efforts and in twut, they banned the opening by citizens. the fire, $1,000. a move in response to east bay mud's concern over a rash of wasteful openings by young people on hot days, training continues until 2008. it hasn't happened since. >> we appreciate the interest in support of the fire department and communities and
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wanting to help fight fires. reality is that we don't want to put citizens in harm's way. >> the councilman has been a strong supporter of the efforts in the past. >> there is no way you can tell me they should not prepare to protect themselves and the properties. >> they've got the hoses and hydrants and water. we just don't have permission to do it. >> and besides legal issue, the fire department says there is a safety issue but sit dangerous. they tell us they're concern fd there were a real emergency and residents began using the water that would deplete pressure from firefighters who are trying to battle the emergency. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and there is a power outage
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in the south of market neighborhood. pg&e says 24 are with out service in commission street this, is the scene. signals have been out and pg&e has no timetable for fixing the problem. >> in sacramento, state controller chung cutoff lawmaker paychecks in the latest skrimish over the state budget. and lawmakers do not get paid unless they pass a budget that is balanced and on time. he says the budget left a hole of nearly $2 billion. >> there is a test provided is that estimated estimated revenues must exceed appropriations. it's a test. so when we did math, it doesn't add up it shifted the
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power, i think that is what is sad about this whole thing. >> and once passed lawmakers will not get back pay. >> cab drivers stopped picking up passengers this protest a new fee they say is draining their ballots. they're furious about a tracking system and a fee for trance yaxs they say is excessive. >> there is 5% and we zront a healthy treat street, we don't have nothing. >> a spokesperson says the taxi drivers pay only a 2% fee on transactions but a separate fee is imposed by the credit card companies to pay for terminals. the mta was supposed to consider a wage increase to makeup the difference but that decision was postpone.
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>> 3,000 employees have voted to keep fighting for a better contract. and the vote was 97% opposed. and san jose fateses a $115 million deficit heading into the next year. the budget includes cuts to city services like reduced library hours and 100 layoffs to the police department. every city employee will take a 10% cut in nay benefits and 500 positions will be eliminated. >> and there is 500 people in addition to 800 people. >> the mayor and allies voted against using other funds that are available to pay for the
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services. >> the mayor wants a special election for voters to decide to refompl the city pension program. he claims that puts a drain on the finances. >> in oakland hundreds of city workers protested late today over a vote that could have cost them their jobs. now it's been postponed. >> that vote could be pushed back for another week because city leaders are still at the bargaining table with employee unions trying to get them to give up millions in kons yegss. there is an 11th hour profit yet nchl a sign of how fire this crisis is, 14 of the 18 libraries could be shut down. >> this is your first trip to the library, right? >> including this library. anyone who needs a cool tool
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can borough one, free. the cuts just go on from there. fire stations could be closed. the head of the largest union says hundreds of workers could be laid off. >> this is to be talking about individuals who claim parks and service the city in a number of way ootz city council was voted to vote on a budget that owe could wo slash services. that volt will now likely be pushed back another week. city leaders continue negotiation was unions, hoping everyone from gardeners to police officers and firefighters will agree to give back nearly $30 million in kons yegs autos we almost into 11.9 hour, we're trying to accomplish that goal. >> the mayor offered three different possible budgets from worst to best case. that includes an $80 parcel tax measure for homeowners.
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and selling the convention center. now, it's up to the council to disease. >> i've heard we're not willing to close down library autos they hope that proves true. >> if those people lose us, then, you know they're out of a job. and i don't know what is going to happen to them. >> there will probablely be a long discussion. one of the unions here in oakland plans to present its own plan of $42 million for the city that it says could save that much money if the city would only do things simple as making sure parking meters work so that the city collects all of the money owd to it. >> still ahead tonight murder in the marinea. the trail of
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blood that may have led police to the victim. >> iphones were a great tool for the visually impaired until receiving an upgrade. what apple promises us it will fix for you. >> and a return of a north bay salmon run with help from friends. >> later fertility treatments now available for pets. sure, pulling the mold, miew, and grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout,
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you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco police are investigating the mysterious death of a man in the marina
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district. it wasn't until morning that a body was discovered. we are live near fort mason tonight. >> this kind of thing just doesn't happen in this area. you know the area. a bit of a mystery here. there is a car in question, a trail of blood, and a dead body in the water. this jogger spotted the body of a 19-year-old white male this morning. sending out police officers, the neighborhood was quickly engulfed in a sea of yellow tape. the investigation began to take twists. the marina is at the foot of buchanan. >> the blood trail seems to start in that doorway going across the street towards tree line towards the pier. >> and apparently, the victim had been stabbed it appears an
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edged weapon resulted in the wounds. and i don't know the exact cause of death. >> a resident called police. >> police searched the area of the parking lot, looking into vehicles but did not find victims at this point. >> there are questions as to why they didn't resume the search this morning. the investigation expanded and they zeroed in on a green volvo with washington state plates and a sticker from a military space, fort lewis. residents say two apparently homeless men had been living there, sleeping at night and leaving during the day. the car has been impounded. >> there is no connection between the victim and car. that investigation continues, police are asking if you saw, or heard anything unusual to call their anonymous tip line.
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>> thank you. investigators have not determined what cause aid fire that drove two dozen students from a fraternity house. there is students that left after hearing smoke alarms and firefighters credit alarms with saving lives. >> this is just a little bit of smoke. 20 minutes later a huge fire. >> there is university housing to provide necessities they'll need. >> one fire fighter was treated and released after suffering burns to his hands. >> investigators trying to determine if this suspicious
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death of pets are related. and today seven dogs and cats have died and owners are baffled. >> i don't know why someone would stoop that low. they're animals and can't hurt anyone. >> our family is devastated. you know? why would some sick person do that? i don't know. >> the signs point to poisoning. each found food in hards. investigators questioned a neighbor and confiscated items from his yard. he has not been labeled a suspect. >> back to the heat. hot weather accelerated. take a look at the picture this is just weeks ago. you can see there is less
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snow. it's ak celebrate raiting in the heat. >> yes. >> there is know. >> you're right. >> warm weather late to arrive. >> interest tl is rapid snowfall led to warnings being issued. and we had quite heat here today. >> we did. >> there is is a live view. here comes fog. this is bringing cooling relief. take a look at our satellite image, you can see fog along the coast, spreading and splitting pushing inland tonight. there are temperatures from 58 degrees to 100 degrees in ant yk. there is a 42 degree difference and there is still
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leadings into the 90s, warm inland but getting more comfortable along the bay. so there is cooling continuing throughout the weekend. we'll see areas cooling down by the end of the week. there is overnight still mild conditions, lows mid to upper 50s near the bay. east bay, lows into low 60s. and there is this big warm ridge of high pressure pushing eastward, and will be replaced by cooler weather that is starting at 5:00 in the morning. we'll have some fog in inland locations and will see fog burn back to the coastline by late morning to miffed day. and high temperatures into and
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maybe low 90s but high temperatures tomorrow will be five to is a degrees cooler than they were today. there is is a look at sunny skies and highs tomorrow into mid to upper 80s to around 90 in saratoga. and there is 83 redwood city. low to mid-60s on coast. downtown a high of 71 tomorrow. there is petaluma, 89 in santa rosa. and there is highs from mid 70s to mid-80s, inland east bay, warm, but nothing like today. highs into mid-90s inland tomorrow. and there is monterey bay up to and above 90 degrees, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is cooling trend
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continuing into the weekend. highs into mid-80s and there is no extreme to complain about. >> tonight support for women of walmart. >> discrimination suit got shot down by the supreme court.
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the top man at muni is on the way out. he'll walk away with hundreds of thousands in severance money.
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others will leave with a bit more. >> it's the end of an era at muni. the executive director is leaving. >> i've gotten a great deal done here at the agency. everything from the central subway to the transit affecting this project and sf park. >> it became known he was considering other job offers. the mayor ed lee denied being behind a move to push him out. >> i said i want a director and the management to be 150% committed because it takes that. >> there are 700,000 passenger who's take muni every day. and there is a member of the agency council. >> i think he does leave a positive legacy and has left the system better off than he found it. >> he walk as way with a golden pair aa chute. 384,000 tdzs in severance pay.
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muni riders have mixed reaction autos it's fine with me. >> there is nice work if you can get it. it's a lot it was agreed upon between my skpefl my board. >> the buyout is lower than the nearly $1 million package part's former director received. still, state senatory, running for mayor collected 1200 signatures from city residents who feel ford's package goes too far. >> reality is that there is a deficit and many challenges now that for muni to basically waste nearly $400,000 is unconscionable. >> ford got the severance, now, the search is on for a new executive director.
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>> and one more note here. ford's second in command resigned as well. carter rohan came in 2006 with no other jobs lined up and does not get a severance package. >> there is a coalition of groups held a rally today to set up -- the members say the ruling was a serious set back for womens rights but say they're in the giving up the fight for equal pay and say most of the justice dmotz understand the discrimination faced. >> the fundamental misunderstanding of the way discrimination operates in society, discrimination is very, very under the radar and its it's a failure to recognize that in the court.
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>> members say they'll focus efforts to pressure congress for the passage of the paycheck fairness act, targeting wage discrimination. >> still head tonight and at 6:30 there is another candidate with a bid for the white house. >> the government of greece survives a vote that should bring new confidence to wall street. >> and a bug in the apple iphone. a tool for the visually impaired. stay with us, another half hour of news is in just a moment.
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g.o.p. front runner mitt romney faces new competition from within his own party. a candidate going after the same voters, mack matthews is in the neighborhood where the
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fund-raiser is now underway. mark? >> it's a big barbecue at scott mcneilly's house. scott just a mile up the road is where this turn off is just on meg whitman roll by. a thousand bucks gets you in. $10,000 gets you a picture with the candidate. there is california visit upstaged just a little bit by a mod rit republican, also a mormon, announced john huntsman. standing in the same spot where ronald reagan kicked off his campaign, the former utah governor announced he's in. >> today, i'm a candidate for the office of president of the united states of america. >> the bio says he grew up in palo alto. we know his dad went to stanford and went to develop the clam shell box for
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mcdonald's big macs. and while his father was on the way to becoming a billionaire, john junior dropped out of high school to play keyboard in a band. he graduated from college, learned chinese, and went to work for the raigsan white house two, years ago, president obama tapped him to become ambassador to china. >> i respect the president of the united states. he and i have a difference of opinion on how to help a country we both love. >> the poll shows huntsman running 10 points behind the president and an analyst says it's not yet a serious candidate. >> the question is does huntsman attract the level of enthusiasm he needs to make it
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through to brk the nominee? at this point, data does not suggest he can. >> it was policedded by political ads. he enjoys riding motorcycles. the message is certainly obscure. >> i would say at this point he -- huntsman is in a category, if he would get through would be a difficult candidate for obama to face. >> and you can tell the obama administration is taking huntsman's candidacy seriously. the administration issued a statement saying the governor is relying on the same failed economic policies of the bush administration. >> the u.s. senate confirmed former monterey congress man leon pin netta as the next secretary of defense.
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south carolina republican lindsay gram called him a home grown choice and in a statement he said, quote, i pledge to the nation i will work to ensure we continue to have the strongest, best trained and equipped military in the weefrld. he will take over at the pentagon for robert gates, retiring at the end of the month. >> president obama is expected to announce withdrawal of 10,000 troops from afghanistan. according to a defense department source will bring about 5,000 troops home this summer and another 5,000 by the end of the year. president obama is also weighing a timetable for endinging the surge off,000 troops 18 months ago. 1500 troops have been killed there. the president wants the afghans to control their own security by 2014. abc news will carry the address and you can see it here on abc 7 tomorrow.
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>> and greece is a major step closer to securing the loans it needs. he now faces a critical vote on a massive package greece's creditors said must pass by the end of the month. pro testers took to the streets after the vote. they have been demonstrating against the measures for weeks now. unless they pass, greece will default on debt, possibly triggering a world wide crisis. >> in anticipation of the vote in greece, prices rose on wall street today for the fourth session. the dow gained 100 points, nasdaq is up 57 and s & p 500 up 17. the pace of sales is 20% below what is considered healthy. now, falling behind 2010, the worst in 13 years.
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the country's largest newspaper publisher announced 700 layoffs today at most of the other 80 papers that it owns. the revenue has fallen by $2 billion. jet blue today said it will buy 40 new larger planes to serve travelers and is also discontinued its $600 promotion. >> people who own one, man maybe you love their iphone. it's a cool device. but for the visually impaired they're more than that. they are a lifeline. and michael finney is here to explain why. >> cool apps get the attention. and there is a feature opening up a world for the visually impaired or, at least it did before the latest upgrade. for todd, the simple act of reading a site is a challenge,
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he's blind and can fairly see these letter autos everything is in a white haze, the farther wairk the more you disappear in the white haze. >> the world was clamoring for smart phones todd was left squinting at screens until he tried apple's famous iphone. >> this zoom feature was like a miracle. just opened up a world to me. >> he discovered a zoom, magnifying letters up to five times, big enough for todd to send the first text message of his life. >> i was like, oh, god, i can see the screen. i can text message. i can do anything. >> he used zoom two years until a apple software update changed empg. key strokes started going crazy. >> it started to add these extra letters when you would type. and these pop ups.
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>> todd shows us what happens. >> i'm trying to type this, is todd. >> hey this, is todd coming up this -- gibberish, typing what is going on gives more gibberish. his name comes out with words in it. >> i couldn't text anymore. i can't go to apps that need a pass word. i spent an hour typing one sentence he felt his world closing off again. he went to the apple store. the company gave him a brand new phone. but that phone did the same thing. >> there is nothing happening. >> apple said there is a problem with the zoom. it's because apple upgraded zoom to make it easier to move the screen for reading. that works well but resulted in these unintended key strokes. the fix should be ready by fall. >> i feel great. someone is listening to me.
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>> apple declined an interview and tells us this is very important to customers and companies is committed to making it work, perfectly. the zoom just one of several feature that's make it possible for the visually impaired to use the cool apps. >> just ahead they're graphic and gross. new labels on cigarette packages. >> a researcher confident they will deter hard core smokers,
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despite support a bill to require air guns to be brightly colored died today at the state capitol. during a packed hearing lawmakers examined air guns to get an idea of how authentic they look. chief beck says making bb bright colors would prevent officers from mistakenly shooting someone holding one. >> so far, this year, 2011, 25 times, my police officers have used deadly force n two instances, suspects were armed with air pistols. these individuals did not have to be shot. >> manufacturers and users argued the bill is a job killer and an ill logical attempt to improve public
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safety. california requires toy guns to be brightly colored. >> the fda is taking new steps to make cigarette smoking less attractive. and there is nine new and graphic warning labels. the fda hopes images will get current smokiers to quit there is a graphic label that have worked in other countries. >> and they will tell you that there are disease as associated with smoking and they tend to underestimate risks. and there is graphic warning labels help correct misconception autos tobacco companies don't like it and have filed a lawsuit. >> coming up next, proof of life. an effort to bring a endangered salmon run back to
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devil creek. >> fertility treatments for animals. veterinarians hit the snooze button on your pet's biological clock.
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the bay area has one of the highest concentrations of fertility clinics in the country. now, they're available to pets. >> it's so much better, good girl. >> when julie decided to breeder spaniel, she didn't leave to it mother nature sherk had sperm flown in and turned to technology. >> just fortunate that we have those opportunities. >> okay. it's okay. >> options include technologies you'd expect to nind a human clinic this, veterinarian performed the insemination in loss altos. >> we can do anything all the way up through a surgical insemination. we have scope that's we can look up at the into the female and troin dus a catheter with
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sperm into the uterus. >> she says in cases they are used to increase concentration. and it can can promote off you'llation in older dogs and can pinpoint the time for insemination. >> those things to try to maximize chances of guesting the dog pregnant. >> she admits there are ethical concerns, passing along health problems in a dog that otherwise might not conceive and forcing a pregnancy on an older animal. >> there is a point we say no. we strongly discourage it. and in that kind of case, i would tell you that your dog may have physical problems that may preclude it with animal shelters bursting with adoptable dogs some question the need to breed. >> we believe in people breeding responsibly.
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>> breeders say it's revolutionizing what they do. >> if i can take a dog maybe that lives in new york, the healthyest dog and put witness a nice dog that is very healthy, i'm one up. >> the cost of treatment ranges from a few hundred dollars to up to a thousand dollars. >> let's go back and talk about the weather and heat. >> people staying cool. >> this is the place to be. you can see the fog beginning to move, but didn't move over the beach. so there is 102 in antioch. and santa cruz had a high of 73, and there is 79 in san francisco. there is quite a drop inland.
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mid-90s tomorrow, 70s around the bay. low to mid-60s on the coast. there is some coastal fog. state wide, 100 degrees in chico. and there is 112 at palms springs. cooling trend winning throughout the weekend. by the end of the week, highs only into mid-80s. >> looking good. >> feeling good. >> thank you. >> and they have been overfished and kicked out of their natural breeding grounds. the coho salmon are making a come back. and efforts to recreate the hab at that time appear to be working. there is a new batch released
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into the creek. >> they may have spent six months in a hatchery but will spend rest of their lives in the wild. state workers load up salmon with backpacks and hike up the wooded banks this, is private property. the owner bought witness a goal to turn it back into a habitat for endangered speesy. >> this is a big commit oomt yes. >> why make this commit snmt. >> i believe in it she has the help of more than 60 people, including army corpse of engineers that will help pay for the project. >> we have to try to repopulate the historic stream autos they have to undo what years of logging and mining on this property left behind. years ago loggers left chunks of redwood all over the property. now it's become the basis for the new habitat. you can see one has been
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bolted to the tree next to it. giant logs create good hiding places for young salmon to feed and keep gravel adault adaults -- adults need to spawn from getting washed away. >> it's working well and they shot this video of a wild cho salmon that swam up from the ocean to spawn that. means they're surviving. >> it's very gratifying. >> there is more left to do. there is only 4% of the salmon that will see the ocean f one out of 100 makes it back to spawn, biologists will call this a success. >> coming up a different sort of survival story.
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, this space is reserved. preferred parking for green car autos then keeping it local. the bay area community creating the first neighborhood debit card.
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>> and now, good news for cal baseball. >> larry beil is here now. >> and facing an elimination game is not the end of the world. the baseball team very much alive. and there is is a pretty lose bunch. they're a number nine hitter to gap in right center. and there is a score from first. and there is a doubl right center and a single to left. and there is three scoreless innings of relief. the first win the college world series, bears will virginia or south carolina on thursday. >> you can't be a good coach without good players.
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if they can perform like they did today, then it's been a really gratifying day to have both in one day. >> that is the cal coach referring to the honor received before today's game. and he guided the team through turmoil. coming up, a's continued inner league play in new york against mets. there is is connor jackson walked with bases loaded in the third. there is is two walks in two innings. there is a score, here is a base hit. cliff pennington in the sixth. there is a posted win tonight.
6:56 pm
there is team president leaving, he spent 16 year was golden state. and there is years of ruse losing and wants to erase the misery of the past. took 11 hours to finish their match. he took care in straight sets. there is a flash back winning 70-68. there is you said there is 41 winners over the man backing a good friend. defending wimbledon champion serena williams back on the court and was in tears, she's been through two foot operations and treatment for
6:57 pm
blood clots in the lungs. >> i usually don't cry. i don't understand it. it's been so hard. i never dreamt i'd be here now. you know? so so win. >> you get a sense you leave she believered she was never going play again. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time as wells, we'll see you here at 9:00 and 11:00.
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