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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  June 22, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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pull up your pants, please? >> well this man is not a rapper, but a passenger on a u.s. airways flight at fort lauderdale six days before marman was arrested and this is how he was dressed. one passenger, jill tarlow took the picture. >> they asked him to pull up his pants but not ask the guy on my plane to cover up. >> marman's attorney believes the client was a victim of a double standard. >> only one conclusion, because mr. marman was black wearing dreads, he was treated differently. >> u.s. airways did not return our calls today but last week told me that the airplane has no dress today but expect passengers to dress appropriately. you be the judge. vic lee abc 7 news. >> can you tell us more about that passenger wearing women's
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under clothes? >> he flew first class on that flight. marman's lawyer believes he's also a preferred passenger for u.s. airways, means he flies a lot. >> so far, what happened with deshawn marman? >> he's back at the university of nm on a full football scholarship, he faces trespassing charges with an arraignment set for mid april. the d.a.tells me he's investigating this case. >> thank you. thanks, vic. the giants fan who was beaten in dodger stadium is making progress tonight. doctors upgraded his condition today from critical to serious. they've taken him off two seizure medications and reduced doses of three others. neurosurgeons say he would not survived his injuries 10 years ago but say he's not out of the woods yet. >> there are many, many thing that's can go on such as infections, disorders of too much water on the plane or
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hydrocephalus. we're trying to make sure he can have the best recovery as possible. >> stow remains unconscious but has been responding to commands to open and close his eyes. the family released a statement saying we're encouraged by his improvement and asked for continued respect for privacy to focus on his health. >> that controversial measure in san francisco to ban circumcision on boys younger than 18 might not make it on the ballot. opponents saying it violates state law. they're asking the court to keep it away from voters. >> for me as a muslim, you know, anything that would impede by practice is something i would have to stand up against. >> she is one of those suing the city of san francisco, over the ballot measure banning circumcisions for baby boys.
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for her and the other muslim and jewish plaintiffs gathering at the court today, it's a matter of religious freedom. but there is another issue for doctors who joined the lawsuit. >> it affects physicians. the proposed ban is suggesting physicians be jailed for performing this common place procedure. >> the clerks argue state law prohibits from restricting medical procedures. >> by relying on this statute, we're making it clear to both parents and doctors that the law protects you but those supporting this measure don't see it that way. >> this is not so much regulating medical practices as restricting cosmetic surgery from being forced upon minor autos jonathan conti helped collect the signatures to put the proposed ban on the
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ballot and believes the lawsuit filed today could influence the court of public opinion. >> anything that helps people to bring up the topic of sirk skpigs discuss it, i think it's a positive affect. of whatever the outcome of this is. this is something that has fallen under the radar in this country. and people need to discuss it. >> well, it has sparked heated debate. the plaintiffs asking for a hearing next month, and a quick decision before san francisco sends a ballot to the printer, which is normally the first week in september. >> this may not be a surprise to you. the bay area crumbling roads problem is getting worse. the pot hole report came out today. and we are live in oakland with the rather bumpy results. heather? >> right. the metropolitan transportation commission ranks roads on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being the best.
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oakland near the bottom, thanks in large part to axel busters like this one. but the bay area as a whole is not doing much better with an average rating of 66. and part of the problem is that it's traditionally been paid for with the state gas tax so. what is the solution? local public works departments might want to take a look to the city of elcerrito. voters approved a increase in 2008. that pavement rating went from 48% to 85 this year. the mtc warns longer other cities wait, the more expensive it gets. >> when pavement quality gets to 60, acceleration diesel rates. a dollar spent at 75 is going to cost $5 for repair once it
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falls below 60. so we're in a critical stage. >> and this is video of more alameda county pot holes. the contra costa city took the crown for best pavement f fr -- for the third year in a row. rio vista is holding down last place. and says the bay area would need to triple current spending in order to catch up with all of this defered maintenance on the pot holes. >> and is there any estimate on how much would it going to cost if we're going to bring the bay area up to good condition? billions of dollars? >> well, you're in the ballpark. and there is is an estimate of
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75 and above, at least, that tripled the spending meaning going from around $351 million per year to about $1 billion per year. $1 billion is just out there, waiting for us. >> great. so our grandkids can look forward to it at some point. thank you very much. >> more money news now. fema denied a request to help santa cruz county pay for damage cause bid severe storms in march. the federal emergency management agency saying the damage was caused by three separate storms, not rise together level of a disaster, several cities were counting on fema to pay 75% for road repairs, flooding and clean ups. and capitola depleted it's reserves paying to repair governor brown to appeal the decision. >> in less than one more, the president will deliver a
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speech marking the beginning of the end of the 10-year war in afghanistan, the latest plan is that he'll layout the plan by next summer, leaving 60,000 service members at war. it could balance demands from lawmakers. >> i believe it's time for us to rebuild america, not afghanistan. i suggest he consult with the people who know best since 2009 when the surge began, we have had success on the ground. >> you can watch the speech live in about an hour at 5:00. >> but right here, right now, coming up... spencer christian with our first look at the accu-weather forecast. >> it's still warm outside. maybe hot, but better than yesterday. >> warm inland, but cooler along the coast and around the bay. there is a cooling trend, low
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clouds and fog. temperatures from 52 to 80 partly cloudy early tomorrow morning, temperatures ranging from 48 to 60 degrees, highs from 58 at the coast to 86 inland z we still have a couple locations today with 100 degrees, i'll show you locations and the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you, spencer. a frightening scenario for cancer patients. why clinics are running out of medicine. >> three bay area residents catch the attention of the state department. what they're doing that prompted a warning. >> what you can no longer get when you stop by a jack in the box. this is a live look from sky 7 over novato. there was a brush fire there, small, one acre. the fire is under control. no problems no, evacuations,
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nothing burnt but sit fire season. so they're -- mapping things out quickly. we'll be right back.
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newt gingrich is defending his campaign after the resignation of two more advisors and says it's not a sign of trouble but reflects he's a different kind of candidate. >> we made a mistake and tried to be normal. we tried to bring in regular political consultants, very smart people. and it turned out they kornt do it. >> he has now lost a total of 16 advisors in three weeks and yesterday confirmed his top fund-raisers left the campaign. the washington post is
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reporting he had a second line of credit at jeweler tiffany's worth up to $1 million. minnesota congress woman michelle bachman will declare she's running for president next monday and is expected to make that announcement in iowa where she was born. the three-term congress woman is a tea party favorite, however has not been campaigning in iowa like other republican candidates. >> jack in the box is getting rid of toys in kids meals. the fast food giant says this will allow the company to focus on the target audience. faster -- fast food companies are under pressure to stop using toys to market to kids. >> the federal government says it will revise the safety labels for silicone breast implants. the fda says implants are
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relatively safe but should not be expected to last a lifetime. the fda says one in five women who have the silicone implants had to have implants removed within 10 years. still, the agency says the latest data does not show any new, or unexpected safety concerns. >> cancer patients are getting devastating news, clinics are running out of taxol, a main stay drug used in chemotherapy. is a lack of profit moat dwroif blame? doctors are split, patients fear for their futures, abc has latest in los angeles. >> how do you tell a cancer patient you don't have the drug she needs to stay alive? >> she only had one dose available. she had to decide which, who would get it. >> mary did not get the last dose. common it's a drug widely used to treat he several types of
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cancer. out of five companies four say it's in short supply. one of those manufacturers say it's on back order and cannot estimate a release date. experts say worst case scenarios could become reality autos we may experience earlier death autos this is not where the money is. it does paint an unfavorable picture of the industry. >> some doctors expect because it's generic with low profit margins companies have no motive to make more. others say that is the problem. that they're too cheap. >> there has to be an incentive for the folks making these drugs to continue producing them. >> and if you're wondering where we're only just now learning it's running low that is because drug manufacturers are not required to tell the fda when a drug is in short supply. >> when the fda knows they've been able to avert or minimize
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impact of the shortage. >> that did not happen in this case. now, she's not just fifting cancer, she's fighting for a few more days. >> i have a great grandson due next month. i have to be around to see him. >> abc news, los angeles. >> the site of one of the grandest theaters has been transformed into a senior housing facility. today was the ribbon cutting for the coronet. saichl-story building offering 150 apartments for people aged 55 and over, including a health clinic and alzheimer's center, one of the features is an alert button in each unit alerting the staff of residents in crisis. >> time for weather now. there is a little bit of relief today. >> on this first day of summer. >> correct. yes. started yesterday and sort of late in the morning.
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we -- locations had temperatures yesterday of 101, 102, today, 106 for the most part. here is a live view. blue skies there. there is a warm day in san jose. it's been in many locations, let's take a look at what happens this afternoon. fog across the coastline and it was cooler in some locations today than yesterday. as much as 20 degrees cooler. this is especially near the coast. there is a a 44 degree difference so far in antioch. it's typical of our customer time pattern, readings up to 96 in antioch. there is 60s, and 70s. the temperature change reflects what we've predicted yesterday. five to 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday and that is what we're looking at. current temperatures into that
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range about five-15 degrees cooler than at this hour, yesterday. increasing clouds tonight. there is a pattern holding throughout the weekend. readings will be into low to mid-50s so temperatures aren't going to drop a lot tonight. it's going to cool down nicely in parts of the inland valleys and north bay. there is fog and low clouds tonight. you can see that federal government has developed here and jet stream digging south ward going to give us a stronger sea breeze reinforcing the cooling. 5:00 in the morning, low clouds, fog will have spread inland overnight across the bay. but that burned back to the coastline by late morning. and there is mainly sunny skies and along the coast, high temperatures upper 50s to around 60 on the coast. highs will not get out of the 08s, probably not seeing 90s tomorrow, south bay, highs from about 78 in san jose.
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and pin anyone slarks mid-70s, 74 in redwood city. upper 50s to around 60s on the coast. 59 into sunset district. there is inland east bay, mid-80s everywhere. all places, everywhere. and near the bay looking for upper 60s to around 70 near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures bumping up a couple degrees on friday. but more cooling saturday and sunday and throughout the weekend into next week. cooler weather is the expression for now. >> you can feel the difference today. >> oh, big difference. yeah. just from 102 down to 95, huge difference. >> we'll take it. >> good. thank you. >> and country music legend glenn campbell has been diagnosed with alzheimer's disease, his representative
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says the disease is in the early stages. his wife told "people" magazine they wanted fans to know about the illness in case he has trouble on stage. he plans to put out a final al fwhum summer followed by what they're calling the goodbye tour. >> actress megan fox showing off a sense of humor and "true blood" is back. >> hollywood is all abuzz after the "true blood" premier. the coop on being surrounded by sooky. >> we finished shooting and probably be ungodly hour next saturday morning. it feels almost normal there is "true blood" stuff everywhere. >> get more red carpet moments on jennifer lopez and mark anthony will travel for their new show, picking the best talent from nightclubs and
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sending them to hollywood. actress is pregnant with a child according to a tweet by her father-in-law this, is the first child for the star who appeared in "bride and prejudice". for more celebrity news and the george clooney split making headlines everywhere, visit our web site. >> coming up a woman go goes through extreme measures to stop several young man from stealing beer. >> and not the first time for this bus line. >> there is checking traffic on this thursday afternoon, or is it wednesday? >> it's wednesday. >> all right. wake me up. traffic not too bad but fog is thick. welcome to summer in san francisco. on a wednesday! coming right back.
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with the start of summer comes this reminder about the dangers of fire works. the consumer products safety commission put on this display today. the group says fire works killed three people last year and sent about 8600 others to the hospital. and less powerful fireworks like sparklers can cause injuries or start fires. >> a walmart shopper went to extreme measures to stop a group of suspected beef thiefs and surveillance cameras captured the whole thing. take a look. single mom monique lawless,
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love the name jumped into action, saying she spotted three young men taking cases of beer without paying she. tossed her purse to the cash year, jumped on the hood of their camaro. and she slid off but not without grabbing the door handle then fall together ground. >> i'm tired of it. our seat needs to say this is not right. you will be fun punished. >> wow. police later arrested the suspects on charges ofing. >> vait -- aggravated robbery. lawless has bruises as you can see, but otherwise she says she's okay. >> and there is a close call in new york. an mta bus tire popped narrowly missing a pedestrian. the 400 pound tire was flung on to the sidewalk. the driver says an overheated bearing caused a wheel to come off this, is the second run away wheel this year on an mta
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bus, another came off in the bronx. >> and still to come, military families have mixed feelings. what they're hoping to hear from president obama when he reveals his plan to pull out u.s. troops from afghanistan. >> and a huge premium to see the shuttle launch. one hint, they're going for more than the typical $20. >> a cooling trend continues and i'll have a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up. vvllllllllllgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgti
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just 30 minutes from now president obama will layout his plan for the beginning of the end of the war in afghanistan. >> the white house has not confirmed skekt figures but he's expected to announce the withdrawal of 33,000 troopses by the end of 2012. >> tonight president obama will announce the beginning of the end of the war in afghanistan. a war costing the united states heavily. >> president identified in december of 2009 that made the commitment that forces would begin to draw down in july, 2011. he's keeping that commit oomt there are nearly 100,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan, including 30,000 troops starting in 2009 and there are reports the president will announce 5,000 will leave this
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summer. a total of 33,000 will be home by the end of the summer of 2012. >> i'm concerned about any precipitous withdrawal of the troops jeopardizing the success we've made. >> americans in congress have grown war weary. >> there are a lot of resignations in the congress about the war in afghanistan. and our level of commitment. >> one reason is the significant price tag. the u.s. is sending $112 billion in afghanistan this year alone. the war began nearly 10 years ago, almost $300 billion. last night a somber reminder of another cost. the bodies of three u.s. service members returned to dover air base, joining others buried there. a top u.s. commander in afghanistan gave the president several options on the troop
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withdrawal man. administration officials save petraeus would have preferred fewer troops home this year, but nobody is unhappy with this decision. >> abc news reporter is in afghanistan, saying afghans have mixed feelings and questions about readiness. >> this country is not yet safe. most people here think the president should withdraw slowly. and afghans will begin to take over parts of the security next month. most people are fearful the government snot strong enough. the army and police are not ready so she the want the u.s. to continue to train the army and police and they want the u.s. to continue to support the afghan government. >> and families of soldiers in afghanistan will be watching the president's speech tonight with, as you can imagine, particular interest. >> and mark matthews is with
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family in afghanistan. >> here in the home of the parents of vincent waldron, an army specialist. and we'll watch the speech with them, anita told me she's conflicted. >> i want my son home safely. but also, we're involved in a mission there. >> she tells me her son is a medic close to the pakistan border. >> they are working hand in hand with the afghan national army. my son is doing medical care in villages. >> she says she doesn't want the president to pull troops out if it means so years of being afghanistan will have gone for nothing. >> i think a total withdrawal would be devastating to our
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country as well as afghanistan. >> in san ramone, mike and peggy conklin organize support for marines and families. peggy is the president of an east bay chapter of blue star moms. >> we did hear a lot of the troops were saying that there has been many killed and wounded. to leave without feeling it was a success in some way is not something they have wanted. as families we want them home. but support their mission and what they believe in as well. >> and a couple have signed a letter calling for a swift reduction, no specific number burke sources say 50,000 would be acceptable. there is a call for 257,000 troops out by 2012. and we've heard from jackie
4:34 pm
spears office, calling for 30,000 to withdraw by the end of the year, and karen trevors report that had is within the ballpark accord together white house, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> thank you, mark. abc news will carry the speech live right here on abc 7 today at 5:00. >> and the state department is warning americans to not participate in an international flotilla. three residents will be among 50 who plan to participate in a so called freedom flotilla this month. state department warning the gaza coast is dangerous, volatile and notes the israeli navy stopped previous flotillas resulting in death, injuries and arrest. >> still ahead a huge fire this afternoon in georgia. what was burning there? >> and they're here to say
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thanks. a ship's visit to san francisco on the 60th anniversary of an important treaty with the u.s.. >> another look at trafrk this, is the sky way. you can see nobody going anywhere, fast. both southbound and northbound traffic is really clo at this point f you're planning summer vacation, taking off this week, here is spencer with a look. >> air travel is moving along well now. and there are thunderstorms causing teal yeahs in washington national airport. delays up to 30-45 minutes. around new york and boston, we have thunderstorms as well. and there is delays up to an hour and 45 minutes. the news continues
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take a look at this, a hunl fire burned near atlanta, giving off clouds of thick, black smoke, authorities say the fire started in an outdoor area alt a company that perfect pro vidz construction materials, cruise say fencing and pipes all burned in the blaze. people were evacuated from the area. the cause of the fire is under investigation and nobody was hurt there. the price of tickets for next month's final shuttle launch are soaring out of this world going for as much as $5,000
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apiece on web sites like ebay. nasa selling tickets for $65 tops, talk about price gouging. it's scheduled for july 8th. >> a japanese naval ship has come to san francisco on a goodwill tour to thank the united states after its help after the march 11th earth qai and tsunami. it's docked at pier 27 until friday and it's open to anyone who wants to get a look at the flight deck. the 76 mm rapid fire gun. the ship is a training vessel, carrying 300 crew members, including over 100 cadets. >> there are sailors just dressed neatly, kind, and curtis. -- courteous. >> this ship is here to commemorate the $60 anniversary of the treaty of san francisco, signed at the war memorial opera house,
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putting an official end to world war ii. >> still to come on the news at 4:00 what a southwest pilot said when he thought nobody was listening. and the new iphone, expected upgrades, next. [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. a southwest pilot has been suspended for an onair rant,
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bashing women and gays. the conversation was broadcast on an open air traffic frequency. >> 11 out of 12. there are 12 flight attendants, never the same one twice. 11 over the top... homosexuals and a granny. >> 11 is transmitting bill. watch what you're saying. >> it took place in march. the pilot failed to shut off his flight communications link. southwest called the conversation inexcuseable. the pilot placed on unpaid suspension and ordered to undergo diversity training. >> a journalist revealed his an undocumented immigrant. jose antonio vargas is a high-profile reporter at the washington post covering the 2007 virginia tech shootings. he told abc news at 12 his mother sent him to california
4:44 pm
to live with his grandparents, he's been living and working in the u.s. illegally since then, he wants congress to pass the dream act to allow people to come to the u.s. as children to become citizens. >> i am one of many, many people. and we are not who you think we are. we don't just mow your lawns and baby-sit your kids. and serve you tacos. >> you can watch more tomorrow on world news and friday on good morning america. >> during her trip to south africa, there was a powerful message for a group of young female leaders, mrs. obama received a rousing welcome, urging the women to change the world for 9 the better uk be the generation that brings opportunity and prosperity to forgoten corners of world and
4:45 pm
banishes hunger from this continent forever. >> the trip included a wreath-laying ceremony at a memorial honoring those killed during a 1976 student uprising. she and her daughters dancinged with children at the day care center, she'll spend three days in south africa and botswana. residents of naples are trashing piles of uncollected trash to protest another trash crisis. one group of angry people chased off a truck, trying to collect garbage. and estimated 2400 tons of it is rotting on the streets of the city. the mess is blamed on organized crime's iron grip on garbage collection company autos and place your order now if interested in owning a $109,000 tesla roadster. the company says it will stop
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taking orders in two months and announced it would stop production of the sports car and instead focus on its electric sedan. the roadster never intended to be a big seller. >> that is a beauty. >> another iphone is coming soon. and we have the financial headlines in this bloomberg after the bell report. the fed lowered the forecast for growth after seeing the economy growing slower than expected and completed its sim plus plan, purchasing $600 billion in bonds and the chairman saying central bank can take additional actions if conditions warrant it. get ready for the newest version of the iphone. bloomberg news found out apple plans to introduce the device in september. it will have a stronger chip for processing data.
4:47 pm
and there is folks -- folks and giving borders more time to find a buyer, a spokesperson says borders plans to file a proposal to sell itself at auction with a guaranteed buyer. that is business news. with the bloomberg after the bell report. >> so if you've got a 20? maybe more? then you have air fare to vegas from the bay area, details on the deal ahead. >> here is an offer airk product to do what they've promised to do. >> this is really good. >> what so called slim suits take off inches in just seconds from now. 7 on your side is coming up. >> and later on the news at 5:00 ex the bay area's afghan community weighs in on what
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this is the view from atop mount tam looking down at sausalito. warm, sunny and a thick layer of fog there. spencer will have a look at the forecast in just a few minute autos important question here, who doesn't want to look thinner? especially in a bathing suit? there are a lot of swim suits out there that promise slimming results. >> and do you believe it? before getting into this, as a disclaimer, you are or not modeling suits in these reports? >> these are private pictures. >> no and no this is amazing to create illusions, you can see big results by choosing a big one for your body.
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beach days are here, finding the perfect bathing suit is enough to keep you indoors. maybe a suit promising to make you look swimmer -- slimmer is the answer. this suit claims you can look 10 pounds lighter, in the quest, consumer reports shop smart recruited a few brave women to tryout more than a dozen slimming suits. >> there is a fit professional to check out the women in this suit to see if they have met claims. >> for karen, they found this shape one piece that did trim all over. but better is this tommy bahama one piece. >> this does slim you. >> for sheri, swimsuits like
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this was $198. the waste slims. >> this suit didn't feel i had to suck in my stomach, huge selling point for me. >> there is a less expensive suit, took one and a half inches off her waist. it's land end's all over control slender grecian swim dress. >> i like the skirt hides evil autos this did slim you. impressive but not every suit looks good on every person. so depending on how it happens to fit, it's important to try it on. >> hopefully, next time have you to buy a suit it's going to be less painful. >> and shop smart says it's worth noting one suit didn't work for anyone, it's a tankin thai. tanked for all three women, creating unflattering
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lines and bulges. and there are now scientists learning about a continue shallly black fungus surrounded around dish washer doors and found the yeast-fungus tested around the world according to researchers the blk yeast thrive in extreme temperatures and conditions, partials to lungs so those with lung diseases are most at risk. it's shown up on dishes and cutlery cleaned in those dish washers. and one more note tonight if you need a cheap get away, spirit airlines is launching service from oakland international airport to las vegas. and to celebrate, you can buy tickets just $9 each way.
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and you have to buy tickets today or tomorrow, one subscription to the $9 club, normally going for $59 and you can get one for $20, little complicated but it's good for two months, covering the party you're flying with. i've lynched to spirit's web site. and i did the math and the club have you to join it and becomes $281 for four people, a good. >> it's a good deal. >> not bad. >> and these are the guys to charge $5 to print a boarding pass. >> still a great deal. >> thank you. >> and i'll take my tankini. >> yes. yes. >> and you know airport
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screeners have new rules about patting down young children. the change follows outoutrage over this search of a 6-year-old girl and a baby getting the treatment in kansas city. critics called searches intrusive, unnecessary, under guidelines workers have to make repeated atepts to screen young children electrically without invasive pat downs. >> one last look at the forecast now. >> last one. i will be back. there is an interesting time lapse view this afternoon there is is later into the afternoon, it starts to move out towards the bay and will continue to move eastward pushing across the bay
4:57 pm
tonight. there is a jet stream and reinforcing cooling so this is going to take us throughout the weekend. there is a is a on we go. developing for us state wide, some warm weather into central valley tomorrow. and there is 101 in fresno. fresno, go down to palm springs. there is a high of 110 degrees, vegas, 108 degrees, los angeles, 76 tomorrow z there is a cool 59 in eureka. in the bay area, warm weather inland location was high temperatures into 90s into 80s tomorrow. there is mid-80s up north in clear lake and clover dale.
4:58 pm
70s near the bay. and there is is monterey bay, 70 tomorrow. and 67 in watsonville. and there is mid-80s there. here is the look at the accu-weather forecast. and thursday, again, mid-80s inland. 70s around the bay. 60s on the coast. friday, temperatures bumping up to about 88 in warmest locations. then, the cooling resumes saturday. saturday will be the coolest day in the seven-day forecast period, low 70s around the bay z about 60 on the coast. temperatures remaining in that pattern throughout the remainder forecast period. we'll have more weather coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >> thank you. nice stable weather for a change here. >> for a while. >> and the final push for the
4:59 pm
25 aids walk kicks off tonight. >> and since it began, it's raised $74 million used for hiv prevention and organizers hoping to beat the total of $3 million and they took part in the walk. >> this is a retail, street level walking type of an event. walkers will be out there asking friends and family and business partners and neighbors for support to participate in this walk. >> this year's walk take place july 17th at golden gate park. >> abc 7 always has


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