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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  June 24, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the san francisco naacp just joined in the proes against u.s. airways over its treatment of an african-american football player. >> news conference wrapped up about the fact that 20-year-old deshon marman was arrested over his saggy pants while boarding a flight to college june 15. the incident was captured in the youtube video. vic lee has more. >> reporter: the news conference was held by the rev repped -- reverend amos brown, president of the
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local chapter of the naacp. 20-year-old deshon marman is a football player attending the university of new mexico on a football scholarship. he was a star player at lincoln high school in san francisco. two weeks ago he was yanked off plane and arrested by police at sfo when a gate agent, u.s. airways gate agent told him his pants were too low. then we learned a week ago, last week, a man dressed in women's underwear was allowed to board a u.s. airways flight at fort lauderdale, florida, even though at that time, some of the passengers complained. marman faces trespassing charges in san mateo county, his lawyer says he was targeted because he was black. reverend brown also believes that and says what happened to deshon marman was racism. >> the naacp in no uncertain terms contends that this young man was profiled. he has been a victim of
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racial injustice. u.s. air owes to him and his mother an apology. >> reporter: apparently this issue has reached the national level of naacp. reverend brown says that they will contact u.s. air or are in the process of contacting u.s. air to ask that the airline begin sensitivity training for its staff and its executives. no word yet from what u.s. airways will do or how they will respond. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thank you. san leandro police acted quickly this morning to rescue a woman who had driven her car to the san leandro marina. when the officers arrived at the scene, vehicle was halfway submerged. as they prepare to enter the water, the woman started swimming out of car. the police sent her to
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shore. not clear at this time how or why the woman ended up in the water. cal-osha is investigating an accident that injured two caltrans workers in antioch. the men were putting up a retaining wall along westbound highway 4 near summersville road. authorities aren't sure yet, but they suspect the wall may have fallen on top of the workers. the men suffered minor injuries and were taken to john muir medical center. in a couple of hours, city leaders will hold a meeting so controversial people stayed there overnight in protest. they will talk about what to do about san jose budget crisis and how much public employee unions will be affected. john alston is live with more. >> the city council special meeting will start at 1:30. but before that, in an hour, there will be a special blessing service outside city hall in support of collective bargaining. now, overnight, a number of people camped out on the steps of city hall. to make that very point about collective bargaining.
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the group of labor activists want to avoid declaring a fiscal emergency, which mayor chuck reed already suggested as a way to deal with the rising pension costs and to avoid even deeper service cuts and even more layoffs. now, this afternoon's meeting the council and the mayor are going to get more information on the cost of the budget problems and the dealings with city employees. as well as the possibility of a fiscal reform ballot measure for now has been put on hold until early august. >> whatever solution they come should be done at the bargaining table. with a voice through the union. they should be able to have a voice. together, we should come to a resolution. >> we hope the people that camp out got a good night sleep. it will allow them to get engaged in the negotiations. five unions will agree to come in and help them solve problems. the largest union doing the
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demonstrations refused to assign on any process to have this negotiation take place. >> the mayor's plan calls for limit on retirement benefit for new and current employees, as well as retirees. the budget that was approved calls for 100 police officers to be laid off. the council and mayor are trying to prevent it from growing higher. the layoff and the shrinking police force are coming up with new ways to fight crime. short time this morn we learn that the city of san jose police department signed a deal with the homeland security department by which two agents from the immigration and customs department will work in san jose on gang violence. the agents will work with san jose on issues like weapons, drugs, human trafficking and any gang-related problems here in the south bay. live in san jose, john alston, abc7 news.
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>> thanks very much. if you fly out of mineta san jose international airport you know about the struck to find parking space in the seven-story garage. two new lots opened for business. new parking lot is south of terminal "b." they include 1,500 spaces. one lot is hourly parking. the drivers will pay up to $30 a day to park there. others is long-term parking at $22 a day. the new law provides much-needed parking for terminal "b" until today had only 300 spaces within walking distance. >> google confirmed that it is under a federal anti-trust investigation. the mountain view based search giant says it was notified by the federal trade commission about the review yesterday. google says it is still unclear what the government concerns are. rivals complained about google manipulates the ceremony results to steer users to its own site and services and buries links to competitors. >> new poll reveals the
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natural disaster that californians fear the most is earthquakes. many are convinced the big one is coming soon. the california field poll shows about 6-10 people think major earthquake will hit sometime in the next ten years. 57% of californians put earthquakes as their top concern. wildfires came in second at 23%. 9% listed tsunamis. 5% are nerve about mudslides. they hope it will translate to people getting prepared and having earthquake kit in their home and having emergency plan in place. just ahead, major setback in congress for president obama military operation in libya. >> plus, streets turned to river in the northern plain. look at the extreme flooding one town is facing. >> notorious gangster caught in california is returning to the scene of the crime today.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. take a look. geese are floating down the street of north dakota this morning. flooding is expected to break a 100-year record today. five feet of water in the street of north dakota fourth largest city. u.s. -- [ inaudible ] president obama has been dealt embarrassing blow in u.s. operation in libya. lawmakers today overwhelming
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rejected the measure to give the president the authority to continue airstrikes. the vote was 295-123. with 70 democrats joining the republican-led effort. the vote doesn't have an immediate effect on the american involve in the the nato led mission, but the house rejected a republican-led effort to cut off money for the operation. this is the first time since the bosnian war in 1999 that either house of congress voted against the u.s. military operation. a fugitive gangster and his wife left california and are now being flown back to boston for a court appearance. james whitey bulger will face a federal judge for the first time in 24 hours. he was caught wednesday after 16 years on the run. abc's t.j. winnick has more. >> reporter: even after he was arrested outside of los angeles wednesday night, after 16 years on the run, former boston mob boss whitey bulger smiled in the camera. yesterday, he and his
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long-time girlfriend appeared in federal court. >> he was calm and collected and said in a matter of fact way, he's familiar with charges against him. >> it includes 19 count of murder. tom donahue's father is one of the victims. >> a good feeling, they got him. they finally got him. >> they lured him out of the santa monica apartment by pretending to be the build's manager and called to say the storage locker was broken into. when they came to investigate, agents pounced. inside his apartment was $800,000 in cash stuffed in the walls. 30 firearms, some hidden in hallowed-out books. >> sometimes it's simple to deceive. when you make yourself average looking. >> announced a new strategy focussing on his girlfriend who is obsessed with trips to the beauty parlor and the
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dentist. it paid off with a crucial tip from a still unidentified source. >> it went in our los angeles office. it was related back here to boston. to the command post that we had set up. >> whitey bulger made a return to boston today, at-bat in handcuffs choosing not to fight extradition. t.j. winnick, abc news, new york. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. a lot of activity in the bay area. it will look a lot like this. >> the clouds are treat to coast. plenty of sunshine. below average temperatures. to put a twist on wet june, i found another chance of rain before it ends. >> fine. great, mike. thank you. well, one of the activities he is talking about is san francisco weekend pride celebration. kicking off this afternoon.
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. emergency crews are on the scene right now. this is from sky7-hd. the c.h.p. says the 16-wheeler overturned on the eastbound cesar chavez
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street at 9:30. the driver suffered minor injuries. you can see it's under the overpass there. authorities aren't saying how the accident happened. the investigation is underway. san francisco police are adding extra patrols to the castro, as it gears up to the 41st annual pride celebration. >> a three-day party of activities and parades by the pride foundation to commemorate, liberation, culture and history of the lbgt people. >> amy hollyfield joins us now. police want to avoid a repeat of last year's tragedy. >> they are going to beef up the presence out here. the businesses out here tell me they are happy to hear it. last year's shooting was scary, but say they are still looking forward to pride weekend. it's an exciting time. really fun out here. the business is saying it's good for business. one business owner tells me he has doubled his sales. everything will start this afternoon in delores park. crews are there this morning getting ready for the
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transmarch. the party will start at 3:30 this afternoon. open to everyone. but it's intended to shine the spotlight on the transgender community, so that group carved out this section of the pride weekend for their cause. it started eight years ago. we have pictures from the past to show it's not just a party. there is also a march to civic center plaza that will leave delores park at 6:30 tonight. >> the mission of the transmarch is have rights for all people, including the transpeople. we feel like in order to do that we need to create safe and stable housing, put an end to profiling of all members of our community. that we really want to stop, you know, a lot of violence and incrimination that the -- discrimination that the community faces. we feel like it's to go to san francisco. >> saturday is a dike march and then a pink party where
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it turned violent last year. three people were shot. horrified partiers ran screaming in fear. one of them shot was a 19-year-old man was killed in the incident. it happened at 11:30 at night. so police promised there will be more officers out here this weekend. starting today. they say you will see them on bicycles, motorcycles, on foot. the goal is to be very visible. to keep all of the events safe. there will be parties going on in the castro. and also in civic center plaza. the big event is sunday. chas bono and dukakis is the grand marshal. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. this evening it will be a traffic mess in san francisco. besides the trans"jeopardy"er march, tonight is the bike ride and
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then there is the giants game. just don't take your car. >> they will have decent weather. >> yeah. >> absolutely. a lot of sunshine. comfortable out. temperatures dropping to levels we don't need the air conditioners anytime. it will stay that way. >> mr. mike nicco, isn't there rain in the forecast, too? >> yes. >> for the weekend? >> next week. a lot of people don't believe it because it's june. but let's show what is going on. emtome the bridge bridge -- back to the golden gate bridge. this will keep the temperatures mild. another look at it from the satellite view. you can see the clouds, hanging along the coast, still in upper 50s around half moon bay and san francisco. mid-to-upper 50s in bay shore. low to mid-70s. not bad, as we come in to
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the noon hour. we have mean is around gilroy and salinas. low to mid-60s. three things to foe about the forecast. it's sunny everywhere this afternoon. cooler than yesterday. the clouds will come back and keep us mild. pattern will repeat itself for couple days. possibly seven days we will be cooler than average. today one area is warmer. fremont. two degrees warmer than yesterday. concord, oakland, san francisco. the same. three degrees cooler in santa rosa and san jose. by the time the sun sets at 8:45. most of the south bay in mid-to-upper 70s. 80s around los gatos. low to mid-#0s for most peninsula. half moon bay is the exception. 60s for you. everybody else in upper 60s. 67 at saucelito to 80 in
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santa rosa. 86 in ukiah. 60 at the beaches. with sunshine, upper 60s to low 70s. most area of east bay shore. upper 70s in dublin and pleasanton. low to mid-80s for everybody else. gilroy, low to mid-80s there. clouds around pacific grove to keep you at 60. inner league play again for giants taking on the ind yaps. 7:15 is the first pitch. cool. breezy and dropping to 57. tonight cloud cover in low to mid-50s. 60s? n fairfield and antioch. 47 in santa rosa. we're watching the lower part of the atmosphere. the air flows from the high to the low pressure. coming over the ocean to our neighborhood. if the steady breeze is around, cooler than average. if you head to infineon, mid-80s. upper 70s for saturday and sunday. sierra, sunshine everywhere.
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mid-70s in tahoe. upper 70s to low 80 at yosemite where they are flooding because of the snow melt. temperatures you can see in the next four days are the same. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, area of low pressure to drop down from alaska. that will bring us the cooler weather and chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. >> okay. not this weekend. >> not this weekend. >> okay. >> thank you, mike. >> thank you. >> mike is going to be back. >> i've been put in my place. >> this week's perfect pet. stay with us. >>ññmmñf
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if you are looking for a mower, there are steps to skip. michael finney runs through the best value. and there is new evidence in a child pornography case when we come back to meet here. offensive images in the school mural and city property. we have those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. >> right now, perfect pet time. mike? >> we're joined by lynn from the peninsula humane society. nice to see you. >> you, too. >> thank you. tell us about the beautiful dog cassy. >> remarkable. a white boxer, as you can see. very rare. she has a wonderful personality. she knows "sit down" and a good girl. only three. three years old.
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