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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  June 24, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this family in the washington neighborhood says it's forced to deal with gang activity on a daily basis. >> my kids are seeing people dealing drugs around here. it's awful. we've seen gang fights. we've seen people laying in front of our driveway. it's awful. >> police agree. they're teeming wupt department of homeland security and two agents will help attack and dismantle criminal street gangs. >> it's frankly a mirror yid of strategies. the goal is to protect the community and the public in trying to remove those folks from this community that are there to commit crimes. >> the partnership as san jose faces 27 murders so far this year. 14 of them gang related compared to six gang related homicides in all of last year. >> and we can't sit on those tables in there.
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because we're afraid to get shot or killed. >> the ice agents are offering free federal help when police department is facing historic layoffs because of the budget crisis. the police chief says the agents are not interested in peoples' immigration status. >> they're working on criminal investigation autos some critics of the partnership says the move erodes trust police were just beginning to rebuild in many communities. >> these people have articulated they're deep abiding concerns about the police cooperation with federal agents when it kim comes to immigration to. bring them into that situation to me that, is throwing kerosene on the fire. >> this family doesn't know if the ice agents will help but say something has to be done to stop the violence. >> that they're holding this
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neighborhood hostage. >> the agents are art of -- part of an anti-gang initiative to help cities nationwide deal with gang issues. sense -- since that program began, the government says it's helped result in 22,000 gang-relate add rests across the country. >> thank you. there is outrage of oakland over a judge's approveal of a controversial gang injunction. it bans five men the city says are gang members from a huge area of east oakland as you can see. the men cannot gather in the 450 square blocks covered by the ruling. off limits. it imposes a curfew between 1078 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. opponents say this is just impossible to inforce. -- enforce. >> you can't be seen in public with another alleged known gang member and what is the definition? how do you know?
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how are you supposed to know someone is an alleged gang member? >> the judge reserved his decision on a further disputed gang members until there is a chance to testify. a san francisco artist who worked to create murals on school property is accused of embaed beding sexual images into the tiles. anthony norris arrested in early june june. he ran a nonprofit that works with students building murals. the fbi says they found 600 images of child pornography in his possession. now police say he hid sexually explicit images in some of the tiles, investigators say they found 100 tiles considered offensive. >> negative of a photograph inlaid behind the clear tile. and that as an adult you'd see possibly some sort of sexual connotation to them.
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>> norris posted bond after appearing in court on thursday and if convicted could face up to 10 years in prison. >> people in one community being warned about a convicted sex offender moving in. he's made a lot of news, carey verse moved back to a neighborhood in bay point. he's lived in the community before. authorities want them to know he's there, again. >> and carey verse moved into the neighborhood about six years ago taking residents by surprise and sparked a huge protest to avoid sup setting neighbors deputy dz what they had to do in 2007. and let everyone know carey verse is back. >> peer just doing community notification. >> about two dozen sheriff deputies and officers are passing out these flyers in this neighborhood. it shows a photo of the 40-year-old along with a list
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of the four sex crimes of which he was convicted. >> i'd done research on them, sir. >> okay. good. >> he's no stranger to many residents. >> if i see him i'll keep my kids away from him. >> this is the third time he's moved into their neighborhood after spending time away. and is just been released after prognosis he's no longer a violent sex predator. after 2005, verse ended up here behind his counselor's offices. neighbors found out, they were furious. >> neighbors got together and had a protest march. >> jerry lockett was one of those pro testers and is baffled verse is back. >> and he has a right to live where he wants. people if you make the neighborhood uncomfortable... >> verse will no longer have to wear an ankle bracelet and will be free to go where he wants. that is one reason the sheriffs say they're here. >> we have concerns he could reoffend. we don't know. what we're trying to do at
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this point is to increase awareness and notify the neighborhood. >> as a sex offender he will have to report to the county every 90 days, this attorney and his wife have counseled and let verse live in one of their bungalows. >> he's lived here six years and there has not been incidents. he's not had an allegation of criminal activity against him in 20 years. and this causes a stir. >> he says he wasn't able to talk to us because he was enjoying his freedom without having to wear an ankle monitor and says he's been able to take care of mundane tasks he hasn't been able to take care of for years. >> the naacp is charging racism is the reason u.s. airways kicked a black passenger off a flight. at issue was the young man's
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sagging flights. the naacp says there is visual proof of the double standard. the story, and pictures. >> i have before me a picture that has been in the media. >> this picture of a u.s. airways passenger. a man who is a preferred passenger of the airline. and u.s. airways apparently didn't mind his attire, two weeks ago a black college football player was yanked off a flight and arrested for an incident that started when a gate agent complained about his sagging pants. >> this young man was profiled. he's been a victim of racial injustice. and that u.s. air owes to him, and his mother an apology. >> the gate agent told the 20-year-old to pull up his
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pants. marman told abc 7 he complied when he got to his seat. >> my pants were not even below my knees and buttocks. they were slightly below the waist. >> he said crew members harassed him. the captain made a citizen's arrest after calling police. he's charged with trespassing. reverend brown and other black community leaders say u.s. airways imposes a double standard because the airline allows this man, dressed like this on their flights with no problem. marman's mother was furious. >> i was apalled u.s. airways treat mid son the way they did. then, okayed this cross dresser to come in not once or twice burke on a regular. he comes through the airline. >> aside for the demand for an apology, the naacp wants u.s.
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airways to set up sensitivity train for staff and executives. u.s. airways did not return our calls for a response. >> and two people are dead tonight following the clegs of a tractor trailer rig and an amtrak train and there is two is a collision in a crossing in a town about 70 miles east of reno. >> this train supposed to arrive at emeryville. there are 85 passengers. and a man offered a remarkable description of what happened
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and first, we want to show you cell phone video showing confusion in initial moments after the crash. there is a dump truck that drove down towards the passing train. passengers on board confirmed the signal was operational. there is no doubt the crash is a soul fauflt of the truck driver. jim bikly spoke to us shortly after the crash and they'd just left to take their seats. >> we feel and hear a boom. and a jolt. and then, a big ball of flames went past the window. everybody started yelling. and it's over. >> and looked like it was kicking out of it.
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and they appear to be empty. >> my wife and i were in a lower sleeper cabin. it could have been a half second later we won't be having this conversation. you'd be having it with someone else. my wife and i were looking at things differently. >> uninjured passengers taken to a school in fallon. from there, made arrangements to bus passengers to their destination in reno and here, in california. we don't know when they will be here. there is a stop at all of the areas along the way. it could be sometime this evening before these passengers make it home. dan and carolyn? >> thank you slch -- very much. >> still ahead google investigation. is the search engine unfairly trying to bury competitors?
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why the president sk asked to keep his distance. >> big weekend for nascar. tonight from infin onraceway, why this group is considered an economic indicator. >> do you remember stranded travelers last weekend? here is what they could have received if only they'd known to ask. i'm michael finney with your righghghghghghghghghghghghghghgh
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. investigators launching into another investigation into google and business practices. this is the second investigation come to light in the past weeks. now there are political ramifications.
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abc 7's mark matthews is here to explain why the obama administration is being dragged into this. mark? >> it thooz do with eric schmidt, a big financial support yir when barack obama was running for president. he's been appointed to the counsel and now, google is under investigation by the ftc and the department of justice, well, there are questions about the relationship. google admits its being investigate bid the ftc, looking into complaints google manipulates search engine results in order to highlight you tube, and burying the competition. >> there are huge number of complaints, people, many web sites feel what google is doing is unfair. >> and this pro growers is an expert on antitrust issues and says there has been a lot of pressure to investigate google to see if what they're doing is illegal. >> it may be. my betting is that a case
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won't be brought. >> the government is investigating google in connection with online advertising for so called rogue pharmacies. last year, google filed suit against those advertisers saying they're bad for users for legitimate pharmacies and the e-commerce industry and promised to go after those advertiser buzz consumer watch dog sent a letter expressing concern that the president has been entertaining executives at the white house while cases are pending and that that poses an inappropriate conflict of interest. >> the white house should be embracing a company in the chief executive officers when that company is under criminal investigation by the justice department and antitrust investigation. >> president obama does have a close relationship with eric schmidt wh. the president came to the bay area this year, he
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invited schmidt to dinner with other high-tech ceos and schmidt at a recent white house state dinner. >> google needs to be frozen out of these white house state dinners while it's under criminal investigation and antitrust investigation. >> and google ak nolging this investigation but the giant did not respond to our requests on the statement for the close relationship some have with the president, not only did the white house press office though we've asked, several times. >> and there is welcome news in sonoma county. there is nascar has come to town and there may be financial tea leaves in the remnants. after a chill it becomes a big dusty blur.
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and. >> this is an important event. >> big for him and other people who will pack the raceway this weekend for hero worship. >> that is for real. tattoo, it hurt like heck. >> welcome to day one of three this is different here, because it's a road race. >> there are left and right hand turns. left, left, left. >> beyond competition there may be a subplot here and some view nascar of the american economy at large. and lacey williams follows the events and she means she's down from years before. if the economy were hurting would people like john have the cash to camp out in a place like this all weekend? >> it's about $1400 for the
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spot. >> still, the sport that costs $20,000 per weekend, some had enough. just this week, red bull announced it will leave at the end of the season. ask z.drivers, say, kyle bush. >> it's challenging for anyone out there. ticket sales for major league baseball games are down. >> we suspect none of this matters to die hard nascar fan autos does this make you want to drive fast? definitely. >> and if that is what they want, that is what they'll get this weekend. and it's shaping up nicely. >> beautiful tomorrow. 77 degrees then warmer sunday.
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no matter where you are, it's go tok a pleasant weekend. and there is a live picture now. taking a look at san francisco, you can see sutro tower there. just a sign of what is still to come. take a look this afternoon, you'll notice that the deep marine layer this morning cleared foremost coastal areas this afternoon. there are patches of fog and it has been a nice afternoon. 85 in antioch. 60 in san francisco. there is some warming expected sunday and monday. there are low clouds covering temperatures. and there is the story, our
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typical summer time alignment. there is clouds reaching inland tonight. and there is a marine layer. we'll start out with cloudy skies around the bay area. clouds will clear back and not everywhere. we'll see lingering gray along the coastline in san francisco. and there is temperatures held down into 50s so if you like 50s cool weather, you're in luck and will see it tomorrow south and sunshine on the peninsula. partly sunny skies in san mateo. 68 degrees and there is fog along the coast. and 59 in downtown san francisco looking at partly cloudy skies, 61 degrees,
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north bay, temperatures into 60s, and mid-80s, clear lake, santa rosa is 79 degrees, temperatures running cooler than where you should be for this first weekend of summer. there is 68 in oakland. inland areas and pleasant day. around the bay. 60 inmont rai. 65 in watsonville. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's a narrow range. we're talking about 30-40 degrees, sunday, monday, a little bit warmer. and and notice downward trend, tuesday, cooler, looking at wednesday and there is some rain, i know, there is a slim chance. we can see rain. yes. >> that is coming your way. >> still coming up tonight a bicycle give away. >> recipients will be getting more than just a free ride.
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a department of corrections measure may have led to a violent crime in rancho cordova last week. over the month the corrections department has been cutting the gps tracking devices off half of the 950 gang members on parole. on wednesday, a parole agent removed a tracking device from
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a 20-year-old gang member. and thursday, agently took part in a burglary. officials say there are few choices in trying to save money. >> we can cut on the side of the gang monitors but cannot cut on the side of the sex offender monitors. >> we should be outraged our safety is going to be jeopardized because the state needs to save a buck. >> the kreks department needs to save $6 million by july 1. >> now that gas prices are finally starting to come down, there is a proposal that some worry will set them back again, it's a 15% tax. and there is if approved it would raise $3 billion going to education in california. >> there is a losing about $3
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billion in texas, two billion for education. aalaska with a 25% fee. we have nudging. >> in a statement, western state petroleum says the tax will result in the loss of more than 10,000 california jobs as production moves out of the state and it could result in higher prices for consumers. >> there is a kick off and why police have concerns we're live at the start of the march about to get underway. >> later tonight a law every house in california will have to comply with, soon, and potential consequences if you don't. >> following up on computer crash at united airlines. what if it was you that got
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good evening a big weekend
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in the city. it's gay pride weekend. there are all sorts of activities to celebrate. there is a transgender march, you can see the route they'll take on this map there. and what police are doing to keep people safe. >> yes. the transmarch supposed to get going at 6:30. and there is is a 8th annual transmarch. organizers say the celebration is one of the times the community comes together with an event that is distinct. everyone is invited. things have been low key here so far this afternoon and this is just the beginning of an
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action packed weekend this, year, police will increase staffing and checking bags and using metal wands to search for weapons. the weekend-long celebration as tract thousands of people with the sunday parade that is expected to draw a million people. some are closing for the weekend and they're not otherwise taking special precautions. >> we're not too worried. we think if you board up windows you're asking for trouble. so we just roll with it. >> we're going to have zero tolerance for alcohol that is going to be consumed. >> the party and rally is supposed to go until 6:30.
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and they will be headed from here to the civic center plaza. and official celebrations begin tomorrow morning this, theme is in pride we trust. and thank you, heather. >> after 16 years on the rub, gangster james "whitey" bulger was flown to boston today. and this afternoon taken to court. prosecutors objected and citing the cash found in his apartment. he told the judge he can pay if the fbi returned his money. he is now charged with 19 murders was an fbi informant who disappeared. >> last weekend a united airlines computer crash
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stranded travelers around the country. 3,000 people at san francisco international airport alone. what if that happens to you? what does the airline owe you? >> this is not easy. a lot of people are owd nothing. and here is what you need to know. it happened last week. thousands of passengers stranded because of a computer snafu. >> not happy. >> you can see they were not happy campers and that is not just a figure of speech. many crashed camping, as it were. and they didn't have to rough it. a comfortable and free hotel room awaited so why didn't they go there? >> because they didn't know what the rights were. thus, they didn't get what
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they should. >> this attorney says not all of these people qualified for a night in a hotel room. but surely, he says... some did. >> it depends where you're from. >> you can see the rule that's called the contract of carriage calls for the airline to supply a room if certain conditions are met. >> if you allow a passenger who had its flight coupon from sfo or from which ever airport it was, you don't get a hotel. only people passing through who might really need a hotel if it's after 10:00 at night would be eligible to get a coupon. >> so many didn't get a room, not because they weren't owd it, but because they didn't ask. so if you get stranded go online and type in the name of
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your airline then these words "contract of carriage". and fr those passengers had been bumped they would have been entitled to double the cost of their ticket. >> oh! >> that is what you need the note. american contract of carriage. >> inside baseball there. >> absolute lie when we come back tonight there is a drive to add more color to the already-colorful city of berk lie we're going to take a moment to remember the rumblelee
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the river running through minot, north dakota flooding roughly 2500 more homes, tonight officials say 4,000 homes and 200 businesses could be lost by the time the river krefts. it's still rising. it's broken 130-year-old flood records, 10,000 people have evacuated already. >> a foster city woman plans to sue abercrombie and fish for firing her for a religious head scarf. and the starve is a religious
6:40 pm
requirement for her. the bay area counsel is suing on her behalf and will give details on monday. the opportunity commission has also file aid suit. >> peter faulk, the actor who played columbo has died. he was best known for his work as the overcoat clad lieutenant columbo. he won four emmy awards for that role. the new york native earned successive best supporting actor nominations into the 1960s for murder inc and pocket full of miracle autos bay area prius owners are losing a big privilege this week and that is unless they carpool. some owners are gathering in san jose sunday for a party and they'll get tips on how to peel off those decals.
6:41 pm
it's not as easy as you might think. you'll find details on our web site. >> efforts to add more color to downtown birkly. those bland-looking boxes will be soon canvases for dozens of artists to get businesses, local groups and politicians to sponsor one of 60 boxes around town. they'd work with an artist to create a piece focusing on sustainibility. >> what we're going to do is print this design out and wrap it around the box. what you're seeing is the actual photo shop image of this art on this particular box. >> the first design going up by mid july. the organizers still looking for sponsors and artists for this colorful project. pretty fun. >> do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home? >> coming up, new california law says you'll soon have to.
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>> and a bicycle give away offering more than just a free
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each year, thousands are treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. some die as a result. next month, california joins ta other states requiring many of us to have a detector in the home. in 2009, 78-year-old eddie santos died in his apartment from carbon monoxide poisoning. he might have survived but neighbors ignored an important warning. a detector going off in an empty fourth floor apartment. >> it is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. >> san francisco fire marshal says headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness and nausar often warning signs. the state estimates 700 people are treated for it every year and 40 people per year die from it. and without a detector, you
6:46 pm
might not know you're being poisoned. >> they should be in the hallway outside of each sleeping area. >> starting july 1, all single family homes will be required to install the detectors. it's that easy. >> january 1, 2013, all remaining residential including multi families will be required to have carbon monoxide alarms. >> this home depot store isn't far from where a mother and two children were rushed to the hospital because of carbon monoxide poisoning this year. a store manager told us they've been trying to get the word out about the new raw. >> there is about 17s skpdz can go to $32. >> it will save lives. >> now, fire marms will be not
6:47 pm
going door to door, but the law does allow for fines up to00 after 30 day notice is issued. >> that is important as well. >> let's get one last week on the weekend forecast. >> and it's going to be beautiful. tomorrow if you're going to gay pride weekend, 61 degrees in san francisco. there will be lingering fog and warmer sunday. you'll notice fog holding temperatures down. 59 degrees down the peninsula if you said well inland, temperatures into low 80s so cooler for saturday. sunshine, same story in nappa. head together giants game, they take on the indians at 1:0, partly cloudy skies, temperatures upper 50s and then, coming up into the low 60s so there is a cool day.
6:48 pm
warmer sunday, monday, clouds cooler tuesday, wednesday, leading up to possibility of leading your umbrellas in the north bay tuesday night and into wednesday. >> and is it really summer? >> and if you have a bicycle this, weekend is the perfect time to give them to a worthy cause. to help entrepreneurs and those who need a way to get around. and business is good. so good the there is a need for huge. ken martin says the bike can make a big dimpbs it can add so much to productivity. and their ability to get to school and work. >> so the last four years, the
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bikes collected used bikes and parts to send. >> there is something like this in the garage? that is fine. we can find parts. this will be perfect. >> this company's video shows how they packed hundreds into a shipping container and used every bit of space because it's costs $10,000. and there is a new partner called pods. putting together to give more so we hope these containers are filled. >> the the donated bikes are given to small stores like the one operating out of this shipping crate helping shop owners learn how to maintain bikes so the project creates jobs and provides a way for people to keep their bikes in good condition. so far they've spent 5,000
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bikes and they want yours. >> so you can get stuff out of the garage. >> there is a win win. the program will find any sized bike. there is a list for you. just look under see it on tv. >> coming up, cal bears return from college world series. >> they didn't win it but have come
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forget about spy kids. join me tonight for the hacker conference that is just for the under 16 crowd. >> then, at 11:00 here on abc 7 an interview with a student scheduled for deportation what. she plans to tell lawmakers. this is a lot to talk about in sports. >> there is a three-game series in philadelphia today fchl you like pitching and defense this is a game for you. there were oakland fans and there is jimmy rawlins for the
6:54 pm
gap. lucky he didn't hurt himself. then, a hard-hit grounder and ryan howard with a flip to the pitcher, neither team had a cliff pennington with a diving catch this, game is still scoreless. cal baseball team got a nice welcome home this afternoon. and yesterday, the remarkable season finally came to an end when they lost to virginia. cal tied for fifth. >> this is just a great experience to play against the best teams in the nation. and to be the top five teams in the country. what a great year. >> i feel like every guy is
6:55 pm
wanting to go back next year. >> and nascar makes it's stop. jimmy johnson claiming his first course to victory. and still, there is no clear favorite over the last six years there has been a different winner. >> there is a great race here. and there is a little bit of fortune come our way. but... you know look forward to great race. we want to expand on last year. >> there is a good weekend for us. and there is no reason why. >> and there is a seventh reason roddick beat lopez just
6:56 pm
two weeks ago at queen's club. but today lopez would play much better, roddick getting blown away by a back hand. and there is a tie breaker and hope yez going to take the set, a nice cross court winner here no, chance for roddick. this was match point and there is a shot going wide. lopez winning in straight sets. and there is venus williams no problems and dominated from the start. there is where you can't tell by the play today, they'll go down the line for the winner this, was match point and williams nonwimbledon five times and hopes to make it six. this just in. sharks sending four along with
6:57 pm
charlie quail in the first-round pick to minnesota for brett burns and its second round round pick. >> didn't they just sign him? >> yesterday. but it's one of those... >> that is the plan, i guess, huh? >> there is a popular guy. i hate to see him go. >> and remember, you can stay connected 24-7 on abc 7 here is a look at the top seven stories you'll find there right now. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. >> good night for now, everyone.
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