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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  June 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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heard this crash, and by the time i turned around, the car was halfway through the activity room an an one acknowledge acknowledge one person is dead and several others hurt when a car careens into a nursing home. afraid nerves at a nursing home. one person died after a car
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crash through the senior home and ended up in the middle of the activities room. lisa: lease is. lisa: lease is there live. lisa: the driver is trying to park in this very spot when she suddenly hit the accelerator and crash into this rec rom which is now boarded up. >> we hear this crash, and by the time i turned around, the car was halfway through the activity room. >> a lot of screaming, yelling, a lot of them didn't know what was going on other than the noise. and then that's what caused them to go into a little shock. >> reporter: they're the most vulnerable residents, the elderly suffering from alzheimer's and dementia, just beginning seated fitness class this morning when a 90-year-old visitor crashed into the room while trying to park her car. and investigators found no
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obvious problems with the car. >> pretty shaken up. glad i wasn't hit. >> reporter: but self others were. one died from her injuries. >> sad for anybody. more so because i just talk to her yesterday afternoon and my staff will be devastated. >> one staffer was hurt and five other residents were injured. there was so much chaos, emergency crews called for backup. visiting family and friends were on edge when they found out what happened. >> everybody said to calm down, but her wheelchair is demolished. >> the woman didn't want to be identified. her father lives here. she now worries about his safety jokes they could have put barriers there. they can't -- they shouldn't have parking lots. right in front of a window. they shouldn't have no parking
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there at all. >> didn't look like it was up safe. just a very bizarre occurrence. so i don't think there was anything wrong with the way the facility is set up. just a bad day, unfortunately. lease less a -- >> reporter: very bad day. at it not clear what will happen to the drive involved in the crash. this facility is having therapists coming to talk to residents involved in the crash tomorrow. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> we're learning more about the deadly train accident near reno. skidmarks at the scene show the driver of a semi truck tried to stop before bluing into an -- plowing into an amtrak train. they will he looking at the driver's autopsy results and the driving and medical records. the drive and one person on the train died in the crash. 20 others were taken to the
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hospital. the train was in route from chicago when it was hit at a crossing 70 miles east of reno. a family from san jose was on the train. >> hit -- behind the car over, and flames on the window, and a lot of screening. >> people just kept -- in a nice orderly way, they kept walking and getting out as fast as they could. some kicked out windows about it wasn't necessary. >> patrol officers say the gates and washing warning lights were working. firefighters rescued a woman from a submerged carve -- car. the woman told her rescuers that there were at least two other people in that car. rescue boats and drivers from several agencies searched the water but they didn't find anyone else. the water is six to eight feet
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deep. paramedics took the woman to the medical center and is being treated for mind you're injuries. >> gays and lesbians are celebrating the legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry in new york. >> quality in new york! >> supporters are hoping the vote will convince judges and politicians across the country, including president obama, that same-sex marriage is now part of the main stream and a winning political idea. they're hoping to see california follow new york's lead. >> it's finally time this happened. i feel it's time for california to do it. >> everyone is going to march down market street tomorrow, celebrating equality in new york and more inspired than ever to get marriage equality back in california. >> same-sex marriage in california has been halted after
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a ruling found prop 8 unconstitutional is still being appealed. >> now the wedding rush is on in funk. couples booking venues and hiring wedding planners. the first same-sex weddings will be held in 30 days, when the law takes effect. we have a look at how some in new york celebrated the legalization of day marriage, and how others vow to fight it. >> reporter: there were cheers of victory and tears of joy after new york's historic vote. for an dry -- andrew cuomo signed the bill into law. >> we want full recognition, marriage equality, and re did it today. >> reporter: in new york city, some streets looked like an outdoor wedding party. >> very excited. >> reporter: june lent support -- jubilant supporters got together.
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>> we now have the same rights as everybody else. >> other peoples space does not determine my civil rights. >> many will be exchanging vows. >> i'd like have a money. >> enjoy my civil liberty as a woman to get married to a woman because i can and because i'm in love. >> reporter: new york is just the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. along with the district of columbia, it has double the number of places where americans are living where gay marriage is legal. opponents are not giving up. >> vote them out when they come up for election. >> new york's roman catholic ash bishop said: >> proponents of same-sex weddings say new york is now on the right side of history. >> never too late to become equal. we're thankful for all the people that worked hard to make
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it happen, and glad everybody stood it up for what is right. >> back here at home, a football game in pacifica had special significance for one team, playing in honor of a murdered team member. david henderson was playing for the some islander when he was shot in may. he was removed from life support on june 6th. today the islanders' game served as a fundraiser for henderson, with proceeds going to his family. he helped the islanders make the playoffs and the team is devastated his life was cut short. >> i seen him come from nothing and develop into something. it's like i was proud of him. i'm glad everybody is keeping it alive. >> police don't have a suspect in the murder.
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>> the fear, the flooding, and the helplessness in the north dakota city of minot. >> they're giving up on saving homes from rising flood waters. >> the low clouds in fog burned off this morning, and, boy, what terrific afternoon we have seen. temperatures warm the next few days, and then you know what? we're going to talk about showers. yes, showers? we'll look at the seven-day
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>> investigators are asking for help in the attack of a jogger. police released this sketch of the attacker who is accused of slashing the female jogger with a box cutter.
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it learned -- happened near an apartment complex. the man is in his early 30 sors -- 0s. anyone who may know this man is asked to contact the police. in hercules, firefighters rescued a woman trapped inside a burning house. the fire started after 1:00 this morning inside the home on fall ton way. it took a half hour for 20 firefighters to put out the flames. the victim was airlifted to valley medical center in san jose. her condition is not being released. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. to the flooding now in north dakota, where it's too late for more than 4,000 homes already damaged by the high waters. the river is still more than six feet above flood stage in the city of mindot, and the water is not expected to receipt for two -- recede for two days.
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they're trying to save the water pipes, roads, and sewers, so they can rebuild. the national guard is helping with flood prevention efforts. >> we knew there was nothing we could do to protect. that's highway 2. >> felled by heavy rains upstream and dam released, the river summered past a 130 year old record yesterday and kept on going. >> becoming a come sight in the castro every year. the meaning behind the pink triangle, and what it takes to make it all come together. also, meteorologist leigh glasser has more on -- and i'm not joking -- showers coming up in in the forecast.
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through the fog you can see the pink triangle on between peaks. the well-known symbol marking gay pride week. it's a tribute to gay victims of the hole coast who were forced to wear it. it's made up of thousands of steel spikes that helped anchor down 175 sections of pink canvas. and organizers of the gay pride parade say it's going to be as big as itself -- its ever been. the san francisco chronicle reports the nonprofit has reduced its debt from
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$225,000 to $77,000 after community groups caped -- complained hey were short-changed by event organizes. the parade is in the morning. >> a little fog tomorrow morning over the city for the beginning of that parade. temperatures upper 50s to near 60 degrees, and we're all going to warm up the next couple of days, and then at alan mentioned and myself, there's a chance, a chance of a few isolated sures mid-week. we'll get to that in a moment. beautiful shot this evening from our camera of the bayful you can see low clouds and fog sneaking back in, and all of that will move back inland. we warm up nicely. 83 in antioch. 64 in oakland. san francisco, 58. half moon bay, 57. 68 mountain view. 69 and sunshine in san jose.
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here's highlights for you as we head through the next three to four days. we'll continue with the patchy low clouds overnight, moving further into the bay. warmer the next few days, and we're going to introduce a chance, a slight chance of a few showers tuesday night and wednesday, and that will be mainly north of the golden gate bridge. we started with low clouds and fog moving back in towards the bay jeff knight last -- overnight last night, and you can see the wind component pushing it back. bumping up near the coast, and the same overnight. the winds well push the cloudiness and fog into the bay. overnight, cooler in the north by. 53, san francisco, half moon bay. livermore, 52. antioch, 57 degrees. here's a look at the setup. today, high pressure, low pressure, very close together. really drawing in those onshore winds. tight pressure gradient for the
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clouds that move inland. tomorrow the low will burn push to the east and that's going to thin out low cloudiness and fog, and temperatures will come up a few more goings on -- degrees on sunday and monday. tuesday and wednesday, low pressure delving, could bring us a few drops north of the golden gate bridge. tomorrow morning, low clouds out there burns back to the coast, and temperatures come up. 60s coastside, and 80s in the north bay, east bay and south by locations. so a delightful sunday for you. 78 for san jose. near 80 for foot palo alto tomorrow. 67 for downtown san francisco. if you're heading to infineon, they're going to start the engines for the savmart 350 and it's going to be warm.
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81 degrees expected. 71 for berk limit 72 for oakland. interior east pay, heating up. mid-to-upper 80s for antioch and brentwood. the seven-day forecast, nice mild next few days. sunday morning -- sunday through monday, and then tuesday, clouds increasing, that low drops south, chance of sures on wednesday, and then dry it up and bring in more heat next weekend. >> thanks. on to shu, he's back. >> and the giants have found some room in the past week, and pitcher matt cain was
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>> the giants behind pitcher matt cane -- cain who was dealing, sanchez is on the d.l. with tendinitis, and barry zito is activated. in the fourth, cain gets cabrera swinging in the fifth, justin no-bat masterson can sit down, and in the seventh, shanahan, no chance. cain allowed just three hits. bottom seventh, scoreless. cain chops one up the middle. it's bobbled. after a walk to load the bases, tony sipp and he balks. >> that's the way it goes.
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have to find ways to get guys across and do whatever you can, and just trying to pick those guys up and keep believing in us. >> cain has had unfortunate games where he goes out and not get the win. >> the first saturday at wimbledoned had all the big guns on the grass court, roger federer and the last american male, marty fish. nadal won his battle. a battle of lefties. nadal up 2-1. he cruised in the third. ace on match point, wins in three sets. he'll meet del potro on monday. >> djokovic, -- fourth asset, djokovic up a set.
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then djokovic comes up with the lob. match point now. djokovic moves on with the win in four sets. the women's third round, serena williams taking on care care karaenko. she rolls in two sets. maria sharapova and was knee aki also advance. let's tee it up. pga few, third round of the travelers, where 19-year-old shot a 10-under 60 yesterday. lowest pro-am score in history. 12-under, four off the lead. bryce moulder, had himself a round.
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check this out. big breaker, left to right. the speed right? nothing but net. moulder, 6-under 64, one become of the leader. fredrick jacobson. has not made a bogey all week. >> third round of the lpga championship. second major of the year,, yani- stsenf, a five-stroke lead heading into sunday's final round. >> a's and philly, a little interleague play. good to be back. >> coming up, looks aren't everything, and for this star, well, you can see for yourself. meet the pooch named this year's world's ugliest dog.
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>> coming up in half hour at 6:00, san francisco's gay pride weekend kicked off today. one of the several events in the city, talking to gay couples about new york's legalization of gay midge, and the family of michelle lehas the approach one month since her disappears. join us at 6:00. >> what does it take to be name the world's ugliest doing? yoda, a 14 yerld chinese crested and which chihuahua mix


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