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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  June 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and strange as it seems, we could see some showers this week. abababababababababababababababab
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everybody is having a tough time, and it is hard to believe she is gone. >> an east bay family is mourning the death of laurette leigh. she was a conductor and died in the fiery crash in nevada. good evening. i'm alan wang. lee was one of six people in friday's collision. the train was in route when it slammed into two passenger cars 70 miles east of reno. lilian kim joins us from the newsroom with more. >> lee's family lives in concord, and her children told us their mother started her career in the train business 23 years ago. it was in her blood. she was among six people in her extended family who work for the railroads. it has been two days since she
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died in that amtrak crash in nevada. she was the conductor on that train, and her children say it was a job she loved. >> she was comfortable being a conductor. she liked the position. she was good at it. >> the train left chicago and was on its way to emeryville when a tractor-trailer smashed into the gates and into two double decker cars. the truck driver died, and so did five people on the train. >> we were still expecting to be able to say no, that wasn't my mom's train. and this time it was. it's hard. it is not something you wish on anybody. >> investigators with the national transportation safety board were back at the crash site today. they are looking for evidence to help them figure out why the driver slammed into the train. visibility was excellent and the crossing gates and the warning lights were working and should have been seen from well over a half mile away.
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>> at this point the team is still working on the vehicle. the tires and brakes were our focus. but exactly where that stands as of this time today, i can't tell you. >> investigators will be visiting john davis trucking, the company that employed the driver. the ntsb says since september the company has had seven violations from 19 random road side inspections. in one case the tires on the tractor-trailer were so balled they were immediately taken off the road. but lee's children say they haven't been focusing on the investigation. their thoughts are with their mother. >> she is a very big person and a very big voice and a heart about three times bigger than her voice. she looked out for everyone. >> investigators are looking at a number of other factors that may have played a role in the crash including fatigue,
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driver inattention and drugs and alcohol. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. now, in the first three months of this year, amtrak has had 36 accidents at grade crossings. 11 of those were fatal. that's according to the federal railroad administration. and in the period between 2005 and 2010, 309 people were killed in amtrak crashes. an average of 62 people killed every year. meanwhile, the union pacific track, the amtrak train was on has reopened. shipments have resumed on the union pacific rail line that runs across nevada and into northern california. the track connects lines to central and southern california. union pacific rerouted its freight lines through a different northern route while crews cleared those tracks. san francisco's 41st annual gay pride parade drew tens of thousands of people to market street today. friday's legalization of same-sex marriage in new york served as inspiration for the
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celebration. abc7's cecilia vega was on the parade route. >> if it was possible for this celebration to become even morsel law bra tore, new york's passage of same-sex marriage last week managed to accomplish that. >> keep going. more states. >> if ever there was a day in san francisco where just about anything goes, this is it. clothed or not, on a slope or on a bike. it is the 41st annual gay pride parade in all of its feathered and rainbow glory. >> today we love new york because of the events of this weekend. we also love san francisco, but we want to love san francisco more. come on, people of california. let's do it now. let's go already. >> and it had a serious theme.
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this year, no bullying. many wish they would have heard the message years earlier. >> it is a great thing. it is very important. there is so much helplessness and greater risk for teens and young adults who are coming up more transgender. >> while the politicians were out in force, the grand marshal chaz bono won over the crowd 100%. >> i support them 100% too. >> tell me why? >> i think people should just be open to new ideals and not just judge people by the way they look and the way they act. >> as new york goes, this crowd hopes so goes california. for this generation and the next. >> it is about time. it is time to end discrimination. >> and after all that, they threatened to shut the event down this year. the vendors, the money and all of the volunteers came through, and san francisco police say san francisco gay pride for the 41st year
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was a success. cecilia vega, abc7 news. >> as you can imagine a major party in new york as people celebrated the state's historic legal eyeization of same-sex marriage. nearly half a million people crowded the streets of new york city to catch a glimpse of the wild costumes and the floats at today's gay pride parade. the star of the show was andrew cuomo who fought to get the bill over the gop-lead senate. back in the bay area, a second patient has died after a car crashed into a san jose nursing home. 100-year-old suzanne enfante died from her injuries. the crash also killed es sister bocanegra. they were both residents at the home. five other patients were hurt. a 90-year-old driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake before crashing into the nursing home yesterday morning.
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>> grief counselors met today with residents and staff there. a danville teenager was in critical condition after a sand tunnel collapsed on them during the outing. it happened at sunset state beach in watsonville. the unidentified 17-year-old was buried head first in six feet of sand for about 15 minutes before lifeguards could dig him out. an air ambulance rushed him to valley medical center in san jose. the mother of a young man arrested for refusing to pull up his pants on board a u.s. airways flight spoke at jones methodist church in san francisco today. donna doyle talked about the incident in which her 20-year-old son was arrested after he did not immediately pull up his pants as flight attendants requested. the naacp called u.s. airway's actions racist, and they are asking the airline to apologize. doyle also criticized the sheriff deputies who got physical with marmon while escorting him off the plane.
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>> look at oscar grant where they tased and shot that boy or whatever they did. i have my son and i am here to speak. i give praise to god about that. >> u.s. airways releaseded a response to the naacp comment saying marmon was arrested for refusing to comply with crew member instructions. one of san francisco's moving landmarks will be on the on the road tomorrow. a ribbon cutting ceremony it -- is going to take place tomorrow. the line that runs along california street has been out of service since january. crews also repaved 17 blocks of california streets. a fox news host asks congresswoman michelle bachman an unusually blunt question. >> are you a flake? >> i think that would be insulting. >> coming up, what voters think of her in iowa, where
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the nation's first presidential contest is held. and taking steps toward pumping solar energy into your car. and a shot in a million. the picture a photographer didn't realize he captured. >> wow. hi, guys. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. those westerly winds are pushing a little of the fog into downtown san francisco as well as the bay. look at tomorrow. it was a mild day. and then you know what? we are going to see the temperatures drop and even bring in some showers for our midweek forecast. we'll take a look
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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the republican congresswoman is getting ready to kick off her presidential campaign, and tonight the numbers are in. bachman and mitt romney are statistically tied in the first republican contest. in an appearance on fox news after a surprisingly blunt question. >> are you a flake? >> i think that would be insulting to say something like that. i am a serious person. >> but you understand when i say that, that's what the wrap on you is. >> wallace later apologized in a fox news video. bachman will make her official announcement tomorrow in her hometown of water lieu, iowa. the obama administration is considering requiring u.s. automakers to nearly double the average fuel economy of the cars they make. the wall street journal is reporting the proposal would require companies to make cars that get 56 miles per gallon by 2025.
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u.s. automakers say that would raise the price of a new car by thousands of dollars. the obama administration already passed legislation that requires all new cars to average 35 miles per gallon by 2016. now imagine pumping a solar-based fuel right into your tank. stanford researchers are taking the first steps toward making that a reality with a solar panel that can make hydrogen for fuel cell cars. richard hart reports on the drive to discover a solar gas tank. >> there are times when you have extra sunlight and you don't need that electricity during the middle of the day. nobody has yet turned on the air conditioning and no one has lights on. fuel is a way to store electricity. we need fuel. >> what if you could submerge solar panels into water to turn them on instantly? that's what is going on in this lab. >> we have all done the experiment in school. you put two wires into h2o
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scpo -- and the h comes out of one side and the o comes out of the other. but it takes more energy to do this than you get back out of the gases. using a solar panel is a little better, but still inefficient until you put the solar panel into the water. now you're cooking with gas. >> but for just a minute. the oxygen in the water eats away the photo cells showing up as the blue spots. >> if it is not protected we find it lasts 10 minutes at best. >> so they barrowed clever technology from the computer chip makers. >> my colleague took a technique that is used in the semiconductor industry called atomic layer deposition and put in ultra thin, but uniform layer of titanium dioxide on the surface. >> just a few atoms thick, the same way intel does on its advanced chips. that did the trick. more development is needed before this is commercial eyesed.
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>> this is one piece of what would be a system for generating solar-based fuel. >> reporter: but we should be able to pump it into fuel tanks. isn't that a gas? with the next step in energy, richard hart, abc news. and now the single biggest energy hog in your home. it might surprise you. a new report by the natural resources defense council finds that set top cable boxes consume more power than a new refrigerator. the study found the boxes consume $3 billion in electricity per year and 66% of the power is wasted when no one is watching or shows aren't being recorded. the bigger problem is the boxes are perpetually powered on, and no u.s. company has developed a stand by mode to reduce the electricity consumption. now to a shark that was caught on tape by accident. the photographer was standing in the waters of new smyrna
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beach taping the curers when -- surfers when he said dude, did you see that? he didn't know what he was talking about and editing until he saw what the surfers were talking about. that may have been the first time i said, "dude, did you see that" in a newscast. rain in the forecast? >> looks like we are going to see some showers. this thing is moving in late tuesday afternoon, tuesday night. we all have a chance of seeing a few showers from this late season cold front. you are looking live from the high definition east bay cam and looking west toward the city and the bay bridge there. the winds are picking up a sea breeze. so the fog 1* filtering into the bay. you will have to deal with a little bit of the early morning commute.
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it was quite mild in antioch with clear skies. we have 61 degrees in fairfield. 55 in san rafael. it is 54 san francisco. half moon bay, overcast there and 56. it is 60 right now in los gatos. here is a look at highlights for you. mostly clear overnight, and we will look at the coastal fog. sunny and another mild day tomorrow. and then everything falls apart. we will thicken up the clouds on monday night and bring in a chance of showers as we head into tuesday and tuesday night. overnight lows tonight, where the fog sits in the 50s, 53 half moon bay as well as san francisco, and where the clear spots are, santa rosa north to cloverdale. it is down to the mid to upper 40s in antioch, 58 degrees. this is going to be the set up for tomorrow. the high pressure brought us temperatures. antioch, your high was 90 degrees. we will look for high pressure to bring us one more mild to warm day. plenty of sunshine.
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late in the afternoon we will notice the advancement of the cold front. really it is going to be shower conditions as we head into the tuesday time frame. we go ahead and move our projection up. we fast-forward to 11:00 tomorrow. most of the clouds will be off the coast. it won't be until tomorrow night. 11:00 time frame. we are really starting to get a sense of the high clouds increasing across the bay area. check out whams -- what happens by 9:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. a pretty strong cold front for this time of year. already the portions of the north bay will start to see some showers. and throughout the course of the day, as the front starts to move across the bay area, it will start to lose a little bit of the dynamics. at 5:00 on tuesday afternoon, just in time for the rush hour commute we will see wet pavement around the bay area. the highs for tomorrow, 78 for san jose and 81 los gatos.
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half moon bay, 62 degrees there. mid to upper 70s for the peninsula tomorrow with some sunshine. 65 for san francisco. santa rosa, 82. 78 for napa. you will notice the high clouds increasing tomorrow afternoon. 70 for oakland and interior east bay and 82 for concord. 69 degrees tomorrow for watsonville. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, yeah, the showers are back in the forecast and much cooler temperatures on tuesday as well as wednesday. and then after that we will warm things back up on a toasty saturday and sunday. and it looks like by july 4th which is monday the temperatures inland will be 100 degrees. we'll cool it down and a few showers and then warm it back up. >> maybe a quarter of an inch in the north bay. other than that, trace amounts. the giants stretched their lead in the west. >> they are toasty themselves. the giants have been one streaky team the last 10 games.
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baumgardner has been up and down.
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after a five-game losing
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streak, the giants bounced back winning five straight. baumgardner giving up eight runs in a third of an inning. he was much better tonight and so was the giants' offense. it was an r.b.i double to center. his first big league r.b.i after four years. and then in the third, huff grounds a single to right. crawford scores and it is 3-0, and that was more than enough for baumgardner. sizemore had no chance and then take a seat. a career high 11k's. and he leads the giants to a 3-1 victory. meanwhile, the a's get an ace off doll halladay. -- off dock halladay. cocoa crisp joining the circus if this doesn't work out. rawlins was four for four. a's down two and ryan sweeney
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and he bloops one into center. that was all doc halladay gave up. it was one of his four k's. then in the 9th halladay gets sweeney to ground into the game inning double play. a's lost four of five. 3-1 your final. >> and it was nascar. this is what happens when you have to turn right. we will break
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nascar running wild at infineon race way. this is one of two road courses these guys run all year as opposed to oval tracks which means you will be using your right turn signal. 110 laps today, good for 219 miles. dale earnhardt, junior driving like his car is on fire. oh, it is. he finishes 41st. tony stewart bumps brian vicars and that causes him to spinout. they have a history and with 23 laps to go, vickers -- vicars gets his revenge.
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on the restart after the caution, kurt busch will take the lead and lead for 76 laps. he takes the checkered flag for his first road course win. jeff gordon was four seconds behind and paul edwards was third. >> i had flash backs of the race i won here in 1999. and that race helped put me on the map. and this track here has been fundamental to me and i always wanted to bring a cup car to victory lane. today is a special day and i'm proud to do it. >> the final round of the traveler's championshipment -- championship. his slapstick was working. dropping to 20 under. they had this par putt to remain tied and we have all done that. he finishes at 19 under. it gets him to 20 under earning a victory. the final round of the lpga
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championship in pittsburgh, new york where he ran away with this one. third on the par four fifth. that leads to birdie. she will tap in on 18 for the victory at 19 under. she wins bien 10 strokes. the 22-year-old is the youngest male or female to capture four major championships. in soccer, the women's world cup is underway with germany facing canada. the 10th minute and the cross and she buries the header into the net. and then in the 42nd minute, she breaks free and will make it 2-0. germany wins it 2-1. u.s. open on tuesday. finally, form 49er receiver terrell owens has undergone surgery to repair a torn acl in his knee. he hurt it at some point during the off season. some say he hurt it taping a television series for vh1.
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>> good night, everyone.
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