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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  June 27, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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lawsuit against abercrombie & fitch, asking for punitive damages, legal aid says they violated laws. >> abercrombie & fitch prides itself on a natural, classic american style but there is nothing american about discriminating someone because of their religion. >> the manager says she can wear it as long as it was keeping in the color scheme, but human resources says employees are not allowed to wear head coverings. the company released a statement saying we're skmit kmit frod viding equal employment opportunities to all individuals. and complied with the law regarding reasonable religious acome baigs. she says she received death threats since the story went public. >> they came in the form of e mails sent to the care office, they weren't talked to me but
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they talked about decapitating my head. >> abercrombie & fitch says diversity exceeds the nation's diversity, and it's confident a jury will find it's complied with the law. >> i understand that abercrombie & fitch has been in similar trouble. are there other suits against them? >> yes. this is just the latest in a series of suits brought against the nature of... [ loss of audio ]. >> all right. thank you, heather. >> and technical difficulties there with heather. other news coming up out of san francisco, democratic leaders at the state capitol announced just moments ago they'd reached a deal with the governor to erase the state's deficit this, plan relies on 4s -- $4 billion of unexpected
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revenue this, plan can be passed on a simple majority vote so it does not need republican support dexes say they'll vote on the deal tomorrow. >> and los angeles police detectives are examining video of giants fan brian stow night he was attacked. this video is posted of stow in a confrontation in the stands. the brief, low resolution clip shows a dodger fan pointed at a seated stow whose hands are raised. tmz says it's not the lapd's prime suspect in this case. and late today, abc 7's vic lee watched that video with stow's cousin, we'll hear from him at 5:00. stow remains unconscious tonight at san francisco general hospital. >> the dodgers owners filed for bankruptcy protection today. the owner faces a litany of financial problems including a civil suit from stow's family,
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seeking unspecified damage to cover medical care and compensate his children. the filing says the team is on the verge of running out of cash. >> minnesota congress woman michelle bacmman is running for the republican presidential nomination. she made at announcement in waterloo, iowa to a crowd of 100 family members, friends and supporters. the tea party favorite says she's waging her campaign because voters must make a bold choice for america's future. >> government thinks it knows how to spend our money. government thinks they know better how to make a better life for us. they think they create jobs and that they can make us healthier. it's not the case. >> she says the country cannot afford four more years of barack obama but steered clear of specific proposals after suggesting the concern over averting a debt crisis were
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scare tackics. >> a poll shows her in a near tie for first place with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. the poll is a closely-watched indicator in the lead off caucus state and presidential nominating process. >> rod blagojevich says he is stunned that a jury found him guilty in his corruption retrial. he was convicted of charges related to the attempt to sell or trade president obama's old senate seat. emily schmidt reports. >> rod blagojevich gave a thumbs thup afternoon, just minutes before a jury returned guilty verdicts on 17 of 20 counts of political corruption. the convictions covered charges of wire fraud and trying to sell the president's former u.s. senate seat. >> and i am stunned.
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and... there is not much left to say, other than we want to get home to our little girls and talk to them, explaining things to them, then try to sort things out. >> in the first trial, jurors deadlocked and found him guilty of lying to fbi investigators. this retrial did not stop him from repeatedly pro fessing his innocence after being impeached and removed from office in 2009. he appeared on "celebrity apprentice "thoi. month he describes life or over past few years. >> those people you thought were your friends for a lot of reasons no longer what you thought they were. >> and many charges carry maximum penalties of 20 years each. >> the truck driver who died when a big rig plowed into a passenger train in nevada has been identified. the 43-year-old lawrence r
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valley smashed into an amtrak train friday in a controlled railroad crossing 70 miles east of reno. the fiery crash and explosion killed valley and five other people. investigators say he got his license to drive trucks in nevada only last month but they're not saying whether inexperience might have played a role in this crash. they identified where 56-year-old francis and her 18-year-old carly from nebraska were among the dead. one crew member also died in the crash, two other victims remain unidentified tonight. >> teens in danger of dropping out of high school are getting an unusual opportunity to get back on track. the district attorney announced a new partnership to hire 10 teams from the bay view area as summer interns. they come from the care
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program, helping at risk students catch up on their credits. and he says he identify was the struggles. >> i haven't been a high school drop out on understanding how important it so far organizations in adult that's are willing to work with kids that are at risk because reaction -- reality is that no kid should be considered a throw away kid. >> the d.a.wants tochl pand the program, asking private companies to offer paid summer internships and mentoring for more at-risk youth. >> the weather today wasn't as warm as i was expecting. maybe sandhya has explaining to do. >> oh, we had clouds around, and quite a bit of cloud cover into valleys, clouds took a while to peel back. temperatures have been running cooler than normal, this evening, partly cloudy, tomorrow morning, they're not seeing things. rain come together bay area first into the north bay, temperatures into 50s and by afternoon, showers likely
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across the rest rest of the bay area, temperatures stunning rooler -- cooler than average, upper 50s to mid-70s, i'll let you know how long the wet weather is going to stick around in just minute autos this wildfire is raging near a nuclear lab. the growing problem a mile from loss alamos. >> first, if bed time is a nightmare for little people in your life, research shows there may be a simple solution. >> bristol palin says her virginity was stolen. what she means by that, ahead. >> and right now this, is a live look at traffic on the san francisco skyway. traffic on i 80 approaches a lower deck of the bay bridge. looks like it's moving along all right. we'll be back in a moment.
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after 10 terms in office, lynn woolsy is saying goodbye. she announced her renirmt a press conference this afternoon. and mark matthews is live at her home in petaluma where the press conference is wrapping up. mark? >> the announcement just minutes ago. the announcement was made that about 10 minutes after 4:00, take a look at the crowd. about 100 people showed up here to say goodbye to lynn. well, just to hear her retirement announcement. she's going to be around but will not be running for reelection. here is the announcement. >> i will turn 75 years old
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before the next election day. after two decades of service to this wonderful district, it will be time for me to move on. >> and that was lynn woolsy making the announcement. she's having a press availability now. we're going to break and go talk to her about plans for the district and that will be coming up at 6:00. >> and quickly this, is a solid district. what is lining up to fill the seat. >> there are a couple people. i think jared houghman. and i think that there is a number of people planning to make a run and this is going to make me a minute to go through notes. and this is a democratic
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district, but changing because of redistricting. we'll get to that tonight at 6:00. let's get way right now so we can talk to the woman of the hour. >> thank you, mark. >> and former teen mother bristol palin details her unplanned preg nans agree -- pregnancy and her days on the 2008 campaign trail n book "not afraid of life" she writes about her relationship with levi johnston, the father of her son, tripp. >> that is what it felt like. i'm accusing levi of date rape or rape, but looking back with adult eyes and just thinking that was a foolish decision. i should have never been under aged drinking and never gotten to myself -- into a situation like that. >> brift on -- bristol palin says she hopes young girls
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learn from her mist yaikz. >> a new study shows young children who watch tv after 7:00 p.m. or see violence on tv are more likely to have problems sleeping. researchers at seattle children's hospital studied 3, 4, and 5-year-olds and found for each additional hour of night time tv, there was an increase for bad dreams and making throughout the night. this is a study publish ntd journal pediatric ootz first gorilla to master sign language is about to turn 40. an organization is hold a contest to celebrate. coco born at the san francisco zoo is having a birthday on july 4th. from now until thursday, the foundation is encouraging people to post haikus about
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coco on twitter. one haiku is the paws so small, giants, gentle, love. there is a link to the contest on our web site. go to abc 7 under see it on tv. there is a chance she may pick the winner. i believe that is the first time i ever read a haiku on the news. >> here is a haiku on the news. sandhya's weather, altogether. nice. >> nice. >> that is a little bitty i came up with right there. >> and there is rain come together bay area. >> that is nice. >> this is about rainfall in the summer time? >> no. it's june. >> june, july, august. and there is a live picture as
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we look across the bay area, we do have lingering low clouds right along the coastline but have enjoyed quite a bit of sun today as well. temperatures running cooler. there is a stronger sea breeze this afternoon, mid-80s inland, upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. showers tomorrow mainly north. it's a slight chance of thunder expected and there tomorrow morning, cloudy conditions and temperatures on the mild side with quite a bit of cover. and there is rain arriving tomorrow morning. here is the storm that is going to bring us unusual in the morning. there is a tomorrow at 5:00
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a.m. you'll see green here in the north bay. the front approaches, rainfall starts to spread and that is starting to break up a bit. some areas might escape and the front continues to press on south ward. the front starts to fall apart. moisture becomes a little less likely there. so rainfall starts to diminish into evening hours. rainfall totals very impressive in the north bay mountains, up to an inch. and there is a trace to a quarter in the east bay. take a look at the south bay. from nothing to 5/100ths of rain. and upper 50s to the mid-70s inland communities there. is a good 10-is a 15 degrees cooler than normal. rain arriving, possibilities by evening, temperatures into mid-60s to upper 70s, here is
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the accu-weather forecast. showers into wednesday, warming begins on thursday. and it's going to be a hot holiday weekend. triple digits by sunday, inland, and 70s at beaches, 4th of july, hot, away from the coast. bringing back normal weather here. >> and there was a celebrity wedding over the weekend. >> rachel smith is on the red carpet with that. and domination of "cars 2". >> "cars 2" zooms into the top spot this weekend. paying $68 million, beating out "bad teacher" and "green lantern". and rachel vis beau began
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dating about a year ago, tying in knot in upstate new york. vis and craig will appear in the horror movie "dream house". the stars were out for last night's 2011 b.e.t.awards in los angeles. performances by beyonce had fans going wild. and they caught up before the show. >> especially excited for kelly rowland tonight. just happy tb a part of a great night. >> for the best in fun and a list of winners, just go >> a family sound once again along the oldest cable car line, coming up next. >> later one home attracting
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so much violence, police are looking into what is going on here. >> then, on abc 7 news at 5:00, diaper check airport screeners are defending. >> and 20 some folks heading out on the evening commute. this is traffic on 101. and seems to be moving right along. we'll be back in a moment.
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a mandatory he vac
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worder -- order has been issued in loss alamos, new mexico. a wildfire burned 30 buildings, including homes, officials say the fire consumed 44,000 acres and expect to it double or triple in size. officials have shut off natural gas lines and say all hazardous and radio active materials are protected. >> in minot, north dakota, flooding along the river destroyed or damaged 4,000 homes, many believe the project after the last big flood made it unnecessary. the forecast calls for the river to drop about half a foot today. >> san francisco's oldest cable car line is up and running again after a six-no mo construction project. the mayor ed skplee other city
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officials inaugurated the return of the california street cable car line, shut down to undergo $24 million worth of repairs. including cables you can hear running underground. city officials wanted the line back on track. >> the cable cars are part of what is iconic about the city and what makes our hills and our neighborhoods so memorable. >> got to love that ringing sound. this line began operating in 1878. >> and coming up, u.s. supreme court strikes down california's law banning the sale of violent video games to children but san francisco lawmaker behind the ban is prom yitsing this battle is not over. >> and state budget battle
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that comes to name calling. the insults over the weekend. >> our camera is showing sunshine. we'll trade the sun for rainfall tomorrow. i'm sandhya patel and will have the full forecast shortly.
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california kids can continue buying violent video games now that the u.s. supreme court overturn aid state law. >> the san francisco lawmaker behind the ban says despite the ruling the sattel is not over. david louie is joining us live from a video store in san jose. >> the high court says that it's parents who must do the policing of the kids. and that laws such as the one in california should not be the burden of the video games store to police those kids. the popular ones are the one wtz m ratings. the law imposed a $1,000 fine. and the supreme court says video games share the same first amendment protection as movies, skbookz music. the justice dz not buy the argument it can influence similar behavior in children or teens. there is a reaction from the southors but first, a parent
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who now has to monitor what kids buy. >> i just don't think parents are active in knowing what around for kids. >> is there a lot of games out there they're not family with? >> true. i'm not. >> the u.s. supreme court decided it's going to side with corporate america and wall mart against our children. >> we're standing on our own two feet tr. tl is a high sense of appreciation and enforcement of our immediate yaf entertainment to be on par with motion pictures, books and music. >> there are some store was a posted policy that m-rated games won't be sold wout a parent or guardian, however, those games can be passed to friends. one 11-year-old told me his friends have no trouble buying violent video games. a chief today also said he is
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very bothered by the fact law enforcement officers are victims of lethal, or brutal attacks. however, the law is on the side of video game makers, lich live in san jose, abc 7 news senatory said the battle is not over but with this decision, what kind of recourse does he have? >> senator yee hinted but did not try to based on the reaction from the supreme court justices. and beyond thogs detailed opinions they did seem to give a sense of direction. what kind of direction that might pass muster. >> so an amendmented version of snorts. >> right. >> thank you. >> and there is other rulings from the high court, struck down an arizona campaign
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finance law giving extra cash to candidates who face privately funded rifle rivals and independent groups. and this court will take up the first amendment fight about what broadcasters put on the airways and agreed to review whether or not police need a warrant to track a suspect's movement. >> there is four shootings in a matter of months left two people dead and neighbors living in fear. the latest happened near mission boulevard. and abc 7 is there live. we understand that union city police are leaning on investigators for help. >> and have asked the task force to step in and they're hoping that that might lead to suspects, if not a solution torkts violence out here.
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>> this road is quiet today, but what happened here terrorized this neighborhood for months. the bullet holes, crime scene tape and medical equipment left behind by paramedics tells a story. in september, a father died after being shot in the driveway of his own home by his stepson n may, shots fired at the house didn't hit anyone but sent bullets flifing into the home next door, just missing a young chichld a few days later a man standing outside of the home was shot, dead it and happened again, last night. >> the common denominator appears to be the residents. a 22-year-old visiting someone at the house was shot in the front yard, he's in critical condition. the shooter ran throughout the neighborhood and like many times, police have few leads and no witnesses willing to talk. >> there may be witnesses out
4:33 pm
there. >> police say some shootings may be gang related. authorities handed this case over to the state department of justice major crimes task force. >> we zront a choice. we have no place to go. >> neighbors are too scared to show faces. the family who lived immediately next door just moved out. >> it's people around. it's not this house. it's the people around it. >> bianca says her bedridden grandmother owns the home, multiple generations live here and neighbors live in fear. >> what can i do? it's happened many times. i don't want nothing to happen to my children. you know? >> this is one man asked my photographer and me to step off and away from his property. he didn't want anyone associated with these
4:34 pm
shootings to see him talk together media. >> and state republicans are firing back on a chief spokesman after calling them moronic for failing to strike a budget agreement this, during an interview over the weekend. and republicans are demanding a series of reforms in this weekend's interview, the spokesperson said, quote, republicans aren't smart enough to write reforms. >> what is moronic is putting forth a budget that doesn't address issues plaguing california. >> this is a sem bli man says he doesn't believe the governor will make a kmont like that, himself z there is a plan without support and legislature plans to vote on it tomorrow. >> there is word out of the white house about a possible
4:35 pm
deal on the budget deficit and national debt. and mr. obama met this evening with mitch mcconnell on a deal including higher tax was spending cuts. republicans insist on an agreement to cut the deficit before voting on a plan to increase borrowing power. democratic house minority bhip was in san francisco today and he said national debt is crippling the nation. >> this is clear we'll not be the kind of economy we want to be and will not be the kind of country we aspire to be and have been if we do not get a handle on the deficit and debt. >> the white house is warning congress if does it not raise the debt ceiling, the u.s. could default on the financial debt for the first time in history. >> still head on the news at 4:00 a top member of the president's administration speaking out in favor of same-sex marriage.
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>> and an arrest warrant for muammar gaddafi? the international criminal court said enough is enough. >> fog coming in at golden gate toll plaza. then, we'll talk to sandhya with travel weather plan autos if you're traveling out of sfo there is arriveals delay yeahed now. if you're picking someone up, you'll be slowed down there. and if you're traveling into jfk, there is rain come together bay area, possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow, i'll be back with a full forecast later on.
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national parks service released drawings of the flight 93 memorial being built in shanksville, said to be dedicated in time for this fall's 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks this, is a photo that should look like this illustration when finished. and there is a pair of white marble walls framing the entrance. another shows an open air entrance to the memorial. it crashed into an open build after passenger fought off terrorists. >> secretary of state clinton
4:40 pm
is praising new york's legalization of same-sex marriage and spoke today at the state department. you might remember she's a former senator from new york. friday night, new york state became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. and. the will provide same-sex couples with rights, including employer health benefits and more state tax benefits. >> we have to continue to stand up for writes and well being of lgbt people. i've always believed we'd make progress because we're on the right side of equality and justice. >> and in san francisco, many of the participants in yesterday's pride celebration in the civic center said they're now energized by new york's decision legalizing same-sex marriage. >> and this afternoon, couples bringing in most money when
4:41 pm
they move in together. >> looks like you know someone is coming to threaten brian. >> and later on abc 7 news at 5:00, brian stow's cousin weighs in on the newly released video from the night clos
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what a goris evening and a
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beautiful live shot looking at the bay bridge there. fabulous blue skies and nice weather, except for something going on tomorrow. sandhya will be along to give us more about that before we go off the air. and shacking up doesn't necessarily add up for couples trying to save money. stats show unmarried couple who's live together but don't have college educations have a smaller household income than married couple was the same background. $46,000 a year, compared to $56,000 per year, college-educated couples do better, unmarried couple was degrees bring in $106,000 per year. >> a gm official says it's possible the auto maker could accomplish what the obama administration is asking and there has been a rally on wall street. >> good afternoon, green
4:45 pm
arrows after technology and banking stocks rallying. taking a look, the dow all higher, reassuring news on the web front. this u.s. senate and cia announced it's done with its wave of cyber tacks. the group has been on the campaign almost two months. and gm weighing in on obama's new fuel economy requirements. according to the "wall street journal", says it will be tough but not necessarily unmanageable. and asked to analyze affects of the target. administration wants to boost fuel economy to this level by 2050, more than the current level and at the morning morning stock exchange, with the bloomberg after the bell report. >> bay area companies looking
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to fill 300 positions are looking for jobs there in sassoon city. this event is co-sponsored on abc 7 and the job journal tomorrow in sassoon city. we have details at abc 7 >> and what some people will do to save a little pocket change. >> people think they should haven't to pay tolls. >> florida police released surprising photos of what people there are doing avoid freeway tolls. >> and there is a sketch that could save you thousands of dollars. how well those compact stoves work. 7 on your side is straight ahead. [ male announcer ] using frontline plus
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welcome back. you're looking at a fog-covered evening commute. hope you're enjoying the evening today z speaking of toll plaza, most commuters bite the bullet, paying as much as 6ss today cross the bridge but in orlando they're having problem was commuter who's refuse to shell out the 75 cent toll and apparently risking their lives, one less dangerous tactic is covering with paper. >> this is not someone who makes $5 an hour, people think they shouldn't have to pay tolls sm. times, they don't want to wait in line. >> florida authority releasing photos as part of a crack down
4:51 pm
and say lost toll fares cost the state $20 million last year, enough for a new highway. and they do that for 75 cents. >> wow. >> and that got a laugh out of michael finney over there. and owning a professional range is a dream come through foremost cooks. >> and there are two new ranges, how do they add up? >> good things can come in small packages. >> ameeta -- anita has a great kitchen. >> the stove, i love. i needed something big that could accommodate a lot of thing autos she's lucky to have enough space for the range. they're often 36 inches or
4:52 pm
wider, consumer reports just tested two ranges for people that want a pro-style range fitting a standard space. they're pricey, one from jenn air is $4,000 and one from kb -- ge is 5,000s oodz we put them through broiling burgers, baking cookies and simmering sauces. >> the pro style ranges were very good overall, they weren't tops in ratings, both are just okay whit comes to quick heating and neither impressed tester was broiling. the jenn air turned out burger was out a nice, seared finish. consumer reports says if top performance is important to you, save your dough. >> we suggest sticking with a conventional model. >> consumer reports recommends
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this one, from l.g.for $1900, simmering to perfection and has a nice, big oven. and there is another great choice is a g.e.profile that we have posted on our web site. it offers excellent simmering and very good baking and broiling and costs $1600. >> yeah. but have you to want to cook. >> there you go. >> and let's toss it to sandhya with an accu-weather forecast update. >> this is late in the season but the cold front is coming tomorrow. there is some unusual summer rain. so rain, summer time rain for
4:54 pm
northern california. it's summer time sizzle down souchblgt this is 110 degrees in palm springs, tomorrow afternoon, into tahoe, 70 degrees south of tahoe by afternoon, we're expecting possibility of snow. there are about 9,000s skpdz 10,000 feet. los angeles, 82 degrees. we're going to see rain first arriving into the north bay, then spreading south and east. there is 59 in half moon bay. mid 60 on the north bay. and there is 74 inland. antioch, cooler than average tuesday afternoon. and there is rain arriving late into the afternoon. but it gets dicey.
4:55 pm
66 in santa cruz. if you're going to the game, a's goring to play tomorrow night. and they take on tarlins, showers likely so grab your rain gear, then dropping into mid-50s, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast, showers into wednesday morning. goitsing to be a hot holiday weekend. and there is temperatures saturday mid-90s, your 4th of july is dry. >> libin official says this bust is muammar gaddafi's personal bus, damage today innateo air strikes saying it was hit inside of the compound in tripoli. >> reporters say the bus was cool to the touch and believe the damage is old.
4:56 pm
officials have taken on the media on several tubis tore autos international judges ordered guard -- gaddafi's arrest. >> skbhit house says this is just one more sign gaddafi's regime lost its legitimacy. >> after more than three months of fighting it appears civil war is inevitable. now, muammar gaddafi is an international outlaw after an arrest warrant was issued. >> muammar gaddafi in coordination with friends or straighted a plan to deter and quell by all means, the civilian demonstrations against the regime. >> and this struggle from the
4:57 pm
rubbles now raged on for 101 days. >> this is for the -- community. >> they claim to have the support of the country but according to the indictment, gaddafi is wanted for or straighting killing and imprisonment of hundreds of civilians during first 12 days of the uprising. supported by nato air strikes it's been slow going for rebels. they continue to make progress to the south and the west. >> they lost me. and nato intensified the bombing raids in anticipation of a flash. abc news, new york. >> that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us and the
4:58 pm
news at 5:00 continues right now. >> looks like someone is coming to threaten brian. >> new video from the fateful night at dodger stadium when brian stow was viciously attacked. >> what this woman wore through airport security requiring her to change her wardrobe. >> and democrats reach agreements on a plan but what will it take to get republicans on board? >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> video skm information about the attack on a giants fan in los angeles. it happened for the first time, video shows him inside of the ballpark. there is indication about just how tense things were there. vick? >> the lapd and family confirmed that the person in
4:59 pm
that video is in, fact, brian stow plea, apparently received this video just days after the meeting. investigators reviewing it, looking to see if this is somehow important in this case. >> there is no place for it in a basement game. >> it's just a game. >> for john show, video was a disturbing reminder of how intimidating it must have been for his cousin march 31. showing brian among fans during their opener. >> and this looks like someone is coming to threaten brian. i've heard the gal that shot the video said that brian was basically telling the guy respect the game. respect the game. and this guy was trying to confront him. brian won't take the bait. >> it's the


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