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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 28, 2011 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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astronauts. thank you for watching abc news. we hope you check in for "good morning america." tonight on an all new "jimmy kimmel live." >> aren't all americans gay already? as a man, when you get married, you're saying i will never touch another woman as long as i live. now let's put jewelry on each other and dance. >> louis c.k. >> what is this? it's crazy. >> and music from steel magnolia. >> was there a specific moment in the conversation when you realized bentley was in fact satan? ♪
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[ male announcer ] only at&t lets your iphone talk and surf at the same time. it's the network of possibilities. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- louis c.k. from "rookie blue," missy peregrym. and music from steel magnolia, with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's jimmy kimmel live and now, everybody's ready, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ]
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>> jimmy: thank you. thanks, everybody. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being so present. [ cheers and applause ] i know a lot of you are visiting here from out of town. what a great weekend it was. the weather, it was beautiful, right, here in l.a. [ applause ] friday night after work, i changed into a no fear tank top and dolphin shorts and i did not take them off till 8:00 this morning. that's how good -- it's great when the weather's nice. it's important not to forget the sun is a cancer-filled devil orb and it will not rest until it kills us. most doctors are now saying children should be kept in the basement in front a playstation 3 for the duration of the summer. so please be careful. you know, we're very lucky to
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have such good weather. there was majored thering in rockland, county, new york, over the weekend. the worst flooding in over a decade. or the best flooding in over a decade. i don't know how you'd put it. there was flooding. either way, fox 5 in new york interviewed some the locals there about the flood. well, here's what at least one of them had to say. >> this was the scene in downtown nayak where rushing waters made roads look like rivers. >> i come out and look at the deck and the water is up to here. halfway up the mailbox in our courtyard. >> jimmy: wait a minute, in other words, it's halfway up to the mailbox. [ applause ] doesn't know how to water -- i would like to get his thoughts on all the weather all over the -- maybe make him the next "bachelor." wouldn't than great? tonight on "the bachelorette," the return of bentley. they surprised her by bringing
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bentley out to visit. bently is the guy, if you don't watch the show, who pretended to be interested in ashley but then said terrible things about her when she wasn't around. of course she fell madly in love with him. tonight, he flew all the way to hong kong to give her closure. which is the chinese word for crabs i think, right? they talked things out in his hotel room. after watching ashley tear her hair out over this guy for weeks, i'm glad she finally did something about it. >> i think you're here for a purpose and i think that knowing that i'm home it's -- it doesn't look good. for me and you. >> so you came all the way here and you could have just talked to me on the phone? >> i wanted to see you. >> why? >> ahh! >> jimmy: i think that's -- [ cheers and applause ] what should have happened. we're going to speak to ashley about the bentley situation in a few minutes.
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i'm not exactly sure of why they took the show to hong kong. it's not your typical romantic destination. usually they go somewhere where there's a beach. even the show itself seemed different. >> that scoundrel bentley has betrayed your honor for the last time. >> what do you propose? >> he shall perish beneath the might of my fist. >> ooh, really? >> i swear it shall be so. indeed. >> master ames. i choose you. >> of course you do. ♪ >> jimmy: it's better in the original japanese but you get the idea. we'll chat with ashley in just a minute. on friday night in new york,
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governor cuomo there signed a bill into law that legalizes same-sex marriage which means gays can finally get married in new york state. if you think about it, aren't all marriages gay already? i mean, as a man, when you get married, you're saying i will never touch another woman as long as i live. now let's put jewelry on each other and dance. now everyone can do that. maybe as a result of this, new york city will finally get some musicals. >> dreams become reality after new york approved same-sex marriage. new york city was more like a celebration. really celebratory as you can imagine after the state's legislature approved the bill giving same-sex couples the right to marry. >> jimmy: suicide squeeze. see you later in the whirlpool. according to the new law, all gays in the state of new york
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must be married by midnight june 30th. any gays in the state will be relocated to the state of new hampshire. i want to send congratulations to some friends. newlyweds regis philbin and his new husband kelsey grammer. mozell tov for them. meanwhile, dining with his wife and texting from his cell phone. put the phone away for a couple of year. look, honey, i'm deleting all my contacts. in other disgraced politician news, former illinois governor rod blagojevich was convicted after he attempted to sell the senate seat that was vacated when barack obama became president. he was convicted of criminal
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abuse of styling mousse. he could be facing up to 300 years in prison. which is a long time. even for a leprechaun, that is a long time. the experts say he'll probably serve about ten of those years. which is still a lot. i don't know how he's going to do it in prison. that hair. i mean, first of all, how do you even do that hair? secondly, it's only a matter of time before some fellow prisoner makes him his blagovich-bitch, right? there's a big soccer game. the gold cub final between mexico and the united states. our team -- the u.s. scored the first two goals. mexico came back to win it 4-2. did you go to that game? >> no, jimmy. >> jimmy: you were watching it? >> yes. >> jimmy: who were you ratting for? >> i was rooting for mexico but i love usa too. >> jimmy: that's not how we do things here. you're going to have to go back.
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there are a lot of people at the stadium. more than 93,000 fans in pa pasade pasadena. soccer fans are known for being rambunctious. >> police in big numbers everywhere. to make sure people are having fun and keeping it safe. >> if you party in pasadena, that you do it respectfully of all the other people that are going to do the same thing. >> look out behind you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's news. meanwhile, in baseball, the dodgers today filed for bankruptcy protection. which is very -- i don't know how an organization that sells a beer for $12 runs out of money but they did. they made some bad financial moves. in the off season, instead of spending $25 million for a pitcher, they signed a belly itcher and that really hurt them. it's pathetic. their fourth of july fireworks
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show, they do this every year, this year, it's going to be three stoners with disposable lighters running around the infield. the good news is we don't need baseball. season five of "celebrity rehab" premiered last night on vh1. an interesting group. michael lohan, lindsay's dad. actress sean young. amy fisher. a bunch of other people less famous than that. one of the interesting rehabbers is a guy named jeremy jackson who played david hasselhoff's son on "bay watch." he's a body builder now. he says he's addicted to taking steroid. last night, he gave dr. drew a list of every drug he injects in himself. the list went on and on. tonight we took that audio from "celebrity rehab." we combined it with video from the "fantastic four" cartoon. >> how much are you using and of what? >> letrozol. a atrozol. >> that's a lot.
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>> clomophen. trembula. anabar. mastran. >> isn't that from germany? >> i don't know. where it's from. it's a cattle preslaughter steroid. >> you don't worry you're going to hurt yourself? >> absolutely. >> okay. >> it's very extreme. very aggressive. very obsess itch and compulsive and over the top. but i feel so strong now! [ applause ] >> jimmy: i think -- i think if you turn turn into a monster and punches you in the face, the treatment isn't working. let's turn now to a reality star who is not on drugs. let's go live via skype video from her apartment in philadelphia where ashley e
12:17 am
hebert. are you on drugs? >> no. >> jimmy: did you watch tonight's episode of the show? >> not really. >> jimmy: let me tell you what happened then. bentley, traveled all the way to hong kong to see you. why do you think he did that? why do you think he came to hong kong? >> i mean, for the same reason everyone in america has been yelling at their tv trying to tell me. >> jimmy: uh-huh, you don't know. you have no idea? you said maybe you thought it might be just to have a vacation. you think that's possible? >> i think that's very, very possible. >> jimmy: what would you have done if bentley had said, came here, ashley, because i screwed up, i love you, will you marry me? would the show have been over? would you have gone with him? >> despite what you see, no. absolutely not. no. >> jimmy: was there a specific moment in the conversation when you realized that bentley was, in fact, satan, the devil?
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>> you know what? i'm so glad that they -- i think for the first time they really showed what he was doing. i don't remember an exact moment in the conversation. but he would always go back and forth between pretending to be interested and then not being interested. and he did that the whole time. >> jimmy: yeah, but he's been doing that through the whole show. you just didn't realize it when it was happening. he has been doing this terrible thing. i can see how you wouldn't realize it because we were tipped off by those kind of interview segments where he was saying the things directly to the camera. also when you watch it, maybe it's hindsight, you can just see he's one of these guys that wants -- even if it causes you pain, he wants to go ahead and make things right. >> yeah, i mean, you're right, you're completely right. >> jimmy: thank you. [ laughter ] >> if i was in the audience, i would think the same thing. being there, it's so different. i promise you that. it was so different. >> jimmy: i believe that. i tell you, i bet you anything he stole the towels from the hotel room when he left.
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[ laughter ] are you angry that no one warned you about what a terrible person this bentley was? >> i wasn't. but most recently i certainly am. a little bit. >> jimmy: it seemed like chris harrison was trying to give you a hint. i guess they can't really tell you because that would i guess ruin the show or whatever. it seeped lake he w eseemed lae trying to insinuate he wasn't the guy to pick. >> i definitely picked up on that. looking back, i can see it. still, i mean, why did he come back? why? >> jimmy: well, i think maybe he realized he was going to be seen as, like, a hitler/osama bin laden. he thought he could somehow make it better. when in fact he actually made it worse. after bentley left you decided to tell the other guys everything. >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you think it was a good idea in retrospect? >> i still stand by that. i wanted to be honest with these
12:20 am
guys. it had been weighing on my mind. i thought if you're going to start a relationship you're going to do it right. i took a huge risk. i don't regret that decision. >> jimmy: some of them did not take it well. we have a clip here of that i believe. >> my biggest pet peeve is wasting my time. you know? and i'm in hong kong. it's great. but she's wasting my [ bleep ] time. i'm pissed right now. you put every [ bleep ] minute into her. and then this happens. >> jimmy: yeah. now, did that surprise you? >> from lucas or in general? >> jimmy: well, from lucas. i mean, he was really mad. >> yeah, i mean, he definitely didn't show that to me. i had no idea. actually that clip is the first kind of tidbit of that that i've ever seen. >> jimmy: do you feel like this experience has made you understand men more or less? >> i mean, that's a tough question. it made me realize there are so
12:21 am
many different types of men out there. some men are really out there to just really crush you and put themselves in front of another human being. to me, that's disheartening. >> jimmy: i tell you what, i think j.p. is the one you picked. he's the one i would pick. and i don't know if there's somebody in that apartment with you, but if there is, i hope it's j.p. >> oh, that's sweet. >> jimmy: now we're all studying your face to see what your reaction -- well, thank you, ashley. ashl ashl ashl ashley hebert. we'll check back in with her throughout the course of the season. we have a good show tonight. from "rookie blue," missy peregrym is here. and louis c.k. so stick around. ♪
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>> jimmy: hi there! tonight on the program, from "rookie blue," missy peregrym is with us. she's from canada. she promised to bring me some cheap blood pressure medication. then with music from their self-titled debut album, steel magnolia, from the bud light stage. tomorrow night, we'll be joined by jason bateman. from the cincinnati bengals linebacker and author dhani jones, and comedian hannibal buress. then, later this week shia labeouf, kevin nealon, from "pretty little liars" green bay packers quarterback aaron rogers. dave salmoni and his terrifying animals and we'll have music from parachute and 311. so join us. our first guest tonight is one of the funniest men around with an exceptionally funny show. the show is called "louie," watch it thursdays at 10:30 on fx.
12:27 am
please say hello to louis c.k. [ cheers and applause ] very good to see you. nice to see you. >> really good. >> jimmy: it's been a while. >> it has been a long time. you're a much thinner fellow than you were before. >> jimmy: don't get used to it. >> no? >> jimmy: you -- now, you live in new york. >> yes. >> jimmy: you've got two little girls. >> yeah, two kids. >> jimmy: do they come on trips with you? >> no, no, whii would not do th to them. they're at home with their mom sleeping right now. >> jimmy: they are, yeah. >> you got to know where your kids are now. didn't used to know -- you know what i mean, when we were kids, did your parents know where you were? >> jimmy: no. even that thing on the news, do you know where your kids are? the answer was no. >> now, it's kind of -- chain of custody that's never broken, you know? now can account for every second of your kid's lives. you go on play dates. it's an arranged thing.
12:28 am
you drop them off. you take them to soccer games. empowering, yeah. you take them home. it's all very arranged. >> jimmy: you're right, it is more -- i wonder why that is? >> well, people like to have -- throw kids in the garbage and stuff like that. they break their bones. but anyway -- that's not important right now. but when we were kids -- >> jimmy: it wasn't like that. >> those people were around. there was no nancy grace. so now -- now there's somebody there to remind you of it a lot. so folks watch their kids more. i mean, it's not a new thing. >> jimmy: when you were a kid, would you just -- you'd run around the neighborhood, right? >> we, you know. yeah. my kids go on play date. i have a relationship with the parents. i know who the kids are. they've been to my house. i've been to their house. i was just a kid walking around town. i was like 8 years old. younger than my daughter. just walking around. dude, in town. i would go to greg's house.
12:29 am
my friend greg. my mother never met greg. no idea who he is. certainly never met his dad or whoever the dude was. i don't know who it was. when i went to greg's house, i'd knock on the door. this guy would come. always wearing -- some kind of weird top that look a little womany. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> and hanes. he always had a snoopy glass with gin in it. and just hanes briefs. that were fighting with, you know. and then there was always a little brown spot on the front. yes. so i was contemplating does this guy poop out of his penis? those are the kinds of things i had to think about. >> jimmy: that's greg's dad for you. >> yes. >> jimmy: you -- were you a bad kid? >> i wasn't a bad kid but i got in trouble because i just was alone and i just, you know. like i got into stealing tampons
12:30 am
at one point. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: for profit? >> no. i didn't make a dime. i didn't make a dime. >> jimmy: how does this work? i hesitate to ask. how would this work? >> i was 8 years old. i just went into a cvs one day because i just roamed store aisles. i was lacki inglooking at the t. i knew there was something dirty about them. i didn't know what they were. staring. i picked one up. i got the gal to pick one up. looking at this box of tampons. someone came around the corner and i put them in my jacket. now i have stolen them. in my head, i'm like, that's it, i can't -- so i just -- i left. i had sweat on my face. and i just went home and i threw them under my bed and i'm eating dinner, like everybody knows i have tampons under my bed. and so it was a terrible stressful experience. which i then repeated every day for like two months. i'd go back and i'd just do the whole cycle.
12:31 am
i just kept doing it. no, i never got caught. i mean, they probably saw me but the guy's like, i'm not confronting the killed who takes the tampons. i'll pay for them out of my check before i live that moment. i'm not asking that little pervert what he's doing with those. >> jimmy: there's something wrong with that boy. >> something's really wrong with him. >> jimmy: how did it end? >> they just kept going under my bed. one itday i looked and they wer just gone. my mom never said anything. she just -- she must have gleening up and she was like what the -- what is this? this crazy -- >> jimmy: wow, that's -- >> i don't know, maybe she used them for ten years. i don't know. would she throw them away? >> jimmy: might as well. in those days, you don't waste. >> maybe i contributed to the family a little bit. maybe i kept my mom in cheap tampons for a few years. i do nt know. >> jimmy: are your kids unusual like this? >> no. >> jimmy: are you as the weird father, are you a weird father to them or -- >> no, i've tried to make up for
12:32 am
it. it's a little too -- like i think i had kids a little too late and a little too fat in life. >> jimmy: what do you mean by that? >> you should be a young healthy dad. you s should be a 26-year-old father in a tight t-shirt going, whoa, i'm going to get you. one of those guys. that's what kids have coming. i'm not that. >> jimmy: you don't do that? >> i take them to the park and i run them like dogs. you got 20 minutes. i just watch them run. i stand there breathing like tony soprano and watching them run. and -- daddy, chase up. someone grabs you, maybe i'll chase them. but otherwise, you're all -- it's just i have a lot of physical limitations that keep me from being a good dad. i'm always in a 48-hour window of diarrhea. that either i'll be having or i'll have had diarrhea within 48 hours. somewhere on the time line of my life. and depending on where i am in
12:33 am
that window dictates how far from my house i'm willing to venture. how far radius. >> jimmy: yeah, right. you're tethered in a way. >> yes, yes, it's like having an ankle bracelet in a different kind of way. because otherwise i'm having diarrhea in a public restroom with my kids standing there watching me. they're little. i can't leave them by themselves. daddy, i don't want to -- sorry, you wanted to go to the aquarium, this is what happens. i said let's get the newspaper and come home. but you the good fancy. you get to watch me pee out of my ass for two hours. >> jimmy: it's fun for the kids. the memories. do they know -- do they understand you're a comedian? do they -- like, they know this? is this a concept -- >> they know daddy tells jokes. and they don't get the business though. you know, they don't -- >> jimmy: who does really? >> no, who does? but, like, i had a weird
12:34 am
conversation with my 9-year-old. we were driving on the highway. the 6-year-old was there too but she was just sapping resorgsurc. she wasn't really contributing to the conversation. we pass by a cruise ship. cool things about having kids is you get to tell them what everything is. you get to be the person that reports the whole planet for -- >> jimmy: you're their tour guide for life. >> that's a cruise ship. there's swimming pools and discos or whatever they have, you know. so they got excited about the idea of a cruise ship. i said, some comedians do shows on cruise ships. they're like, do you do that? no. here's the thing. comedians have a mean hatred of cruise ship comics. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's just a mean prejudice. we call them boat acts. it's just mean. boat acts. they pander. we just think they're crap. and it's just something -- it's like being born racist. you just believe it. you don't question it. it's just -- it's just a thing
12:35 am
in you. >> jimmy: you might not even know. >> so my daughter's like, have you ever worked on a cruise ship. i'm like no. and she says, why not? why wouldn't you want to be on a bolt? i'm like, well, that's a different kind of comic. she said, what's so different? well, a cruise ship comic just tries to please everybody. she's like, why wouldn't you want to do that? of course -- isn't that what you want to do? yes, but i -- some things i say on stage might upset some people. why would you upset people? that's a terrible thing to do. >> jimmy: you know what, there might be some clarity there. i don't know. you might want to rethink this cruise thing. >> i might try the crew ship. >> jimmy: the show is terrific. it's very funny. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] oh, thank you. >> jimmy: we're going to take a quick break. we'll come back and talk about "louise." "louise" airs tuesday nights on fx. we'll be right back. fact -- chicken mcnuggets are great. here we go.
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can i help you? >> yeah, i need condom, sexual lubrica lubricant, vagitene and blueberries. >> we don't got no blueberries. >> thank you. >> jimmy: that's "louie," it's on fx every thursday night. the show is -- not only is it
12:41 am
very funny but the directing is great. i know you direct the show too. >> i do, yes. >> jimmy: it looks great. it looks like a move were out of the '70s. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you must be very pleased with the whole thing. >> i am. i love it. movie out of the '70s is perfect. >> jimmy: how is the -- how is the second season different from the first season? is it? >> yeah, i mean, we -- i -- when i get bored of something, i just stop doing it. i didn't keep a lot of the same stuff. like we moved to a new apartment. it's a whole -- but there's no scene where it happened. i just stopped being in that one. last year, i had one very constant character. it was my brother played by bobby kelly who is a funny guy. he did such a good job. this year, i just didn't feel like it so he's gone. he's just gone. i didn't kill him in an episode. it's like he never existed. >> jimmy: what a great thing for him is in a way like "lost" where he could possibly come back, right? >> i guess. i'd have to have a good idea. i didn't have any ideas for him so i just stopped -- he's not in
12:42 am
the reality of the show anymore like he never was. so i now have two sisters. >> jimmy: right. >> one of them -- none of this reflects my life. the show's all fiction. the first episode this season introduces my sister as this character. and it's a big introduction. it's the last thing we shot because i came up with it like right before we wrapped. she's just -- there's a whole thing where she comes and i love her -- gone. never see her again. >> jimmy: really? >> yes, and my neighbor comes and helps me and he's a really nice guy. the last thing he says is remember who your neighbors are. he's gone too. >> jimmy: really? it seemed lake you were going to then have like a neighborly friendly relationship. >> it's gone. you'll never see him again. last year, i had this woman play my mother. she was this crazy horrible woman. it's not -- my mother's a really nice person. so i just made up this terrible mother character played by this -- mary louise wilson, really funny actor. later in the season, i wanted to
12:43 am
do a flashback to my real mother who's really nice. everybody was very confused. these characters are so insanely different. and the woman who played my mother is a young woman i date in another episode. whole other person. because she was good in both parts. so i just don't care. >> jimmy: it's an ensemble cast. >> if it messes u the goal of another episode, i don't give a bla [ bleep ]. i just don't care. >> jimmy: to hell with it. >> if you don't like it, fire me. it's a very darwinism system, television. >> jimmy: no one should get comfortable. >> if it stinks, i'm gone. >> jimmy: not the viewers at home. >> that's right. >> jimmy: louis c.k., everybody. "louie," on fx. you are the next trending topic.
12:44 am
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smell, and really enjoy. resolve deep clean powder. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. >> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, steel magnolia. our next guest plays a fighter of crime named annie on the show "rookie blue." you can watch it thursdays at 10:00 here on abc. please welcome missy peregrym. [ cheers and applause ] you look fantastic. you look like you're athletic. >> i am. >> jimmy: there you go. you're from canada? >> yeah. >> jimmy: where in canada? >> born in montreal but raised
12:54 am
in ontario. >> jimmy: now here it's in the united states. it's actually -- do you shoot the show in canada? >> we shoot it in toronto. >> jimmy: and then it airs there first and then here second? >> no, same time. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> it's kind of like a dual show. >> jimmy: we don't take other country's leftovers. will you be celebrating canada day? >> um, yeah, sure, yeah. yeah. you know, i'll get together with a few canadians. >> jimmy: what do you do? what's the traditional way to celebrate? it's on friday, right? >> you just drink. [ applause ] you guys blow everything up, you know, fireworks. that's like a huge thing. >> jimmy: we drink and we explode things. there are no explosions? you don't have fireworks? >> some people actually cross the border into vancouver, washington, buy all the fireworks and then go back. >> jimmy: do they not sell fireworks? >> it's not the same thing there, no. there's not 100,000 booths on the highway. >> jimmy: our fireworks have gotten lame over the years.
12:55 am
to be honest. you could lose like a couple of fingers per year in the old days. but now it's like everything's -- >> oh, it's safe. eh. sucks. >> jimmy: it does. and your dad is a minister i heard. >> yep. >> jimmy: how's that growing up? is that -- fun? >> fun? yeah. i mean, it was great. he's a great guy. but nobody wanted to play with me. no one would really come over. >> jimmy: why? were they scared of him? >> yeah, kind of. plus, he's the father of three girls. he's not going to be cool about some guys just coming over to the house. >> jimmy: no father's going to be that cool with that. >> it's even worse when he's a man of the lord. >> jimmy: yeah, sure. and when your friends would come over, would he do something to scare them off? or they just in general didn't want to be around him? >> they didn't want to be around. it's awkward. i didn't want to introduce them either. then i have a lot to explain. >> jimmy: do you still go to
12:56 am
church and do these things? >> yes. i do go to church. however, yesterday, i went to a catholic mass. i'm not very familiar with that. i've been twice in my life. and it was a bit uncomfortable. >> jimmy: why? >> well, i'm in the used to the whole thing. i mean, everybody knew the words to everything. i'm like, where are you reading it? >> jimmy: you just know it. >> everybody did. i was impressed. just very poll late and kind of standing there. when communion came, i take communion, that's fine. i didn't want to go up to the front of the room to take it. i was a bit embarrassed. >> jimmy: the altar. >> yes, the altar. i don't know what you call it. >> jimmy: all these technical terms. >> well, i was at a wedding once and i went up and the priest you know basically asked me in a very nice way if i was catholic. and if i should be taking communion. no, i'm not technically catholic so i was like, yes, i'll take it. three times.
12:57 am
he finally gave it to me. he staered me down the rest of the wed. i'm like, i'm not going. then there was a flood of people behind me. so it would be more awkward to stand in the lane going, please, go ahead, please, go ahead. i'm not worthy of the communion. so we go to walk up and my friend's behind me and i'm like, what do i do? i know i'm supposed to do something with my hands. i can get the blessing. >> jimmy: you have to go -- >> i was going to pass on the communion. i didn't want to have that experience again. i was just going to take the blessing. >> jimmy: then you stay in your seat. >> no, you walk up and get the blessing. >> jimmy: like a baby does. >> i was trying to do the right thing. so i walk up and all of a sudden, you know, i kind of turn around and look at my friend, like what do i do? and he wasn't really thinking and he put his hands through my arms and kind of covered me but it looked like he was copping a feel and by that time i was in front of the priest and i'm like -- so i just kind of assumed the praying position.
12:58 am
i was lake -- and then -- i was so embarrassed. so there were two other people that were kind of handing it out too. i'm like, i'm not going to talk to the priest. i'm mortified. i go to the left. that's my right actually. different in canada. i go to my right. you know, i did this thing. she was kind of shocked i even asked for a blessing i guess because it's for babies. and she kind of was like driink and hit me on the head. then went back. so when we left the priest was standing out at the front and i didn't want to really talk to him or shake his hand and he looked down at the ground and he goes, i like your dress. >> jimmy: no. >> yeah, i was like, thank you. >> jimmy: i like your dress? did you say i like yours too? >> no, i just left. >> jimmy: by the way, i want to show this real quick. this is a billboard. you tweeted this. somebody drew that mustache on you?
12:59 am
>> yes. >> jimmy: how do you feel? >> i love the attention to detail. they even did like stubble dots. >> jimmy: like fred flintstone. a whole shading thing. somebody spent some teaserious e on that. >> it's really big too. >> jimmy: congratulations. i'm glad everything's going so well. i hope you learn your church procedures for the next time. missy peregrym everybody. "rookie blue" is thursday nights at 10:00 on abc. we'll be right back with steel magnolia.
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>> jimmy: this is their self-titled debut album, here with the song "without you," steel magnolia. ♪ ♪ i'm nothing without you a crumbling statue without you ♪ ♪ i'm no one just someone lost in the moment searching for something ♪ ♪ that's nothing without you
1:03 am
i lay here waiting for you ♪ ♪ well i call you no answer don't blame you it hits me ♪ ♪ i miss you god i miss you ♪ ♪ i need to know i'm on your mind the way i know that you're on mine ♪ ♪ the way i know the stars will shine and that the sun ♪ ♪ will light the sky i need to feel you ♪ ♪ beside me right by me never passing by me i want you to ♪ ♪ hold me console me when i feel i can't control me ♪ ♪ and my emotions
1:04 am
take over tell me it's ♪ ♪ not over and never will be i know i'm guilty ♪ ♪ i need to know i'm on your mind the way i know that you're on mine ♪ ♪ the way i know the stars will shine and that the sun ♪ ♪ will light the sky i need to feel you ♪ ♪ ♪ oh come on come on baby i need to feel you i need you ♪


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