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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  June 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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76/100ths of rain. sfo with a record for the day. and oakland shattered its record with nearly an inch. taking a look at half moon bai. more than an inch. it's not just a record for the day. san francisco is recording this second wettest june on record. nearly two inches for the month of june in 2011. showers continuing throughout night and into morning. then, we're looking at a drier, warmer forecast. i'll be back with a full look at thuft that in just minute autos thank you. a man died after the pickup truck he was riding in went out of control on a rain-soaked freeway. it happened on westbound interstate 880 just before noon today, witnesses say a truck slid on its roof and offer off the freeway. you can see results. and clipped a chp cruiser before stopping. the driver suffered minor injuries.
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the 57-year-old man killed was from san francisco. >> this weather is being watched closely by nervous strawberry growers, first had to deal with spring rain rain, now they're worry about summer rains, ruining their crops. >> rain just started to fall about 15 minutes ago here. strawberries are among the most-sensitive crops when it rains. it's higher field can be lost when moisture causes fungus to grow. >> farm workers toil, they get paid by 20s pound trays. they're trying to save the crop from rain damage. >> if there is any standing water, berries are sitting in it, it just starts a decay process that is irreverseable. >> pete says mother nature has made it a tough year to make money off strawberries. the threat returned to these
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berries. >> you can see already the decay process. it's very advanced there. is a really large amount of mold on it already. and obviously, this can go in the box. >> half are harvested after june 1. >> this is field worker says rain is not his friend. there are different varieties of strawberry strawberries plant ntd fields. and in the back there is a different variety that should fare okay. the variety makes up just over half of the strawberries grown in the area. there is a spillover affect whit rains. the fruit stands popular with local residents and visitor reez lie on a steady supply of picture perfect berries.
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rain has a way of putting a damper on business. >> we don't work. nobody is going to stop whit rains. then, we don't get the fruit. >> the price of cherries went whup there was rain this mochl the weather slowed growth of tow mateos near the central valley. >> thank you very much. all of this rain washed some diesel fuel into lake merit. abc 7 is live with the story tonight. how much fuel we are talking about here? >> i just got an update from firefighters saying it ended up being between 30-50 gallons, firefighters believe it may have spread to-to-now cover a four to fish acre stretch g news is that this is turned out to be mostly sheen. it's now officially contained. now, oakland emergency
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response workers began laying booms within an hour of receiving the wall this afternoon. and when first crews arrived they knew it was diesel just by the strong smell. and there were public works crews including an environmental scientist and an oil spill expert. and crews say rainy weather force aid storm train to push this out. but where that came from to begin with is still unknown. and crews say koit have come from a leaking big skprig a nearby business with a leaking generator. >> right now, we're working with the public works department to identify some of the infrastructure and in it, depending on if we're able to locate the service we'll interview the businesses in
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the area. >> and it turns hout lake merit was the first wildlife refuge of all of north mesh. oakland's emergency response crews are working with outside agencies like fish and game to determine what impacts may be, what they may have on the verge. so far they seem to be those birds seem to be staying away from fuel on their own. this crew just arrived to help with the clean up, they're expected to unload their gear, including a vacuum. now we're live in lake merit in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. bart has agreed to pay the mother of oscar grant $1.3 million to jelt a wrongful death lawsuit. grant was unarmed when shot by
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former police officer johannes mezer lee. >> -- mehserle. >> bart reached a jeltment with his young daughter, and today, reaching a settlement for a lesser amount. johnson file aid federal civil rights lawsuit against bart for the loss of her unarmed 22-year-old son, shot in the back, killed on new year's day, 2009. a los angeles jury convicted former bart officer johannes mehserle last summer. mehserle served 11 months of a two-year sentence, released from a los angeles jail this month. grant's family and supporters vow td their fight for justice in their woods would continue in the civil courts system. today one part of that fight is over. >> no amount of money can replace oscar.
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and if i got $1 or $100 million it won't bring oscar back. my heart still grieves for my sochblt -- son. there is just not enough words to describe how my heart feels, broken for the loss of my son. it was just unnecessary. >> this is a fair amount, expensive from the average passenger's point of view. but a gentleman died because of bart's actions. >> this settlement pertains only to oscar grant's mother, there were several other young men, friends of grant on the platform the night he was killed. according to the attorney thirks sue luts -- lawsuits will continue, grant's family reiterated they want very much for the federal department of justice to continue their investigation into what happened that night on the
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bart platt form. -- platform. >> and an attack by insurgents in afghanistan claimed the life of a soldier from sacramento county. the pentagon says specialist kevin hillman was killed. this was his third deployment overseas. he served in iraq. he was 28 years of age, and received both bronze star medal and the purple heart during his career, he was assigned to the 25th infan tri division based in hawaii. meanwhile in iraq, an ied attack claimed the life of a soldier from oroville. the 25-year-old staff sargeant died on sunday. he was assigned to the first cavalry division in fort hood, texas. the attack claimed the life of private first class from tulsa, oklahoma. right now at the state
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capital, the senate are due to start voting sometime tonight, working out a plan with the governor reduce the deficit from $26 billion to $5 billion. >> it looks like lawmakers will start debating this evening, that can pass with new republican votes. the new fiscal year starts friday. latest budget letting hikes expire this week. the sales tax dropping 1%. the vehicle license fee decreasing by almost half. personal income tax surcharge expired in january. >> it's a win. average family of four going to see an additional $1,000 over the next tax year. >> skm wenz won't support extending taxes and services could see deeper cuts to makeup for lost revenue, if another $4 kbrinl doesn't materialize by the end of the year, public schools could be
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on the chopping block again, lopping off another week and a half in class ootz economy st fragile. and to have that balanced to what happens to education is nerve wracking to schools. >> with the states billion as above forecast, it's possible cuts can be avoided. and democrats feel republicans gave them no choice. power given last fall. >> i know cuts that we're voting on have consequences for real people in all communities throughout the state. >> there are still some new revenues, the tax requires sell tax to be collected from certain online retailers. a new fee imposed on homeowners paying for fire protection and a $12 fee on car registration helping fund dmv. taxpayer groups are considering legal action because by law taxes require a
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two-thirds vote. >> they're trying to impose a tax and calling it a fee. >> lawmakers have motivation owe to get this done. they haven't been paid since june 16th and won't be until passing a balanced budget. five republican lawmakers sent a letter to the attorney general asking whether john chung had authority to jot their check autos they want to get paid. thank you. the budget appears to protect california schools from more cuts for the time being. and lauchls banking on extra revenue to add $4 billion to the state budget. it's optimistic but state brought in an extra $450 million. educators are nervous.
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>> there is a lot of guesswork involve 234d this. >> prop 98 mandates 39% of the budge writ go to education. many are hoping for an extension of the 2009 temporary tax increases that republicans have resisted. >> and we have more head coming up from 7 on your side, move over, drivers. make way for bikes. the bike letting you break the law behind the wheel to make roads safer. >> and illegal world series souvenirs head together needy around the world. news continues in one minute. denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a former naval base is now a wildlife preserve. and became part of the national wildlife refuge.
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the land lie as long the north shore of the bay. and the refuge includes tidal marshes and mud slats important, feeding and resting areas for birds. >> u.s. customs is sending counterfeit giants tee shirts and caps seized from vendors to needy children in haiti. the giants played in the world series and illegal vendors were selling fake merchandise outside. >> it was only steady for first up with cell -- couple days. after they knew we're going to be out there. we saw a great drop in the number of people trying to sell counter fit goods because we were effective in enforcement. >> the fake shirts will go to world vision, promising to make certain they get to children in haiti. >> terrific. >> yeah. >> something good out that have. >> there is a law that could make it easier to take your car to a favorite mechanic instead of a dealership. >> skm that could save real
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money. >> and as know, many the dealer receives tools from the manufacturer, however, that can mean finding a less-expensive mechanic there. is a new bill to level the playing field called right to repair act. the requiring computer code, tools and safety bull continues to all auto mechanics not just dealer franchises. beginning today it's el little to sell drop-side cribs even in a yard saechl they have side rail that's go up and down. however, sides can detach, trapping the infants. krib cribs blamed for deaths of 32 babies since 2000, 11 million cribs have been recalled since 2007. it bans the sale of the cribs requiring more testing of new cribs before they'll be allowed on to the market.
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>> and lawmakers in sacramento want to make it safer for bicyclists to share the road was cars. you may notice how bikes and cars can come close passing each other on the roadway. a bill would require drivers to leave a three-foot buffer zone. drivers could cross a double yellow line necessary, and not get a ticket. the bill received both praise and criticism. >> drivers sometimes don't recognize the wind draft or the noise or the fear factor children and people going to school could have with a big vehicle passing them. >> majority of bike involved fatalities with our vehicles, vast majority are the fault of the bicyclist. >> the bill won approveal from the committee, now it's on before the full. >> and some roads are so thin.
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>> nerve wracking. >> thank you. >> and at least it's not cold. >> very, very wet. >> and it had been a record-setting day. daily records shattered in many area. and it was pouring and there are thunderstorms and it's still raining now. let's get you live picture now from our high definition roof camera looking towards bay bridge there. the sun trying to poke through there. and there is another live picture overnight. rain drops on the wednesday. rain will be over before you know it. and we have to contend with a slick evening commute. and we'll see there is a break here in the north bay. and there is some moderate to
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heavy rain between fairfield and vacaville. and there is some moderate rain. and there is some moderate to heavy rain, we'll continue to see this. south bay there is some yellows showing up here that is some heavy rainfall, there. and be aware of this. temperatures into 50s and 60s, these numbers looking like overnight lows. temperatures cool for this day. clearing continues and there is a big warm up. we'll dry out burke not immediately. cold front coming through now. it's why we're seeing rainfall. this area of low pressure will continue to keep wet weather in the forecast throughout night. what is going happen is that
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the front passes through, and then, this area of low pressure starts to track overhead, meaning 5:00 a.m. tomorrow we're looking at and showers will diminish, we'll see sun breaking through, temperatures will come up a few degrees tomorrow afternoon. and certainly will be a milder day. in the morning looking for scattered showers. and upper 50s and into mid-70s, partly sunny skies expected and there are temperatures into low 60s to mid-70s, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. showers in the morning. there is a warmer wednesday afternoon. warming continues thursday and friday.
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throughout the weekend we're going see hot holiday weekend conditions mid-90s inland. and the 4th of july fire works. and i just had to clarify that. >> and we'll return to what is normal for summer time heading into holiday weekend. >> so for san francisco, it's fog in the morning, right? >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> and well, still head a new study on mam yo grams athat may end the debate. >> and at 6 tonight contact lenses offering an extra layer prof tex from harmful rays of the sun. that is at 6:00. we'll be right back here. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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cancer patients are pleading with the fda deciding the fate of a popular breast cancer drug. supporters packed a meeting today for the first two days of hearings. the drug maker is challenging the decision not to recommend the drug for breast cancer ai. year ago the fda said it neither extends nor improves lives of patients, today, patients made very personal appeals to the pabl. -- panel. >> what if i was your wife, your mother, your sister? your sfrind? what if i was your granny? >> if not approved it will remain on the market for other cancers. it was the swiss drug company's top seller last year, bringing in $6.8 billion. >> mammograms safe lives is the finding of a new study out of sweden. the study of 130,000 women shows screenings cut the number of deaths by 30%. the study resultses confirmed
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findings houn screenings can reduce deaths. the study found for every 500 mammograms, one life was saved. researchers hope findings will end controversy over whether regular mammograms are worth cost. >> a lot more to bring you at 5:00. coming up more than a hard day's night. >> next, rare pictures of the beatles, some have never been seen before.
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the abc 7 news i team reveals dirty seek dprets a well known producer. >> and a look at the impact on san francisco court system, two dozen courtrooms set to
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close and hundreds will lose their jobs. and a ride aboard san francisco muni system's dirty 30 line. how it earned that nickname. and now back to dan and cheryl. >> and finally, many never before seen pictures of the beatles will be on bsplay this evening. >> they were shot between 1964 and 1966. during the first visits to the u.s.. >> he filed picture as way. and they stayed more than 30 years until his son decided the book was to be published. >> that will be exciting to see. >> and they're still turning up the history. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 6:00. >> try to stay dry out there.


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