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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  June 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for california purchases. and we are live with the story tonight. >> the new law known as nama ya -- ammaston tax supposed to add $200 million per year to state coffers. critics say the new law is a loss of jobs. most retailer was a store front in california like the avid reader, are happy the governor signed a bill forcing out of state sites to start collecting sales tax from residents, always felt waits unfair customers could get a discount for buying items tax-free online, and stores have to charge a sales tax. >> why should a person operate at a ts advantage. they're the one that's do local hiring and pay local property tax that's support police and fire and other services? and amazon doesn't? >> the law only previously required retailers with a presence in california to collect a sales tax.
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e-tailers got away with not collecting the money because they zront a store front on his state. they contract with 25,000 known as affiliates, providing links to sites. now that the new law is forcing sites to start collecting sales tax from california residents, buying from affiliates, e tailers have begun receivering ties. amazon saying quote, we'll terminate contracts with all california residents participating in the associates program. san francisco-based eba ebay -- ebates got a similar letter, it could mean some of the 50 employees could be in jeopardy. now kor rit officers are weighing option autos everything from layoffs, and a freeze of hiring and we're a business growing and hiring pompl the last few years, all
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the way up until leaving the state. >> assembly woman nancy skinner has been trying to push through the so-called amazon tax. >> if they decide to be the bully that they've threatened to be, we've got lots of great retailers, sears, barns and noble, target, home depot. all have programs. >> and amazon cut tie was affiliates in arkansas, ill skpil connecticut after those states passed similar laws, interestingly the company did not cut ties to new york. live in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and at san francisco international airport tonight, shuttle cars, and now, they're fighting back. abc 7 is live at sfo with the story for us. vick? >> well, carolyn, these small shuttle operators are angry. they say that this prefr ren
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shall treatment has been going on decades. now, they say it's starting to affect their livelihood. >> it's constant. like a dictatorship happening to us at the airport. do you have anything against my company? against little companies, here? >> eric's anger is directed at john martin and the airport commission. he owns an airport shuttle service, one of several shuttle operateors attending this commission meeting wanting to know why super shuttle gets special treatment at sfo. >> why are you so concerned about super shuttle and not about my company? is it about the size? really? >> the consultant to the independent operators say all they want is a level playing field with super shuttle. >> they came in in early 80s with a lot of money, a lot of investment. they picked up a lot of political momentum to get special treatment. they've held that. >> the 10 small companies say
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the airport forces restrictions on them, while giving super shuttle easier access to passengers. vans from the smaller services are forced to move around a loop from one terminal another. and can only stop at certain curves for a limited amount of time. super shuttle is allowed to move to any terminal, and can park as long as they want. operators say these tree strixs give an unfair advantage to pick up passengers. shuttle owners say they've complained for decades but they're pleas have not been heard. >> we just keep hitting a wall, everybody says it's not me. it's a political environment. it's always something. >> airport commission president declined to comment. so did the director, john martin, referring our questions to a spokesman. >> the smaller groups have a market share wex try to meet needs but there is no special treatment for everyone. we try to treat everyone fairly as we can.
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>> and now, super shuttle decline aid request for an interview. their position is that the airport makes policy and they're abiding by it and told me their vans are franchises and believe they're actually promoting small business here at the airport. now this group of small shuttle owners have taken their case to the mayor, mayor ed lee, they say promised to look into it. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and san francisco police have identified a fugitive parole they shot and wounded after he opened fire on them during a morning commute. he was wanted on a $75,000 warrant for vandalism. police say the 38-year-old violated parole, firing a weapon into the air in the same neighborhood just daves ago. today recovering an ak 47 assault rifle and a handgun at the scene. >> we believe he fired one time upon the officers and the
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officers returned fire, striking the suspect. the suspect then crash add cross the street. >> he's been treated for a nonlife threatening injury. police officers were not injured in this shooting. >> east palo alto police took to the streets this morning to checkup on gang members on parole or probation. the tweet is part of an effort to put pressure on the gang members after a brazen shooting kill aid 3-month-old baby. gangs aren't the city's only problem saying the department faces a new threat from the state government, looking to cut $71 million from a program helping the city keep violence down. >> it's more than just cutting a unit. it's cutting a resource we probably need more now than we have in the last 10 years because of the crisis z a threat of increasing gangs in california. >> the chief credits the state
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aid for helping them cut the murder rate by 70% over last five year autos tonight animal rights activists are stepping up pressure on safeway and costco following an i team report showing under cover video from an iowa pork producer supplying bay area retailers. dan noyes back tonight with new developments in this story. >> and the activists want safeway and costco to push their pork suppliers to make life better for pigs before they go to slaughter. the industry is doing damage control right now in light of this disturbing video. it tells the story. mercy for animals held news conferences in three cities to play the hidden camera video we've shown you last night, making the case against gestation crates. the widely used, narrow case that's confine sows most of their lives as factory farms. >> animals should have rooms to walk, run and exercise. >> california voters pass aid
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ban on gestation crates that will take place in four years, but nothing will prevent retailers from purchasing pork from out of state to. push for change in other states, and under cover activist took pictures over two months, and iowa select farms. it supplies pork to safeway, costco and other big grocery chain as cross the country. >> sows need more room well. agree with that. >> after seeing this video, costco's vice president of assurance told us the industry agrees they have to move away from gestation crates. >> we support those things and we're continuing to work with our vendors to make this gestation crate issue better for the animal, we're going to get better quality work, better for everybody. the industry gets it. >> safeway issued a statement reading we continue to persue our goal to increase the amount of pork as supplies become available from
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suppliers that are phasing out the use of gestation draits. >> are you satisfied with the response? >> we want a written agreement they'll stop purchasing gestation crates pork. >> by when? >> 2017. >> the world's largest meat processor slaughters pigs from iowa select and sells them to safeway and cost could under the swift brand stopped accepting bigs from that one farm. the activist says she saw sows in need of medical attention. piglets being thrown by workers. >> if we were throwing them it would mess them up? >> no. they're fine. pigs are very bouncy. >> i was -- iowa select gave a tour of the farm in iowa today. they launched their own investigation. >> we have policies in place of animal handling and well being and our employees are
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trained in it. we feel like we have a very good program. howard hill admitted he was shocked to see workers tossing pig lets. last year, 109 million pigs were slaughtered. the vast majority came perfect farms using gestation crates and the activists have a long way to go. we're getting a big response, if you'd like to weigh in you can leave a comment on our i team blog and our abc 7 facebook page. >> and. >> do you think you can pass safety tests? kooum, a new california law few people seem to know about. >> then, later tonight a california job summit. we'll pass along the number one complaint we've heard today among east bay business leaders. >> a major catastrophe could
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blast a hole in your
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a new state law requires restaurant workers to pass an exam on food safety. the law takes place this friday, and abc 7 has more on how teaching food safety could lead to healthier eating. >> most of the time, dining out is a pleasant experience but a rare exception to lead to the hospital. >> sick for a few days from food poisoning. >> prevention is a goal of a new law requiring everyone in the restaurant to have a certificate after taking a
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place clas on food handling and safety. >> and this was a fluke accident we found out bite jeffrey stout is the executive stef of alexander steak house. sanitation is a priority for him and his staff. the law hasn't been widely subly sized, chef stout recognizes bad practices when he, himself goes out to eat. >> you see people smoking cigarettes and touching hair, wiping their hands like this, there are issues involved with the most common thing is just the staph infection. that is the most common thing that. can be prevented by washing hands. >> 60,000 employees will need to take the test. and the counties environmental health department will do outreach over the next six months to encourage compliance. >> everyone who will be touching food whether it's wait staff or the bus staff or the people actually preparing the food will be rired to have
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this card. >> the test originally only available in english and spanish, but with other restaurants, it's now available in chinese. >> this is expected exams in more languages will be needed. this bar dwrernd says it too two hours to complete the test that costs $15. it could make a big difference. >> and there is a number of new fares, fees and fines going into affect friday as well. cal train raising their fares after a year's grace period truckers will be paying higher tolls on bridges. and 85,000 hybrid own owners driving solo will lose their right to park drive in the carpool lane. a man is in critical condition after what may have
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been a street racing accident in sassoon city. his car smashed into a city bus, only two people were on board that bus and they were taken to the hospital, expected to be okay. but the teen-aged driver of the car had to be air lifted to the hospital with major head trauma witnesses told police they saw two cars racing before the accident. police are investigate wlg a second car was involved. >> two backpackers drowned in yosemite national park today, swept away by high water, crossing a flooded foot bridge near hetch hetchy. the two men have not yet been identified. the area was not closed but a spokesperson says visitors are responsible for their own safety in the back count rye three fishermen are recovering after their boat cap sized this morning. take a look. there, you can see the stern of the boat and that boat went down around 1:00 a.m. the crab fisherman says their
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load shifted, causing the boat to roll. they were treated and released no. one was injured z coast guard used booms to contain the leaking diesel fuel. >> another mishap today, tourists on a duck boat got an traechl adventure for the price of a ticket today. the engine started smoking and lost power at mccovey cove. and the fire department towed the boat back to store, managers say passengers were not in danger. >> there is a lot of safety systems on that the original world war ii boats didn't have. and this is pretty much unsinkable. it fills up and they can still be driven in. >> passengers enjoyed a detour, they say, and hopped on to another boat throughout the streets of san francisco. >> tourists enjoyed weather we've had today. >> yes. >> throughout the bay area,
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rain went away. >> and there is a warm up today than yesterday. and there is the heat is on. in emeryville looking westward across alcatras and throughout the golden gate, a few clouds and lots of breaks and blue skies. it's a beautiful evening around the bay area. there is a look at our satellite showing we had leftover clouds this afternoon from yesterday's storm, but lots of sunshine into the afternoon, look it warmed up, 11 degrees warmer today at napa. there is a 15 degrees warmer in cloverdale. and there is no change at san jose. the current temperatures readings low 70s in inland rotations like antioch and fairfield. 60s in other locations and 58
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in half moon bay. there is warmer for holiday weekend coming up. overnight tonight, low clouds and fog pushing across the bay and into many inland locations. will be mild overnight, low temperatures into low to mid-50s, then, things start to sunny up tomorrow. there is a low pressure bringing us sunny skies and warmer weather lasting throughout the weekend and into next week. there is still some low clouds and fog that pushed in overnight and will burn back to and away from the coast. highs on the coast low 60s. and low to mid-80s into warmest locations. there are no 90s tomorrow but will be here friday. upper 70s to around 80.
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and there is 75 in mountain view. 68 in pacifica. 62 in half moon bay. coast is getting milder. 63 into sunset district tomorrow. 67 downtown san francisco. there are 78 in petaluma. near east bay. 72 in oakland and san leandro and newark. low to mid-80s, 81 in danville and pleasanton. and there is low to mid 70s in watsonville. and here is the accu-weather forecast. there is nice hot holiday weekend for 4th of july, high temperatures mid to upper 90s throughout the weekend. up to 70 on the coast. sunday, monday, expect warmth
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that is going hold. >> warm hearted of course. >> thank you. >> and when we come back here tonight there is a city hall food fight. >> why people are objecting to gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams.
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with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. police recorded the 26th homicide of 2011. and here is what happened. they're looking for this man. 53-year-old who was arrested for severely beating a man
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after a confrontation in a san jose bar in 2005. he was deported to mexico but never charged with that beating. the victim unconscious ever since, died last week, and is he now considered a murder suspect. >> nobody is plunging into the richmond plunge tonight. the popular swimming pool has been closed to repair a sewer problem. o fishls are using cameras to z.crews are on the site, digging promising to get the pool opened before the long holiday weekend. and sea princess returned to port in san francisco, it's being disinfected today. princess cruise lines say 53 people showed symptoms of noro virus that, is highly contagious, during the cruise, thaerz touched including railings and door handles were disinfected and ill passengers were quarantined.
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the ship was delayed because of the clean up efforts. >> the foody phenomenon of mobile vendors is seeing bumps in the road for entrepreneurs in san francisco. in march, the city adopted rules designed to make it easier for food trucks to get permits but allows for neighbors and businesses to objects. and so far, two april politics have been approved and three given a tentative okay. but waits tough going for a vendor trying to park at six locations including this spot in the financial district. >> this would bring life to the block and add diverse street food. >> but traditional brick and mortar restaurants call it unfair competition. >> we're all paying high rents and struggling under tough economic condition autos no decision on this case, seven others also face occasions,
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there are 150 food trucks that are approved before new rules went into affect. >> still ahead tonight at 6:30 a job summit. the plan for creating jobs in the one one concern among local business leaders. >> also a homeowner goes to battle to get her roof repaired after the san bruno explosion and fire. >> and a web site that can help you fulfill the dream governoring to college by matching with you someone willing to help foot the bill.
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president obama laid down a challenge to republicans in congress over raising the debt ceiling. let's get it done, he said. in a news conference, the president held open a possibility of cope keeping congress in session unless progress is made this week. raising revenues he said must
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be part of that deal. >> the tax cuts i'm proposing we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. and for corporate jet owner autos house speaker saying the president is sorely mistaken about he believes the fwoil raise the debt keeling and tax woz pass the house and says there must be cuts at least as large as the debt increase. >> and in addition to creating more revenue, president obama looking to create more job that's will be improving an aling infrastructure, roads, bridges and the like. mark math woo yus has a plan ta sounds like another sim plus package. >> there is a real dilemma. he wants to create jobs and doesn't want to add to the national debt. today, outlining his plan forward and we've got reaction from a local jobs summit.
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the president says reducing debt is part of growing job buzz so short term spending on the transportation infrastructure. >> we used to have the best roads, bridges and airports wex don't anymore. >> the president asked congress for a bill providing loans to rebuild roads and college autos that could put people back to work and construction workers back to work, right now. >> and he added he told his administration to cut the red tape. >> don't just look at future regulations. let's go back and look at regulations on the books. if they don't make sense, let's get rid of them. >> today, government regulation was a popular theme. >> it's easy to set up large bureaucracies and there is no natural market impulse to take part. >> that is a the ceo of the medical equipment company. >> this is instructing us and interest tl is the state of california inspected us.
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>> the reps told me business is doing well. >> there is in terms of hiring we're growing. >> when it came to the call to the rich and success tofl pay more, telsa's vp begged off z the nebraska ceo said no. >> we're taxing things we want to encourage, makes no sense. >> down the street, there is a applause the call. >> the rich are getting richer and poor getting poorer. it's less of a middle class, you snow. >> the president counting on that argument before the government runs out of money august 2. >> thank you oo. and mark matthews reporting hundreds of firefighters continuing to battle wild fires burning near the loss alamos nuclear lab.
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flames are just miles from the lab, which has been shut down and firefighters have been able to hold the line. this smoke is visible from space, as you can see. the blaze is covering nearly 110 square miles of land and forced evacuation of 10,000 residents in the area. officials have sent a special plane up to monitor the air for radiation and chemicals as a precaution. >> and san bruno homeowner has been having trouble get herg house repaired after a pipeline explosion and fire that destroyed 38 homes there last fall. hers was damaged in the fire. and michael finney is here to tell bus the fight with the company. >> most of us have homeowner insurance if you own a home. but few find out if it's adequate until disaster strikes. the san bruno disaster is an example of a major catastrophe putting home insurance to the
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test. timmy points towards the inyi center of the gas explosion and fire. this is just down street from her home. >> there was no floor under us. it's was jumping and back and forth. >> nine months later the brick that crumbled off the front of the home has been replaced. the chimney, fireplace and shattered tiles have been repaired. cracks on the walls have been matched up. and state farm paid for the work, except when one expensive one. >> the roof has been replaced but the insurance company refused to pay for the roof. >> tammy sent us two reports from contractors, recommending the roof be replaced. one report stated majority damage was southeast, facing the site of the explosion. others stated the cause of the
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newly displaced shake may have been a wind gust, a blast or major foot traffic. state farm used the analogy of someone get into a fender bebd kbrernd to explain the position. >> the car is 20 years old. the vehicle could use a paint job. well, the insurance company is not going to repaint the entire vehicle. but it will replace the bumper damaged in the accident. >> state farm agreed only to pay for a roof repair but not replacement. aik amy bach is executive director for united policy holder autos there is a lot of money involved and companies will clamp down and they will put up obstacles and unless you can negotiate your way around, you're not going to get a full settlement. >> one of the most common problems for homeowners is that they're under insured. >> and people just don't
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vehicle what costs is, if they don't do that, it's not a big problem now then waits in the past. now, many people are still under insured. >> and using programs are two ways to get a good estimate on replacing your home, should it be destroyed there. is a link to a survey by check book rating the home insurance companies for price and quality of service. the service is available free of charge. because you're watching now, it's not for everybody rg july july 16th. >> we don't want to think about it. >> good point. >> thank you. >> coming up next, we'll show you around the oakland zoo. >> and a new project that will give animals there more room to room. ?k?kéç;ç;çééççççñ
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>> the federal reserve says banks can charge retailer nose more than 21 cents for swiping a debate card. and the fed promised a 12 cent limit but the bank said would it not cover their costs. bank of america agreed to pay $8.5 billion to settle claims of selling bad mortgages to investors, loans made by country wide which b of a bought before the economy went sour, and news corp has taken
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a bath on my space. the site after paying nearly $600 million for six years ago, news corp reportedly unloaded my space today for $35 million. >> the oakland zoo begins a major renovation making it the biggest animal park in northern california. after 14 years, the city council approved doubling the size of the zoo. it will highlight animals, plants that have been pushed out of their habitat by humans. >> so we want to show the wolf is a california native and jaguar california native. people don't realize. >> visitors will get up the hills in an all electric gondola replacing the current chair lift. the zoo is scheduled to open in 2015. >> that is a a great zoo.
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>> and a web site that can help you pay for college. >> and a college energying experiment. lilililililililililililililili
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imagine spending a few dollars to help send a bay area student to college. students in financial need post a profile, hoping to get people like you to donate money towards their collusion tuition. >> college is an expensive proposition. but san francisco's collar is hoping students pay for their education. this idea began here at this tutoring center. and many of their students were being accepted into college but didn't have a way to pay for it. this executive director spoke to us from los angeles while attending a convention there. >> they work with our students coming to us to figure out how much they need to fill in the
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gap to get their tuition money. >> each must full in a profile saying that whair interested in. >> it's like selling yourself without... you know, shouting "desperate". >> and within two weeks, luis reached her goals thanks to five donors. she attends city college in san francisco. katalan has one donor helping to pay for three years of her education at st. mary's college. >> that was... an amazing thing to hear, like. you feel like you won the lottery in that way. you don't realize until gou to college, how much you need money in order to keep going. >> anyone can donate. >> we tell people whatever you can afford, if you can afford $50 then have 10 friends who have $50, you know, all that have money can get pooled together to send a scholar to
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college. >> students then stay in touch with donors. >> you update maybe every few months or so. just tell how school is going and what sit like. did you make new friends? are the classes hard or easy? just learning and let them know how money is being used. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> you know donors like hearing back from them. >> the rain is over. >> yes. >> spencer christian is here with a look at the forecast. >> the rain is out of here, here is a time lapse view downtown this afternoon showing scattered clouds passing through the sky. nice clouds shadows over the city of san jose. mostly sunny skies this afternoon and there is high temperatures low to mid-80s inland. 70s around the bay and a beautiful mild summer day. heading towardsth of july weekend.
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warming up and we'll see highs into 80s there up to 103 down at the rezert in palm springs, 90s into central valley. there is 112 in palm springs and 84 in los angeles. we're going to have a hot 4th of july weekend. highs mid to upper 90s, up to 70 on the coast. and there is warmth as arrived. >> talking about low emission vehicles and clean energy, what could be cleaner than fresh air? what is what students thought but they actually figured out a way to use air to power a bicycle. if you live or work around santa clara university this, may look familiar. you might know model citizens living inside.
6:48 pm
>> shouldn't you be studying? >> what for. >> they're seniors now and a look reveals none majored in house keeping one can find evidence of intelligence life. not only in what they need but in what they practice. >> this is pressed air? >> yes. >> and beyond the obvious ones. just move from kitchen to payment and take a look at this contraption. >> took a normal bike, running it on kpes compressed air. >> the air tanks are attached to a couple hoses. squeeze and that is a third of a horse power there. >> this is from tank autos you ought to see if it really
6:49 pm
works, right? and that is fun? >> absolutely. >> the bike began as engineer prog jekt, took eight months and 270000 -- $2700. >> as long as electricity coming from a clean source, there are zero emissions from this. >> they wanted to take advantage of air as a resource, it's all around us, after all. and getting that into tanks is tricky. >> how much is a fill snup. >> $3 per fill. >> which used might get five miles down the road at 20 miles per hour. so in terms of dollar efficiency, they're not yet there, but it's progress. all from a bunch of fun-loving
6:50 pm
engineering types. most kids leave college with diplomas. these guys have something to show for it. someone asked what you did in college, your answer is? >> build a bike that runs on air and had a lot of fun. >> that is clever it is. >> tonight when we come back, a huge upset at wimbledon. ;x;x;x;x;x;x;x;x;xéííííííííííííx
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three blorks and a lot of damage in between. join me tonight at 9:00. >> there is a black hole in the middle of the street. all of a sudden, water is gushing out. >> business owners underwater, out of patience. >> then, at 11:00 here on abc 7 reality of cuts. some police officers are turning in their guns and badges, coming up later this evening. >> and now let's jump across the pond. >> there is a collective shock today fchl you had a ticket outside today at wimbledon would it probably not have been roger fedderer. think again. it was fed yechl today for
6:54 pm
roger courtesy of joe willfreed sanga. there is a match similar to that duel 25 years ago. and there is forest becker imitation. there is a the freshman bombing away, takes a third set and then in the 4th. there is is a big serve outside. fedderer 178 when taking first two sets. and there is one in this five-set loss. defending champ got all he can handle from marty mitch. and there is a he made him work for everybody this, is a great askproch a better return. take a look at this, this boat line for the winner, fish can't believe it to
6:55 pm
match point. there is a serve and volley. and 18-year-old australian bern yald yard tomich. if jokeavich with beat songa in the semies he'll overtake nadal. and kate and william today at wimbledon. pippa court side for the match. and there is lop yedz, the scot steam rolled the spaniard. >> and feel good story of the year for giants has to be richer ryan voguelsong. he began a 12-year journey around the world on his back to the giants. >> the low point came last year, i got released from the phillies around the break he thought the career was over after playing for giants, pirates, phillies and three
6:56 pm
years in japan. and there when barry zito went down, he got a start on mother's day, pitching skpism a third innings. >> to have a performance like that, and it gets a standing ovation was unbelievable. >> after 12 years he is learning from teammates, his improved focus turned his career around. and is now an all star candidate. >> if i can be a part that have and have that name of an all star attached to my name it would be amazing. >> and tim would strike out and nobody is out. and bottom seven cracks after a double to right. and there is a cubs lead it in
6:57 pm
the 8th. we'll have highlights at 11:00. warriors top three picks getting some nba level practice today. and this is warriors exercising options for the 2012 and 13 season today z ryan voguelsong, great story. never give up on your dream autos terrific. >> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you here at 9:00 and 11:00.
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