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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  June 30, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in the news this thursday morning, a man is found dead inside a burning home in el cerrito. firefighters think a candle left in the bedroom may have sparked the blaze. >> police have new clues in the disaperience of nursing student michelle le. calls were made to arizona and nevada from her cell phone shortly after her disaperience. >> with 20 hours left of the start of the new fiscal year, the oakland city council meets to consider a budget. they're divided op how to close the $58 million deficit. >> as we close out june, the threat of rain is finally over. in fact, july will start on a warm note. we have a heat wave all the way through the weekend. poor air quality, i tell you when that rolls in also. >> good morning. roadwork is the only thing
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that may slow you down right now if you head to san francisco on the bay bridge. a nice ride. we have a complete traffic report coming up. all right, megan. good morning, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm kristen sze. thank you for joining us. begin with a fatal fire in el cerrito that investigators believe may have been started by a cappedle in a -- candle in a bedroom. an elderly woman, not man, was killed in the fire. it happened around 6:30. fire crews say they small smoke in the hills as soon as they left the fire station. >> the arriving engines arrived and found fire blowing through every window in the corner of the building. the neighbors were reporting that there was one person trapped inside. >> firefighters say downed power lines on the driveway also blocked the access. the victim's middle age son was injured trying to rescue her. he was rushed to the hospital. his 11-year-old granddaughter was also in
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the house. fortunately, she was not hurt. this morning, san jose will see a visible effect of the budget crisis. nearly 70 police officers are turning in their badges. as abc7's lisa amin gulezian reports, both the officers and city residents are worried about the future. >> i do feel worried about where the city is headed. crime is on the rise. >> pierre isn't just a san jose resident and taxpayer, he is also a san jose police officer. he is up with of 68 officers losing their job because of the city $115 million budget deficit. he is angry. >> i am mad at the politicians involved, doing this for all the politics. i think they don't have their heart in the right place. >> in a statement, mayor chuck reed said we have some of the finest police officers in the country and i'm sorry we have to have to let some go. i think we need more officers on the street, not less. we just can't afford them. there have already been 28
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homicides in san jose this year, higher than it was for all of last year. residents and business owners are worried. >> i just see the police being stretched so thin, you know, the small crimes affect small business, won't be able to be responded to. >> i think it is going to get out of hand. and i think, i think violence might increase. >> of the 68 laid off officers, 63 agree to stay on and work as reserve officer, basically a volunteer position. the others have been hired by santa clara, sunnyvale and san francisco police. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. the oakland city council is set to meet late this afternoon and in to the night to pass a balanced budget before the new fiscal year begins at midnight. they are considering several plans to cut the deficit. union negotiators representing oakland police, firefighters and other city workers agreed to pay 9% of
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the pension cost. they still need approval from the members which can't be concluded until next week. they are going to sell the herniary j. kaiser con vention center to redevelop me redevelopment agency. if you are planning to make a big picture, you might want to wait until tomorrow. july 1, tomorrow, the statewide sales tax rate will decrease 1%. that brings a base tax rate down from 8.25 to 7.25%. remember, many cities and county tack on extra percent for local funding but the state tax rate coming down 1%. the city of alameda chose an former state fire marshal to conduct an independent review of drowning of a suicidal man at crown beach. the chief has announced to look at the city's response to the memorial day drowning. the city's leadership and policy came under harsh
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public criticism after police and fire rescuers stood around for an hour, while 52-year-old raymond zack stood in the frigid water and lost consciousness. the fire department says the crews were not certified at the time to do water surface rescu rescue. new details emerging in the case of missing nursing student michelle le who disappeared may 22. sources close to the case say several calls were made from the cell phone after she disappeared, one to reno, nevada, and the other to arizona. police travelled to arizona to interview a woman there. le's suv was reportedly spotted by witnesses four hours after she vanished. the suv was found parked a mile from the hospital with blood splatters inside. the f.b.i. is testing a substance found in a letter delivered to the british consulate in san francisco. police and firefighters were called to the building
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yesterday afternoon after an employee became suspicious of the letter. the san francisco fire department recovered it and found the substance inside. building security alerted other people in the building of a possible threat. after an initial inspection, the firefighters turned the letter over to federal agents. police question and later arrested a 60-year-old woman in connection with the letter. no one was hurt for the incident. a truck with missing oil filter was blamed for oil spill last night. it spilled on bryant between fifth and sixth. they absurded the oil and the traffic was routed around the spill. they spent several hours cleaning up the problem. repair crews are working to fix a sewar problem that shut down the richmond plunge. the popular public indoor swimming pool has been closed for the last several days after sewage began backing up. city officials are using cameras to try to figure out what is causing the blockage.
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repair crews have been digging on the site. they are trying to get the pool opened before the long holiday weekend when temperatures will soar. >> we are talking about serious soaring of the temperatures. >> right. soaring so high you can't see it. but you will feel them. >> mike? >> a heat wave coming in starting tomorrow. today we transition from the cool, wet regime to last couple of days to a seasonal sunny one today. a look at what is going on. the thicker clouds, marine layer out to sea. we have a few clouds hanging around this morning. with the lack of them being organized we should be off to the races when the sun comes up. 61 at antioch. if you are leaving the house, everybody else in the mid-to-upper 50s. we have 52 in redwood city. napa. 50 in half moon bay. 51 in los gatos. as far as afternoon temperatures, low to mid-60s along the coast. 67 in san francisco. low to mid-70s along the bay shore to upper 70s in south
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bay. low to mid-80s in the inland valleys of the east bay. the temperatures are close to average. 65 in monterey. low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay. low to mid-80s around morgan hill and gilroy. check out the accuweather seven-day forecast -- starting tomorrow, away from the coast. temperatures will be warmer than average through wednesday. but nice thing about it, temperatures will be rather cool at night in the 50s and 60s. megan has traffic. megan has traffic. >> if you're leaving the house, we have a major repaving project in san ramon valley. this is 680 through walnut creek area. no problems here, but as you make your way to the san ramon valley, you will find several lanes are blocked in both directions of 680, as you head through the alamo and danville area. that should be cleared by 6:00 this morning. also, caltrans working on the dumbarton bridge. eastbound 84. you will find a couple of
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lanes blocked between the toll plaza and thornton avenue until 5:00. terry, kristen? >> thank you. one minute he was playing, the next comatose. still ahead, the unexplained injury to international football star in a bay area match. >> the new charge a bay area man could face today in the dog mauling death of his 2-year-old grandson. [ female announcer ] did you know
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4:41 on thursday morning. live picture of san francisco international airport. i don't know if there are going to be any delays later on. that's mike nicco's department. i'm thinking not, because we have a fantastic day on the way. he has more on that, too, coming up in a few minutes. >> mike knows. contra costa county judge is expected to decide today if a concord man will be tried on murder charges in vicious dog mauling case.
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he has pleaded not guilty to charges of owning a vicious animal. last year, his 2-year-old stepgrandson was mauled to death by three of the pit bulls in the family garage. the prosecutor is now asking the judge to add charge of second degree murder. she says he knew the dogs were vicious and that they had killed two other family dogs and a parrot before the attack on the toddler. san francisco police are asking for help in solving a mysterious sports injury. 22-year-old mark mcgovern is irish galic football star and came to san francisco to play for a club here. he's now in a coma after being injured on saturday. leslie brinkley has more. >> reporter: it was played on this field in treasure island saturday afternoon. 50 spectators watched in the stands. the ball was in play on the opposite end of the field, player mark mcgovern collapsed on the other end. >> no one saw the assault occur so we're asking the
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public's help to come forward and speak with us. >> san francisco police say no one is in custody, but they have identified a particular player on the opposing team. >> all we have is that there was a person that was standing over the player who was seen on the ground. that person is a person of interest. a person we'd like to speak to. >> police will not confirm publish reports that told mcgovern, "you won't get up from that." the victim's family flew to san francisco to be at his side in the hospital. there was a standing room only service to pray for his recovery. galic football is the most popular spectator sport in ireland. matches are played by kicking a soccer-type ball down the field to goal. he is one of the sport's most dedicated players. he is now in critical condition at san francisco general hospital.
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police are hoping they get photos or videos shot by a spectator at the game from last saturday. they encourage anyone with information to call them. in the newsroom, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. coming up, attention that the governor of texas will get when he visits sacramento today. >> the big break that firefighters in new mexico are getting to stop wildfire spreading to hundreds of containers of nuclear waste. president obama draws the line on tax breaks. i'm john hendren in washington. i have more on that coming up. >> black hole in the middle of the street. water is gushing out. >> water main break turns sacramento waterway to river. >> and taking water sports to a higher level. look at the latest way to catch a wave. lysol knows a real clean isn't just something you see...
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welcome back. look at high temperatures across the country. notice the surge of warm weather through the midwest. low to mid-90s for fargo, minneapolis. comfortable in low to mid-80s. boston, new york, d.c.. the mild weather today, seattle, portland and great falls, mid-to-upper 60s. good news if you are traveling. none of the airports, major ones, have delays right now. not expecting many. but if they do develop, the flight tracker will have them. terry? >> all right, mike. the senate today is expected to confirm general david petraeus as director of the cia. he is one of the military highest profile commanders, been in charge of u.s.-led international forces in afghanistan and credited with turning around the war in iraq. again, today's roll call vote is expected to as a result in easy confirmation. face-off in washington,
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d.c. this morning, with lawmakers confronting a looming deadline and possibility of working through the july fourth holiday. president obama is challenging both sides to come up with a deal before the august deadline. higher taxes on the richer americans remains a major sticking point. abc's john hendren has more. >> reporter: in the tone of a teacher lecturing unruly school children, president obama drew the line on the tax breaks. >> the tax breaks i propose we get rid of are for millionaire and billionaire. >> reporter: they say they will raise the credit limit only if the president agrees to cut trillions in spending and the catch, not to eliminate tax breaks. that could force a high-stakes showdown. without agreement to raise the debt ceiling, the u.s. government could default on the debt august 2. the president chided members of congress saying they should skip the upcoming recess and finish the work before the deadline. there are encouraging signs. a new "new york times"/cbs
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news poll shows 57% believe the economy will recover. 39% think it's in permanent decline. >> miles per hours are still cutting the president -- americans are still cutting americans slack. 26% in the poll blame the bush administration for the economy. just 8% blame president obama. john hendren, abc news, washington. in new mexico, a u.s. government plane equipped with radiation monitors flying over the wildfire. officials of preliminary test and air quality show no radioactivity in the smoke over that area. the 125-square mile fire moving away from the lab that has be shut down since monday when 12,000 people in the and stur rounding area -- surrounding areas had to be evacuated. firefighters say even if winds shift, buffer around the facility should protect it. 13 homes have been destroyed so far. time to turn it over to mike at 4:49. at first i heard about the heat wave i was nervous, but
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upon hearing that the nights are cool so we can get relief, we like it. love it. can't wait. >> you want it all. >> we're getting it all. time for the holiday weekend. looking down on the lack of clouds around the bay area. once the sun comes up, we're off to the races. good morning. take a look at the temperatures. when you are leaving the house, 61 in antioch to 46 in half moon bay. everybody else in the 50s. around the monterey bay and inland, we have temperatures in the low to mid-50s. as far as our highlights, let's talk about sunshine with seasonal temperatures today. 5 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. we have warm to hot highs. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. so this is a heat wave that lasts twice as long as the one last week. mostly clear. again, comfortable at night. that's what will make it more tolerable than other heat waves we've been dealing with. the lack of clouds mean that temperatures are not
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prohibited by the clouds. we stay in 70s around the bay, 80 inland. start in the south bay, mixture of 70 and 80s. 80 around campbell, saratoga. 82 in los gatos. mid-to-upper 70s for everybody else. peninsula, low to mid-70s today. heading to the south bay, los altos, 77 degrees. a few clouds are possible along the coast. low to mid-60s for you. downtown, south san francisco, mid-to-upper 60s. temperatures in the low 60s. 69 in saucelito. upper 70s to low 80s through the north bay valleys. we have the low to mid-70s along the east bay shore. 70 at berkeley. 75 in fremont. if you are heading to the east bay valley or if you live there and stay in there, 79 in dublin. low to mid-80s for everybody else. same temperatures, hollister, morgan hill. low to mid-70s closer to monterey bay. carmel, mid-60s. everybody is getting warmer. 62 in eureka, 71 in big sur. san diego, afternoon sunshine 72.
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we have sunshine in tahoe at 73. we hit the mid-to-upper 80s around the central valley to yosemite. 80 in l.a. 104, back in 100s in palm springs. comfortable temperatures tonight. a few more clouds may hang around, but probably the last night we see that. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. even mid-to-upper 40s around cloverdale and santa rosa. yesterday's low moving away while we were sleeping. in between or afterwards i should say. the high pressure moving in. that means the warmer days on the way. jetstream takes all of the storms well to the north. by tomorrow, the upper 60s around the coast. low 80s around the bay. low 90s inland. the heat will peak on independence day, monday. we could be near 100 inland. mid-80s around the bay. near 70 at the coast. the temperatures may taper a little bit. above average tuesday and wednesday. good morning, megan. >> a crash in benicia but good news is it's not
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blocking any lanes. the crash is eastbound 780 at 680. a spin-out. it's in the center divide. north bay, live look at 101 through the san rafael area. the headlights move southbound. out of novato to the golden gate bridge. the drive-time right now from 37 to 580 is a light nine minutes. in the south bay, this is 280 at the 17 overcrossing. no problems through the downtown san jose area. if you are heading along 17, we have a repaving project in santa cruz mountains that is slowing down the commute there. roadwork in both directions between 17 , summit and bear creek. live look at san jose. 101 at 880 overcrossing. nice ride to make your way out of morgan hill heading up the peninsula. you can get the traffic update and the drive-time delivered to your e-mail by going to our website at
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kwlik -- click on the traffic link. >> rhode island looks like it will be the next allowing the unions. the bill would grant same-sex couples the same right and benefit given to married couples. the state has taken the next step toward same-sex marriage, something he favors. rick perry is visiting california and planning to meet with supporters in sacramento. he is expected to speak with doesps of republicans who want him to run for president. they include business leaders and several members of the state legislature. there is growing speculation perry may enter the race later this summer. aides say he's still in the process of deciding. there is a grassroot effort to get san francisco to do what new york does. offer free bus ride for kids. the group power is behind the initiative and they want the transit agency to expand
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the pilot program that gave free muni passes to low-income students between april and june. >> there has been tremendous service cut. at the same time, young people are asked to ride muni to school because the yellow school bus service is being cut. we have want the mayor, mta board to provide free passes for all young people. >> group says muni would save money using the money on the fare enforcement to offer free youth passes. it's estimated 60,000 kids ride muni every single day. some businesses in sacramento are still mopping up after a water maine break. take a look. the broken main sent water cascading down a three-block area. store owners scrambled to keep the water out of their shop. the water rose several inches across the road, blocking traffic. >> these kind of things happen, it's intertaping, actually. nobody's fault. it's just up with of those acts of nature. it's city property, not ours. not our fault. we're happy about that.
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>> interesting perspective to see a time lapse. >> cameras everywhere. >> half a dozen businesses were completely flooded. the 12-inch pipe is 68 years old. the break is now fixed. down in newport beach, up, up and away on an unusual jet pack. would you do that? that is the question. the water-powered jet lift. joey, the floor director here saying yes, he would do that. it can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour. and soar 30 feet. not for anyone trying to keep a low profile. it's not easy to use. rent one for $250 an hour at the newport harbor. they are also available for $100,000 if you want to buy one and really get use to using it around the house. >> in your pool. >> yeah. around the house. >> cool concept. there are superhero
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applications i'm sure. >> you go 30 feet up. that is enough to hurt yourself when you come down. >> yeah. >> it's expensive to use. i have probably would do it. >> 4:57. >> all right. >> thousands of u.c. and cal state students face the cold reality of the new state budget next on abc7 news at 5:00. the tuition hike they may be forced to pay when they return to class this fall. >> it will be a somber day at the san jose police department. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll explain coming up. >> from caltrain to bay area bridges, new fares, fees and fines taig effect tomorrow. we will run them down for you coming up.
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