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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose, where the streets will be a little less protected today because of budget cuts. the story coming up. >> investigators believe a fire in el cerrito that killed an elderly woman was accidently started by a candle. >> officials say u.c. and c.s.u. students will likely see another tuition hike this call because of deeper funding cuts in the state budget. >> check out the beautiful sunrise looking down at mount tamalpais. high pressure, lack of clouds. heat wave will begin today.
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we show how long it will last and it will bring you poor air quality to your neighborhood. >> good morning. a new scaled car on the upper deck of the bay bridge. toll plaza no, delays, making your way through the toll. the complete traffic report is coming up. 6:01 on thursday. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. in a couple of hours dozens of san jose police officers will turn in their badges, victim of the city's budget cut. this is happening in a city that has seep a recent spike in homicides, even with a fully staffed police force. amy hollyfield joins us live from san jose with more. amy? >> reporter: i asked an officer heading to work how morale is today. he says it's low. it will be a somber day. 68 officers will turn in the badges at 8:00. the city is dealing with a $15 million budget deficit and couldn't agree on pension reform so layoff is the result. this comes as the homicide
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rate is on the ride. 28 homicides this year in san jose. more than all of last year. this is happening before a busy holiday weekend. >> we staffed up and we have overtime positions available to respond to events over the one weekend, holiday weekend. it doesn't touch the weekend after that, a hot summer night. >> mayor chuck reed released a statement saying, "we have some of the finest police officers in the country. and i'm sorry that we have to let some go. i think we need more officer option the streets, not less. we just can't afford them." editorial in the mercury news from the police department president that writes the police department is thinly staff so it can't proactively protect the citizens. some of the laid off officers have laid off positions in sunnyvale, santa clara and san francisco. >> officials in el cerrito are officialing a vital fire
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that may have been started by candle in a bedroom. elderly woman was killed in a fire that gutted a single family home that happened 6:30 last night. fire crews say they saw smoke in hills as soon as they left the fire station. the victim's middle age son was injured trying to rescue her. his 11-year-old granddaughter was also inside and luckily she was not hurt. san francisco police identified fugitive parolee they shot and wounded in yesterday's commute. he opened fire when the plain clothes officers tried to arrest him op goff street. he was wanted on a warrant for vandalism and revisting arrest. they say he violated his parol firing an automatic weapon in the air in the same neighborhood a few days ago. they recovered ak-47 assault rifle and handgun at the scene. tuition hikes are likely at the public universities.
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discussions are underway for tuition to go up 10% this fall on top of 8% increase at u.c. and 10% hike at cal state, which is already set to take effect. a decade of increases has more than tripled tuition to $11,000 a year at u.c. and $5,000 at cal state. that is not including room, board and other fees. get ready to pay sales tax on some of the purchases you make online. the new state budget includes what is already called the amazon tax. internet retailers will be required to collect sales tax who buy from the affiliates based here. amazon and other e-tailers cop tract out with 25,000 small california businesses to provide links to the sites. san francisco-based says there will be economic consequences. >> everything from layoffs, you know, at least a freeze of hiring. we're a business that has been growing and hiring people in the last few
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years. >> amazon is cutting ties with the california based affiliates. just as it did in arkansas. illinois, connecticut. when they approved laws just like the one governor brown signed yesterday. a number of new fares, fees and fines take effect tomorrow. caltrain is raising fares. truckers will pay higher toll on bay area bridges. 85,000 hybrid owners who drive solo will lose the right to use the carpool lane. in san francisco, the fine for parking in a handicap spot goes up from $335 more than $900. gas prices are heading down but not fast enough to put more drivers on the road this holiday weekend. the survey by chevrolet shows fewer californians than last year planning to take trips of 15 miles or more in the long weekend that starts today and lasts through the fourth of july. they say the uncertain economy and gas prices that are 70 cents a gallon higher
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than the fourth of july last year. but 25, 35, 40 cents less that it was a few weeks ago. it is coming drop. >> but still, why go anywhere? the weather is beautiful. >> that is the point. >> splash around in the pool. have a barbecue. >> go to mike's pool. it's open. >> go to his barbecue, too. >> a real small pool. really. [ laughter ] >> inflatable -- >> i barely fit. yeah. everybody is excited about having warm weather over the holiday weekend. head to the coast. find cooling there. if not, the air temperature and water temperature in 50s. notice difference in water vapor. the jetstream is up north. high pressure on top of us. we have a gorgeous sunrise with rainbow of colors in it. 61 in antioch now. low to mid-50s for all of us. by the afternoon, total sunshine. low to mid-60s along the coast. mid-to-upper 60s around san
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francisco. low to mid-70s for the bay shore. the warmest weather in east bay valley. low to mid-80s there. mid-to-low 80s in north bay. monterey bay, we have the cloud and fog right now. we will see sunshine, 65 in monterey. low to mid-70s in salinas, watsonville, santa cruz. 79 in hollister. low to mid-80s for morgan hill and gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- the heat wave begins tomorrow and hangs out the rest of the forecast. low to mid-90s inland. low to mid-80s around the bay. upper 60s to near 70 at the coast. i had a couple of things on my shopping list. mattress and carpet maybe. yeah. >> do you know where i can get one, megan? >> a busy day for debris on the roadway. we have a big roll of carpet in lafayette. couple of mattresses on concord on 242. i'll take debris over accident any day. we don't have accidents now. check of the bay area bridge. live look at the goldp gate
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bridge. beautiful ride to san francisco from saucelito. also if you are commuting across the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving nicely in both directions. headlights move eastbound to hayward. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are not on. no delays making your way through the toll. earlier stalled car near treasure island has been cleared. a nice ride to san francisco. terry, kristen? >> i have a friend redoing her house. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> you are okay to do the rest of the show? >> mike had first dibs. >> thank you. just ahead -- why researchers say men are more likely to be struck by lightning than women and why kristen likes that story. >> c'mon! complaint that s.f.o.'s biggest shuttle service gets preferential treatmememememememe
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welcome back. 6:12. menlo park police are investigating three separate copper thefts at the site of facebook headquarters. construction crews say someone took copper from the storage unit and two of the nine vacant building on the 57-acre campus op constitution drive. the theft occurred between june 7-22. the thieves made off with more than 2,000-pounds of copper with total value of $8,500. a shuttle war going on in san francisco international airport. smaller companies have long come plained that the super
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shuttles getting preferential treatment and now they are fighting back. several shuttle operators attended the airport commission meeting want to know why they can't have a level playing field. sfo forces vans from the smaller services to move around a loop from a terminal to another and can only stop at certain curbs and only for a limited amount of time. meanwhile, the super shut is allowed to move to any terminal and can park as long as they want. >> we keep hitting a wall. everybody says it's not me. it's a political environment. it's something where someone is passing the buck. >> smaller issues have a market share and we try to meet needs as best we can. but there is no preferential treatment for anyone. >> airport commission president declined to comment on the issue and so did john mar tip, the director, and the officials at super shuttle. put away your umbrella, terry. there is new evidence that men are more likely to be hit by lightning than women. >> you told me to carry it
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above my heads at all times. >> right. the 648 people killed from lightning in 1995-2008, 82% were men. >> wow! >> it has nothing to do with biology or hormones. lightning doesn't find men more attractive than women. it's simple. men are less likely to stop the outdoor activities with the stormy weather hits. almost half of all lightning-related deaths involve sports or recreational activity. so a little more risk-taking there. >> you mentioned that earlier, risk-taking by me. >> right. >> when mike says come back inside, thunderstorm. >> go back inside. >> remember that, the youtube picture the other day where the lightning struck the stick on the golf course and spidered out. great shot. >> maybe i should show it again. >> that was wow! >> cool. >> more men golfers than women golfers there. you have there. >> another factor. >> exactly. good point. >> don't worry about that right now the next few days. >> if you get lightning out
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of that itty bitty cloud, interesting. one lone cloud hanging over the golden gate bridge. not much going on. barely any clouds out there. the temperatures are slightly cooler because of the low to mid-50s. 58 in antioch. 48 in monterey bay. inland, we have fog and temperatures in the low to mid-50s here. all of us in the afternoon hours we will be dealing with sunshine and warmer temperatures. warm to hot in the afternoon. friday through the end of the seven-day forecast. which right now is wednesday. good news, at night, mostly clear and comfortable with the lows in the mid-50s. and 60s. that will give everything a chance to cool off during the overnight hours. today, we're warmer. santa rosa and concord 10 and 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. 14 hours, 44 minutes, 37 seconds of sunshine before
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it sets at 8:36. see what is going on. high pressure moving in. it erases the sky of all the clouds. the sun will spend more time warming the ground and will warm the air. instead of trying to evaporate the bleep layer and the clouds -- the marine layer and the clouds. south bay, we have 70s and 80s. sunnyvale and milpitas, 76. 82 in los gatos. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. low to mid-60s along the coast, with mid-to-upper 60s in downtown san francisco. low 60s in the north bay beaches, so mid-70s for san rafael and vallejo. everybody else in upper 70s to low 80s. over on the east bay shore, we have low to mid-70s here. san leandro and oakland. newark, 72 degrees. 79 in dublin. low to mid-80s for the east bay valley. 79 in hollister. low to mid-80s for morgan hill and gilroy. salinas, watsonville, santa cruz. low to mid-70s for you.
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low to mid-60s around carmel, pacific grove and monterey. gorgeous day at the coliseum. 12:35 first pitch. is upny, 65, warming to 70. a big sun factor. could get burned easily. lack of clouds. mild temperatures. 50s. cloverdale, mid-to-upper 40s. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- starting tomorrow. it will be in the 90s inland. the 80s around the bay. upper 60s at the coast. warmest weather, sunday and monday afternoon. have a great day. megan? >> thank you. good morning. no need to rush out the house if you are getting ready to leave. you should have a smooth commute awaiting you. quiet this morning. live look at walnut creek. no delays making your way southbound to the san ramon valley. earlier roadwork through 680 on alamo has been cleared. east shore freeway, 80 through the berkeley area. headlights move westbound.
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the drive-time from carquinez bridge to maze is 21 minutes. driving through the north bay, look in san rafael at 101. headlights move southbound. moving at the limit. the drive time from 37 to 580 is step minutes. if you are commuting through south bay, check out san jose. this is 101. at the 880 overcrossing. nice and light. making your way out of morgan hill and heading up the peninsula. check out sluggish spots. 25 minutes, not bad making your way through the altamont pass. 14 minutes op westbound 4. out of antioch toward concord. for the latest traffic updates and drive-time, go to our website and click on the traffic link. terry, kristen? >> thanks a lot. 6:18. >> well, from the fillmore jazz festival to the marrin county fair, a lot going on this hot fourth of july weekend. >> arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has "what's hot." ♪
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♪ >> the tony award winning broadway smash billy elliott. with the music of elton john in orpheum theater. kim nelly is filled with style and sass. now in hotel nico with a tribute to nina simone. kim is playing the 27th fillmore jazz festival from latin to jazz. also a stanford jazz festival. >> active community. >> assisted living the musical is a wild ride through the pleasures and perils of later life. if you are older or you plan to be enjoy laughs at the imperial palace. >> three dog night, pointer sisters and temptations part of the fair. and nightly fireworks. fourth of july tradition in
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marin center. san francisco has a certified hit. "tales of the city" has been held over through july in the att theater. marrin scape is the only exhibit featuring life and landscape of marin. in larkspur. there are fourth of july celebrations with fireworks and parades everywhere. watch the aerial extravaganza from the uss hornet in alameda. enjoy. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> looks good. would have about this? speaking of looking good. this couple here. the royal couple. >> that couple! >> talking about us? the long-awaited royal visit of prince william and kate, begin their first overseas trip as a married couple today. we tell you what is in store #t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#x
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welcome back. 6:24. prince william and kate arrive in canada for the first officials overseas trip since their wedding. >> the one you've been talking about. >> everybody is talk about across the pond. the duke and duchess of cambridge will spend nine days in canada before jetting off to los angeles on july 8. william and kate are expected to draw crowds of thousands as they travel from ottawa to calgary and through the northwest territories. they will start their tour laying a wreath at the national war memorial in
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ottawa. you are a bit disappointed, you have to admit, they're not coming here. >> yeah. l.a. is not that far, you know? >> you going? >> maybe. >> really? seriously? >> just invite them to the set. how is that? >> they'll be here. still ahead at 6:30, a midnight deadline looms as the oakland city council prepares to meet and try to agree on balancing a $58 million budget deficit for the next fiscal year. >> new details in the disaperience of nursing student michele le. find out where investigators say calls were made from her cell phone shortly after her disappearanc disappearance. a bay area city is about to bid goodbye to 68 police officers. i'm amy hollyfield. i have details up next. >> you are looking at no airport delays at any of the major airports. if it does change today, the flight tracker at >> new delays in mass transit, plus the metering lights have been turned op at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have local drive-time
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. unemployment results didn't change much. application were same for 12
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weeks. economy is not generate manage jobs but they are generating the bell. see where the market goes this morning. >> we'll go live to the stock exchange in 15 minutes. right now, a top story. somber day in the san jose police officers. 68 officers are turning in their badges over the budget crisis. it's causing concern over their future and the community safety. amy hollyfield is live at the police department. amy? >> reporter: the president of the police union wrote an editorial in today's "mercury news" and he writes, "it's with a heavy heart that he bids these officers farewell." sadly, he says most of them will not return to san jose. 68 officers will turn in the badges because of budget problem. the city is facing rising
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homicide rate. the police officers are predicting there will be more violence. >> the criminal element knows it will be hey, this is our day to do what we got to do. it will be messly out there, bloody out there. >> chuck reed said i'm sorry we have to let them go. in the editorial, he writes the police department is so thinly staffed it can no longer proactively protect the citizens. some officers landed jobs at other police departments, san francisco, sunnyvale and santa clara. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. the oakland city council is set to meet late this afternoon and in the night to pass a balanced budget before the new fiscal year begins at midnight. the city is considering several plans to trim a $58
6:32 am
million deficit. union negotiators representing oakland police, firefighters and other city workers agreed to pay 9% of the pension cost, but they still need approval from the members, which can't be completed until next week. there is also a plan to raise $28 million by selling the henry j. kaiser con vention center to the re -- convention center to redevelopment agencies. libraries would remain open but they would close offices for furlough days. effective july 1, statewide sales tax will decline 1% to bring the base rate down from 8.25% to 7.25%. remember, many cities and counties tack on an extra percent or so for local funding. but the state tax rate is coming down. in el cerrito, investigators believe a fatal fire might have been started by a candle in a bedroom. elderly woman was killed in a fire that gutted a single family home on king drive
6:33 am
and moser lane. it happened 6:30 last night. >> they found fire coming from every window in the building. >> the firefighters say the downed power lines on the driveway blocked their access. the victim's middle age son was injured trying to rescue her. he was rushed to the alta bates hospital. his granddaughter was in the house but she was not hurt. they have chosen an independent review for drowning of a suicidal man. the chief has been asked to look at the response to the memorial day drowning. the city leadership and policies came under harsh public criticism after the police and fire rescuers stood around for an hour while a 52-year-old raymond zack stood in frigid water
6:34 am
and lost consciousness. the fire department said crews were not certified at the time to do water surface rescue. the findings are expected to be presented by late september. new details are emerging in the case of missing nursing student michele le. le disappeared may 27 in a shift at hayward kaiser hospital. sources close to the case say several calls were made from her cell phone after she disappeared. hayward police travelled to arizona to interview a woman there. and also, le's suv was spotted by witnesses four hours after she vanished. the suv was found parked a mile from the hospital with blood splatters inside. today, nobody will take the plunge in the richmond plunge. the popular indoor swimming pool has been closed for a couple of days to repair a sewer problem. city officials are using cameras to figure out what is causing the blockage. repair crews are digging on the site and promise to get
6:35 am
the pool open before the long holiday weekend when temperatures are expected to soar. start soon. >> when you say "soar" you don't mean a little. stratosphere. >> mike means a lot. >> yeah. >> days. >> we haven't had weather this long. >> it will last as long as the last one. maybe not quite as hot, but mid-to-upper 90s inland. we'll run air conditioner and run for cover in the heat. pools. hopefully will be nice and well-used this weekend. good thursday morning. clouds are offshore. we have spotty clouds here and there. the clouds in development. we have calm conditions everywhere. the fastest win in sfo, # miles per hour. out of the west. with the clear and calm conditions, all of us cooler than yesterday. antioch is one to three degrees warmer. san francisco and san rafael, the same.
6:36 am
when you step outside, it may be cooler this morning. by the afternoon hours it will be warmer. 8:00, we have mostly sunny conditions. the temperatures are holding in the 50s. once we get past 8:00, look how we ramp up the 70s inland. by 4:00, the total sunshine, working its way to the coast. 65 in san francisco. low to mid-70s through the bay shore and south bay. 80s showing up in the north bay and east bay valley. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- there you go. the heat is on. the above average temperatures away from the coast last six days with the 80s around the bay. 90s inland. we may touch 70 at the coast sunday and monday. good morning. >> good morning. we are starting to see the usual sluggish suspects. making an appearance on the bay area freeway. look at the live look at east shore freeway getting crowded as the headlights make their way westbound on 80 from the carquinez bridge
6:37 am
toward the maze. that is 22 minutes right now. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been turned on. we have a backup right now to that west grand overcrossing. 10-minute wait time. look at the ride on 24 westbound heading toward the caldecott tunnel. speeds are traveling toward, at the limit making your way toward the tunnel. mass transit, delays on ace train. ace train number one and number three rupping five minutes late. the other slow spot will be you guessed it. westbound 580 out of tracy toward 680. the drive-time from 205 to 680 is 30 minutes. we have speeds below 20 miles per hour. most of commute is below 40 miles per hour. terry, kristen? >> thank you. 6:37 now. >> trading is underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange. live look at the big board. dow is up 47 points.
6:38 am
>> one minute he was playing, the next he was in a coma. the mysterious injury to an international football star in a bay area match. >> president obama draws the
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welcome back. notice the radar returns on the right side of the
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television screen. the lows brought us scattered showers yesterday. it's gone and so are the chances of rain across the entire state. look at the forecast today. mid-to-upper 80s throughout the central valley and yosemite. 80 in l.a. we have low 70s from big sur to san diego with sunshine. 62, the cool spot in eureka. the warm spot, 104 in palm springs. >> thank you, mike. contra costa county judge is expected to decide today if a concord man will be tried on murder charges in a vicious dog mauling case. steven hiyashi pleaded not guilty to charges of child abuse and owning a vicious animal. last year, his 2-year-old stepgrandson was mauled to death by three of his pit bulls in the family garage. the prosecutor is asking the judge to add charge of second degree murder saying that he knew the dogs were vicious, they killed two other family dogs and a parrot before the attack on toddle toddler. san francisco police are asking for help to solve a mysterious sports injury.
6:43 am
mcgovern is a gaelic football star and is now in a coma after being injured op saturday. leslie brinkley has details. >> reporter: the match was played on this field on treasure island late saturday afternoon. 50 spectators watched in the stands. the ball was in play on the opposite end of the field, player mark mcgovern collapsed on the other end. >> no one saw the assault occur. we are asking the public's help to come forward and speak with us. >> san francisco police say no one is in custody but they identified a particular player on the opposing team. >> all we have is there is a person standing over the player seen on the ground. that person is a person of interest. >> the person of interest told mcgovern "you won't get up from that "but police won't confirm that.
6:44 am
his family joined him at his side and attended a mass that was a standing-room only service to pray for his recovery. gaelic football is the most popular spectator sport in ireland. matches are played by kicking or passing a soccer type ball down a field toward "h" shaped goal. mcgovern is one of the sport's most decorated players. >> mcgovern is now in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. police are hoping they get photos or videos shot by a spectator at the game from last saturday. they encourage anyone with information to call them. >> the senate is expected to confirm general david petraeus as director as the central intelligence agency. the 58-year-old david petraeus is one of the highest profile commanders and has been in charge the u.s. national forces in afghanistan.
6:45 am
>> a face-off in washington, d.c. this morning with the lawmakers confronting a looming deadline and the possibility of working through the july fourth holiday. president obama is challenging both sides to come up with a deal to cut the nation deficit and avoid a government default. before the august deadline. highest taxes on the richest americans remains a major sticking point. abc's john hendren has more. >> reporter: in tone of a teacher lecturing unruly school children, president obama drew the line with congress on tax breaks. >> the tax cuts i'm proposing we get rid of, are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. >> republican leaders on capitol hill say they will agree to raise the nation credit limit only if the president agrees to cut trillions in spending and the catch, not to eliminate the tax breaks. that could force a high-stakes showdown. without an agreement to raise a debt ceiling, the u.s. government could default on the debt starting august 2. the president chided members of congress saying they should finish the upcoming
6:46 am
recess and finish the work before the deadline. there are encouraging signs. a new "new york times"/cbs news poll shows 57% believe the economy will recover. 39% think it's in permanent decline. americans are still cutting the president some slack. 26% in the poll blame the bush administration for the economy. 8%, blame president obama. john hendren, abc news, washington. california has another dubious distinction. when it comes to owning a car. >> bloomberg reporter jane king at the new york stock exchange with that. and how walt disney is getting ready for fourth of july celebration. maybe we should mention now, jane, disney owns abc7. we love to say that when we talk about disney. >> yes. that's right. thank you for doing that. what is the fourth of july without fireworks? c'mon! walt disney and other resorts, 61 other companies nationwide now getting a special break from regulators to make sure communities have the fire woks on time for the fourth. the companies are getting
6:47 am
permission to keep drivers on duty for more than the federal maximum, the 14 hours a day to meet rush demand. while disney, as you said, the president of abc news, owner of abc7. quick trading session. dow starting to gain momentum. we started off slow but we are up 100 points in the dow at the moment. the silicon valley index trading up more than 1%. now let's talk about apple here. shares this morning, see how they are doing so far. they were absolutely trading, it is unchanged. they dropped 4% this month. capping the worst first half of the year in three years. investors waiting for new products. we're trained to buy apple and expect them every two months. they are worried with google gaining market in the smart phone arena. we talk about things that cost more, so add this to the list. californians pay a pretty pepny for car repairs, according to a study. drivers in cali pay 20% more than the national average
6:48 am
for the labor portion of the repair bill and say the labor cost are more expencive because of the dry air and residue from airborne dust. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> thank you. new mexico, plane equipped with radiation monitors flying over the wildfire burning near the los alamos nuclear laboratory. preliminary results of the air quality tests show no radioactivity. the smoke hovering over the area. they say the 125-square mile file has been moving away from the lab. it's been shut down since monday, the lab has. 12,000 people in the city and surrounding areas were evacuated. firefighters say even if the winds shift, a buffer created around the facility should protect it. 13 homes destroyed in the fire so far. the lab apparently safe. that's what they are saying now. >> the summer fire season has been postponed a little bit due to the weather we've been having, mike. >> couple of day of record rain this june will push it back. >> exactly. >> weekends like this -- >> changing.
6:49 am
>> quickly bring it back in the future. it will be hot and dry this weekend. but we won't have the wind needed to make it a bona fide fire danger. look at what is going on now and work our way to the heat wave. we have low clouds along the coast. some developing along the east bay shore. it's clear looking down from mount tamalpais. talk about the temperatures. 48 in half moon bay. everybody else in 50s. monterey bay and salinas valley where there is more fog. we have to low to mid-50s. as far as what happens today, sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon. warm, to hot, though, the rest of the forecast. the next six days after today. it will be mostly clear and here is the good news. comfortable at night. so even when it gets not the day, you will be able to cool off the overnight hours with the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. compared to average, we're still a little bit short today. oakland and san francisco, even with a warming trend. up with degree cooler there.
6:50 am
san jose, four. livermore and napa. five degrees warmer today. redwood city. we should be eight degrees warmer in 82 instead of 74. sunset at 8:36. as far as east bay valley, that is where the warmest weather is today. 79 in dublin. everybody else in the low to mid-80s. terry and i were talking about drive in. nice time to head to concord. 83 degrees. comfortable once the sun sets. low to mid-70s along the east bay shore, with fremont the warm spot at 75. south bay, san jose and cupertino, 78. even else in mid-70s to low 80s. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. redwood city, 74. menlo park, palo alto, 75. at the coast, sunshine and low to mid-60s for you. the north bay beach is in the low 60s. around the monterey bay, monterey, carmel, pacific grove, sunshine this afternoon. mid-60s for you. low to mid-70s from salinas,
6:51 am
cruise. morgan hill, hollister, warmer areas at 85 and 82. nice day to be at the coliseum. 12:35 first pitch. sunshine. 65 degrees. warming up to 70 by the time the game ends. tonight, pull to low to mid-50s in most neighborhood. mid-to-upper 40s around cloverdale and santa rosa. notice how clear it was during the overnight hours. because the storm track is well up to the north. high pressure is on the way. not only from the west, but also down to our east. where the heat is in the desert down there. some of that will wrap up toward us. that is why you see temperatures jump to the low to mid-90s inland. upper 90s on monday. low to mid-80 around the bay. sunday and monday we will hit 70. >> we start off at the bay bridge, metering lights are on. back up to the west grand overcrossing. slow up the incline to san francisco.
6:52 am
elsewhere, live look in contra costa county. in walnut creek. this is 680. near the north main exit. taillights are moving southbound. still light. as you make your way all the way to the san ramon valley. if you are commuting through the north bay, check out san rafael. you wouldn't think there was any problems here as you make your way southbound along 101 coming out of novato toward the golden gate bridge. at the san mateo bridge, the traffic is moving nicely here in both directions. headlights move eastbound the hayward. we have delays on ace train. ace train number one and number three are delayed five minutes. for the latest trafficup date, go to our website at click on the traffic link. terry? >> thank you, megan. texas governor rick perry is visiting california and planning a visit to sacramento today. perry is expected to meet with dozens of republicans, who want him to run for president. they include business leaders and several members of the legislature.
6:53 am
there is speculation he will enter the race this summer. aides say perry is just in the process of deciding. >> the bay area town known for the cemeteries, and 1.5 million gravestones is contesting the 2010 census. colma says the u.s. census bureau counted too many living people. last year, the census showed 1792 residents in colma. 51% increase over 2000. the town planners think a few hundred extra were counted, possibly because of an affordable housing project outside the town boundaries. most cities appeal when they feel undercounted. and fear receiving less federal money for roads and services. so this is the first protest of over-count. >> over counting. yeah. all you can view movie pass for $50 a month is available in the bay area. ku can purchase an -- you can purchase unlimited number of movies and theaters using a smart phone to order your ticket. movie pass lets you search for a film, find local showtime and buy ticket from
6:54 am
online ticketing companies. you get it at the ticket counter at the theater. the monthly fee you see, one movie a day. one a day. to find participating movie theaters go to our website at click on see it on tv. so you will see 30 or 31 a month. except in february. >> get your mup's -- money's worth. >> exactly. recapping the top stories, a somber day at the san jose police offic police department as laid off officers turn in their badges. >> amy hollyfield has the story. >> even the mayor of san jose says he needs more officers on the street. not less. he says he just can't afford them. the city is facing $15 million budget shortfall. so they will lay off 68 officers. the city and the police union couldn't agree on pence reform. this is as a homicide rate
6:55 am
is going up. police officers are an tis pating more violence on the street of san jose. the police union president says he is saying they won't be able to proactively protect the citizens. reporting live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> they're investing a house fire that was started by a cand candle. we have a look at weather and traffic. >> we will jump four to 12 degrees. it's kind of calm and no flight arrivals delay at sfo. 58 degrees in antioch.
6:56 am
in the afternoon, you will notice sunshine everywhere. even at the coast. where we have the low to mid-60s. low to mid-#0s throughout the bay shore as you head to south bay. we start to get the upper 80 -- the upper 70s to low 80s. mythed 70s around san rafael. low to mid-80s inland. comfortable compared to what is unfolding in the accuweather seven-day forecast. low to mid-90s. near 70 at the coast. >> good morning. we're following a delay in mass transit. ace train number three is delayed five minutes now. our slowest spot is westbound 580. making your way out of the altamont pass. through the altamont pass. toward 680. 35 minutes from 205 to 680. with most speeds under 40 miles per hour. also westbound four from lone tree to 242, only 14 minutes. northbound 238 from 580 to 880. four-minute commute time. get a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on.
6:57 am
traffic backed up to the west grand overcrossing. here is the incline. we have delays, making your way up the incline to san francisco. >> all right. nothing else going on except for the mattress and the carpet on -- >> that has been taken care of. mike sent his crew. >> i see. >> at my house waiting to be installed. >> all right. >> that does it for us. back -- >> air conditioning, that's what we could use. >> she will be back in 24 minutes with update. >> time to wrap. >> few more seconds. i can sing a little song. >> please do. [ laughter ] >> seriously? >> yeah. >> no. we're trying to get viewers. [ laughter ] >> thank you for joining us today statement connected 24/7 at >> bye-bye.
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