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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 30, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a stunning security breach at one of the nation's biggest airports. a mysterious man using a stolen i.d., outdated boarding passes. how did he slip through the system? it's an abc news exclusive. trial of tears. casey anthony's father breaks down as he admits what almost sent him over the edge. >> i needed, at that time, to go and be with caylee. >> now, we have new information on whether casey will take the stand in a dramatic day ahead. hypnosis horror. a florida principal accused of putting dozens of ststents in a trance shortly before three of them died, two by suicide. now, police want to know, was he to blame? and one week to hit it big. we put this lucky teen through pop star boot camp.
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this morning, her video revealed to the world. could this be the song that's the soundtrack for your summer? ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ a catchy little tune. >> eat is. what a fun summer job for lexi st. george. gets to come to times square and try to become a pop star. >> we'll get to that in a little bit. we also have an exclusive interview with former president clinton this morning. he's talking about bringing jobs back to america with his clinton global initiative right now. he sits down with jake tapper. and also weighs in on the budget talks in d.c. he's not all that hopeful about them after president obama's feisty press conference. and does a little handicapping of the republican field, including michele bachmann. so, a lot to get to. >> he does not hold back at all. and get ready. the royal road trip is under way. prince william and kate, they're
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on their way. their first royal tour. they're coming here to north america. >> a lot of excitement over that. >> there sure is. we begin with what appears totoe a huge breach of airport security. a nigerian man was able to board a plane here in new york with an outdated boarding pass, a stolen i.d., no less. all without getting caught, until he tried to do it again. abc's lisa stark joins us now with exclusive details there in washington. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, this man boarded a virgin america flight at jfk airport. not with just one outdated boarding pass. but he was arrested and found with ten other, as well. all of them in other people's names. he wasn't taken into custody until yesterday when he tried to fly again, this time to atlanta. it all began last friday in new york. a nigerian national, named olajide noiby, used a stolen
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i.d. and a boarding pass in someone else's name to board the flight at 9:00 p.m., flight from jfk to l.a.x. it was june 24th. but the boarding pass said june 23rd. it also said flight 413. but the flight noiby took was flight 415. neither discrepancy apparently raised any suspicion with the tsa at airport security. noiby went right through. he then apparently managed to board the plane without ever showing the boarding pass to the virgin america agent. >> the fact that the individual was able to get on the airplane, that's probably our weakest link. the fact that it's a male, f f instance, holding a coupon with a male name, that's about as much as they need to get you to go past the computer. >> reporter: it wasn't until early yesterday when he then tried boarding delta flight 46 from los angeles to atlanta with another outdated boarding pass that fbi agents swooped in, taking him intntcustody. in his bags, they found at least ten other boarding passes. noiby told officers he had spent the night sleeping inside l.a.x. at gate 51, which is inside the
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secure area of the airport. now, how did noiby get through airport security at jfk? he apparently used a university of michigan i.d.d.nd also reportedly a police report that had claimed his passport was stolen. and he was cleared for security. robin? >> all right, lisa. thank you very much. you have to wonder how many times he has done this or attempted to. >> i know the authorities think there is no connection to terrorism. but it almost seems like he's testing the system. >> testing. let's turn to josh for other stories that are developing right now. >> good morning, george and robin. good morning, all of you. we begin with that massive fire fight in new mexico near the grounds of the nation's top nuclear laboratory. the government is now testing the air in and around los alamos as a precaution to ensure there's been no radiation release. the fire has consumed 125 surrounding square miles. abc's ryan owens is there. >> reporter: starting fires to stop them. it's a gamble the fire chief hopes will pay off.
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>> and there's a risk to it. there's a risk any time you put the fire on the ground. in this case, it worked out. >> reporter: firefighters set part of the perimeter of the that produced dramatic images like this and apparently results. a blackened ring now circles the lab. crews are confident if the wildfire heads backed this way, it will not have enough fuel to make it to the stash of radioactive material inside. >> we don't know what it is. it's just what is in the air. >> reporter: new mexico's governor examined some of the first air quality tests. they show a lot of smoke, but no radiation release. just to be sure, the environmental protection agency brought in this flying laboratory to check for toxins in the air. state officials warned the danger is not over. along with what's on lab property, they worry what's around it. for decades, this land was used to test atomic weapons. and then, to dump the radioactive material left behind.
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>> the trees have grown up during that timeframe. and the soils could also be contaminated. and if they get heated and that stuff goes airborne, then we are concerned. >> reporter: this morning, the massive wildfire is still growing. it's only 3% contained. but so far, the wind is still pushing it away from the nuclear lab. josh? >> abc's ryan owens, reporting. meanwhile, overseas, a rocket attack at a a u.s. base iraq has claimed the lives of three u.s. troops. continuing what has been the deadliest month for u.s. forces in iraq in two years. and an fda panel has voted unanimously against using avastin as a treatment for breast cancer. it's the world's most popular cancer drug. but the experts say it's not effective in fighting breast cancer. and, in fact, causes dangerous side effects. finally, well, a bank account we can only dream of. look at this atm receipt found in the posh beach escape of east hampton, new york. it is not a deception of your eyes.
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the balance, $99,864,000 and change. it was turned over to the website,, which says it belongs to a billionaire hedge fund manager named david tepper. he is denying it at this hour. i would argue that's nothing to be really ashamed of. but that's just me. >> ashamed for having an interest-bearing accountntf less than 1% probably. >> diversified. let's go to washington now. president obama's feisty press conference, with talks stalled on preventing default of the national debt, the president went public insisting the final deal should take away tax breaks from millionaires and billionaires, like david tepper, and for taking on congress for shirking their responsibility. >> malia and sasha generally finish their homework a day ahead of time. they don't wait until the night before. they're not pulling all-nighters. they're 13 and 10. you know, congress can do the
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same thing. if you know you've got to do something, just do it. >> and with that let's bring in our white house correspondent, jake tapper, in chicago right now. and, jake, the fact that the president went so public is a sign of what an impasse there is between republicans and democrats over this debt right now. you're in chicago because you're talking to former president clinton, who didn't sound all that optimistic in the short run either. >> reporter: no, he didn't. former president clinton is here with his clinton global initiative, which for the first time, is exclusively trying to bring jobs here to the u.s. and we started in our exclusive interview talking about the president's press conference, talking about president obama's showdown with congress over the deficit reduction talks and republican opposition to any tax increases. >> for 30 years, now, the republicans, part of their orthodoxy is that taxes, especially on upper-income people, are always bad for the economy. i don't know that it can be resolved until there's some break in the action.
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>> reporter: do they have any point to make, in terms of taxes could harm this very fragile recovery? >> sure, today. what i'd like to see them do is agree on the outlines of the ten-year plan and agree not to start either the revenue hikes or the spending cuts until we've got this recovery under way. >> reporter: cgi america is focused on job creation here. what ideas are you hearing here at this conference that president obama and speaker boehner need to hear? >> i think that there's a feeling here that we need a public/private partnership different from what anybody's quite proposed to do that. that we ought to really make a serious effort to get back in the game, to compete with china and germany and others in the clean energy area. that and what to do about the so-called skills gap. that is, there are more than 3 million posted job openings
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today. those jobs are being filled at only half the pace they were filled in previous recessions. >> reporter: at the same time unemployment is 9%. >> you got it. so, just think about it. we had 3 million more people working, unemployment would be more than two points lower than it is. and america would be in a different place psychologically. >> reporter: why should an american going to the voting booth next year, next november pull the lever for president obama if he is not better off and the country is not better off than they were fououyears before? >> well, first of all, i think by election day it will be better than it is now. >> reporter: it still will likely be over 8%, though. >> that's correct. but i would say the circumstances are different. when president obama took office, we were in the midst of avoiding having a financial collapse turn into a depression. the so-called stimulus bill actually outperformed expectations, not underperformed. but it wasn't big enough to lift this whole economy out of the
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hole it was in. the auto restructuring is working. i also think when he gets an opponent, people will be able to compare what the opponent is promising to what he is. i'll be surprised if he's not re-elected. i always thought he would be. >> reporter: put on your pundit hat for one second. how do you see it shaping up? >> i don't think i'm well informed enough to make a judgment about that. i think -- >> reporter: i do not believe that. >> you know, the ones i like are the ones you think are more moderate because i think they're connected to the real world. and i think they'd be formidable. i think -- but i'm afraid if i saying anything nice about them, they'll lose for sure. >> reporter: jon huntsman? >> i think he's quite an impressive man. he's refreshingly kind of unhide bound. comes across as nonideological conservative but nonideological. practical. governor romney is doing a
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better job as candidate as he did four years ago. comes across more relaxed and more convicted about what he did do. less willing to just be forced into apologizing for it. i'm not surprised by how well michele bachmann has done. i've been watching her speak. she comes across as a real person. all those foster children she's taken in and the children she's raised and the work she's done. >> reporter: there was one topic the former president was reluctant to discuss. his eagerness to be a grandfather. >> the less i say about it, the better. >> reporter: don't want to jinx it? >> i don't want to jinx it. and i don't want to interfere with it. i just -- one day, hope i get to be a crotchety, old grandfather and have a lot of fun on the floor playing with the grandkids. but that's not up to me. >> reporter: the former president also weighed in on his feelings about his adopted home of new york, legalizing same-sex marriage. and we'll have more for you on that, george, robin and everyone else, on "world news" and "nightline." george and robin, back to you. >> we'll have more coming up.
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we'll switch gears now to a disturbibi story. >> so bizarre and frightening. a high school principal under investigation. police say he has been hypnotizing students, three of them later died. abc's matt gutman has that story. >> reporter: it was certainly unorthodox. possibly illegal. but deadly? the sarasota county school board's report questions how, in the space of three months, three students hypnotized by principal george kenney died. the first in march, a car crash. the second april, a suicide. the third in may, also a suicide. all of them just shortly after being hypnotized. kenney was open about his work, which he said was to help motivate students to focus on school and athlelecs. but officials discovered kenney had hypnotized up to 75 people at this school, including students and their parents, as well as staff members and their children. >> he's trustworthy. he's honont. he's been a great role model.
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>> reporter: kenney had even advertised it on amazon, recording these. >> you will be going into a deep hypnotic trance. although we call it sleep, you will actually be very aware of everything that happens. >> reporter: it was not unnoticed. kenney received three school board warnings to stop hypnotizing students. but did not. his attorney says he's done nothing illegal. >> we have a story here that involves students, a principal, icide and hypnosis. because two events occurred does not mean that one caused the other. >> reporter: hypnosis has become a staple for those hoping to quit smoking or lose weight. >> hypnosis creates conditions for relaxation so that the hypnotist can guide a student. so, you have a lot of influence, a lot of authority, a lot of responsibility. >> reporter: now, no chargrg have been filed. but north port police are investigating. they say they intend to interview all 75 students and staff hypnotized by principal
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kenney. now, he is no longer here at the high school. he has been reassigned to an administrative position. george? robin? >> all right, matt. thank you. a lot of people eager watching that case. >> i don't understand why he would keep on hypnotizing the students after the school board told him not to. >> it makes you wonder. >> we'll follow the investigation. we'll get to the latest on that break in the amanda knono case. court-appointed experts are raising serious questions out the dna evidence that helped convict knox of murdering her roommate while studying in italy. in a moment, we'll talk to amanda's mom about what is next. but first, abc's elizabeth vargas has the details. >> reporter: it was the kind of news amanda knox hadadeen waiting nearly four years to hear. independent, court-appointed experts have concluded that key dna evidence, which helped convict amanda, may now have been contaminated or improperly collected. >> the report said that exactly kind of what our expert said all along. that the correct procedures were not followed. >> reporter: prosecutors argue that two key pieces of evidence implicate amanda and her
7:16 am
then 6 boyfriend, raffaele sollecito. a kitchen knife found in sollecito's apartment with both of the girls' dna and kercher's bra clasp had sollecito's dna on it. some cases it was too minuscule to even properly test. the third defendant in the case, rudy guede, who is serving a 16-year sentence for the murder, was in court earlier this week, denying testimony that he told cellmates knox and sollecito were innocent. guede's dna is all over the bedroom where the murder took place. knox's dna is nowhere to be found. she just cleaned the room of her own dna? >> t tt's what they're saying. >> not a speck of hair. not a fingerprint. no pieces of dna to any degree in the room and have it cleaned up. it is impossible. >> reporter: the kind of forensics mistake you think wouldn't happen at a crime scene here.
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>> i would like to believe it would not happen at any crime scene, period. >> reporter: the dna report will be presented and fiercely debated in the perugia courtroom on july 25th. and we are now joined by amanda knox's mom, edda mellas. she is in perugia, italy, this morning. thanks for joining us, ms. mellas. i know this is the break you were waiting for. what can you tell us about amanda's reaction about the news? >> we talked to the priest at the jail, at the prison who was there when she heard the news on the tv actually. and he said when we talked to him later that she was, you know, the prisoners were hugging her. there was singing going on. and he expressed that he could see the light come back on in her eyes. and that he could see her finally breathe after 3 1/2 years. >> did you let yourself believe when you heard it, thahaamanda would be coming home? >> well, you know, we still don't -- i mean, you know, it's getting closer to her coming home. but we still haven't even taken
7:18 am
that step. we believe this is a huge step in the right direction. but until she walks out of that prison, that's when we can really celebrate. >> as you knknow, lawyers for ms. kercher and prosecutors are still saying that their own experts say the dna evidence will hold up and there's plenty of other evidence to convict amanda. >> yeah. you know, i don't understand that. i mean, there is no physical evidence of her at the crime scene. there is no murder weapon. there is no motive. you know, i don't understand even what they think they have. it's mind-boggling. i don't understand. >> so, what's next in all this? when do you expect to see a ruling on amanda's appeal? >> you know, we're still under the assumption we'll have hearings in july. and then, closing arguments in september. and that everything will be finished by the end of september. and that's when we hope to bring her home. >> overall, how is she holding up through all of this? >> you know, amanda, i mean, she's -- she was a 20-year-old girl when she was locked up. obviously, she's changed.
7:19 am
she's been devastated by this. we've all been devastated by this. she has some okay days. and she has some really bad days. she just needs to get out of there. and then she'll be okay. >> well, i know you've been fighting for this for so long. edda mellas, thanks very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. now, let's go to sam champion with the weather. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning, george. good morning, everyone. the first tropical storm of the hurricane season, this hurricane season, has already made landfall in mexico, exactly where we expected it to. the big question for us was how much rain would get into drought-stricken texas? and you can see basically the entire state of texas in a level of drought. then, the tip of that rain just moving from brownsville to mcallen. so, basically what we thought. south of corpus christi doesn't come in with much rain at all. on the big board today, the big story is heat. we'll go over that throughout the morning. if you open your door you know you'll hit some warm air and high humidity levels out there.
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coming up, casey's dad
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but can't afford them. there have been 28 homicides in san jose so far this year. >> we do have a problem spot with highway 101 heading toward south san francisco. we have crash in both directions southbound 101 at oyster point boulevard, left lane is blocked and northbound blocking two left lanes at sierra park-point way. >> we'll check in with mike and talk about t t t t t t t t t t 
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welcome back. check out the beautiful picture this morning. just a few clouds along the coast and the shore. otherwise it is sunny and mild. 50 in antioch. temperatures this afternoon will runny where from 4-12 degrees warmer than yesterday getting close to average. low to mid-50s around the coast. low to mid-70s around the bay shore to mid to upper 70s around the bay shore. the heat wave begins tomorrow and hangs out for the rest of the forecast. you'll find relief at the coast. >> now the
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>> hold a break. >> no, sir, i need to get through this. i need to have something inside of me get through this. >> do you need a break? >> no, sir, i'm fine. >> devastating emotion. casey's father in tears on the stand as he talked about his granddaughter. defense preparing to wrap up its case right now. the big question, will casey now testify? and dan abrams and nancy grace are going to weigh in on all of in this morning. >> that was the fifth time that he was on the stand like that. and you said the question, will she take the stand today and we should find out. also the new high-tech doggie detective clamping down on naughty owners. george and i are proud dog owners. i know, really.
7:31 am
especially when they're doing their thing but dna can help you if someone's not doing what they should be doing. >> can you believe people are going that far? >> yes, i can actually. >> will and kate, they are finally on their way to north america. they depart britain this morning. there's the pictures right there. they're headed here. canada first then the united states for their huge royal tour. get ready for this. lexi st. george live. we put her through pop star boot camp and we're debuting her music video live. i can't wait to see her reaction. >> it's going to be so much fun. >> let's get right to the latest on the casey anthony trial. casey's father as we showed you breaking down on the stand wednesday during his testimony about his granddaughter's death and his attempt to take his own life. abc's ashleigh banfield joins us now from orlando with the latest. good morning, ash. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it seems every day is more dramatic than the day before and that was certainly the case here, but we are watching to see today if ms. anthony herself will get up, stand up and take that stand, even if it's just
7:32 am
for a brief direct examination because otherwise it would be hard to trump the drama that we saw yesterday. three years of sorrow and strain spilled over the witness stand as george anthony was reduced to a shattered man. >> you learned in december of 2008 that the remains of your granddaughter were found. what effect did that have on you? >> a deep, deep hurt inside, and seeing what my wife and my son went through. >> up to that moment, had you held out the hope that caylee would be found alive? >> absolutely, every day from july 15thntil the day we were told it was caylee. >> reporter: casey was stone-faced watching her father sobbing openly in court for the first time. his silent grief grew worse
7:33 am
during sidebar until finally the lawyers took notice and took pity. >> do you need a break, mr. anthony? >> no, sir, i need to get through this. i need to have -- >> okay. >> -- something inside of me get through this. >> do you need a break, mr. anthony? >> no, sir, i'm fine. >> reporter: and still no reaction from casey as people sobbed in theallery and a reporter left in tears. but his agony was far from over. he was then confronted with a suicide note he wrote in 2009. prosecutors trying to prove he had no idea who killed his granddaughter. no matter what the defense says. >> she was so close to home. why was she there? who placed her there? why is she gone? why? for months you and i always questioned why. i want this to go away for casey. >> reporter: when asked why he wrote the note. >> i wanted to -- i needed at
7:34 am
that time to go and be with caylee. >> reporter: casey's father was then asked point blank the ultimate question of this trial. >> did you ever tell thehe poli that you thought your daughter murdered your granddaughter? >> i didn't believe that at that time, sir. i -- no. >> reporter: a shocking answer in a trial full of surprises. like casey appearing without her lead attorneys and though her competency was questioned days ago, take a look at this. >> do you want to answer that question now or do you want to wait till mr. baez or mr. mace arrive. >> i can answer that. >> okay. >> i agree with miss finnell. >> thank you, ma'am. >> reporter: it is a rare day to hear casey speak. yet, we may be hearing more if she takes the stand. the defense also called arief counselor to try to explain away that 31-day party spree after the tragic death of her
7:35 am
daughter. counselors say young people are sometimes reluctant grievers who party on the edge of hysteria. i want to make one other observation here, robin, that is that three deputies are now escorting ms. anthony in this courtroom. used to be two but obviously things are getting a littleore tense in this courtroom. >> yeah, as things begin to wrap up. ash, thank you very much. let's bring in the rest of our trial team, nancy grace, the host of "nancy grace" on hlhl ad here in the studio again is our legal analyst dan abrams. nancy, let me start with you. that was the fifth time that we saw george anthony on the stand. before we've seen a composed former police officer. yesterday we saw a grieving grandfather. >> we really did, robin. and what was so amazing to me is that as he broke down on the stand, especially when he got to the part about his own attempted suicide and, p.s., don't you think before he took his own life in an eight-page suicide note he would have accepted
7:36 am
blame to save his family if he had had anything to do with caylee's disappearance? but, no, and interesting, the defense wanted to ask him about the suicide to make him look bad to suggest he's the one that's guilty but they don't want the jury to see the suicide note, which would explain a lot and all this time tot mom sitting there like this, ho-hum. she actually laughs almost when george leaves the stand. then she breaks down in tears later in court when there's a grief counselor talking about what all tot mom has been through then the floodgates really open up. >> this was devastating i think for the defense. both because george anthony made it clear to these jurors that he thinks his daughter is responsible. i mean, there was question after question that made it entirely clear that george anthony thinks this child died at casey's hands and also he straight out denied the abuse allegation. so now you're stuck in a position where the defense doesn't have a single ayotte
7:37 am
that of evidence up to this point that george anthony placed the body there, that george anthony abused casey and you're coming to the very end of the case. >> can't really use that as part of your closing argument. >> that's right. you won't be able to use it -- language on, nancy. unless they can get some evidence. unless casey anthony testifies i think the judge will say you cannot argue it in closing argument because there is no evidence to suggest it. >> nancy? >> what i was saying to dan and you, robin, is what's so ironic is that it was jose baez, the defense lawyer, eliting all this bad testimony from george anthony. i couldn't believe that defense was bringing all this out. we're looking at possibly former fiance jesse grund if the judge allows it to testify tot mom was worried about lee anthony that he had molested her. we might see the other woman in george anthony's life, river cruz. other than that it's all tot mom. i just don't see her taking the stand, but, you know, you can't
7:38 am
call it. >> who did take the stand, the meter reader's son, and he kind of was not clear on when his father may or may not have found the remains. was that damaging at all? >> complete wash. they should have just left him off the stand. he couldn't get his dates straight. he couldn't figure out when his father called me and then the grief expert they put up to talk about casey's grieving was appropriate. you want to tell me, dan abrams, that running out and buying a case of beer and a push-up bra that that is a reasonable mode of grieving? i don't think the jury is going to agree. >> i agree with you on the grief counselor. maybe not on krofk's son. the grief counselor was a can disaster for the defense. i thought this could be a potentially game changing witness because this is the defense expert to explain away all the lies. why did she behave the way she diddy if a grief counselor can say, look, this is normal. the problem is by the end the prosecutor was basically able to concede that there's nothing -- >> push-up bra.
7:39 am
>> -- nothing that wouldn't be considered grief meaning normama grief. it could be happy. it could be sad. it could be angry. all of that would be normal. >> plus, she never treated tot mom. it's like in the tabloids when they have all these experts weighing in, oh, yeah, p.s., they never even met the defendant. she has had no contact about with tot mom at all. >> i thought krofk's son was somewhat useful to the defense in that he's claiming that before the body was found his dad is calling him and talking about the body, but, look, he had his dates confused, et cetera, but at least compared to what else we heard from the defense, he was probably the best witness for -- >> dan, if you found a skull on fifth avenue, don't you think you'd call somebody and tell them? why didnwouldn't he call the so >> the question becomes, thoughh when it was found, right? if he's literally talking -- in august, he sees something and in november he's calling his son and talking about the fact that he may have found the body in
7:40 am
the casey anthony case, well, that would be odd. >> let me ask either one of you -- >> but he didn't have his dates straight. >> what ashleigh brought up about her taking the stand, direct questions. could that happen? could we see her take the stand, casey anthony, and only be asked specific questions? >> possibly. but, remember, she's going to be dealing with the prosecution on cross, not a 2-year-old little girl. >> it will also lead to more questions. can you imagine her just asking one or two questions then the jurors say to themselves, wait a sec, she's not going to tell us everything else about what we heard in the case? >> agreed. >> thank you both very much. over to sam. >> bye, robin. bye, dan. >> dan, robin, nancy, everybody, let's deal with the heat. there are at least ten states that have got heat warnings, watches or advisories out and start with the view from dallas. this is the way it looks early
7:41 am
this morning and the heat is already boiling and then go a thousand miles north. i think it's on i-35. you could get on one road and drive straight up to st. paul and see what is it looks like there. today the temperatures are very little difference there and by the time you factor in the heat index it feels like it's more than 100 degrees around the minneapolis area today. that's how bighe heat is. one gorgeous spot from new york to boston to washington, d.c. in the 80s, gorgeous sunshine. >> all that weather was brought to you by a very appropriate fourth of july holiday sponsor. bush's grillin' beans. >> yummy, sam. coming up, doggie dna. detectives with the scoop on
7:42 am
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7:45 am
how far would you go to force your neighbors to pick up after their dogs? for most it would be a polite no followed by a tense phone call. some are clamping down onn repet owe fenders including dna analysis. abc's andrea canning has the scoop. ♪ >> reporter: it was a mystery worthy of mcgruff, the crime dog. someone wawa using steve millerr front yard as aumping ground
7:46 am
for stinky deposits. >> i picked up the bag and looked inside. it looked like dog poo and there were about ten bagag there. >> so he mounted a hidden camera and caught his neighbor red handed. watch out. a new breed are doubling as doggie detectives using dna worthy of a csi lab to nab the owe fending owners. >> if the dog is in our database, the accuracy is 99.9%. >> reporter: how does it work? dog's cheeks are swabbed for dna and the results put on file f a new pile of you know what is found around i property, it will be bagged as evidence and sent to the lab. >> the community can mail in a very small amount of feces. we extract the dna from that feces and make a match back to the dog. >> reporter: in florida this complex turned to a doggie dna kit after residents complained about the mess left in their
7:47 am
hallways. >> collect, send it off. we know which dog it was. >> reporter: it became a crime scene at this new hampshire property. so deborah violet turned to a dna company called poo prints hoping to make some canine arrests. >> it's messy, smells and it's not acceptable. >> reporter: they haven't had to send anything in just yet because the program is already serving as a deterrent. >> if they match they'll get one warning. if it happens again, they will have to either leave or they will have to remove the dog. >> reporter: so the next time you think about leaving the pooper scooper at home, remember, the evidence never lies. stinky. this could become very costly for repeat offenders. one community in florida says it will charge residents up to a thousand dollars if their dog is caught and can actually write this into the lease because dogs are not humans and so they don't have the same rights. >> helpful reminder. thank you, andrea canning, very
7:48 am
much. coming up will and kate are coming to america. ♪ they're coming to america [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today.
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7:56 am
if you are planning to buy something big, really big, you might want to waited until tomorrow. the sales tax increase that went into effect april 2009 expires tomorrow. cities and counties charge different tax rates. got that? but if you are going to buy a pair of sun shades, spring for them because you can go use them right how. >> sunshine dominates our weather today. upper 70s to low 80s in the inland valleys.
7:57 am
heat so for the rest of forecast. >> 101 through south san francisco is the place to avoid right now. chp has issued a sig alert at sierra point parkway, two three lanes are blocked. there is another crash northbound 101, major delays
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ everyone is here ♪ waiting for >> she had one week to hit it big so was a star born this morning right here in times square? that is lexi st. george. we took her from her mom and put her in pop star boot camp. she's been dancing, singing, all leading up to this moment. her own m mic video. get ready. >> she's got at least one fan. talking to ellie. she said, i know that song. i know that song. will and kate coming to america. they leave great britain heading
8:01 am
to canan thennht here to the united states. we'll tell you where they're going to go, who they're going to meet and, of course, what they are going to wear and -- >> i know you're fascinated by that. >> it had it written here, most importantly -- i couldn't quite say that. what do you have. >> speaking of clothing on my list this morning, fashionor the fourth. wait till you see what i have, fashion fireworks in red, white and blue and we'll show you how to do this. it's tricky to do this if you don't want to -- it's a balance. >> you know who is setting o o fireworks. your daughter right on camera. i know it will be hard for you to concentrate on look -- look at little serena. >> serena is a doll. >> she sees herself. she'll blow you a big kiss. mugging for the camera. >> the picture of professionalism. serena, daddy has to get to work so let's begin, shall we.
8:02 am
with what appears to be a stunning breach of airport security, a nigerian man apparently flew from new york to los angeles using an outdated boarding pass and a stolen i.d. he was arrested yesterday. only after he tried to board another flight out of los angeles. found in his luggage, ten more boarding passes in various names. the tsa says the man has no apparent link to terrorism. meanwhile, this morning authorities in new mexico say they're confident a massive wildfire will not reach the town of los alamos or the nuclear laboratory nearby. but crews face a new challenge now. winds gusting up to 45 miles an hour, and tests show air around the lab has not been contaminated by radioactive material in the area thus far. meanwhile, the man charged with shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords and killing six others will continue to receive antipsychotic drugs by force if necessary. that's the ruling of a federal judge. jared loughner's lawyers had argued it violated his rights,
8:03 am
but the judge agreed with prosecutors who argued that loughner has attacked prison staff and is a danger to others. meanwhile, the pregnant wife of disgraced former congressman anthony weiner is reportedly taking time off from her job and her husband. "the new york post" reporting that she is on an extended vacation. we weiner is heading to an intensive rehab program. "consumer reports" tested fast food chains and the news isn't good for popular chains such as mcdonald's, kfc and here's who topped it. chick-fil-a, one i cannot argue with at all, the top burger chainin-n-out. >> you're a cali boy. >> chipotle. readers described the food at the more popular chains as uninspiring. >> those that didn't live in california.
8:04 am
what's animal style. >> they grill the condiments on the bun. there's a button and press animal style. it was word of mouth and became a way to order thehe burger whi they are asking me to wrap so we're going to wrap. by the way, the city of l.a. is closing the 405. lady gaga will handle it all. >> what? >> that was likike lady gaga, 4. >> another story. we'll have it for you tomorrow. >> never confusing. >> no. >> is all these headlines that we have. >> you're not going to bring up yesterday. >> no, not at all. >> i'm at the desk today. here's what's happening in the world of pop news in our heat index. starting off with some fabulous news. we want to congratulate denise richards who is a mom again. denise has adopted, yes, cheers for denise, she adopted an american baby girl. her name eloise joanie named by her older sisters. moving on, he is insanely
8:05 am
popular with the single ladies but in our weekly now prince harry update, the latest is that he is off the market again and it is not pippa. "the sun" says he is dating florence bruce. a source close to the prince says she is fun and really pretty. is that sizzling bacon i hear? i hadn't noticed she was pretty. >> the hookup you were talking about yesterday. the hookup. >> o o yeah. >> that one slipped by. >> the most outrageous heels we think we've ever seen. many christian louboutin designed there. eight-inch stilettos, getting woman closer to heaven. inspired by the english national ballet auctioned off -- the winner hopes to get three free visits to the chiropractor. they're pretty. it's like sculpture. we will not be weaeang those.
8:06 am
i hear beyonce owns them, no joke. >> black ones i've seen in her video. >> am i -- really josh? finally justin timberlake may have been inspired by his role as sean parker. now he's trying to become an internet tycoon in real life. timberlake is part of a group buying myspace. he will reportedly have a very hands-on role in trying to get the social media website back on his feet by focusing on music. he'll even have an office at the headquarters. he brought sexy back so why not? >> he is buying low. i mean -- >> 35 million. that's a fraction. >> a fraction. >> fox paid over $500 million. sold it for 35. >> ouch. >> it's a bargain. >> that's right. >> what do you have, sam? >> hey, i'm rry. good morning, everybody. there are a thousand signs. you guys have to make sound too, by the way.
8:07 am
but you should know the sign that i walked right over to, right? am i that cheesy, i am. tell me your name. >> jacy. >> and -- >> janice. >> and. >> angie. >> each one of you just drew a little bit of the heart. >> yeah. >> actually i made the sign. to the boards, one or two things going on. then made them hold it. no, i didn't. here's where the heat roars. over the next three days it is -- well, it's not going to make it to new york city until the end of the holiday weekend so by the time we get into sunday and monday the heat is really on there but take a look at what happens to chicago, goes to 96 and then stays there. indianapolis, the heat starts to roll therereas well. strong thunderstorms today. kind of concentrated from fargo into denver. these will roll for awhile during the day. a quick look at the flyby on one convenient board, oh, but it's not flying by -- never mind. we'll l that in the next half hour.
8:08 am
>> i also love this sign. olivia, did you know you have glitter -- >> we've been trying to get it off. >> i'll have glitter on me all day too. >> and the problem is, sam? >> i always have glitter on me, you're right. here's a look at what's ahead this morning on "gma." will and kate heading to america. we've got the inside scoop on the royal couple's first trip to our side of the pond. and she's had just one week to hit it big, now the big moment, her own music video.
8:09 am
you'll sigh it for the first time and meet our new pop star live. plus we're counting down to beyonce setting off fireworks in a "good morning america" summer concert event. that's coming up on "gma." every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you by asking your rheumatologist about humira. for many adult patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis humira has been proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira's use in patients with ra has been evaluated in multiple studies during the past 14 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur
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8:13 am
now to the big royal road trip. will and kate coming to america. kicking off their huge 11-day tour today and abc's bob woodruff is in ottawa with the latest on all of that. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, the duke and duchess will be traveling to seven
8:14 am
different cities here in this country over the next 11 days. you can see the newspaper is now starting to lead with the story. we're also told that ottawa alone here in the capital expects about a million people to show up here by tomorrow just to take a glimpse at this amazing royal family. they're already the "it" couple of the world and for the next 11 days william and kate's star wattage is expected only to heighten as they embark on a north american tour. >> so far it's impossible not to like william and kate. everything they do, everything they touch at the moment is midas. it turns to gold. >> reporter: the couple will visit four canadian provinces and canada's northwest territories over eight days before heading to california for three more where they'll hobnob with movie stars and filmmakers among others. the official purpose of the trip, to promote all things britain. since her wedding to prince william just two months ago the duchess of cambridge has become
8:15 am
a staple of magazine covers and a bona fide fashionista. kate has reportedly hand selected and styled all of the outfits she'll wear during the tour. she and william will travel with a seven-person team including her longtime hairstylist james price. that's a fraction of the entourage charleleand camilla brought with them on their visit to the u.s. in 2005 when they brought 16 staffers including someone who reportedly fluffed charles' cushions. this state visit has caused many to reflect back upon prince charles and princess diana's first major trip back in 1983 when they traveved with a then baby william to australia.a. many credit that journey with cementing princess diana's place as the most photographed woman in the world. >> everyone was worried about these comparisons with diana. oh, we don't want kate to become the new diana. but she is becoming that. she's becoming a fashion icon. if she's photographed at wimbledon watching tennis,
8:16 am
that's a double page spread in every national newspaper the next day and then anything that looks like what she wore is sold out in seconds. >> reporter: canada is already rolling out the red carpet for the couple. yesterday a flag honoring them was unveiled. the first time a royal canadian flag has been commissioned in nearly 50 years. well, you know, you can also -- the cost is now estimated to be about $1.5 million in costs but there's going to be some income, as well, about 1,400 journalists will be traveling around. kate is also going to wear -- going to be wearing 40 different outfits over the next 11 days. i should also say she is cookies have been made this. is the one that was made for the president, obama, when he came here in 2009 which he gave to his kids so the same condition has made these for will and kate. i know it looks like a pizza but i just have to say it's pretty delicious. robin. >> breakfast of champions there. all right. bring some back. thanks a lot, bob. have a good time.
8:17 am
everybody loves a road trip. we have here in the audience with road trip t-shirts. there is a big moment we're about to reveal, right, gang. >> big moment, the time is finally here. we are all very excited. we gave lexi st. george one week to hit it big. to become a pop star and put her together with a starmaker patrice wilson that made rebecca black an internet sensation. she did a pop star boot camp, shall we say and we'll take a quick look at lexi's big week. lexi st. george will never forget the day she got the news that she was chosen to star in her own music video by the man who made the viral megahit "friday." >> this is lexi st. george's house. this is where a star is born. right away she opened the door. i could see that look in her face, okay, the tears are coming. patri
8:18 am
patrice, hold yourself, be strong. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: they raced to the studio, selected the song for the first time. ♪ come on come on everybody do it with me ♪ ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ >> it's so -- oh, my gosh. >> do you like the song. >> i love the song. it is so good. >> reporter: they'll remember forever the whirlwind journey from the mall to the recording studio to the roller coaster ride that followed. ♪ i just take a chance >> sorry. >> reporter: the heartaches. >> i look dumb. >> no, you don't. ♪ everybody feeling the beat >> the breakthroughs. ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ >> reporter: an the marathon video shoot where the girl we met at the mall -- ♪ i pity the fool >> reporter: sparkled like a star. ♪ even if we're dreaming
8:19 am
>> here she is, everybody, lexi st. george. hi, lexi. >> hi, lexi. how are you? congratulations. >> and the hair sparkles. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you're sparkly. >> the pop star look is happening. >> thank you. >> how does it feel? you've got fans here. you're on "gma." >> i'm excited. oh, my gosh. i'm freaking out. this is amazing. i'm so blessed to be here right now. >> do you want to see your video. >> yes. >> do you guys want to see it? roll them. ♪
8:20 am
♪ jump out on the floor cause imready for more ♪ ♪ the deejay keeps playing our song ♪ ♪ make sure you sing it girl ♪ tex all my friends and tell them what i'm thinking of ♪ ♪ everyone is here and i am having so much funun i hear the sound and i know i'm going to sing along ♪ ♪ gets up and the moment we've been waiting for ♪ ♪ don't you see make stand come on come on everybody is hearing the beat ♪ ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ ♪ oh oh oh ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ ♪ oh oh oh
8:21 am
♪ enougug of the this now we're ready to rock ♪ ♪ put your hands in the hair and say yay ♪ ♪ get into the groove because it's making you move ♪ ♪ don't deny it you know it's all right ♪ ♪ everyone is here and i am having so much fun ♪ ♪ i hear the sound and inow i'm going to sing along ♪ ♪ lose yourself this is the moment i've been waiting for ♪ ♪ don't be confused don't be wrong ♪ ♪ come on come on everybody feeling the beat ♪ ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ ♪ oh ohh oh ♪ oh dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ ♪ oh oh oh
8:22 am
♪ this time is so right the stars up on the ceiling ♪ ♪ this time don't ever want to stop even if we're dreaming ♪ ♪ dreaming ♪ even if we're dreaming ♪ don't be confused i'm going to say it for you ♪ ♪ don't be sad come on come on everybody's feeling the beat ♪ ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ ♪ oh oh oh ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me oh oh oh ♪
8:23 am
♪ dancing to the rhythm with me oh oh oh ♪ ♪ dancing to the rhythm with me ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> look at the applause. one week ago she was at a mall. one week ago. and now -- and now this. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was so much fun to watch you watch the video. >> yes. >> you told us your favorite part. >> how are you feeling right now?
8:24 am
>> one week ago you were in eighth grade. where was the biggest place you sang before this? >> competition, you know, like school competititi s and i'm jut so excited to be here. wow! >> do you have somebody that you look up? is there a pop star you dream one day -- i love her.wift, definitely. yeah. >> here, this is for you. >> she's my inspiration. >> do you believe it. >> no, no. >lexi, how hard was it? i mean because we really put you through the ringer. we only gave you a few days. >> it was reallyard not being able to tell my family and stuff but the pressure, it was on and it was really, you know, hard but i guess i just got through it because i knew that the ending was going to be -- >> it's remarkable. >> what was that one line that you couldn't get in the video.
8:25 am
>> take a chance, oh, my gosh. >> how apppppriate because you have taken a chance. >> yeah. >> and i really believe that it's paid off. this is -- >> thank you. >> this is a song we were singing along to and that's the first time we heard it. >> do you remember when you stood in front of the mirror with a hairbrush and pretended to sing. like i do every morning. when was the last time? >> as i was getting ready for school i'd sing to myself and be like i'm going to do this one day. i'm going to be something one dada i know that god is going to lead me to the right path and set me up for the right thing. >> you had some good people to work with you. choreography. >> even if i got a little bit down at times, they'd be right there to pick me right up. patrice is amazing. you know, without him and anita, i would not be here right now and i am just so blessed, like i said, to be here right now. they are amazing. and all the dancers and extras, we had so much fun and it was so
8:26 am
fun. you know, and j.r., he was really funny, it was just really nice. >> we want to know how everybody else feels about 9 song. we want you to let us know. you can also download lexi's video on itunes. go to youtube. we think this is going to go viral. >> i hope so. >> we think so. >> congratulations. >> when you first heard the song, you just knew it, didn't you? >> i did. it was amazing. i was like sitting there. it was like this is my song, you know so -- >> i think the words you used when we were tweeting, epic. this is epic. >> yeah, very epic. >> your mom, give her one more shot. >> congratulations, mom. >> everybody go to itune, go to youtube, lexi st. george. >> thank you. >> we'll see you in a moment. on "good morning america."
8:27 am
police are investigating a fatal fire that may have been started by a canned until a bedroom. it gutted a single family home last night. it happened around 6:30. the victim's middle-aged son was injured while trying to rescue a person. 11-year-old granddaughter was able to get out safely. hope drivers are being safe out this morning. >> it's a rough commute through south san francisco along 101. sig alert has been cleared. we do have a back-up from sfo to grand avenue. also the crash southbound 101 at south san francisco, that was blocking three left lanes has
8:28 am
just been cleared but that is backed up to 280. avoid it if you can. >> can't avoid the heat wave that is coming. we'll talk
8:29 am
off to a sunny start. 56 in antioch. check out this afternoon, we'll jump up 4-12 degrees. 80s showing up. low to mid-80s around the bay shore, to upper 70s in the south
8:30 am
bay, 67 in san francisco. the heat wave begins tomorrow. low to mid 90s inland for rest of the forecast. ♪ who will run the world girls ♪ who'll run the world who'll run the world girls ♪ ♪ who'll run this -- girls ♪ >> beyonce and tomorrow is going to be an amazing day. she will be here live in central park. part of our summer concert series tomorrow live, come out early. we'll have a beautiful day just like today. >> sam's guaranteeing a beautiful day. >> no question about it. >> and the list coming up. >> i'veotnother edition after "lara's list." every season there is a new color but always on the fourth, it's red, white and blue. howwo do it and be in great holiday style. >> because you can do it in a cheesy way, you know. let's be honest.
8:31 am
i know i've used the word twice in this show. >> thank you for saying it because i was trying to say it gently. >> also, you know, the fourth of july you got to barbecue so how about some side dishes? >> whoa. >> yummy. >> yeah. >> i'm ready to cook. >> just ahead. is that me? oh, let's get to the boards. everybody is yelling so loud. what's going on this morning, we want to talk about it. as you head outside today here's a couple things you should know. and by the way, our twitter pictures, take a look at the clouds. if you want to sound like you've done a little weather in lincoln those are towering cumulus clouds or as we like to say towering "q." all the way up to kansas city and temperatures up into the 90s till finally that warm air has worked to the north and over the next couple of day, it heads east so get ready for all that.
8:32 am
that's the weather. i am so not ready for all of that, robin roberts, just not. >> all that weather was brought to you by party city. speaking of party city, those are some very hot shoes. >> i like the sandwich. josh and sam sand wimp. 24 hours to "b" day. get it. "b" day because beyonce will be here in 24 hours. she is amazing. in case you haven't heard about her, this is a little something-something. just a little bit. ♪ who'll run the world girls
8:33 am
who'll run the world girls ♪ ♪ who'll run the world girls who'll run the world ♪ >> girls are running the world and beyonce is leading the way. ♪ girls we run this mother ♪ girls -- >> at just 29 years old this megastar is a force to be reckoned with. winning a staggering 16 grammys. ♪ we run the world ♪ if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ >> reporter: racing to the top the charts with nine number one so songs. ♪ all the single ladies put your hands up ♪ >> reporter: 24 top ten singles. ♪ i'm so crazy right now your love's got me looking so crazy right now ♪ >> reporter: selling 75 million reco records. ♪ baby you're making a fool of me ♪ >> reporter: and an estimated 25 million singles sold. ♪ best thing i never had >> reporter: her latest album for release earlier this week
8:34 am
immediately shot to number one on the itunes chart. ♪ i'm surrounded your love >> reporter: her golden voice has won her fans all across the globe. ♪ irreplaceable you must not know about me ♪ >> reporter: and tomorrow morning the irreplaceable beyonce will join us live only on "gma." [ cheers and applause ] >> in case you can't tell we're a wee bit excited to have beyonce with us in the park tomorrow. it's absolutely free. if you're here in town, come on down. if not, you got the best seat in the house right where you are. let's get back inside to lara. >> indeed, robin. here are some fashion ideas for that in this edition of "lara's list." we normally don't think of founding fathers and fashion in the same sentence but in search of the hottest look for independence day. so many ways to wear red, white
8:35 am
and blue for the fourth of july. i found out the best ways to rock your stars and stripes. take a look. ♪ red, white and blue, the old stars and stripes. we all love to show our patriotic colors on the fourth of july, but how can we wear them with style? i pledge allegiance to this shirt. this is where we draw the line. i asked "lucky" magazine style coordinate lori bergamoti this question. >> now is the time to break out your reds, whites and blues and wear them. you don't want to look like an american flag but you do want to show your patriotism and do it stylishly. >> reporter: at top shop we found all sorts of ways to mix and match this season's hottest looks. >> for example, let's say you are going to wear a white top, white jeans, most women have that, do a red bag over there.
8:36 am
it's very patriotic and super adorable. >> and, wow, verrett tree. >> reporter: or do it with an infinity scarf. these rielle huge right now. >> that way you have choices. by far the biggest trend for the fourth, nautical stripes. is this right? >> this is so right. i love this. this is the perfect thing to wear to a barbecue and look how easy this was. >> reporter: and never underestimate the power of an accessory to transform an outfit. tah-dah. i did nautical and patriotic. >> perfect. i love it. i want to do one thing for you and just give you this to put on. work that red in there. you are fourth of july fashionable. >> reporter: at superdry we saw basics in red, white and blue. easy pull-on polo, school tank tops and very right now trend, the maxi dress. >> the full length many dress which is hot for summer. >> reporter: we went inside the
8:37 am
fabled fashion closet where lori pulled out must haves for the fourth and take us into the fall. >> stars are adorable for the fourth of july. here's a little fashion tip. they'll be huge for fall 2011. >> reporter: over at macy's we found one of the most unexpected ways to make a pate fraughtic statement with color blocking. >> just takes the color blue and plays with it in lighter shades and darker. ununle to findd dresess, do it t home. take a blue top and blue bottom and make sure one is a little lighter than the other. >> reporter: if you think stripes aren't for you, think agaiai >> you want to look for something that's nipped in at the waist which is usually the thinnest part of a woman's body and a lig bit flowy on the bottom to hide any flaws we might have. >> reporter: rocking the red, white and blue has never been so easy. one way to look at it is just think nautical. just go with the stripes. if you're worried about the
8:38 am
horizontal wear skinny jeans underneath. if all e ee fails, you can always go with this look. robin, george, everybody, i got you a pair. hope to see you tomorrow at the beyonce concert. i think she'll appreciate it. to find out more abobo these items on my list go to up next, road to recovery. how one joplin tornado survivor is joining forces with former president clinton coming up on "good morning amerererererererer
8:39 am
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8:41 am
it is so hard to forget those images of devastation from the joplin tornado in april but the rebubuding has begun. with the help of one company bringing jobs to joplin, it seemed headed overseas. that's just one of the success stories highlighted by former president clinton at his job summit in chicago this weekend. he explained to abc's jake tapper how it can work for the rest of the country too. >> oh, man. >> reporter: the tornado touched down for just 20 minutes, but that was enough time to leave joplin, missouri, reeling. even weeksks later. >> we got under the mattress here in the hallway. >> reporter: now brad hinman who
8:42 am
survived by crouching with his family under a mattress is not only rebuilding his shattered home but hoping to speed the recovery in another way, with jobs. >> there is a need for jobs in joplin because of the storm and we want to fill that gap. >> reporter: hinman's employer is one of the handful doing rural outsourcing convincing companies thinking about shipping tech jobs overseas to instead bring them to rural america where labor costs are relatively low. the company just expanded to joplin after starting a mini tech boom in tiny macon, missouri. >> i was sick and tired of watching jobs go offshore. >> reporter: shane founded the company six years ago retraining the unemployed or underemployed for i.t. jobs. >> they may have been in manufacturing and may have come off a farm and a short time later they're writing enterprpre software for fortune 500 companies. >> reporter: such as alex ross working as a f ft food fry cook. >> i never really completely understood what a programmer was
8:43 am
before that time. it's challenged me to do things that i didn't know i could do. >> reporter: so far they've brought 60 jobs to macon and at president clinton's cgi america they're committing 1,000 jobs in rural missouri over the next five years. how much promise is there in this idea of in-sourcing, of bringing jobs to rural america. >> oh, a lot. you save so much on labor and there's no real problem with disfans. if you can put them in rural america, the idea of putting a thousand jobs in joplin which goodness knows needs it now because of the tornado is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful idea. >> reporter: big dreams in small communities that need them. >> there is a great amount of hope and we want to tap into that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jake tapper, abc news, chicago. >> so good to see them coming back and when we come back, sunny anderson cooks up some summer sides. there for your fourth of july
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ in the summertime when the weather is -- >> we are looking at the sun shining on the fourth of july holiday because people are going to be out. they're going to be barbecuing. who better to show us the way with delicious sides than sunny anderson, food network star. we're very proud, military people. >> yes. >> you were actually in the air force. >> i was in the air force. i'm a proud veteran of the united states air force. yeah, and i understand your dad is a tuskegee airman. >> yes, ma'am, so there's something reel hi special about the fourth. >> there's something really special about the fourth. this weekend i have a fourth of
8:47 am
july special coming on food network. >> "sunny's all american celebration." >> at 10:00 a.m. saturday morning. >> we'll get up for that. >> i got to tell you it's a labor of love. wanted to do the show for so long. coming from a military family. my d d was in the army served in vietnam. my granddad was in world war ii. aisle going to make some side dishes. we know it's all about the hot dogs and burgers. >> we got that. >> i thought i'd make my easy baked beans. now, to me baked beans are either out of the can or you're soaking your beans overnight. >> which one is it. >> i like to go right in the middle so i take some catalini beans and i've got some bacon and thyme in there, as well. a little bit of salt. >> iike to help. >> a little pepper. i like a little sous chef. a lot of food in the military and there are chefs in the
8:48 am
military that actually end up cooking for the president. >> really? that's got to be an honor. >> you get to see what they go through during their training and what it looks like when soldiers are deployed to afghanistan and i just really wanted to take care of military families. >> thank you for the paprika coming this way. >> that was a little bit of hungarian paprika. putting in some brown mustard right now. that's going to give it a nice base flavor. when you move from there you'll come over here and this is what it's going to start to look like. it's cooked down a little bit and what you want to do is start adding the flafsh. you're used to it in baked beans, like a barbecue sauce action, ketchup, worcestershire shirr sauce. >> never go wrong with that and my secret ingredient. an asian hot sauce. sriracha. put it on your hot dog. move that around a little bit and get to this.
8:49 am
all you have to do here is add in a little bit of beef stock. >> i love this idea, sunny. >> it's so easy. roma tomato, four of them chopped up. i've got three cans of cannellini bean, two drained, one not. >> you make your own. >> it's so easy. so easy and in you want to do it completely outside put on your grill, cover it up and after about an hour -- >> okay. >> -- it's nice and tender and yummy. >> a different twist on this salad. >> my prosciutto and potato salad. it's very simple. has a cool mayo-based dressing, keep it on ice obviously but in the dressing is just mayonnaisi and stone ground mustard then i also add in a little hungarian paprika and sugar and some scallions so that goes right over my tomatoes, do little new potato, anything you like, fork tender. >> more bacon.
8:50 am
sam, more bacon. >> yeah. >> anything with bacon on it. >> it's better with bacon. >> everything is b bter with bacon. give it a toss and the prosciutto. i put it in the oven and nice and crisp, just like bacon, about 400 degrees right over the salad and this is perfect yore your fourth of july. >> yeah, i'll be begging over here. >> okay, a little endive. >> i like endive. >> or endive. 3,000 ways to say it. i love that commercial. my corn salad. it starts with corn on the grill. the second day as well. grill it and eat on the cob, this is a great second day salad. endive on the grill and cilantro, feta cheese, red onions. >> i can do this. >> i'm not a chef. you can totally do this. a little bit of lime juice, a
8:51 am
little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper. a little of cayenne and then what really kicks this up is the cumin. >> yeah. >> the cumin is what makes it happen. >> i always forget the cumin. >> cumin and corn. that's where it's at. mix it together and it's a really good summer salad. i love this on the second day. >> i want to make this on monday. >> this is really simple, guys. really, really simple. >> hi, sweetie. >> bacon and lemonade, she's in. >> watching espn right now, robin, we got josh right here. >> that's it. >> thank you, sunny. >> thank you so much. >> your all-american special celebration. >> my all-american celebration, "sunny's all-american celebration" on food network, saturday 10:00 a.m. or fourth of july, 6:00 p.m. right before you watch the firework. >> we got to remember that. >> yeah. >>,
8:52 am
we'll be right back.
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♪ in the summertime when the weather is high ♪ ♪ you can reach right up and touch the sky ♪ ♪ when the weather is high you got women on your mind ♪ >> thanks again to sunny. we keep nibbling off the table. very good. >> real quick we want to give a shoutout to our friends in "wipeout" back with a great new season. we had some fun, of course, on the extreme obstacle course. check it out. abc news, that's what it looks like, george. and we want your personalized videos. look at me. and then i'm going to -- oh. "wipeout" 8:00, 7:00 central. >> see you tomorrow.
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dozens of laid off san jose police officers are turning in their badges this morning. it's part of budget cuts. 68 officers have been let go. meanwhile, there have been 28 homicides this year and that is all of more than last year. >> low to mid 80s in the inland valleys. upper 70s in the south bay and low to mid-70s on the bay shore. starting tomorrow a heat wave away from the coast. >> good morning. we got word from bart that glen park station is closed. better news 101, earlier cras


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