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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield live in richmond where a 26-year-old woman is dead. a man is in critical condition. and richmond police are dealing with an increase in violence they haven't seen in quite some time. >> also this morning, they have a deal, but do they have the votes? president obama and republican leaders begin trying to sell a last-ditch debt ceiling deal to congress today. weatherwise, we are looking to the southeast, downtown san francisco. see the clouds hanging out there. we have a little drizzle to c contend with. cooler than average temperatures. >> i'm sue hall. we had a big rig accident at sunnyvale. >> carry extra change if you ride a.c. transit. fares are going up.
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5:00 a.m. on monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping the news today, richmond police are trying to find a gunman who opened fire on two people last night, killing one person. this caps an exceptionally violent month for the city and pushes the homicide count all of last year's. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> a woman was killed here, kristen. some of her family members are here staring in disbelief. they tell me she was 26 years old and they just saw her at church yesterday. they are here hoping to get answers. the police don't know much at this time. they are still gathering evidence. this happened at the apartment complex where the woman lives. but there is a car crashed in the apartment parking lot. which adds to the mystery. one captain told me a working theory that the shooting didn't happen here. pew they were driving here. because this is located, this crime scene, just outside kaiser permanente medical center. currently, the man is in
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critical condition. but the woman was killed. there has been a spike in violence in richmond lately. police just formed a task force to address it. just a little more than a week ago. they're trying to deter street level crime. they're stopping people, pulling over cars, trying to find some guns and get them off the streets. there were nine homicides in july. now here we are in the first day of august. there has been two shootings just today. there has been more shootings this year, 22 here in richmond than all of last year. live in richmond, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right, amy. thank you. in oakland, police are investigating a shooting that happened late last night, outside of kimball's nightclub. police were called to second and broadway just before midnight. one person had been shot. less than a block away. apparently after leaving the club. the injuries are not considered life-threatening. police did find several cars with bullet holes in them and 30 bullet casings in the area.
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>> lawmakers on capitol hill are looking over the tentative deal reached by president obama and congressional leaders to raise the federal debt ceiling. a vote is expected later today. this deal comes ahead of tomorrow's deadline that could have meant a government default. reporter emily schmidt has more from washington. >> late sunday night, president obama made the much anticipated announcements. >> the leaders of both parties in both chambers reached an agreement to reduce the deficit and avoid default. a default that would have had devastating effect on the economy. >> it would extend the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion in 2012. it includes roughly the same amount in spending cuts over ten years. >> it will allow us to avoid default and allow to us pay our bills. it will allow to us start reducing our deficit in a responsible way. >> while leaders agreed to the plan, it still needs to go before congress for a vote. >> i want to read exactly what is in this deal.
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secondly, i listen to speaker boehner and read his comments and it appears that this deal is a deal that is similar to the bill which he introduced, of course, which i voted against. >> we just pass ed boehner's bill. this is very, very similar. i think my conference will be there to support the speaker and support the plan. and be able to move forward past this debt ceiling crisis. >> leaders in both the house and the senate hope to vote on the deal today. in washington, i'm emily schmidt. 5:04 now. financial markets overseas are responding favorably this morning to a tentative deal. the nikkei index in tokia kept climbing out of the gate on news there could be a debt deal. it picked up 1.3% on the close. in hong kong, the hang seng index rose 1%. european stocks are trading higher. london financial times index was up 1-1/4%. stock futures on wall street
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point to a higher open when the market begins trading in the next hour in new york city. iranian court is expected to announce in the next few days whether two u.c. berkeley graduates jailed in iran will go free. it's been two years since josh fattal, shane bauer and sarah shourd was arrested. shourd was released for health and humanitarian reasons. the two men had the time hearing on spying charges yesterday. experts in the bay area say there has been no evidence of spying. ife ran appears to be -- iran appears to be bending to public opinion. >> i think over the past few years, the iranian government was hoping to get something out of this; particularly, from the u.s. government. but they didn't see any positive sign from the u.s. >> the attorney for the americans hopes if the court convicts the two men it will sentence them to time served and release them to go home. pg&e crews are expected to resume work this week, digging up an abandoned pipeline in san bruno.
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the segment was abandoned in the 1950s but it was part of the same system that exploded last september, killing eight people and destroying more than 30 homes. crews suspended work on saturday because nearby residents said they smelled gas. the smell was a harmless odor that is added to natural gas. pg&e stopped the work until they could explain the situation to neighbors. the city of napa is resuming the use of the redlight camera this morning but won't begin issuing citations to violators for another 30 days. the four intersections involved are located at highway 29 and highway 121, tranca street, jefferson and first street. and at emola avenue. the napa valley register reports that the city signed a new contract with red flex traffic system for one year after the previous three-year contract expired two weeks ago. opponents were concerned that the $476 fine set by the state are too high. if you use a.c. transit
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bring a little extra money this morning. starting today, fares are going up. the basic adult fare is 10 cents higher to $2.10. youth, senior and disabled fares are going up a nickel. and trips from the east bay to san francisco and the peninsula will now cost $4.20 for adults. >> changes to transit in vallejo today. in an effort to save money, the ferry schedule will slink from 12 run -- shrink from 12 runs to 10. the route 200 bus will be reduced from 14 to five per day. oakland can boast a world series championship this morning. the 11-year-old on the oakland cal ripken all-star team captured the cal ripken world series. that is the biggest national championship for kids in that age group. abc7 first brought you the story two weeks ago when the team was struggling to raise money to fly all 13 players to beaver, utah, for series.
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thanks to donations, the team raised $12,000, enough to include everyone. they had a shut-out series defeating the all-stars from bakersfield to take the trophy. their own hard work, they made it happen for themselves. >> that's right. >> they were rewarded. they work hard and they are rewarded. congratulations, guys. 5:08 now. take a look at the weather forecast from another little league coach. with his secret work-out plan. >> that was a fun ride. the kids are great at that age. talk about players on the map. if you want to look at the field, we have a low here. another low upstream. those will push a trough of pressure deeper along the west coast. the temperatures below average through the first part of august. welcome to august 1. look like july to me. temperatures in the
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mid-to-upper 50s in most neighborhoods, along the peninsula and los gatos. temperatures are around 60 degrees. for highs today, where we see the sunshine first, the east bay valleys, warmest. we have low to mid-70s in the south bay. north bay valley. around the monterey bay; 65 in monterey. inland to salinas, 69. 70 in watsonville and santa cruz. a lot of sunshine around the bay this afternoon. more inland. hollister, 76. low to mid-80s from morgan hill and gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- possibly a slight warming trend in the next few days, temperatures below average. we will dip cooler than average thursday and friday before a warming trend tries to muscle it way through the weekend. good morning. >> good morning. we are going back to sunnyvale. this is an overnight big rig accident that flipped op matilda avenue. you can see the tow truck right there to the sooep. they were trying to get it cleared up.
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it blew a tire and flipped at the off-ramp then a fuel spill. they're clearing it up but the off-ramp is closed to 101. 101 in this area is not affected at this time. you can see it should be cleared out. clean-up is in progress. bay bridge, to the inkline. upper deck at the limit. the overnight roadwork is clean up. metering lights are off. light at the toll plaza. >> all right. thank you. 5:10. still ahead, the picture posing that ended in a dramatic rescue along the marin county coastline. >> one of the most notorious drug cartel leaders is caught. next, the murders that make him one of the most wanted criminals in mexico. >> fire crews battling to keep a wildfire away from homes near reno. what firefighters say sparked this blaze. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. topping america's money. congress is expected to vote tuesday on the deal to raise the debt ceiling. the deal would cut $1 trillion in spending every the next ten years. the president announced the deal last night, giving asian markets and u.s. market futures a boost. a new survey finds the auto industry is revving up engines. the survey by an auditing firm found 62% of auto industry executives plan to hire people in the coming year. that is higher than other
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industries. british-based bank hsbc is reportedly expected to announce thousands of job cuts today. the "new york times" reports the bank is also selling almost 200 branchs, mostly in upstate new york. that is america's money. i'm tanya rivero. 5:14. good morning. two marin county residents are recovering from injuries they suffered in 150-foot fall from a cliff. witnesses say the couple was posing for photos on the edge of a bluff when they sudply slipped -- suddenly slipped on the edge. >> they were on a nub on the rock, the guy was behind the girl. the girl was in his lap. all of a sudden the next second we see them tumbling over. >> his friend climbed down the cliff to stay with the victims until the rescuers got there. sheriff's helicopter had to be used to lift the man to safety. he was flown to john muir hospital in walnut creek in critical condition.
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the woman was taken to marrin general with moderate injuries. police in mexico say they captured a leader of a brutal drug cartel. jose antonio accosta hernandez admits to ordering killings in juarez across the border from el paso, texas. the 33-year-old former policeman was arrested in chihuahua. investigators believe he was the mastermind of an attack last year that killed the u.s. consulate employee, her husband and husband of another consulate worker in juarez. divers joined the search for a missing new hampshire girl. 11-year-old celina cass has been missing since monday. they're searching a pond near her home near a small town near the canadian border. they have knocked on hundreds of doors in the search for the missing girl. unrelenting heat is raising concerns in the great plains. in oklahoma, temperatures have been over 100 degrees for more than 30 days in a row. that is creating problems for people, especially the elderly.
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many are hunkering down at home to avoid going out in the heat. scorching temperatures are turning in a big problem as well for farmers in texas. >> probably the crop of grasshoppers that are here now have headed south since then. >> that is what he is talking about. grasshoppers, they're everywhere. the drought in texas producing record number of the bugs. the current drought is the worst to hit the area in years. firefighters near reno, nevada, are battling wildfires that flared up over the weekend in the truckee meadows area. the bane street fire started saturday afternoon. it's to longer threatening the structures but has burned more than 500 acres. authorities say it appears to be human-caused and they expect full containment tomorrow. the other fire was a fire in red rock that is 40% contained. the temperatures have been warm in the areas, too. not too great for the
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firefighters. >> no, it's not. not great for the elderly. they have to periodically send out people to check on them to make sure they're okay. >> the heat wave areas, that's where most of the deaths are caused. they won't come out and won't open their window and sitting in the 90, 100-degree heat. even with a fan, it doesn't help. >> nothing compared to dallas. >> cost of living the cheap but wow. look at what is going on. the housing prices are what, a quarter of what ours are here? but you make up for it with living through the extreme heat. good morning to you. 5:17 on monday morning. look at the cloud cover. we look down from emeryville this morning, down to the south. we talk to sue to see how the traffic is going. talk about the temperatures. they haven't changed much in the last hour. peninsula, south bay. everybody else in the mid-to-upper 50s. monterey bay, inland, we have the temperatures, around the bay, itself, low
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to mid-50s. inland, we have 58 in salinas. only 49. clearer in gilroy. welcome to august 1. the theme of the forecast. it might be a new month but the weather won't change at all. cooler than average afternoon temperatures. followed by foggy, cool nighttime hours. east bay, start with the warmest weather. only hit upper 70s in walnut creek and dublin. low to mid-80s with everyone else. football practice starts today. happy that temperatures are as mild as they are. richmond, berkeley, upper 60s. everybody else in the east bay shore, and south bay, sunnyvale at 73. 80 in los gatos. most of the peninsula in the 70s. millbrae, an exception. close at 69. 62 at half moon bay. 62 in pacifica. 69 in daly city. may make 60 in sunset with sunshine this afternoon. mid-to-upper 60s downtown san francisco. and saucelito. upper 50s to near 60 along
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the north bay coast. you can see bodega bay, 68. more clouds, stinson beach, should see more sunshine. 60. low to mid-70s through the north bay valley. low to mid-70s, santa cruz, watsonville. upper 60s in carmel, and salinas. heading inland, low to mid-80s for you. d-backs in town. taking on the giants. they're two games behind us. the clouds will roll in late and the breeze will pick up as the temperature drops from 60 to 56. we'll keep dropping to 54 tonight in san francisco. most of us in the mid-to-upper 50s with the clouds and drizzle along the coast. 49 at santa rosa, the cool spot. you can see a trough driving down the jetstream. bringing the cool air with us. that will keep the onshore flow strong enough that the temperatures will remain well below average. the accuweather seven-day forecast. while it doesn't sway much, we will have temperature changes here and there.
5:20 am
depending how fast the clouds retreat to the coast. we'll have them about every morning. 50s around the coast. 70s around the bay and 80s inland. have a great day. sue? >> we go to the hot spot now. sunnyvale, matilda avenue, westbound lanes shut down with this accident. what happened, overnight a big rig blew a tire. coming off the freeway. flipped over, spill fuel and now the clean-up is in process. commute on 101 not affected. this the eastbound direction. cars are getting by op matilda avenue. westbound is shutdown until they get vehicles out of lane. tow truck backed in. in the process of getting the big rig out there. but it will be a little longer. san rafael. roadwork from novato. southbound past lucas valley road. light and moving at the limit. golden gate bridge, no fog. beautiful ride. traffic is light coming out over the waldo tum to san francisco. is the website.
5:21 am
all the information for your commute, bay area traffic on the left side of the screen. kristen, eric? >> all right, sue. thanks a lot. just about 5:21. >> at&t reveals plans to put breaks on the heaviest data users. next, when it could affect you. former governor schwarzenegger gets back to the austrian roots. his message to his homeland after receiving a special birthday present. little blue men, or little green men, or find out who took the box office honors over the weekend. h@h@h@
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if you've got pain? you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. good back-to-work monday
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morning, everybody. sorry about the "back to work" part but it is monday morning, so let's enjoy it as we get out there to head in. mike says the weather will be conducive to getting in your car, driving on to the bus and the office. we'll check in with mike in a couple of minutes to see what that is like and check in with sue hall the see what traffic has for you. >> i follow that with more news. if you are a heavy data user. the carrier will slow down the connection of the so-called data hogs in october. this applies to customers who still have an unlimited data plan purchased before at&t discontinued it. the company says it has to resort to throttling to protect the other network users from the slowdown. this move comes before the next version of the apple iphone is expected which could lead to a crush of data demand. archaeologist made a discovery in central park. they found remnant of 19th
5:25 am
century village under the park and they're excavating what was an african-american village called seneca park. people lived there between 1827-1857 until they were told to move out by the city of new york. organizers say they hope to put the hundreds of artifacts they found on display. former governor arnold schwarzenegger's hem town given him a special present for his 64th birthday. his own museum. the museum in austria opened this weekend located at his former home and filled with movie prop and pictures and items that schwarzenegger grew up with, including his old bed. made of steel tubes. schwarzenegger couldn't make it to the museum opening but told the crowd in a statement, "i'll be back." it was a photofinish at the box office. little blue smurfs and not so little green men from outer spot tied for the number one spot. "cowboys and aliens."
5:26 am
and family adventure "the smurfs" earned $64 million in the debut weekend. final numbers will be released today. last weekend's winner "captain america" dropped to three followed by "harry potter" and "crazy stupid love." despite the drop in the box office, "harry potter" crossed the $1 billion in the box office over the weekend and is if first franchise to meet the mark worldwide. last of the eight films top the other seven with domestic total of $319 million. 5:26. next at 5:30 -- let the arm-twisting begin. republican leaders and the president begin trying to sell to congress a debt ceiling deal they reached last night. live in washington. two people were gunned down in richmond overnight. i'm amy hollyfield. police are still on the scene. we'll have an update for you coming up. >> and golfers are used to
5:27 am
sand traps and water hazards, but one san mateo county course is warning of a far more dangerous hazard this morning. it has an appetite. >> the weather could be dangerous across part of the country as we hit 100. triple-digit in phoenix and dallas. near that in st. louis and d.c., as the heat wave continues there. 76 in seattle. up with of the cooler spot -- up with of the cooler spots. warm in portland, 83. no flight delays at any major airport. check out the flight tracker anytime you travel
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i'm amy hollyfield live in richmond, where police are trying to solve a murder. their 22nd of the year. they had 21 murders in all of last year. president obama and congressional leaders say they have a deal, but do they have the votes?
5:30 am
i'm in washington. the story coming up. a live look from the roof cam. notice the clouds hanging low. i'll let you know if we have delays at sfo. cooler than average temperatures, though it's august. we'll see how long it lasts. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in the abc7 traffic center. we have a hot spot in sunnyvale with a big rig spill. we will tell you if it is affecting the 101 commute in a minute. action-packed monday morning when it comes to the morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the top story, house and senate are expected to vote on a deal that president obama and congressional leaders reach to avoid the first ever financial default. lawmakers are reviewing the deal that calls for raising the government borrowing power through the 2012 elections in exchange for more than $2 trillion in spending cuts. abc7's scott goldberg joins us live from washington with the latest. good morning, scott. >> good morning, kristen.
5:31 am
we know four people, four very important people accepted the deal. president obama, speaker boehner and the leader of both political parties in the senate. what is tricky now is finding enough support in the congress to get the deal to the president's desk. the deal is done. now president obama is trying to calm america's nerves and financial markets saying it's time to vote. >> it will allow us to avoid default and end the crisis that washington imposed on the rest of america. >> asian stock markets liked the news. with less than two days before the united states risk a default that so many say would be calts caltsic it's not clear that congress can pass the deal. >> speaker john boehner spent last night trying to reassure republicans they won and should vote yes. the deal includes no tax increases and raises the debt ceiling up to $2.4 trillion. enough to last beyond the 2012 presidential election.
5:32 am
there will be $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over ten years. and then a special congressional committee will come up with another $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction measures. if congress can't pass the committee recommendation, spending cuts kick in automatically, targeting mostly medicare and defense! both parties gave more ground than they wanted to. neither side got as much as it had hoped. but that is the esense of compromise. >> the united states of america will not for first time in our history default on the obligations. >> but some members of the tea party say this deal does not go far enough. one democrat in the house called the deal a satan sandwitch. leaders of both parties are counting votes as the clock counts down. >> scott, house minority leader nancy pelosi who is from san francisco sounded lukewarm at best on the
5:33 am
deal. not a satan sandwitch but not a thumbs up. what is going on there? >> right. we haven't heard from her except in the form of a short and somewhat terse statement. she said, "i look forward to reviewing the legislation with my caucus to see what level of support we can provide." not much of an endorsement. either way we look at the democratic support that exists today when we expect the house to take up the deal. >> scott, a lot of liberals not thrilled about the deal. we'll follow it for you, including the vote today. thanks very much. 5:33. in other news, this morning, richmond police are looking for people who shot and killed one person and wounded another early this morning. the city has already surpassed the total number of homicides for all of last year. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in richmond. what are police saying? >> police tell us they've got, they are too busy to talk to us, because they have so much going on here.
5:34 am
they're stretched so thinly, they don't have time to come out and brief us. this is what they gathered so far. relatives tell us, the woman, 26-year-old and the hospital staff tell us a 24-year-old man is in critical condition. they are questioning whether he will survive. this happened at 3:00 this morning between eighth and seventh street. that's where the two victims were found. there is a car that crashed in the apartment parking lot here. it's across the street from kaiser permanente. one theory according to a captain is that they were possibly shot elsewhere and were driving here to the hospital. police haven't been able to tell us much. they are stretched so thin these days, they don't have time to stop and brief us. richmond has seen a spike in violence. they had nine homicides in the month of july. now there have been more murders, 22, this year so far than all of last year. when they had 21. relative to the woman who was killed, tell us she is 26 years old.
5:35 am
she did live in this apartment complex and said the last time they saw her was yesterday at church. live in richmond, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. 5:35. iranian court is expected to announce sometime this week whether two u.c. berkeley graduates jailed in iran will go free. it has been two years since shane bauer, josh fattal and sarah shourd were arrested on the iranian border. the two men had their time hearing on spying charges. they hope if the court convicts the two men they will sentence them to time served and release them to go home. six victims are in the bay area and the families gathered in vallejo to launch a new campaign to raise money to hire a private dive team to look for the ship's wreckage.
5:36 am
the families want to know if any of the missing men went down with the vessel that sank in stormy seas july 3. so far, no dive team has gone down to take a look. >> a lot of fundraising efforts on behalf of seven missing as a group. also the individual families will do fundraisers with the help of others. hopefully, at some point, you can give some closure to a lot of families. >> bay area businesses are helping the families hold a number of find our fathers fundraising events. we have a list of the upcoming fundraisers on the website, click on see it on tv. next week, pg&e will begin filling in a crater in san bruno that has been compared to an open wound. it's a large hole left when a gas pipeline blew up last september, killing eight people and destroying three dozen homes. for ten months, the hole was left open so inspectors and insurance companies could get information. pg&e promised that no gas
5:37 am
will flow through the line that blew up. it will be filled with cement. other facilities will be rerouted before the hole is filled with dirt. workers are trying to repair a broken water main that gave san francisco, one san francisco neighborhood a washdown. take a look. a broken water main sent a steady stream of water rushing down amber driver at ports way late last night. fire and water crews arrive about 10:00, to shut off the water main. but there are no reports of any flooded homes. water department workers have been at the scene all night making repairs. no word yet on what caused the pipeline to rupture. 5:37. no water coming from the skies. it is august afterall. we have cooler than usual temperatures. >> let's find out what is up with that, mike. >> the same pattern that is locking the heat wave in the other part of the united states, mainly the eastern two-thirds has blocked any of the heat from coming our way and helped develop a trough of low pressure you can see right here. that enhances the on shore
5:38 am
weather so the temperatures are cooler than average again. nice you don't have to run the air conditioner but makes it hard to utilize the pool sometimes. look at the wind. southwest gusting to 30. fairfield. strong sea sea this morning. everybody else winds are below 10 miles per hour. they're calm up in novato and santa rosa. temperatures compared to yesterday morning, one to three degrees cooler this morning. half moon bay, exactly the same. let's break down this monday for you. 8:00. mostly cloudy. we'll see clouds in the east bay valley where they have a last-ditch effort to move in there right now. 50s to near 60 degrees. by noon, most of the clouds back to the coast. temperatures in the 70s. inland valleys. to 60s around oakland. 50s still at half moon bay and san francisco in the lunch hour. by 4:00, the clouds will start to break along the coast. low to mid-60s. half moon bay, san francisco. low to mid-70s around the bay shore to south bay and north bay.
5:39 am
low to mid-80s in east bay valley. accuweather seven-day forecast -- the temperatures remain five to ten degrees below average. just about every day of forecast. minor fluctuation in temperatures but nothing too drastic. good morning. >> good morning. we're following a progress of a big rig spill. sunnyvale, matilda avenue. off-ramp from 101 is closed. westbound matilda is completely closed. big rig flipped over, lost control or blew a tire overnight. spill fuel on the roadway. let me try to get you around this. westbound 237 to maude avenue is one alternate. take fair oaks from 101 to get around matilda avenue. estimated time for opening is 7:00 this morning. if you normally use matilda avenue to get to your commute, westbound, not going to happen until after 7:00. look at the bay bridge maze. a live shot for you as you head to the toll plaza. traffic is flowing smoothly from the 80 to 580, 880
5:40 am
junction. no problems there as well. 5:40. >> still ahead, the bay area health department offering free whooping cough vaccinations this week. >> also, why the people who slashed car tires and vapid -- vandalized cars may f f f fx
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good monday morning everyone. 5:43, let's make it, on the abc7 morning news. what are you looking at? you are looking at clouds from the mount tam cam looking toward the east. this is what mike has be telling us about this morning. but we have seen it before. it will burn off. what sort of day will we have after that? i'll let mr. mike nicco tell you himself coming up. >> santa cruz police are looking for the public help to solve a case of vandalism. 50 cars were vandalized friday night or early saturday morning. many had their tires slashed and six had swastikas scratched in the paint. because of the hate symbol, the case might be charged as hate crime. they hope anyone with information will contact the santa cruz police department. this week, health officials in santa cruz county are offering free whooping cough vaccinations for middle and high school students.
5:44 am
a new california law requires students entering 7th through 12th grade to get the vaccination before school begins. the county will offer six free clinics in august. the first clin lick be held wednesday from 9:00 m to noon in the bajaro unified school district in watsonville. golfers on the peninsula are warned to keep an eye out for a mountain lion. a large cat was seen walking op a golf course this weekend. workers at the crystal springs golf course in burlingame spotted the animal 4:30 yesterday morning, close to the trails and to the reservoir. course remained open but golfers were advised not to go in the rough at the sixth hole. mountain lions like to forage in the predawn areas. workers say there is wildlife in the area but seeing mountain lion is unusual. >> investors are optimistic
5:45 am
after news of a tentative agreement to raise the national debt limit. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> also, the deal between two indian tribes and the city of vallejo that finally ends protest at a sacred burial ground. >> burglars target a quiet peninsula neighborhood. next, why some homeowners may be making the criminals' job easier. the f.b.i. may be close to solving a 40-year-old mystery. coming up, the evidence that may finally close books on the d.b. cooper investigation. c@
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welcome back. a look at live doppler7 h.d. notice how quiet it is around the state. the weather will be quiet until you get to palm springs and yosemite, where the scattered thunderstorms are possible. 106 in palm springs. 88 in yosemite. hot at fresno. 79 and sunshine around tahoe to 72 in big sur. eric? >> thank you very much. 5:48 now. two native american tribes have ended a three-month protest at the planned site of a new park in vallejo. glen cove sit option a sacred burial ground -- sit on a sacred burial ground. the tribes have been protesting plans to develop it to park. protest ers set up camp at
5:49 am
the site in april to stop construction. last week, they agreed to scale back the plans. >> to come to this point, a number of us are excited and looking forward to going home. >> the agreement between vallejo and the northern california tribes will eliminate planned restrooms and relocate a parking lot. it will give them a bigger decision in things that affect the camp. a man known as d.b. cooper highlighted a northwest orient airline flight in 1971. he parachuted out of the plane over washington state with $200,000 ransom money never to be seen again. investigators checked 1,000 leads in past 30 years. but now, a tip from a suspect and forensic evidence are being checked out by f.b.i. >> mystery they made movies
5:50 am
about, written books about, all kind of things. we'll see how that wraps up. we'll see how the weather is today, too. mike has a preview. >> it's cool outside. let's look to show you a reason why. there you go. looking at the cloud deck that covers most of the bay area this morning. the sea breeze coming along with it is stout. that will push free air conditioning to the east bay valley. keep temperatures 3 to 9 degrees cooler than average. a pretty sunrise from mount tamalpais. we have temperatures in the 60s along the peninsula, to the south bay, the rest of rus in the mid-to-upper 50s. monterey bay, low to mid-50s inland. 51 in gilroy. 57 in salinas. welcome to august 1. welcome to almost the same type of pattern we have been dealing with most of this summer. this feels like summer is
5:51 am
slipping away. august, school starting, vacations are over. hant been hot yet -- it hasn't been hot yet. big downer this morning. sorry about that. cooler this afternoon, foggy, cloudy and cool nights. would have about this? we are saving money on air conditioning. the 24-hour temperature change, warmer today by five degrees in santa rosa. fremont, 3. oakland, 1. the same in san francisco, two degrees cooler in concord and san jose. 14 hours and five minutes of sunshine before it sets at 8:18 this evening. upper 70s, walnut creek and dublin. low to mid-80s for the east bay shore. where the warmest weather will be. look how much cooler it will be along the east bay shore compared to the east bay valley. richmond and berkeley, upper 60s. low to mid-70s for everybody else. 76 in fremont. warm spot. same for san jose. up to 80 in los gatos. could be cool as 73 in sunnyvale today. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. we have pockets of sunshine
5:52 am
developing this afternoon. 59 is possible in daly city. mid-60s in downtown south san francisco and saucelito. upper 50s to near 60 degrees. low to mid-70s inland valley. mid-to-upper 60s for most of the monterey. heading to the at&t tonight. 7:15 first pitch. 60. the clouds will roll in and the breeze picks up. we have to win a couple of these games. d-backs are only two games behind us in the west. the cloud cover for us again, drizzle is possible along the coast. see the big picture, set-up developing along the coast. the low pressure and jetstream diving down to california. even when we see warmer weather tomorrow and wednesday the temperatures are still below average. cool trend for thursday and
5:53 am
friday and we warm it up for saturday and sunday. good morning, sue. >> i have been following the accident in sunnyvale. this is matilda avenue. not of coursing the 101 commute. it has an off-ramp closed. overnight, a big rig you can see here, lost a tire or blew a tire or got out of control and flipped over. fuel spill. the crews are trying to right. this it's been interesting to watch. westbound matilda avenue remains shut. eastbound direction. that is getting by with no problems. so far, so good. if you normally take matilda for the morning commute, try to get you around this. westbound 237 to maude. or fair oaks to 101. they are estimating 7:00 a.m. for it to be cleared. check the 680 commute through walnut creek. moving pretty well. a little bunching hitting the 24 junction. as you head out of the house, is the
5:54 am
website. the latest bay area traffic for you there. eric, kristen? >> all right, sue. thank you very much. the time is 5:54. >> summer is about over and back-to-school shopping looks to go high-end this year. and markets are reacting to the news of the deal to raise the debt ceiling. >> jane king has the morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning. the house planning a vote after weekend of negotiation capped a struggle over raising the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. that takes uncertainty off the table. investors were nerve. market in asia and europe rallying on the news. perhaps lawmakers could use harry potter's financial magic. it may not have topped the weekend box office but it crossed $1 billion worldwide. hsbc, europe's largest bank by market value cutting thousands of jobs globally in a move to cut cost. on the heels of credit
5:55 am
suisse, and bank of america and goldman sachs' announcement. they are looking to make a state in the school dressing to the nines, following fashionista shows like "gossip girls." at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:55. crews finished cleaning up a chemical spill at the st. helena water treatment plant. 11,000 gallons of a chemical used as disinfeck tant leaked from tanks on saturday. napa firefighters say the chemical is similar to bleach but three times stronger. officials say there is no danger to the public and initial soil test show no contamination. plant workers are trying to determine the cause of the leak. on the pennsylvania la, belmont police -- on the peninsula, belmont police are warning of burglaries. there have been nine incidents. most crimes have taken place in the day when people are not at home.
5:56 am
the thieves made off with jewelry and electronics. police say the crooks got in unlocked cars to find garage door opener and break in homes. two men have been seen lurking in the area recently. investigators are right now trying to find them. cross-country bike ride to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis ended. it started in virginia, and it covered 3,785 miles. riders hopped on at different stages of the 168-day ride. the cyclists rode in san francisco yesterday and team leader david bouzer is the only cyclist on the trip with m.s. and he says he was amazed at the accomplishment. >> without the help of the group, and the medicine, this would have been a dream. two months ago i didn't know how much money we'd raise or how many people we'd reach. or how much fun it would be. i'm in san francisco.
5:57 am
>> participants pay $1 per mile and ride. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 -- the provider about to put brakes on million of the smart phone users. >> find out how much more it will cost to get on a.c. transit bus this morning. rich monday police are trying to figure out why two people were gunned down overnight, trying to get in their apartment complex parking lot. i'm amy hollyfield. the story coming up.çkçkçkçkçkçt
5:58 am
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