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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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in every dose of frontline plus. good morning america. breaking news right now. it's a deal. the last-minute scramble between the president and top lawmakers to stave off the debt crisis and save america's credit. >> it will allow us to avoid default. it will allow us to pay our bills. >> now, a race against time, to clear the final hurdle before tomorrow's deadline. global markets react with relief. is the last-minute agreement really taking us off the road to economic catastrophe? also breaking right now, a huge announcement about birth control that would affect millions of women. and could change how women visit the doctor's office for good. the wedding party so rambunctious for the queen's
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granddaughter, that lasted all night long. was it the royals' most outrageous party ever? good morning from washington. and, robin, what a weekend here in the capital. it was filled with tense talks. all of those bitter speeches in public. and then all these long mysterious waits. until finally just before 9:00 last night, the president suddenly appeared in the white house briefing room to announce a deal. >> george, going right down to the wire like that. they could not have cut it any closer. and the markets are already breathing a sigh of relief at this early hour. in fact, our countdown clock is still ticking. this still has to come to a critical vote, george. >> the deal is still not finalized, robin. basically, here is the
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framework. it will raise the debt limit through the election nap was the president's bottom and cut trillions in government spending over the next decade, which was the republicans' top priority. the leaders will meet with the rank and file members. they hope to vote today. passage still not certain. we'll tell you what the bottom line means for everyone at home. our debt crisis team has been reporting on this story all weekend. we begin with jon karl who's right here. you first this news on saturday night. >> reporter: the leaders now have the deal that's a big deal. it took the threat of economic catastrophe to make that deal. now, george, they've got to find the votes to pass it. and it won't be easy. >> have a seat. >> reporter: finally a deal. >> is this the deal that i would have preferred? no. nevertheless, ultimately the leaders of both parties have found their way toward compromise. >> reporter: it took the threat of economic catastrophe just two days away. but republican and democratic
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leaders got a deal both of them liked. >> both parties gave more ground they wanted to. but that is the essence of compromise. >> the united states of america will not for the first time in our history default on its obligations. >> reporter: while all of that was happening, the man at the center of storm was on a conference call, trying to convince his fellow republicans to finally get onboard. telling them, quote, now, listen. this isn't the greatest deal in the world. but it shows how we've changed the terms of debate in this town. here's what the debt ceiling deal looks like. agreement on up to $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over ten years. a new special congressional committee to recommend additional deficit reduction of $1.5 trillion. if those conditions aren't met,
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deep cuts are made, including medicare and defense. >> you must be pretty pleased with this? >> reporter: while the speaker of the house seemed to be please the sound began even before it rise. >> this isisatan sandwich, no question about it. >> reporter: yes, a satan sandwich. republicans didn't like it, either. >> it's not something that i could d pport. i'm certain it doesn't relieve us from the debt burden. >> reporter: now, it comes down to counting votes. as you know, there are 240 republicans in the house. but i'm told we could lose up to 100 of themes. 100 could vote no. 76 democrats to vote yes. >> that's a tough sell for the president. let's go to jake tapper at the white house. jake, a lot of grumbling over the groundwork of this. how does the president get out of this? >> reporter: first of all, it's
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a pass out of the crisis. that's going to be the first priority, when he tries to rally democrats. second of all, he'll say that spending does need to be cut. this bill does so in a way that protects their priorities. and the third point he'll make, when it comes to the triggers, if the supercommittee does not arrive at $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction, he will argue that he protected medicare beneficiaries, all keeping with the democratic priorities. george? >> jake, the president says he's going to protect democratic proirties. and he exempted cuts. but this is a big number. so, it's going to have a big impact on just about everyone, right? >> reporter: that's right. and the way to achieve in the first round of spending cuts, between $900 billion and $1 trillion of deficit reduction, is by capping spending. it really will be left up to congress, george. >> jake, thanks very much.
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now, let's go too bianna golodryga where the markets are reacting to all this. we've seen leading up to this weekend, six-straight days of decline in the dow. but the financial markets are pretty happy this morning. >> that's right, george. investors heard out of washington last night. the dow went sharply higher over of a global rally overnight. the worst week for the dow inn over a year. down over 500 points. this may be one hurdle we've come over, though. we have that big issue to look for. that is to see if we can see a possible ratings downgrade. >> that's what i want to ask you about. we're going to looking for the deal this morning. do we know if it h h the muscle to pass the ratings downgrade? >> they were looking at $4 trillion over the next ten years. we're nowhere near that right now. if this deal does go through, we could see a aa rating. >> okay, bianna. now, let's go to the white
7:07 am
house and white house senior adviser, david plouffe, for his bottom line on all this. thanks for joining us this morning, david. let's start off with the big question. do you have the votes to pass this? >> obviouslyly george, every member is going to have to make their own determination. we're confident that this deal will and should pass. it's one removed a cloud of uncertainty over the economy. wewee not going to have to repeat this episode again in five or six months. significant debt reduction on the front end. we're going to have a great debate in the fall around the country, about the debt reduction. the only way to reduce theebt in a smart way, is to make sure there's smart perform. and to closeup the tax loopholes. >> the speaker of the house is saying any tax increase is impossible in the next deal. what makes you leave that the house republicans that are been adamant about raising tax revenues is going to be more likely to do it today. >> we never reached a final deal. but there were tentative
7:08 am
agreements for $800 billion in revenue. and you've seen republican senators embrace a balanced packet. this is the debate. i think the american people made their voices clearly in this debate. they wanted compromise. they helped force it in the end. but there's no doubt. even as a majority of republicans support a balanced approach. so, we have to really force congress over the next few months here to try and do their job, to lead. and try to produce something that has got tax reform. if that doesn't happen, there is an enforcement mechanism. and there will be spending cuts. half come from defense and programs like children's health care, medicaid, and medicare n beneficiaries will be protected. >> paul krugman in "the new york times" said the president had an abject surrender. he said that obama surrendered last december, extending the tax
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cuts. he surrendered in the spring. abject surrender? >> absolutely not. first of all, the tax deal back in december was important. think about where the economy would be today with all of the head winds we faced, if we didn't extend the payroll tax and business tax cuts. these are spending cuts that were identified largely on the front end, by the work of the president and vice president, for congressional leaders. they protect things like education, and medical research. this committee is going to be charged withthoing the next stage. but the enforcement mechanism, we wanted to do something that protected the most vulnerable. that's what the enforcement mechanism would do. >> don't you agree that washington just looks dismal through all this? i think the country has watched what's happened over the last couple of weeks and said, we're fed up with all of you. >> the president said lastight it was far too messy. monday night, when the president spoke to the country and again friday, he asked could the people of america lift their
7:10 am
voices and demand compromise. and capitol hill was overwhelmed by people calling and e-mailed. at the 11th hour, there was a compromise. but there's no doubt. hopefully moving forward here, people will lower their voices a little bit and seek compromise a little earlier. this is obviously a three-ring circus. something that was a spectacle. and hopefully doesn't get repeated anytime soon. >> david p puffe,, thank you vey much. george, as you know, front page news all across the country. i was struck by something they said in "usa today." it's like the fire department trucks are arriving after the home's roof has been in flames. the real damage has been done. give us your bottom line on this. >> i think yououit it right there. the country, like i said with david plouffe, saying what i i going on in washington, d.c. the lowest approval rating is
7:11 am
about 40%. he's in a dead-heat with the top republicans for the 2012 race right now. congress has influenced approval ratings, as well. the country is looking at this saying, we want something different. you can seee a political earthquake before the next election. >> all right, george. thank you. now, for a dangerously close call for weekend "world news" anchor, david muir. he's on the ground in war-torn somalia, where thousands are fleeing the famine there. he's safe this morning. our entire crew is safe. he brings us a story of being trapped in a skirmish right on the front line. >> reporter: it was a dramatic firefight, in a country already dealing with the worse famine in a generation. we were there, as african soldiers were trying to get out
7:12 am
the al qaeda group in mogadishu. they have blocked the aid coming in to somalia. shunning western help. you can hear the gunfire, beyond this wall here. they asked not to turn the corner. they're exchanging fire with al shabaab as they try to move these extremists to the outskirts of the city. we were on convoy meant to protect aid route op in this city. the u.n. says this is the worst food emergency in the world. but it's clear, they have faced something else. a weak political government. they're trying to block the aid. >> yeah, they're trying to block the aid. >> reporter: as we pulled away, our convoy hit with gunfire, too. no one was hurt. e we just took a direct hit on this convoy. you're convinced that was al shabaab? just a short distance away, a reminder of the stakes here.
7:13 am
the children living in overflowing refugee camps. near those gun battles in the hills. david. david. children waiting for food and waiting for that gunfire to stop. for "good morning america," david muir, abc news, mogadishu, somalia. >> david will have much more tonight on "world news" with diane sawyer. now, to that major announcement breaking right now that will have a major impact on wowon's health care. and it's not without controversy, as you might imagine. for the first time, insurers will be required to make birth control free to women. sharyn alfonsi is here with the details. >> reporter: abc news has learned that today, the u.s. department of health and human services will announce sweeping, new guidelines intended to help all women have a chance to stop health problems before they start. here's how it works. starting on august 1st, 2012, all private insurance plans will be provided to women's
7:14 am
preventative services, without charging a co-pay or a deductible. >> half of women forgo preventive care because they can't afford it. and under the affordable care act, that out changes. >> reporter: what exactly? >> reporter: screenings for guestational diabetes. breast-feeding reports. and all fda-approved birth control methods, including emergency contraception, including the morning-after pill, will be included. >> congress includes these services, including contraception. family planning is something that can keep women healthy. and it was an important piece of today's announcement. >> reporter: even before today's official announcement, the idea of insurance completely covering birth control came under heavy fire from conserertives. >> many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex and not going to use birth control, anyway.
7:15 am
>> if you can afford a $4 frappuccino at starbucks, you can pay for birth control. >> reporter: conservative groups argue that coming the morning after bill is equivalent of using federal dollars for abortions. >> that's not part of our law. today it's about keeping women and their babies healthy. >> reporter: the big question is, who's picking up the extra costs? white house advisers say it won't impact premiums. but ultimately, that's going to be up to the insurance companies. >> still, this is big news. >> reporter: big news. >> all right, sharyn. thanks so much. let's go back to george in washington. george? >> all right, robin. now to that startling image from the weekend. this caribbean airline skidded off a runway in guyana. as investigators try to figure out exactly what happened, the survivors are sharing their stories. abc's lisa stark has the story about how they made it off of that demolished jet alive. >> reporter: in this exclusive
7:16 am
video obtained by abc news, u.s. officials from the national transportation safety board photographed the mangled wreckage of the caribbean airlines flight. knoll elliot, who doctors say suffered the worst you'injuries the crash, was vested by trinidad's president of caribbean airlines. >> reporter: terrified passengers knew something was wrong. they started to applaud as the plane touched down. and that quickly turned into screams. >> there was a screech. i started calling on god, oh god, not this. not this. >> reporter: those onboard heard a loud bang as the boeing 737 barreled off the runway crashed in a fence and cracked in two. >> i told my friend, we're going to die. the plane doesn't have enough runway to stop. >> reporter: inside plane was a jumbled mess.
7:17 am
passengers scrambled out in pitch black. some through emergency exits that still worked. it was raining. >> we're calling paramedics. we're calling for anyone. firemen, nobody was around. >> reporter: when rescue crews finally arrived, they had only flashlights and the headlights from fire engines to guide them as they searched for anyone trapped inside. >> i just want to tell god, i know it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: now the black boxes in the guyana crash will come back to the ntsb lab here for analysis. the 162 passengers and crew onboard this plane, truly had some luck on t tir side. there was no fire in the accident. and the plane stopped just short of a very deep ravine. >> let's go back to new york where josh elliott has the rest of the morning's headlines.
7:18 am
>> good morning, george. there is a deal in washington. but the economy remains troubled. major layoffs in the banking industry being blamed on that shaky economic. hsbc has just announced 30,000 job cuts. 10% of its global workforce. just last week, another financial giant, credit suisse, announced 2,000 job cuts. meanwhile, troops in syria are ramping up their bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. been killed in the past 24 hours alone. president obama said that he's appalled by syria's use of violence against its own people. american hikers held in iran for more than two years, are expected to learn their fate by week's end. they appeared at a finin hearing on monday. they were charged with spying but say they crossed the border of iran and iraq by accident. finally, a true sign of the times. men are finally doing their share.
7:19 am
they're doing some housework. a new british study finds men these days spend nearly 2.5 hours this week on cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. it's an hour more thth the 1970s. two hours fewer than women, admittedly. but as with everything else, robin, it is a path away from crisis, towards compromise. you know what we're not doing, apparently, a number unchanged. laundry. we're bad at it. >> since i'm outnumbered with you and sam, i'm going to kick it over to sam. >> robin, i'm going to say that josh and i can sayayur floors have never been shinier. let's get to the boards. here goes that area of high pressure. the heat dome is back, by the way. 107 in dallas. there was a little break, but not a big one. 105 in phoenix. 93 in atlanta. take a look at the heat index. numbers that will be above 115 degrees this week. big heat.
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a powerful new detergent without dyes or perfumes that helps get out your toughest dirt and stains. its added natural cleaning boosters help get your whole family's wash incredibly clean. tough on stains. gentle on skin. new all free clear oxi-active. a woman is dead and a man is in critical condition following a double shooting in richmond that happened around 2:45 this morning on nevin aver and 7th street. the family members at the scene say the woman was 25 years old and the man is 24. police are not revealing a
7:25 am
possible motive for the crime. there had been 22 murders in richmond so far this year, one more than the total for all of last year. right now, check in with sue hall the get the commute. slow monday. >> a slow monday. a little bit of slow traffic kept coming out of the central valley if you are headed westbound on 580. earlier accident eastbound out of lanes but now the rubbernecker westbound with slow traffic from the drive up to tracy and over the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. also, slow behind the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are off. fast track and the car pool lanes are getting by easier but the traffic backed up to the west grand overcrossing. >> thanks a lot. i have wonder if the i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitami,
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welcome back. a look at the cloud deck. widespread this morning. back to the coast by noon and pockets of sunshine developing along the coast this afternoon. right now, temperatures are in the 50s. 60s along the peninsula to the south bay. good morning to you. here is a look at the below average temperatures from 64 in san francisco, to low to mid-80 in the east bay valley. temperatures remain below=x=x=xx
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♪ all night long huge royal reception. the queen's granddaughter and all of her guests they partied all night long. groom was still in his tuxedo the next morning. we'll have all of the details on the big night. look at harry. good morning, america on this monday morning. august 1st. i'm here in new york and mr. stephanopoulos has gone to washington. good morning, george. >> good morning, robin. it's gorgeous here this morning. it's h h and muggy all weekend. 100 and humid. they announced a debeb deal las night, we got breezes this morning. also coming up -- we'll look at a case of a criminal legend that has stumped investigators
7:31 am
for decades. the fbi may timely be closing in on d.b. cooper. but first the latest on the search for that 11-year-old new hampshire girl who has been missing for more than a week. abc's ron claiborne is in vermont. >> reporter: good morning to you. one of the areas that they'll be searching this stretch of the connecticut river. now, lot of people have been asking why her parents haven't been speaking out. one finally is, with an emotional plea for his daughter's safe return. for the first time since she disappeared one of celina cass' parents, her biological father spoke out. >> when you're ready to come home, your dadad will be here. >> reporter: her step father and her mother haven't spoken publicly.
7:32 am
>> i can't speak for them because i'm not them. but being a parent, i think they would be doing something about it. speak to public about it to get more help from the people. >> reporter: in his last conversation with his daughter, she assured him that her home life was fine. >> i asked her questions, is everything okay? is everything going okay with her mother and your new daddy? she said, everything's okay, daddy. >> reporter: he looks worn from his battle with illness and trying to cope without having his little girl around. >> you know, i miss her. it hurts. it hurts me very much. >> reporter: there's another vigil sunday night in her hometown in new hampshire, population about 800 and almost knows the shy 11-year-old. people are in anguished.
7:33 am
>> the search for celina is being focused on rivers and small ponds about a mile from celina's home. >> this is still a missing persons case. >> reporter: as each day passes without any clues of where she is, the chances of finding celina grow dimmer. >> obviously, 16 days is a troubling number. the odds of something baba happening to her at this point is reasonably high. >> i still believe that she's there. >> reporter: now there's a $30,000 reward for any information leading to celina's whereabouts. this is now, as they're hoping that the monetary incentive will help somebody come up with a sighting, a clue or a hunch of where she is. right now the authorities, the
7:34 am
investigators don't have a lot to go on. >> ron, thanks very much. let's go back up to robin in new york. new details about what's really next for kasey anthony. he she hasn't been seen since she was whisked away by armed guard. linsey davis has more details. >> reporter: we're learning more about casey anthony's plans. after three years in solitary confinement, she'll tell her story not the public but to a psych lodgist. we don't know where casey anthony is. according to tmz, the plans not include on any media checks to tell her story. before she appears on any network tv kouchs, she'll reportedly be on the proverbial couch, seeking help for serious
7:35 am
mental issues. >> i'm sure it's going to be very needed and helpful for her. she's been through a lot. she lost her child, her family, her freedom. >> reporter: sources close to anthony told tmz that casey now realizes her questionable behavior resulted from obvious mental health issues and she also needs help coping with the loss of her child. >> i believe it's the place to start with casey anthony, connecting her head and her heart. and where she sees herself moving forward is key. >> reporter: casey's attorney will listen to offers on behalf until she's ready to tell her story.
7:36 am
she's refd $500,000 from larry flint to pose nude for house ler magazine. one thing that won't wait for her to become mentally health is bills. it cost close to $700,000 and a hearing is set for later on this month, to determine how much of that casey is on the hook for. >> all right, linsey, thanks. let's get back to sam. >> right now, just a mess of clouds in the atlantic. but we think as it gets stronger in the next 48 hours, an good opportunity to become a tropical depression and then a storm. by the end of the weekend, we have a tropical system somewhere near cuba and miami.
7:37 am
does it head toward south florida or into the gulf? we'll know more in the next couple of days. dallas, 107 foed. 107 on tuesday. 107 on wednesday. 31 days above 100 degrees. louisville, you're back into the 90s. >> all of that weather was brought to you by nivia. >> thanks, sam finally a breakthrough in one of the fbi's biggest mysteries ever, tracking down the hijacker who pulled off a mid-air heist and vanished.
7:38 am
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coming up on 7:42 now and a stery that no one has been able to crack for almost 40 years. legendary hijacking that has taunted the fbi for decades. now the agency has finally picked up the trial of one of the most elusive fugitives, ever, josh elliott you have been following this. >> an aspect of sheer fun to it all. new clues today emerging about what really happened to criminal legend d.b. cooper the man at the heart of only unsolved hijacking case in american history. >> clever hijacker who given his name as d.b. cooper parachuted out of airliner and disappeared with $200,000 of the airline's money. >> reporter: over 40 years, news came that the fbi now has a credible lead in this case. according to an fbi spokesman
7:43 am
its most promising. that's all they say that has baffled law enforcement for decades. in 1971, a man calling himself d.b. cooper, threatened to blow an orient 207 if he didn't receive 200,000 ransom. after landing in seattle, he got his money and released most of his passengers and the plane took off again. then cooper jumped from the jet thousands of feet over the pacific southwest. despite a massive man hunt, cooper and the money vanished. it seems impossible now n these post-9/11 days of intensive airport security, but the '70s were something of the hey day of hijackings. with over 15. >> the fbi has announced the following identifications of the
7:44 am
hijackers. >> reporter: a man in a suit hijacks a plane and disappears. but popular culture wouldn't let him go. there he is in song. tv shows with plots. >> check him out right now. >> reporter: and characters baring his name. >> agent cooper. >> reporter: even a thee yatry call film. what makes the mystery even morr tantalizing are the clues that have been found over the years. cooper's body was never recovered. yet in 1980, a portion of the ransom money was found and in 2008 a parachute was also found buried in the dirt, 100 miles south of seattle. which meansor now, d.b. cooper or at least his considerable legend remains free.
7:45 am
and so, robin the cooper curse lives on. what the fbi calls any case, they feel they're about to crack when all of those promising leads dry out. >> all right, josh. coming up -- what a party. the inside story of the royals' biggest blowout ever. ♪ all night long major medical... major medical. ...but it helps pay the doctors. pays the doctors, boyyy! [ quack ] oh yeah? what about your family? ♪ we added aflac, so we get cash! it's like our safety net... ♪ to help with the m mtgage or whatever we need! so my family doesn't feel the pain too. ha! [ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ pigeons ] heyyy! hooo!!!
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i don't know. i don't know. >> it's what boys do. >> put a few chairs together, put a sheet over, do you remember? >> another royal wedding as well. it was quite a party. one of queen elizabeth's grand daughter zara phillips marrying mike tindall over the weekend and lama hasan has more on the celebration. >> reporter: she's the queen's
7:50 am
oldest granddaughter and he's mike tindall. it was the day after that raised eyebrows. letting their hair down. partying all night long. no wonder they looked like this. look at the groom, he was still wearing his wedding suit. zara was a beautiful, radiant bride. a far cry from being a royal wild child. >> a little bit of a wild child. but that's part of her makeup and her character and i think that's why she succeeded. >> reporter: it was hard for william and catherine not to wow the crowd. wherever they go, this royal couple steals the spotlight. as for the outfits, check out the shoes. no fancy footwear, no fancy
7:51 am
colors. just beige, beige and more beige. so, no fashion faux pas. remember this creation at the other royal wedding. for "good morning a arica," lama hasan abc news, london. >> one reveller said, according to daily mail, there was a lot of drinking. >> i don't know. >> happy monday. and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keeping my airways open... ...a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both.
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7:56 am
a.c. transit riders are paying a little more starting this morning to get on board. the basic adult fare is step cents higher at $2.10. youth, senior and disabled fares are up 5 cents to $1.05. rips from the east bay -- trips from the east bay and san francisco to peninsula now costs $4.20 for adults. check in with mike to see about the fog. >> hanging around and causing flight arrival delays in sfo. low to mid-70s in the bay shore. low to mid-80s in the east bay valley. sunshine around the bay by noon. pockets of sunshine along the coast. temperatures below average all seven days.
7:57 am
sue? >> a stall westbound malt matt brim just now -- westbound just now clear. a grind from tracy to dublin. earlier accident gone. >> thank you, sue. the news continues with
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. from washington. as you know, we talked about money all of these days. how the government is get it, spend it and save it. this hour, we're going to talk to you how you can get it, spend it and save it. it's the "show me the money" time. no coupons needed. >> living on a prayer, george. we catch up with jon bon jovi, spilling all about life as a rock star. it hasn't been 30 years on the road, has it? what it takes to keep the band
8:01 am
together and lara opened by talking about that famous head of hair. george, it was such a close call in that debt showdown this weekend. >> it was. but the leaders finally came together yesterday, robin, the president, the democratic leaders in the house and senate and the republicans in house and senate. all signing up on a framework of a deal that's going to extend the debt limit through the next election. return for more than $2 trillion in spending cuts. but the question now, is, can they can get the votes to pass it to beat that deadline tomorrow night? i'm here with jon karl. all of the leaders are going to be meeting with their rank and file members to rally them. >> it's all happening this morning. all democrats and republicans in the hohoe and the senate. it's going to be really tough. the senate is going to be a little easier. only 11 republicans i'm told will vote no in the senatete it will pass pretty easily. the house is going to be really tough. you have, first of all, 39 republicans who have signed a pledge not to vote for anything
8:02 am
to increase the debt ceiling, , unless congress first passes a balanced budget. so, they're gone. >> and democrats haven't been happy about this at all. in fact, democratic leader nancy pelosi last night quite cool in her first comments even though she signededn to the deal. how do we expect this to unfold after the meetings today? likely that the senate would go first since they have a stronger majority right now. >> it looks like it. you need to get the people who are opposed to it to allow it to go forward. if it comes out of the senate with a strong vote, that idea is that it will help them go here. it's going be tough, the democrats don't like the fact that this is all weighted towards spending cuts and no taxes. >> david plouffe, told us in the last hour, he thinks that enough will come over to get this passed. president obama, a busy weekend. he's also condemning syria's bloody crackdown on
8:03 am
pro-democracy protesters. syrian tanks opened fire again. second day of a fierce assault that has reportedly killed 1 people. meanwhile a stunning admission this morning from the alleged leader of a mexican drug cartel. police say that this man who was arrested this weekenen he's confessed to ordering the murdz of 1500 people. also accused of plotting an attack on a pregnant u.s. consulate. and italy's mount etna sent lava shooting 150 feet into the sky. take a look at all of that. thankfully, the wind blowing the right way, so the airport did not have to close. also in medical news -- the key on to protecting yourself against sunburn could be wine or a bunch of grapes. reer is eveners in spain found that flavonioids in grapes could
8:04 am
cause damage to your skin. cosmetics are hoping to cash in with new skin care products. "smurfs" and "cowboys & aliens" tied at the box office. $36.2 million and change. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning to everybody at gma. tonight on "world news," we'll go on the campaign trail with made in america, those presidential hopefuls all say their number one issue is jobs. we wondered, is that campaign gear, all of the stuff they sell, made in america? finally snakes on a planes. no. snakes on a windshield. this is what a family in memphis saw while driving down the highway. slithering across the windshield of the suv.
8:05 am
the family thinks it climbed into the engine in the garage. i don't know how that person didn't drive right off the road. note to self, no snakes on my windshield. that's it. >> just laughing away. >> i know, swigging a beer on the big network. you know, lara is on vacation. but the pop news heat index is not. bianna is more nervous about this than the debt ceiling. go easy on me. stock markets i know. pop scene, not too much. here we go. pop news heat index is burning up. let's start off with cats and dogs. people have been fighting like cats and dogs forever over which pet is best. parade magazine has turned to science. which one has turned up on top? i'm a dog lover. it turns out, here we go, i'm going to try to get this to work, finally did it.
8:06 am
the average pooch can learn 1616 words. that's equivalent to the vocabulary of a 2-year-old child. cats, not so smart, they learn just 35 words. that leads them toddling way behind. i'm a dog fan all the way. maybe dogs will be getting even brainier this fall. pbs is getting ready to spin off the new version, remember the puppet daniel the tiger. mr. rogers neighborhood is coming back. he's animated. no word on whether he'll be wearing a cardigan. either way, the news makes for another beautiful day in the neighborhood. let's move on to what else is hot. gwyneth paltrow will do anything for a little cold play. she's so eager to get her hands on her husband's new album,
8:07 am
she tweets, listen to this, who do i have to get with for an advanced copy? seems like hubby is holding out. good luck there. and finally -- >> down the stretch she comes. >> finally, mtv is turning the big 3-0, that's right, it was three decades ago that the station first launched "the video killed the radio star." for music videos to reality show, boy, does mtv look different now. people still want it. i think it will be around forever. i'm sweating. >> you are sweating over there. >> i'm done. thanks. sam with the weather. sam? >> that's becacae the pop news heat index was so hot. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with live shot of dallas. by the way, talk about heat,
8:08 am
these folks -- it's like everything broken at 105 and above. it's going to stay that way this week. and austin is like 106 today. as well. 107 in dallas. and here's the bigger deal, yeah, the high temperatures in the afternoon are bad. but every morning, they have been slamming their warmest morning temperatures, ever, and that continues in texas, oklahoma, arkansas during the day and during the week, really, here are where the thunderstorms will roll. it feels perfect right here in times square. later on today, there will be storms rolling in. it's gorgeous on the west coast today. so nice. the northwest, seatac area comes in about 74 degrees. that's the weather around the
8:09 am
here's what's ahead on the gma morning menu -- would you do it? giving birth at home. it was something that they did the old days. now more new moms are choosing it. not going to the hospital giving birth at home. also this morning -- it's time, never time, never a better time than to "show me the money." tory johnson is here. you'll learn by the end of segment how to bargain for anything. and jon bon jovi, one of the hottest names in rock 'n roll, our lara spencer sat down with him. what's the seek e let to all of their success? all right here on gma. .
8:10 am
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8:14 am
for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. [ cheers and applause ] it's time to "show me the money." you want to make sure that every dollar you spend is worth it. of course, we turned to our work place contributor tory johnson, sent her to a mall to see if she can haggle her way to lower prices. how did it go? she is here. >> my day job is regularly coaching people on how to negotiate salary to make more money. i must admit it w wn't easy walking into a store asking for a discount for myself.
8:15 am
it definitely pas lly pace to b confident. one mission, rack up as many dealsss possible without opening up a store credit card and without a single store coupon in hand. first stop, macy's. these jackets looked great. i get my first no. >> not unless you have a macy's card. >> we earn a visitor pass. >> that's pretty cool. we saved 20% off of brand-new merchandise. when shopping on vacation, ask r out of towners saving. next stop foot locker, no discount again. >> if you sign up for the vip prograra you get a coupon for 10 there are off a purchase. >> and you can't apply it now.
8:16 am
>> no. >> but i want it now, not next time. so, i nicely asked the manager and it worked. i saved 10 bucks off of new sneakers. tip number 2, sign up for royalroya loyalty programs. now, let's try new washing machine. that means sears. at the point i'm used to hearing no. when i hear it from the salesperson and the manager. >> i have to follow the policies of the store. >> i try a new approach. denied. but when she scans this washer on clearance, it's ready for a further markdown. a whopping $65 savings. whoo-hoo! >> take the higher price. if the clearance items can go k
8:17 am
any lower. next at express. here we go again with the credit card. when i do a little digging with the manager, she gives up a gem. my $130 purchase dropped to $110 just like that. score! >> went from like nothing available today to this. that's good. >> tip number four, text your way to savings. at jcpenney, old-fashioned ta e manners is my tactic. afafr a little chatting, the saleslady hooked me up anyway. >> now you'll come back later. >> instead of 30 bucks, that will only cost us 20. 33% off. yes!
8:18 am
tip number five, be polite, not pushy. every girl needs a little bling, right? so for our last stop, we hit a jewelry kiosk. you can't give me this for $20 the salesperson won't budge, no matter how hard i try. just a few steps away, i find the exact same bracelet. can you do 20? 35 bucks, no way. only paid 20, saving 40%. tip number six, be persistent and negotiate. i was told nope, no discount, but i kept at it and i scored added savings at six of them. asking for a deal is not easy. when it comes to guarding your cash it pays to be confident. the most important thing that i
8:19 am
think when i watch this, be prepared to hear no. prepared to haggle when you go to a flea m mket or a bazaar. >> i'm not going to usc cumb to the pressure of opening up a credit card. instead my plan was to be politely persistent. i was not going to be rude or anything like that. saves that perhaps i don't know about. as soon as i did that the flood gates opened. some of the best tips are registered for e-mail alerts. at one store said, if you register for an alert within 24 hours, you'll get 20% coupon that you can use any time you want.
8:20 am
follow your favorite retailers on facebook and twitter. a lot of times they face unadvertised savings on their media sites. bring your cell phone with you. because on the spot in two of the stores, they gave me a code right then and there. if you text this message right now, you'll get a text message back with a coupon that you can apply immediately. i think text messaging is going to wind up replacing print coupons soon. in a couple of cases, itas let's go above and many times it was a sales associate who recommended let's bring in the manager. >> all right, full price now is a mere suggestion for me. tory jojoson, thanks very much. for more tips and savings strategies from the stores
8:21 am
themselves, go to 4 million babies are born here in the u.s. annually. for most of the births when mom goes into labor they go to hospital. the growing trends of birthing at home >> it's really fascinating -- robin. good morning. everyone we spoke to, whether they're an advocate for home birth or going to the hospital, they believe the that this is an incredibly personal choice. but more women and women including a growing number of celebrities are deciding to stay home. home births are no longer just k comedic scenes in movies. >> i didn't shoot it anywhere. she just kind of gently glided into her father's arms. >> reporter: tinseltown moms are
8:22 am
choosing the home over the hospital. they are all new moms, part of this booming trend. >> especially now adays with tmz and these paparazzi, it was nice not leaving and worrying about cars chasing you former talk show host ricki lake has become the face of home births. business of being born, she showcased her own water birth of her second son owen. >> that's one thing about it that's so different than having a baby in the hospital? >> something about being home and not having to pick up and leave and to not be in a place where people are sick and jerge and having freedom. >> reporter: that freedom is sentiment echoed for this woman. she's getting ready for baby
8:23 am
number four. she had her first two in the hospital. but decided to have little matteo at home. >> when you're in the hospital, you're pretty much at discretion what they want you to do. versus at home, it was just me on my own. owning the power over my own body. >> so this time around, she's stage at home once again. having a water birth which means that she'll deliver in a tub with no pain killers. >> people didn't know that it was an option. when i told friend that i had a home birth, it was like, really, you can do it at home? it's not illegal? i had my midwife. >> reporter: she's been helping women have babies at home for 11 years. >> i have seen an increase in my practice. i frequently have to turn people away because i'm full.
8:24 am
>> reporter: home births are up 20%. unless 1% of babies in the u.s. are born at home. it's a statistic that for ricki who had her first son in the hospital and her second son at home doesn't make sense. >> normal birth to me is not being number from the waist done and hooked up to iv and waiting for the doctor to tell you to push. that's the normal now. but i don't think that's what normal should be. i think normal should be whatever woman wants it to be. >> reporter: these days hollywood moms routinely come to her for insight. >> you're like the hollywood midwife. >> you know, i really fantasized about being a midwife. >> reporter: for her follow-up film, she interviewed pink, cindy crawford and gisele bundchen.
8:25 am
lot of american mothers have c-sections. victoria beckham recently had her fourth. >> hospitals are absolutely safer for a certain population. high-risk women. or pregnancies that have complications. for low-risk women it's not necessarily safer for her or the baby in the hospital. >> there's a lot of fear associated with this process and the perception at the hospitall that it's the safest place to have a baby. >> i think most women feel safer in a hospital. i felt safer for my body at home. i'm simply sharing my store. i two positive stories. one in the hospital and one at home. i preferred the at home. for her thee choice was just as clear. >> it's just peaceful and beautiful.
8:26 am
exacacy how home birth or any birth should be. >> reporter: renewed interests, the surprising one could be the economy. it's thousands of dollars less to have a baby at home. this is a veryy personal choice. there's no right way. i was born at home, it was san francisco and it was # '07 >> i was telling you, my yoga instructor attended a home birth last week. we don't understand how the mortality rate is higher in the hospital in the u.s. >> halfway mark for women, if you don't want to do the hospital and you don't want to be at home, there are centers.
8:27 am
a woman is dead and man in critical condition following a double shooting in richmond that happened at 2:45 this morning on 7th street. family members say the woman was 25 years old and the man is 24. police are not revealing a possible motive for crime. there have been 22 murders in richmond so far this year, one more than the total for all of last year. your monday morning commute has had some problems. check in with sue hall. >> minor problems. a lot of folk on vacation. we have minor delays if you are traveling public transit. first, ace train number five. a few minutes late. caltrain, however, number 319 and 313 are running ten minutes behind. san jose, sdement at northbound 85 near 17, blocking a lane there.
8:28 am
backed up to the toll plaza to the west grand overcrossing. >> thanks a lot. when will we see the
8:29 am
good morning. cloudy with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. by noon, we have sunshine around the bay and possible sunshine developing along the coast in the afternoon. low to mid-60s in half moon bay to san francisco. 67 in richmond. low to mid-70s around the bay shore to north bay. low to mid-80s in east bay
8:30 am
valley. temperatures sound cool for august. they are. they will remain below average all seven days. have a g [ cheers and applause ] a love story that became the wedding of the decade. now, brides everywhere, josh, are trying to capture the kate effect from her gown, right down to the shoes. the lastest kate-inspired wedding fashions. it's surely take on the usa by storm. as we say good morning, america. rabbit, rabbit the gma tradition. >> this is incredible. it is. also ahead, going natural. it's not just about the food that you eat anymore, it's about the products that you might be wearing on your face, why so many women are turning in the cosmetics of old and going for
8:31 am
the new naturals, robin. >> i'm seeing mount gma from rapid city. sam, isn't that lovely? yeah. >> hey, bon jovi, big fan. >> yes. >> give love a bad name. they have sold millions of albums. created armies of loyal fans. you we before she went on vacation, lara with the legendary lead singer. he has a big birthday coming up. rock on. >> reporter: all right, bon jovi sitting in a car i longside jon bon jovi, i found myself wanting to ask him, iad to no about that famous lushest hair?
8:32 am
was he a fan of the famous hair do? >> he created it. >> reporter: he did? >> sure. mine was veryfamous. but, you know what, he had a mull let. i never had a mull let. mel had a mull let. >> how would you describe yourself? >> i looked like cousin ed. i just had a big head of hair. fortunately, i still have it. >> reporter: crossed off the bucket list, we got down to business. bon jovi the band is beginning their europe tour. after three decades they're still thrilling fans and selling
8:33 am
out arenas with their '80's rhythm. ♪ give love a bad name >> are you surprised that you're still selling out? >> no. >> beginning in more than $200 million in revenue and beating out today's most popular artists. >> it's been glorious. >> reporter: bigger than kanye west, justin bieber put together. >> not even in the same league. >> reporter: but bon jovi has the goods to back it up. he gave me this analogy on the band's longevity. >> everybody's here for what we call a cup of coffee. they were hehe for a cup of coffee. when you become billy joel and elton john and u2. >> you're enjoying dessert. >> yeah. >> reporter: as bon jovi
8:34 am
approaches the big 5-0, he realizes its's more than just being a rock star. we caught up with him in new jersey. he was the only star on president obama's commissionon if you could finish this sentence 50 is -- >> really good. >> reporter: what's more fulfilling, making a difference in the leaders of tomorrow or headlining at major arenas all over the world. >> my job doesn't define who i am. we're still at the top of our game. >> reporter: jon has had personal successes as well. married for 22 years to his high school sweetheart, they have four kids including a daughter who's off to college in the fall, she's just about the same age as her dad was when her dad started singing hits like --
8:35 am
>> ♪ living on a prayer >> reporter: still gets standing ovations today. so, how do you guys manage to stay together as a team? >> everybody has the same dream. everybody believes. everybody still followed the quarterback. >> reporter: and you're the quarterback. >> oh, yeah, somebody has to be. it's not a dictatorship. everybody plays a certain role and it works. it works very well. >> reporter: this is lara spencer from newark, new jersey. [ cheers and applause ] . >> you can see much more of lara's story tonight on "nightline" after your late local news. what are you doing? >> sam champion. >> some roses don't smell. but robin, for you. lovely robin. >> thank you.
8:36 am
>> josh, what do you got? >> let's get to the boards. we got twitter and facebook pictures from texas to wisconsin. to california. to colorado. all across the area. lot of cloudy -- what, what? josh is like, going to do something, i don't know what it is. dallas at 107 and here's where dallas just rolls through the week, above 105 degrees. last time we were talking about how crazy it was above 100 degrees. when you're standing above 105, yeah, that's not normal august. into the southeast, we got a good powerful shot of storms and thunderstorm
8:37 am
>> all of that weather w w brought to you by at&t. oh, robin roberts. >> coming up in just a bit here on "good morning america" -- oh, sam. i don't know. i'm watching your be blue eyes right now. oh, natural cosmetics, that's what i'm trying to say. so, it's a natural thing. you'll findddddddddddddddddddddj
8:38 am
ah yes. there it is. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer
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8:40 am
that looks really good. okay going natural has been all of the rage when it comes to food and cleaning products. now, the movement isoming to your cosmetics with a growing number of consumers hooking not just what they put in their bodies but on their faces. bianna i iback to take a look at this. >> reporter: this is an interesting topic. we spend so much money on what we eat and organic food and we never think about what we put on our face.
8:41 am
all of the benefits of using natural makeup, just skin deep? we took a lot at how of these products stack up against conventional brands, safety, effectiveness and price. organic living, the one-time health fad that we have put in our bodies has gone main stream. $1 billion industry in 1990 has ballooned to nearly $30 billion today. no longer simply what goes in our bodies, it's also what we put on to our bodies. sparking an organic or all-natural cosmetic movement. >> it's more about less toxins being absorbed in my in. >> reporter: though it costs more, many feel it's worth it. >> for me it's worth the money knowing that i'm not going to have the extrarahemicals going
8:42 am
into my skin >> with nontoxic preservatives it doesn't spoil. one is bare min rals. why put ingredients on your skin that aren't natural, that aren't good for you. >> we did studies and found that makeup improefts your skin over time. conventional m meup doesn't do that. you're aging your skin. with bare min rals, you're doing something good for you. >> reporter: a regular on qvc and the chief executive of ba bareminerals. >> women looked kracaky on thei skin. it delivers, that's important. >> reporter: why are so six-sill billion words bad? you can absorb them through the
8:43 am
skin that goes directly to your blood stream. women shouldn't have to sacrifice their health for their beauty. >> they don't pose any longterm side effects. >> she even showed us how to make our own homemade beauty products. >> you want to have raw honey, you can use one or two spoonfuls. then you want to use fine sugar. it's really important to find the finest sugar type that you can. three spoonfuls of sugar. a little bit of lemon. lemon helps illuminate the skin. one spoonful of aloe vera.
8:44 am
it should smell really delicious. >> it smells like dessert. >> how do you feel. >> good. >> reporter: many women are throwing away their old-school makeup kits and going all natural. >> of course, women especially in this tough economy, how can i afford some of these things, here on this table, we have a display of the more expensive lines of makeup. this is from sephora. you can go to your own pharmacy, this is from duane reade. >> i have seen this quite a bit. so, with organic food it spoils quicker than processed food. same thing with makeup? >> that's the same thing. you don't have those six-syllable words. some of these products last about a week.
8:45 am
>> thank you. coming up -- how do be a copy kate? how d d d d d d d d d d d d d di
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] as you saw earlier in the show, kate, the duchess of cambridge is a draw anywhere she goes even this past weekend. weddings still to be had and the inspiration she provides. let's take a look at some copy kates. that dress. those hats. when kate middleton became the duchess of cambridge the entire
8:48 am
world was watching and taking notes. england's royal wedding set off a mat tery moan here. we caught up with three catherine copy cats and one william wan thatna-be. >> the royal elements that i chose to include in my wedding was the long-sleeved wedding gown. the beautiful tiara, the elegant veil and the gorgeous drop earrings. >> from kate and william's wedding we liked the traditional wedding. the morning wedding. >> for our big day, we decided to include aspects of having our reception at the old pink house,
8:49 am
it's got truly remarkable design inside. >> i'm getting married on august 20th. my bridesmaid just threw me a bridal shower tea. they decided they wanted to get f fascinators and hats. >> i was incredibly happy when a number of my loved ones who came to share in our special day said that will and kate had their royal wedding and we had our oklahoma fairy tale. >> fairy teams abounding. milly, perhaps because i'm a guy, counterintuitive copy somebody else's wedding on a day
8:50 am
where it should be all about you. >> elements of kate wedding have made their way into weddings in america. >> they begin with the invitation. >> the invitation sets the tone. you can see the formal script here. the beautiful black and gold color scheme. this is from our brides line. a second trend that we're seeing, regal formal wedding. second trend is the family crest. every wedding has a family crest. this is new kate middleton family crest. we have an artist rendition here. this is very expensive and a work of art. you can go online and have your crest made. put them on your program, on your napkins. >> and there might now be some limo drivers out off work as th
8:51 am
cars being pushed aside for the horse and carriage. >> there's been about 200% increase in inquiries about horses and carriages and why not. make a very regal royal entrance. fit for any princess. >> so our model led by joey from rapid city, south dakota. we should point out, she, too is walking down a red carpet. >> she's walkingng down a red carpet. it seeing an increase in red. red, white and black. it's very formal and a little bit more traditional. very pretty and regal. she's wearing a a gorgeous dres that looks very much like kate. >> it pops on the red. this is ageless. >> it is. what's actually new about it is the return of lace, the lace
8:52 am
sleeves the sheer lace sleeves. it will stand the test of time. unlike kate's dress only $999. >> the tiaraened bouquet, will be seeing touches like that? >> kate's bouquet was made of lily of volley, very expensive, rare and hard to find. there you have the symbolism. >> editor in chief of brides magazine. bringing us the royal touch. if you want more tips go to the site, go
8:53 am
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we got a baby boom going on here at gma. three lovely babies we want to show you. our associate director alex and her husband greg welcoming oliva
8:56 am
therese. oh, look at that, so beautiful. look at that patrick. he and his wife shelly, added a girl. skylar bleu. >> this is logan robert miller. >> have a great day, everybody. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' scho get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instrents.
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gold bond ultimate restoring. this stuff really works. oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting near kimball's nightclub that happened before midnight. the victim is expected to survive after being shot less than a block away. police found several cars with bullet holes in them. still gray. when will we see the sun? mike? >> by noon, all of lus see the sun and along the coast, we'll see it as we head to afternoon hours. 62 in half moon bay and 70 in oakland. east bay valleys, it's warmest all week. though temperatures are below average. sue? >> caltrain is delayed. we have a bit of a problem with ace train. caltrain number 319 and 313, ten-minute delays. capital corridor due to accident on tracks with vacaville and a big rig is


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