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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, an abc news exclusive. is this the photo that could crack one of the biggest crime mysteries of all-time? the infamous hijacking of a passenger plane by the man called d.b. cooper. meet the woman at the center of the fbi investigation. she reveals the first picture of the elusive fugitive. breaking now on trial in a cage. egypt's notorious dictator halted the court on live television. still in his hospital bed. defiant and denying all charges against him. lottery loophole. how math wizards gamed the system, figuring out how to win over and over. we'll tell you how they were winners without breaking the law.
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ah, construction crooner. how the man building a subway is serenading the city this morning. how he does it, this way, right here in times square. ♪ and the summer wind he is called the second avenue sinatra. gary russo. this morning.g to serenade you can we hear just a little bit more? ♪ and talk your hand and walk with me ♪ >> whoa. >> he does a pretty good neil diamond, too. >> we'll have that later. but we have that big exclusive we want to get to. who was behind that infamous hijacking almost 40 years ago may finally be solved. >> d.b. cooper. and what a story it was. he hijacked a plane, parachuted out of the back. now, the fbi has this photo. it was given to them by the woman who says she was d.b. cooper's niece. abc's pierre thomas has the e
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first interview with her. and he joins us from oklahoma city. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, george. the fbi is reigniting a cold case that has haunted the bureau for years. and this morning, we have the exclusive story from the woman who believes she knows the infamous hijacker, d.b. cooper. and her name is marla cooper. could this 40-year-old mystery finally be solved? is this 1972 photo the infamous hijacker d.b. cooper? who do you think d.b. cooper is? >> well, i'm certain he was my uncle lynn doyle cooper. who we called l.d. cooper. >> reporter: you're kidding me. cooper as in d.b. cooper? this is not an alias? >> no. >> reporter: you believe that your uncle was d.b. cooper. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the real identity has been a mystery since november 24th, 1971, when a man calling himself dan cooper hijacked and threatened to blow
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up a passenger plane flying from portland to seattle. he ordered the plane to land and demanded a $200,000 ransom and a parachute. after his demands were met and the plane took off for mexico, cooper did the unthinkable. he lowered the back stairs and jumped out of a speeding 727 thousands of feet over the pacific northwest in a raging storm. he disappeared despite a massive manhunt, becoming the stuff of legends and even a movie. through the years many leads and dead ends. >> a family reported recovering a bag containing 5,000 decomposed dollars. >> the fbi says a parachute found in washington state is not the one used by infamous hijacker d.b. cooper. >> reporter: despite all the clues found, there were no signs of d.b. cooper. but were there? marla coopers claims she saw him days after the thanksgiving hijacking at her grandmother's house. eerily near the scene of the crime.
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>> my uncle, l.d., was wearing a white t-shirt and was bloodied and bruised and a mess. and i was horrified. i began to cry. i asked them what happened. they told me they had been in a car accident. and my other uncle who was with l.d. said, marla, just shut up and go get your dad. and i ran inside the house. and i was spying on them from around the back of my grandmother's house. and i heard my uncle say, we did it. our money problems are over. we've hijacked an airplane. they told my dad they wanted him to help them go back into the woods and find the money. >> reporter: marla recalls two conversations with her parents that ignited her suspicions s about her uncle's identity. >> my father made a comment about his long lost brother, my uncle l.d. his remark to me was that he
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said don't you remember, he hijacked that airplane. >> reporter: that was 1995 just before her father died. then, in 2009 -- >> my mother made another comment, a similar comment. and that she had always suspected that my uncle l.d. was the real d.b. cooper. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi i ntinues to investigate marla cooper's tip and is hunting for evidence to prove l.d. cooper was on that hijacked plane. the fbi will not officially comment. but sources familiar with the case said marla cooper prompted the latest flurry of investigation. robin? >> pierre, you talked to her mother. what did she tell you? >> reporter: yeah, we talked to her mother last night. and she basically confirmed that she was telling her daughter just a year or so ago that she thought that the uncle, l.d. cooper was, in fact, d.b. cooper. >> all right, pierre. we'll have more from you in our next half hour. joining us live is "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. so, if this lead really does pan out to be true, it's huge for the fbi.
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>> remember, this is the only history. hijacking in u.s. every other one they know who did it, et cetera. so, this would be enormous. but it's also because, as pierre pointed out in his piece, this has the makings of a movie. the whole story about parachuting out the back, never being able to find him with all the money, clues left as this investigation has gone on. so, certainly the fbi is saying publicly thahathis is not t high priority for them. nevertheless, you've got to believe that in a case where they've been looking at it for 40 years and the only unsolved hijacking that they'll looked long and hard at it. >> is there a statute of limitations? >> you need to show there was an actual accomplice. the authorities are saying that the statute of limitations wouldn't necessarily be an issue, meaning over the years as they've looked at the case and vestigated it said statute of
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limitations wouldn't be an issue. but the question would be exactly what involvement did someone have and generally what they do is they'll get a relative to try to turn on someone and threaten them with legal action. usually won't take it and say testify against this person. so, unclear as to whethehethey would do that at point. but fascinating case. >> all right, dan, thanks. we'll have much more with marla, her account of what possibly happened, what she says happened the day after the hijacking, george. >> looking forward to that. now to that extraordinary scene playing out on live television in egypt. hosni mubarak, the strongman who ruled that country for three decades on trial in a cage wheeled into the courtroom on a hospital bed. abc's alex marquardt covered the revolution that toppled mubarak. and he joins us now. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's hard to overstate the magnitude of this day. these newspaper headlines say it all. date of accountability. historic day. this is the first time that an arab leader has been deposed and tried by his own people.
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many thought this day would never come. and as we've seen from some of the clashes here today, it's a controversial one. it was an unbelievable moment. the once all-powerful hosni mubarak, the dictator of egypt for 30 year, now wheeled into the courtroom iron cage on a gurney. it was the first time he's been seen since stepping down. now, he faces the death penalty. i categorically deny all charges, he said. he looked better than many expected after numerous reports of ill health. next to him, sons gamal and alaa, who also denied the charges against them. it couldn't be a different picture than this one, mubarak in february, refusing to give up power, as hundreds of thousands called for his downfall in the iconic tahrir square. mubarak's police and hired thugs as tacked with deadly force. some on horses and camels. among the almost 900 killed was
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18-year-old moustafa. he was shot on the fourth day of the uprising. i would like to see the court kill mubarak, his father told us, like he called our son. not everyone wants to see him tried, saying it's unnecessary humiliation. >> this is a crime. international crime. never happened. >> reporter: so, a very emotional day here in egypt. cathartic for some, infuriating for others. and you can be sure other leaders in the region are watching this closely. rob. robin? >> thank you, alex. back here at home, there were some serious new concerns about the sputtering economy. the stock market plummeted. and abc's jake tappepeis at the white house with the latest on all this. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's'sight. the good news is that the bond rating agency moody's has affirmed the aaa status of u.s. debt.
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the bad news is, the u.s. government is still on negative watch because of the fear that politicians will not follow through with more deficit reduction and also because of bad signs about the u.s. economy. the president signed a debt deal, averting a possible catastrophe. but nonetheless a down day on wall street, the dow jones down 265. it's down 850 points in the last eight day, the longest such stretch since 2008. >> the same dadathat we got the debt ceiling taken care of, we had major economic numbers come out which showed that the u.s. economy was weakening. >> reporter: those numbers, consumer spending in june, down. economic growth for the first half of 2011, down. and investors fearful of friday's pending jobs reports. the president signed the debt deal in private, seeming disgusted with the wasted weeks. >> our economy didn't need washington to come along with a manufactured crisis to make things work. >> reporter: the president detailed small-bore measure, trade deals,
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papant reform and urged congress to get its act together. >> it's not a democratic responsibility or a republican responsibility. it is our collective responsibility as americans. >> reporter: other key numbers that have gone down, the approval ratings of almost every politician in washington. in crucial swing state, pennsylvania, a state the president won by ten points in 2008, a recent poll has the president trailing republican front-runner, mitt romney, 44% to 42%. one number going up, the president's age. he turns 50 tomorrow. he heads to chicago today for a birthday celebration and re-election fund-raiser. george? >> he's got a lot more gray toto go with that. for more on the economy liz ann sonders, chief investment strategist for charles schwab. so, it seemed like the market in the last several days has blown right by the prospects of the debt deal and focused on the discouraging news. >> you could argue that had been something that the market had one eye on already. because you've had eight days of a downturn.
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the gdp report was quite weak and revisions. and as far back as the entire period of the recession. i think most have felt that the recession was more severe than what the numbers suggested and this confirmed that. >> yesterday we also saw the ratings agencies come out. moody's and fitch say they're going to maintain america's aaa rating for now. how much difference would it make if they did indeed downgrade the u.s. credit rating? >> once the plans of the deal were laid out and we knew there would be this formation of a special committee that would have until november, the thought was that would give the ratings agency a little bit of breathing room. again, we're on negative watch. i think there's still likelihood they'll downgrade us. particularly depending on what that committee comes up with. you know, the implications are
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not maybe as dire as those have thought. safety is as much a relative thing as it is an absolute thing. when you think about liquidity and safety, there is still nothing better than treasuries. but there are questions about the value of the collateral the treasuries act as. there's concern whether funds may have to sell treasuries because they have mandates t t only hold aaa securities. so, there's still questions that need to be answered. but we may have time. >> if there is a downgrade, what will happen to american consumers, to everyone out in the country? >> well, you k kw, the assumption is that would force rates higher, which would affect evevybody. affect consumer lending, business lending. but, again, we haven't yet seen that in anticipation of a potential downgrade. you can look at places like japan, where their debt was downgraded and rates stayed relatively low. so, the assumption is that rate was go up but that's not necessarily the case.
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if they do go up, they'll probably go up by a marginal amount. i actually don't think the problem in the economy right now is rates. i think there are a lot of other problems. and i'm not sure that changes with the downgrade. >> the big problem is jobs. liz ann sonders, thanks very much. josh elliott is here with the rest of the headlines. >> good morning to all of you. we'll begin with a massive cyberspying operation. believed to be the biggest ever. the computer networks of more than 70 organizations were breached, including those of the u.s. government and defense contractors, the u.n. and the governments of canada, taiwan, india and others. security from mcafee calls it the biggest transfer of intellectual property in history and believes the chinese government is behind it all. construction, energy and media companies were also targeted. meanwhile, the state of limbo this morning at the faa. senators left washington without resolving a funding dispute. and as a result, some 4,000 faa employees are out of work, likely until after labor day.
7:15 am
the government stands to lose some $1 billion in uncollected airline ticket taxes. 1 other result, more than 200 airport construction projects are now on hold. and we have breaking news from australia. a woman trapped in a home reportedly with a bomb strapped to her neck. a local reporter says a ransom note has been found. the family, one of the wealthiest in sydney. the bomb squad is working to disarm the device. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. it appears money is everything at least when it comes to your cup of morning coffee. "consumer reports" just conducted a nationwide coffee taste test. and we have the results. starbucks, big name, but a fifth place finish. new england coffee, fourth, peet's. >> oh, i like peet's. >> coming in third. newman's own. your best tasting coffee according to "consumer reports,"
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gloria jean's, also costs $13.50 a pound. >> $13.50. >> when you see how much it costs -- >> stuff like folger's, maxwell house, popular brands inexpensive finished at the bottom. >> maxwell's is good to the last drop. d folger's -- >> i've never seen you drink coffee. >> i do drink a lot. not gloria jean's. >> miraculously, robin does not. it's a stunning thing. ♪ the best part of waking up >> i don't drink it. but i know all that. sam is a resident expert when it comes to coffee. ♪ folger's in your cup let's talk a little about heat. hard to give it its importance because we've been talking about it so much. but this was a historic day y yesterday. ft. smith, arkansas, never warmer, 113. dallas, warmest since 2000. three degrees above. you would have been your warmest temperature ever. so, we're talking heat and it continues. look at dallas, 108 today. it is impossible to imagine what
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it has been like for these in oklahoma city, 108. joplin, 101. memphis, 104. for the entire summer, well over 105. today is the day we watch haiti. if emily will make a move it'll be after it comes off these mountains. will it still be together enough to be a storm? the hurricane forecast is to keep it east, off the east coast, exactly where we put it earlier this week.
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more weather in the next half hour. should not have been fifth. should not have been fifth. >> double-fisted this morning. that kind of morning. sam, thank you. to the peacock who fled the central park zoo for a taste of the high life perched high above fifth avenue. right before we went on the air, e flew off again. abc's linsey davis has been tracking all of this for us. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. after about 24 hours of freedom,
7:19 am
the peacock decided, hey. enough of these shenanigans. it's time to go home. roll the videotape. take a look at what happened as the peacock indicted to return to the central park zoo, which is actually just across the treat from this pricey co-op. actually startled some goats as he made his return back to the zoo and all of this happened as a result of a lot of excitement for some urban bird watchers. ♪ we're moving on up >> reporter: like the famed jefferson, everyone has dreams of a new york city high-rise. ♪ deluxe apartment in the sky >> reporter: even peacocks. this feathered fowl escaped and rooted in a fifth avenue co-op. >> the zoo came to us today. so, that was pretty cool. >> it was amazing. i would just love to live in that high-rise. >> reporter: apparently so would the escaped bird. he perched in the window sill and stayed. posing for pictures.
7:20 am
and some nice helicopter shots. this peacock isn't the first animal to break out. in march, the bronx cobra catapulted its way into fame after a week on the run. and in may a female peacock was also on the lam for a day. the central park zoo said in a statement, we ask everyone not to follow or harass the bird if they see him. we're hopeful he will either fly back to the zoo or we will retrieve him. but until they do, central peacock, according to its fictional twitter, is just trying to have some fun. perhaps it was a sign that lured him. it says love thy neighbor as thyself. they still can't figure out how it managed to escape. >> got hungry. coming up, the big fight over casey anthony's fate with two titans going head-to-head over what should happen to her next. the math wizards who figured out the lottery cashing in big time. the sinatra on second avenue will be here.
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lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. [ female annououer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your d dtor if you are taking other medications or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a r re but serious side effect. lets go... haha. if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. this morning a 16-year-old antioch boy reported kidnapped in a barbershop robbery is in police custody. he was arrested yesterday after admitting he helped rob the barbershop of which he worked and made up the story he was kidnapped. the c.h.p. posted a statewide amber alert after
7:25 am
monday's incident. police arrested a 23-year-old antioch man who investigators say masterminded the robbery. see how your drive is going this morning. hi, sue. >> good morning. it's not so good if you are travelling from the central valley westbound 580. slow and go grind all the way to the dublin interchange. still have sig-alert in effect. 680 northbound at mission boulevard. accident blocking the right lane. emergency c.h.p. on site. backed up behind the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. west grand overcrossing. >> thank you. we'll check in with mike and get thththththththththththththth
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good morning. check out mount diablo from volmer peak, some of the clouds are still filtering in the east bay valley. the sea breeze is strong this morning. temperatures in the 50s to 61 in mountain view. by this afternoon, take an hour longer to see sunshine. temperatures are below average. low to mid-70s around the bay shore. 80s around san jose, mythed up toer 80s in east bay valley. low to mid-80s north bay. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast to san francisco.
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♪ i'm on the edge you go, bill. how extreme have you gotten going camping? our bill weir went vertical on his big outdoor adventure. he always has a great time no matter where he is. but you know what? he took camping to new heights. he was on the edge of glory. >> i cannot believe he's smiling doing that. he's in yosemite. so scary. we'll have that coming up. also, the ultimate lottery office pool. a group of math whizzes who figured out how to beat the system win the lottery almost every single time. perfectly legal -- they're geniuses, they figured it out and made a fortune. >> it's legal what they're doing. >> so far it is.
7:31 am
trying to crack down on it. >> i hope they share some of those seeks to the rest of us. more on the unbelievable story of the infamous hijacker d.b. cooper. why this picture may be the fbi's best chance to solve one of their unsolved mysteries. >> well have more on that. but let's get right into the fight for casey anthony's future. a florida judge is tryryg to get her back in the hands of the legal system. but her attorneys say, no way. yunji de nies has been tracking the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. casey anthony awakes to a whole new courtroom drama. this one pitting her lawyers against the judge originally in her murder case who was thrown off. before he spoke a word, chaney mason clearly expressed his mood flipping off a passing driver. he gave the press the same treatment the day of casey anthony's s quittal. >ight now we're filing one motion. >> reporter: mason didn't say much as he made his way to the
7:32 am
courthouse to fight the judge's order for casey to come back to orlando to serve probation for writing bad checks. >> set aside and vacate that stupid order. >> reporter: he argued anthony already did serve probation while she was incarcerated. and he wants this judge off the case, accusing him of being biased. and pointed to his appearance and reaction to the verdict on the tabloid entertainment program "nancy grace." >> i'm just kind of shocked at the result and i really don't know what to say beyond that. >> reporter: nancy grace devoted more air time to this case than anyone. in a twist, the defense team is trying to use her to keep casey out of the legal system, all because that judge told her this -- >> i just never have seen one like this and the magnitude of it sort of surprises me. i guess i'm just shocked. we opened a big can of justice, didn't we. >> reporter: mason says bringing
7:33 am
casey to orlando would be dangerous. he included this photo e-mailed to hisisffice with a bullet hole doctored in and the words with the forehead that big, the head shot would be easier. now, the clock is ticking if casey anthony does not meet with a probation officer by noon tomorrow, police could arrest her. that, of course, is if they can find her. robin? >> that's a big if. yunji, thank you. now more on that stunning twist in one of the fbi's biggest cold cases ever. the new tip that could finally solve the mystery of who really was d.b. cooper. the hijacker who parachuted out of a plane with $200,000 almost 40 years ago. so, back to abc's pierre thomas in oklahoma city with more of his exclusive interview with the woman helping to solve this case. do tell us more, pierre. >> reporter: robin, you know, we all have family secrets. but if marla cooper's story is true, she's shattering the silence on the mystery of the only unsolved hijacking in u.s. history.
7:34 am
this photo obtained exclusively by abc news may now be the fbi's best chance to close one of its most sensational unsolved cases. the year is 1971. thanksgiving holiday not far from where the mysterious hijacker d.b. cooper would jump from a plane with $200,000 in ransom money. >> my two uncles who i only saw at the holiday time were planning something very mischievous. they left to supposedly go turkey hunting. and thanksgiving morning i was waiting for them to return. >> reporter: marla cooper now believes they weren't hunting turkey, they were planning a hijacking. northwest orient flight 305 was indeed hijacked. and a day later her uncle l.d. cooper came home claiming to be in a car accident. >> my uncle, l.d., was wearing a white t-shirt bloody and bruised and a mess. and heard my uncle say, we did it. our money problems are over. we've hijacked an airplane.
7:35 am
i remember starting to dance around my grandmother's backyard. and i was skipping and saying, we're rich. we're rich. >> reporter: why have you decided to come forward? >> there is a crime that's taken place that hasn't been solved and i'm the only person who knows what happened. >> reporter: what do you say to people who would be skeptical. >> you know what, i can't be responsible for what other people think or feel. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say there's no guarantee they can definitively prove marla cooper's story but this is the best potential lead in a very long while. >> it certainly is, pierre, thank you. joining us live, abc news consultant and former special agent to the fbi brad garrett. here in the studio is jeffrey gray author of "skyjack: the hunt for d.b. cooper." it just so happens it is coming out next week. what timing. let me talk to brad first. this is a case that the fbi -- it hasn't been on the back shelf.
7:36 am
they have been pursuing this for 40 years all these different lead, right, brad? >> no question about it. it's a very unique case. it was clearly a high-profile case in november of 1971. agents have been actively assigned to it. and it's passed on from generation to generation of agents that have worked leads as they have developed. >> and, jeffrey, you were the first reporter to be given the fbi files to look at this. you were listening to pierre talking to marla. what is your take on all this? >> i think that right now, we're on the verge of like a new round of cooper mania. i'm surprised if we don't see more marlene coopers, marlena coopers. you know, the story of cooper is really the story of people coming forward claiming that they heard a long lost uncle say something like -- one of the cool things about getting access i got to witness how many people there were. l.d. cooper, d.l. cooper, merlen gene cooper. daniel lewis cooper. there's many of these stories out there.
7:37 am
and i'm more than a little speechless. >> marla said she remembered the comic book covers and things being on her wall and really resonating with her at a young age. >> right. that clue was a telling sign to me. but the fingerprints on this specific story are almost eerily similar to exactly what the fbi has been looking for for the last two years. once the clue of the comic book came out they were looking for somebody with a long lost uncle interested in cooper comics. and she looks very young to have -- >> she was 8 years old she was saying at the time. but, brad, let me ask you this, we sometimes think because we watch tv, we watch all these crime shows, there will be a big hollywood definitive ending. it may not come down to that. will there be enough for the fbi to close this case? >> well, we'll see. forensically will it match the dna taken off the clip-on tie? does it match this l.d. cooper and maybe more importantly, does
7:38 am
this guy's background d tually fit someone that could have pulled this off because this guy did have a proficiency in a 727 plane, how low it would fly, how slow it would fly and that you could jump out the back of it. >> i know, jeffrey, i know you said you believe he did survive that jump because everybody goes back and forth on this. the last question to you here. what is it about this case and d.b. cooper that just fascinates the public and has baffled us for four decades? >> it's the guts. you know, it's the swashbuckling derring-do getaway. pierce fascinated with genteel thiefs. and here's a guy who committed a crime where there were relatively few victims dressed in a suit, clip-on tie and made a getaway never seen again. we just don't know. >> we know more when we read your book, "skyjack," out next week. brad, always good to have you with us. now 7:38. a check of the weather with sam. >> hey, robin, good morning. it's a mystery. da, da, da.
7:39 am
let's talk about the area of high pressure that drives emily. this is not a mystery to us. we know what steers tropical system, big g ather systems so it will have to skirt all around the area of high pressure out in the atlantic so the hurricane center sees it by sunday into monday close to the outer banks but don't know what shape it will be in. if it follows their path a category 1 hurricane but we have to see what shape it is when it comes off the mountains of haiti and the dominican republic after tomorrow. hehe's where the heat goes. we see the big numbers, dallas, all of that weather was brought to you by cottonelle. robin? >> you're in a great mood.
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7:44 am
when those powerball jackpots go through the roof most of us chip in the office pool even though we know it's a long shot but some ultra smart computer geeks figured out how to make it a sure thing. dan harris is here with more on their secret -- this is an amazing story. >> it really is. i'm still here so it tells me i don't know the formula. this story, by the way, involves several groups of big spending mathematically inclined gamblers who identified an obscure lottery game in the state of massachusetts. it had a highly unusual quirk which they played to their advantage making a lot of money. >> we made $210,000. >> reporter: we've all seen high stakes gamblers game the system
7:45 am
in movies like "21" and "the hangover." >> he can't lose. he can't lose. >> reporter: we've seen them beat the odds and score big in "rainman" but in a sleepy town in westete massachusetts, a real-life version played out for this guy although on a little bit smaller and as it turns out totally legal scale. at a convenience store called jerry's place jerry working with a savvy out of stater helped place orders for $300,000 in lottery tickets for a game called cash windfall. >> boils down to basically a giant office pool, you know, just on a larger scale. >> reporter: well, it was a little more sophisticated than an office pool. somebody figured out that if they bought momo than $100,000 worth of ticks they had at least a 72% chance of making a profit. by one estimate 100 grand is guaranteed to fetch you between 240,000 and $1.4 million. not bad.
7:46 am
here's how it work, every couple of months if nobody wins the $2 million jackpot, state officials roll down the money making all the smaller prizes much bigger. so if yoyo buy more ticks your chances to score those smaller prizes goes up. simple. >> investment in the lottery hoping to make a return on the investment. >> totally legal. >> reporter: not only totally legal state authorities knew about the loophole for years and did nothing which is why a whole gang of tech savvy high rolling gamblers pounced including two other teams led by computer experts from m.i.t. and northwestern university. >> gave them the ability to win more often and larger amounts of money. >> reporter: okay, before anybody gets too excited state officials have changed the rules so this scheme essentially cannot be run anymore and next year they are phasing this game out entirely. so, in other words, we have missed the boat and we will continue to wear makeup and read off these --
7:47 am
>> there are worse ways to make a living. >> no, i'm not complaining. i'm just pointing out thehe fac. i'm a journanast, george. coming up, gym, tan, good morning! ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... ♪ ...can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day.
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7:56 am
national night out events took place all over the country and throughout the bay area last night. it was an evening when neighbors came together in a crime prevention effort. it broke a record in oakland. 559 block parties took place across the city. that is 100 more than last year. we'll see how the weather will be today. mike, what do you think? >> a lot like yesterday. but the sun will be an hour slower to get in to our neighborhood. good morning to you. we have mid-to-upper 60s along the coast. san francisco, richmond, low to mid-70s around the bay. a lot of 80s inland neighborhood. cooler tomorrow. more drizzle this time tomorrow. also, sue?
7:57 am
>> we go to oakland now. accident, westbound 580. just past harrison blocking the left lane. southbound 680 at vargas, an accident blocking the left lane. sig-alert still in effect northbound 680 at mission. kristen? >> all right. thank you, sue. that's it for now. back to "good morning america." have a great day. see you in another half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ hey, baby, hey, wow yeah, that's what they're doing out here in times square, they're getting crazy. that's "the jersey shore" theme song. it's just what the gang did when they went to italy. we have a morning exclusive for you, a sneak peek of the season that may have left italy in ruins. so, josh -- >> what is palestra, abbronzatura, lavanderia? >> one is laundry. >> yeah, and gym, palestra -- >> tan? >> gym, tan, laundry. italiano. >> wow.
8:01 am
>> take that, sam champion. >> he's been practicing that all morning. who we should be proud of himself is bill weir. take a look at this. this guy went to yosemite. >> crazy. >> up a sheer rock face and slept 700 feet up in the air. that's not all he did 700 feet in the air. we're going to have his entire wild adventure just ahead. you know what else we have that we've been looking forward to in our last half hour? we have this man, gary russo. ♪ i want to be a part of it new york, new york ♪ >> the heartthrob crooner in a hard hat, live right here in times square. >> sings every day on his lunch break. and he's going to sing for us this morning. first, we'll have some news in italian from josh elliott. >> no pressure. >> i'm working multilanguage today. and we continue to follow that breaking news, now, from sydney, australia. results of a possible explosive device strapped to a woman's neck with a ransom note. we learned the bomb squad has freed the woman and she is now
8:02 am
safe, after an ordeal that lasted several hours. the 18-year-old's family is said to be among the wealthiest in sydney. police have not discussed any potential suspects in the case. and now a scene many around the world never thought they would see. egypt's ailing former dictator hosni mubarak lying in a hospital bed in a cage, went on trial today for corruption and for ordering the killing of hundreds of protesters who helped force him from office. he and his sons deny all charges. they'll return to court august 15th. meanwhile, wall street opened higher earlier this morning, hoping to end its worst losing streak since 2008. new figures are due out on job growth in the private sector. tuesday, the dow last 265 points, even though president obama signed that deal raising the debt limit. moody's says the u.s. will keep its perfect aaa credit rating for now. and the death toll is growing as blistering heat in
8:03 am
the form of a dome continues to roast a large section of the country. texas and oklahoma are among the hardest hit. dallas has suffered now 33-straight days of triple-digit temperatures. further east, the heat may now be to blame for the deaths of two georgia high school football players. that massive cocaine bust in a submarine, we have an even bigger bust this morning. this one off the coast of england. $500 million of it seized on a yacht traveling through the caribbean. it took authorities six days to find the drugs hidden under the boat's bathing platform. and now, here's our diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hey, josh. good morning to you. so, here's a riddle for you. what does a burger joint have in common with your doctor? coming up tonight, surprising and unlikely ways doctors are learning how to treat you, bedside manner. we'll tell you what to expect as we break it down tonight on "world news." see you then.
8:04 am
>> thank you, diane. of course, guys, that's just mere prologue to the hot stuff on the other side of this. >> he's setting you up, bianna golodryga. come on. >> josh, i appreciate it. robin, how about you and i take a road trip? it's hot out there. why don't we go to alaska? alaska isn't usually that cold. not when it comes to sarah palin. her hair has gotten its share of attention in the last presidential race and now the salon that created her fab updo gets its due with the beehive beauty shop where the personalities of the staff are as big as the hairstyles. you guessed it. itit getting its own reality tv show. and it's sure to be hair-raising. check out this cute animal. baby elephant in the czech republic. with a mug like this, it's no wonder why everybody loves him. he was born on april 12th. rashmi is the country's first ever elephant baby reared in a zoo. you can see he's already learning how to keep cool by splashing in the pool on a hot
8:05 am
summer's day. got to love rashmi. okay. you know what? scientists say we should stop being such crybabies. a new study shows that letting it all out doesn't help after all. nearly two-thirds of the women in the study did not feel better after crying. here's holly hunter bawling in "broadcast news." oh, come on, holly. put that kleenex box down and man up. i feel like a good cry every once in a while. >> men can cry. >> it's all about the waterproof mascara, i say. and finally, katy perry, she's done it again. girl.he didn't kiss another and not like it this time. we've all seen the chameleon in queen of candy like pop star as a bubbly california girl, an alien and now made it as a nerdy bracing wearing teen in her hit song "last friday night tgif." this is perry's fifth number one single from her album "teenage
8:06 am
dream," her sophomore effort, the first album in more than the 15-year history of the adult top 40 mainstream charts to rein in that many number one hits. i'm not done, guys. if that wasn't enough, 3d, tiny blue animated katy singing this song. ♪ la la la la la sing a happy song ♪ >> also made it to the top of the charts. her first movie role ever as smurfette. in "the smurf," a box office hit. for all those katy haters, she can say, c ce on guys. go -- >> i'm not going to say it. i see it on the prompter. not saying it. >> go watch the movie. >> there you go, thank you, "b." >> we were getting la, la, la, la, all weekend in the house. great movie. the girls loved it. >> did the girls like it? >> yes. >> does it explain why there was only one girl smurf? >> you know, that was the first question harper asked. and i couldn't answer it for her either. sam? >> good morning, gang. it is comfortable in times square.
8:07 am
got a nice breeze. the sun's looking pretty good. you guys are from where? >> michigan. >> one big group, right? >> yeah. >> senior trip. >> so far you've been pretty well-behaved. just that sign can't go on the air. let's get to the boards. one or two things -- no, no, it's different. okay. here's what it looks like in atlanta this morning. wsb knows everything they need to know about atlanta and everything you need to know, as well. they're telling us it hasn't been 100 degrees since 2007. it's likely you will be if not today, on thursday. it'll feel like it's 105 with that heat and humidity. it spreads all the way to the east coast. look at little rock. oklahoma city, dallas. these are folks who haven't had a break. and you're not getting one throughout this week either. that's where the severe heat is. the severe thunderstorms in that red line. it's a cold front working through. we think it will work to push emily, whatever that tropical system strength is off the eastern seaboard.
8:08 am
the "gma" morning menu.head on you may know that josh won the competition by speaking in italian, which i cannot do. but gym, tan and leonardo da vinci with the "jersey shore" goes italia. you got a sneak peek only right here. bill weir, high-flying adventure, extreme camping. would you get that high and then take a moment totoleep? take a nod off right here on the side of the cliff. bill weir does. even more in extreme camping. and he's the sinatra of second avenue.
8:09 am
gary, the singing subway worker, making everyone's day a little brighter singing. ♪ i want to be a part of it new york ♪
8:10 am
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8:13 am
now most people travel to new countries to experiencnce a new culture, maybe learn a new language but as you probably ow, the cast of "jersey shore" are not most people. so when they travel to florence ita italy, the top of their list was a gym and they made a few headlines along the way and chris connelly flew to florence too for and exclusive interview to find out all about it. >> a lot of fun. the most successful series in the 30-year history of mtv and tolle night "jersey shore"'s
8:14 am
season four begins set not in america but in florence, italy, which for more than a month this summer was home to bocellis, michelangelo and at least one priceless snooki. dancing and drinking, kisshing and smooshing, three seasons of one beachy subculture. eight housemates getting along and not so much. when a fight begins to start, are you guys sitting there going, oh, boy, i know -- >> i watch and smile. >> yeah, if you hear yelling, if you hear banging that's when you get out of bed and just watch. >> go to it, girls. >> reporter: what made it a phenomenonons its character, the situation, its abdominal showman. >> this is the situation right here. >> reporter: to city coal "snooki" polizzi, ni.
8:15 am
>> i want to meet gorilla juice heads. >> reporter: now season four brings them to the city of florence and as they told us from the apartment they all share there, their 40 days together in flflence featured an epic clash of cultures. >> the italian men are skinnier, no rons to walk around and dress different, tight clothes. >> being one of the single girls here trying to communicate with them was very difficult. >> reporter: what if you're in a club? >> awesome. >> the blue one. [ speaking italian ] >> do you like the boobs? >> reporter: everybody else is attached. you were doing the work of four women, deena. >> yeah. >> reporter: with the other "jersey shore" women in relationships, even always up for anything snookokwith a bow back home came a new night life
8:16 am
approach. >> going out to the clubs i can't go out and creep anymore. >> we just relied on each other a lot. >> just because she's not lookininfor a guy -- >> there were no guys to be looking at at the club so it was easy. i like 6'4", tattooed, muscles. >> reporter: does your boyfriend look like that. >> he's tan. -- >> he's like the cliff notes version that have. >> a mini, mini. >> reporter: snooki managed to make headlines as this fender bender showed. >> the brakes just gave out, didn't show and instead of crashing into the cop car didn't want to hurt anybody so i went straight into the guardrail. me and deena. >> reporter: you must have been terrified. >> shaking. >> gtl, baby, gym gym, tan, laundry. >> reporter: they made a mockery of it. you have to tan in a nail salon. >> you have to make a month in advance appointment. >> hi. >> reporter: you ladies don't have nails.
8:17 am
>> we need to go back to jersey. >> i need my fake nails back. >> self-tanner because the tanning beds -- >> this is the palest i've ever been. >> you don't appreciate until you come here then you appreciate the little things like plugging in my blow dryer wondering if it's going to blow. >> reporter: out at the club the fellows bypassed the local women almost entirely and spent their social time chatting up american tourists. >> i'll be honest, i brought home i think one italian girl maybe. >> reporter: one italian girl. >> it might have been one italian girl and about 35 americans, i depth know. a lot of like college, midwestern type of girls here, middle america just not my style like blond hair, blue eyes, you know -- >> reporter: why would anyone like a blond hair,lue eyed woman. >> college sororities. woo! >> we call this the -- >> reporter: still enough going on after hours to keep this place rocking. a private boudoir known as the
8:18 am
smoosh room. >> we are in technically the roommates call it the smoosh room. >> reporter: how often are the sheets changed in the smoosh room. >> oh, my god, usually mike is there in a lot so i won't use those sheets mike uses because it's gross. >> i am not a fan of the smoosh room. >> reporter: if these walls could talk, mike, what would they say? >> mike, you are a pimp. >> reporter: more enduring relationships were challenged by the cameras like sammi and ronnie's frequently rocky reality romance. >> whyhyidn't you tell me -- >> i thought -- >> cameras add a little bit of stress. >> reporter: what part is the stressful part? >> a lot about keeping your pride. >> reporter: what makes ititorth keeping the relationship going when there's so much drama? >> i think if you have a certain connection that is i guess meant to be, i guess you just keep it going. >> ah. >> meant to be? they'll get married, i know. >> reporter: the cast even had a
8:19 am
little time to savor florence's artistic treasures, in fact, they have some improvements to suggest. >> i really like the david statue because we're like all obsessed with david. >> the italian men look like that -- >> reporter: mike, professionally speaking you got a good look at the david's abs, what do you think? >> the standard of sex symbol from back in the day till today. >> i think david nieds some gel in his hair, i'm just saying. >> he needs a tan. >> what they might have done to the birth of venus we can only imagine. tomorrow we go shopping with the ladies and get a tour of their apartment. by the way, here's a picture of me an snooki checking out her bedroom. i like to call this law and order "jersey shore." doesn't it look like we're staring at a chalk outline. i think the rent will be late this month. >> you got a lot out of them. hard criticism -- >> they're a lot of fun to hang
8:20 am
out with. they hold nothing back. they have a full, rich lie and they share it with all of us. >> like you say you'll be back here tomorrow and a lot more on "nightline," as well, robin? >> speaking ofof "nightline" to our new series, extreme campouts taking outdoor adventures to the very edge of what's safe and perhaps what's sane and our dear friend, bill weir. >> great to be back. >> yay! >> i know what it is. i know what it is. i've signed all of the waivers so if you need somebody to do something completely stupid, get billy. i've slept on cardboard in the desert and been in hurricanes and it may have been the most uncomfortable night sleep ever but, oh, what a view. come along was ee head 180 miles east of san francisco into the most important rock in the climbing world. >> reporter: over a century
8:21 am
after teddy roosevelt set it aside for all of us, generations after'le adams captured its majesty and one summer after oprah roughed it here with grilled sea bass and fuzzy slippers, yost night national park is more popular than ever. few places in the world are more gorgeous and more accessible for the lover of land, water and spectacular vistas. and if you're an altitudeaholic who prefers heights to crowds there is something called port-o-ledge camping which opens up all sorts of opportunities including el capitan. >> the most incredible thing about climbing el cap is like touching these from ground. i'm touching the texas lake. >> reporter: my friend is holly beck, a climbing guide for a seattle out fit called the mountaineers. does this pay the bills.
8:22 am
>> no, i'm an account apartmenen >> reporter: after wheezing up to the rock, i got to quit e eating bacon -- you really you need a good accountant on that wall because up here life or death is in the organizational details. >> they're jugs. >> >> reporter: these are jugs. >> jumar, asendede. >> reporter: the plan is jug ourselves 400 feet up and literally hang out for the night. to capture my point of view and better resemble a citizen of o whovillelee begin the ascent. spectacular. the granite of the monolith is pleasantly warm in the afternoon sun and with every pull and step, the mass of trees below turn to green carpet. this is amazing. look at that. once your heart stops pounding you start to appreciate the little things like the way the wind sounds up here. or the casual way a veteran
8:23 am
climber interacts when they're changing rope. >> looks like eric has to come up then. >> reporter: hard to believe that there is a whole breed of climber who doess this without any of the equipment, just a little chalk on their fingertips. after about 45 minutes of rigorous jugging i get my first realization that porta-ledge is a fancy term for dangling hot. how often do these things break? >> pretty rare. >> not very often. >> it's pretty rare. >> reporter: i got to say this is one of the more unique sunsets i've ever witnessed. >> oh, yeah, look at that. it's going to go right behind the hill there. >> reporter: after a bit of view soaking i learned that even stretching involves advanced planning and teamwork. >> lift your butt for a second. just slightly. okay. you're good. >> reporter: while our second guide eric assembles the second bedroom suite, we catch a bit of the e ening rush hour as a pair of friendly swiss descend right through the middle of camp.
8:24 am
>> hello. >> hi. >> how are you? >> fine. >> reporter: no problem. we're having dinty moore beef stew later. turns out stew must be part of some deluxe package. oh, the hobo delicacy, pork and beans. and a beer whoo-hoo. this is really going to send our legal department into apoplectic shock. not only am i not supposed to drink beer on camera but i'm drinking beer strapped to the side of el capitan. as darkness creeps we get as comfortable as a harness, safety rope and sloping cot will allow. the stars are coming out and you can hear the roar of a waterfall and the chirp of bats coming out
8:25 am
to hunt for the night. somehow i doze into dreams that weirdly do not include falling but when the moon gives way to the first light of dawn, the spasms in my cramped neck and back provide a natural wake-up call. well, that was refreshing. as we rouse and stretch there comes a question -- how does one answer nature's call in this situation. >> my partner is going to the bathroom. i like to put my head inside my puffy coat and get my whole sleeping bag -- >> reporter: no smells -- this is second only to prison when it comes to figuring out intimacy issues. time to leave the el cap bed and breakfast and we'll see you at the bottom. the trip down is twice as quick. there goes our hotel right there and after 18 hours of touching the sky, comes thehe most satisfying moment of all. taking off this harness. ah. ah oh, sweet release, oh, my
8:26 am
god. why do i enjoy wall climbing? for the same reason i enjoy hitting myself in the head with a hammer. it feels so good when i stop. >> oh, bill. >> but the human body blocks out pain. all i can remember is the view. i really can't wait to go back up. >> you would do it again. >> i would do it again not for more than a couple of nights, rule number one, don't pee on the rope, rule number two, you can't throw any solid waste on the rocks so those hard core climbers up there for two weeks, you can figure it out. >> we can do the math, okay. great to see you, bill. >> good to see you, robin. >> find out more about the mountaineers on our website. stick around. we've got the hard hat heartthrob coming up.
8:27 am
crews are cleaning up a big mess this morning in the marin county town of belvedere where a water maine break damaged more than a dozen parked cars. pipe next to a fire hydrant burst around maybridge road around 3:00 a.m. shooting water high in air with landscaping rocks and gravel. residents say it was like a hailstorm. rocks flew out one car's back window. other vehicles received dimble-size dents from rocks and gravel all over the street. no injuries reported. hope drivers are staying safe on the roadway. sue? >> we have a significant caltrain delay, 227 out of gilroy has broken down in morgan hill. it is running 40 minutes behind. ace train number five, few
8:28 am
behind schedule. southbound 680 at vargas, two left lanes blocked with accident there. fire and ambulance crews on site. >> thank you. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
8:29 am
welcome back. we have clouds and flight arrival delays to sfo. temperatures 50 to near 60 mountain view, antioch and fairfield. the sun will take an hour longer to reveal past the clouds today. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast to richmond. low to mid-70s around the bay. wealth of 80s inland. mid-to-upper 80s east bay. warmest weather and cooler tomorrow.
8:30 am
drizzle in the morning before warming trend through next week. >> thanks a lot. the news continues now with ♪ and it keeps it ought of sight ♪ ♪ you know when that shark bites with its teeth babe ♪ ♪ scarlet pillow starts to spread ♪ ♪ fancy gloves oh are we there? s>> that's grir russo. >> fantastic. >> we can't enough. >> he's got that going. we were going. gary russo. works for the subway, working the new subway in new york city and you serenade folks on your lunch hour and you'll serenade us here in times square. you have a gift. >> you have made our morning.
8:31 am
>> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> nicki minaj is coming here friday. big blockbuster concert. so happy. already gone. the only way to check in is to tune in on friday morning for nicki minaj. >> we'll have fun with that. also ahead we'll go beyond belief. it's the near death experience. take a look at why so many people who experience this have the same sort of feeling. they are heading toward a light, it's an experience our own bob woodruff had when he suffered his injury in iraq andctually discusses his own experience as well as those of others. >> fascinating. daphne oz right here. in times square. 150-calorie summer treats. all coming up. josh, one more toss. >> those people spend their lunch hour -- i'm trying to get to it. i'm trying to work. > just heard it. gary russo, spend your lunch hour eating lunch. when he's done constructing a
8:32 am
subway on manhattan's east side, take a look at what gary russo brings us all. meet gary russo. he can touchily be found alongside his fellow ironworkers building a subway station on manual's east side but amid all the cacophony of sound and siren, a song. ♪ start spreading the news >> reporter: as this foreman from local 40 serenades his city. ♪ i want to be a part of it >> reporter: but frank's baby blues never peered out from under a hard hat. every lunch break for the last two weeks gary brings out his karaoke machine and transforms the edge of this construction site into his own personal sound stage. >> karaoke in the shower and car what the heck, i'll do it over , here. >> reporter: when he first told the guys his plan, they could hardly believe it. >> tough guys are going up.
8:33 am
>> are you going to sing at lunch? i was like, yeah. >> reporter: and now -- ♪ touching me touching you ♪ sweet caroline ♪ ba ba bum. >> i'm not a frank sinatra fan but i'll sing it myself. >> reporter: still this construction worker with those wondrous pipes have become an overnight sensation thanks to this clip posted by a local fan. ♪ one day it calls to you >> walking by a construction site. i was going to keep walking but then i heard when he's singing, i couldn't believe how good he was. >> reporter: drawing fans of all ages. >> i was thinking it's really putting a smile on your face, such a nice simple thing to do. ♪ look at old mac here [ cheers and applause ] >> andnde are very happy to have -- i have to do it.
8:34 am
everybody, one, two, three. >> all: ba ba bum. >> how long have you been doing this. >> according to my family, too long. i drive them crazy. >> you're here with your daughters. >> my daughters are here. >> what do you think of your dad as a a singer? >> lovely. >> lovely. does he sing around the house? >> no. >> when you wheeled this out for the first time we saw your co-workers, they maybe weren't sold. were you worried about it. >> it was one minute where i said am i really going to do it and i just did it and little by little they all came down. >> let me ask, are you getting return visitors? >> yes, yes, i have a little boy who comes and dances and many of the residents, they've given me smiles and waves and it's meant so much to me. >> ha do you want to do with it now? i don't know when the subway is going to get finished. >> if i could bring smiles to
8:35 am
people, it's the greatest joy. they give me so much more than i get, believe me. >> could we bother you for one more. >> yes. everybody got to help out here. all right. this is real high tech. >> what will you be singing. >> "that's amore ♪ ♪ when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore ♪ ♪ when the stars seem to shine like you've had too much wine that's amore ♪ ♪ bells willl ring tinge-a-ling-a-ling ♪ and you'll sing vita bella ♪ ♪ hearts will play
8:36 am
tippi-tipp-tay like a gay tarantella ♪ ♪ when the stars hit your eyes like a big pizza pie that's amore ♪ ♪ when you walk down the street with the clouds at your feet you're in love ♪ ♪ when you walk in a dream but you know you're not dreaming signore ♪ ♪ scusami but you see back in old napoli that's amore ♪ >> everybody, come on. ♪ when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore ♪ ♪ that's amore ♪ when the moon hits the sky -- ♪
8:37 am
♪ that's amore that's amore ♪ ♪ bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling ♪ and you'll sing vita bella hearts will play tippitippi-tay like a gay tatantella ♪ ♪ho the moon hits the stars >> thank you so much. >> gary, terrific. so good. sam, i dare you to follow that. >> no, i'm not. you are fantastic, sir. it was a joy. a joy. >> thank you. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on as you head out the door -- what is today? i don't remember. is it wednesday? it's wednesday. pictures from november that scioscia and also from new hampshire this morning on our twitter photos and facebook. send them in. we'll throw them on the air. we haven't talked much about the
8:38 am
southwest so focused on the big heat in the middle of country. burbank warm, 90 again. l.a. is 82. quick look at the big board. watch out for the soerns in red where thunderstorms are rolling. stay up with your local abc stations. >> give them a little love. give them a little love. all that weather was brought to you by angie's list. you will rarely get firsthand experience of this but our bob
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
to a personal story from our abc family about what it's really like to be close to dying and come back. tonight primetime "nightline" will introduce us to those who had near-death experiences and what they saw on the other s se. bob woodruff is bringing that us rooted in your own experience? it is. hard to believe, george, it's been 5 1/2 years now since i was hit, along that road in iraq. when i was knocked out, what i saw is my body floating below me when i was out for about a minute, got out, woke up about 36 days later and when i told my brothers and wife exactly what i saw going into this light
8:42 am
painless, comfortable, so we wanted to go out and talk to some others who had the same kind of images and marar joe wa sick, came back and she saw something that was actually very similar to what i saw. >> and all of a sudden it just came over me and i was -- i was in it. i was in that light and i came to this beautiful area. it's not human,o it's difficult to express it humanly, but the room was beautiful. >> reporter: mary joe hasn't always been so quick to talk about her near-death experience. for years she worked as a nurse with dying patients who claimed to have encountered the afterlife. you have said that those patients that you were there with who said they too had now seen heaven or god or the tunnel and you turned your back on them. >> had i seen them now, those patients who were telling me they were seeing angels, i would
8:43 am
have embraced that and said, really? let's talk about it. tell me, because they were telling me what god looked like as they were going. >> reporter: but a few years ago mary jo almost died while lifting weights at theym she was just completing her workout when she felt a pop in the back of her neck. a blood vessel in her brain had suddenly burst. >> all of a sudden i couldn't see, i started getting black fill my eyes, except for two holes out of the sides of my eyes and it sounded like i was underwater. >> reporter: surgery to stop the bleeding was immediate. yet it was during the recovery that she believes she left this world for another. >> i was terrified to die, but after i submitted to god and said, you know, you will be done, i had such peace with it. >> reporter: speaking to mary jo reminded me of my own outf
8:44 am
body experience. were you above your body. did you see yourself at all. >> when i was going up, i knew my body was back there like i caught a glimpse of it. >> reporter: you did? >> uh-huh. i wasn't afraid at all. >> i saw mine. that's really pretty much -- >> were you attached to it. >> reporter: attached to it. >> did you feel attached to it? >> no, i felt like i had become a stranger. i think i had -- i don't know. i thought either i had gone into a dream or there was something firing around my head or i was somehow on a trip, you know, that was going outside the body. right now on your average day how often do you see yourself from a distance? you're trapped inside of you so you can't see yourself i guess except in a mirror which is backwards but at this moment i just for a small period of time i was watching myself below me.
8:45 am
then i changed direction and woke up again, you know. >> oh, you changed direction. >> reporter: i was only unconscious for one minute then. >> wow. >> reporter: but there is still no clear evidence of what causes these images. are they voyages? are they dreams? for mary jo her experience was real. >> i had such a sense of knowingness there, everything so much made sense. i dropped any judgment. i was so open and, you know, unlike a dream that is never clear, this was so clear. you can't -- scientists will say it's a dream or i beg to differ. it's not that. >> boy, she's so convinced now and fascinatingngo watch her interview you as well. your story is rather similar.
8:46 am
as you encountered other stories in producing this hour, how typical is this experience? >> well, i think with those kinds of details very similar, the ones about the light, the tunnel, the calmness, the lack of pain and then others have seen things with a lot more detail, some saw members of their families, ones they hadn't seen for a long time. saw somewhere something where they lived, experience in the past and look at those who are deep believers, evangelicals but those more spiritual. mary jo is more like that and she had some skepticism before and it changed her and doctors, what's causing this, is this necessarily going to heaven or is it something more medical or scientific? we don't know the truth until we go there. >> it is going to be a fascinating hour. "primetime nightline." called beyond belief, near death experiences." daphne oz back with some summer
8:47 am
experiences." daphne oz back with some summer treats.ngngngngngngngngngngngngg
8:48 am
8:49 am
back in times square, you never know who you'll find with us. daphne oz. you know her from author of "the dorm room diet." love that book. she's here with us because she has some delicious low-calorie snacks. show us how to prepare them and you have the big show coming up next month. >> very excited. lots more food. feast your eyes and taste buds on. >> popcorn is a healthy little snack. >> we all go to the movies and love to get our big bag of popcorn. it's healthier and these are whole grain popcorns, unprocessed, you air pop it then you'll add some coconut oil and i'll tell you about coconut it has shown to be helpful in aiding in fat loss, it has antimicrobial, an tie fungal and you'll add spices, thyme, oregano, dill, what do you think
8:50 am
of that taste. >> it gives it a little spice. >> butter or cheese, it's good. you guys look like you might want to try some of that. >> ooh, i got a big one. you want to cool off. >> coolhose taste buds off. add cayenne to that. that would be nice. spicicfruit pops. we're using mango in here, vitamin a and honey, antiviral and a good natural sugar and then we're using coconut cream. again, coconut, antimicrobial. grgrt for de guess chun. cayenne is a metabolism booster. your body has to work harder to cool itself down and you end up losing calories. >> all these servings, 150 calories or less per serving. >> exactly. that's what we want it to be, filling, nutritious but not too many calories. >> this is something i had for the first time a banana whip. all it is, two frozen bananas
8:51 am
chopped up and i'll tell you something, this is going to taste like your favorite ice cream but it's all banana. magnesium, potassium, all the great functional fats and carbohydraras your body loves but you'll have the great taste of a haagen-dazs or ice cream without the extra calories. you'll add a little milk to that. does that not look great. >> i'll have a little bit of that. >> thank you for joining us. >> wow. >> cheers. >> mm-mm. that's like eating a banana. >> but it's creamy like ice cream. >> what else do we have. >> this is a little more gourmet head. these are dates. they're a great natural energy booster. they have tons of sucrose and natural fruit sugars to give you a pick me--up in the morning or afternoon snack. goat cheese for protein and
8:52 am
walnut on top for the eyes, a sprig of thyme for a beautiful little and, again, well, this is actually only one date but you see they put it beautifully into two halves. you're still within your 100-calorie limit. >> i didn't realize how nutritious they are. >> then avenue tons of fiber. you really arere getting a maxim boost with that. >> last but not least. >> a personal favorite -- i'm glad. i did promise them a taste test. my pizza chips. whole wheat pitta with a little bit -- oh, yes, with a little bit of organiegego and a little pinch of garlic salt never hurt again. these go off the shelf in a minute. it's unbelievable. >> back here. >> how are you liking them? >> these are very good. very good. >> good, good. i'm so glad. >> dadane, your dadad would be proud. >> that's what i like to hear. >> we're proud of you too.
8:53 am
ooh, a little spice. the kick helps. >> all of daphne's nutritious low-calorie snack, the reese pis on catch you on "the chew" starting nextxtonth.
8:54 am
[ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters since time began. not anymore. ♪ fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you
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and chocolaty brownies ♪ new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. ♪ good times never
8:56 am
>> gary russo. >> so good, so o good. >> what a great day. thank you. ♪ ba ba bum ♪ to believe they never could or would ♪ at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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[ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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this morning, a 16-year-old antioch boy who was reported kidnapped in a barbershop robbery is in police custody. he was arrested yesterday after admitting he helped rob the barbershop in which he worked and made up the whole story that he was kidnapped. the c.h.p. pothsed a statewide amber alert after monday's incident. police also arrested a 23-year-old antioch man who investigators say masterminded the robbery. when can we expect to see the sun? mike, the answer always depends where you are. >> exactly. it's starting to reveal itself in the east bay valley. it will take until 1:00 to get to coast. an hour later today. temperature in mid-to-upper 60s along the coast. san francisco, richmond. low to mid-70s around the bay. 80s inland. dip in temperatures and more drizzle tomorrow morning. sue? >> if you are coming in to san francisco from the peninsula, north 101, we have a stall, cesar chavez, show in that area. caltrain, 247 is 40 minutes


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