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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. busted. here they are, america's most wanted crime family, behind bars. new details on the dramatic shootout with police and the wild west chase down the highway. this morning, how they were finally stopped. and we talk exclusively to the daring highway workers who helped take them down. the endless wild ride. rattled nerves after another massive market nosedive. the dow's latest plunge, 520 points. now, new worries about american banks. how safe is your account? desperate search. new details about the american woman who vanished in aruba. now her boyfriend speaks out, revealing her last message to him before she disappeared. we are live on the ground in
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aruba. and watch out for that ice. an accidental adventure off the alaskan coast, when a tour boat ride turns into an extreme experience. >> like have an apartment building of ice that fell down near your boat. it got so close. >> amazing. look at that. >> just incredible, up in alaska. good morning, everyone. robin off today. great to have elizabeth vargas here. we have a lot of news to get to. >> we do. we have five american servicemen killed overnight by an ied, roadside bomb. it follows the 30 servicemen killed last week in the chinook helicopter. so, we'll have all that. >> it has been a very rough week. but we begin with everyone bracing for another wild day in the stock market. overnight, asian markets are mixed.
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europe, very bumpy. and of course, that comes off another 500-point drop in the dow yesterday. abc's bianna golodryga joins us from the new york stock exchange. bianna, we've had 3 500-point drops in the last 5 trading days. what should we be watching for today? >> reporter: good morning, george. the markets opened higher. there's so much volatility. all eyes on europe, after france could lose its aaa rating. that's after rumors that its banks could possibly go under. one rumor that a chinese bank has pulled a line of credit out of chinese banks. we know what happens in europe has implications for the u.s., specifically our banks here at home. >> that creates so much concern about america's banks, especially bank of america. the stock has just died. >> reporter: it got pummeled yesterday. 11%. the largest bank in america. french banks and u.s. banks total $160 million. bank of america, in particular, took a nose dive.
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bank of neshg is a unique case. they own a lot of the toxic mortgages after they bought countrywide financial. most of those banks have sold off the toxic assets. >> and everyone will be looking at job numbers today. >> reporter: that's right. and jobless claims came in better than expected. one reason we may have seen the pop at the open of trading this morning. so many concerns about europe. when they hear headlines that european authorities may be banning short-selling. that's just a humor right now. everyone is looking at u.s. banks. u.s. banks have twice the reserve they did in 2008. right now, u.s. banks are safe, george. >> we'll be watching it all day. thanks very much. all right. let's turn to that dramatic capture of the fugitive siblings in colorado wednesday. a nationwide manhunt ending in a high-speed chase and shootout on the interstate. abc's ryan owens is in pueblo, colorado, with the very latest. good morning to you, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth.
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once again, those siblings are under the same roof. but unfortunately for them, it is the county jail behind me. they had promised to go out in a blaze of glory. instead it was a car chase and a couple of everyday heroes. a trio of mugshots. this most unusual family portrait provides our first look at the dougherty gang behind bars. under intense security late wednesday, police moved the siblings from the hospital to the county jail. the eldest, lee grace, led away in a wheelchair. few officers thought they'd catch these three without someone ending up dead. >> we knew we were dealing with some very dangerous individuals. >> reporter: here's how the takedown went down. at 9:02 in the morning, someone spotted their car in a nearby forest and called police. a few minutes later, a detective sees the car, too, at a convenience store and starts to tail it. state troopers join the chase down interstate 25 for 20 miles, speeds in excess of 100 miles an
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hour. officers say minutes into the chase, the siblings start shooting at them. troopers radio ahead to their off-duty colleague who was working this highway construction project. he places stop-sticks in the road. at 9:46, the doughertys run over those sticks. their car flips and crashes into a guardrail. cops arrest 26-year-old dylan first. his 29-year-old sister, lee grace, tries to make a getaway by firing again at police. this time an officer shoots her in the leg. 20-year-old ryan, who had been driving, makes a run for it. but he doesn't get far either. thanks to a group of very brave construction workers. >> he turned his back on me. and i saw that i had a chance. and i grabbed him. he put up a fight. >> reporter: these three will stay in colorado for now. but remember, they are also facing charges for attempting to kill a police officer in
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florida, as well as robbing that bank in georgia. a lot of prosecutors, eager to get their hands on these three. elizabeth? >> all right. ryan owens, thanks so much. for more we turn to the three, brave citizens who rushed in to help police. shane zibinski, dave dallaguardia and dave vucetich, actually followed and captured the third suspect. good morning. glad to have you here. two of you actually heard the gunshots, heard the crash happen. when you ran out there, what did you see? >> we saw the car looked like it was slammed up against the guardrail. there was about three or four officers that were actually, guns drawn, walking down to the vehicle. so, dave and myself just kind of went, oh, what's happening there? >> we were inside the office probably within a quarter of a mile of the scene of the accident. and we -- like shane said, we heard the shots. we see all the officers coming down the on-ramp with the guns drawn and m-16s out, surround this car up on the guardrail. and we're like, man, what's happening?
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you don't hear that every day. and it was probably a couple minutes later, just across the parking lot from us we see the other gentleman making his way through the brush, kind of running towards us. and i told shane, i said, that guy is on the run. i said, this is got to be one of the guys they're looking for. >> did you say anything to him? >> he looked like he had been running. shirt tore up. blood on his shirt, i'm assuming from the accident. and just a real glazed look like he was trying to get somewhere in a hurry. >> did you say anything to him? >> once he got into the parking lot, we walked up to him. and, you know, shane started going, hey, man, you're not going to get away. stay here. the cops are going to come, this and that. and he just had -- he was on a mission to get out of there. >> at one point, he actually pantomimes having a gun. reaches down and like brings his hands up. >> yeah. >> like he has a gun. at this point, did you guys hit the ground? >> well, i wasn't with him at that point because when he came through the parking lot, i told
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him, you know, you're not going to get away. just stay here. it ain't worth it. when he took off on a mad dash out of the parking lot across the other highway, i said, shane, get on the phone. get ahold of the police. and i got in my work truck and went after him. i could tell all the police were concentrating on the car. now there's a dozen police with drawn weapons around the car. and this guy is already half a mile away. and they have no idea where he's at. i said we got to keep an eye on him. >> despite the fact that he pretends to have a gun and you hit the ground. >> i'm on the phone with dispatch saying this is the guy. and they keep telling me don't engage, don't engage. >> why did you keep engaging? >> just something that went through you. i was just like, well, we got to keep an eye on this guy because if we lose him we're in trouble. >> none of you knew he was part of the dougherty gang, the infamous dougherty gang, subject of a nationwide fbi manhunt, called exceedingly dangerous. >> exactly.
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>> what did your families have to say to you when they found out you brought him down? >> first of all, i called my wife. and the first thing she did is chewed my butt for actually engaging and going after him. everybody goes, why did you guys do it? we're like, you know, i was born -- i know these guys, too, come from small towns in blue-collar america. if you need to lend a hand, you lend a hand and help people out. >> i know your mom wasn't happy either. gentlemen, well done. maybe next time you should listen to the police when they say don't engage. but so glad you're safe. and thank you for apprehending this young man. he was definitely wanted and dangerous. we appreciate you being here this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks so much. george? >> boy, they were great. now, to politics and president obama's worst month yet. battered by the debt mess and dive in the markets, his poll numbers are heading for new lows. some members of his own party urging him to cancel his vacation to show he's in charge. just about every republican challenger is heading to iowa. jake tapper is covering it all from the white house. jake, not just the official candidates, the unofficial ones,
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too. >> reporter: that's right, george. there are some party-crashers headed to the iowa straw poll. sarah palin brings her one-nation bus tour to iowa in the next few days. and governor rick perry of texas will also be there, even though he is not a declared candidate. they will no doubt be adding their voices to the chorus of republicans saying that the president is doing a horrible job. the hot, new dish at the iowa state fair is deep fried butter on a stick with cinnamon and honey batter. but there's nothing sweet about what the republican presidential hopefuls in iowa are saying about the president. >> he won't carry iowa in november 2012. he won't carry iowa because iowans recognize that his presidency has failed. >> it's like that movie "titanic." have any of you seen that movie "titanic"? remember what happened to the ship? >> look, you can almost stick a fork in him. i think he's about done politically. >> reporter: they're capitalizing on even what
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supporters agree have been a few bad weeks for the president. the debt deal, the downgrade, the stock market free fall and criticism from even former allies dr. cornell west and tavis smiley, with a speech on jobs. >> enough with the speeches about now it's time to focus on jobs. now, we'll focus on jobs. they want the president to focus on jobs. >> reporter: just 41% of americans approve of the job the president's doing. in another poll, 73% think the country is on the wrong track, as the president prepares for some r&r. >> i know everybody deserves a vacation. but this is a time of crisis. the president should be in washington. >> reporter: is there any concern about the impression that the president going to martha's vineyard for nine or ten days might leave with the american people? >> i don't think americans out there would begrudge that notion that the president would spend some time with his family. >> reporter: and that house the first family rents, it suffered a small kitchen fire this week. when it rains, it pours.
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the second republican presidential debate will be tonight. and then, of course, on saturday, george, the straw poll. >> and you'll cover it all for "this week" on sunday. jake, thanks very much. joining us now, matthew dowd, top strategist for both democrats and republicans, most prominently for george w. bush. thanks for joining us from des moines, matt. you wrote a fascinating article talking about president bush, comparing president obama's august this year to the worst month of the bush presidency, august 2005. >> yeah, it's interesting to me that he's -- these things seem to happen in august. in 2005, bush gets through a series of events, casualties in the two wars and times of ineffective leadership. by the time he got to august, katrina hit. and basically his presidency was done. he was no longer viewed as effectual. couldn't communicate, couldn't do anything -- >> is that where obama now? >> i don't think he's necessarily there. but it has a very similar feel and smell, that he's now broken
7:13 am
some aspect of his relationship with the american public. he's given two speeches, george, as you know, in the last couple of weeks. one where congress ignored him after democrats and republicans. and the second speech i think was more damaging when he got up with a split-screen happening. and basically, as he was talking, the stock market was dropping 600 points as he was talking. that visual isn't a good visual. >> not a good visual. the other visual, the vacation. josh and i were talking before the segment, debating whether the president should cancel his vacation. even some top democrats now saying he should. but the white house argues back it's not going to do much good. >> i don't think canceling the vacation is going to solve this problem. this is not a picture problem or a marketing problem or a communications problem. this is something actually substantively has to change. either a crisis has to happen and he handles it well or he has to improve the economy in such a way that people feel it. as of right now, he can't get out of this mess by pictures and speeches. >> and the white house would all say the president has little
7:14 am
control over the economy. before you go, you are in iowa for the straw poll. and, boy, not subtle at all. sarah palin showing up to crash the party. we know rick perry going to get in this week. what do you think palin is doing? is she just looking for attention? or is she really looking at getting in this race? >> well, anywhere she goes she draws attention. i ultimately don't think she's getting in this race. i don't think she's done anything, put staff together, done anything at all possible to look like she's credibly running. but her saying i'm still a voice in the republican party, listen to me. and that's what she's doing. it's about her getting attention and not much about her running, i don't think. >> matt dowd, thanks very much. >> she got a lot of attention the last time she went to iowa. four days of mob violence in london has that city on edge this morning. at least three people were dying in rioting wednesday. authorities fear this could be part of an explosive, new pattern of violence there. so, could something like what we're seeing in britain happen here in the united states? abc's jim sciutto has the latest now from washington.
7:15 am
>> reporter: overnight, britain fighting to take back the streets. 16,000 police making arrests. taking these riders straight to court, where hearings were conducted all through the night. but for four days now it's been mob rule. so, what's the mentality behind the mob? >> the age range is interesting of most of these riots. it tends to be in the teenage to early 20s. that's a big age for thrill-seeking and risk-taking. we're increasingly showing that emotions can be contagious. >> reporter: adding to the contagion, a bleak outlook, high unemployment, deep distrust of government. >> some of these youth, you know, they're unemployed. sounds as if the whole world is going to implode. >> reporter: the worry is, some of those very same conditions extend to the u.s. philadelphia has ordered a curfew of minors after a series of violent flash mobs terrorized residential neighborhoods. >> if you want to go like a butthead, your butt is going to
7:16 am
get locked up. >> reporter: this weekend, milwaukee shuttered as a mob stormed the wisconsin state fair. >> my mom just got attacked by a flash mob. >> my friend just got hit in the face. >> there is a lady bleeding profusely from her eyes. >> reporter: brad garrett was an fbi agent here in washington for 30 years. >> when you get people on the edge anyway and you pull one brick out of their wall, it can collapse. >> reporter: in all your years in law enforcement, when is the last time you saw a combination of conditions like you see today? >> i'm not sure i've ever seen an exact combination of this. >> reporter: there are signs of hope. american cities are generally less segregated than britain's. and crucially, police forces here have gotten much better at fighting and preventing crime and anti-social behavior. we talked a lot about the role that social media played in organizing those london riots. now, the new york city police is forming their own cyber unit
7:17 am
to track the social networks, trying to make sure they can stop this kind of violence before it happens. >> using the social media that those same mobsters are using to organize. all right, jim. thanks so much this morning. now, let's turn to josh elliott who has much more on that terrible story out of afghanistan this morning. five u.s. servicemen killed by an ied. >> the news remains terrible in afghanistan where we're starting with breaking news. five more american troops, as elizabeth just said, killed there in afghanistan. this time in a roadside bombing in the south, where violence has escalated to levels not seen since the war began, a decade ago. 51 foreign troops have now been killed just this month, including those 30 americans who died when their helicopter was shot down last weekend. from southern california this morning, we have word, now, that two crew members have just been rescued after a marine fighter jet crashed in the pacific late last night, some 60 miles southwest of san diego. the f-18 was flying with another jet when communications were lost. no word yet on what caused the crash or on the extent of the crew's injuries. a breakthrough in the fight against cancer.
7:18 am
for the first time, scientists have used gene therapy to successfully treat a type of leukemia. doctors engineered the patient's own white blood cells to destroy cancer cells. and thus far, it's only worked in three patients. but two are now cancer-free. there is hope the engineered cells will be able to fight other cancers, as well. finally, another look at this. a serene cruise along the alaskan coast that turned into quite an extreme adventure. >> holy crap. >> apparently, we can say that on morning television. >> are you sure? >> well, we just did. >> a chunk of glacier the size of an apartment building breaking off right there in front of a tour boat that got far more than they bargained for. ice flying. it kicked up a massive wave. the impact so intense, a woman lost her balance when the wave struck the boat, and fell and broke her leg. the boat did immediately return back to port. the glacier was 200 feet tall.
7:19 am
>> i wondered if there would be a tidal wave of sorts from an apartment building. >> it sure was. but everybody other than that woman okay. >> she gets a pass because a glacier fell on her. we have the weather now from steve villanueva from new haven, connecticut, in for sam. great to have you here, steve. >> good morning, everyone. it is going to be a beautiful day in the northeast. we have a very comfortable air mass coming down from canada. temperatures in the 80s. very low humidity. in texas, the heat continues. temperatures there in the triple digits. tomorrow we can tie the record in dallas at 42-straight days. maybe we'll beat it as we head into saturday. that's your national forecast.
7:20 am
and coming up, new details on the american woman who disappeared in aruba. we'll talk to her boyfriend live about his frantic search to find her. and the new american gold rush. how easy it is to melt down your valuables into cold sh? we'll show you the money.
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early august last month the group shutdown several stations in san francisco to protest the fatal bart lee shooting at the civic center station. >> update on the traffic. >> no pwafrt delays at all. -- no bart delays at all. train number three, 10 to 15 minutes behind. number 5, 10 minutes behind. accident fremont boulevard right shoulder. >> when we come back, mike has a lookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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lots of clouds downtown san francisco. temperatures are pretty much in the 50s. low 50s around san rafael. today three to nine degrees cooler than average. upper 60s to mid 70s around the bay. brief warming trend tomorrow and saturday. much cooler next week. >> the news continues now with "good morning amamamamamamamamam
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frantic search still on for that missing american tourist in aruba. suspicion is growing about the man who took her to that island. new details pointing to holes in his story. we are live on the ground in aruba. we'll also talk to her boyfriend this morning. good morning, everyone. robin is off today. great to have elizabeth here today. >> great to be here. we'll head live right now where people are in the heart of the gold rush. the new gold rush. live, there is a live picture of people melting down their valuables right as gold is hitting an all-time high around $1,800 an ounce. i can't blame them. i'm actually thinking if i have some spare gold earrings. >> it looks almost medieval. >> that turns into cold hard cash when you're done. tough economic times mellody
7:31 am
will give dating advice. who picks up the tab? >> you split the tab. >> that is one of her questions. you split the tab. >> in this day and age. >> i think on t t first date the man pays. if he asks, he pays. >> such a gentleman. >> it worked for me. >> it sure did. >> my husband paid for our first date too. at any rate, let's get right to the storyou were just talking b the latest on the search for that vonnished american woman and the fbi is now part of the investigation looking for robyn gardner, the 35-year-old woman on vacation with a man she had met online before she vanished more than a week ago. he is now detained. in a moment we'll talk, however, with the boyfriend she left back home. first abc's matt gutman catches us up on everything live from aruba. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: and good morning to you, elizabeth. there are now two blond american women missing, disappeared from
7:32 am
here. both of them apparently into the thezure waters. family and investigators have been trying to piece together the last few days she spent here. equal parts love, betrayal and increasingly foul play. investigative noose is tightening around the mysterious man aruban authorities are holding in connection with robyn gardner's disappearance. gary giordano seen here on the beach with investigators claims that on august 2nd, he and the 35-yeaeaold maryland woman were snorkeling here, a place known as baby beach. so-called for its tranquil waters when suddenly she was swept out to sea. >> at first it was a simple case of possible drowning so he was heard as a witness but the things he told the police during those interviews raised some
7:33 am
questions and at that time -- >> reporter:r:he two met on and have known each other for a year. according to christina jones, robyn's best friend. >> it was a bit of a roller coaster relationship. >> reporter: and richard forester who she had been lying to all along insists the snorkeling story is bogus. >> my experience of robyn knowning her since i've known her is she's not a swimmer but a more lay by the pool have a margarita kind of girl. >> reporter: giordano was arrested at the airport attemptingngo leave the country but his attorney said he fully cooperated with police. >> when nobody needs him anymore he would be free to leave and if they might need something he would always be open and free to cooperate. >> reporter: they have no motive, no proof and no body but who is his client, giordano? we spoke to several women who dated him including this woman in the photo with him. all of them claim he was violent
7:34 am
towards them. this woman says she still is so afraid she would not reveal her face. >> he like literally like yanked my arm really hard and that was like really scary. he was, let's say, quite physically aggressive inappropriately. >> reporter: even robyn gardner caught a flash of that after she turned down an offer to go on a cruise with giordano. >> i can just say that how he reacted about the cruise is the reason why i was worried about how -- why she was going to be going to aruba. >> reporter: now, the active search has been called off and the hunt now is for evidence. interpol and the police are on the case. for the gardner family the most important thing is not to end up like natalee holloway's family. six years later and without any answers. elizabeth? >> so tough for that family. for both families. matt, thanks so much. joining me now is robyn gardner's boyfriend, richard forester. thanks for being with us.
7:35 am
you had thought that robyn was in florida visiting her family and had no idea she was in aruba? >> that's right. and first let me just say, you know, those details -- that doesn't matter to me. what's most important is that she's found. that's something for her and i to deal with when she returns. the most important thing is that we find her. we get her home safely. i would like to have that discussion with her once she's home. but i'm not here to discuss, you know, her other than that she was an extremely loving, wonderful woman who brought a lot of joy to my life and i miss her very much and we wiill do anything i can to help. >> might you go down to aruba to assist in that investigation. >> potentially. i would love to go. i haven't been very rational lately in my thought process so people who have been have said, you know, what can you do there? you're doing a great job here
7:36 am
getting the press involved, getting the media involved, so, but it may get to a point where i feel like that i need to go there just to be closer and be more involved. i certainly would do that. it's not an impossibility. >> that was something natalee holloway's family felt they had to do to keep that pressure on officially in that investigation. u had actually been in touch with robyn while she was in aruba. how did she sound? what did she say to you? >> well, we weren't able to actually verbally talk very much. i'll tell you, she had on -- on tuesday morning on the 2nd of august at 2:05 in the morning she had posted on my facebook wall and i still don't really know what it meant but she posted on my wall this sucks. i tried to get ahold of her. i didn't get that message till the morning when i got to work and tried to find outut what wa going on. she really didn't respond. the last time i heard from her was later on in that afternoon sometime around 3:00 in the
7:37 am
afternoon. she sent me an inbox message through facebook saying, you know, i love you. i care about you and we'll talk about this and sort it out when i get back. >> she had been having -- >> and that was the l lt i had heard from her. >> and she had been having kind of a tough time lately. she recently had been laid off from her job. was she struggling with that. >> she was definitely upset about that as anybody would be. and, you know, and that's a hard thing to have happen especially in this day and age but, yeah, it was very unexpected and unfortunate but she, you know, she had friends and myself to lean on and we would have done anything for her at that time and she knew that. >> we heard robyn's friend in the piece that matt just did for us, she didn't think robyn was a snorkeling type of girl. do you agree. >> i totally agree. i can't see her snorkeling. i don't believe she was snorkeling. i don't believe she walked -- the other story they walked out
7:38 am
into the water until the water was almost above their heads so they decided to swim back. when he got to shore she wasn't there. i don't believe that for a second. i believe that she would be too concerned with getting her hair messed up, getting her makeup messed up. like christina said in the segment before, she's a margarita kind of girl, sit by the pool or on the beach and relax. i don't buy it. i'm terrified. i've been hearing stories about gary giordano. i've been told that he is quite tech savvy and is able to hack into people's e-mail accounts. he uses a keystroke program. this is just what i'm told, and is able to manipulate people's computers and track them and follow them. i'll tell you this too on wednesday and thursday of last we week, on gmail. there is a gmail chat function that shows if you're online or not. a green indicator light, orange
7:39 am
if you're idle and gray if you're off. all day wednesday and thursday it was green, orange and gray and this is after she had been reported missing so somebody was on her gmail account getting this there and i was trying to talk to her but couldn't. >> richard forester, i'm sure this is an angst shous time for you. we thank you for being with us and hope for good news for you soon. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> time for the many weather. steve villanueva is in for sam champion. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. lots of trouble in the central part of the country. storms and severe weather from y oklahoma city northward up towards bismarck, very heavy rain and strong winds. much cooler out on the west coast.
7:40 am
>> your weather forecast brought to you by macy's. elizabeth? >> all right, thanks so much. coming up, time for a meltdown? we'll show you how to cash in on the new american gold rush. ♪ i want to be rich [ female announcer ] real fruit... means real fruit smoothies from mccafé. real delicious and made just for you. ♪
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male announcer: for five generations, ♪ money money money >> now we have a wall street take on our show me the money segment. a lot are pulling out and headed for gold. yunji de nies went to see how you can turn your jewelry into cash. yunji, you're at one of the places where it all happens. >> reporter: this is it where they take your jewelry and make gold bars. this is worth $22,000. that is the smelter in progress. you can see how hot it is. he is putting in a necklace right now and in moments that will be liquid cash. ♪
7:45 am
>> reporter: the gold rush is on. gold is trading higher than platinum. $1,800 an ounce. that's nearly twice as much as in 2009. three times as much as in 2005. in los angeles -- >> i'm here to sell my gold. >> reporter: -- sandra is cashing in on gold jewelry. >> why not make money off it. >> reporter: she did. $700. >> awesome. i honestly thought i'd probably get like a hundred and 50 dollars. >> reporter: we headed to atlanta gold and silver. how has it changed. >> it's exploded. >> reporter: watch how much our producer makes selling this mix of castoffs. its estimate of how much it's worth. >> this is 14 carrot. >> reporter: inspect it, weigh it and award it. >> you are not allowed to kiss the people giving you -- >> reporter: drum roll, please. >> oh!
7:46 am
oh, my god. >> reporter: that's right, $1,917.17. >> i'm going to go home and raid the jewelry box some more. >> reporter: they take that goal and head to the smelter. within minutes bracelets boiled into bars. our abc affiliate in dallas, wfaa went to one of the largest gold refineries in the state where business is burning hot. >> gold refining business has increased over 200%. >> reporter: brett patterson knows that well. a tee tirery that buys old jewelry from friends and family and sells it here. >> we are going to back and get your check. >> reporter: his take-home today, $1,600. >> call it a safe haven. it's a quick safe haven. >> reporter: and you can see that is that gold coming right out being made into bars. now, you actually don't need very much. take a look at this. this is the back of an earring. you can barely see it in my
7:47 am
hand. that today is worth $51, george? >> wow. that i i something, yunji. coming up, the new finances of romance. mellody hobson takes on your tricky questions about love and money. really? no. it comess with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before. what's in your wallet? i have tuna salad and egg salad. no? ♪
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it's real fruit juice; crisp, sparkling water; and no added sugar. and they come in these really cool cans. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mm. refreshing.
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7:51 am
and cocong up our question of the morning. why are so many mothers and daughters dressing alike? from the beaches to the mountains. we can't wait to reveal today's most beautiful places in america. emeril takes us to two of his favorites. ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
. a traveling replica of the vietnam war memorial is on display in fremont through tomorrow. it was created by a florida couple so vets and relatives who couldn't travel to washington, d.c. could experience it. it contains the al,000 names of men and women killed in the war. >> good morning. -- sunshine, a little less today, cooler conditions from 60s at the coast, 80s in our inland valleys.
7:57 am
slight warming trend friday, saturday before cooler weather next week. >> southbound 880 southbound at fremont boulevard accident cleared. problem westbound 237. >> the news continues with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ mamma mia, here i go again my, my ♪ ♪ how can i forget ♪ mamma mia, here i go again my, my ♪ big crowd out in times square this morning. beautiful day in times square. lara is rocking the "mamma mia." here's the reason. these famous mothers and daughters. not only do they look alike. there's halle berry. they kind of dress alike, as well. more and more moms looking for inspiration in their daughter's closet. juju chaha checks in with one of the copycats. this is what got everyone talking more than any other. >> halle berry was just wearing a beautiful dress. i don't think that looked like her daughter's dress.
8:01 am
the debate is more over when you dress not for your age. >> you're 40 and trying to look like you're 20. >> is it wrong i wear hello kitty? is that wronong? >> is it wrong that i fancy a tinkerbell costume every once in a while? >> so concerned. >> you're on national tv. >> i'm a dad. i have a 3-year-old girl that confounds me. we'll also get into dating questions. love and money. tricky when it comes to the first dates. for example, does the woman ever pick up the check? >> that's tricky? is that really tricky? >> is anybody going to say yes to that? >> if she is earning a lot more than she is. >> if she asks. >> your rule, if you ask, you pay. >> you still have to -- you still have to grab and fight and really win that. >> but you do it with short arms. you're like, ooh, let me get
8:02 am
that. >> i've seen that happen before. >> my dad used to call it alligator arms. >> would you ever ask how much they earn? how many dates do you go on before -- >> these are questions? >> there's always google. >> mellody hobson hits the streets to find out what people think about the dating etiquette dos and don'ts. it's tomato season. in honor, yes, emeril is here whipping up tasty dishes using tomatoes. and he's also our tour guide for our most beautiful place taking us to beautiful beaches in destin, florida. and the mountain beauty of asheville, north carolina. he lucked out with those. >> news. josh? >> we begin on wall street where today investors are waiting for new figures on the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits has hit a four-month low. some encouraging news following the dow's 519-point loss on
8:03 am
wednesday. concern now mounting about debt problems in europe. markets overseas, mostly lower this morning. meanwhile, the taliban is claiming responsibility for a roadside bombing today that took the lives of five american troops in southern afghanistan. it comes less than a week after 30 a aricans died when taliban fighters shot down their helicopter. in the wake of the worst street riots in n generation, british prime minister david cameron today said the government will now consider ways to limit the use of social media sites, like facebook and twitter, when they're used to spread violence. streets were mostly calm overnight as police conducted raids on organizers in hopes of preventing more riots from flaring in suburban neighborhoods. back in this country, a 17-year-old student is in police custody in tennessee after his school principal was found dead in the classroom. a teacher found suzette york's body at the memphis junior
8:04 am
academy, just three days into the school year. they're not confirming reports she had been stabbed and they have yet to file charges. and this morning, we're hearing from the church pastor who witnessed a miraculous rescue on that beach in washington state making headlines around the world. a 12-year-old boy somehow managed to survive after spending 15 minutes underwater trapped in a riptide. as abc's david wright reports, the boy has now been reunited with the young girl who helped to save his life. >> reporter: 12-year-old dale ostrander technically drowned before rescuers finally saved him. >> i heard some e y say, help, help me and -- >> reporter: lucky for him 12-year-old nicole kissel was nearby on her boogie board. she swam into the churning waves and grabbed him. >> when i was on the board i shouted out to myself, we're going to die. i can't die like this. >> reporter: just then, another massive wave hit them both. because of the powerful riptide, she barely made it back to shore herself. but the boy was gone. his friends from a church youth group dropped down on their knees and prayed.
8:05 am
>> it meant life or death. i felt like i had to get ahold of god at that time. >> reporter: dale was underwater about 15 minutes before rescuers finally got him. not breathing, no pulse, not until he got to the hospital half an hour later. the doctors weren't sure he'd survive. on sunday, they decided to remove life support. on monday, they pulled out the breathing tube. dale breathed on his own, then he talked. >> this was a miracle from god because it goes against the laws of nature. >> reporter: the young hero got to visit him in the hospital. she's proud. >> when someone is about to drown or needs help, you don't think about it before you help them. >> reporter: dale's family is thankful she did. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> wow, so are we. good for you. meanwhile, here in new york lady liberty getting some work done. the statue of liberty will be closed for one year beginning in late october to undergo $27 million in renovations, including the addition of new
8:06 am
elevators and other safety improvements. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good thursday morning to you, josh. and everyone at "gma." tonight on "world news," the boomer generation is doing it again. creating a brand-new approach, this time to plastic surgery. meet some women who have decided to do something pretty amazing. but do the risks rise with age? be sure to watch tonight. finally, police have to put up with a lot of bull but rarely a real one. outside of seattle, take a look. a 1,000-pound steer, i just embracededt, emotionally. that's -- decidedly low-speed chase that this steer is leading police on, back and forth in front of squad cars. >> going pretty fast for a thousand-pounder. >> i suppose. for a half hour. everybody got bored and decided to get the lassos out. >> he laid down on the ground. >> better than pamplona, where
8:07 am
they're running with him. and they have the horns. he didn't volunteer for that. okay, josh. let's go to lara and the smart screen. >> in honor of you, g.s., welcome to "pop news heat index." first up, another hottie, george, john stamos. women cannot seem to get enough of the gorgeous actor. and now he is sharing some of his finest lady-killing secrets. in a new video on john reveals it's all about the cuddle. he's got some patented moves, including the stamos swaddler, the stamos spoonful. and don't even get me started on the stamos shark sleep. his lucky demonstration partner in this hysterical video, his former "full house" co-star bob saget. th is for a good cause. he is raising awareness of his project cuddles to help find homes for abandoned babies. moving on. kanye west's new album with
8:08 am
jay-z drops this week. but there's another exciting collaboration for west in the works. a new line of clothes. and kanye isn't just putting his name on the label. he's been hands-on in the making of the line including touring the factory several times. it shows you guys what we already knew. you know i'm going to say it. kanye has soul. thank you very much. too much time on my hands. do you remember cao cao? the adorable panda was born in captivity. and the handlers would dress in panda suits so he would never get used to being near humans. well, he is one step closer to being released into the wild. he's already passed several survival tests. he has -- he has -- >> which one is cao cao? >> he'll be moved to larger terrain for observation. no word on whether his handlers will be released into the wild one day. >> walking around looking for people dressed as pandas.
8:09 am
>> so bizarre. looking for a roommate who is gone most sundays and can tango? how about chad ochocinco? he is moving from cincinnati to new england to play for the patriots. and he's looking for a place to crash while he gets to know the area. in case you're interested, here are ochocinco's criteria. >> they have to have internet. they have to have x-box. and that's about it. >> are you serious? >> have i ever lied to you before? >> apparently criminal record not that important. you know he can afford to pay his share of the rent. and that, my friends, is your "pop news heat index." >> the all-important x-box. >> he can't afford his own either. >> are we really surprised? he named himself ochocinco. now, we have to get some weather.
8:10 am
steve villanueva in for sam. good morning, steve. >> good morning, guys. good morning, everyone. to our nation's capital. it's a beautiful day there as we look across the potomac from virginia on to the mall. lots of sunshine. but just south of the district, we do have a wildfire in southern virginia. you can see the smoke right here. this is a nasa satellite shot. it is blowing away from the district and down towards cape hatteras. and looks like this will be the trend until this weekend when the storm system brings you some rain. in the meantime, in the northeast for the next three days, it will be spectacular. so, enjoy it. that's your nationalalalalalalal
8:11 am
well, that's your national forecast. more weather a little bit later on. in the meantime, though, here's lara. >> thank you. here's what's ahead on our "gma" morning menu. moms are walking in thr daughter's shoes and jeans and right into their closets. new trend of moms dressing like their girls to look and feel younger. love and money. who pays for dinner? who buys the popcorn? mellody hobson gets real answers from real couples on the high financncof romance. and emeril joins us for the most beautiful places. he's taking us on two of our favorites, destin, florida, and asheville, north carolina, on "gma." [ woman ] welcome back, jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage, while my sneezing and my itchy eyes took refuge from the dust in here
8:12 am
and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most. ♪ lily and i are back on the road again. where we belong. with zyrtec®, i can love the air®. listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice.
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five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us. as a va doctor, i have more time to spend with my patients. and that's the kind of attention our veterans deserve. ♪ (announcer) learn more about careers with today's va at but your cloud of depression is still with you. maybe it's time to ask your doctor about adding seroquel xr to your antidepressant to treat your depression. seroquel xr is a once-daily, extended-release tablet, which means medication is released around the clock. for many, seroquel xr, when added to an antidepressant, was proven more effective than an antidepressant alone at helping people feel less depressed. call your doctor if you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults.
8:14 am
elderly dementia patients taking seroquel xr have an increased risk of death. call your doctor if you have fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, as these may be signs of a life-threatening reaction or if you have uncontrollable muscle movements, as these could become permanent. high blood sugar has been reported with seroquel xr and medicines like it and in extreme cases can lead to coma or death. your doctor should check for cataracts. other risks include increased cholesterol and weight gain as well as seizures, dizziness on standing, drowsiness, impaired judgment, trouble swallowing, and decreases in white blood cells, which can be fatal. use caution before driving or operating machinery. isn't it time to put more distance between you and your depression? talk to your doctor about seroquel xr. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help.
8:15 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog.
8:16 am
introducing purina one beyond now the new fashion trend adding a whole new spin to the phrase like mother like daughter. while some are afraid of becoming their mothers, the mothers are becoming more like the daughterst( especially whent comes to clothing so can raiding their daughter's wardrobe help them reclaim their youth? juju chang is here with more. we've been talking about how appropriate is it. as moms of boys, we don't exactly know -- >> if it was a mother/son thing we would be in trouble but alas, it's being referred to as the 15/50 where a woman looks 15 from the neck down -- you know where i'm going -- a little more like 50 from the neck up. a new consumer study out of temple university suggests more and more women are looking for the fountain of youth in their daughter's closet.
8:17 am
♪ >> celebrity moms who dress like their daughters get separated at birth a whole new meaning. kate and carole middleton. madonna and lourdes created their own fashion line together inspired by the original material girl, the clothes, the hair, the makeup. instead of girls wanting to grow up to look like mom, it's mom trying to hang on to her youthful looks by copying her daughter. take a look at these photos. two daughters and a mom. can you tell who's who? >> how often do you get mistaken for a sister instead of a mom. >> instead of the reaction, oh, yeah, that's your mom, now it's that's your mom? >> we go in -- we giggle and people say, charlie's angels just walked in. >> reporter: karen hammonds refuses to dress the part of a grown mother of three children.
8:18 am
her daughters are her bffs and she follows their lead to be fashion forward. >> i get my style from them so that's why i dress like them because they are my example. >> reporter: karen doesn't let being middle age stop her from wearing sexy dresses. five-inch heels and skin tight jeans. what do you say if people look at you and say why would you want to dress like a 20-year-old? you're not 20. >> i don't feel like i'm trying to dress like a 20-year-old. i'm trying to dress like a ko kooker. >> reporter: ever get bummed out when y yr friends have a crush on your mom. >> no, i love it. why didn't you bring your mom? >> reporter: there's no need for separate closets. they share each other's clothes. this is not looking very mommy here. >> this is mine. >> reporter: now i'm confused. >> that is mine. that's all mine. >> reporter: you have three silver dresses like this. okay, i need to see that. they even bought two of the
8:19 am
exact same $10 dresses. >> we got this dress at walmart. together. >> walmart shoppers. >> she tried it on. so cute. wow, it is cute. >> reporter: 26-year-old crystal and 22-year-old liz say their mom is their favorite person to hang out with. >> i find it cool that i have a mom that i can go out with and she's not just a mom. she's a friend. >> reporter: parents who are friends tend to pick up cues from their kids. retailers call it reverse socialization when mom's buying habits mirror the younger generation but karen says it's more than trying to look like them, it's part of an extreme makeover when she left a bad marriage seven years ago. >> i needed to start a life and i looked in the mirror and i'm like, oh, that's not going to work. i feel better. now i look better and so i pay a little more attention to it. >> i've seen a change in my mom completely. she used to not have as much confidence as she does. she didn't look at herself in the mirror and say i'm a
8:20 am
beautiful -- i'm a beautiful mother. i'm a mother of three and i deserve to go out and have fung. >> oh, my god. i love this. look it, guys. oh, yes. >> reporter: today the dynamic trio is inseparable and shopping for their shared wardrobe is one of their favoritepasstimes even though they have a community closet at the mall mom gets shut down sometimes. >> this is you. >> i really don't like that. >> reporter: your mom was a caterpillar for many years but look at her now, quite a butterfly. >> when you look good, you feel good and i'm so happy she can look good now. >> i have a lot of life in me and i want to present myself as someone who likes themselves and i just want to enjoy my life and my second half of my life i want it to be more exciting than it was. >> reporter: now, just to be clear, karen joked that she dresses like a cougar. i had to asked if she ever dates those young guys that have a
8:21 am
crush on her. no way, i only date age appropriate men. >> a lot of times when moms give birth, you neglect your appearance for ten years then you look in the mirror and see your daughter and you go, she's me 20 years ago. what happened to me? then you give yourself a makeover. >> interesting story. >> i like the girls at this table and i want them dressing in those matching dressss. >> when allie starts wearing matching dresses. >> we'll move on. we all know you can't put a price on true love until you find it. the cost of dates can pile up. this time it's important to stretch the dating dollars so mellody hobson hit the streets with tips that will keep you solvent during the search for love. ♪ >> reporter: things are heating up in sunny chicago. >> i need couples. >> reporter: so mellody hits millennium park to take on a touchy topic. >> reporter: i want to see how
8:22 am
people feel about love and money. >> it's mellody's money tip, love and money. >> reporter: can i ask you some questions about money and dating? come to my office. so when you go on a date, who pays? >> usually the boy. >> reporter: the guy pays. >> for the first three days. >> the guy, definitely. >> reporter: do you ever pay? >> no. >> sorry, guy, men spend 1,200 per year on dates versus 600 for women. >> reporter: would you ever pay on any date. >> i wouldn't waste my money. i'm giving my time. ha should be enough. >> reporter: what happens if you went out with a guy and it's a first date and he asked you to go dutch. >> like, n n that's so rude. >> i'd call her and vent. >> reporter: can i ask you questions about money and dating? >> no. >> reporter: okay. is it ever okay for the person you're dating come to you and say instead of giving you a birthday gift this year i'm going to pay off my credit
8:23 am
cards? >> no. >> i'd rather have a gift. be in debt and you get a gift? >> financial stability can be a great gift. >> reporter: okay, you're going on a date. he's paying. >> okay. >> reporter: do you buy new clothes. >> oh. >> yes. >> i think that's first. for valentine's day, yes. >> mellody's next tip, watch out for impulse spending especially on first dates. >> reporter: do you buy outfits for the date? >> no. you never know what's going to happen. i don't want to be out there with a guy -- >> reporter: would you ask a guy you're dating how much money he makes. >> not right off the bat. >> reporter: do you know how much she makes? >> not really. >> kind of weird to ask. >> it's not all about money but, you know, it does help. >> and mellody who is also the president of ariel investments in chicago joins us now. mellody, you're getting so brave out there.
8:24 am
let's begin -- >> that's true. >> let's begin with the all-important first date. the tendency is you want to impress and the guy ends up overspending. >> right, here's the rule of thumb. never ever ever pay more than you can afford. and if you want some context did a survey and they found out over 50% of men spend over $50 on that first date. i think it's super important to budget for it. i went out and t tked to lots of friends and family about what if it's a lavish first date? they said bad idea because it only heightens expectations about the future dates which could make a downhill from there if you can't keep it up. >> same thing for women going on the date. >> here's the thing about women. the guys say, oh, the women get off easy because they don't have to pay anything, but, of course, the women go and buy new outfits so we found out over 53% of women actually spend money on a dress or some kind of grooming
8:25 am
when it's related to a first date. now, here's the interesting twist. they say they don't buy new clothes when the person is actually their boyfriend which i found to be interesting. regardless, bad idea to go impulse shop before a date gets girls into debt. >> spend the upon on someone you don't know. here's the real tough question. how do you have a cheapap date thout seeming cheap? >> well, i think there are a lot of treat tiff things you could do that requires planning ahead. so lots of cities andowns have great museums, they have free days where you can go in and plan the date around that day. or they have concerts in the park that are free, movies in the park now. we're seeing so many things. don't forget about the great outdoors. how about a hiking date? it's one-on-one so you have a lot of time together. there's no buying an outfit. you don't get your hair blow-dried for that and a great way to spend time with someone you're trying to get to know. >> the big debate. who pays? i love the guy in the piece that says the guy gets the first three. >> okay, so very controversial,
8:26 am
a lot of controversy over this answer. i'm old school. i think the guy should pay on the first date but we found the answer was often generational. generation x like me, baby boomers, the older you were, the more traditional you tended to be. the millennials, they tend to be more open to the girl paying, especially if she asks or going dutch. no right answer on this one. again, very much related to what you can afford and what you're comfortable with. >> and one other question for, you know, those of us who are beyond the dating stage but still like to have date nights and might be going through a tough time. >> well, you know, again on this one i think no one wants someone that they care about to go into debt spending money on them dating. >> okay. mellody hobson, thanks very much. you have a lot more tips on our website. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
>> federal law prohibits privately owned jet skis because it lies within the gulf of the sanctuary. a photographer on a jet ski illegally rescued the surfer there in january. supports say it is an safety net for surfers at maverick. let's see if your traffic is moving swimmingly this morning. >> not so much if you are on 8980. a couple of issues, first -- first southbound earlier mother -- slow traffic
8:28 am
remains. 880 southbound fremont boulevard earlier accident cleared out. debris is slowing things westbound 237, lanes ed with an accident also eastbound direction too. >> thanks. we'll talk to
8:29 am
. 50s in concord where we are seeing the sun the rest of us cloudy.
8:30 am
60s and 70s around bay shore. 70s and 80s inland. three to nine degrees c ♪ i love you ♪ i love you big crowd here in times square this morning loving some scotty mccreery. that's his debut single, "idol" winner. tomorrow for our summer concert series and we want everyone to come early because we have such a big crowd. >> it's going to be a big crowd. we don't just have music tomorrow but music today. that's right. joey fatone of 'nsync fame is joining us. he's hoving a brand-new show called "karaoke." josh, you and i have been fantasizing about doing karaoke. >> if you had to do karaoke, what song would you do?
8:31 am
>> i would run away. >> for that reason alone -- what about you? >> i would -- i would sing a song by captain and tenille called "muskrat love." a little diddy i know you know. >> we'll talk to joey. >> next stop on our "gma's" best places in america series. we've been taking a tour of the top ten spots on the map.. lara took us to cape cod and new port, rhode island. josh went to point reyes in his beloved california and showed us the dunes in michigan. sam spent a few days out in sedona, arizona, and then aspen, colorado, and had so much fun out there but now it's emeril's turn. he didn't want to choose, destin, florida or mountains of asheville, north carolinin >> wow. ♪ >> ah, that destin, florida, sunset. there's simplylyothing like it.
8:32 am
when "gma" viewer terri rose sent us this picture of her beautiful place, i just knew i had to go there. we're getting really close. here it is. oh, yeah. e most beautiful place in america. destin's vanilla sky will take your breath away, but the view at twilight is just the beginning. ♪ sugar white sand, emerald green water. walking through destin feels like strolling down an exotic beach, but don't take my word look for yourself. whwh you heard that "good morning america" chose destin, what did you think? >> i thought, shut the front door. at was my text message that came out. i am just honored. you know, destin is just a beautiful place. it's got the southern hospitality but the caribbean feel and the caribbean look. it's got these emerald green waters and the whitest sand you will ever find in the world. >> reporter: and check this out,
8:33 am
crab island. it was once a sandy patch above the water, but ocean currents turned it into an underwater sandbar and for locals a floating playground with depths ranging from two t tten feet. you can just anchor your boat, hop on out and join the party in the middle of the ocean. you can't tell me this is not one of the most beautiful places in america. from the dune grass beaches to the wildlife, every inch of destin's 24 miles of gulf coastline is just astounding. it's one of the reasons superstars like toby keith and britney spears have made this their vacation hot spot. but for me it isn't only the jewel-colored water that makes this place so beautiful, it's what's below the sururce that has me coming back year after year. that's right, fishing. there's a treasure trove of ocean life in these waters. i'm feeling lucky. destin is known as the world's's luckiest fishing village, which
8:34 am
makes me one lucky chef. my buddy brad and i just had a drop in n r lines. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: hey, "good morning america," the most beautiful place right here, oh. okay. let's try that again. it's a beautiful fish, but, unfortunately, right now they're not in season. just w wt till next year. i'll turn that bad boy into a red snapper dish. going to let him go. >> catch him another day. >> here we go. >> swim away here, buddy. >> reporter: from the sparkling waters of destin, florida, to some of the most breathtaking mountain views you'll ever see, here in the small town of asheville, north carolina, for "gma" viewer alan ostmann, america's most beautiful place is right in his backyard. >> i've got the pictures, and i it was a no-brainer.
8:35 am
>> reporter: a no-brainer, indeed. he has countless photos that capture its splendor. >> i fell in love with it. ten days later i had to move. and i moved up here. >> reporter: asheville is home to the cold mountain, the backdrop and visual stunner for the hit film by the same name. >> and go. >> reporter: but that's not asheville's only film cameo. remember this iconic scene from "dirty dancing"? yep, it was shot right here in asheville. ♪ >> reporter: asheville's striking landscape is even a favorite of president obama. he recently came up here for a romantic getaway with the first lady. >> they went hiking on the blue ridge parkway. they had barbecue. they visited biltmore house. they did all the things that a typical visitor does when they come to asheville. >> reporter: but beyond the dazzling mountains and waterfalls the town of asheville is just as vibrant and who could forget
8:36 am
the famous biltmore estate? it alone attracts 1 million visitors every year. >> i've been all around the world, to italy, ireland, moscow, canada, but there's just nothing like this. >> reporter: from asheville's cascading mountains to the pristine beaches of destin, it's that sweet southern charm that makes these two of the most beautiful places in america. [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to go right now. so if you had to choose -- >> yeah, it's a beautiful place, i got to tell you. you know, if you love fishing, destin is the place to go. it's a little, little secret place down there in the panhandle of florida. absolutely gorgeous. >> not so much -- >> that sunset. >> i'm waiting for you. >> i'm coming. >> just for that sunset alone. >> beautiful sunset. >> staggering thing. >> hard to send that snapper back. >> it was. wasn't in season, george. >> seems like such a great place for kids too with all of the water sports. >> yeah, it's very family oriented.
8:37 am
there's a lot to do, but i mean the beaches and the water, the sand, the fishing, unbelievable. >> in the meantime, asheville, i'm shocked at how - -what was that last, biltmore estate? absolutely gorgeous. >> that's what it's known for, as well. >> you have tomatoes coming up. >> yes. >> time for the weather. steve villanueva in from wtnh in new haven. >> well, good morning, guys. good morning, everyone. let's take you to chicago. this is a live shot from our affiliate wls. it is a beautiful start to the day and probably one of the prettiest cities in america. and the weather there will be great over the next couple of days. the only hiccup will be on saturday when we could see some showers. the rest of the time temperatures in the 80s with plenty of sunshine. the big picture, california dealing with a very deep marine layer so temperatures will be cooler. severe weather in the central part of the country and some rain for south florida, but nice in the northeast.
8:38 am
>> this weather report brought to you by purina. george? >> thanks, steve. and when we come back, joey fatone is here, part of "karaoke battle usa." ♪ this is a man's world odododod
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ hey >> she's got pipes. karaoke is hugely popular in this country with millions of americans singing, just singing away every month in their favorite bars or nightclubs. for many it's just about fun but for some people the stakes are much higher. a new show premieres on asbestos tomorrow night, "karaoke battle usa" and takes us behind the scenes and former 'nsync member joey fatone who is so talented is the host of the show, and he joins us now. congratulations. >> thank you, thank you, good morning. i love this concept. i don't think a lot of people realize about the subculture of people who take karaoke very seriously. >> they take it very seriously. it's amazing just because of the fact this organization actually the world karaoke championship has been around for so many years. and it's the first time it's actually ever been televised before so this is kind of cool.
8:42 am
so it's not something that just came out in the open. this isn't something new. been around for many years. >> this is not a show that's sort of manufactured. you didn't say calling all -- >> correct, correct. >> you went out and followed karaoke competitions that are real. >> yeah, yeah, they have like these little competitions in bars and then it goes to the semifinals kind of pretty much -- it's like a couple different processes to get to the semifinals where we come in and basically i'm host and we have joe levy who was editor for "rolling stone." carnie wilson obviously was in wilson phillips and brian "the cowboy" scott, who was actually 2009 champion will be judges. >> who is the mean judge? >> not so much mean judges, a lot of different criticism and different ways people take certain things but i'd say carnie is the pitch mama. not the bitch mama, the pitch mama. >> the first one is about -- shows a young performer who -- >> cody, yeah, yeah. >> enamored by you. >> cory is, yeah, happy. it's highly entertaining.
8:43 am
>> take a look. ♪ never can say good-bye ♪ tell me why >> that was really cheesy. >> i think i sang great. >> that was really cheesy for me. it was cheesy. ♪ till now i always get by on my own ♪ ♪ oh ♪ go downtown go ding-a-ling ♪ whoo-hoo ♪ and get some cash >> come on. >> extremely beautiful but that was really, really bad. ♪ rah rah ah ah ah roma roma ma gaga ooh-la-la ♪ ♪ want your bad romance >> the moves were weird, phony energy. i didn't enjoy that at all, sorry, babe.
8:44 am
>> carnie wilson, i don't like you very much. >> really, really bad. >> she's out. >> stupid. >> all right. that was one clip but -- >> but that was carnie. >> that shows pitch mama. with a "p," everybody. i do want to show the other side of it. that was the bad. re's the really good. take a look at this. ♪ if i could turn back time >> oh, my god. ♪ if i could find a way i'd take back those words that have hurt you and you'd ♪ ♪ reach the stars i'd give them all to you ♪ ♪ then you'd love me love me like you used to do ♪ ♪ oh if i could turn back time ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. >> the energy, the voice, the
8:45 am
performance, the song choice, whoa! love it. >> cory, your stars have just aligned, my friend. >> yes! [ applause ] >> vocal control was spot-on. i got to say it was really great. i want you to do something for me, cory. >> yes. >> i want to you sing a little 'nsync for me right now. right now. ♪ you're all i ever wanted you'u' all i ever needed yeah ♪ >> how did you like the song? >> pretty darned good. >> yeah, he was good. it was funny because the thing he said he's like, oh, yeah, i used to dance to my underwear listening to 'nsync. >> a little too much information but makes for good tv. >> of course. >> joey fatone, we wish you the best of luck and you guys can watch the two-hour premiere of "karaoke battle usa" airs friday at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc, and to find out more about "karaoke battle usa," go to
8:46 am
and coming up next, emeril has been hard at work with
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ hey good looking what you got cooking ♪ >> get ready for a tomato dish this morning. it is summertime. not just when the live something easy but when tomatoes are in season and emeril is back. talking every single kind of tomato. >> tomato season is ready to explode and whether it's beefsteak or jersey tomato, upstate new york. >> heirloom. >> heirloom. on the vine, off the vine, cherry tomatoes, now is the season. >> okay. >> one of the great things, i'm going to show you and share three recipes today. one of my favorite things is gazpacho in the summer. not only you have a sliced
8:49 am
tomato salad sliced with mozzarella cheese, whatever, but tomatoes in gazpacho in a soup, cold soup is fantastic. >> very healthy. i was recently in spain and a friend there showed me the addition of a little bit of strawberry and a little bit of watermelon and so here we go. >> let's indite. >> lots of fresh tomatoes, okay. >> any kind. >> any kind. just make sure they smell like a tomato. when you look at one of these, look at this. it smells like a tomato. okay. then we have cucumber, okay. a little bit of chili pepper. whatever kind you like, onion. then we'll have some bell pepper and use a little green and a little red and now here comes the trick. this is going to really throw you off. strawberries and a little bit of watermelon. >> o oy. >> now real simple what we're going to do. >> food processor. >> right, let it blend. >> do you not add any liquid. >> not any liquid yet because
8:50 am
you want to puree it. once you puree it, as crazy as this sounds you're going to want to strain it. that's the consistency that i have right now so all of the seeds, et cetete, et cetera, now what we'll do is season it. so we got salt. >> great. >> we got a little bit of sherry wine. >> okay. >> or sherry vinegar. i use a little grapefruit or lime. >> zesty. >> a little extra virginn olive oil. you have a question of when you want to use the good olive oil. when you want to use it is right now. >> garnish it with basil or avocado or anything like that. >> i ladle it like this in a bowl. get it really good and cold and better you make it the day before then all the flavors come out. now we'll garnish it like this. we'll use a little bit of that watermelon, a little bit of onion, a little bit of the cucumber. a little strawberry. >> so a little bit of every ingredient you put in there.
8:51 am
>> now, taste that. >> oh, my gosh. >> and so clean, isn't that yummy. >> my gosh. i would not expect that. >> the watermelon is amazing. >> no, you would not expect it. right now watermelon season also. now, we have a few other recipes we'll share. >> we have a tomato -- this is a tomato and zucchini top. we use a puff pastry bottom. we use beautiful fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh zucchini and bake it in the oven. recipes available. look at this. these are the little tomato and mozzarella with little fresh basil and dip it into this olive tam tampanade and try that. dip it in the olive -- >> how beautiful. >> easy, summery, really delicious. >> really healthy. >> all the recipes are on i like the top. it's a great advertiser. you can serve it warm or cold. >> easy to make.
8:52 am
>> what about the gazpacho? i've never tasted anything like that. >> so delicious. >> any garnishs. >> like josh just did. where did it go? >> we got to go. be right back. nananananananananx
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
josh, go and get anthony. >> indeed, emeril, all the chefs join us, making their food look beautiful is all important and for almost a decade, this man. >> unbelievable. [ applause ] >> come on over. >> whoo! >> all the food segments. >> thank you. >> so one of the big reasons why we did tomatoes today because
8:56 am
your favorite is tomatoes, so we thought, well, we'll do tomatoes and really -- >> my favorite. >> yep, and that gazpacho. absolutely. >> anthony has so much good coming up. he's working on the new abc show "the chew." also getting married in september. thank you for everything. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. ♪ you don't mind
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> announcer: this is an abc 7 morning news update. san francisco firefighters are looking for the cause of an early morning fire. the blaze started 5 a.m. at a commercial building. it damaged a clothing store and popular cafe, nobody was hurt. >> we are going to see the sun, like when? >> noon at the coast less than yesterday cooler conditions from 60s at the coast, 60s and 70s around the bay shore. east bay valley warmest. warmer friday, saturday, cooler next week. >> earlier accidents have traffic jammed. this is 880 southbound motorcycle down out of la


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