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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 22, 2011 3:05am-4:00am PDT

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but gusting winds. we're talking maximum sustained winds, anywhere from 74 to 95 miles per hour, along with rough surf. it could also impact areas like cuba tuesday into wednesday and potentially hit anywhere between miami and the northwest coast of the bahamas late in the week. by then we can be talking about a category 1 or category 2 hurricane irene. rob, linsey, back to you guys. >> been keeping an eye on that as well. >> irene actually is already drenching st. croix and knocked out power to thousands of folks. the storm slammed many of the eastern caribbean nations with pretty rough surf and dumped up to 7 inches of rain and triggered flooding in low-lying areas including antigua and st.
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martin. here's the rest of your monday forecast. showers and thunderstorms from the carolinas to florida and much of the gulf coast. also stormy with gusty winds and hail around sioux falls, omaha, kansas city and st. louis. showers in the desert southwest. rain from seattle to portland. >> mostly 90s from billings to albuquerque. phoenix still hot soaring to 109. dallas still hot, too, 104. 80 in the windy city, 75 in detroit, 81 here inew york and 91 in miami. and some powerful thunderstorms swamped part of the northeast over the weekend, leaving some areas knee-deep in water. philadelphia got 2 1/2 inches of rain in two hours causing flash floods that caught many drivers by surprise. the gushing water stranded some cars in the middle of the road and several thousand customers lost power. in other news now, the national football league is once again condemning violence at a football game. this time it happened in san francisco's candlestick stadium over the weekend.
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three people were injured, one critically, when the raiders visited the 49ers for a preseason game. kgo's cecilia vega has the details. >> reporter: this youtube video shows raiders and niners fans going at it in the stands as they pound and swing away. other fans cheer them on. finally, someone breaks it up. and it didn't end there. in the bathroom during the fourth quarter, a 26-year-old san rafael man was beaten and knocked unconscious. he was rushed to the hospital and is in serious condition. >> we did run into a guy later -- >> reporter: these tourists also caught a different third quarter brawl. they say with the rowdiness and drinking on both sides the fights came as no surprise. >> as we were walking in you could tell you were going to be rolling into like a pretty good rumble. because this were empty bottles all over the parking lot. >> there was definitely someone that was feeling some pain after
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that. there was two -- probably three or four very large men whaling their fists as hard as they could at each other. there's no doubt in my mind someone got pretty hurt. >> reporter: while the 49ers have remained tight-lipped, the raiders issued a statement saying, the incidents are not acceptable to the raiders or to any nfl team and our thoughts are with all affected. as the fights continued to break out, one video shows a line of san francisco police running into the stands to try to break up the crowd. officers who the two out of towners say took too long to respond. >> it took a long time for the cops to get there. >> reporter: a day later police were back out at candlestick, this time searching the parking lot for clues. it is the same location where right after the game ended a man was shot in the stomach. he's now in the hospital with r'juries. not long before that, a second man was shot in a different location in the candlestick parking lot. police say his injuries were not life-threatening. san francisco police won't say how many officers were at the game. only that they increased
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security for the notoriously ugly rivalry. >> wow. ugly. >> in general raiders are known to have pretty vicious fans. some of the worst in the nfl i love that the guy who was most critically injured had an "f" the 49ers jersey on. you think that may have been part of the problem? >> that may have sparked something. that may not have sat too kindly. they have detained a person of interest. they actually pulled that dude off a party bus. so interesting, yeah. people love their football. the king of norway led a solemn ceremony sunday night to mark the one-month anniversary of the massacre which killed 77 people. the king urged his countrymen to stand firm against intolerance. the man who has confessed to the killings said they were aimed at muslims and politicians who embrace multi-culturalism. the names of each of his victims was read aloud at (he service. the new york city prosecutor has called a special meeting today for that hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexual abuse.
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the woman's lawyer says he actually fears that some or all of the charges against the former head of the international monetary fund will be dropped. another lawyer says the civil suit against strauss-kahn will go ahead, no matter what. thousands of verizon workers head back to their jobs tonight but a contract dispute with the company is far from over. about 45,000 employees have been on strike for two weeks before deciding to go back to work. the two sides still disagree on major issues. such as health care benefits, pensions and also work rules. divers plunged to the ocean floor off the florida keys over the weekend to witness an annual sex ritual. don't get excited. it's coral spawning time. once a year the coral reef releases a massive cloud of eggs and sperm in a milky liquid that can actually protect them from predators. >> is that what that does? that's what that apparently does, yeah. >> for some reason, couldn't understand why, divers like to watch.
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it's not that sexy, though. >> some people get into that. >> the florida keys national marine sanctuary invites them to take these night dives so they can see it firsthand, up close and personal. coral spawning in the caribbean always takes place just after the august full moon. >> another sexual tidbit here, coral sexual production ensures genetic variety. for the eggs and sperm that don't manage to get together, that actually serves as fofo for other critters i ithe sea. >> because you always wanted to know that. you can bring that up at the cocktail party. >> always. we'll be back with more family oriented stories at "world news now" right after the break, stay with us. hó
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welcome back, everybody.
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we turn now to the case of that missing american woman in aruba. the search for robyn gardner will resume early this week. >> meanwhile there's a new witness whose statements are raising questions about what the prime suspect has told police so far. t.j. winick has the details. >> repepter: take a look at this exclusive new abc news video in which suspect gary giordano is seen in shackles but without his usual hairpiece. he was on his way to another round of questioning by aruban authorities desperate to find his missing travel companion robyn gardner. giordano had told police he and gardner had gone snorkeling the day she disappeared. abc news has learned a new witness disputes those claims. the witness says he was fishing on the same beach the same day. he says he saw the two take a walk along the reef around 4:00 p.m. but that they never went in the water. a short time later, they drove away and he never saw either of them again. >> if this witness is being accurate and correct as to
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locations of both mr. giordano and miss gardner, it's yet another piece of evidence that's inconsistent with his story. >> reporter: this is just the latest disturbing detail to emerge. last week, abc news learned that investigators were looking into a life insurance policy taken out on gardner which named giordano as the beneficiary. >> we're investigating that material to see if there's credibility to the investigation. >> reporter: abc news is looking into reports giordano tried to collect on that life insurance just two days after the maryland woman seemingly vanished. >> no one is saying she's dead at that point. obviously he's basically saying, she's dead. how does he know that? well, perhaps he knows because he was involved. >> reporter: t.j. winick, abc news. >> so much damaging evidence against this guy. we should remind folks he's not officially been charged in the case but they are detaining him at least until the end of the moh because he's obviously a person of interest in the case. there's suspicion he was
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involved but no official charge yet. you can imagine it won't be too much longer. >> it seems also the aruban authorities have learned a lesson from the past. they were pretty guarded with information this go-around compared to the 2005 disappearance of natalee holloway. >> similarities between those two cases striking as well. we've been through this before, haven't we? coming up next, the company bound and determined to beat apple. >> google's entry into the smartphone business and what it means for the very popular iphone. you're watching "world news now." now." nenenenenenenenenenenenened
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now a special look at a particularly high-tech battlefield and it's going on right in here inside your smartphone. >> that's right. last week google shelled out more than 12 billion bucks to buy motorola mobility. which makes phones that run on google's android system. all of this a strategic attack on apple's iphone which i am actually addicicd to. abc's neal karlinsky reports. >> reporter: at some point in the last few years, a phone stped being just a phone. if you believe the hype, getting an iphone, an android phone, or a windows phone can be a life-changing experience. >> what's goog doing in the phone business? >> i'd like to say that we are in the portable internet business. >> reporter: android is google's answer to the iphone.
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and our cameras were the first to be allowed inside android headquarters in silicon valley. for years the iphone dominated google-powered phones. but google grew and grew and by the beginning of this year took over the top spot. the stakes are extremely high because the phone and all the information it provides, not to you but about you, are the future of commerce. >> this is a major battleground for the future of computing. because location gives you a lot of information of where you are and what you're doing. >> reporter: by putting android on as many different kinds of mobile phones as possible, google is taking a page from microsoft's windows back in the '90s which dominated apple by getting on many different computers. while apple back then, just like the iphone today, stuck with its own system run only by its own device. >> google's not stupid to want to be on as many devices and choices as possible. >> reporter: to give you some perspective on how important
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getting android right is to google, consider this. it is essentially given away free to mobile phone makers to get it out there and bring googleo your pocket. >all right, coming up next the remake of a 1985 vampire movie. >> did colin farrell's "fright night" impress film fans?
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it is that time in our monday morning for "insomniac theater." you just saw the top three at the box office this weekend. >> "fright night" came in fifth taking in just over 8 million buckck and our digital news associate jackie fernandez joins us now with her review.
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you liked this one? >> i did like this one. "fright night" is one of the few remakes hollywood has done right. it stars anton yelchin as a high schooler who thinks he knows it all. that's until colin farrell, a vampire, moves in next door. this isn't youou twilight, sparkle in the sun vampire, this is colin farrell. and he kicks butt, he takes prisoners, he doesn't want to love humans, he wants to eat them. as more people disappear from the town, a battle ensues between the main characters. going in, i thought this movie was going to just jump on the vampire bandwagon. but i was actually pleasantly surprised. so were a lot of other people. let's take a listen. >> it was a good mix of funny and scary. >> it was okay. it wasn't really necessary. >> little things i would have done a little different. other than that, it was a good remake. >> it wasn't really scary. but it was more gore. >> it wasn't what i expected. i didn't know what to expect, though.
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>> have you guys ever gone to a horror movie and there's that one annoying girl who yells at every little thing? >> yes, i hate that. >> well, that was me this weekend. but i had so much fun. this movie was entertaining. i know i scared people in the audience more than the actual movie. so because of that, i gave it 4 whole stars out of 5. >> you really liked this, then. >> i know. that's a lot of stars. but the 3d was used so cleverly. things were coming at you at the right time. out of all the summer movies, the 3d in this film was used superbly. >> are you a vampire fan? >> i don't like "twilight" but i like "true blood" as rob does, too. >> she's outing you. rob is a "true blood" fan. >> i've never seen an episode, i hear it's good. >> he has a facebook page for it. >> i do not. >> you liked this movie because you thought it was good or you liked looking at colin farrell for an hour and a half? >> both. i thought it was good. the script was good. the pacing was good, the 3d was excellent, colin farrell did such a good job as a vampire.
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let me clean my neck right now. >> oh, shameless. i'm sure colin's watching, appreciate that shout-out. >> i'm surprised it didn't do so well in e box office because it had a lot of good audience members. >> very cool. thank you.
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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. rebel forces barge into libya's capital and moammar gadhafi's military join the opposition. >> it's a dramatic and historic scene in tripoli. president obama calling it the end of the gadhafi dictatorship. it's monday, august 22nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm linsey davis. it is a momentous day in tripoli where both of moammar gadhafi's sons are now in custody and celebrations erupted in the middle of the city. you'll hear how dangerous and dramatic the past 24 hours have
3:31 am
been as history is being made. >> the end of a 40-year era, we are witnessing it this morning. also ahead in this half hour, tropical trouble. a storm named irene has already flooded parts of the caribbean. strong winds, downpours and floods are now hitting puerto rico and the storm system could strengthen in the next few hours. and d ter this half hour, the planning involved in a secret wedding. how the groom gave his bride the surprise of his life. it's our favorite story of the day. >> some women in the news room didn'tike this idea. i thought it was pretty romantic and considerate. >> as long as he picked out everything according to plan. >> yes, always a tough part. >> just how she'd like it. >> we know to follow orders. before that, breaking news overnight in libya where anti-government rebels have now taken control of tripoli. thousands are celebratatg in the main square which rebels and residents have renamed martyr square. >> the fate of moammar gadhafi is unknown this morning but it's clear his reign is over.
3:32 am
abc's chuck sivertsen reports. >> reporter: outside tripoli, the final push was on. the rebel advance was turned back several times during the day with a libyan spokesman saying the regime would fight to the end. >> tripoli is well-protected. >> they're running like rats. >> reporter: the heart of gadhafi's defense, an elite unit commanded by his 27-year-old son, have retreated, abandoning their uniforms as they flee into the city. when their base was abandoned, the rebels rushed in, capturing a wealth of arms and ammunition. newly fortified they pushed on to the western outskirts of tripoli and report meeting no resistance. inside tripoli, there was a second day of clashes between new rebel groups that have risen up and gadhafi loyalists. but in cities that have already been liberated there is widespread elation. >> we smell the freedom now. we smell the freedom now. >> reporter: chuck sivertsen, abc news.
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>> a government spokesman claims that hundreds of libyans have actually been killed in this latest round of fighting. >> the bbcbc matthew price was in the middle of the battle for tripoli and filed this report. >> reporter: we have been hearing a large amount of very heavy fighting going on in the streets around the hotel. the government minders who are normally with us, most of them have left, their families have left. and you can -- just as an illustration of what it's like here, even the civil servants who looks after the foreign press here, he's walking around with an ak-47 kalashnikov. heavy weapons being used. rocket-propelled g eled grenade fired. they could be incoming as well. there is clearly a lot of heavy weapons out on the streets of tripoli tonight, just like there was last night. and there are officials here who speak of their fears of a massacre if the rebels get in. they believe the rebels are looking for revenge, that there
3:34 am
will be a lot of blood-letting, and this will be not be the peaceful transition of power that the u.s. and others in the west want. it's a very clear sign that things are not going well for the gadhafi regime. i think it is now true to say that the gadhafi government days are numbered. they're possibly not even measuring that time in days, they're looking at hours. >> and the president, of cououe, was keeping an eye on libya as he continues his vacation in martha's vineyard. mr. obama stopped by a seafood restaurant last night and visited with a few friends. after being g iefed by his security team the president issued a statement in part saying, tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant. the united states has recognized the transitional national council as the legitimime governing authority in libya. the future of libya is now in the hands of the libyan people. >> there are rumors about where gadhafi may head next. al jazeera is reporting there are two south african air force planes in tripoli waiting for his departure. >> the big question, it's clear to everyone at this point the
3:35 am
reign is days if not hours away but what comes next in terms of the transition into democracy and if the rebels will do what they promise to establish a legitimate democracy in that country? one chapter over but a lot of questions about what comes next. we'll continue to follow libya's fight for freedom throughout the day today. we'll take you live back to libya on "america this morning" and look for extended coverage later today on "good morning america." schools are closed across puerto rico as they brace for what could be the first hurricane of the season. >> tropical storm irene is picking up steam this morning as it takes an unpredictable path through the caribbean. we get the latest on the storm's track from accuweather's jeannette calle. good morning, jeanette. >> hey there, rob and linsey. irene is growing and it's getting stronger. its impacts right now are being felt across puerto rico. the system did hit areas of the u.s. virgin islands on sunday and it's going to continue to slowly push off to the west-northwest. e worst of irene throughout
3:36 am
today will be felt across the north coast of puerto rico and the dominican republic with torrential rain and we're also talking gusty winds. maximum sustained winds anywhere from 74 to 95 miles per hour along with rough surf. tuesday into wednesday, irene's impacts will be felt across cuba, and there is the potential that it could impact the southern half of the florida peninsula as early as ththsday evening. rob and linsey? >> thanks a lot, jeanette. as irene hits puerto rico and now heads to florida, the eastern caribbean is still recovering from its blow. shelters were busy in st. croix after that island took a direct hit from that storm last night. antigua and st. martin are coping with flash flooding as well as scattered power outages. and here's a look at your forecast here at home. showers and thunderstorms in the southeast and from new orleans to tallahassee. severe storms in the middle of the country, sioux falls to st. louis. showers from albuquerque to denver.
3:37 am
afternoon and evening rain in the pacific northwest. >> 72 in seattle. 87 in sacramento. 90 in salt lake city. 80s from fargo to indianapolis. dallas still hot, 104. new orleans 94. some low 80s from boston to baltimore. it is a much calmer day in the northeast after a day of drenching downpours. strong, slow-moving storms triggered flash flooding from maine to virginia. hail and up to 2 inches of rain inundated streets in the baltimore area. gusty winds knocked down trees and power lines, leaving thousands to cope without power. one of the most controversial sex abuse cases in the world may be coming to a stunning end. the new york city prosecutor's office has invited the hotel maid who claims she was abused to an extraordinary meeting later today. abused by dominique strauss-kahn, the former imf head. abc's aaron katersky has been following this story. >> reporter: the woman at the center of this explosive case, nafissatou diallo,o,as been summoned to a meeting. >> dominique strauss-kahn -- >> reporter: prosecutors could
3:38 am
reveal to her whether they plan to drop sexual assault charges against one of the world's most powerful men. even after she went public, telling abc's robin roberts dominique strauss-kahn was brutal. >> i wanted to throw up. i was so sad. i was so i don't know what to do. i was so scared. >> reporter: at first, prosecutors had no doubt. strauss-kahn was aested before taking off for paris. weeks later, what prosecutors called substantial credibility issues undermined the maid's story. >> i had made a mistake. but this man tried to rape me. he tried to rape me. >> there's no requirement that you have to be mother teresa to be a rape victim. >> reporter: the maid's attorney, kenneth thompson, launched a public campaign to persuade the district attorney to go forward with the criminal case. >> i am confident in nafi diallo. i'm also confident in the evidence. >> reporter: he is less
3:39 am
confident in prosecutors. telling abc news, while he hopes the d.a. will keep the case alive, we are not confident t will do so. the d.a.'s office will not comment if the charges are dismissed as strauss-kahn's attorneys have said they should be. a dramatic prosecution would end with no answer to the question of what really happened in that hotel room. aaron katersky, abc news, new york. the pope's celebrated youth festival ended with an outdoor mass near madrid, spain. 1.5 million young people came from around the world to the six-day event which had the flavor of a week-long rock concert. earlier police had fought with protesters who were angry that the spanish government was paying so much but sunday's mass ended the festival on a high note. > i really like this story. this is a good one. a utah couple returned home after a night out and heard a noise coming from inside the walls of their house. turns out it was 8-year-old steven hopkins who actually claims he climbed from a tree to the roof and then fell down the chimney while looking for
3:40 am
something to eat and drink. >> unfortunately, the chimney took some odd turns and séewen got stuck 30 feet down between two floors. firefighters had to cut an eight by five foot hole in the wall to get him out. the boy was just coming over -- he lived a few blocks away and he was coming over to play with the grandkids. >> that poor guy. the firefighter who got him out, he was covered in soot, the firefighter took the boy back to his mother. so it ended well. >> he had to be looking for santa claus or something was going on there. >> it's not like a santa story but at least he got out safe. next time just go to a drive-through, don't go through the chimney. we'll be right back with more "world news nono after this. [ female announcer ] have you met your skin twin? covergirl trublend has skin twin technology. other makeup can sit on the surface of your skin, so it looks
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with the stock market going up and down like a roller coaster lots of investors are buying gold. prices are through the roof right now. >> that makes it very attractive, especially for thieves. as abc's abbie boudreau reports they are getting more and more violent in their robbery attempts. >> reporter: police call it a smash and grab. thieves here smash the glass case, then grab all the gold they can. >> it's scary. >> reporter: with so many burglaries during the past few months, women are even afraid to wear their gold jewelry. >> just leave all the jewelry at home. >> reporter: with the price of gold skyrocketing, police say criminals are trying to profit o. >> i think they see the dollar sign. i think they're going for it, willing to take a lot more of a chance than they used to. >> reporter: the price of gold is $1,800 an ounce.
3:45 am
that means one gram is worth $40. a kilogram, $40,000. and criminals are well aware. family, they snatch it, they run away. >> right off? >> right off your neck. >> reporter: he stands guard outside his los angeles jewelry store. >> you have to keep your eye out. >> of course. >> reporter: he's been robbed twice in six months, both times by people posing as customers. >> i show them the watch, they wear it, suddenly they run. >> imagine armed men running in, smashing. it's over in a matter of seconds but it's still terrifying for everyone. >> reporter: in this surveillance video, burglars hold an employee at gunpoint, then stuff all the gold they can into a backpack and simply walk away. >> at the end of the day they just melt away the evidence. >> exactly. melt right away. >> reporter: he fears for his safety. but has no plan to abandon his post. a one-man security team guarding his gold.
3:46 am
abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> the numbers tell the story. at one point on friday, gold was going for 1,900 bucks an ounce. it's gone up 30% this year alone. and the demand's going to stay strong so those numbers could go further. >> i sold way too early. >> e ectly. >> there may still be room for people to get in. potentially, even though it's at record highs when you're talking about dollars right now. actually, once you adjust for inflatioio the peak in 1980 was actually even higher. >> really. >> you can still buy some. >> still. i'm going out after work today. coming up next, gerard depardieu, did i say that right, depardieu? >> i think so. >> close enough. his apology and his explanation after he made a little bit of a mess. >> little bit. >> just a little bit on an airline flight. kim and kris, their wedding and all the money involved. get the scoop coming up in "the skinny."
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3:49 am
welcome back, everybody. time for "the skinny." this is the event everyone's been talking about all weekend, the big kim kardashian wedding and the media extravaganza that it turned into. i've forgiven her for cheating on me. >> you're disappointed she's now off the market? >> i took her off the market for a few months. a few of the details obviously have come out before the big tv spectacular which will air in early october. she wore the vera wang gown, ivory gown, her bridesmaids, her sisters, wore ivory gowns as well. the program included a touching tribute to her late dad, robert kardashian. they say kourtney's son mason, the ring bearer, he almost stole the show. really cute little kid, came down the aisle, everybody loved it. wolfgang puck catered the affair, all this. the real story is the money involved in this. this thing, not in terms of what they spent but what they could make on the wedding, $18 million. listen to this.
3:50 am
$15 million for the special that will air on e! in early october. >> which you'll be watching. >> sad to admit i will w watch that. $2.5 million to give the exclusive pictures to "people" magazine. $300,000 for the exclusive engagement announcement to "people." $100,000 for exclusisi rights to a bridal shower, britain's "ok!" magazine. $50,000 to have the bachelorette party at a certain club in vegas. plus they got stuff for free. the wedding cake for free which cost $2020,000. they got vera wang dresses all for free, $20,000 to $40,000 a pop. $400,000 in champagne for free. $150,000 in hair and makeup for free. wedding invitations, $10,000 for free. it's just a financial bonanza. her marriage was like a business this weekend. >> you can marry her, you too, for $20 million, and get $20 million, how about that. >> get paid, whew. gerard depardieu. you may remember him as being the golden globe winner in "green card." he's had a little bit of trouble on a flight recently. on tuesday he was on a plane going from paris to dublin, reportedly asked the flight
3:51 am
attendant if he could use the restroom. she told him no because they were about to fly the plane in 15 minutes. the flight was delayed 25 minutes. then the actor, not able to hold it, decided to te out a bottle and urinate in the bottle. except that apparently a lot of the urine ended up in the aisle. now, he did volunteer to clean it up. but they took him off the plane, apparently he has a prostate problem. so, you know. >> he said he apologized, i was not drunk, i have a prostate issue and all that. all right. >> no alcohol involved. >> we'll tell you, at least it wasn't a number two. also coming up, kate middleton is making it back in the news. apparently even though everyone's in love with kate she's appearing on these pro-anorexic websites. they're saying she's lost so much weight since the wedding back in april, she's down to a size zero in the u.s. here. they're saying even her sister's appearing on these websites saying she's got a little bit too thin. they say she'd be horrified to know she's popping up on these websites.
3:52 am
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welcome back, everybody. i know you're just filling in for the day, linsey. but get the wrist ready. get it in shape here. this is our what? this is our favorite story of the day. that's right. one more time with feeling. >> i was a little slow. >> there we go. >> right there. >> it's monday. we're not fully awake yet. >> i'm starting to get in the feeling of it. feeling exactly is what this guy in the piece was going for when he sprung a major surprise on his girlfriend. guess what, honey, we're getting married today. abc's david muir has the details. >> reporter: they arrived on the
3:56 am
red carpet. many of the guests themselves not knowing why they were really here. just the groom's closest friends in on it. >> when he told me about it a year ago, i knew he would do it. >> hey, she's here in 15 minutes. >> reporter: for a year sean lippert had been preparing for this moment. >> i started asking her questions in august 2010. hey, if we were to get married what kind of centerpieces would you want? she goes, i want mason jars with a candle. so if you look around, there's mason jars with a candle. she said she wanted martha stewart paper balls. i said, who do you want standing in the wedding? they're standing in the wedding. she doesn't know it but she's planned her entire wedding. what, she's here? [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the groom runs down the aisle to meet the unsuspecting bride to be. >> this is your wedding. >> right now? >> you're getting married today. me and my buddy dan brought her entire bedroom set here. so it's set up in her room so
3:57 am
that she can havavwhatever she wants. >> reporter: inside colleen was getting ready after learning the party she thought she was going to was her own wedding. >> i am so happy i'm not going to a retirement party tonight. >> reporter: the garage door slowly opens. ththe was colleen, in her dress, beside her father. down the aisle to their vows. >> do you receive colleen as your lawfully wedded wife? >> i do. >> do you receive sean as your lalaully wedded husband? sean, you may kiss your bride. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> i think that's kind of sweet that he surprised her. some women obviously like that. what's your take? >> i can appreciate he did planning. look at this. sprinkling the rose petals and stuff. for me, not so much.
3:58 am
i'd kind of like to know when it's my wedding day. >> got to be in control. >> just a heads-up, that's all i ask. >> good going, dude.
3:59 am


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