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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. under fire in the battle for libya. tripoli falling overnight at breathtaking speed. gadhafi's 42-year regime crumbles. reports his sons are in custody. we're live in libya as the rebels celebrate and the final battle begins. target, florida. all eyes on irene, transforming into a hurricane overnight. now headed straight for the u.s. florida right in her path. sam is back, tracking the latest on the storm. air show shocker.
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a wing walker falls hundreds of feet to his death after trying a stunt. the inside story from a weekend of catastrophes. and hollywood's wedding of ththyear. beaming bride kim kardashian says a lavish "i do." what happened behind the scenes. our lara spencer was there. good morning, everyone. and want to get right to what's happening in tripoli right now. it's sheer chaos. no sign of gadhafi. rebels are combing the capital for him as we speak. firefights reported earlier near his compound. rebels trying to storm it. >> it's the final battle. but a top u.s. official on the ground all weekend tells us that gadhafi is already part of libya's past. said that his regime is beyond
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the tipping point. the rebels now occupy 95% of the city. there are clashes right now in green square at gadhafi's pals and the hotel where all the journalists are holed up. in a minute we'll speak with one right in the midide of the fi t fight. we begin with abc's jeffrey kofman. >> reporter: this is the moment that so many here in libya have been waiting so long to see. this revolution has taken six months, but many libyans have waited their entire lives to see their brutal dictator brought down. and today after 41 years they're watching the gadhafi regime crumble. there's no question this is the end, but it's not over yet. overnight rebel forces entered the capital tripoli with little resistance faking control of government buildings and most of the city. thousands more celebrated in the rebel capital of benghazi.
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firing flares and fireworks jumping up and down, raising the rebel flag. they captured at least two of gadhafi's sons. the one question that's not clear, though, where is gadhafi himself, and what will happen to him? many are prepared to wait for the answer to that taking comfort in knowing that he no longer controls this country. president obama welcomed the news and said in a statement, "tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant." lilians around the world hln are celebrated in the streets, in cairo, in london. even outside the white house. as we made our way towards tripoli, we encountered groups like this outlying towns, bundling in cars and trucks ready to fight to the end to make this victory their own. >> it's the right time to free our land and to establish a democracy in our country and to free our people. >> you can see the scene there with jeffery. a lot of chaos, a lot of fighting this morning. this was the scene this morning as a bbc reporter approached the
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capital coming under heavy fire this morning. >> reporter: up ahead there are still signs of fighting, but then we ran straight into annage bush. we saw a 20 millimeter anti-aircraft cannon firing directly in front of us. it's clear that despite the overnight celebrations, this is still a city that is far from safe or secure. >> and joining us now live from the bbc is math true price. he's in that hotel george alluded to earlier where journalists are holed up.
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what are you hearing and seeing right now? >> behind me there has b bn a very big battle going on, robin, this morning, loud explosion, heavy machine gunfire, heavy weapons being used. smoke has been on the horizon. we understand that colonel gadhafi's compound has been under attack and that tanks have pushed them back. we're told that the rebels have taken many casualties. >> no doubt that he's losing his grip there in the capital? >> reporter: it's very difficult to hear your questions, i'm afraid, robin. but as for the opposition last night, they took to the streets. they were jubilant. they were celebrating what they believed was a victory here in tripoli. it isn't as simple as that. colonel gadhafi's troops are on the ground in parts of this city. they still control parts of it. this may feel like the endgame, but this battle isn't over yet. >> is there a sense that he's there in the compound, gadhafi? what are you hearing about where he possibly could be at this hour? >> reporter: on the question of
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where colonel gadhafi may be, it's my instinct that he hasn't left the country. it's my estimate, for what it's worth, that he's still here in tripoli or in his hometown which is his stronghold where he would have a lot of support around him where he could fight to the death if that's what he wants to do. >> all right, matthew price, thank you very much. stay safe. thank you. for more on this, let's turn to the top american diplomat on the ground, since secretary jeffrey felton, who spent the weekend with the rebel forces in benghazi. thanks for joining us, mr. secretary. we just heard out of london saying that 95% of tripoli is controlled now by the rebels. is that the same information you have? >> we've heard the same reports you have, george. i can't confirm it on the ground. but i think what's clear is that the rebels are winning. that it's only a matter of time now bebere, you know, gadhafi has to step down,
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before gadhafi loses the entire country. >> so the gadhafi regime is past the tipping point now? >> absolutely. >> do you have any sense of where mr. gadhafi may be? >> we don't. it's interesting for the recent, you know, announcements that he's made, the press conferences he's made, the calls to tripoli to defend itself, of course no one responded in the way he wanted them to, he's not been seen physically. so people i don't think have a good sense of where he is right now, but it almost doesn't matter. >> why not? >> because the rebels are clearly taking over the cities, taking over the institutio. we have just gotten reports that they have taken over state television. people now to look to libya's future. >> you spent several days in benghazi with the rebel leaders talking with them about the post-gadhafi libya. what plans are in place to secure and govern libya? >> so the first step they're trying to do is prevent some
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kind of cycle where people act out their own retributions. i think that's a very, very important first step. there's a lot of post-gadhafi planning that has taken place about how to govern the institutions and to make sure that essential services are provided. >> all of us remember the chaos and the killing after saddam hussein fell in iraq. are you confident it can be avoided in libya? >> i don't predict anything here. a lot of that sectarian mix that was in saddam hussein's iraq doesn't exist in libya. i can't predict what's going to happen. but i can say that people have tried to work through to minimize the potential, the risks that you described. >> finalal, sir, are you confident that these new leaders of libya won't form an alliance with al qaeda or other enemy anniversary the united states? >> the question of the islamic rule in libya is one that lat
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lots of people have been looking at, lots of people have been looking at and discussing. the overwhelming vision that we're hearing from people across libya, civil society, from tribal leaders is that they want a libya that's moderate, secular, thahais unified and independent. libyans control be libyans' future to ensure a moderate secular libya is the one that emerges from 42 years of gadhafi's tyranny. >> thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you for inviting me. >> to get a sense of the kind of sweep of change over the last year, i want to put up a picture right here. you see there, hosni mubarak gadhafi, taken a year ago, all of those leaders for 30 years, all of those leaders now out of power or on the edge of being out of power.
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bashar assad of syria facing calls from president obama and all world leaders over the weekend to relinquish power but he said yesterday that he's not going anywhere. >> you could see gadhafi standing there, such confidence but as you said sweeping change. >> all right, george, back here at home now, the latest on the hurricane irene, reaching hurricane strength early this morning slamming puerto rico and heading towards u.s. sam champion is back and he's tracking the storm for us. good to see you again. >> hey, robin. good morning. ninth named storm of the season. first hurricane of the season. when we show you this, you'll see exactly why it's strengthening. it's well formed and there is nothing between it and a good, strong hurricane headed toward the u.s. right now the center is right over puerto rico. we've got 2 to 4 inches. we think it will be 7 to 14. here's the path it laid out. as a category 1 has nothing but warm water and no shear to it, nothing pushing this storm around. all other storms have had a
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problem developing. this won't. it'll actually strengthen a lot. the only problem it may encounter is right around haiti where the mountains w wl tear it up just a little bit over the next 24, 36 hours but then all warm water to take it up to the coast of florida. we can't tell you where exactly in florida to watch from the tip all the way to the carolinas should be watching the storm carefully. >> welcome back sam. we turn now to those three air show tragedies over the weekend. three killed in three separate accidents. barbara pinto, this video is so disturbing to see and so many questions about the safety of these shows. >> reporter: there are, george. it's been a terrible and tragic weekend. these air shows are incredibly popular, 12 million people go to them every year, children and families.. they come for the drama and the thrill. in the past two days, the string of three deadly accidents. it was a stunt without a safety
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net gone horribly wrong. at this michigan air show, veteran wing walker todd green lost his footing. tumbling 20 stories to the ground. >> the plane was so slow, you could see his shirt actually shaking and it was too wind di. >> those of us have a real passion for it and put all that we had into it. todd was one of those people. >> reporter: fellow wing walker franklin lost his father and his wife a a now his best friend to this gravity-defying sport. todd green leaves a wife and a son. green is one of three men killed performing in air shows this weekend. a military pilot in england and in kansas city, bryan jensen's plane crashshed, exploding in flames. >> oh, my gosh. >> there was no way he was going to survive that, unfortunately. so it was a bad thing. >> reporter: jensen, an expert pilot, logged
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23,000 hours in his acrobatic biplane seen here on his website and as a captain of a 737 for delta. there have been no american air show fatalities over the past two years. now, two this weekend alone. >> even in the most careful air show pilots recognize e at performing low-level acrobatics could be a dangerous business. >> reporter: a tribute to bryan jensen on sunday. planes flying in the missing man formation, leaving an empty space in the sky. now these acrobatic pilots are highly trained. this undergo rigorous training every 12 months. they are look at whatent wrong here and are quick to tell us it has been more than 60 years since a spectator fatality at an american air show. robin and george? >> three in one weekend. >> hard to take. let's get to the other stories developing right now. bianna golodryga in for josh.
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good morning. >> good morning, everyone. developing news in that high-profile sexual assault case here in new york. dominique strauss-kahn could be on his way back home to france as early as tonight. some say that prosecutors will drop all charges against international banker accused of assaulting a hotel maid. she spoke in an exclusive interview with our robin roberts. >> i have made some mistakes in my life, but that doesn't mean, doesn't mean this man tried to rape me. he tried to rape me. >> what do you want? >> i want justice. i want him to go to jail. i want him to know that there are some places that you can't use your money, you can't use your power when you do something like thi >> diallo is scheduled to meet with prosecutors ahead of his hearing today. in other news, casey anthony is back in florida.
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her defense team decided to bring her back to orange county in case she had to serve probation for check fraud. her lawyer won't reveal her exact whereabouts and said that she's spending time with friends and is in therapy. police in san francisco are looking for witnesses after several violent fights outside of the stadium, two men were injured and shot. well, it should be getting easier for verizon service soon. 45,000 union members are going back to o rk tonight even though they don't have a new contract. in fact, the two sides are so far apart on health issues and work rules that they'll resume talks this week. and finally, how you're not so better half may be rubbing off of you. researchers say married people are most likely to pick up their spouse's bad habits than their good ones. after eight years or more they tend to join their spouse's
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unhealthy life oftyle like smoking or junk food. george, i have been tweeting with ali, to dish up. i'm still waiting. >> you don't have any bad habits do you? >> no question that she's the better influence on me. >> she does have you trained. well done, stephanopoulos. can we give a proper welcome back now to sam champion. a happy belated birthday. you wouldn't let us celebrate with you. >> whatever. it's the number, robin. it's all about the number. we've got b b temperatures to talk about. houston, about 32 case you've spent this summer above 100 degrees. that will stay. i think again today at 100. dallas, you just -- just got out of not quite 40 days, 42 days above 100 degrees. made 40 but didn't quite make the e 42 which would have been record and in comes the pointer air out of the northeast. all of the storms, like if you
7:17 am
were traveling, be robin and stuck in the air until 2:00 in the morning, that line of storms is now gone, 81 in new york.
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>> we got the first hurricane of the season in irene. we'll line it all out so you know what's happening with that storm when we come back. >> all right, sam, thanks. the stock market has been swinging wildly. but the price of gold is only going up. it hit an all-time high of almost $1,900 an ounce last week, up more than 30% from this time last year. that has moree criminals lookin to steal it. and andrea canning has more. this unfortunate side of the story. >> reporter: criminals are look for your gold. in los angeles alone, over 110 people have had their gold chains ripped off their necks. it seems to be the crime of the moment happening all over the country on sidewalks in broad day p lilight
7:19 am
at high schools and museums and, of course, jewelry store. take a look at these brazen burglars smashing this glass case grabbing all of the gold they can. >> it's still terrifying for every. >> reporter: in this video, look to the left of your screen a blind woman using a walker is attacked by a mugger. but he wasn't after her purse, he ripped her $100 gold chain right off her neck. police call this a smash and grab. and with the price of gold now over $1,800 an ounce, the criminals are terally grabbing the opportunity to get rich all across the country. >> they see the dollar sign, and i think they're going for it and willing to take more of a chance than they used to. >> reporter: a key west museum posted this video on youtube trying to catch the thieves who told this ancient bar of gold. in phoenix, police are on the lookout for this man, who they say engages in small talk with high school girls and then
7:20 am
snatches their gold necklaces. aaron hosts gold buying parties and it's to the point where women are afraid to wear their gold jewelry. >> when you're wearing jewelry like that,t,ou have to make sure that you're not putting yourself in a position where the wrong guy is going to walk up and snatch your necklace. >> the biggest problem for the popoce, these are difficult to solve. after the crime they melt the gold down and with that, guess what happens, all of the evidence disappears. >> all right, thanks. coming up here -- the new witness who may hold the key to what really happened to the american woman in aruba. the twist which could punch another hole in the prime suspect's story. whwhthe family of this underaged model has filed a huge lawsuit against one of america's famous clothing chains. now the photographer speaks sought. it's a "gma" excluluve. inside the hollywood wedding of the year. all of details of the wedding from someone who was there and that's our lara spencer.
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redwood city. sky 7 is over the scene in the 2900 block of hastings avenue. live pictures here. the homeowner was awakened by a smoke alarm at about 5:30 this morning. she found flames spreading through the house. she was able to get out safely. firefighters have most of the fire knocked down looking for hot spots. no word yet on the cause of this blaze. update on the morning commute. so far so good. just some slow traffic. walnut creek, 680 slows toward north main around the 24 junction. metering lights are on, toll plaza is backed up to west grand now. southbound 101 from terra linda, slow traffic over to lincoln and central san rafael. >> when we come back, mike has a look at the weather.
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hear a look at santa cruz this morning. most of the coast with clouds and even inland, patchy drizzle and no flight arrival delays. check out flight tracker. most of us in the mid-50s. warmer about four to 11 degrees. 70s around the bay and 80s inland and warmer weather starts tomorrow.???????????c
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you're looking at pictures that are at the heart of a $28 million lawsuit. that model was just 15 when the photos were taken and her parents said they were promised that the shots will never be used. now that have surfaced by urban outfitter sfls $28 million lawsuit. that's a big one. some pictures that everybody's talking about, the wedding in california. kim kardashian married kris
7:31 am
humphries and lara spencer, among the guests at the nuptials. >> and they were serenaded by robin thicke, from what i hear. we get to the latest on the missing american in aruba. robyn gardner missing now for three weeks. now a witness is disputing the account by prime suspect gary giordano. >> reporter: at this hour, a team of about 60 searchers is coming through this waste land of thorn bushes hoping to find a trace of robyn gardner. you can seeow rugged this terrain is. it will make today's search not only slow but treacherous. could be the mystery of robyn gardner's disappearance be solved by this man? a star witness seen here being debriefed by investigators.
7:32 am
since her august 2nd disappearance, her companion gary giordano seen here in this abc news video, in shackles hasn't budged from his story they were snorkeling. quoting that he was too busy saving himself to look back for her. but an eyewitness has come forward with a different account. saying that he was out fishing. at 4:00 p.m. that he saw gardner and giordano walking along this jetty, after they left this restaurant. new witness claimed that the two never even got into the water. short time later drove away in this rental. at first, giordano considered him a bereaved boyfriend. then arrested him on august 5th.
7:33 am
>> if this story is accurate and correct as to the locations of both mr. giordano and ms. gardner, another piece of evidence that's inconsistent with his story. >> reporter: every day he's been take on the law enforcement office where he's grilled for hours. always with the same answers. >> he says that he's already answered that which makes it hard. >> reporter: now froro what investigators have managed to gather. that he tried to collect on an insurance policy, eir search through this waste land won't be for a living gardner but likely, george, for her remains. let's get more from our gma legal analyly dan abrams. how critical is this piece?
7:34 am
>> he tied himself to this story that they went to snorkeling. if he said that i don't know what happened to her, she disappeared. he's put himself in a particular place at a particular time and every witness and piece of evidence that they can find that undermines that becomes significant. >> if they can disprove the snorkeling is that enough to arrest him? >> it's probably enough if they can make it clear that his story isn't true. >> of course, right now, investigators will be looking hard at the background of this eyewitness? zblut sli. any high-profile case wherever it is, if someone comes forward in the midst of an investigation, people come forward with a new piece of evidence or information,
7:35 am
authorities have to spend time to make sure they're credible. >> meantime, the search is beginning this morning, it's been three weeks. >> the search was based on his story, his account on where they supposedly went snorkeling. if you discount that story and you start from scratch, let's assume everything that he's told us isn't true, now where do you look? now they're looking at different places on the island. >> he can be charged even if they don't find a body? >> yes, it's tough. it's tougher to charge when you don't have a body. we have seen cases like that here in the united states where people have been chahaed without a body. it will depend on what he says. it's other witnesses who saw him, particularly that
7:36 am
restaurant witness saying she seemed drunk. >> trying to collect on a life insurance policy, almost alone -- >> it's not helpful to his case at all. it becomes a harder puzzle to put together without a body. >> aruba has such rugged terrain in a lot of areas now to new jersey mom gunned down. in a plot that was hatched by her husband and another woman. police say thathe's confessconf. >> it sounds like an elaborate plot of hollywood crime. a couple in a arranged marriage. prosecutors say instead of calling in a counselor, the husband got a female friend to pupua permanent end to her life. they left a family gathering and
7:37 am
walked into a hail of gun fire on the streets. the mother of 2 was killed. her husband, wounded. >> one then after a while, one. >> reporter: parvaiz survived and told police that five black men gundhem down. but police were suspicious. >> within hours of the crime, it was obvious to investigators that this was sadly allege the handiwork of the woman's husband. >> reporter: they said that he confessed to plotting to a cold-blooded way out of their six-year marriage. the trigger man claim prosecutors a woman. >> it's chilly.
7:38 am
>> reporter: their elaborate plot was revealed in a string of text messages between stephen and parvaiz. the day before the shooting, she worked out logistics and police response time. i'm driving to the nearest precinct to judge their driving time. within hours of the murder, he sent one final text from his sister in law's home where the hit would take place. delete all messages from the phone. but there's one more message, a haunting text from noorani herself. she told her brother, someday you will find me dead but it's because of kashi, he wants me dead.
7:39 am
there are new reports that p parvaiz made a deal before his wife's murder to get his $2 million cut of an apartment building to be sold next month. his family is now in an argument with her family over child custody. >> really? those text messages, so, so chi chilling. thank you very much time now for the weather, let's get over again to sam. >> good morning, everyone. we'll talk about nine storms that have developed but only one has become a hurricane. our first hurricane of the season, this area of high pressure has been steering everything. no storm has had a chance to develop until this one. it has plenty of warm water to develop. it will barely, barely have any the island of remember, this is thursday into
7:40 am
friday, we think it will become a category 2 hurricane. very powerful hurricane making its way up the eastern seaboard. it comes seattle, portland had a gorgeous weekend. 80s, 90s. in comes another system. 72 all of that weather was brought to you by at&t. >> happy and all tanned and all of that good stuff. coming up -- why these photos of a 15-year-old model are at the heart of a lawsuit. the photographer speaks out
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now to the huge lawsuit filed by the parents of this underaged model. they are angered by a picture of her in an urban outfitters in their ads. now the photographer who took it is fighting back. telling his side of the story exclusively to abc news' ryan owens. >> reporter: 15-year-old on a
7:45 am
skateboard dangling a six-pack of beer. the man behind the lens is an l.a. photographer, jason lee perry. >> her facial expression looks tough. >> reporter: perry and his production team defended their work in this gma exclusive. >> she's a model. she posed herself. >> reporter: but she's 15. >> but she's a professional model. >> reporter: you don't take any responsibility for the look of it? >> i didn't see it that way. i look at it and think it's really cool shot. >> reporter: he's not only the who liked the photos so did urban outfitters. they turned it into t-shirts. her parents filed a lawsuit against urban outfitters and two
7:46 am
smaller retailers who sold the shirt. >> the real question here is, is she showing anything? is she showing any private parts? if that was t t case, i completely understand. i never thought they would be here with you right now on abc about a girl wearing shorts and a buttoned-up shirt. >> reporter: he gave us this video of the shoot. was her father there when this picture was taken? >> no, he was no. >> reporter: her parents refused to comment. but hailey has roktded to the top of the modeling world in the last year. and perry thinks this picture has something to do with that. picture worth 1,000 words and
7:47 am
maybe $28 million. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> what do you think. we would love to hear from you. weigh in on our message boards at coming up -- the inside wedding of the year. hollywood all of the dish on how kim kardashian said i do. and then, dan harris, what happened when he went face to face with those little cubbies. come on back. flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isist it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want, sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before.
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7:56 am
there may be more problems with oakland's police radios. ten million dollar switch to digital was designed to improve the system. some officers say the sound quality is muscled and hard to understand. police -- muffled and hard to understand. >> good morning.
7:57 am
by noon around the bay by 2:00, pockets at the coast in the 50s. 70s around the bay and 80s inland. tomorrow evening even warmer than today. >> we've got a train number 3 delayed 10-15 minutes. i would be prepared for afternoon bart issues with strike proposed by the sick of bart station. thank you very much. news continues now with "good morning america." we'll have another news update in about half an hour. how do i get my kids to fight cavities? i make it delicious and fun. [ male announcer ] act for kids with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities. act. stronger teeth and fewer cavities in every bottle.
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8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] that's robin thicke singing the al green classic, "let's stay together." as eenews reported, kim kardashian married kris humphries over the weekend >> and our lara spencer got an invitation. how was it, lara in. >> hi, you guys. it was pretty amazing. she looked perfect in every way.
8:01 am
i, however, had a wardrobe malfunction and i'll tell you about it coming up >> didn't you have once coming u up. yes, this is the director's black shirt. we'ree making it work. >> make it work. also still ahead -- our latest show me money, preteen edition. 12-year-old who got the inside track of finding discounts. >> let's get to the news with bianna golodryga. good morning, celebrations are erupting among libyans at home and abroad. rebels have taken tripoli. as president obama said, the future of libya is now in the hands of the libyan people. jeffrey kofman has the latest.
8:02 am
>> reporter: these are incredible days here in libya. after 41 years the brutal deck d dictatorship of moammar gadhafi is coming to an end, it's crumbling before our eyes. many of his troops have fled. but that said, it's not time to declare this revolution over. there are still battles in some neighborhoods in tripoli. >> thank you. an ugly family fight has broken out in the search for susan powell, as police searched in nevada, family members got into a very public confrontation. >> reporter: both sides of susan powell's family are hurlg poisonous allegations >> they have accused me of murdering my daughter in law. >> reporter: anger erupted when
8:03 am
susan's father and father in law. steve powell believes his son, josh, named a person of interest in his wife's disappearance is innocent. >> you come out against my family. >> reporter: susan's in-laws are gi giving journalists part of her journal. josh said that he left his wife at home in december, taking their two young boys on a midnight camp. susan's parents do not buy that. >> they have used my sons as nothing but pawns in the media. >> whether josh is innocent or guilty, whether susan wrote something in the journal or not, what does that have to do with
8:04 am
finding susan in. >> reporter: painful wounds reopened after new tips that prompted a weekend search in nevada. detectives found nothing. apparently no closer appearing why this daughter, wife and mother simply vanished. >> our thanks to clayton. turning to health news, fresh concerns about antibacterial soap. several studies show the key ingredient could be harmful to your health. now, here's diane sawyer for a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? hello, bianna. here we go for another week. who gains more weight after marriage? men or women? what about after divorce? tonight, surprising results of a brand-new report. we'll tell everyone all about it tonight on "world news." >> looking forward to that. finally, strong word of mouth has been a help to the
8:05 am
help. the film about southern black madz moved into first place at the box office this weekend. now it's an unusual for a movie to debut at number two and then move up. >> so, people came out of there and everyone has been talking about it. it keeps trending on twitter. word of mouth. let's head back to los angeles where lara spencer has the pop news heat index. first up, mr. nick cannon, trying his hug his way into the history books. the tv host trying to earn a place in the guinness records for the most hugs. he's still waiting to find out if he beat the current record of almost 1800 hugs per hour. a quick calculation said that it
8:06 am
would have meant that nick was hugging it out with someone every two seconds now, we move on, get ready for pandas on ice. it's pure heaven for these pandas from southwest china. the furry friends are not used to the high temperatures. so the keeper at their preed seconder the have put cool blocks of ice to cool down. only problem is, with 102 pandas going through five blocks a day, it's in overdrive. next up, betet isn't just hot in cleveland, people, she's hot everywhere. not only has she been voted america's voted and most trusted celebrities, she's being
8:07 am
proposed to none other than shaq. other celebrities that she beat out, denzel washington, sandra bullock, harrison ford. the woman is hot. almost as hot as the pop news heat index. google news is going offroad. the tech company has partnered with sustainable amazon foundation, the tech company is now giving us a rare and authentic look into the mysterious amazon. get this, it's employed local, indigenous people to pedal bicycles in the rainforest in order to capture the natives who inh ash inhabitant. >> lara, a little bit, you're going tell us about your
8:08 am
wardrobe malfunction at the wedding. kim kardashian's wedding. then you had one a short time ago here. the green shirt that you were wearing. you know, tv 101 my friend. you can't wear greeeen. >> no green on the green scene. >> we'll get back to you in just a second, lara. time now for the weather and sam champion. you got to wear certain colors, sam. >> we're live in times square. go ahead, let it out, everybody. my first day back the audience looking good. you're from? >> wisconsin. >> which town? >> appleton. >> you guys got here this morning at about what time? >> 4:30. >> you know, that was a little early to get here this morning.
8:09 am
i might worry about you in times square that early. as you look outside, we'll show you what the storms were like in the northeast on the bround. robin and i were in the air over this thing all night long. pouring rain, dropping trees, lightning everywhere. behind that, some better air. over the next couple of days, it's practically beautiful. these skies outside it's gorgeous blue. it will be for the next couple of days. boston, philly, d.c. the payoff is good weather. irene the first hurricane of the season. likely to become a category 2 by the timee get to bahamas by thursday. that, my friends -- look at
8:10 am
>> that's what i'm talking about. we'll have more weather from times square? the next half-hour. now to l.a., lara? sam, welcome back. let's get going with our morning menu. the superstar wedding of kim and kris. it was quite a party. i was one of the invited guests. and this little girl has turned a hobby, clipping coupons
8:11 am
into big savings for her family and donations for charity. could your baby crib stand up to this kind of abuse? we'll take you inside the lab that's charged with keeping your child's crib safe? that and more coming up on "good morning america."
8:12 am
8:13 am
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8:16 am
like we part of this wedding? it feels like we were part of the festivities. kim kardashian dazzled the 450 guests i ithree vera wang dresses. valued at $20,000 each. after that, $10,000 wedding cake. entertainment provided by robin thicke and earth, wind and fire. oh, there was so much more to this wedding. say hello to mr. and mrs. kris humphries. they said their highly anticipated i dos in front of 450 closest friends. e! news cameras documented the star-studded ceremony from start to finish. no detail was spared. the blushing bride wowed the crcrd in a custom ivory vera wang gown. kris stood by her side in a polished tux with white jacket and tie. >> the moment that she turned
8:17 am
the corner, and she was bruce's arm, everyone was just stunned. >> from serena williams to kathie lee gifford. also in attendance demi lovato. lindsay lohan. >> the movie stars. the three dresses. it was the fantasy of the fantasy. >> sisters kourtney and khloe served as maid of honors. while her younger sisters were bridesmaid. but the show stopper, little mason, kim's nephew who worked the crowd as ring bearer. the wedding took place here at this serene montecito estate. it's hard to believe that kim was surrounded by complete chaos just hours before. as she exited her hotel before, she was met by paparazzi. in true e rdashian fashion, she kept her cool in front of the cameras. kris stayed away from the spotlight that morning.
8:18 am
but managed a tweet moments before the big event. this is it. >> kris was definitely nervous early on. but kim was just the coolest that i have ever seen her. >> reporter: stepfather bruce jenner walked her down the aisle. but she made sure to include her father, robert kardashian who lost his battle with cancer in 2003. i know in a way he's here and i feel his lovely presence all around me, she wrote in the program. i love and miss you, dad. >> i did hear it was an emotional situation, you know what, again, you can't pay for that. it's either there or it's not. and i feel that it was probably there. >> the special touches kept coming all through the night. with the four-course meal prepared by hollywood chef to the stars, wolfgang puck. followed by a cake inspired by
8:19 am
will and kate. >> it was delicious. inside, it had a chocolate chip frosting inside. and that's one of kim's favorite. >> reporter: for reality tv royal couple it was a fairy tale dream come true. >> flawless, glamorous, spectacular. they really just outdid themselves. >> now, as over the top as that star-studded wedding was, the celebrations aren't quite over yet. there's word of a second wedding for kardashian and humphries here in new york. so that both coasts can participate in their wedded bliss. 10 to 15 million bucks. but kim and kris are said to have profited from the event. from selling photos and video rights. >> they made a little profit. >> okay, i wasn't there. you weren't there, george. who was there, lara was on the lucky guest list for this special day.
8:20 am
give us something. >> of course, robin, listen, you guys know that kris is a dear friend. he here's what i can tell you, she was so spectacular, she's flawless. i mean, kim is really one of the most beautiful women of our time and they really did look so in love. meanwhile, let me tell you guys, a little tale. the tale of the curse of table 13. okay, which i was seated. robin, why would they put me at table 13? they know i'm klutzy. the party is full swing. ryan seacrest to my right with his beautiful girlfriend julianne hough. the waiter comes over, would you like white wine or red wine? red wine all over. not to worry, wedding planner finds me another dress. i don't know who had a costume change other than kim. dress too small. a woman at my table. she put on the too small dress
8:21 am
and she gave me her dress off of her back. >> this one looks too small too -- keep going. keep going. >> listen, i had limited options. i wasn't leaving. >> no, you were not leaving. >> so, listen, i'm b bk at the table. i'm next to stevie wonder's wife and i'm not breathing anymore. stevie wonder's wife's zipper breaks. i created like an elizabeth hurley, remember that dress? all of the way to keep her in her dress. it was like wardrobe malfunction at table 13. but it did not stop stevie's wife cutting the rug. all night. i watched it. >> but wasn't there something waiting for you in the car after the wedding? >> yes, yes. a box of doughnuts. there were three. i ate all three on the way home. that didn't help the dress situation. >> not at all. we can't wait for you to come back. i was joking around with you,
8:22 am
but yes, they took it seriously, taking the cameras from you and you were there as a family friend. >> congratulations to kim and kris and to the family. the quality of the pictures -- you know, that's why. >> he was your plus one. >> thanks. lara, we'll check with you later. you can see exclusive details of the wedding in the new issue of "people" on stands friday. there's a two-part event on e! october 9th and 10th. >> that's even before the second wedding. now we have our latest show me the money. where we find creative ways to help you come up with ways to save cash. the preteen to get her secrets. >> reporter: she's a super shop
8:23 am
shopper. >> when i'm walking down the store aisles, i get a rush looking for that deal. >> reporter: coupon and clearance queen. >> i try to always go over 50%. >> reporter: she's just 12 years old. do you ever buy anything at full price? >> no, not really. >> reporter: she doesn't have to. because jessica has couponing down to a science. >> this is gigantic coupon binder. i categorize them. health and beauty, paper towels, everything. it only takes about five minutes to cut a few out. save a couple of dollars when you go shopping. so, i mean, take five minutes out of your day and cut coupons. >> reporter: she's the kid couponing wonder and spends up to three hours a day, scanning, clipping and organizing. >> yes, it's on sell every week. >> reporter: you're going to have toothpaste for the rest of your life.
8:24 am
check out her closet. here it is. what are you going to do with, like, five air wicks? >> our house will never stink. >> reporter: it's her very own personal drugstore. most of this free. she gives much of this away and spends a lot of time online. >> i have to use this microphone because my speakers are acting up. >> reporter: making videos to show others how to save big. >> i always like donating to charities. ananhelping other people. >> reporter: this all started out of boredom. three years ago, her grandparents gave her a newspaper to keep her busy. she instantly got hooked on those circulars. where does couponing fall in the things that you like to do? >> hanging out friends is number one. >> reporter: she took us on one her weekly couponing trips. but first, she showed us our math skills. it starts with the newspapers.
8:25 am
she scans the circulars for sales. then matches her coupons to maximi maximize savings. >> my favorite this week is the revlon nail polish. it's on sale for $4.99. $1 coupon. then you get $3 back. it's like getting nail polish for a $1. off to cvs. first scan your rewards card. >> chocolate coupons. a free hershey bar. >> reporter: next, follow your list. gogoor the deals, no distractions. jessica moves with precision. >> first, we're going to get the revlon nail polish, and next, let's see, the colgate tooth paste. this air wick is on sale for $6.99. >> reporter: if you're in a store with rewards, maximize them. jessica flagged this deal on gatorade. buy five, get 5 rewards dollar.
8:26 am
>> they're regularly 7.9 7.99. >> reporter: her mother kimberly is always close by. says her daughter's unusual h hobby has meant real savings. >> in three years, close to $4,000. >> reporter: now it's time for jessica to check out. this is the moment before the moment of truth. >> yeah, i'm nervous and excited. >> reporter: the register rings away. that's a lot of stuff. $67.52 worth. but jessica only spent $15.37. for a savings of 77%. >> i can't believe i did that. ready to start couponing? here's her final tip. >> definitely have organization, be patient andndou might not save as much as i do on your first shopping trip. but over your couponing trips it will get more and more. >> reporter: words of wisdom from this savvy young saver. >> that organization is no joke.
8:27 am
it's a lot of work. if you're going to be a serious coupon eer you have to strategi. ouponer -- . bart is warning riders to on for protests that may shut down some stations today. they are calling for a protest during today's evening rush hour. a protest last monday forced bart to close four stations in san francisco. this is in response for bart's decision to cut off cellphone service earlier this month. however, you are getting around let's check in with sue hall. >> thank you kristen. you may want to make alternate
8:28 am
plans but right now bart is time. we have an accident 580, 238 blocking a lane and construction along highway 1 pacifica south of lynn da mar. >> thanks a lot. sue. we'll check in with mike and get
8:29 am
dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. welcome back. here is a look at our temperatures. 50s and 60s as the cloud cover is being stubborn this morning.
8:30 am
we'll see sunshine in the valleys by noon but hardly at the coast where you'll be in the low to mid-60s. 70s throughout the bay and 80s inland. 4-11 degrees warmer than yesterday and another 4-6 degrees warming tomorrow. >> thanks a lot. news continues now with "good morning america." have a great day. [ cheers and applause ] look at those beautiful baby tigers. those baby tigers look so cute right now, but they're going to grow up nature's most wily creatures. dan harris went head to head with them in bali. >> dan loves cats >> he does. >> we'll talk to dan. got be one somewhere.
8:31 am
marc murphy is going to be here. he's going to prepare burgers with spiked ketchup. >> perfect summer menu, that's coming up. but first, an important update on these cribs. first revision in 30 years. elisabeth leamy joins us from washington. you actually went inside the crib lab. >> i sure did, george. here's how things work. 11 million cribs were recalled when they took action. now, not only do cribs have to be sturdier, they have to be tested to prove it. it's the secret lab that tests every square inch of your baby's crib. >> the majority of day is spent
8:32 am
inside the crib. >> reporter: he says that he can't sleep at night unless he knows that babies are sleeping safely in his company's cribs. >> the crib is oneroduct that you're going to put your child to sleep and leave the room. >> reporter: that's why they put the cribs through a series of tests. >> we're shaking the crib back and forth. trying to see if any screw loosens up. if it loosens up, it would fail. >> reporter: if bambam the baby is jumper, test two is a mattress support test just for that. >> this is simulating a 45-pound baby jumping up and down 3,000 times. >> reporter: test three, 30 pounds of hammering ensures the
8:33 am
crib won't fall apart if older siblings climb in. >> in this particular case, we're trying to simulate a children. we add the crib and we let it hang. >> reporter: test five, in case you had given birth to an e bon ic baby. they everybody have sort of an invisible test to test for lead and other heavy metals. >> keep your child safe and give you years of comfort. >> since june all new cribs have been required to undergo testing like this. so, it pains joe to think of the parents who put their kids in
8:34 am
old cribs. >> parents buy used cribs from ebay, that's the most unsafe thing that you can do for your child. >> reporter: listen to a parent whose been through it. >> my son was caught by the neck between the oak headboard and the side rail and he suffocated. it's a very horrific experience. >> reporter: now it's illegal to sell old, outdated cribs. but we easily found several on the internet. so we bought a couple. first, the flat test. totally different story testing an older, illegal crib. okay, that's not what you want to see. this slat came down. this is damaged. now the rail test.
8:35 am
after pounding on this crib just 35 times the support hardwood breaks free. that's why there are new standards and new tests. to make sure babies and their parents can rest easy. and of course, crib manufacturers can really only do so much and then they hand off responsibility to the parents. george in. >> what are the biggest mistakes that parents do make. >> parents do make critical mistakes by assembling cribs incorrectly. putting cribs near cords. and putting too many things in the crib. you don't want any soft toys. no blankets. even these crib bumpers have come under fire. the safest thing is a clean crib environment. >> thank you very much lots more
8:36 am
tips on crib safety at o o website at now it's time for the weather with sam. >> i have been reading ali's tweets. i know thatatour three-mile bike ride wassuccessful. >> three miles? >> i don't know, three hours. everybody else reads the tweets. by the way, somebody has been decorating. did you guys point this out last week? i like the craftsmanship that was going on. robin, they look great. let's get to the boards. we have been getting facebook pictures. lot to catch up on. rice virginia, that's rainbow, thank you so much. i knew that i was going to get sooner or later. we show you in houston a
8:37 am
beautiful shot of the sun coming up over houston today. but you're going to continue this run of 100 degrees-plus in the houston area. 21 days at 100 degrees or above. that's been rough. look at how long it runs here. that's going to be your next five days in houston. it's just -- robin was just there. >> it rained yesterday. i did a rain dance. >> robin did >> all of t tt weather was brought to you by dove beauty bar. when we come back -- dan a good night's sleep.
8:38 am
woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night.
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8:40 am
they were told not to cheer, so their eyes are very big. from the inside.
8:41 am
perhaps the only time to get close to a tiger when they're little. is it even safe then? before they're all grown up. abc's dan harris came face to face. >> i'm in one piece. not a large piece. >> you loved this assignment. >> i did. over the past couple of years, i have been able to get abc news to pay me to go all over the world. these baby tigers are easily the most adorable creatures that i have ever encountered it's a baby beast encounter. a massive, almost an unbearable dose of cuteness. but first the backstory, i was in indonesia shooting a totally different story when i saw this picture in a local newspaper. three baby tigers recently born
8:42 am
at the bali zoo. so, i flew to bali the land of pristine beaches and some scenes from "eat, pray, love." we rolled up on the bali zoo. our guide took us past this fuzzy animal, past these angry birds. and past this hawking male orangutan who wandered over and requested food. finally we got to a little grassy patch where the zoo keepers brought over cat carriers and out came the baby tigers. three sisters. right now, they are all very hungry. i got chicken for you.
8:43 am
this, i'm told, is a very goodd way to make friends. want some more? want some more? their r ir is much rougher than a house cat's. they're also a lot less cuddly. if they wanted to hurt you, could they hurt you? yes. >> reporter: we're about to serve a big lunch of chicken, milk and vitamins. all right, lunch time. the meal was consumed with min yal decorum. after lunch, play time. the girls battled one another and us. when they bite it hurts. you can play with these animals up until about six months. at that point, they'll kill you. this encounter is incredibly fun, of course, but it's important to point out that right now is not a good time to
8:44 am
be a tiger on planet earth. consider this statistic. many tigers in captivity in america than there are anywhere in the wild. tigers all over the world with are facing a two-prong threat. first, their home is being destroyed by companies cutting down the forest. the second big threat, poachers who sell tiger's body partsts f traditional medicines. it plays a key role in helping to protect these extraordinary animals, watch as the zoo keepers tries to get me to pick one of the cubs up. at first, it doesn't go well. i'm not a tiger handler, apparently. how not to hold the tiger by dan harris. but then as the effects from
8:45 am
lunchtarted to set in, the girls got tired and more docile. i catch a tiger who wants a little bit of a belly rub. and play fighting. an extraordinary up-close unc e uncounter of a majestic creature. >> i got to tell you, i love animals. my wife sometimes jokes that i'm better with dogs and cats than human beings. they're wild animals. but there's a little bit of a distance. they're not about connecting with the human being. ihink they kind of play with us. when the little tiger bit me, he was part thinking how would i
8:46 am
kill this dude if i was bigger. >> you're lucky. >> i am lucky. thanks for having me on. >> any time, dan. coming up -- marc murphy is here.
8:47 am
8:48 am
one of the best things, the best food in the world, one of the reasons is marc murphy. he's joined thus morning. you got a brand-new restaurant out here. >> i just opened another restaurant. >> it's a place like where i like to go surfing. let's call it dish pans.
8:49 am
we play surfing videos behind the bar all the time. >> we got the whole summer theme going this morning. we're starting out with ditch dogs. >> beef hot dogs that beer going to put them on the grill. it's very new york, absolutely. absolutely. good stuff. and, you know, what it is, it's a hot dog topped with mac and cheese. we're going thicken it in.. cream and milk. we're going to wararthat up a bit. stir it in there. very simple. want to put that down here. don't want to burn you. >> favorite meal. hot dog and mac and cheese together. >> we made this -- it was sort of a mistake the first time we did it. it just sort of happened. someone wanted hot dog with cheese. we didn't have any cheese. we had hot dog and mac and
8:50 am
cheese. we didn't put it on the menu. we let people who knew about it order it. it began one of those things. i got some parmesan. some american cheder there. we put all of those cheeses in there. we dump all of that. basically cook the flour out and make it thicken up. if it doesn't mix all of the way, you use one of these things, motor boat. get all of that cheese nice and melted. it's very thick. it gets thicker once you put all of that cheese in there. once this is nice and hot, everything is melted. >> passing through.
8:51 am
passing through. >> we're going to dump all of your pasta in there. there we go. then you use the spoon to stir it around. once it's all mixed together, look at that. beautiful stuff. don't forget your salt and pepper. every time, we seasoned it earlier. make sure you have your salt and pepper. and then we put the mac and cheese right on top there. >> you serve that with french pri fries. >> people eat that and they kind of need a nap. this is a marc burger, chad der and black pepper bun. six-ounce patty burger.
8:52 am
very simple. it's mustard and it's roasted garlic. not raw garlic. going to mix that together. add a little ketchup. then what it mamakes it spicy i little vodka. probably not right for the kidi not too early in the morning. the vodka gives it a little bit of spice to it. we served those with these tat eshetater total tots. mixed with a little bit of -- >> mac and cheese on it. >> for summertime, we did a little salad there. blueberry crumble. all summer right here on the table. >> marc murphy, thank you so much.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
thank you very much. thanks to all of you for watching abc news. welcome back to sam. >> thank you.
8:56 am
especially for the hot dogs. >> have a great day, everyone. great have a great school year and we'll bee back here again tomorrow.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
a possible bart protest may wreak havoc tonight. they are calling for protest and it started w a cellphone service shut down. they are warning rideers they may have to close stations. mike nicco is here with the weather forecast. a little warmer today. >> about 4-11 degrees warmer and that means sunshine but by noon, it will be out in the valleys by 2:00, around the bay and out to the coast. probably cloudy all day. even warmer throughh


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