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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 23, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america, and breaking right now, final battle. explosions all tripoli at this hour. smoke billowing over the skyline. rebels say they have reached the gates of gadhafi's compound. the latest on the battle for libya. breaking storm.. the hurricane walloping the caribbean leaving a trail of destruction and flooding. now poised to hammer the east coast. thousands rushing to b bready for the biggest hurricane to hit the u.s. in three years. sam is tracking the latest on
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where it will hit. "gma" exclusive. we reveal the last known pictures of robyn gardner, the vanished american woman in aruba side by side with the man who is now the prime suspect. do these snapshots hold the key? and laughing at it off. letterman jokes about the terror threat against him. letterman pointing the finger at his longtime rival. >> they're looking into it. they're questioning and interrogating. there had an electronic trail. everybody knows it's leno. good morning to our viewers in west. live pictures from tripoli, for the last hour or so, fierce fighting around gadhafi's compound nap's the direction of gadhafi's compound.
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big question, is he inside? or has he escaped the series of tunnels that he built underneath his compound? >> let's take a look at the map. and the deictatordictator's com going to be right in the middle. the hometown where the journalists are hold up, explosions all over the city. as they y ght it out street by street. >> they said that reached the get as of gadhafi's compound. >> they say the situation is still very dangerous. even though gadhafi's forces have been weakened . we want to get to the latest with jeffrey kofman. >> good morning. the compound is not just his compound it's also one of the biggest military bases in libya.
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we saw their loot yesterday. gadhafi has not broken. this morning, forces make it clear that they're not giving up. rebels claim that captured moammar gadhafi's son, but he made a surprise appearance last night. taunted the rebels. >> these people, we live here and die here. we are going to win. because the people are us. >> reporter: another son had been captured by rebels but he was liberated by loyalists last night and he, too, is free. now clear reports that a rebel victory here were premature. instead the battle for tripoli is under way.
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the rebels control large parts of the city but not all of it. they can't kill gadhafi until they find it. it's cheer that he's no longer in control of this country. >> this much is clear, the gadhafi regime is coming to an end. the future of libya is in the hands of its people. we found these rebels troop s laden with munition from his main military compound. they told they are regrouping for another assault. to secure their victory once and for all. we told you about this defiant state tv news anchor, wielding a pistol and swearing to fight the rebels to the death. rebels now claim they have captured her. rebels claim they control 80% of tripoli and this morning they claimed they've taken control of the airport but until they
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control the entire city, victory -- they can't claim victory. george? we're going to move back to the irene. on track to be a category 4. the trail of destruction already left by irene seen most dramatically right here. richard branson's island mansion struck by lightning. oscar winner kate winslet was inside with her kids. also rescued bran sop's 90-year-old mother. sam has the latest on hurricane irene. >> this is it. that category 2 storm that had very little interaction overnight. here's the path of the hurricane. look at the number 4 right here. the bull's eye, a category 4 storm just off the coast of florida. finally find the land fall by
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sunday. the strength of this storm, 700 miles across. packing winds, irene is now a category 2 storm. as it pushes through the caribbean. keeping residents and tourists under cover. >> we're nervous that we're not going to have a flight out of here. in puerto rico, a state of emergency declared after the hurricane pummelled the island monday. trees and power lines came right down. streets were founded. and power cut off to more than 1 million people. just more destruction from a storm that already hammered the u.s. virgin islands as a tropical storm. you can see the sheer size of it in these nasa images from space. working its way across the caribbean towards the united
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states where it could become a monster category 4 storm with winds between 131 and 155 miles an hour. here in the u.s. countless flights to and from the islands were canceled monday and residents in florida, georgia and the carolinas are wisely preparing. stocking up on any supplies they may need from plywood to secure their windows to water and batteries. >> i remember hurricane andrew, i was completely unprepared for it but this time i'm going to be prepared. >> reporter: the very last storm to strike the u.s. was ike. irene is going to have to go around this storm. some forecast models say it doesn't much interaction with the east coast but it stays out towards the atlanta. george? we're going switch fweers to politics. the four top republican
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candidates are all beating or tied with president obama. but that hasn't stopped the gop establishment from getting candidates to jump in. john berman has been tracking sarah palin. she created this buzz with this youtube video >> sarah palin is getting ready to make what we're told an important speech that will lay out her vision of america. but, will she make a big announcement? that's the big question. a giant political roar. and a political promise. sarah palin telling iowa she will see them on september 3rd in a speech for the tea party of america. just weeks after her splashy visit to the iowa state fair that helped produce material for this glitzy, glossy, gauzy video. this looks something like a campaign and sounds something like a campaign including a radio ad from a tea party group
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with palin's voice promoting the coming speech. >> we must restore america and restore her honor. >> it's time, america, it's time to take a stand and restore this great nation. >> reporter: the republican guru, karl rove, it's a sign she might be running. >> because the schedule she's got next week in iowa, it looks like that of a candidate, not a celebrity. >> reporter: people close to palin state buntly that rove doesn't know what he's talking about but they do say while they don't know whether she will announce whether she's running her speech will make news. palin is third in recent primary polls ahead of rudy giuliani who also says he hasn't decided whether to run yet, congressman paul ryan now says he is out for sure. all summer long palin has said she is still thinking. >> still haven't made up my mind yet. still contemplating whether i should jump in there or not. i'm still considering it. >> reporter: she told abc's jake
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tapper she will announce her decision by the end of september. >> i think just practically speaking that has to be a drop dead time line. >> reporter: her political action committee put out a statement overnight, saying any professional pundit claiming to have inside information regarding governor palin's personal decision is not only wrong but their comments are specifically intended to mislead the american public. take that, karl rove. if she gets into the race she could have new company. sources tell abc news, george pataki is seriously considering jumping in the race as soon as saturday, we're told. >> that's right. he'll be in iowa on saturday. as you mentioned former mayor rudy giuliani seriously considering it but he said no announcement until after the tenth anniversary of september 11th. >> so, the field may not be set. >> everybody in the pool at this point. all right there, george. now to a stunning u-turn by the prosecutors in the case against dominique strauss-kahn. the former head of the international monetary fund, all charges against him likely to be dropped later today. abc's jim avila has the latest on this for us.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the court papers say there is evidence of a hasty sexual encounter, dna on the carpet but there is no evidence of rape or violence. so the jury would have to believe her story over his and prosecutors say a series of lies makes that impossible. the sex case against one of the most powerful men in the world is likely to be dropped this morning after the manhattan district attorney told dominique strauss-kahn's accuser she cannot be believed. >> he has not only turned his back on this victim but he has also turned his back on the forensic, medical and other physical evidence in this case. >> reporter: prosecutors say nafissatou diallo has a history of lies and deception that would undercut her case and point to untrues in her application for asylum, tax returns and whether
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she was seeking money after the alleged rape. in court papers prosecutors said "if we don't believe her beyond a reasonable doubt, how can we ask a jury to do so," but in an exclusive interview with robin roberts she was adamant she was telling the truth this time. >> this man tried to rape me. he tried to rape me. it's different. it's not the same thing. >> reporter: but some believe her credibility should be for a jury to decide. abc news legal analyst dan abrams disagrees saying that the role of the prosecutor includes deciding which cases should go to trial. >> prosecutorial discretion has to be taken really seriously and it means that prosecutors don't just throw everything to the jury, but they have to think long and hard, do we believe in this case and do we believe we can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt? >> reporter: now, if the judge accepts the dismissal recommendation and it would be highly irregular if he did not dominique strauss-kahn's bail would be dismissed as well and his passport returned.
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and free to return to france where french prosecutors are deciding there to charge him with a separate assault. >> he's still got a civil suit pending in the u.s. jim, thanks very much. let's turn the other stories developing right now and bianna golodryga in for josh elliott this morning. good morning again, bianna. >> good morning, everyone at home. we begin with a scare for people in colorado. shaken from their sleep after the strongest earthquake to hit that state in 40 years. the 5.3 quake struck 180 miles south of denver. it's the third quake in 24 hours. one woman said it felt like a car hit her house. several homes were damaged and rock slides were reported on local roads. the president of standard & poor's is stepping down but the credit rating agency denies it's because of recent controversy. the downgrade sent the markets into a nosedive this month and the justice department is now investigating how s&p rated mortgage securities before the financial crisis. the head of investment bank goldman sachs has just hired a high-profile defense attorney. lloyd blankfein and his associates are
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facing inquiries by the justice department into their practices leading up to the financial crisis. this morning the music world is mourning the loss of two legendary songwriters, each behind huge hits many of us know by heart. ♪ there's no mountain high enough ♪ >> reporter: that's just one of the many motown classics nick ashford penned along with his wife valerie simpson. after meeting in 1964 they cranked out unforgettable lyrics to "ain't nothing like the real thing" and many other megahits in the '80s they took to the stage themselves. ♪ now we're solid solid as a rock ♪ >> reporter: ashford dreamed of becoming a dancer but together their work was magic. chaka khan and whitney houston would agree. ♪ i'm every woman it's all in me ♪ ♪ anything you want done >> reporter: the man who will
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forever be etched in rock 'n' roll history also passed away. leiber hated elvis presley's interpretation of their song but they still teamed up for more elvis hits, including "jailhouse rock." jerry leiber was 78 and died of heart failure. nick ashford was 70 and died of throat cancer. both of their legacies will live on through their music. and there's some welcome news for air travelers. robin and george, new federal rules aimed at reducing flight delays go into effect today. carriers could be fined up to $27,000 per passenger when international flights sit on the tarmac longer than four hours and they will have to pay more for bumping passengers and losing luggage. and finally, st. louis cardinal star matt holliday paid big bucks to catch flies. but not moths.
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he was playing left field when an insect flew into his ear and got stuck. he had to leave the game. he appears to be okay. the moth too. holliday was not available for comment after the game. you might say he got an ear full. don't hate me, josh. >> it's something about this seat. >> i thought you would go with injury bug. sam is just shaking his head as always, sam. >> and totally skeeved out by the bug. thank you very much, we'll be here all week. let's show you what's going on with the big heat. oklahoma city, the most 100-degree days you've ever had before. houston, as well. by the way, good morning, houston. this is your hottest august ever. these numbers will continue, 99 is probably a record in denver. here where the thunderstorms roll for minneapolis, green bay, chicago,
7:17 am
peoria, all of this is a lot of hail and a lot of lightning and damaging wind and this could be the front that when it gets to the coast shows you how everything is connected that knocks that hurricane out of the way for the northeast. we've got all hopes on all these weather patterns.
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>> gorgeous weather in the northeast. coming up we'll take a look at the "gma" 3-d view of hurricane irene. >> okay, and looking forward to that. david letterman back on the air for the first time sinin an islamic terrorist posted an online threat calling on believers to break his neck and paralyze his tongue, but as abc's rob nelson reports he seemed to relish in the new material. >> tonight you people are more to me honestly more than an audience tonight. you're more like a human shield. >> reporter: mark twain once said laughter is the greatest weapon we have. >> we tell dave about -- oh. >> reporter: and last night on "the late show" david letterman came out with a full arsenal.
7:19 am
>> i'm so sorry i'm a little late coming out. backstage i was talking to the guy from cbs. we were going through the cbs life insurance policy. to see if i was covered for jihad. >> reporter: this was letterman's first time back on stage since a radical islamic website called for his death over jokes he made. about al qaeda leadership. the fbi is still investigating the threatat >> you're not going to believe what happened. a guy, a radical extremist threatened to cut my tongue out. i wish i had a nickel for every time a guy has threatened to cut -- i think the first time was during the academy awards. >> right. >> and so now state department authorities are looking into this. they're not taking this lightly. they're looking into it. they're questioning. they're interrogating. there's an electronic trail but
7:20 am
everybody knows it's leno. >> reporter: behind the scenes security was stepped up at the ed sullivan theater including bomb-sniffing dogs but on stage he took it all in stride. >> so, my point is, i take full responsibility for the joke. i'm an adult. i'm a big boy. this is the major leagues. i told a joke but you know, the guy who wrote it, that really -- >> reporter: when all else fails blame the writer. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> he was cool as a cucumber. boy, david letterman. as rob pointed out it was pretty serious and they had to step up security at the theater. coming up "gma" exclusive, the never before seen pictures of american robyn gardner before she vanished in aruba. can these snapshots solve the mystery of what really happened? and paradise lost. billionaire richard branson's eye sand compound fwourns the ground after and kate winslet
7:21 am
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stabbing sent four people to the hospitalize. they cleared the crime scene on around srra bowl. authorities don't know if the four victims were stabbed that the bowling alley only that they were found in the parking lot. the victims were taken to san francisco general hospital in unknown condition. police say they have no suspects right now. problems on the nimitz this morning. >> that's right. traffic through san leandro is completely jammed due to an earlier crash at marina. traffic is backed up to "a" street and commute on northbound 238, completely backed up, 12 minute drive time from 580 to 880. bay bridge toll plaza, backed up to the west grand overcrossing. >> thank you very much. when we come backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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>> check out a beautiful picture from sutro tower, some of the dense fog coming across san francisco this morning. it will be around 8:00. temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now. we'll have 50s at the coast. look for a lot of low to mid-80s around the bay and low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys. these temperatures will remain closer to. >> and warmer all seven days.
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my goodness, that is the home of billionaire sir richard branson, the british virgin islands. lightning ststking the main house which went up in flames as you see. 0 people were inside including actress kate winslet and her children. she got out safely, helped to get branson's 90-year-old mom out safely, as well and we're going to hear from branson exclusively about all of it just ahead. he doesn't hold back in describing. >> not at all. sticking with the theme of actors becoming heroes and safety officers. ryan gosling, take a look at
7:31 am
this video from downtown manhattan and we'll see him right there. he'll step right in there. wearing that tank top. steps in the middle of a fight. breaks it up. it has gone absolutely viral and sling was still buffed up from his role in "crazy stupid love." smart to stay away from him. plus one wild shark tale. the dad and his 9-year-old son tried to reel in one of the biggest fish in the sea. we'll tell you what happened. everyone is safe. i don't know about the shark. >> but mom is not happy about it at all.l. but let's get right to the expanded search for robyn gardner, the maryland woman missing for three weeks. police spent yesterday combing the island for clues but came up short. now brand-new photos of her showed up alongith new details. matt gutman has the latest from aruba. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. well, robyn gardner vanished three weeks ago today and we've been working to try to piece
7:32 am
together those last few hours. last night criticaca new information from the last people to see her alive and probably photograph her. they said robyn seemed drunk. she and gary giordano were in no condition to go snorkeling and even before robyn vanished they tell us giordano was acting erratically. these never before seen pictures obtained exclusively by abc news are the last known pictures taken of robyn gardner. they're also the first pictures we've seen of robyn gardner and gary giordano together here leaving the beachside restaurant where they were last seen together. according to officials, he is now the only suspect in her disappearance and possible murder. they had lunch here and it was at this idyllic bar where republic told the server she was waiting for her husband to order. those who saw them tell abc news the two were clearly in a romantic relationship. multiple sources say she was heavily intoxicated when she
7:33 am
arrived at the restaurant. according to a server as soon as they ordered giordano sprang up and inexplicably introduced himself to the server saying my name is gary and this is robyn and we're from maryland. the server found it odd and later reported it to investigators. at the same time the server also thought it suspicious that giordano later said they went snorkeling since giordano's toupee seemed so obvious and robyn seemed so put together. the same server tells abc news exclusively that barely 12 hours after robyn vanished, giordano showed up with an attorney and seemed indifferent to his girlfriend's disappearance. giordano was arrested two weeks ago and law enforcement officials tell us he is the only person who knows what happened but they say he has refused to cooperate. still the search for robyn's remains resumed on monday. we joined dozens of police and
7:34 am
red cross officials as they crunched alorel coral flats, miserable heat swinging machetes to hack through dense cacti. slow going. d painful. so these searchers are combing through this treacherous terrain. the good news because it's so hard and so rocky if there is anything out here likely to find it pretty easily. eight fruitless hours later they packed it in. we sent those photos to robyn gardner's family and moments ago i spoke to her family. they recognize that dress she was wearing and hope that everybody out there will pray for her. >> let's bring in dan abrams right now and starting with these photo, of course, they're not conclusive but do back up -- seem to back up many of the stories of the witnesses. >> the key becomes this intoxication issue, i think, because, again, if they were
7:35 am
intoxicated you would think that if this had happened the way giordano laid it out he would say, we were drunk, then we went snorkeling and i don't know whathaed. now, we don't have any indication that he told the authorities that. he basically as far as we know told the authorities, look, we went snorkeling then there were these big tides that basically swept her away. >> and the time line, snorkeling before or after, it's hard to get a handle on that, meantime, they spent eight hours in the brush yesterday turning up nothing and it brings up all kinds of memories. >> when i see the video here of them searching the island it is so reminiscent of the natalee holloway case. that's exactly the comparison the aruban officials don't want and don't need. the reality is it's going to happen. >> what can they do to avoid it? they've got to be sensitive to it. >> the most important thing for them, if she has died to find a body. both in terms of being able to demonstrate that they can run an
7:36 am
investigation but just as important to have that as evidence to move forward with the case. >> but they do still have these other suspicions of giordano, for example, he came to the first meeting with an attorney and clearly that is his right. still a little odd >> that's right and i think that everything that he'sone seems suspicious to the officials, look, everyone is allowed to go to a meeting with the lawyers but when you're saying that your snorkeling incident and less than 12 hours later you're showing upupith a lawyer, entirery your right but certainly going to make the official suspicious when you show up. and so we're learning more maybe also about sort of the time line that led the authorities to become increasingly suspicious and eventually arrest him before -- >> how much longer do they go on -- if they don't find a body without charging him? >> look, based on aruban law they have this 16-day period to hold him and likely apply to hold him for 60 more days and
7:37 am
probably get that. it'll be at the end of that period that they will likelyy charge him. >> thanksks more of the weather from sam. >> we were checking out the latest 3-d image coming out on hurricane irene. the reason i want to show you this, when you watch the tall cloud tops here and a model that takes the satellite picture and renders it in 3-d form and see the giant lump off the side of haiti that's where we think within moments the eye will form. when you take this center of circulation and move these mountains from slowing it down and put it into warm water and move it up that way it's got nothing but power, warm water and open air and here's where the latest trend is. everything is trending it more toward the east. even if it misses the carolinas, new york city, new jersey, the cape, don't take your eye off the storm because some models have it passing right beside the coastline which would mean you're still in the impact for wind and rain all the way up that coast. we've got
7:38 am
>> and all that weather was brought to you by traveler's insurance. george. >> coming up, paradise on fire. we'll hear exclusively from billionaire richard branson about the harrowi ining momentsn lightning struck his caribbean mansion. [ barks ] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to know today - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about... and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need... and the discounts you deserve?
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now to that scary house fire that sent billionaire richard branson's houseguests at his caribbean retreat threeing to safety. his getaway on necker island struck by lightning engulfed in flames. we'll hear exclusivelyly from branson in a moment but first nick watt has the story. >> reporter: imagine the island you would buy, the house you would build if you had all the money in the world. i'm imagining necker island. >> it is absolutely splendid. there is anything you could possibly want is there that you get private butler, there is a staff of 60. >> reporter: that splendid house burped to the ground in the middle of the night reduced to ash in 15ramatic minutes. a hollywood disaster movie complete -- >> i've got you. >> reporter: with "titanic" star
7:43 am
kate winslet carrying branson's 90-year-old mother to safety. they ranaked up the hill to lend a hand. he bought this 30 years ago for himself and friends including diana. >> diana would take william and harry to necker very regularly, largely because she knew they couldn't be spied on, the paparazzi couldn't get near. >> reporter: later kate middleton came to necker during a brief split with will, oprah, eddie murphy, mariah carey, janet jackson, harrison ford and nick lachey got married here. anyone who can afford $53,000 a night. that fire has burned up 30 years of mementos andnd memories and destroyed branson's paradise playground. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, london.
7:44 am
>> and joining us on the phone is richard branson. so, richard, how are you? how is your family. >> we're all doing finene glad o be well. glad to be alive and glad to have got through it so everybody happy and happy and well and together. >> i know you have so much to be thankful for. tell us about the race to get everybody out of that house safely. >> it was something of a nightmare and i was woken up by my son banging on my window. we stayed about 100 yards away from the great house. looked across the great house and there were 200-foot flames bellowing out of it and we just ran, you know, stark naked towards the house. i went straight into the cacti bush. my son ran on. fortunately people had woken up inside and, you know, our nephews did a good evacuation and kate helped my mother out
7:45 am
and everybody was all right. >> talk a little bit more about kate winslet there with her children and your 90-year-old mom is there and she helped her get out safely. i know you must be very grateful, of course, to kate. >> of course, i mean, she was obviously desperate to get her children out and my mother was there and so she whisked my mother up in her arms and took her down the steps and anyway, all is well, so it's one of those stories that ended up happily. we will rebuild the house and, you know, make it even better than it was before and we'll have many, many more wonderful memories in the future. >> will that include your daughter's wedding? i know she had been planning on getting married there on the island. >> we're all determined that the wedding continues on necker this december. we'll try to get as much rebuilt for the wedding as possible and if not we'll put up some tents. you know, but we definitely want the wedding to go ahead.
7:46 am
>> you have that spirit, as always. one of the images we'll have now is you naked run nothing a cactus bush but thank you for that image. >> anyway, fortunately and most important part. >> good to know. now we can laugh about it because everybody is safe and sound. our best to you and the family. >> thanks a lot. cheers. thank you, bye. >> cheers. >> again, happy everyone got out safe and sound. coming up next the ultimate fish tale. father and son reel in a shark and they just happen to have the video to prove it. we challenge your most famous cupcake to a taste test against new kellogg's fiber plus caramel pecan crunch. really? 35% of your daily fiber. chocolate lava cupcake. [ indistinct conversations ] mmm. that's great cereal. mmm. this is fiber cereal? it's great cereal, but...cupcake.
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they sayayhat everything is bigger in my home statetef texas, but i guess that includes fishing expeditions. kevin stevens takes his 9-year-old son hunter fishing off the coast of galveston. i've been there many times. i've never experienced anything like this.
7:51 am
in a 12-foot kayak. what do they reel in but a seven-foot shark. and for an hour. >> oh, my gosh. >> they are trying to pull this shark up. the boy is 9. >> again, why? >> in a small kayak. >> great idea. >> texans just want to bring it on board. >> they let the shark, you know, pull them along -- >> like a rodeo. >> let it get that close to the or, don't you say bye-bye. >> hunter now wants to be a marine biologist. they finally let the fish go. >> his mom is not pleased with daddy. >> have to call child protective services on daddy. >> we'll be back. . ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage.
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7:56 am
mount daiblo school district trustees will consider a new contract that will shorten the school year. five of them would be school days. it would make the academic year 1785 days. trustees say budget cuts are forcing the move.
7:57 am
>> mike is here with the forecast. >> we'll start with dense fog advisory until 8:00. we should see visibility improving along the coast and heat inland low to mid 90s and mid to upper 80s in the south way and north bay with 80s around the bay itself. looks like summer is here for the next seven days. good morning. slow right now through altamont pass westbound 580, 45 minutes to get from 205 to 680. bay bridge, live look at the toll plaza, metering lights are on and traffic is backed up all the way into the maze. >> news continues now with "good
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ who says you're not perfect ♪ who says you're the only one [ cheers and applause ] >> well, i say our audience is perfect right outside times square. did you see the little one? pan all the way back to the end. no, the other end. not the boy scouts. keep going, keep going back. keep going. oh, now he's not doing it? now he's happy. >> on cue. >> look at that.
8:01 am
>> i know. we ask you how young is s o young to start watching your weight? there is a controversial new diet book aimed at little girls that's causing a lotot odebabat among parents. we'll talk to the author. why he thinks the book is good. >> it's not even out yet and it's already kicked up a controversy. big blowouts for little kids. could you imagine -- look at this price tag, $32,000 for a preschool graduation. >> come on. >> $32,000. >> come on. >> why so many p pents are blowing their budgets for these celebrations, that is just unbelievable is there that is. >> also ahead, fireworks on "bachelor pad." not one, but two sets of exes under the same roof. sounds like a recipe for disaster and disaster for jake. >> jake went home? >> we'll see. >> good to have our weekend
8:02 am
anchor bianna golodryga filling in. josh is in your homeland. he went to greece. he w wt to greece for a little vacation. >> bring us back some good food. good morning, hurricane we follow breaking news out of libya, where rebels s aim they have reached moammar gadhafi's compound. fighting has intensified. hurricane irene is gaining strength and on a likely collision course with the united states. the storm slammed puerto rico knocking out power to a million people. sam will have the storm's latest track in just a moment. >> 2011 is shaping to be the
8:03 am
worse year on record for home sales. #. there's information this morning on the death of amy winehouse, the singer's family said that the toxicology no illegal substances in her body at the time of her death. turning to california, dramatic shootout, apolice officer was shot with a photographer-only feet away, capturing it all. we want to warn you that the video is graphic. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: moments after the shooting el cajon officer can be seen holding his neck where he's just been hit. >> shots fired. officer is down. happened right in front of me. >> reporter: with his gun still clenched in his other hand, the officer makes a run for it collapsing to the ground. his partner struggles to drag him to safety still under fire from a man inside a house who police later identified as kevin collier. seconds later a pair of residents helped drag the wounded officer clear.
8:04 am
>> it's going to be okay. >> reporter: he is conscious the whole time. about eight minutes after he was hit, the officer is put into a squad car and rushed away. police say the suspect shot and killed a 14-month-old believed to be his daughter before setting the house on fire. he was reportedly in the midst of a divorce. >> we've known him longer than we've known anybody and a few days ago i guess they were having problems. >> reporter: a burned adult body found inside the house is believed to be the gunman but the investigation continues. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news. >> and police believe the gunman also shot and killed his mother-in-law before the fire. and now here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, bianna, and hello to everyone. good morning, america. tonight on "world news." for the first time, glen campbell is going to talk at length about his diagnosis of alzheimer's. he has sung the songs that move
8:05 am
us so much. tonight he will give everyone strength with the story of his life. bianna? >> lookingngorward to his story. thanks, diane. and finally, players at the little league world series arere anything but camera shy and this proves it. the pitcher from south dakota, bounced one off the camera shattering the lens cover but leaving the camera itself working just fine. strangely enough a player from the same team did the same thing over the weekend. what is it with the cameras? >> the chances of doing that? >> i'm just loving these baseball stories. i got more and more and more. >> the little league world series. so many great stories. they're adorable. >> the runner and the pitcher has his hands up in the air because he hit the camera. >> we got it. thank you, bianna. >> lara. >> let's get right to the "pop news heat index." first up, if you are over air travel
8:06 am
coming off the red eye between the cost, the crowding, the lines, perhaps you should check out the september ipad issue of "national geographic" magazine and looks at some other ways humans have come up with flying through the air. the video of a guy b.a.s.e. jumping from the peak of a mountain and a camera capturing it. it looks terrifying but there are people who think it's sitting in the middle seat at the back of an airplane is even more frightening. check that out on the ipad issue. and another genetically blessed hollywood offspring is in the works. ben affleck and jennifer garner have announced they're expecting number three. >> wow. >> in a statement released monday the actors both 39 said they are thrilled to have another baby on the way. and that baby will join 5-year-old violet and 2-year-old seraphina. congratulations. from "gma." >> we like that. and ryan gosling, one of hollywood's romantic leads.
8:07 am
but clearly he has the chops to be an action hero and the arms. ooh, not that i noticed. check out this amateur video of gosling jumping in, breaking up a fight between a street vendor and customer in downtown new york. it was posted over the weekend. it has gone viral and i don't think i need to point out why. do you think that he needs a permit for those guns? the unassuming actor drops his bag of grocery and separates the men, never flinches. when he's recognized as, hey, the guy from "the notebook." gosling even bought the item at the center of the fight. it was 10 bucks, he gave the guy 20 bucks. all around good guy. i didn't make it up. finally holy cow. a 1,500-pound cow continues to confound authorities. a master escape artist. she's eluded searchers since
8:08 am
may. she escaped from a german farm just before she was set to go to the slaughterhouse. she has outwitted a helicopter equipped with thermal imaging gear and animal trackers on for. her name is yvonne and she has even ignored some pretty irresistible bait. a handsome bull, his name is ernst, known as the george clooney of breeding bulls. maybe she is holding out for the brad pit of breeding bulls. not to worry, though, an animal sanctuary has bought the rights to yvonne. when she surfaces finally she is safe. until then -- moo. thank you very much. >> we're glad she's safe. how can you not find her? she's huge. >> they are utterly, utterly confounded. >> yeah, yeah. >> thank you very much. >> well, you did just get off the red eye so we'll give you a pass. >> at least i'm not wearing green. >> you got to stay with us daily
8:09 am
to know what we're talking about. >> what do you have. >> the jokes keep following. go ahead and let it out. >> all: good morning. >> robin, you had seen a little of these two. had you noticed anthony having breakfast with us this morning. good morningnganthony. just woke him up. are you all right? want to say good morning. >> good morning. >> that's exactly the way i feel every morning. looks just like that. you can say good morning, too. >> aaagh. >> that may have been n little bit loud. all right. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. this is what we'll talk about, dust devils going on in colorado. they don't last very long but they develop in the very strong daytime heating and this one kind of spun those clouds around in commerce city. near denver, in the denver area. today we get to about 99 and that's going to be a record. the heat goes all the way around the deep south. a quick look at the northeast, where we are right now. some gorgeous temperatures.
8:10 am
look at those cool numbers, 44 in new york state. >> we are live in times square but now it's back to -- >> all: lara. >> okay, you had one job. you had one job was to yell lara's name. now try again. it's back to you -- >> all: lara! >> here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma" morning menu. do girls really need a diet book? a lot of controversy here. we'll talk to the author who says he's sending a positive
8:11 am
message. and "bachelor pad" drama. shocker there. jake gets the hook and so much more and hottest fashions for fall for everyone in the family at 50% off and more. it's our s sect steals only for "gma" viewers and that's coming up. finally, there's a choice for my patients with an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem. today we have pradaxa to reduce the risk of a stroke e used by a clot. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin. and with pradaxa, there's no need for those regugur blood tests. pradaxa is progress. pradaxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding, and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, like unusual l uising.
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[ male announcer ] get 2 free strips at it's my right to breathe right! at cousin everett's blueberry farm, to talk about our blueberry juice drinks. they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, picked right from the bush, and they're good for you. taste real good, too! to give you an idea, let's whip up a quick sample. or you could just try this. [ chuckles ] yeah. ocean spray blueberry juice drinks -- real blueberries, real good. picture book for kids is causing controversy called "maggie goes on a diet." and its author is here with us to respond. but first here's abc's andrea canning with the debate his book has created.
8:16 am
>> reporter: on the cover of the new book "maggie goes on a diet" maggie is seen dreaming of a thinner self. the 14-year-old is bullied relentlessly. she was teased and made fun of just about every day at school. she was called fat if i and chubby and other names that were very cruel. searching the refrigerator in hopes she wowod feel bet better eating lots of bread and cheeses including some cheddar but after losing a lot of weight but eating healthier weights and exercising more she makes new friends and transforms into a star soccer player. sheing looked forward to her saturday morning game. move and more people were gipping to know maggie by name. playing soccer gave magli popularity and fame. now, the book's weight loss message targeting girls as young as 6 is stirring up big controversy before it's even been released. negative comments have been flooding the internet. one person wrote "terrible
8:17 am
reflection on our society. boycott the book. this is awful. another said "it takes so little to trigger eating disorders in children this. could be such a huge trigger." >> there is no question that books like this that teach our kids to focus on what's outside an suggest to them popularity comes with being thin is the wrong message to send to our kids. >> reporter: a recent study shows eating disorders for those under 12 have increased by 119% over the past decade. do you think sometimes your tummy is too big? >> sometimes. >> reporter: and you want to lose weight in your tummy? >> yeah. >> reporter: taylor was a healthy 6-year-old but she said something that shocked her mother tanya. >> she just out of the blue just said, mommy, why is my tummy so fat. a girl in the bathroom at school asked me why i was fat? >> i don't like to be my weight and my teacher always tells me that i have to run so i can be
8:18 am
really not like this size. >> reporter: her pediatrician says her bate is completely normal but this age perception can sometimes override reality. >> when kids laugh or giggle at someone who they think is chubby it's a wake-up call to start changing how we describe people and to change the way we treat people who may not look the way we do. >> reporter: we gathered a panel of our own little experts, a group of 5-year-old and 6-year-old girlslsnd showed them photos of random girls their own age. four girls here. do any one of these girls stick out to you. >> yes. >> reporter: which one sticks out? >> the girl in the blue. >> why. >> her tummy. >> her tummy. >> reporter: her tummy. >> the girl in the blue shirt is really -- >> chubby-wubby. >> reporter: chubby-wubby? >> reporter: the author of "maggie goes on a diet" paul cramer said he wanted children
8:19 am
to build confidence and know they're not alone with their struggles. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> paul cakramer joins us. now, you look like such a mellow guy. stirring up all this controversy. are you surprised. >> i'm amazed. i hadd no idea that anything lie this would ever happen. my intentions were just to write a story to entice and to have children feel better about themselves, discover a new way of eating, learn to do exercise, try to emulate maggie and learn from maggie's experience and children are pretty smart. they make a choice and they will make a good choice if you allow them that opportunity, if you push them and tell them they can't do something they'll probably go and do the opposite. >> and all those messages are
8:20 am
sent in the book. i read it last night but i think what set a lot of people off is this whole idea of a diet in that cover "maggie goes on a diet." fran said, one should not be on a diet especially a 4-year-old. we all should have a healthy diet and gallagher wilson said why not call it "maggie eats healthy"? >> that is absolutely a good question. if i entitled the book maggie eaea healthy, somebody in a book store looking at a title "maggie gets healthy" is really not going to identify with somebody who has been overweight or who has health problems who can't bend, play sports because they're just too uncomfortable. >> kids aren't thinking about a diet. whatattrikes me i looked at the book, it's not about a diet but about a girl eating healthy.
8:21 am
oatmeal at breakfast. changing her habits but yet that word sends august the wrong messages. >> again, i do understand it. if we say what is your daily diet consist ? if we use those words? what would you say that that means to you? to me it means what is it what you eat each day? what is your food that you normally eat each day? and we use that as what is your daily diet? so diet is kind of a misconstrued word, and it has many, many meanings. >> i think the other thing that struck me reading the book is, you know, you show a girl who's taken responsibility for herself. very well motivated. at the same time, all the kids who are making fun of her for being heavy, it almost seems to send the message right up until the very end there's nothing
8:22 am
wrong with that and only at the end you say it's sad you do this and through the whole book you show her responding to that. >> well, maggie is not a mean person. maggie is accepting that kids are mean and kids can be mean and she has decided to do something about it, to take things in her own hands, and try to change her life. try to make herself healthy by exercising and she does want to look better. she does want to feel better and she does want to not be teased. >> and finally to the critics who say you've been irresponsible, what's your response? >> i would respond if you haven't read the book, i don't know how -- i was always taught as a child and all my life you can't judge a book by its cover and i think all these people,
8:23 am
eshlg she personal supply those who wrote negative comments without reading it -- >> you have 5 million hits so far. >> i think about 5 million hits. >> paul kramer, we want to hear from you. head to our website what, do you ink? does a diet book for little g l girls send the wrong message. rose lovers, listen up. what happens when you're trapped living with your ex? that's unfold iing on "bachelor pad" and cameron mathison gives us the inside scoop. >> jake, kasey, this is the final rose. i leave tonight. i'm going to do my absolute best to take some people out with me. >> kasey -- >> reporter: jake pavelka may not be surprised if he gets evicted from "bachelor pad" but many are surprised he lasted this long.
8:24 am
living in the same toxic house as his ex vienna and her plotting boyfriend kasey, they pulled o o a power lay by eliminating jake. >> i don't think show knows what closure means in her heart. jake got his. he said his piece. he got his public rehabilitation. >> reporter: for jake redemption. for vienna and kasey, revenge. >> i think they do something that couples are always tempted to do, to reverse the hurt and betrayal they feel the other person has inflicted on them. vienna is a bit of a sadist. >> i don't want to be here. >> reporter: two ex-couples under the same roof, do you think that experience can be therapeutic? >> in life we have to learn that separation is not the same as abandonment and rejection. >> reporter: mike and holly are getting along really well.
8:25 am
i would say they're the mature couple on the show. and ultimately maybe this experience could help them. >> here's what m mes them mature. he is not stuck in punishing her for having rejected him. >> i am going to give this rose to holly. >> any chance that being in conditions like this with a show like this could actually bring them back together? >> absolutely. i think, you know, the extraordinary y essure and these extraordinary circumstances, it's -- i think it makes or breaks them. it's amazing how in touch with his emotions he is and how willing he is to open up to a many wochlt that's a tough thing for too many guys out there. i wish morguys would take a page out of his book. it's really smart. he is a very eloquent man. i'm impressed by the guy. >> i think a lot of people don't know how to have relationships and when they watch a show like this and see makeups and breakups they see women competing against other women for a man's attention and can kind of identify with these characters and imagine how they would do it for themselves.
8:26 am
>> i hope the viewers have the same perspective. >> don't try it at home. >> don't try it at home. >> unless you have a good therapist. >> you might get hurt. >> yeah, you might get hurt. >> but the drama isn't over. in this exclusive sneak peek only for "gma" next week holly and mike a a challenged with a game of kiss and tell. >> number five. >> and then comes number five. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes, so like blake he just laid it on her. there was some tongue in there. head movement, swag. motion of the ocean, you know what i mean? >> yeah. kind of a nightmare. >> in addition to love, the contestants on the show are battling for $250,000. thatatan be quite an incentive to make peace with your exes.
8:27 am
>> fill your air quotes when you said love. "bachelor pad" airs monday at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. one person is dead and three others are in the hospital about gunshot wounds following three separate shootings in oakland. fatal shooting happened near 79th avenue and other occurred on foothill boulevard and 38th avenue minutes later. still no word on motive for the gunfire. oakland police are under heavy pressure to reduce violence in the city. and here is megan with the latest. >> prepare to come to a stop at the bay bridge toll plaza,
8:28 am
traffic backed up into the maze this morning. we do have ten minute bart delay in fruitvale richmond daly city direction. due to an medical emergency. northbound 87 and northbound 238 and westbound 580 through the altamont pass. >> all right. we'll check in with mike nicco with the forecast right after thisisisisisisisisisisisisisisis
8:29 am
>> welcome back. dense fog along the coast but rest of us still seeing a lot of
8:30 am
sunshine. temperatures in the low 50s to 60s and 7-11 degrees warmer. mid to upper 80s in the north bay and mid-80s around the bay shore. seven-day forecast, warmth hangs around all seven days. >> thanks a lot. have a great day. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ party tonight >> that's "party rock anthem." we heard that play here on "gma." >> we sure did. >> ahead some of the most unbelievable parties for young kids. these parents, i don't know who you are, spending a whole lot of money breaking the bank to help their little ones celebrate the milestone. huge, huge dollars we're talking about. >> crazyzy crazy. >> oh, my.
8:31 am
>> yes, i was. yes, i was. robin, what's going on with you? turning up, turning your trash into treasure. how the folks at taking your junk are finding gold minings in that garbage. ♪ >> for example. sorry. not on the r r with us anymore. come on back. >> one of our favorite things on "gma," tory johnson always finds deals only for "gma" viewers and has all 50% off on fall fashions. nothing is going to be more than that. >> all right. right now, though, we've been talking about this all morning. kids' birthday parties much how much would you spend? a couple hundred dollars? >> how much am i spending? >> kid birthday parties are
8:32 am
going to the extreme. lavish celebrations, price tags in the tens of thousands and, bianna, you found out these parties are hitting the preschool set. >> like 5-year-olds, lara. whatever happened to hot dog and roller skating birthday parties but a lot of parents are feeling the pressure to shellllut a lot of dough. talking like $35,000 for just a party. >> explosion of children break through the gates. >> this might not look like your typical graduation party. >> i want some candy. >> reporter: and, well, that's because it's not. this is 5-year-old derek's preschool graduation. that's right, preschool. it's just one of the over the top parties you'll see in the hit tlc series "outrageous kid parties." >> he loves candy and loves to get sugared up. >> reporter: his devotion to candy is his mother's inspiration for the party, a
8:33 am
willy wonka candy fantasy. what do you think if we got chocolate and poured it down the side of the house. >> this party is really for donna and derek is a prop. >> reporter: so donna and little derek head to the candy store. their budget $500. >> donna is not very good with budgets. >> i think we need big lollipops too. >> about 100. >> one pound of the fun dip. one pound of the -- candy necklaces, gummy worms. >> 1,303 poichts $50. >> reporter: it's clear the candy budget isn't the only thing that got blown. >> best day ever. >> reporter: because no preschool graduation party would be complete withoho aerial dancers, bouncy house, a rock wall and a towering cake. >> yay! >> it is the coolest graduation party i ever been to.
8:34 am
>> reporter: if you think you can't put a price on cool think again. derek's parents spent a whopping $31,838. >> 20 years ago a clown making balloon animals was a big deal. now, i think people are trying to not only outdo one another but outdo themselves. >> birthday party i want is a country carnival. yeah. >> reporter: this little southern sweetie definitely knows how she wants to celebrate her 6th birthday. >> a ferris wheel, a roller coaster, a dunking booth. i want to enter on a horse. >> how do you want to dress. >> lick a cow y. >> reporter: sadie's mom has her own ideas. >> i know we have to get a caterer, some barbecue and a really big cake. >> how much do you think i can spend? >> $10,000. >> i just about fainted. >> reporter: dad might just faint when he finds out what mom
8:35 am
has planned next. >> we're going to put a nice air brush tattoo on your back. >> i think i was believing vicariously through watching sadie get a tattoo. >> pie friends are all going to be jealous. >> reporter: with her glittering tattoo in place she's ready to celeleate in style. >> party, party. >> reporter: no country carnival is complete without a live band, dunk tank, dog show, face painting, barbecue feast and a candy booth. >> all: happy birthday, sadie! >> reporter: of course, a 6th birthday party comes at a price. remember the $10,000 budget. sadie's parents were just slightly over, $32,550. >> i'm a little cow guy. yee-haw! >> yee-haw indeed. they haven't actually gotten
8:36 am
their birthday presents. derek got a $8500 rockk wall an sadie a doll collection worth 5700 bucks. a little over the top in my opinion. >> a little? >> a smidge, right, sam? >> i'm not judging. okay, i'm judging. >> it tune in to tlc on wednesday. sam, do you want to have a big cowboy carnival. >> that was one of my favorite parties was the cowboy party. when you make it simple youer it forever. my mom would make this strawberry cake i only got on my birthday. she made me one this year. see. but you can't have a $35,000 party every year. see, that's -- exactly. we want to talk about some bitter pictures first of all and a great one from space, by the way. astro ron. a view of irene and some other
8:37 am
great shots. to the boards. this heat going on in the west and finally the west is kicking in those summer numbers. take a look at sacramento. it stays warm, l.a. does as well, vegas, heat warnings at 105 today and a ao into wednesday. you cool off a bit at 104 on the third day of the panel. then that heat stays exactly if place for the next couple of days right into the deep south as well. tampa at 94. we are watching irene and we will follow it for you so you >> we're going to play the multiple cameras while we do this clever television thing. all that weather was brought to you by ocean spray. lara. >> hi, sam. coming up, deals you cannot afford to miss.
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need to look sharp for work, our tory johnson has found the deals for you that suit every member of the family and i'm going to hit the gift box because you are a gift. >> ah. >> you're saving so much for people. >> these are huge savings. every single thing is a minimum of 00% off and there's nothing more than $40 here so pretty amazing start with kmart. jeans for kids and juniors. boy, girl, juniors and there is route 66, a line on dream out loud by selena gomez and wait till you see this. regularly $14 to $18, already a good price, 7 bucks. these jeans start at 7 bucks, save 00% andnd all the links an codes on that's where you'll find the links to take you straight to the deals. >> i'm going trara to ann taylor after work. >> i know. you and i were talking obsessively about this. these are the it pants of the season, come in black and have
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navy and great. boutique stretch twill pants, a little stretch which is just perfect. come in a variety of styles and today through thursday the only deal you h he to go into the stores, good news, there are 27 aann taylor stores, regularly $88. >> how much? >> but $29. if you walk in and here's the catch you've got to say i saw it on "good morning america," you say "gma" you'll pay $29, 65% savings today through thursday and an ann taylor stylist will help you pick out the best fit that flatters you. >> yell "gma." you have to get it. wow, nicole miller at c.j. penny. >> this adorable top in purple and black and today only instead of paying $35 you pay just $17.00. pretty amazing on an adorable top. >> some sweaters we've been
8:43 am
seeing. >> from piperline. this sweater coat getting oohs and ahs in the studio. they're perfect to take you from now through the fall season. a buy that will last you throughout the year. only $59 too $69 but save 00% starting at just $29.50. can't beat that. they're really adorable. >> i love our crew. they're taking notes. >> taking notes. that's wonderful. now for our feet. >> for our feet soary rowsoles known for making very comfortable, stylish shoes. this peep toe, 3-inch heel, six different colors, get it online or go into any of the 88ary rowsol, instead of $79, $39.50 so saving you the pain in your feet and your wallet. 00% savings on this particular style in all six colors. can't beat that.
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>> now the guys are saying show them some love. >> eddie bauer has a whole lot of love, four different styles of pants, cords, contact chis and chinos. just about every color you can imagine, regularly 50 to $80, save 50%, a perfect time to stock up and save on these pants and tip for you on the abc website, there is also an eddie bauer exclusive for women so good reason for you to go online. >> okay. last but certainly not least. >> those scotteves makes these. it's the item itself. this is like an x-ray shot. you could sort of see it but there are all of these hidden pockets so for the guy on theheo who carries lots of stuff with him, key, sunglasses, money, wallet, ipod, whatever he has with him, put them into hidden sleek pocks and go through airport security you never have to worry about emptying out your
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pocks and you go through. regularlrl$70, of course, 00% off. we got you car covered. 0000off. not only will you find all of these deals on dotcom but eddie bauer exclusive and a really fun jewelry deal. what i love most about it, we're hearing back from so many viewers about how much they're saving. if you have an idea you want us to look for, go online and we'll try to find it for you. >> want to split the cab? thank you so much. get all of these details at got junk? you'll meet the guys who do. they also have a lot of money to show for it. come on back.
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now, just about all of us have more junk and clutter in our closets thaha we can stand. you'll meet one man turning that trash into big cash. brian is the business genius behind 1-800-got-junk. he's got the magic touch when it comes to finding hidden gems in your garbage. neal karlinsky has his story. ♪ >> reporter: if it's true one man's junk is another man's treasure what happens if you get everyone's junk? brian scuddermoore is the king of junk and he wants more. it used to be that investigates
8:49 am
of a junk man conjured up t the '70s tv show "sanford and son". >> you big dummy. >> big dummy. >> how would you like one across your lips? >> reporter: 41-year-old sc he is the idea man behind ford. 1-800-got-junk, it's become the starbucks of trash. his trucks are seemingly everywhere and his company has become a classic example of a simple idea executed to perfection. and raking in millions as a result. >> are you surprised this business has taken off as it has or are you more surprised no one thought of it first? >> a great question. i'm surprised no one thought bit. i'm a high school dropout or a jufr -- >> reporter: 1,000 trucks like this one spread out across the united states, canada and australia with one simple task.
8:50 am
to pick up people's unwanted stuff and get rid of it. is there a difference in the junk, you know, in australia versus north a arica? >> i thought there would be but there's not. we had a guy from ottawa in canada go to sydney and spend a few months working in the trucks in australia and said it's the same junk in every single city. >> reporter: he get some pretty weird stuff from john wayne's actual personal bieb toll a truck load of denture molds. a defused world war ii bomb, a trophy from a nudist cole think and a live kitten tucked abway inside a fridge. this man started with just $700 and an old pickup truck. there he is back then. >> called the company the rubbish boys. started knocking on doors when i saw a pile of junk in the alley and offered to cart it away for
8:51 am
a fee. >> he thought a catchy phone number like 1-800-got-junk would work better butt was taken and rank to of all places the idaho department of transportation. 60 phonenealls later he convinced to hit lem have it. >> welcome to huddle for tuesday. >> reporter: he runs the company with the enthusiasm of a start-up. the daily office huddle is mandatory.y. >> one, two, three. >> all: record-setting june. >> reporter: despite the dirty work he makes sure all the trucks are incredibly clean and believes in free advertising at all costs. his own car is wrapped in his company's logo and the they're parked in prominent places. >> what do you do with all the junk you collect. >> we take it to transfer stations, landfills are the last resort, 61.3% what have we haul away gets reused.
8:52 am
our goal is 75% by 2014. >> reporter: it has been getting a strange boost from a weird pop culture phenomenon. hoarders. not just the problem but the hit a&e show which uses 1-800-got-junk on their calls. >> some people it's just like clean out my entire garage and they're watching and we're like, oh, gee, i didn'tt know i had that. i don't think people don't realize how much they have until they get rid of it. >> reporter: he believes even in the toughest times opportunity is out there as long as you're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get dirty. >> i have trouble just standing and watching. >> reporter: i'm neal karlinsky in vancouver. a good night's sleep.
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well done, sam. this morning we asked you about the diet book for little girl, if it sends the wrong message. here's how you responded. let's see. 73% said yes, it does send the wrong message, 27% said, nope. >> not even close, 3-1. thanks for watching abc news. always online at twitter and facebook. remember to watch "world news with diane sawyer" later today. i switching to progressive could mean
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mount diablo school district trustees will consider a new contract that will shorten the year. the cuts would make the academic year 175 days compared to a statewide average of 180. budget cuts are forcing the move. for kids at school today, recesses might get a little warm. >> we're talking about summer warmth, low to mid 90s and low to mid-80s for most of us and mid to


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