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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america and breaking news. that monster storm zeroing in on the u.s. at this hour. hurricane irene now 750 miles wide and i'm getting stronger. thrashing the bahamas overnight. latest track, straight for new york city and boston. the whole east coast on high alert. thousands of people prepare to evacuate as the storm bears down. the navy gets ready to move ships and aircraft away from the hurricane's path. sam has the very latest on where and when it will hit. we're live from the eye of the storm. steve jobs resigning as head of one of america's biggest
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companies. why the visionary who brought us the love of electronics from the mac to the ipad says he has to step down. the suspect, 20 months after hihiwife susan powell disappears josh powell sits down for his first interview. >> did you kill your wife? >> get ready for an extraordinary and exploding confrontation. susan powell's father is with us to respond. and good morning, everyone. as i was telling george before we went on the air this reminds me of living on the mississippi gulf coast. you don't know where it's going. there's been a big shift overnight in how this massive hurricane is tracking. right now forecasts are showing it headed right for the east coast's biggest cities. irene only getting more powerful as it gets closer.
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>> this is here in the bahamas ere the storm battered the islands overnight and there was widespread damage there. >> on its way now to the carolinas. we want to take you live there, as well. it will look pretty calm in the carolinas and empty because a hurricane watch has already been issued for north carolina. that means that a hurricane could come within 36 hours. we have full team coverage of this coming storm. let's start in the bahamas. linsey davis is there live and see how hard that rain is coming down. linsey? >> reporter: good morning, george. we have just been getting punished all night with this cruel wind, rain and rough surf and what's called the dry side of the hurricane so this is what it looks like and feels like to dodge the proverbialbullet. i can only imagine the impact at the center of irene and the main concern obviously for the united states is that as it leaves the
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bahamas it's only expected to intensify. i'm getting blown around here, category 3 going to a possible category 4 taking aim at the east coast. many of the southeastern islands of the bahamas currently without power. the main event right now is the wind more than it is the rain but certainly lots of debris, lots of damage and flooding, as george? >> i can see how much trouble you're having just keeping your balance right there. how does it feel? >> reporter: yeah, i feel like i could actually almost like lean back into the wind and it would just hold me up virtually. again, not much of a rain event as much it is wind. but as i was standing waiting to go live i was being pelted with various debris just from off the street. pretty dangerous to be out here right now. >> we want to you get inside. >> take shelter right now.w. all right, george, we know it's headed this way in north carolina to be right in the bull's-eye of this monster storm that we're seeing. evacuations in the outer banks already under way. people boarding up their homes
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as they try to get out of dodge. abc's matt gutman is there for us. the calm before the storm, matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. that hurricaneneatch has been issued for most of north carolina, officials are telling us to take it very, very seriously. so much so that in about 55 minutes from now they've issued a mandatory evacuation order for all of the outer banks meaning that 145,000 people could try to get out of here clogging very few escape routes. by car a a boat, the exodus is under way and much of that flood ofumanity will squeeze through the outer banks' route 12 and bottleneck. this is almost totally deserted. most everybody is headed back north. this road floods almost immediately with any storm and irene is expected to bring a ten-foot storm surge. >> we must all prepare for the
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worst. >> reporter: how are you doing, captain al? how bad we joined captain al foreman running a charter boat for 40 years. are you more nervous about this than previous one. >> yes, because it's blowing 135 miles an hour. they're not built upuphigh. it wouldn't take much of a storm surge to do a lot of damage here on the uab. >> reporter: so many still tanning on the beaches and even riding jet skis, not ready to leave just yet. >> we got chased off last year by the storm. it amounted to nothing. so, we're not going to go >> reporter: but the navy is taking i iseriously. the entire fleet all the way north to maine, 126 warships could prepare to leave as early as today, george. >> thanks, matt. to sam now tracking the storm for the last couple of days. and, sam, this is not only a powerful storm. it is massive.
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>> it is really huge. from haiti all the way to miami, the clouds that extend there and that's about 800 miles. so, if you look at the feeder bands from this storm and go all the way back that's more than 1,200 miles' worth of storm at that point of that giant canopy of clouds. when we show you what it looks like as far as the track goes, it is generally -- here's the latest thing. we will tell you this has not changed much in the last three runs. that's why we've been concerned about it. often we show what looks like the spaghetti model that line of maybe half a dozen. but take a look what it really looks like. this is how we get the cone. there are dozens of models we use to show you the variations that could happen with this hurricane. but let's get down low. when we show you what it looks like on the jersey shore. the majority pass through the center. shoreside at atlantic city. and look up and you can see the stripes here. this is the model that we think and they think a a going directly over atlantic city. then, run up to new york city. this is very interesting because i have not ever seen these models go over new york city like this. but if you get street level, down toward the big empire state building here, you can look
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above the sky. and some of these forecast models would take what's the center of it over new york city. one more very interesting thing about boston is, if you look at how it's located in boston, most of these lines are west of boston. that's only bad news because the eastern part of the storm is the worst part of the storm. and most of the forecast models have all of that over boston in whatever strength it is. that's why the northeast is so concerned about this storm. robin? >> all right, sam. thank you. joining us now is the director of the national hurricane center, bill read. and we'll get to the major cities sam was pointing out. but right now, i know a lot has changed in the last 24 hours. where is hurricane irene expected to make landfall here in the u.s. first? >> well, our u.s. sites now are on the carolinas. we went with our 5:00 a.m. advisory. and the watch covers most of the coast of north carolina up to the virginia state line. then after the next 24 to 48
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hours we'll have to think further up the coast. >> when we tart thinking further up the coast, people here just now starting -- well, starting to settle in, they could be seeing the first hurricane in quite some time ofofhis magnitude, bill. >> this one is going to affect everybody as it goes up the coast. we don't see it moving far out to sea and skipping a few places in the past it skipped. >> you were e lking about the rainfall, the amount of water that hurricane irene has. >> well, as you can see on the satellite animations that are going on behind me, it's already a fairly large storm. and as it moves northward it'll get even larger. and very important, this one on our forecast is moving slower by quite a bit than the average storms. usually move in 25 to 35 miles an hour by the time they get to the northeast. we're only forecasting 15 to 20 miles an hour through the northeast. >> so, there's a lot to be concerned about.
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not just the wind but the rain and the duration of irene it could be. but just again to emphasize to people here who are -- who just can't fully grasp the magnitude of what could be heading this way. >> exactly. and another point on the slower motion, it gives more time to build up the tidal elevations and then the storm surge that will be associated with this storm. too early to pinpoint. but a large part of the coast that could be impacted on this path. >> what specifically can you say about manhattan itself, new york city and long island? >> well, it's too early to nail it down. but you're certainly in the risk area, very heavily right now. it's going to be a couple of days of anxious waitininand us planning and your local officials figuring out how best to activate their plans as it approaches. >> all right, bill. thank you very much for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> george? >> okay, robin. thanks. we turn now to the big news about steve jobs. the man who changed the way we
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experience music, movies and media stepped down as ceo late yesterday from the company he founded, apple inc. it raises new questions about the future of the company. neal karlinsky covered this remarkable man and his company for years. and he's live from los angeles and, neal, we all knew he had been battling cancer for years. the resignation still has the feel of a shock. >> reporter: it sure does, george. and you're right. that's even though we knew this day was likely coming sooner or later. but after all, steve jobs is not your average ceo. from the iphone to the ipad, he has changed our lives in so many ways. and this morning, he's no longer at the head of apple, the company he founded and turned into one of the most successful ever. he is the man who almost single-handedly change the way we communicate, entertain ourselves and for just about everything there is an app for that. the reclusive billionaire lets
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his work do the talking. but you can get a sense of him in a rare interview he gave us when he unveilil the iphone in 2007. are you worried when you reach the point there isn't another piece of killer hardware to come out with to wow the world? >> again, we don't worry about stuff like that. we just try to build products that we think are wonderful and people might want. and sometimes we're right. and sometimes we're wrong. but i think we're going to hit a grand slam with this. >> reporter: even if you're not a fan of steve jobs and apple, consider this. one of the most influential innovators on the planet on the planet for 100 years just resigned. >> the news is pretty shocking. i didn't expect it to come today. it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: in a letter to apple's board of directors jobs wrote, i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has
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come. he beat a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2004. came back, then started to lose weight, appearing shockingly thin right up to a top-secret liver transplant in 200909 but unlike most companies, steve jobs defines apple which he rules with an iron will, a demand for perfection and innovation. his replacement, apple's chief operating officer, tim cook, has filled in for jobs before with great success. but brilliant as he is, just about every analyst on the planet will tell you he's no steve jobs. >> everybody you talk to at apple is going to tell you steve jobs is one guy. but the truth is that steve jobs is a notorious micromanager. he is most of the reason that apple is what it is today. >> reporter: jobs will remain as chairman of the board. still, the company is likely to get hammered today on wall street. even so, it's important to note, this is a company that planned way out into the future. and so the next iphone, the iphone 5 and many other new products and innovations are already in the pipeline, george. >> well, that's what i wanted to ask you about. we saw you talk about the new ceo, tim cook. and he is well prepared for the
7:13 am
job. but how deep is that preparation and is the company really geared up for the future? >> reporter: they will tell you they are absolutely geared up for the future. that steve jobs has surrounded himself with brilliant people. jonathan ives who does design. tim cook who has been running the company on and off while jobs has been out. he's very experienced. he's jobs' favorite guy. he is brilliant. they feel like they can keep the momentum going even without steve jobs there day-to-day. >> as you said steve jobs defines apple. neal karlinsky, thanks very much. breaking news out of libya. a group of rebels are reportedly surrounding gadhafi's compound where they believe he is hiding. we go to abc's jeffrey kofman. jeffrey? >> reporter: the source is reuters. they arereaying gadhafi and several of his sons are in that apartment building. we are watching closely.
7:14 am
and we will keep you posted. that gadhafi compound that was liberated this week. who's on top that have building? it is controlled not by rebels. but by snipers. >> there is some militia of gadhafi from the building. >> reporter: some gadhafi soldiers just won't give up. this route is -- >> not safe. this is not safe. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: all right. yeah. come on. we're as far as we can go inside the gadhafi compound. let's go this way, please. come on. this is not an image of victory. a rebel soldier shot in the neck. we watched helplessly as he died. he got to taste just 24 hours of a free libya.
7:15 am
the news was better at the rixos hotel where 35 journalists and hers were freed after being held by gadhafi loyalists. their captors had no idea that gadhafi had been toppleded >> they believed they were protecting us from the rebels. they said if we go outside the hotel, the rebels will kill us. they were going to rape the women. that was when tripoli was back in the hands of colonel gadhafi. >> reporter: they're erasing all trace of his dictatorship. while his people lived in poverty, gadhafi's eight children sure didn't. they saw a life of staggering excess and to steal anything they could. once again, robin, we are monitoring reports that gadhafi has been located in an apartment near his tripoli compound. and he is there with his sons. we'll keep you informed as we learn more. >> jeffrey kofman, in tripoli. let's turn to the other stories developing right now. our weekend anchor bianna golodryga in for the vacationing josh elliott. >> hey, good morning to you, robin. good morning, george. good morning, everyone at home.
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we begin with the biggest aftershock from tuesday's earthquake that shook the east coast. this one hit at 1:00 this morning in virginia. a magnitude 4.5 quake. new pictures show debris inside the washington monument from tuesday's quake. as you can see, damage is worse than first thought. inspectors have now found at least three significant cracks at the top of the monument which is closed indefinitely. well, a scare at l.a.x. airport in los angeles. a jetway connecting an american airlines plane to the terminal collapsed sending a pilot and passenger plummeting at least ten feet to the ground. they had to be taken to the hospital. and it is unclear what caused the collapse. there are new details this morning about the prime suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner, the maryland woman missing in aruba since august 2nd. even before gary giordano traveled with gardner to aruba, he was facing financial and legal troubles. ashleigh banfield has the details. >> reporter: three weeks since robyn gardner vanished and still no sign of her. but a clearer picture is emerging of the man being held in aruba, after authorities say
7:17 am
he tried to cash in on an insurance policy on her life. >> each one of the pieces of this story seem to be turning around against him. >> reporter: according to court documents, gary giordano had been struggling financially in the last few months. the twice-divorced father of three tried to have his child support payments lowered. he had been making nearly $5,000 a month when they were set in 2009. but he cited a material change in circumstances in his request. >> the evidence is piling up. >> reporter: and just last winter giordano sued a company in virginia. the court documents show the suit was based on a contract the company claims giordano forged. he ultimately dropped his suit but not before the defendants claimed giordano lied repeatedly. >> i accused him of committing perjury. i accused him of fabricating documents. i accused him of the worst sort of behavior that i could think of. >> reporter: while giordano's american life becomes more public, his 19 days in an aruban jail may be getting more lonely. authorities say no one has come
7:18 am
to visit. no friends, not even family. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news. >> our thanks to ashleigh for that. finally, jaw-dropping footage of a close call for a teenager in australia. look at this. the boy thought it would be fun to sprint across the path of a speeding train. but apparently he survived the stunt, barely, though. he was clipped by the train just as he reached the platform. luckily he avoided serious injury. take a look at that. i mean, clipped. he thought this would be a funny stunt. the video was released as part of a safety campaign to keep others, maybe copycats from pulling the same stunt. >> what not to do. >> i hope that's the effect it has. you never know with these things. the more you show people say, how about that idea? >> does not look like fun. >> insane. >> thank you, bianna. sam, let's get some weather. >> speaking of insane. there are thunderstorms and thunder showers we want to talk
7:19 am
about today. detroit, cleveland, buffalo. stormy yesterday. washington, new york city, philadelphia, boston, today, these are big, booming thunderstorms and remember in advance of a big storm we're talking about irene. the big heat into the deep south. we want to show you the path one more time. latest from the hurricane center. that takes irene a major hurricane right now weakens it ever so slightly. and clips the eastern coast of north carolina and kind of moves through new york city also the boston area as of right now. we'll watch for changes.
7:20 am
"good morning america" is everywhere with this storm. we'll show you a live shot of nassau. a lot of debris flying off buildings. and trees beginning to come down as the winds -- take a look at that palm tree shaking very viciously, pretty wildly as the winds kick up. you'll hear a lot of reference to hurricane bob and hurricane gloria. that's the basic track of bob. this one is more west. so, that's why w wre more concerned of it.
7:21 am
robin? george? >> got to keep a close eye on it, sam, thank you. coming up, josh powell speaks out. his first interview since his wife vanished 20 months ago. he is the only person of interest in her disappearance. what really happened to his wife. you've got to see this. >> also susan's father. we'll get his reaction to josh powell's side of the story. and show me the money. is there cash out there waiting for to you claim it? we'll show you how easy it is for you to cash in. it's so great to meet you!
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former giants slugger barry bonds is going ask a federal judge to set aside his conviction on obstruction of justice. they rendered the verdict on may. bonds' lawyers question the instructions the jurors received. prosecutors will decide whether they will retry him on perjury charges. they claimed he lied back in 2003. sigh how the thursday morning commute is going. a tough drive if you are leaving cotati toward petaluma. an earlier consent cleared out but slow traffic remains southbound 101. san rafael, stall, flatbed is blocking the freitas overcrossing, a little slow traffic there, jammed behind the toll plaza and metering lights remain on. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. mike has a look
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>> you can see the low clouds over san francisco. this is what is causing the flight arrival delays. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, mild right now. sea breeze will drop our temperatures this afternoon with clouds back to the coast by 2:00. 70s around the bay into the north bay, 80s into the south bay. it will be
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do you still love her? >> yeah. >> wow, quite a pause there from josh powell. his wife, susan, has been missing since december 2009. now, he is the only person of interest in the case. and so much suspicion swirls around him because of his bizarre behavior the night she disappeared. but now, he's giving his side of the story for the first time saying he thinks she might have run away, maybe with another man.
7:31 am
>> it is a riveting conversation. and susan's father, you're going to have a chance to speak with him to get his thoughts about what we're about to hehe. >> a lot of explosive allegations being thrown out there. but let's get right into that interview with josh powell. as we said she vanished on a night her husband went on a camping trip after midnight in winter weather. he sat down with abc's abbie boudreau. abbie? >> reporter: good morning, george. brand-new allegations. her husband josh is now claiming that a stack of old diaries may hold some new clues. did you kill your wife? >> no. >> reporter: their family seemed picture-perfect. two, beautiful children, a home in a peaceful salt lake city suburb. but when susan powell suddenly vanished in december 2009, all eyes turned to her husband, josh, who eventually became the only person of interest, according to police. did you have anything to do with the disappearance of your wife? >> no. >> reporter: nothing?
7:32 am
>> nothing. >> reporter: josh told police he took his boys on a winter camping trip the night his wife disappeared. leaving their home after midnight to drive to a campsite two hours away in the bitter cold. when he returned he says his wife was gone. now, after 20 months of harsh accusations and bitter family embroilment, he tells abc news his story. what is the truth? >> people who know me know that i'm a good dad. i work hard. i put my sons first. i was a good husband. i took care of my family. >> reporter: i see you're still wearing your wedding band. >> yeah. >> reporter: do you still love her? >> yeah.
7:33 am
i guess you could say that i still love her. >> reporter: at times he stopped the interview, claiming he needed time to collect himself. why take your two, young sons camping after midnight freezing cold temperatures? >> well, we just go out and do things that are fun. >> reporter: but it's after midnight. you know, shouldn't your sons be sleeping? weren't they sleeping? >> people who know me know that time is hard for me to keep track of. i tend to be spontaneous. i do things in the spur of the moment. >> reporter: why not call work the next morning to say, hey, i was out camping, i'm not going to be in today? >> to be honest, saturday was a blur. i was convinced it was still saturday. >> reporter: and the search for susan powell continues. just last week, west valley city police following up on new leads, searching these abandoned mines in the nevada desert for clues.
7:34 am
while josh and his father, steven powell, have been making parts of susan's old journals public, claiming it provides possible reasons for her disappearance. what do those journals tell you about susan's life growing up? >> susan was very emotionally abused as a child. her mother has some very -- she has a very angry personality. her father is very manipulativiv >> reporter: josh powell claims that at times susan was unstable. had even contemplated suicide at different points in her life. >> she has walked out the front door in her underwear, started walking down the street. and at the time when all this stuff was happening it was mortifying to me. i tried to protect her from doing things that i thought might embarrass her or our fafaly in that respect, you know? >> reporter: josh says he thinks
7:35 am
susan may still be alive and wonders if she left him and their two, young children for another man. a claim police will not substantiate. has she ever been unfaithful to you? >> never that i know of. >> reporter: then why do you think she would just run off with another man? >> she is a very sexual person. >> reporter: josh powell's father, steven powell, then goes on to make the bizarre claim he's had a sexual relationship with his daughter-in-law. >> susan was very, very sexual with me. she was very flirtatious. i mean i'm her father-in-law. and she would do a lot of things that -- i mean she was just -- she did it. i did -- i mean we i ieracted in a lot of sexual ways because susan enjoys doing that. >> reporter: do you think a part of you started falling in love with susan? >> that's pretty likely, yeah. i mean -- yeye, i would say so. and there's no question in my mind that the feelings were mutual.
7:36 am
>> reporter: despite his father's claims, josh is still holding on to hope. you think she's still alive? >> at times. it's a rollercoaster. >> reporter: what would you want to say to her r she's watching? >> that i miss her. that she's -- that i love her. that she's got two boys who love her. >> reporter: we did talk to the police, who are in charge of this investigation. and they say they are not responding to any of these new allegations because this case is still open and active. george? >> thanks, abbie. for more on this, we're joined by susan powell's father, chuck cox, from seattle. thanks for joining us this morning, mr. cox. there's so much to respond to here. first of all, those allegations from susan's father-in-law, steven powell. that they had a flirtatious sexual relationship, that he started to fall in love with
7:37 am
susan and the feelings were mutual? >> yeah, that's completely false. she had told us a long time ago before they moved to utah that he had made some advances toward her, basically. and she didn't go into details with me, but s s told us that it made her uncomfortable. her husband didn't seem to care. so, they decided they were moving to utah. so, one of the main reasons for that was to get away from steve. >> had you ever heard before from steven? or any of these rumors that he actually had a relationship with her of some kind? >> no, i had never heard that from steven. and i never heard anything from my daughter. i think she was concerned about inappropriate -- she felt uncomfortable when they were there. and she said it involved steve and -- but there was nothing there. >> josh also believes that susan could still be alive. that she may have left with another man. >> yeah, and that's just ridiculous. the police have already
7:38 am
investigated the possibility she could have left on her own and have determined that did not happen. >> as you pointeteout, josh is still not cooperating with the police or the fbi. yet, he is speaking to reporters. now, do you have any idea why he's doing this? >> i see josh -- josh as a desperate person. he needs to find some way to excuse his behavior or to deflect attention from the fact that he is unwilling to cooperate with the west valley city police department. that he is -- has no valid explanation for where he was. i do not believe for a minute that he went camping in the middle of the night with a blizzard approaching with two young boys. >> is there any doubt in your mind that he's behind your daughter's disappearance? >> i don't point fingers at him. i never have. and i let the police do the police work. the guilty parties will be punished. >> well, mr. cox, i know how difficult it is for you to come out and join us this morning to speak with us. and i appreciate it. thanks for your time. >> thank you, george.
7:39 am
now, let's get the weather with sam champion. sam? >> hey, george. we're watching all the variables what could be the track of irene here. has to go around this area of high pressure and there's a series of cold fronts that are coming out of the northeast. now, sometimes those cold fronts act like an old-fashioned pinball machine. and the bumper bumps it out in the atlantic. this time, we think it might have to curve in behind a front. the timing just isn't right. so, on the current track of irene the way the hurricane center has it laid out, you have 50-mile-per-hour to 70-mile-per-hour winds in new york city and boston over the weekend. it's a saturday hit for cape hatteras, we think, with the same kind of wind speed there. as far as rains go, this storm is capable of bringing 6, 12 inches of rain easy to those areas shaded in red, the jersey shore, long island, also into connecticut, rhode island and parts of massachusetts, as well as that eastern part of north carolina. quick look at the big board. we'll show you the big heat and the drought that's going through dallas there and drier into the northeast. nassau this hour we will he show you how the storm is pounding that area. remember, we're talking about a category 3 hurricane.
7:40 am
i'll be quiet here so you can just listen. because that's what it sounds like with a 69-mile-per-hour, 70-mile-per-hour wind gust. and that's exactly what we're talking about, the strength of that wind through some of the major cities in the northeast because nassau didn't get the worst part of this storm either. even though this storm is bigger and more powerful right now, the worst effects are on the eastern island, not in the nassau area. so, that is what some of the all that weather was brought to you by crest. george? >> thank you, sam. and coming up, the trail of text messages that may be the key to finally solving a high school murder mystery.
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we're back at 7:44. now to shocking new details about a high school murder mystery just outside of boston. the accused an 18-year-old football star, nathaniel fujita, his longtime girlfriend and the text messages he exchanged with lauren just before her brutal murder. abc's sharyn alfonsi has this story for us. >> reporter: they were high
7:45 am
school sweethearts. she an aspiring fashion designer and dedicated volunteer, he a high school football and track star. but prosecutors say weeks after nathaniel fujita and lauren astley broke up he brutally murdered her dumping her body in a massachusetts marsh. now, more information about the chilling moments that led up to the crime. prosecutors say nathaniel was distraught after the breakup. writing a letter to lauren saying "i truly think there is a part of you that still loves me, you just have to let me find it." his mother had secretly visited lauren at the mall where she worked telling her that she was concerned for his well-being. lauren then sent multiple text messages to nathaniel trying to set up a time to talk. he responded, they decided to meet after she finished work. call me when you get out, nathaniel wrote. she drove to his house parking near a fence so his mother wouldn't see. here she texted at 7:05 p.m., the last message she ever sent.
7:46 am
>> in an act of friendship, your honor, lauren astley reached out to this defendant but this defendant reciprocated that act of friendship by killing her. >> reporter: prosecutors say nathaniel brutally beat then strangled her with a bungee cord and slashed her throat multiple times. as the gruesome details were revealed in court, her father wept. >> lauren astley's throat was also slashed. >> reporter: after the arraignment he read this statement from lauren's family. >> our hearts are with the many who continue to feel the shock and pain of the tragedy and to understand it as best we can. >> reporter: for "good morning america," sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> and now fujita faces life in prison if convicted without a chance for parole. coming up, the supermodel who says she's revealing her big seeks to looking super svelte just months after giving birth,
7:47 am
and we are headed back to the hurricane zone, live from the bahamas with hurricane irene. [ male announcer ] your eye doctor can't always be there if you sleep in your contact lenses. lucky for you, air optix brand has a lens approved
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7:56 am
state assembly committee will consider a senate bill that will replace the death penalty with life sentences without the possibility of parole. they approved the measure last month. supporters of the bill argue that capital punishment does not deter crime and costs taxpayers too much money. if it becomes law they would
7:57 am
close san quentin's death row. >> clouds will be out of the bay by 2:00. so cooler weather 70s around the bay to mid to upper 80s in east bay valleys. warmer this weekend. couple issues in san francisco, both north and southbound 280 at 101 a stall, at john definitive ly boulevard and it's jammed all the way into the maze. >> the news continues now with "good morning america.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
that is nassau in the bahamas. hurricane irene hitting so hard right now, 70-mile-an-hour winds in nassau. you sasalinsey davis at 7:00 a.m. getting blown around by those winds. that is not even a direct hit from irene. that is how powerful this storm is. that's just the western edge of hurricane irene in nassau in the bahamas right now. you see the trees swaying. tiles have been blown off roofs this. this is one powerful storm. >> it is and heading to the u.s. and linsey davis will have more coming up in the newscast.
8:01 am
we have on the other side, the flip side, some happy faces. we showed them the money. then, we went on a hunt to see how easy it was to find unclaimed cash for our staff. and we're putting everything we learned to work finding you. more importantly, you the money. >> those in the control room don't look like they're so happy quite yet. they're busy with the hurricane. this is really important. there are ways to help all of you. >> easy ways. >> to get some money at home. you know you are never too old to want to feel or look younger. the surprising steps one grandmother took to turn back the clock. she'll tell us why it was so important to her. >> oh, all right there, lara. more importantly to that hurricane with linsey. >> we'll turn to linsey right now. we begin with new worries about hurricane irene and the track it could take up to the biggest cities along the east coast this weekend. it's expected to strengthen into a category 4 storm and is already lashing the bahas, where we find abc's linsey davis this morning. and, linsey, it appears winds have even picked up in the last
8:02 am
hour since we last spoke to you. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this is by far the worst of what we've seen from irene, even throughout the night. this rooftop here was sheared off. as you move to the middle of the street, trees completely knocked down. you can go over a little further to the rooftop over here, the tiles have started flying off of the roof. we're expected to get 100-mile-per-hour wind gusts. i'm not sure i iwe've gotten there just yet. but again enough already to cause significant damage. >> and, linsey, the last time we saw you, you were on the beach. you were barely able to stand up. can you describe to what has happened in even the last hour? >> reporter: a think a lot of the damage has happened in the last half hour. right down here you can probably hear this, taking place, we saw this.
8:03 am
and it was so dangerous, the debris in the street. and now, large chunks of wood d and different objects are being tossed out in the middle of the street. >> all right, linsey. please do stay safe. we appreciate your reporting. this is the first hurricane watch issued for north carolina's outer banks. tourists and residents are evacuating coastal areas and the navy he ordered an entire fleet out to sea to protect the ships. and sam m s the latest track in a moment. reuters is reporting that rebels have surrounded moammar gadhafi in tripoli. that claim has not yet been verified. in other news, there appears to be a new front runner the race for president. texas governor rick perry hasn't even been in the race two weeks but a new gallup poll shows him enjoying a double-digit lead over the rest of the contenders. dick cheney's secret. he kept a signed resignation letter in a safe, in case he suffered a heart attack.
8:04 am
and finally, a surprising answer to a whodunit at the georgia jewelry store. $10,000 worth of diamonds mysteriously vanished just moments after the owner turned his back. well, the culprit was his dog, honey bun, who clearly has a penchant for the finer things in life. the owner simply waited for nature to take its course and revealed the diamonds the next morning. this has nothing to do with our "show me the money" segment. but you can find diamonds anywhere. >> honey bun looks like she was born for diamonds. >> yeah, you don't have to go to those lengths to find it. let's get over to lara at the big board. lara? >> thanks, robin. right to our "pop news heat index" trying to put out a potential fire. will smith and his wife, jada pinkett smith, laughing off rumors their relationship is in trouble. that was their response when tmz caught them having a romantic brunch in malibu looking like
8:05 am
they're in good spirits, hopefully putting those rumors to rest. and the most powerful woman in the world is, not oprah. of course, she still makes the list of "forbes'" top 100 but she has dropped to number 14. angela merkel, number one. but the bigger story is lady gaga coming in above oprah at number 11. the list includes 20 ceos, 8 heads of state and 2 women that we see here on the abc building all the time, christiane amanpour and our own diane sawyer. and we unfortunately know the term drive-by shooting. but this is a first for me. a walk-by pillow pounding. a guy packing heat in the way of two pillows passes his target. then, he pounces. the two go at it as people drive by in their cars, i am sure simply dumbfounded by these knuckleheads. the prank posted on youtube yesterday has already gone
8:06 am
viral. a lot of time on their hands apparently. finally, coconut oil. could it be the secret to looking like a supermodel? victoria secret stunner miranda kerr, wife of orlando bloom, and did we mention she just had a baby? she recently did an interview. and she swore by the healthy fat. four tablespoons a day. she dribbles it on salads or puts it in tea. sales are said to have gone through the roof. she attributes her perfect complexi complexion, her glossy hair, to this miracle oil. but will it give us that bikini body? and more important, robin and bianna, do i have e me to get to cvs in the next commercial break? >> coconut oil, right on the grocery list right now. >> yes, i'll get you one. >> okay. >> i don't use coconuts. maybe i should. >> get you looking like -- >> something about coconut oil.
8:07 am
sam, help me out here. >> i got nothing. i really can't. but i'll tell you right back into nassau. we want to show you some pictures from what's going on in the bahamas. our cameras are right there as the storm is passing east. so, this is not the worst side of the storm of the pictures you're looking at. a little sound. you can hear the rain. you can hear everyrying. the wind blowing there. you can see the palm trees whipping around. and one of the things that i'm thinking about now as i see this picture, these are the conditions that we're talking about in major metropolitan areas because this is not the worst. this is not the 115-mile-per-hour side of the storm. these are from tropical storm to hurricicane gusts. and that's what major cities in the northeast could be seeing by the time we get into the weekend. and when we put linsey off the beach and put her in a place that is safe to show you those pictures, we do that because when you see us out on a beach there's not a lot of debris to be had. so, when we're covering the
8:08 am
storm and see the reporters blowing around on the beach. in a city environment where glass is breaking and a lot of debris flying you can't have people out there. i know a lot of you will be tempted to capture it on your cell phones or flip cams as it goes through major metropolitan areas. the debris is what is going to get you. so, kind of resist that idea that you're going to go out and be your own reporter for some of this, only because of some of the safety measures. we watch it work up the coastline and weaken, makes s punch on the hatteras area on the outer banks of north carolina by saturday. when we get into sunday into monday, talking about new jersey, delaware as well, new jersey, long island and connecticut, massachusetts, rhode island. and moves on up with the remnants of it, what's left of it will go up into the coast of maine. that's the latest advisory. hasn't changed yet again from what we were looking at earlier. rough surf, as well. a lot of coastal damage with extra water, 6 to 12 feet in the areas shaded in red, 4 to 6 feet. extra water going over the shore. a lot of vulnerable beach areas will kind of have a lot of damage there, even on the eastern seaboard if this hurricane, irene, follows the
8:09 am
track. and right now there is no reason all day long, no matter where you are, you'll be able to get the latest information on the hurricane and the latest pictures at lara? >> thank you, sam. here's a look at what's head on the "gma morning menu." we will show you the money. some lucky people in our times square studio are going to be a little bit richer in just a few minutes. and it's just ththbeginning. we're going to help you find
8:10 am
unclaimed cash. and imagine your grandmother getting breast implants. that is what this woman did. she wanted to perk up her life, pun intended. and she tells us why plastic surgery is the answer. it is a growing trend. and we will talk about that. and becky worley shows us how to get the most for our money. her tricks on getting every last drop out of your makeup bottles and tubes, coming up on "gma." right now, sears has amazing prices on amazing
8:11 am
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vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. so why wait ? ask your doctor today... ... about taking care with vesicare.
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[ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today. ♪ i want to be rich >> now to one of our pose popular series ever -- >> show me the moaning! >> our studio audience. members of our staff, we'll find
8:15 am
people, help people find unclaimed cash they didn't even know about. we're kicking off a new search starting with -- isn't this gorgeous, our staff, behind-the-scenes people you never get to see. we love them testing out the best ways to help you find your money. elisabeth leamy. we bow to you. we bow to you. i'm wishing you all --- not everyone will get the money. >> we will see, won't we? well, here's why we search for money for our own staff because roughly one in ten people have unclaimed money waiting out there for them and yet so few bother to check. we wanted to prove that if you just spend ten minutes searching, you too could be saying, cha-ching! hi high-five. >> high-five. >> how about that? >> you're good. >> thank you. >> reporter: we were hoping to create a show me the money moment for the people who work on our show. so we searched the names of 286
8:16 am
folks who toil in our "good morning america" studios and offices. >> garvin. jean goldston. >> ours was james a. and this was james p., we needed to be sly about it. >> with all your business knowledge where did you go to school. >> university of texas in austin. >> reporter: really. how did you lose the alabama accent? >> alabama, no, kentucky. i'm from -- i was from kentucky originally. >> reporter: my mistake. finally we had the proof that some of our people have money here. comptroller tom dinapoli do a prize patrol. >> we have a broad mission and very dedicated group of employees and the happiest ones
8:17 am
are those in unclaimed funds. that always puts a smile on everybody's face. >> robin roberts will be smiling when she gets money from her old cable company and her makeup artist has some waiting too. bianna golodryga, cash from her college days and josh elliott from his espn days. the state of california is holding lost paychecks for cameron mathison. ththe were three diane sawyers owed money and one of them was ours. >> i'm diane sawyer at nbc news headquarters in new york. >> reporter: we've got a surprise for many a guy that loves to surprise other, emeril lagasse and finally sam who will be feeling like a champion when he collects lost money from his cell phone company. >> kind of nice, isn't it? >> reporter: sam's producer darcy will be coming into some cash too and so are several other behind-the-scenes staffers. if we can find money for them, you can find for you. >> yes.
8:18 am
>> all right, that's exciting stuff, right? all right. i don't care who you are. >> it's out there. >> so funny. you have money waiting, george, sorry. >> i'm not going to leave it on the table. i check all the time. >> you make sure you get it. so but we have some people here. >> should we start on letting them know? okay. first number one, elena george. >> elena, $53.32. >> yay. >> this is not clearinghouse, come on. yay! congratulations. >> okay. this next person is keeping the show on the air from our control room, matt, come on down. matt, come on out. there he is. here he comes. here you go. yes, matt, matt, matt. >> come on, it's not a long show. >> move it, matt.
8:19 am
>> $417.55. >> what is that from? >> i don't remember what matt's is from. >> that was good, though. >> i'll take it. >> how do you feel? >> this is great. i don't know. this is wonderful. >> congratulations. >> okay. next up, sensina lucci. for you, $841.08. >> don't quit. >> senior vps, that's good money. >> yeah, i'm really excited. >> but there is more. we have one more. monica escavito. >> new york state has $936.28, monica. >> the checks are getting bigger and bigger but that's not all, right.t. >> well, the people coming here might or might not have money
8:20 am
waiting. but i lied. you all have unclaimed money waiting from the state of new york. >> whoo-hoo! >> you said it would be one in ten, about 10% of the country have unclaimed funds. >> we searched for 986 people. we found money for 34. that is 12% so our people are above average. >> wait a second. but again, bianna and sam, give us the grand total. >> yes. >> for everyone. >> what is the grand total here? >> tah-dah. lovely hand motion. >> $43,726. >> that is an awful lot of money but the important point here if we can find that much money here at "gma," $44,000, there is so much money for people at home if they would only look for itit >> that's right. i mean we searched for just 286
8:21 am
people and found that. it's easy internet search. all you need is a name, some old address, we've got an entire guide on our website for exactly how to search. people can also write to us and ask us for some help and i'm actually going to head outside to our friends out in times square and try to search for momo money for members of our audience. >> we love to return people's money. see how happy your team is. we want everybody out there happy. >> we should say, since show me the money has started we have have had hundreds and hundreds of thousands click in and get information on how to claim cash in so many different ways. >> and gotten all these fabulous e-mails saying in some cases the money is enough to change their lives in these tough times. i know you get that kind of reaction from people too. >> you know, typically people get a hundred dollars or less but sometimes it's in the thousands. >> you gave away 1.1 million.
8:22 am
>> higher. 1.7 million waiting for someone. >> you'll get some people from the audience. try to find -- get them some money and bring them back. >> if people write to us we'll try to do a search for them and let everybody know what we find. >> and congratulations to santina. more information on our web -- just kidding. lara? >> all right. robin. from found money to found curves. i know this is one of those stories that will have you all talking and there will be strong opinions on but it is a growing trend. for people living longer, more seniors are looking for a little lift in their lives. choosing to spend their hard earned money to go under the knife for plastic surgery and not just for face-lifts. among them the great grandmother that you're about to meet who wants to look as young as she feels. ♪ when it comes to body image in women cleavage is often froro and center of the discussion.
8:23 am
we all remember pamela anderson's famous run on the beach in "baywatch" and i'm getting breast implants is onen of the more popular cosmetic surgeries but marie kolstad of santa ana, california, brings a whole new dimension to the question, are they real? just a couple of weeks ago her story appeared in "the new york times" and lit up message boards on the internet. in a two-hour procedure last month this grandmother and great grandmother had her breasts augmented. >> do you love them? >> just right. exactly the way i wanted it. >> all right. >> reporter: she is 83 years old. how did you come to this decision? >> well, it's a time of my life when i just felt like i i needea change to make myself feel good. >> reporter: the first time the bandages were off and you looked in the mirror, what did you think of your -- >> the girls? >> reporter: you call them the girls? >> yeah. >> reporter: welel what did you think of the girls? >> i thought he did an excellent job. i was going to have a tummy tuck
8:24 am
and decided that was too dangerous so i decided to have this uplift. as you get older everything goes down and you have to l lk up. >> reporter: what was your reasons? when you looked in the mirror, what did you see. >> i saw kind of an old lady's body and i wanted to look a little younger and feel a little younger or feel good about myself and that kind of helped. >> when i examined marie there was a lot of sagging and almost no volume left over 83 years. >> reporter: marie who's been a widow for 20 years is not what lone. smetic surgeries among people over 65 are on the rise. in the last decade alone, breast augmentationonn that age group has quadrupled but not everyone is in accord with marie's decision. >> i feel that she's too old for that. >> i think that everyone att an age, you know, should want to feel good about themselves. >> like what are you going to do with them, really, seriously? i mean that's insane,
8:25 am
ridiculous. >> what do you say to people who say that is ridiculous? she's 83. why does she need an uplift. >> i could have broken my hip and had to have a plate put in there and it wouldn't be my choice so thank god my body is all in place and so all i can do is enhance it. >> reporter: in fact, many in her family were against the surgery and wouldn't talk to us for this story. >> my children were very upset about it because they were concerned about the anesthesia and they were concerned about loss of blood or just the fact that something might have happened. >> so told me the day of surgery her daughter said you're going to die on the table. i said, marie, you're not going to die on the table. >> reporter: she passed a review with an anesthesia team and cardiologist. >> yeah, there are always risks. there's risk in babies having surgeries so who is more fragile. >> reporter: but could you imagine at 83 years old if you died getting breast enhancement. >> then i'd probably look good
8:26 am
in my casket. they don't have to stuff it. which is probably what they do. >> reporter: the word spunky came to mind as i spent time with marie and now would you like to have a gentleman friend? >> it that's in the cards, i'll take it. if it's not, that's okay too. >> reporter: do you know the term cougar? >> yes, but they are 40 years old. >> reporter: what would you be then? >> i don't know. what could you -- the next one, a lion? >> a lioness. >> yes. >> reporter: do you find yourself standing a little taller. >> if you got them flaunt them. >> if you got them, flaunt them. i got to show the girls. >> well, our recent study done in june finds that the risk was no greater for senior citizens but it can take longer for elderly patients to heal. not the case for marie and certainly not scaring away any seniors. last year there were over 84,000 procedures done on the senior set and you can see more on this story tonight on "nightline" and coming up next getting every
8:27 am
last penny out of everything you buy. we'll reveal the secrets to getting some makeup back. apple's chief operating officer will take over for steve jobs after he resigned as head of the tech giant. jobs has been on indefinite medical leave since january. jobs has had several medical problems the past few years including cancer and a liver transplant. tim cook will replace jobs but the company says jobs will continue to provide his, quote, unique insight and creativity as
8:28 am
chairman of the board. >> we have new stall to report. in n san jose, northbound 280. blocking lane number three, speeds under ten miles in the area. walnut creek, 680 at geary, toll plaza, very slow all the way into san francisco westbound. metering lights are on and traffic backed up into the maze. >> when we come back, mike has a look at t t t t t t t t t t t ti
8:29 am
welcome back.
8:30 am
here is a look at temperatures. still in the 50s along the coast. san francisco and north bay. 50s for the rest of us. by the afternoon hours, cooler than yesterday with the warmest weather in the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s around the bay and 50s at the coast. it will be even cooler tomorrow. the news continues now with "good morning america." ♪ we're here in times square this morning. they are all going to be meeting in just a minute queen latifah. anything that queen latifah does not do, sing, produce, actress, style icon and here she comes right now. welcome right into times square. >> how are you? >> you look beautiful. >> lara, how are you? >> very good. thank you. >> come on in.
8:31 am
>> i can't wait to see who are you wearing? me. the queen collection. thank you. >> it's your new line of clothing. we'll talk so much more about that and also we have coming up people like to dress like you, they like to dress like cameron diaz and sometimes they can't quite afford it though your line is affordable. >> it is affordable and it will fit you and it will fit me and you and you and you, you, you. >> first we'll take a little discount shopping. >> oh, absolutely. we are going to tell everybody how to get it cheap and get it good. >> ooh. >> yeah. >> that's coming up later. >> and we've got it. introduce becky worley. she's coming up right now. this is incredible. becky has found a way to squeeze every last dime out of every product you need. take a look.
8:32 am
>> reporter: you squeeze, you shake, you pump and dig. your thriftiness but there's still a bunch of stuff in there that you could use if you could only get to it. so your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get serious about extracting every last drop. saddle up, troops, we're going in. ♪ >> reporter: first tubes. whether it's moisturizer or sunscreen, you know there's still more in there. enter scissors and a resealable bag. there's a significant amount in here. a butter knife can also aid in this operation and then seal it all up tight. >> looks like a tablespoon. this also works for toothpaste or you can do the warm water and wooden spoon trick. look at that. lots more in there.
8:33 am
now expensive makeup. pump foundation seems empty. oh, no. a little warm water on a cotton swab, scrape it out and look at that. lots more and if your powder gets thinned out to the edges, whack that thing into a bag, careful not to break the mirror, shake it around like chicken breading and use a brush to apply. that also works if you drop the compact and the powder spills. you can use ale makeup brush as a broom the five-second rule applies here but try not to sweep up any dog hairs. lipstick tube, a few tricks, you know there is a brush you can use. i don't think i'm going to go buy a brus just to save a few cents, so i bet you have an old gift set or a sampler that already has a brush and something that also works great, a wooden coffee stirrer can really get down into the corners. now shampoo.
8:34 am
this is someplace where an investment probably does make sense. these shower caddies have ingenious holes that let you store bottles upside down. when nail polish dries out, use thinner. you can find the stuff online for under $3. this is hard work but it brings even the glopiest mess back from the dead. now, amidst all this frugality with makeup it's a good time to remind you these products do have a shelf life. mascara should only be used for about three months after it's opened. same for liquid eye liners. liquid foundation lasts six months but powder foundation can be used for up to two years. lipstick and lip gloss can also go about two years. but for those items you're running through at breakneck speed your marching orders are clear, go forth, scrimp, squeeze
8:35 am
and save every last dropop now, one other tip, there is a recycling program with an incentive. bring in six of your empty cosmetic containers and they'll give you a free lipstick. i think we can all channel our inner miser and get every last drop. >> no question about it. a lot more tips on our website. sam back here, all this focus on hurricane irene bubu now anothe tropical storm developing. >> close to the peak of the season so here we go with loading storms off the african coast as we show you the graphic. there is tropical depression ten out there that will probably get the name jose before we get through the late morning hours anyway. that's exactly what it looks like and then as we follow irene this is the general idea, pounding the bahamas this morning with 110, 115-mile-per-hour winds, we know this thing by the final we get into saturday will be near the coast of cape hatteras right there on the shore of north carolina and then over the weekend it makes its path from
8:36 am
there all the way through those states to the coast of virginia, the delmarva peninsula, the jersey shore, new york city, long island look at coastal connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, boston's involved in this storm we believe on its current track. quick look at the rest of the nation today and the west is looking beautiful. it has not been a great summer >> with all that weather brought to you by volkswagen. >> coming up on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, something extraordinary-relateded to that. president george w. bush has given an exclusive interview to "national geographic" where he talks about 9/11 and its aftermath, all thehefallout fro 9/11. here's a bit of a clip.
8:37 am
it shows the moment when president obama told that they had got osama bin laden. >> i was i restaurant in dallas eating dinner with laura. the secret service told me i had a phone call from the white house coming in in about 20 minutes. i decided to take the call at the house. and president obama called me, told me that osama bin laden had been killed and my response was i congratulated him and the special operators that conducted a very dangerous mission. >> good evening. tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> a great sense of happiness or jubilation, i felt a sense of closure and i sense of gratitude that justice had been done.
8:38 am
eventually september the 11th will be, you know, a date on the calendar. it'll be like pearl harbor day. for those of us who lived through it, it'll be a day we'll never forget. >> and the whole interview airs sunday on the national geographic channel. coming up here queen latifah live in times square.
8:39 am
the nice folks at frontline plus have such confidence in their flea and tick killing force, they'll actually send a professional to inspect and treat my home if i'm not absolutely satisfied. that gives me great peace of mind... because no flea messes with my pickles! do they, mr. pickles? do they, honey? [ male announcer ] the frontline plus killing force now comes with the satisfaction plus guarantee. available only from your vet.
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>> this woman right here, queen latifah, has a track record of huge success, whether she's singing, whether she's acting, whether she's being a business woman, she knows how to do it. she is been at the top of the music billboard charts and, you know, she's got the oscar nomination, the grammy victories and now she has turned her eye to fashion, all hail the queen, queen latifah. [ cheers and applause ] >> such a people person. and now this is a new venture for you in this clothing line and you're wearing one of your pieces. >> i'm wearing my pleated dress and i think it looks really cute on me. >> it does. >> check out all the little detail. it feels good. it's a jersey knit. feels good >> what made you want to do this. >> honestly i always wanted to
8:42 am
do a line of clothing because i always felt like there was a deficit in the stores for people my size would wanted to shop and wear fasonable things that was tailored right and had great materials. i mean, basically whatever someone like chic could wear i should have the same thing and you couldn't find that in the stores so now with my queen collection on hsn, the same thing she could wear, i i could wear from size 2 to 24 which is pretty awesome. >> she loves how you keep using that as an example. >> that's not mine so cover it up. hsn. >> just like you said. >> saturday night. >> that's right. you are always good about being able to promote what you're doing. >> you should. you're very proud. you said you're going to retire at 40. i knew that wasn't going to be the case. >> i did but it didn't happen. >> size 2 to 24 and i love what you said about because usually
8:43 am
the size 24 people say plus size. and you said i'm going to bury that term. >> i mean realistically america is very full figured, very curvaceous and the reality is that we all have different shapes and forms and for me i'm really about woman. i'm a champion for women and i want us all to b be connected s when you go into a store, i think a petite woman wouldn't be petite. you should be able to find it if you're petite but you shouldn't be related to just a little petite section or a plus size section and when i was growing up it was like, you know, when you had to go to a plus size section it was usually these boxy clothes that were very matronly and i'm like, i'm 14 years old. you want me to wear that? i got to tailor it, i got to stitch it. it didn't look right and really i mean i want us all to be kind of connected so this line is
8:44 am
really 2 to 24 with the right fit. choose the pieces that look good for your body but i really tried to choose great materials that feel good on your skin. i'm sensitive. i don't like harsh materials on my skin. i want to wear something that feels good that i can mix and match with other pieces in my wardrobe and that look really tasteful >> that's anything but matronly. you've alwaysen inclusive in all that you are doing. all right, you got this movie coming out that you're producing. doesn't come out until what, december or january, the dolly parton movie. >> you know it. right now january, but it could be december like. they're really debating it. >> working with dolly parton had to be a hoot. >> yeah, dolly. i mean it wasn't enough that she's the queen of country now you got to be the queen of rap. come on, dolly. dolly, come on, come on. she's awesome. >> she did do a rap song. >> she was in europe and they were like, you know dolly -- i was supposed to be at that
8:45 am
concert too and i was so sad that i was away. i had to take my little break early and it was the best thing that happened to see her and just rhyming and dolly parton is amazing. like she is the most one of the most iconic p pple in my life. she's always been positive, she's always been, you know, proud of who she is. she's always been very humble and it was no different thank when we worked on that set. i mean funny as all get up and just real. you know, and it's nice to kind of run into people who are like you but more wise, more hilarious, a great group of people she works with and run into those kind of people it really makes you feel like this feels good. >> we can't wait. >> the movie is going to be great. >> as always. anything thahayou're involved with. >> going to be good. >> "joyful noise." >> "joyful noise." >> queen latifah, as always.
8:46 am
>> robin roberts. see you saturday night at midnight. >> we'll be right back.
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8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." and, you know, you do not need to have a lot of money to look great. we tried to show that to you guys every single day and we offered a challenge to the ultimate bargain-styleista. her blog is putting the wow in walmart. meet shawna miller, a lifelong fashionist th fashionista. >> you don't have to spend that much to look chic. >> reporter: instead of catering to haute couture she's finding fashions in the rough at her fashion blog she gives thousands of followers tips on finding high fashion in of all places a walmart.
8:49 am
>> eyeing that right there, what do you think? >> reporter: that got us thinking can you really find fashion at discount stores? "good morning america" decided to find out and gave shawna a challenge. three celebrity looks that would likely bust almost anyone's budget. three discount mecca, walmart, kmart and costcoco and just 30 minutes to duplicate each look. first up, cameron diaz's fresh summer look. her outfit cost almost a thousand dollars. >> hi, "good morning america," we are here at walmart. let's see what we can do. she is wearing a white jumpsuit with a denim jacket, turquoise necklace and dges. they're wedge, may work perfe perfectly an they're $1. wow. that's intererting. looks familiar. literally cameron diaz's necklace? i don't think so. i found it. i don't think it's going to get better than this. a romper. it's in white and i think it's just as good as it gets so let's
8:50 am
see what this looks like. amazing. i love it. it's literally almost exactly like what cameron was wearing. minus the denim jacket which they didn't have. we have the turquoise necklace, 10.88. the earrings which come in a pack of three for $4.88. the romper which is $16, the belt, $8 and the best part of the shoes for $1. >> reporter: shawna's take at her thousand dollar look cost just $40.76 at walmart. now time for her second challenge. this time at kmart and rachel's flirty dress and leather jacket which cost more than $5,000. >> the chance of us finding a leather jacket are very slim. grandma can't work. these are great. they're just like the strappy platform sandals that rachel is wearing. on to the bag. yikes. interesting. could work.
8:51 am
definitely bright like rachel's bag. not chanel, though. we'll give it a shot. well, hello. i have to say i think i like this better than rachel's outfit. this jacket which is almost identical too rachel's except nt in leather is $16. the dress is on sale for $18, the necklace comes in a set with earrings for $12.99. the purse is on sale for $7.99 and the shoes are on sale for $21.99. >> reporter: so designer look number two which cost m me than $5,000 was found at kmart for just $76.97. now "gma's" toughest discount designer challenge, shawna will try to match katie holmes sophisticated or man that ensemble whichchost more than $2,000. >> we're at costco now. i don't know about you. i usually get my frozen pizza from there. let't'see if we can re-create katie holmes' look. where are the clothes? where are the racks? we're not in kansas anymore.
8:52 am
i know this is crazy. it's a workout shirt but the material kind of reminds me of katie homs' material. oh, boy. no. could use this cardigan. it's in black. these are italian sneakers, tres, tres chic. wow, magic. you look great. the cardigan is $16.99, the shirt meant for extra sizing is $12.99. docker pants, 18.99 and the shoes made in italy, $29.99. the grand total for our final look, $78.96. looks like our budget fashionista passss the test creating designer looks that cost thousands for less than $80 each. to find out more about penny chic go to whoever said walmart was unchic. think again and we'll be right back.
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we showed you how we found so much money for our "gma" stafaf actually ely showed us how we did that. that's just the beginning. >> yeah, we found 43,000 some dollars but you can also search for the money in the name of businesses so we searched under "good morning america." we searched under abc news and
8:56 am
guess what, we found something here. read that amount. >> $3,945.72. >> yeah. >> all week long, hunger at home. we'll donate all this money to families in need across the country and we have a lot more information on our website how you can help too. >> all right and coming up tomorrow, are you ready? i think the weather will hold off. we'll be in the park. stevieieicks will be i in the pk for our "gma" summer concert series. of course, more on hurricane irene. can you go online, "world news" too. see you tomorrow.
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a skate park beneath 580 in emeryville is set to be demolished today. skateboarders built the park but they can't afford the rent to caltrans of $5,000. mike is here with a look at the forecast. >> clouds mean cooler temperatures. low to mid-70s around the bay and 80s in the south bay and mid to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. coolest day will be tomorrow before a slight warming tren


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